Mythological Study Total Solar Eclipse March 20, 2015

  • Is the Rapture event somehow connected astronomically?
  • Do the Vernal Equinox solar eclipses suggest a countdown?
  • Can certain time markers be noted by cosmic alignments?

by Luis B. Vega

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The following study will attempt to associate some of the peculiarities of the total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 in regards to planet alignments, dates and numbers to some obvious occultic innuendos. There are several unassuming occultic associations because of where and when this particular eclipse occurs. The eclipse occurs in the 'midst' of the Tetrad of 2014-15 just to the east of Iceland on the Spring Equinox at the point of what is referred to as the Greatest Eclipse at the 77th degree latitude, north.

This study strongly suggests that this total solar eclipse on the very day of the Sprint Equinox could be an announcement or the sign of the coming Biblical Antichrist ‘prince’. This rare Equinox Eclipse occurs just hours between the midpoint of the day over Reykjavik, near the equal amount of ‘day’ and ‘night’ of the year. It is a rendering of the equilibrium of the light and darkness, a balance between ‘good’ and ‘evil’, as above, so below.

Iceland is the place where it is believed the mythology of Thor, a ‘Prince’ originated from. Now how the eclipse is connected to the storyline of the Wizard of Oz is due to the occultic inference to the meaning associated to the number 77 of the Eclipse latitude. No doubt these associations will be exploited by the Luciferian occultists as to when and where the eclipse occurs as an omen and signal of the coming of their ‘prince’ as well. In their case it will be their Master Lucifer, ‘Thor-Loki’ and ‘Wizard of Oz’ all rolled up in one.

This coming ‘Messiah’ like figure as described in the Bible will first come as a ‘Thor-like’ Prince from royalty; a white-light savior to help humanity out of its perils but then will show his true dark-light nature of his sinister intent. The Bible clearly describes Lucifer as the dark Fallen Archangel that masks himself as an Angel of Light with such a duality and contrast. Yet the Bible exposes his true nature of a ‘Grand Wizard’ full of murder, deception, manipulation and lies bent on usurping the Throne of YHWH and quest to destroy humanity in the process.

This study is not insinuating that Iceland is the origins of the AntiChrist nor is the ‘Land of Oz’. Nonetheless the ancient mythologies of Thor and the storyline of the Wizard of Oz, based on the place, time and even the architecture of the Church of Hallgrímur’s can be considered for correlations. What is very interesting is that the coat of arms of Iceland nearly configures the celestial coordinates of the Zodiac which in turn mirror the 4-Living Creatures that guard the very Throne Room of YHVH in Heaven.This study is only insinuating that perhaps the unique Equinox Eclipse has an occultic undercurrent association based on the mythology of a Prince, Thor and the storyline of the Wizard of Oz as inference will be made to them.

Celestial Alignments
The total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 will be a very unique celestial phenomenon. There are some very unique attributes about this celestial time marker. For one, it happens precisely on the day of the Spring Equinox. This is when the day and night are approximately equal in time and duration. The difference will be about 6 minutes. The eclipse will be occurring approximately in the middle of the 2nd and 4th Blood Moon of the Tetrad sequence of 2014-2015. It will also be in-between the 2 pairs of planetary alignments in Pisces and Aquarius.

There will also be some spectacular planetary alignments during this time period. The illustration will show that the planets in the solar system will depict a hexagram with Mercury at its core. Based on some study references into the mythology of ancient deities, Thor is equated with Mercury. When the Romans occupied Germania, the meeting of cultures synchronized Thor with Mercury and Hercules, etc.

This association would thus fit in the scheme of having the Equinox Eclipse occur over the Land of Thor. Mercury would thus serve as the fulcrum being the key in its celestial position and prominence. Thus, having Thor or ‘Mercury’ at its epicenter during the total solar eclipse on the Spring Equinox is very significant. The planetary alignments will have several planets ‘square’ each other off and configure an ‘x’, a ‘T’, and cross alignments. What is peculiar about all these planetary alignments is that a celestial hexagram or ‘Star of David’ or of Rem'-pha is configured. This in turn construes a tetrahedron. What these celestial alignments could possibly infer is that there will be a portal for Mercury to come forth from that is Thor or the Wizard. In sorcery, a hex is an evil spell cast upon others or configured to be a place where inter-dimensional crossing-over from the spirit world can or will occur.

To the sorcerers or Wizards, the hexagram is a powerful tool to invoke the presence of Lucifer and demonic spirits. Will a celestial portal open up at this time and place that will see the Satanic powers of evil cross over as Lucifer sends his ‘messenger’ his ‘Messiah’ to Israel? Perhaps this very Prince Thor, this very Wizard will come on the scene on Earth that is expected at this time or soon thereafter as the long-awaited Antichrist.

The illustration accompanying this study will show from the vantage point of the city of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland the eclipse that will just be above the horizon at a 25° angle. If one will be looking towards the East from this place, the eclipse will occur just over the Hallgrímskirkja or Church cathedral that towers over the town skyline. At the time of the eclipse the cathedral’s steeple will almost reach the Ecliptic because of the northern latitudes. The eclipse’s path will start at the southern tip of Greenland, climax to the East of Iceland and terminate exactly at the North Pole, not to be confused with the magnetic north pole which is moving dramatically.

As Above, So Below
In the illustration depicting how the eclipse will look like against the backdrop of the constellations, the atmosphere will be deleted to render the night view of the peculiar planetary positions and constellation in relationship to the eclipse on the Spring Equinox. What is interesting is that in Aquarius and Pisces, there are a set of planet alignments that are in symmetry that are paired in each. In Aquarius, Neptune in paired up with Mercury. In Pisces, Uranus is paired up with Mars.

The Equinox Eclipse will occur in the constellation of Pisces. More precisely, it will be conjoining the head of the Fish that is ridding the back of Pegasus. Pegasus is depicted as taking flight rescuing or ‘Rapturing’ Andromeda, the ‘Bride’ to end her suffrage and her being chained up as with the fish by the Sea Monster Cetus. This ‘picture’ does have some imagery and connotations of the Rapture but realize that in every month of March; the Sun is at this general area of Pisces. What is different about this occurrence with the Sun is that it will totally be eclipsed by the Moon and on the Spring Equinox. Thus, this place and time is very rare and unique and could have some connotation as to the timing of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ that is to be swept away. The Bible does say that the AntiChrist or this Thor or Wizard that will come will only be exposed as that which restraineth is set aside as 2 Thessalonians 2:6 states.

The illustration further shows that Cetus the Sea Monster is riding the skyline towards the North. Thor was associated with a struggle or battle with the Sea Monster or Dragon. North is the direction of the Celestial Throne of YHVH as the South is the direction of the throne of Lucifer and the city of OZ is assumed to be. During this time, the sky will also show Aquarius pouring out his vessel of water upon the Christian cathedral of the Church of Hallgrímur. Thor is again associated with Aquarius as he will be the ‘Master’ of the coming 5th Age or New World Order. In this context, it would appear that he is pouring out his ‘wrath’ on the Church of Christ or those associated with the True Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, perhaps during the Tribulation period. 

Realize also that the Zodiac or Mazzaroth highlights the redemption plan of GOD for Humanity as its theme is the work of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Yet Lucifer has twisted its meaning entirety to negate all aspects of the person and work of Christ and has ascribed all features and attributes to himself as the Anti-type or AntiChrist. This is the same principle of opposites, of the light vs. darkness, up vs. down or as above, so below is what is incorporated in the Luciferian circles of wizardry and witchcraft. This duality will play out during the Tribulation as Lucifer will be coming as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. When such celestial phenomenon occurs on such points and times, as the very rare total solar eclipse on the Spring Equinox, the demonic entities seem to feed off that energy. Thus as this principle occurs in the Heavenlies, as they are GOD’s sign-posts that are in schedule with the declaration of His divine plan and purposes, at the same time these same celestial signs are being used for the Luciferian purposes regarding their scheduled purposes and plans.

Some Interesting Data
The Spring Equinox is usually the 79th day of the year or the 80th in a leap year in the Western calendar. There are 286 days remaining until the end of the year.

March 20, 2015
Reykjavik, Iceland
Sunrise: 7:30 AM
Sunset: 7:42 PM

6 6 6 Days
from Star of David Alignment
Jul 22, 2013
the Birthing and/or that of a Coming Prince

3 Years from the Pleiades Alignment
Mar 20, 2011

March 20 Equinoxes - Sun in Pisces
As it was stated, during the month of March of a given year, the Sun is in the backdrop of the constellation Pisces. This in itself is not unusual or unique but what is unique is that for hundreds of years up to 2015, there has not been even a close conjunction of the Sun with the Moon until then. Based on NASA data, the Moon has not even been in proximity to the Sun in Pisces during the Spring Equinoxes since 1700, some 315 years from 2015.

The next conjunction of the Sun with the Moon in this constellation of Pisces during the Spring Equinox will occur in 2034, some 19 years later. The Equinox Eclipse of March 20, 2015 will be the last eclipse visible in Europe for 11 years (August 12, 2026).  Interesting, if you subtract the 19-48 pattern of years from such eclipse patterns, 48 years from the March 20, 2015 total solar eclipse is 1967.

As the Equinox Eclipse occurs in-between the Blood Moons of the Tetrad, this study strongly suggests that the Tetrad is possibly prophetically associated with Israel. More importantly it is a possible signal of the coming 3rd Temple that is to be built and where the coming ‘Wizard’, the ‘Thor’ AntiChrist prince will have dealing with it. The Bible declares that at a certain point, this AntiChrist will cause the Daily Sacrifices to cease and will cause an ‘abomination’ to ‘desolate’ the Sanctuary.

Frequency of conjunction of SUN with MOON

To show the rareness of this particular eclipse happening at this time, no total solar eclipse has ever occurred in this precise area for at least 100s of years in the past, much less precisely on the Spring Equinox. The last time the Moon was even close to the Sun in this same area was in the year 1700 and not until 2034.

2015 Total Eclipse with MOON

1700 to 2015
= 315 Years

year 2034 from year 2015
19 Years

year 2015 – 48 Years = 1967
48 Years

An Equinox
An equinox is due to the wobble of the Earth and occurs twice a year, once in March and the other in September. Technically, one way to explain what happens during an equinox is that the Equator of the Earth is dead center with the Sun’s Equator. The word comes from the Latin meaning equal nights giving reference to when the time for a day is the same as with the night. Although for conceptualization, that definition is widely accepted, technically the equinox is not exactly the same as the day when day and night are of equal length. This has to do with the size of the Sun and the Earth’s atmosphere refracting sunlight, etc. As it was mentions, the actual time difference will be off by about 6 minutes.

Also, the times of the sunset and sunrise vary with an observer's location (longitude and latitude), so the dates when day and night are of exactly equal length likewise depend on the location of where the person is on Earth at the time. The 2 equinoxes are paired up in conjunction with the 2 Solstices. The Solstices are when the Sun peaks at its points, again due to the tilt of the Earth. This is what is often understood as the longest day of Sun light or the summer and the shortest length of sun light, which is winter. By some calculations, these solstices occur when the Earth’s axis reaches a minimum of ~66.6° that corresponds to the 90° tilt of the Earth.

The Land of Thor
The mythology of Thor echoes the legends of those of the Greeks, Aztecs, Egyptians, and Babylonians of ‘Titan’s or super-human beings of Genesis 6. Such where a mix of Fallen Angels and humans, a race of giants, in some cases red-headed as Thor is depicted as having and spoken about in folklore in the Americas. It is said that Thor rode on a chariot pulled by 2 horned Baphomet goats. The lore of Thor is well and alive even now, the very day of the week of Thursday in English is named after Thor. The total solar eclipse occurs on Friday but in the Americas, it will be ‘Thursday’.

In terms of the worship of Thor, there have been many temples and rock carving all over the Norse lands venerating this Titan. For example, in the 11th century, a very prominent statue of Thor stood as part of a throne in the temple at Uppsala, Sweden north of Stockholm. The name Thor means ‘thunder’ Þórr because he holds a Hammer that wields power and light. The lighted Hammer is a clear inference to a torch, as in a bearer or light, aka Lucifer that seeks to illumine humanity with his ‘goodness’ of light. Nonetheless Thor was/is a warrior prince and hunter as Nimrod was. Thor’s antithesis is Loki, the personification of ‘Satan’ as opposed to ‘Lucifer’.

It is no accident that in the recent Hollywood movie genre, superheroes like Thor are given Christ-like qualities and storylines of becoming the savior of the world while the efforts of Loki are deemed evil and bad who wants to usurp the throne of Thor. This is one of the very important themes of the Bible narrative. The AntiChrist will likewise play this very dual role in the End Times. According to the Bible, the AntiChrist will attempt to usurp the role and Throne of the true Messiah and appear as the ‘Savior of Humanity’ at its hour of greatest need. He will be the benevolent ‘Wizard’ that will magic his way through signs and lying wonders performed to enchant the masses.

The AntiChrist will work against those that are deemed ‘barriers’ to the New Age of ‘Oz’ as he will be helped by the False Prophet or ‘Wizard’ that will seek to lead all humanity to the worship of this false ‘messiah’. Thus in a simplified rendition, Lucifer will work in conjunction with the False Prophet, the ‘Wizard of Oz’ to help the AntiChrist false messiah which will be as a ‘Thor’ during the 1st 3.5 years of the Tribulation and then will work as ‘Loki’ during the 2nd 3.5 years of the Tribulation. This is assuming the Tribulation is a 7-year span of time, it is not agreed upon.

This duality in the same person mocks the duality of Christ as being fully GOD and fully Man in 1 person. This coming AntiChrist is the double headed Janus, the ‘god of beginnings and transitions’ which makes him also the ‘gatekeeper’ of doors and portals in the occult. The Romans even named the start of their calendar after him because of this. He is usually depicted as having two faces, as with the double-headed eagle of Freemasonry with the ‘key’ to the celestial portal(s). During this Equinox Eclipse, Mercury will be this celestial ‘key’ as it operates as the fulcrum of the hexagram planetary configuration portal.

The Number 77 & Eclipse Latitude

As it was stated, the unique attribute about this Equinox Eclipse, aside from its rarity is that it occurs at the 77° north latitude directly to the east of Iceland. It will max-out local time (9:47:37am) and last for almost 3 minutes (2m 47s). Taking an esoteric bent at interpreting its possible significance to Oz and its ‘Wizard’, as far as for the purposes of the Luciferian occultists go, the number 77 does have a dark connotation. The number is associated with Lucifer/Satan and ‘Oz’.

Thor had 2 goats that pulled the chariot as he races across the ‘emerald’ colored skies of the Aurora Lights or the Norse skies. In Hebrew it is the rendering of the name of OZ as with Ayin Zayin עז combination that infers the He-Goat, the Baphomet, as Zayin in modern Hebrew connotes sexual intercourse and denotes the male phallus. The number 77 is associated with the ‘devil’ and Capricorn or the goat of sexual power that are used in Black Sabbath or Mass ceremonies and sexual Satanic ritualistic that involve the torture of children and/or other victims. For example, the 9th ‘commandment’ of the Church of Satan is ‘Do not harm little children’. But because the philosophy and doctrine of opposites is what Satanists are instructed to abide by, it is actually the mandated reversal of the commandment that is to be carried out.

According to those that have researched the meaning and/or connotation of the number 77, they have found that it is associated with ley-lines, important buildings and Synagogues of Satan. In the occult for example, it is believed that Hell has 77 names for their venerated deities or Fallen Angels. In the Luciferian New Atlantis capital of Washington DC, buildings like the Pentagon, dedicated to the God of War, Mars lies on the 77th meridian and is 77 feet tall. Conspiratorially, it was said that flight AA77 was the ‘airplane’ that crashed into the Pentagon.

What makes the Equinox Eclipse pertinent to the year 2015 is that 2015 is when the Shmita year occurs, in the Fall. This Biblical cycle became the countdown of 7s that will usher in the coming New World Order. It began on 9-11 with the attacks of 2001. As a direct result, the Stock Market subsequently dipped, and then 7 years to the market plunged 777 points in 2008. The next and final piece to the forecasted demise of the world markets is to occur in 2015, 7 years later from the 2008 market crash in the Fall. Perhaps this Equinox Eclipse is the signaling of this final stage to set the stage for the coming ‘Wizard’ of Oz into the world seen at that time in preparation to offer the final solution to the world monetary woes, his ‘Mark’.

It was also observed that 2001 was 11 years from when George H.W. Bush first gave his ‘New World Order’ speech to Congress on September 11, 1990. Interestingly, at the time that the 9-11 attacks occurred in 2001, he was 77 years old. So you can see that the total solar eclipse occurring on the Spring Equinox at this latitude of 77 on this day and time is very unique and possibly tied in to the occult for the purposes of exploiting its inferences to the coming Luciferian ‘prince’ Thor and Wizard that will bring order to the world rift in economic and political chaos.

Church of Hallgrímur
Hallgrímskirkja belongs to the Icelandic Lutheran Church. The building is the 6 largest building in Iceland but largest in terms of congregation size. It is centered in the capital, Reykjavik. The style is very unique rendition of the Expressionist Architecture and took 38 years to build. It was based also on the natural configurations of the many lava flows found in the island from which it is famously called the Land of Fire and Ice. One interesting inference is that this style of architecture could be reminiscent of the ‘emerald’ city as in the Wizard of Oz in that the color is white naturally in the masonry as it is very simple and plain.

In the northern hemispheres where Iceland is at, during the times when the Aurora Lights are overhead, the reflection off the sea appears as if the sea is an emerald glass. The white stones of the Hallgrímskirkja also can reflect a greenish color that from one perspective based on its unique architecture, would appear that the cathedral was the ‘city of Oz’, of the ‘Wizard’, Great and Powerful, the throne of Thor.

Interestingly, in the OZ letter combination, the Ayin comes from the Proto-Semitic word for ‘eye’ and was depicted as an eye drawing, much like that of the ‘all-seeing eye’ of Horus or in this context, the Wizard of Oz for all practical purposes is a masked Eye of Lucifer. The word also has connotations to Spring as in the Spring Equinox. In some cases, during festivals, there have been spectacular light shows that have projected onto the entire structure green laser reflections of the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ as the steeple’s capital is a pyramid. The following is the schedule of the construction of the Church of Hallgrímur.

1937 Design commissioned
1945 Construction work began
1948 Crypt was consecrated
1974 Steeple and wings were completed
1986 Construction ended
1986 Nave was consecrated

The Wizard of Oz
This study is not insinuating that Reykjavik is the ‘Emerald City’ or that the AntiChrist is coming from this region. It is purely speculative but based on the eclipse latitude, number associations, architecture, and Norse mythology, it does have, to a degree some overtones to the occult. Nonetheless the Equinox Eclipse on March 20, 2015 could have a prophetic inference to the coming AntiChrist as foretold in the Bible based on the place and time of the eclipse. It will occur in the northern hemisphere but towards the East on the horizon. This is important as the points on a compass are also spiritual dimensions in the occult. In the story of the Wizard of Oz, the quest was to master all the 4 corners of Oz that were ruled by witches and wizards. The author of the book, L. Frank Baum was steeped into the Luciferian philosophy and world view.

Their philosophy is the same lie that was given by the Lucifer in the Garden of Eden. It was the deception that the benevolent Wizard of OZ, ‘Eden’ was not truthful and withholding sacred knowledge of immortality. The coming prince false Messiah will promise this once lost paradise, this ‘Land of Oz’ that will be his answer to humanity, the New World Order age to come and ruled by Aquarius, the ‘Wizard’, the AntiChrist. That time has now come, the Grand Wizard, Lucifer has been deceiving Humanity into believing that with his aid alone in joint opposition to the cruel overlord of YHVH, a hybrid humanity can achieve this stolen immortality and likewise obtain godhood, peace, love and harmony. Of course, Lucifer will demand all worship in exchange for the very eternal souls of such. This will be the payment that will enslave and condemn all as he is, doomed to eternal punishment for insubordination against a just and holy Creator.

It is the Creator GOD YHVH, Jesus Christ, the SON of GOD that is the All-Powerful, The Magnificent, The Wonderful as one of His Names is according to Isaiah 9. He sent His Prince, the SON Jesus Christ to pay for the lie of Lucifer that was believed by the 1st Adam. This 2nd Adam, Jesus Christ became our sinless representative. But more so, Jesus became our will substitutionary atonement or covering. Jesus not only paid for the debt owed to GOD that was eternally impossible for mere humans to do for one’s self, let alone for all humanity, but Jesus restore all that was lost, the true Land of Oz, the Eden of GOD, the coming Kingdom. This forgiveness, this restoration, this inheritance to come is a free gift and can be accessed and partaken through repentance and grace in the finished work of Jesus Christ, the true Prophet of GOD, and Prince of Peace.

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