Is there a Greater Agenda?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider if Israel’s apparent ‘Failure’ of its Military and Intelligence Agencies to see the impending Attack by Hamas on October 6-7, 2023 was known and allowed to happen. As the Bible foretells, in the End Days, ‘All’ the World will be against Israel. This is essentially the case now with Israel’s Retaliation against Gaza. The Attack by Hamas was really an ‘Invasion’ of a Sovereign Territory and Nation. In this case, the State of Israel. The sole purpose was based on a Religious Reprisal.

Realize that Gaza is not ‘Occupied’. There have been no Jews living there since the Pull-Out in 2005. It is Hamas that has declared a Religious War against the Jews. It is in their Charter.. Their Agenda? It is to ‘Genocide’ the Jewish State and its People. Hamas invaded Israel for the sole purpose of murdering Civilians, beheading Babies. It is a ‘Holy Jihad’ Religious War and it is also against the Christians. The Muslims have a saying. ‘We will take care of the Sabbath 1st, then the Sunday Worshipers next’. 

But the Geo-Political Details are Complex. You have Palestinian Christians supporting Israel. You have Secular Jews supporting the Palestinians. You have the Sworn Enemies of the Sunnis, the Shi’ite Iranians supporting Hamas, etc. But at the Core of this Conflict is Religion. And in the Middle East, if there is a Spark and Rallying Cry that unites People, it is Religion. That is what has occurred. The Contention is Old Testament and will only be solved in a Religious Context. His Name is Jesus. Until He returns, the Religious Fervor will come to a Head. The Question is, who benefits?

There is a really Eye-Opening Teaching from the late Chuck Missler of how he goes through the Regions where Israel was having ‘Issues’ in the Old Testament Times, that correlate to the Problems Modern Israel is having now with what are the Muslim People called the Palestinians. And it correlates to those People Groups that Joshua did not clear the Land of, as Instructed by YHVH. However, there is a Portion in the Old Testament that has ‘Haunted’ this Student of the Bible, about the apparent Command to ‘Genocide’ the People of the Land of Canaan. Why? And it is the Argument used by most Anti-Christ People that object to the GOD of the Old Testament.

These are the Nations that the LORD left to Test all the Israelites who had not known any of the Wars in Canaan, if only to Teach Warfare to the Subsequent Generations of Israel, especially to those who had not known it formerly: the 5 Rulers of the Philistines, all the Canaanites, the Sidonians, and the Hivites who lived in the Mountains of Lebanon from Mount Baal-hermon to Lebo-hamath’. -Judges 3:1-3

Religious Contradictions

These are the exact Regions that are now the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, etc. Now, as to the Command by YHVH to Clear the Promised Land? Realize that all Lands on Earth belong to YHVH. Every Human Being on Earth is a Tenant, except the 12 Tribes of Israel. Most People that abhor the ‘GOD’ of the Old Testament, do not understand that like in the Flood, these Tribes living in Canaan were Human-Angel Hybrids. And their Sin had to reach a certain Threshold for them to be Judged. YHVH just wanted to use Israel as the Instrument of the Execution and ‘Clear the Land’, etc. One of these Hybridized Tribes were the Amorites, for example.

‘You, [Abraham] however, will go to your Fathers in Peace and be Buried at a Ripe Old Age. In the 4th Generation your Descendants will return here,
for the Iniquity of the Amorites is not yet Complete’. -Genesis 15:15-16

As to the Assertion that one believes, the Israeli Government and Leadership allowed this to be a ‘Surprise’? One is more so inclined it came from beyond the Israeli Government. Sure, it sounds Conspiratorial, considering the Notion that they were ‘Told’ by the real Powers-That-Be to do so. But the World will End in a Conspiracy, according to the Bible. It has been a ‘Conspiracy’ since Eve listened to Lucifer in Eden. Was that a Conspiracy against Adam? Yes. But one was not or is not coming from the Perspective or Justification that Israel staged a ‘False Flag’ to get the Sympathy of the World. It knows it will not ever get that. Most Christian Denominations are now Pro-Palestinian.

And the Israeli Government knows that the Reprisal against Gaza, Collectively will foment the Anger of the 2 Billion Muslims in the World, and it has now. If any Issue will Unite the Muslims, it is the Destruction of Israel. Now the Muslim are Unified just as much as the Israelis are. Mission Accomplished. Cui Bono? One’s Point is that the Hamas Attack was not so much for the World but for the People of Israel, within Israel. How So? If this is and one believes it is like their 9-11, then what will come next is their form of the ’Patriot Act’. Say ‘Good-Bye’ to any Israeli Civil Liberties. One just sees all this leading to the AntiChrist taking over Israel, and implement the Noahide Laws, etc.

So, one is just considering the Possibility of this being a False Flag, only based on Prior Historical Events that it was not a ‘Surprise’ to those that ought to have Known and did Know. That is just pointing-out what others are not wanting to Insinuate and what Declassified Documents are exactly stating. One is just pointing to them, to be at least Heard and Considered that Netanyahu was ‘Informed’. Consider the following how, back in the Yom Kippur War, again, Israeli Intel Warned of the Pending Attack in 1973. The Leaders of Israel that were told, intentionally suppressed the Intel.

Documents declassified in 2020 showed that [General] Zeira ignored intelligence warnings that Cairo and Damascus were poised to attack, withholding the communications from the government in his belief that the chance of imminent war was “lower than low.” Meanwhile, Dayan objected to fully mobilizing troops in the hours before the war, according to his testimony to the Agranat Commission, which was declassified in 2008’.
Source: https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/culture/article-756265

Burdensome Stone or State?
One will just further Elaborate on Observations, that will involve some Theology, further History Teaching and Conspiracy Truth. Yes, all the Muslim World, on the U.S. College Campus, the Cry is ‘Take Your COVID Shot’! Stay Home?! Oh, wrong Protest. This time is ‘Free Gaza!’ ‘End Apartheid!’, etc. The World is speaking ill of the ‘Zionists’. But to them, they are not Bible Scholars nor see the Difference in what is Spiritual and Political. They are equating all that is ‘Bad’ or pertaining to the Geo-Political control of the Few and Blame and Judge the Many because of it, i.e., the ‘Jews’. But this could be said the same of the Roman Catholic, which many do, or of the Muslims.

To the Secular World, primarily that of the Left in the West, the Political-Religious Line is blurred and only see Israel’s ‘Dark Side’, that does exist, as in any Nation and Peoples. They are Supporting a People that goes completely against their ‘Woke’ Agenda, for example. Nonetheless, in every People and Nation, there is the There is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Bible brings that out of Israel, as that is what YHVH has used to be the Witness of His Plan and Purpose. Unfortunately, Israel is in a ‘Prophetic Timeout’ because it missed its Opportunity to have Lasting ‘Peace and Security that Jesus offered them. Thus, the present Church Age being used to Witness, in the Meanwhile or ‘Intercession’.

The mere fact that the Modern State of the Jew was Reconstituted in 1948 and Jerusalem is back in the Hands of the Jews is Prophetic to the Bible that soon, as the Church Age comes to a Close, YHVH will revert back to deal with Israel’s Unbelief. In the Process, YHVH will make Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple ‘Ground Zero’, as a ‘Burdensome Stone’ that He will use to ‘Cut’ the Nations that have ‘Cut’ Israel and Dash them to Pieces. This will occur during Daniel’s 7-Thh Year of a Sabbath Cycle. However, this 7-Year Cycle will not start on a Shemitah one. But Israel, since coming off the Ravages of the Concentration Camps, has Transformed itself as a ‘Start-Up Nation’ As it is, it is already the ‘Supernatural State’. Why? They are the only People on Earth that have a ‘Deal with Deity’, i.e., YHVH. He is the Creator of the Universe, of Humanity, etc.

But Spiritually, so has this Creator GOD, by way of Jesus, GOD the SON now also made a Better Covenant with a Spiritual Body, i.e., the Church. The Body of Christ, while on Earth still, has not Replaced Israel. The Commission of the Church is to be the Sole Witness of this Age, until the Rapture. But, unfortunately, now most Christian Denominations have embraced Replacement Theology, etc. But the Body of Christ is a Separate Body that from it, a ‘Bride’ will be Extracted.

Many Followers of Jesus Know and Understand this or should. It seems most what are called Christians and Pundits do not. But realize, as one Knows also that the Earthy People, i.e., ‘The Jews’ are in a Collective State of Disbelief, Rebellion and Hostility against their Messiah, Jesus and this 2nd Body of Believers, while on Earth. And there is a Rivalry. Orthodox Jews Spit at Christians and their Houses of Worship. Their ‘Other Books’, such as the Talmud and the Zohar are Books of Perversion and Sorcery, of Kabbalah Luciferian Witchcraft taught by Doctrines of Demons. The Talmud promotes Pedophilia, for example. It is justifiable to Kill and Steal from Non-Jews.

Why a Religious War?
The Talmud portrays Mary as a Prostitute and Jesus burning in Hell, in His own Excrement. They see any Non-Jew as Cattle to be ‘Branded’ and Vaccinated, etc. Their Punishment of Blasphemy, against the 1 True GOD, that is not Jesus, is Decapitation. Orthodox Jews hold Demonstrations in Jerusalem in front of Messianic Assembly Meeting Places and Physically Attacked Members. They throw Stones at Open-Air Preachers when they mention Jesus and Spit at them. They vandalize Christian Cemeteries and Spray-Paint Churches. These are Images not readily Broadcasted, it is bad for Tourism, etc.

This is why one has written, how 3 Factors are what is at the Religious Center and Cause of what is coming on Earth, mainly the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation. It is about the Religious 3 Factors YHVH Promised and Gave to the Jews as mentioned. Because the Jews, as a Nation rejected their True Messiah, Jesus and failed to ‘Recognize the Day’ of Jesus’ Visitation, these 3 Factors were allowed to be Destroyed. One can argue the same of Jesus pertaining to Israel’s apparent Intel Failure. How can Jesus allow the Destruction of His Land, City and Temple? How can He allow Women to be Raped?

Both the Old and Young were Cut-Down. Babies were dashed against the Walls, etc. One is referencing what occurred that led to 70 AD. The Jews ended-up, as reported, Cannibalizing their own Children during the Roman Siege when the Prince came, Titus. This will be repeated. But after the Bride of Christ is Evacuated, i.e., the Rapture and when her Witness completes its Commission, YHVH will revert back to Israel. And the Proof is how, in the Order of these 3 Factors being Destruction, the 3 Factors have been, are and will be Reconstituted. This is what the Hamas Attack is leading to, in one’s Assessment. What is left to be reconstituted is the Temple.

1.Promised Land
2.Promised City
3.Promised Temple

And for the Bride of Christ? What will she get? Jesus. But in all these 3 Factors are also Promised but are fulfilled in Jesus. The Book of Hebrews elaborates a bit more in that it will be in Heaven, in the New Jerusalem where the Temple will be YHVH Himself, etc. And that in fact, all 3 Factors will be coming Down at the End of Time to Fuse Interdimensional on Earth is some Amazing Way. But no doubt, the Jews, as in Israel, have witnessed Amazing Miracles as a People.

They had Amazing Prophets, Priests and Kings that did some Amazing Feats of Faith. Yet on the other side, one sees in them, as they are Human, also how depraved People or a Nation can get with False Prophets, Perverted Priests and Evil Kings. At a Low Point, Israel even ended-up doing what YHVH warned them not to do like the Peoples of Canaan He Decreed to Destroy. They Passed through the Fire, had Sexual Orgies as ‘Religious Rituals’ in the Pagan High Places and Groves, etc.

Beautiful Side of Evil

Instead of Israel being a Model Nation of which all the other Nations on Earth would follow in their ‘Covenant’ with the Creator, YHVH, Israel chose to want to become like the Perverse Nations around them. The Old Testament even comments that Israel and Judah committed worse Sins than the Pagans. For example, all the Babies they had as a result of their Pagan Orgies were offered as a ‘Religious Sacrifice’ into the Fiery Arms of Molech, ‘Cremation of Care’, etc. And Jesus, being a Jew, did expose the Leadership of Israel that has been Hijacked, then as now. That is one’s Point of Cui Bono? Jesus called the ‘Many’ or the L’Rabbim, that one conjectures is the 70 Elders, as the ‘Synagogue of Satan’. Jesus further exposed the Notion that many are Posing as Jews, in that those that say they are ‘Jews’ are not.

It was this Body of Israel’s Leadership that in fact combined the Spiritual and Political Offices. And this is another Point, Cui Bono? What is happening Geo-Politically in Israel is all geared to recombine these 2 Offices again. They will when the AntiChrist shows-up and is given the Keys to the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple, etc. They were the ones who Condemned Jesus of ‘Blasphemy’, by 7 illegal Mocked-Up Trials, and so on. If any Comment could be made is that there is a Spectrum that is real of what and who is Zion or a Zionist. But Israel just happens to always be put under the International Microscope, more so than the average Nation to be scrutinized. And it is precisely because of who they are. You have had countless U.N. Resolutions ‘Condemning’ Israel’s ‘Occupation’ of Palestine. Realize that the Palestinians reject the Partition Plan.

Yet nothing is said of the Muslim Atrocities against its own People and the real Violations against Civil Liberties in those Muslim Nations against Women, other Religions, and Minorities, etc. You have on 1 Side of the ‘Zionist’ Spectrum, concerning Israel, that they are the Khazarians, Ashke-Nazis, and are at fault for the Degradation of the Nations and the West in particular with the Agenda to Destroy Christianity, etc. You have the Banking Families that Finance both sides of any given War. Then you have the Spectrum of how Israel is a ‘Sacred Cow’, no Pun intended. They are the Untouchables that one calls this ‘Israel Worship’, that Israel can do ‘No Wrong’ and get a ‘Free Pass’.

There is Evidence on both sides. As a Student of History, one should know that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and ‘The Contract’ were attributed to the ‘Jews’. See End Notes for Chart that Depicts this Agenda. For example, one did a Study during COVID, and it just so happens that nearly every Significant Office that made Decisions on behalf of the Nation, in the USA, at all the Key Bureaucratic Levels of Government, were all Jews or are currently are Jews. And the Point? Cui Bono? The COVID Plandemic could not have occurred with this disproportionate amount of ‘Gate-Keepers’. Coincidence? And it is a Fact that all that is needed to Influence, Control and Steer a People, as the USA for example, are Run and Controlled by Jews.



To say this is not Anti-Semitic. Which by the way, if one were to insinuate that, it would also include the Arabs and any other Sons of Shem, etc. If one has read the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati, one will see the Historical Argument of how this ‘Synagogue of Satan’ element is compelling. Why bring-up Trumped-Up Charges against the Author, Fritz Springmeier, a West Point Graduate and Imprison him if it was and is all a Lie or ‘Conspiracy’? It is as Jesus exposed their ‘False Flags’ and their Luciferian Agenda. This ‘Elite' Faction of Israel, at the Top, has made a Deal with the Devil because they have cast their Lot with the other ‘Christ’. Cui Bono?

To them and scores of other Humans that have joined the Luciferian ‘Light’, they believe Lucifer is the Rightful ‘Christ’. They believe what one has Coined, the ‘Gospel According to Lucifer’. It is basically what was told as ‘Truth’ to Eve back in Eden, etc. So, to reiterate the Point that the Hamas Attack is really a Spiritual War and one thing is for sure, the Division Line has been drawn. And one’s Point is that what the Hamas Attack is leading to is how this Tiny Faction in Israel is fostering the Geo-Political conditions to where the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple will be captured by Lucifer, by way of his Dragon Blood Elite Families he has given Power and Authority to do so.

Do not believe the ‘Official Narrative’, even if it is coming from Amir Tsarfati. Consider his Initial Reaction? That is exactly what a Former IDF Military Person would have had and said about the Hamas Attack. Where was the IDF? That is what all the Israeli New Anchors stated publicly On-Air, and sadly what those Innocent Civilians near the Gaza Strip said as well, ‘Where is the IDF’? But then after ‘Talking to his IDF Contacts’, he now has had a 180 Degree Turn-About-Face about it? That is exactly what they are ‘Feeding’ Him and wanting him to say.

One is not denying that he does have perhaps ‘Close Friends’ still in the IDF. But realize that the IDF knows and monitors his Public Discourse and what ‘Intel’ Amir is Disseminating to the ‘Christians’. And how the IDF also realizes that the Muslims are listening just the same. Do you think that Amir’s ‘Contacts’ within the IDF, are going to give him ‘Intel’ that will be contrary to Netanyahu’s and the IDF’s Official Narrative? One highly doubts that based on my Military Experience. Many have questioned and doubted this Assertion that, how could the Israeli Leadership or ‘Elected’ Governments allow such a Horrific Atrocity to occur against its own People? They have, they do and they will.

Or rather that Netanyahu would allow Hamas to just ‘Roll-In’ as it did, undetected. It is now Reported and Confirmed that the Egyptian Intelligence Agency had Warned Netanyahu of the Pending Hamas Attack. And? It was ignored of course. Human History is replete with such ‘False Flag’ Operation at the expense of its Citizens. Consider how Hitler orchestrated a False Attack of the Polish Army against Germans at their Border. It gave the Excuse for Hitler to bombard Gdansk and start World War 2. Consider how on the very Day that the U.S. Airforce Jet Fighters were exercising for possible Hijacked Airline Passenger Jets to be flown into Building, that when the Exercise went Live and the Fighter Pilots had visuals on the Airliners to divert or take-down. And?

Hamas Attack Not a ‘Surprise’
The Order came Explicitly from the Former Vice President Cheney to ‘Stand Down’. Then you have the Gulf of Tonkin False Flag in 1964, where the U.S. Navy reported 1 of its Ships coming under North Vietnamese Attack. This was False, thus the ‘False Flag’ implications. This Event by Lyndon B. Johnson gave the excuse to Escalate the Vietnam War, full-on.

Then it has been written about how the same U.S. President is the one that actually ordered the U.S.S. Liberty, a masked Spy Ship off the Coast of Egypt during the 6-Day War in 1967 to be sunk. Repeat. The ‘Elected’ U.S. President ordered the Sacrifice of Young American Servicemen, in order to have another Excuse to counter the Soviet Presence in the Middle East. He gave the Go-Ahead for the IDF to Attack and Sink the Ship, but the IDF failed. The following is of those that have done the Research.

‘The preponderance of the evidence indicates that the 303 Committee’s planning, in collaboration with Israeli leadership, for Israel’s war with her neighbors (beginning shortly after the 1964 election[8]), included a
sub-plot to have Israel attack the USS Liberty which was added at Johnson’s direction, for purposes that only a deluded and psychotic mind could conjure: By sacrificing his own ship and all the men aboard, through an attack by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) — but putting the blame on Egypt — he could join Israel in its war, kill his hated enemy Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, and win the approbation of voters who had come to dislike him for his handling of Vietnam, thereby ensuring another landslide election in 1968’.



Now this does not make All Jews implicit in such Agendas made, more than being Mexican will automatically make you a Cartel Member, etc. One was only providing Historical Examples of how Governments and Elected Officials precisely intended to Sacrifice their Citizens for a ‘Greater Agenda’. One just is pointing out that the People that ought to have Known, did Know. As to the Egyptian Intelligence Warning Israel? It is not who or what they said, but who has confirmed it. From CNN, mirrored at the New York Post.

‘According to the Republican Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee — who said Wednesday he doesn’t know how Israel and the US missed the Signs.
We know the Egyptian Intelligence Service handed this off Days before the Terrorist Invasion, if you will, or attack’. -Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) Following a Closed-Door Intelligence Briefing.

In all the contrived Division and to Conquer, the Bride of Christ should not be Distracted, but to Finish Strong as one would say, we are in the closing Months, perhaps of Witness, collectively on Earth. As to Amir Tsarfati? He quoted the following Statement.

‘Anyone who claims that we were Warned about this Massacre and ignored it or God forbid even allowed it - is spreading Fake News and is doing nothing but playing into the Hands of the Nazi Palestinian Narrative!’ -Amir Tsarfati

He does not believe in the Psalm 83 War Prophecy, that is unfolding right before his very eyes and in his own Back Yard, literally. And he is 1 of those that saw no Hesitation but a 'Conspiracy' to not take the Shots. If not believing the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which is the Highest Public Office Body of those 'In the Know', of 'We the People', then they are Disinformation Nazi Pro-Palestinian Agents.

Realize that not all of the Players are engaged presently or were as in that Hamas Attack. That Coordinated Effort as disclosed in Psalm 83 has to occur simultaneously and in all Fronts with what will be more than just the Palestinians. If you read various Transactions of the Psalm 83, you will see that they actually come together to make a ‘Covenant’. One finds that very Interesting in how the Enemy will also do that in light of the Daniel 9:27 Covenant.

In this Hamas Invasion of Israel, it was and presently is only 1 of the 10 Players that will be involved in the coming Regional War. But all those that will Confederate themselves later, as many have Pledged Publicly will then do so at that Place and Time to be determined. However, they are Staging and Preparing themselves now. This is especially the case in the North with Hezbollah and the Iranian Proxies in Syria. What are the present missing and notable People Groups are Jordan and the Saudi Arabians. They will join in, as will the Muslims from Mosul, as in the Ancient Assyrians where they had Nineveh as their Capital.

So, yes, one is of the Interpretation that the Psalm 83 War occurs after the Rapture. And what will trigger that will be the Destruction of Damascus, Isaiah 17 Event. All one’s Conjecture, of course. One is just considering the possibility that the ‘Sudden Destruction’ of Damascus could very well be what is inferred by the apostle Paul in Geo-Political Correlations when the Rapture Escape is to occur. Well, we will see. Note that Paul, on his way to Damascus, was Blinded by a Flash of Light.




How to Subvert a People or Nation

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