The Washington Masonic Memorial

by Luis B. Vega

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‘If a Trumpet is blown in a City will not the People tremble? If a Calamity occurs in a City has not the LORD done it? Surely the LORD GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His Secret Counsel to His Servants the Prophets. A Lion has roared! Who will not Fear? The LORD GOD has spoken! Who can but Prophesy?’…-Amos 3:6-8

The purpose of this study is to reveal certain Secrets of the Washington Masonic Memorial Complex Layout that is incorporated in a Park outside Washington DC. From a Top View, the Memorial can be seen as following the approximate Layout of several Encrypted Luciferian Signature Symbols. These Demonic Symbols are superimposed on each other that conjure-up a Chalice, a Spider, an Owl, and a Serpent that are all interwoven within the Great Pyramid of Giza Pattern. Why the Great Pyramid is often used by the Luciferians on 1 level of application is that it is a Holy ‘Altar of YHVH’ as depicted and referenced in Isaiah 19:19.

The Dark Minions of the ‘Builders’, i.e., Masons seek to Defile and Replicate this Divine Design for their Plans for America. They have Encrypted its design and Sacred Geometry into their Symbology that is also based on this same Prophetic Clock Timetable. What this study suggests, is that this Sacred Pyramid Dimension spans the Timetable of Biblical Prophecy, as the Great Pyramid Blueprint encapsulates the Divine Template of Human History. What the Luciferians have used this Pyramid Template for is also to Mark the Rise-and-Fall of their ‘Phoenix’ World Empires that the USA currently is and is about to Fall.

This study suggests that based on the Pattern, America’s Beginning and its End are Encrypted within this Blueprint. If this is what the Pyramid Template is suggesting, as seen in various Masonic Temples situated in Sacred Ley-Lines, then the USA is about to be thrust into Chaos so that the New Order of the Phoenix is to rise from its Ashes. The Bible calls such Symbols and so-called Secret Knowledge Encrypted by the Luciferians, as the Spirit of AntiChrist. It is Lucifer that uses such Symbols to ‘Tag’ his Territory, Figuratively Speaking and Encrypt his Plans for America in this case.

Why the year 5776 is ascribed to the Apex of the Great Pyramid is that it is 5776 Inches High. Based on the Measurement-to-Year Theory, the Year 5776 was a turning point of sorts. It would thus appear that the Republic mirrors the Dates associated with the Pyramid Pattern’s Base and Apex. The Base of the Pyramid is ascribed to the Year of 1776, as its Start Year 5776, perhaps also started on a Sabbatical Cycle and will End on one, Prophetically. This study will point-out some Never Before Secret Encryptions revealed of the Washington Masonic Memorial.

Secrets of Lucifer
One is convinced that they allude to such Luciferian Symbols and Specific Plan for the American Republic. It will be shown that the Signature of the Great Pyramid and Occult Symbols point to a possible Year Countdown. The Year of 5776 was patterned after the Jewish Calendar and corresponded to the Years 2015-16. Thus, if one added then the subsequent 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle, that was 2022. Since then, one believes there is a 3.5 Year Overlap of Time that is Synchronizing the Timelines to a Fall 2025 Start of the Tribulation Period.

Perhaps, but Lucifer uses such ‘Temples’ as Altars around the world for his Vanity and Plan for the Nations he rules currently at this Time as the ‘God of this World’. Jesus called those that follow this Luciferian False Religion, ‘Workers of Iniquity’ and their Temples or Meeting Places, the Synagogues of Satan. Perhaps the Layout of the ‘Synagogue’ in the Washington Park is a clue of this Plan for America.

From above, the Washington Masonic Memorial has incorporated a Pyramid Layout with center Waving Lines, and a Masonic Emblem. There are Fanned-Out Terraces that lead-up to the Memorial Building with its Stacked Tower of several Levels. It is supposed to have been fashioned after the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Ancient Egypt. Obviously, it is a concrete Motif of the ‘Illumination’, of a Lighthouse would give to the Vessels about, in the Dark Sea type of Metaphor, etc.

To the Untrained Eye, such Configurations would seem Insignificant, but to those who study the Occult and Luciferian Religions, it is a blatant Manifesto of their Evil Intentions and Plans, Hidden in Plain Sight. The Luciferian False Religion of the Builders have attributed a Temple to George Washington in a pretext to honor the Father of the American Nation, as Washington was a Mason. However, for a Builder, i.e., a Mason Initiate, such an Office and Calling, including President of the USA, is not above their Sworn Oath of Degrees.

The Goals of this Luciferian Religion of establishing a World Government under Lucifer, supersede that of any Republic, its Sacred Constitution and/or of its Citizens. They are sworn to Secrecy and have Communion at another Table, Temple and Altar that is not Jesus’. The Great Work of the Builders is to build Lucifer his Temple on Earth. And that will be in Jerusalem, eventually. They seek to enthrone their King, Lucifer by Proxy in the coming AntiChrist Messiah. He will be as a Type of Solomon to be Enthroned in the Chair of Apollo, or of Zeus as he once had in Heaven and in Pergamum on Earth, for example.

This is what Jesus exposed about them. They do not honor, or worship Jesus nor do they mention His sacred Name or symbology as true Christians do. Their buildings and symbology have nothing of the sort but on the contrary. They worship the ‘Shining One’, the False Christ Usurper that is only a fallen Cherub want-to-be GOD. One of Lucifer’s Goals, according to the Bible, is to 1 Day sit on the very Throne Chair of YHVH on Earth in the 3rd  Temple that will be rebuilt in Jerusalem. It is rather interesting that Murals of the Ark of the Covenant and the Temple of Solomon are the Primary Themes of the Memorial, not George Washington or Jesus.

The Bible further exposes such Minions of Lucifer as Workers of Iniquity, Masquerading as ‘Agents of Light’. This specific Religion of the ‘Builders’, that reject Jesus as the True Christ and Messiah, have usurped all facets of the U.S. Government since the beginning of the American Republic. Such Secret Fraternal Orders have Mascaraed their Plan for America in Pseudo-Christian Imagery to hide their True Intent, Plan and Timetable for the Republic. Their True Allegiance is not to the Republic or its Citizens but their Fallen Anointed Cherub Lucifer, who is their Master. They are as a Spider that patiently Weaves a Web through Generations.

They wait for the Opportune Time to Strike and Paralyze its Victims with its Bite, much like a Vampire. They are like a Chalice that collects the Nectar that is the Saint’s Blood of the Martyrs as they feed off of the People’s Life Force to feed the ‘Body’ of the coming Solomon 2.0. They are the Owl of the Night that can see in the Darkness. This study suggests that such Symbology of the Washington Masonic Memorial is Luciferian and perhaps is implying a Timetable of when this Solomon 2.0 is to be ‘Birthed’ or Revealed to coincide with the New Beast Order.

The Pyramid Configuration Park Layout is off by 6º from True North and is interwoven by the Snake Pattern that appears to hold the whole complex together. This would render the Symbology of Lucifer, being the Dragon from whom the coming Solomon 2.0 and the False Prophet will derive their Power from. The Top of the Memorial Tower, has a 9 Step Pyramidion. It follows the Pattern of Ancient Pyramids. Then there are the 4 Fanned-Out Terraces. They lead-up to the Memorial Building that configures a very Ingenious Encrypted Luciferian Symbology. In a rendering of the Stacked Terrace Configuration, the same Depiction yields a Chalice, an Owl, and a Spider.

The Spider is a clever Masking of several Luciferian Esoteric Symbols in one. Looking towards the Eastern Perspective, the Complex depicts a Spider that is Nourishing or Birthing the Masonic Memorial Building, that is the Man-Child. It is also in Phi Ratio Dimensions and Anthropomorphic. The Spider appears to be Weaving down the Web Line from the Capstone of the Pyramid Complex that gives the Spider its Authority, Power to work its Sinister Web. The Spider Motif is one, in which its Venomous Bite will Paralyze its Victims as with Sin, as it sucks the Life of its Host.

Such has the Luciferian False Religion done with the Virgin Republic of America. The Masonic Emblem is then configured as the Hourglass Red ‘Mark’. It is like that of the Black Widow. The Square and Compass Symbol can also be morphed into a Satanic Hexagram. This can be illustrated in the Official Reversed Seal of the USA with the 1st Letter of each Word on the Emblem that spells-out: M-A-S-O-N. A Hexagram is the most Power Emblem of the Luciferian Occult that is used to conjure-up Demons. It is done through sorcery and ritualistic magic through Blood Sacrifices. And at certain Times and Places that open Gates or Portals in other Dimensions in the Spirit Realm. It is also reminiscent of the Rothschild Coat of Arms, a Red Shield or Hexagram. The Capstone is referred to as the ‘Eye of Lucifer’. Could the Year 5776 been when the ‘Spider’ started the 7-Year Countdowns, to ‘Birth’ the Solomon 2.0 from the Chalice of Iniquity and Perversions in order to advance their Agenda?

Lucifer’s Building Project

Based on such an encryption, the Capstone started to come down from Heaven to acquire their Temple of Light. When? 2015+7+7=2029 then. Looking from a Western Side Perspective, the Memorial Complex conjures-up a Chalice that Mocks that of Jesus as He last drank from the Cup of Redemption at the Last Supper. In Satanic Human Sacrificial Rites, the Chalice collects the Victim’s Blood. The Chalice is also a Symbol for the Womb from where the Solomon 2.0 is to be birthed from. Or spewed-out of the Mouth like the Demonic Frogs in Revelation that the Beast and False Prophet produce.

The Chalice is also a symbol for the Whore of Babylon Mystery Religion that will Birth the coming World Beast Order, etc. Coincidentally, in many renditions of the Artwork depicting the Virgin Mary and the Man-Child, the Hands of both are instances that are in the form of the Spider’s Legs, as there are 4 Legs on each side. In the Bible, it is the Red Dragon or Lucifer that gives the Power to the Solomon 2.0. This is seen by way of the Spider, as he descends to take his seat on the Throne that his Builders have made for him in the Memorial.

This study suggests that the Memorial corresponds to the coming Throne, between the Cherub that will be in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. In essence, Lucifer is only an aspiring King Cherub seeking to Rule all there is and above YHVH Throne as he apparently once covered it. Metaphorically, the Layout suggests that the Spider’s Venom is what is producing the AntiChrist within the Chalice; being Incubated and Nourished. As the Chalice symbolizes the ‘Virgin Mary’, it is that of the Surrogate Mother, or False World Church, etc.

This is a Blasphemy of the Symbology. Jesus said that the Cup of Wine representing His Blood, was the Sign of the New Covenant. The Luciferian False Religion of the ‘Builders’ are using Roman Catholicism, for example in this Context. This Imagery of a Pseudo-Christian Icon is to Mask their Worship of the Light Bearer God, Lucifer. This ‘Virgin’ is not Mary the Mother of Jesus but the Goddess Isis, the Occult Association with Venus and the Man-Child with Saturn. Isis is often attributed to the Virgin Mary with Man-Child Motifs. This Celestial ‘Virgin’ is Lucifer in Drags that appears often in Apparitions and even shed Tears of Blood from her Eyes, Hands and Feet.

It is a Blasphemy against the Crucifixion of Jesus. This Harlot is Nimrod’s Babylonian Mystery Religion that is at War with Jesus’ Holy and virtuous Virgin, His Bride on Earth. In Glory, the Bride of Jesus will be Queen. She is a Type of Eve, a Woman whose ‘Seed’ Jesus Christ crushed the Head of Lucifer, the Serpent, and the Dragon at the Cross of Calvary. The Harlot of Lucifer rides the Beast and is Drunk with the Blood of Martyrs. It is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit’s Work seen in the Symbols encrypted in the Masonic Memorial Complex. This same Chalice and Spider Encryption also configures an Out-Stretched Owl. It is the Symbol of Molech and is associated with Isis, Minerva and Diana, all the same. The Owl is one of the Symbols of Molech, the God of Abortion as in Baby Sacrifices. So, why are these Themes of the Builders portrayed in such Encrypted Layouts like the Washington Masonic Memorial?

Year of Judgment

It is that this Mystery Babylon Mother of Harlot's Cup is full of Saints’ Blood. This is what is needed to Birth-Out their AntiChrist Messiah Solomon 2.0. How so? The Blood of Christians is being spilled around the World, but especially in the Middle East. For America, this Chalice has metaphorically been full of the Blood of all the Unborn in America. It is estimated that since the Abortion Ruling in 1973, there have been over 70+ Million Babies Blood has been spilled. This shedding of Innocent Blood, literally has been the ‘Nectar’ for the Sustenance of this Luciferian False Religion that is Incubating their ‘Man-Child’.

This is occurring across America in Abortion Clinics. This is also perhaps one of the main causes that will allow Divine Judgment to fall against the USA. The ‘Life Force’ in the Blood enables their Demonic Inspired Plan for the USA and the World to succeed. The Plan is to Implode the ‘Virgin America’ and discard her, as often, many Spiders dispose of their Mates upon the completion of Impregnation. Lucifer’s Plan for America, specifically is to suck its Life Force out and then Destroy her by Burning her.

Then its Ashes will Birth the New Beast Order Phoenix to be ready for their AntiChrist’s Arrival. Why the Blood? The Life is in the Blood, according to the Bible. The Luciferians in part, derive their Lust for Power at the expense of the Innocent. What Lucifer’s Minions are doing to the USA, the World but in particular, in the Middle East, is that they are acquiring the Promised Land, Jerusalem and eventually the Temple. Lucifer’s Minions are doing it through Secret, behind Closed Doors Deals with the Devil.

The Globalists Luciferians have changed America in all Facets of Society. It has come to the point that she has Capitulated and Compromised her Morality in exchange for an Anti-Christian or Biblical one. And it is all in the Name of ‘Inclusiveness’ and Political Correctness. As to the Washington Masonic Memorial specifications, it is only about 148 Feet Tall, or a 1776 factor.

It is shorter than the Height of the Great Pyramid at 5776 Inches. It appears that this is the Recurring Theme and a Base Prophetic Year. But one’s Point is that the same Time-Frames are being used by both YHVH and that are being coat-tailed by Lucifer. This Prophetic Year Code is even seen in the latitude coordinates of the Memorial Building itself at 57º76’’. Moreover, the Washington Masonic Memorial is constructed to represent the same Anthropomorphic Man, that the ‘Spider’ is feeding with the Dimensions and Layout as the Temple of Solomon.

 However, other Sacred Temples around the World have this same Body Layout. This same Blueprint is seen in the Temple of Baalbek that the Washington Memorial Structure is modeled after. What will also be shown is that, at the Core of these Luciferian Temples is a Perfect Cube that resonates with the God of the Ka’aba in Mecca. And? The Luciferians fashion their Temples after the Holy of Holies, as it is the True Form and Pattern of YHVH’s Throne. Note that the Jewish Year of 5776 was considered by the Luciferians as the ‘Year of Light’.

This study suggests that it was the start of America’s National Judgment of Darkness and Division, rather descending upon the Land instead. This Judgment is coming because America’s Cup has been now overflowing with Sin, Violence, Rebellion and Chaos. This is thanks to  the ‘Great Work’ of Lucifer's Servants to 1st create ‘Chaos’ so they can then instill their ‘Order’. The Acceleration started in 5776 and represents the Pyramidion or the Cap-Stone that to the Kabbalists, is Lucifer. This Assertion is based on the Notion of taking the Ratio and Proportion of the Measurement Value of the Height of the Great Pyramid and equating it to Years.

How close is this Time? Consider that if this Theory is Valid and True, then the subsequent 7-7-7 Year Countdown since the 9-11 Attack on the USA will be 2029. And? One is seeing the Demise of the USA to make way for the Beast Order. The Year 2029 will be the ‘Midst’ of the Fall 2025-Fall 2032 Timeline one surmises will be Daniel’s Last Week of Years. It is the Year when Lucifer enters the Holy of Holies to Rule the World from within the Cube as a Solomon 2.0. The Memorial has the following Connections to New York and the Stock Mark. The Statue of Liberty is 332 Kilometers from the Memorial and the Statue of Liberty is 611 Arcseconds (a 911 Encryption) to Ground Zero.

This place now has 2 Concave Squares that were the World Trade Center Towers. They resemble ‘Snake Eyes’ from a Top View and due to the Serpentine Streets that lead there. Snake Eyes occurs when one gets only 1 Pip on each Die. The Pair of Pips resembles a pair of Eyes, which is appended to the term 'Snake'. It is because of the long-standing Association of this Word with Treachery and Betrayal. Because this is the Lowest Possible Roll and will often be a Loser in many Dice Games, such as Craps, the Term has been employed in a more general usage as a reference to Bad Luck.

The Odds of rolling Snake Eyes on 2 Six-Sided Dice are 1-in-36. In some Board Games, such as Monopoly, the Banker’s Game, House Rules decide that this Roll earns the Player a Bonus due to it being rare. If the Connotation has been a Deliberate Encryption, it goes to show that the Ground Zero Events were indeed Orchestrated by the Luciferians whose purpose was nothing short of Treachery and Betrayal by those that supposedly Govern the USA. Dark forces have been Conspiring ever since 1776 that started at Ground Zero as George Washington was inaugurated there after the Revolution and perhaps the Nation will End there as well.

Since the Orchestrated 9-11 Attacks on the Towers, these ‘Snake Eyes’ are now a Monument to their ‘Great Work’. It amounts to their Reward for their Systematic Implosion of America’s Wealth. The following are some Measurements taken from Google Earth from the Washington Masonic Memorial. According to Research, the Washington Masonic Memorial Building Cornerstone was laid with the same Trowel that Washington used to lay the cornerstone of the Capitol Building of Congress 7 Years after 1777.

To Statue of Liberty
332 KM (Skull and Bones) or 180 Nautical Miles

To Ground Zero
116 Arcsecond (911) 2.23 Miles (322)
= 3.60 KM (360day/Years)
This was 7 Years from 1776.

November 1, 1923 to September 13, 2015 including End Date
= 33,555 Days
= 91 Years, 10 Months, 13 Days or 9110 = 911

481 Feet = 5776 Inches
481 - 333 = 148 difference 481 = 333

What is significant?
5776 - 3999 = 1777 (5777)
7 Year Count from 1777 = 33 x 7

To Washington Monument
333 Arcseconds or 5.55 Nautical Miles

To Capitol Hill = 5,555 Smoots

To Pentagon = 233 Arcseconds (322 code)
= 6.9 KM or 444 Miles

481 Feet Radius x 2 = 962 Feet Diameter = 5776 Inches
962 Feet Diameter x Pi (3.14…) = 3022 Feet Circumference

Moon Radius = 1080 Miles
Earth Radius = 3960 Miles
TOTAL            5040 Miles

5040 Miles = Feet then
5040 Feet. - 3024 Feet = 2016 Feet = Year
5776 or 2015 + 1 Sabbath Cycle = Fall 2022

+ 1 more Sabbath Cycle = 2029
(Midst of the Tribulation Period?)

This Memorial Configuration also has the Serpent Motif coiling down the Pyramid Layout much like the Shining Serpent on the Steps of the Chechen Itza Pyramid. The Ancient Pyramids, like that of the Maya were 9 Steps in Height, as is the main Pyramidion of the Masonic Memorial dedicated to Washington. In the Ancient Pyramids of the World depicted in the Stone Steps the Motif of the descending Shining Serpent on the Spring Vernal Equinox.

The Symbology is a Rendition of the Phoenix rising-up and from the Heavens, coming down the Stone Steps, as the Cap-Stone in this case. It incorporates the same principle of the ‘Phoenix’ running down the Stairs of the Chechen Itza Pyramid. The London Olympics of 2012 gave a glimpse of this Celestial Phenomenon. The Luciferian Celebrated, by Stealth, their Phoenix or Lucifer that rose from the Rosicrucian Cross.

Temple Time Theory

This is in the same Pattern as the Cap-Stone that the Black Spider, the Owl and Chalice are depicting. According to Google Earth, the coordinates that correspond to the Washington Masonic Memorial are

38º 48’27.01’ N’ 77º 03’
57.62’’ W.

The illustrations suppose that, in the case of the Year-to Latitude Theory, the 57.62’’ Longitude corresponds to the Year of 5762 and in a Jewish Reckoning of Time. Note, that when that Year is translated to the Gregorian Calendar Date, it was equal to September 11, 2001. The following is the Timeline based on the Latitude-to Year Theory. The Axis Line runs from West to East through the Building. The Theory states that the Variables of either the Latitude or Longitude correlates to the Year in Jewish Time.

The Timeline will also show that the Memorial is laid-out with the Tower or center point being the ‘Cube’ of the Temple to Washington at the exact latitude of the 57.76’’ Coordinate. It is thus, correlating the building’s Pyramidion with the Apex of the Great Pyramid at 5776 Inches. This Mathematical Coefficient in turn correlates to the Year of Light, 5776.
 Holy of Holies          Holy Place                   Portico                      Laver                     Altar
Ark of Covenant      Menorah of Light       Boaz and Japheth

 2000                             1900                             1800                          1700                   1600 AD

2230         2022         2016            1967       1948          1923       1776         1680         1620

59.00’’      57.82’’      57.76’’          57.27’’     57.08’’        56.83’’     55.36’’       53.80’’      54.40’’

It is well researched that the Great Pyramid encapsulates the Dimensions of the Earth and the Moon’s Radiuses, Diameters and Circumferences. If the Number 5,040 is subtracted by the actual Perimeter of the Great Pyramid at 3,024 Feet (Square Based) then the remainder is 2016 or (5776). Thus, based on these Timeline Year Patterns it appears that the Year 5776 was very Significant to the Luciferians.

It was a Turning Point. It Marked the Finalization in their ‘Great Work’. It is when their Cap-Stone started to Descend to complete their Temple of Light. This will be the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem that is set to this very same Divine Measurements of Prophetic Time itself. So, how is the Washington Memorial Park associated with the coming 3rd Temple? Consider that the Perimeter of the Dome of the Rock currently at the core of the Temple Mount is exactly 2016 Square Feet.

A very interesting extrapolation occurs when the year 2016 is squared mathematically. As to the Washington Memorial Temple, a further clue is also Encrypted in this Numerical Signature. It has been shown that this Number Value of 5776 equals YHVH’s intended timeframe to complete His Temple, i.e., His Bride, just the same. Realize that as the 7-Year Countdown has begun since 2002-2015-2022, in one’s Estimation, it will be then in 2029 when Lucifer takes the Temple.

Dimensions of the National Collapse

But, similarly, Jesus is completing His “Great Work’ in tandem. Only that the Completion of His Spiritual Temple will occur before the 70th Week of Daniel. And that Year will conclude the Church Age with the Rapture Event. It is designed to be an ‘Escape’ from the Wrath that is to Fall upon the World thereafter. The Rapture Event will have Concluded the Great Commission. And the Temple of GOD that Jesus has been constructing since Pentecost of 32 AD will be taken up to Heaven. Thus, it would appear that the Washington Masonic Memorial, is a Temple, like the Great Pyramid that is ‘Clocking’ or Keeping of Prophetic Time as well.

One such Benchmark can be ascertained from April 20, 1909. This was the Time that the Park held a Celebration of the Inauguration Anniversary of the 1st U.S. President, George Washington. As noted, the same trowel that Washington used in to anointing the cornerstone for Capitol Hill on September 18, 1783, was used to commence the Work of the Masonic Memorial. This Date was on November 1, 1923. The Work was considered completed in 1970. The Work of completing the entire Composition of the Layout has been purposely accomplished in Stages, much like the Core of the Mall leading-up to the Capitol Hill.

It will be the 3rd Temple in which Lucifer incarnates into the AntiChrist, to sit on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies Cube. The Washington Masonic Memorial is the only Masonic Temple in which all other Temples in the Republic are obligated to Pay a Fee to help maintain it. To reiterate, the Washington Masonic Memorial has a primary Pyramid Outline that is 1 Square Mile in Length, and it incorporates a Myriad of Luciferian Encrypted Symbols. The Memorial is also shown to correlate to certain Esoterically Numbers when considering its distance to other Key Buildings that make-up the Core of the District of Columbia.

For example, the House of the Temple follows the same Blueprint of the Ka’aba Layout of a Square Main Section or Building with adjacent Rounded Arches to its side. There are other Connections by way of Street Ley-Lines throughout the District of Columbia. The Cube, from the White House to the House of the Temple is also interwoven within the Luciferian Hexagram and Pentagram Configurations, seen from a Top View. These are the Signature Emblems of the Demonic Occult when used to conjure-up Fallen Angels and Demons.

These Symbols have Power that is used in Sorcery and Human Sacrifices. There is also the Templar’s Cross and much more. The House of the Temple has the classic Unfinished Pyramid at its Top. This Motif is seen on their U.S. Dollar Bill. In that Satanic Seal, it is the Eye of Lucifer as the pyramidion that is hovering. It seeks to Unite with the Pyramid that is unfinished. Why? This is a Biblical Throw-Back to how YHVH interrupted Nimrod’s attempt in finishing his ‘Tower of Power’. It was more so a Star-Gate Portal that was accessed to Invade YHVH’s Throne through. This is what the 3rd Temple will really be all about. The Solomon 2.0 will be as a Nimrod that will Unite the World and complete the Tower.

And that Cap-Stone of the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer will be when Lucifer comes down and into the 3rdd Temple, literally through the Possession of his False Jewish Messiah. This Pyramidion, that is a Connotation of Lucifer, eventually will come down to complete the Truncated Pyramid. It is reminiscent of what Nimrod was not allowed to do. Note that to the Luciferians, Nimrod is considered the 1st Mason . The following are some calculations based on the Year-to-Latitude Theory. As noted, the Pyramid Ley-Lines  marks the Time it has taken for their ‘Great Work’ to be accomplished.

From the beginning of construction in 1923 to 1970:

5776 - 1922 = 49 Years Jubilee Pattern/Code
2015 - 49 Years = 1967

Year the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was Liberated. The Temple Mount Perimeter around the Dome of the Rock is 2016 Square Feet.

Top Center of Chalice Moti to Center of Memorial Tower:
5.55 Arcseconds
100 Smoots
.09 Nautical Miles
.11 Miles
188 Yards

From Top of Pyramidion to the Entrance to Memorial Steps:
.13 Miles or 243 M or 1776 + 243 = 2019

From Top of Pyramidion to End of Chalice/Spider’s Mouth:
111 Smoots or .1 Nautical Miles

From Base of Pyramidion to Center of Chalice Motif:
333 Feet
.6 Miles
111 Yard
.1 Km
.13 Miles
6.9 Arcseconds

From Top of Pyramidion to start of Memorial Building Core:
.33 KM (360 Yards or .18 Nautical Miles (6+6+6)

From Base of Pyramidion start of Memorial Building: 1 Mile or 72 Smoots
From span of Memorial, beginning of Stairs to End Point: .13 Km or 123.45 M
Width of Memorial Building at widest Points: 72 M or 2.33 Arcseconds or (322 Skull and Bones Coding)

It is rather telling also that the Great Pyramid of Giza is missing its Cap-Stone. The House of the Temple Washington D.C., also incorporates the Signature letter ‘G’ as the Focal Point when seen from a Top View. In this case concerning the layout of the street grid, the ‘G’, although it is Everted, it follows the Duplicitous Nature of the Law of Opposites. It also follows the Broken Pentagram as the Westward Extension of the Square is no longer visible from the air. ‘G’ is the 7th Letter in the Roman Alphabet. The Adjacent Building to the House of the Temple is configured as a ‘G’.

Ley Lines of the Luciferian Brotherhood of Darkness

This is seen in the prominent Emblems of the Masons. It is often thought to infer to the following: God, Gnosis, G-Spot, etc. In this Grid Layout, the ‘G’ is upside-down in keeping with the Law of Opposites. In one Interpretation of the layout of the House of the Temple, the Composition resembles that of the Ka’aba of Mecca that the Muslims venerate to their God, Allah. Some suggest that Islam and Freemasonry have their same origin in the Luciferian Secret Doctrines of the Mystery Religion Schools. In the Bible these are referred to as the Doctrines of Demons. Others assert that it all stems from Solomon’s delving into the Dark Side and Magic Arts, etc.

The House of the Temple is placed in a Precise Geometric Location in relation to the White House as it is meant to Influence and Rule. The very Apex of the Masonic Compass, as well as the Satanic Pentagram and Hexagram converge on the White House. The Masonic Temples, that venerate their Fallen Cherub Lucifer, have Encoded the very Locations into the Ley Lines, Sacred Gematria and City Grid Layout. The House of the Temple is such an example of this missing Pinnacle Pyramid Motif that is based on Masonic Architecture. And again, the Luciferian Timing is pegged to the Manifestation of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem as all the Masonic Temples are Orientated and Encrypted with Mathematical Phi Ratio, Dimensions and Occult Inferences.

And it is this 3rd Temple that will be co-opted to serve as the Unifying Location for the World Religion of ‘Peace’. An example is the Baha’i. It will also be a ‘White House’ as the Temples on the Temple Mount were made out of White Stones. This ‘House’ will not be the House of Prayer for all Nations as YHVH has Decreed it. But it will serve to usher-in Lucifer into it, to acquire all Worship and Mandate Adoration from all the World through the Body and Person of the AntiChrist, ‘Solomon 2.0’. Lucifer will mimic Jesus, down to His Incarnation, taking-on Human Flesh, etc.

In this case, it is not a True Incarnation but a Possession. When will that Event occur? Well, if one’s 2025-2032 Tribulation Period Timeline is accurate, then that will be as mentioned, in the Year 2029. Will this be the time when the ‘throne’ to Lucifer in his Temples of so-called Light will be started on Earth? This Date is the anticipated year in which the Masonic ‘Great Work’ will be accomplished on Earth. Thus, will the 3rd Temple then start in the Fall of 2024, if it is the Rapture Year?

Jesus exposed these Places of gatherings as Synagogues of Satan. The same Luciferian Encrypted Symbology can even be seen in the House of the U.S. President’ and Office. The White House is flanked by 2 Wings, the East and West Wings. The very Oval Office of the U.S. President also has this 13 Step Pyramid Layout with missing Cap-Stone incorporated into the Wooden Tile Floor Plan. The Configuration of the Wooden Floor leads out to the side doors. The Oval Office has a Classical Roman Style Decor to it with a Triangle Lintel above the Door Panel and 2 adjacent Shell Design Enclaves. To the Unobserving Eye, it would be unapparent but considering the Esoteric Nature of the Symbolisms in and out of the White House. It matches the Reverse Seal of the USA.

Spiritual White House
What is noteworthy to illustrate, is that as the U.S. President comes in-and-out of the Doorway of 2 Pillars. This Symbolism is much like the Masonic Emblems depict it. It is as though the President is Ascending and Descending the 13 Step Pyramid at the Door. The Door corresponds to the 14th Level from where he enters and leaves the Gateway, the Portal positioned at the Top. To some, this is exactly how in the Last Days, the Fallen Angels and Demonic Entities are seeking to Pierce the Doors from their Darkness.

And they all utilize Star-Gates, Portals to manifest themselves on Earth, etc. It will be how the AntiChrist will be Transcending from a different Dimension so that Lucifer will come to complete it. The 3rd Temple in Jerusalem will be the Spiritual White House, or that of ‘Light’ that the Solomon 2.0 will finish, unlike Nimrod. The ’Great Work’ of the Builders is to enthrone their Christ Cherub, Want-to-be God in the Holy of Holies.

This will occur as Lucifer failed at that in Heaven. The Bible predicts that this will occur at a future time, perhaps in the 3rd Temple and once the Ark of the Covenant is revealed to coincide with the ’Confirming of the Covenant’. This study has attempted to show that such Esoteric Patterns are Sequences, having possible Prophetic Implications that appear to converge on the very Masonry of their Luciferian Temples and Monuments.

Will the Year 2024, in the Fall thus see the ‘Light of Day’ when the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem will begin to be constructed? If that is the case, then it will be Lucifer, 1260 Days later that will cease the Daily Sacrifices. He then will enter the Holy of Holies to sit on the Throne of YHVH, that is the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. As in the prior Temples of YHVH, when the Glory departed, the Darkness filled the Vacuum. When the Rapture takes place, the Darkness of the AntiChrist will fill the Earth.

Nonetheless, the Patterns suggested in this study are according to Sacred Gematria, Ley-Lines, and Measurements, that are incorporated into their Buildings. The point is that the Washington Memorial Park Building or Temple is 1 such Structure. And that it pertains to America’s Plan in Prophecy. It is going according to Plan, exactly how the Luciferians that are running the Governments of the World for Lucifer, Behind the Scenes have planned it ever since America’s beginning in 1776. Will 2025 see its Planned End as the Head of the Nations?

These same Luciferians have been the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing that Masquerade as ‘Virtuous Citizens’ in Society, ‘Messengers of Light’, etc. Such Secret Societies have used the Cloak of Righteous and ‘Christian’ Virtues and ‘Light’. How so? Consider what they do for Children. They provide Philanthropy to Children’s Causes, for example. But they do this to appease their Condemned Conscience for the Heinous Acts of Sin and Perversion they do in the Dark to Children. See, The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John W. DeCamp. Men and Women in High Positions and Power in Washington D.C., and all over the World, for that matter, are involved in Pedophilia and Child Kidnapping.

Prophetic Prognostications
They are involved in International Sex and Drug Crime Rings. See also, Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail by Henry W. Vinson. They also Exposed such Crimes against Children that have been occurring at the Highest Levels of Government in England. This goes as well for such supposed Christian Religions as the Roman Catholic and other Protestant Denominations that also abuse Boys and Girls. As it has been alluded to, the Luciferians will have imploded the ‘Old Phoenix’ in order to birth their New Beast Order. It is being done through their Orchestrated Political, Social, Racial and Economic Chaos.

But the Point is that it is as if the USA is simultaneously being judged. And after the Rapture or in Tandem, it will be further Judged in some horrific way, never before seen in the Republic. As it stands now, a House Divided will Fall. And America is very much Divided. This is what the U.S. Presidents are appointed to do. Nonetheless, the Luciferian Plan for America is to use it to Birth their New Phoenix World Order. When? It will be, in one’s Estimation, after the Rapture Event. And it will be in Tandem with the completion of their ‘Masonic House’. That will be the new 3rd Temple of Jerusalem in time for the Solomon 2.0, etc.

Why many would say that such a Prophecy is always ‘Americentric’, is a Valid Point. But realize that the USA is the Head of the current World Order. Since 1776, the Luciferian Phoenix, that is the USA, has been Used and Abused. It has been ‘Milked’ for all of its Wealth and Resources. One will see the greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History. Why? It is needed to complete their Diabolical Plans of ushering-in their last Luciferian Beast Empire.

This is the same principle of how the Old Phoenix was Europe. And in 1776, the New World Order was transferred to the young American Republic, as Francis Bacon’s ‘New Atlantis’. Also consider that the bulk of the World’s Christians are concentrated in the USA. Jesus Christ is also about to make a ‘Transfer’, as His Spiritual House, His Bride will be raptured out. She will be ‘Taken’ out of this World because the Church Age has reached its Work or Commission. When? Perhaps by the End of 2025.

If so, then the Rapture Event could occur in the Summer of 2024. This is based on a Wheat Harvest Typology. This Rapture Event is eerily seen in the Esoteric Murals of the National Headquarters of the Bank of America in the USA. They are some sort of Prophetic Unveiling of what is to take place and what is the Plan for America, at the Hands of the Luciferians. In 1 Mural, there is a Depiction of a Young Blond Boy, being observed by an African Man and others as a White Female is drawing Attention to him.

In the Foreground, the Young Boy is standing on a classical Masonic Checkerboard Floor that is elevated above his Observers. Then there is a Streaking Comet that also gives the illusion that the Young Boy is giving a Nazi Salute and has An Old Fashion German Helmet, etc. In the Background, there are 2 other Persons that are depicted. One is a Female that is suspended in Mid-Air, as if being ‘Raptured’ within a 3-Dimensional Cube, a Tesseract.

As noted, a Geometric 3-Dimensional Double-Tetrahedron produces such a ‘Gate’ or Portal as in a ‘Door of Escape’. The Alignments are In-Sync to a Solar Eclipse. The other Person in the Background is sitting down, unawares. The Blazing Comet or Asteroid is streaking across the Panel that insinuates an apparent Destruction to come. At the very back of the Scenery is an Ominous Pyramid, the Great Pyramid, and thus a 5776 Connection to this Topic.

A possible Interpretation of this Mural, is that the Rapture of the Bride could coincide with a Solar Eclipse. Or that it will be in Tandem with a Blazing Comet that is to strike the Earth. Such Depictions are actual Prophetic Scenarios that are found in the Bible, especially in the Book of Revelation. There will be those that will be caught Unawares, as the AntiChrist will be revealed to the World that was Deceived by that Solomon 2.0. Why? Jesus warned that in the Last Days, there would be Great Deception as the Luciferian World Order to come is going to be built on Deception.

And as to Humanity? It will be that more easily Deceived because of all the Brain-Washing and Programming that has gone on. The whole World will be led into Deception as the AntiChrist will be seen as one who will usher-in a New Humanity. It will come with Promises Up-Grades that will take place at the Genetic Level even. If the Rapture of the Bride is to coincide with such Astronomical Dates and Events and/or a Comet or Solar Eclipse, that remains to be seen.

This study is only Interpreting the Illustrations based on Symbology and Patterns that are seen in the Washington Memorial Complex. They are consistent in one’s Research into multiple renditions to include City Ley-Lines, Modern and Ancient Buildings, Measurements of Distances, etc. And then, how such Sacred Numbers and Gematria are correlated to YHVH’s Feast Days and Biblical Prophecy. Another Mural depicts a scene of Martial Law where there is an apparent Breakdown of Society and Order. That is the Plan. Why? It is as mentioned, so the Luciferians can come in with their Solutions. But in reality, it is always to further Control the Masses.

The Mural Scene is that of a Destruction, Chaos, Protests, Military Soldiers and apparent Crucifixions. There is a hint of a Net encapsulating part of the Scenery. What is rather Ominous is that as this apparent State of Anarchy is occurring below. Above the Scenery, there appears to be the Rapture Event. There is a Blazing Circular Conglomeration of Naked People, swirling around. It is as they ascend upwards in a state of being Transformed, as if by Fire.

Could this be a Scene of what is to occur at the Point of the Rapture? This Depiction would coincide with that of the Pentecostal Fire of the Holy Spirit that came down to Indwell the Believers of Jesus Christ after His Resurrection. The Depiction is striking and would go hand-in-Hand of how some interpret the Event. It is to coincide with ‘Sudden Destruction’, much like what occurred with Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah. The Rapture Event could either be occurring, before the Marital Law Conditions are implemented, during or after. It remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, Prophetically, the Birth Bangs are increasing in Frequency.

Pride before the Fall
What is alarming is that a Racial Divide is fomenting in America that has started in the Inner Cities. It will be used to justify Martial Law, once the Economy Crashes and the U.S. Dollar is no longer the World Reserve Currency. What is staggering, is that most Inner Cities are the ones in need of the Assistance just to get by. Most are either Unemployed or Under-Employed. Over 50 Million are on some sort of Food Assistance. When the Government Assistance dries-up, there will be Ferguson’s and Baltimore’s in every Major City across the USA. Thus, the need and welcoming of Marital Law. It will be a Pretext for assuring ‘Peace and Security’ at the expense of Civil Liberties.

This is by Design, to Divide and Conquer. This Problem-Reaction-Solution Tactic has been used on the Masses. It is extremely Effective on how the Luciferians bring down the Nations to their Knees. If proud America is to Fall, when it does, it will Fall hard and Fast. As to the Prophetic Murals still? What about the reference to a possible Comet or Asteroid hitting the Earth, as the Bank of America mural alludes to? There have been many Christians that are having Visions, Dreams and an Intuition about an Object from space hitting the Earth. And that affects, primarily the Eastern Seaboard of the USA.

Taking some Liberty, a Parallel from Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue of the 4 Empires will be likened to the Fall of America. The Fall of the USA will be like that same Statue in the King’s Dream. The Statue started-off as Gold, But it quickly Divided like Israel. It was split into 2, the North and the South. Then the Value of the Metal diminished. A further Delineation was made-up of 4 Divisions. Then the last Iteration corresponded to the Empire and the Time, the Prophetic Time that Jesus appeared on Earth and will again, of the same Empire.

That Empire was, is and will be Rome. But a Stone comes from Heaven to Crush the Statue of that Mighty Sequence of Powers, as seen in the Types of Beasts and Meals, etc. This Stone comes at the End of the Battle of Armageddon. By the Time the last Rendition of the 4th Empire comes around, it will be a Mixture of Brittle Clay with Iron and it will last for a very short while. It will be eventually Destroyed. Realize that the Dream of this Prophetic Statue is still In-Play. It has not concluded. It will be shattered by a Rock from Heaven that hits the Last Beat Empire. And in its place, a Mountain will Rise from where Jesus, the Rock will Rule Earth thereafter.

If the Visions and Dreams of those Believers do come to pass, in that a Comet or Asteroid will hit the Earth at some point in Time, it will be in the Tribulation Period. There will be actual Asteroids, 2 in fact the size of Mountains that will hit the Earth, as the Book of Revelation teaches. But it will be Jesus Himself, as the ‘Rock of Ages’ that comes from Heaven to Small Lucifer’s Last Beast Empire and this AntiChrist and False Prophet, etc. Jesus will be that Rock that brings down the mighty Statue. But what if this is how the Proud America like in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream will Fall also? Consider that historically, America can be divided into 4 Time Periods. Here are the 4 Historical Delineations.

1-Colonial Period
2-Revolutionary Period
3-Civil War Era
4-Modern Era

Just like Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue, America started off as Gold, Valuable but quickly divided like Israel and diminished in Metal Type and Value. Will a Blazing Comet or ‘Star’ coincide with the National judgement of YHVH? Will the Last Generation in the USA be held Accountable for the Pollution of the Land, Spiritually foremost. The Land is full of Violence, Theft, Immorality and Wickedness. Such a Scenario of Judgment also concurs with others who have had Visions of Tidal Waves scaling the Skyscrapers of New York City, for example. And how the Continental U.S. will be somehow reconfigured Geographically.

It is because of such an Event and others, that some End Time Students are saying it is dealing with Planet X as the ‘Rapture’ mural suggests. And the Pole Shift is currently occurring. Nonetheless the last Luciferian Masonic Empire will thereafter last but a brief moment. It will not happen until Jesus will return with His Raptured Bride to destroy Lucifer’s last Beast Empire. This takes place at the Battle of Armageddon in Israel. Thereafter Jesus will fill the whole Earth as a ‘Mountain’ in His Righteousness, etc. As it is now, America in this current Decade alone, has suffered False Flag Attacks and Natural Disasters, Unprecedented in her History.

There was the Gulf Oil Spill; there is still the Radiation on the West Coast  from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. There are the Droughts in the West, Floods in the East that are eating-away at the Nation’s Food Supply. Then there has been the record Snow Falls in the East, Record Heat, Record Cold and Unprecedented Mega Tornadoes in the Heartland occurring and Plagues unleashed. The Nation is Deeply Divided Politically, Economically, Religiously And Racially. The 1% controls the Resources and Wealth, etc. Most Americans are in Debt and 1 in 5 Retirees Die in Poverty. The Borders of America are wide open, while Citizens are Patted-Down and Stripped at Airports…as Muslim Women get a Free Pass, etc.

America has lost its Moral Compass. It has allowed for the Redefinition of what Marriage and Morality is. Biblical Christianity is now Discouraged in the Military; Banned in Schools while Islam and the Gay Agenda are taught. According to Homeland Security, the Number 1 Threat to ‘National Security’ are Gun Owners, Christian ‘End-Timers’, Veterans, etc. The Traditional Family Unit has been Systematically Destroyed through Educational and Media Programming.

The Youth have no Godly Sense of what is Morally Right or Wrong. Good is now Bad, what is bad is now Good, etc. There is currently a Drug Addiction Epidemic. There is Meth in the Heartland. Cocaine and Heroin are pouring-in through the Borders. Then there was the Orchestrated Ebola Outbreak and the current ‘Scare’ is to Force-Vaccinate all Children without the Option of Families to Opt-Out or to sue the Big Pharma for Damages the Vaccines cause. Underage Girls can get Abortions at School without Parental Knowledge or Consent.

Most of the Adolescent Population in America is on some sort of Prescribed Medication in part due to Chemicals and Allergens released in the Air, Water, Soil and Food. Autism is Off-the-Charts, as they say. However, Marijuana is now Legal in many States. The Government is allowing for Climate Engineering with Aerosol Spraying that is poising the Vegetation and Ground Water.

So, yes. The USA can be likened to the Statue of the King Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream. It also started as a Precious Metal, as Gold. But it quickly became Corrupt and Divided. Thereafter, it Diminished to the point of Worthless Rusting Iron Mixed with Earthly Clay in its Last Rendition of her former Glory.

Many End Times Students believe that the Partial List of Conditions describing the USA, mentioned above that are plaguing the USA, are meant to be Wake-Up the Christian Church. It is Asleep and about to be Removed with the End of the Church Age approaching. Consider the Response to Solomon’s Prayer made at the Dedication of the Temple.

‘If I shut up the Heavens so that there is no Rain, or if I command the Locust to devour the Land, or if I send Pestilence among My People, and My People who are called by My Name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and Turn from their Wicked Ways, then I will hear from Heaven, will Forgive their Sin and will Heal their Land. Now My Eyes will be open and My Ears attentive to the prayer offered in this Place’. -2 Chronicles 7:13-15.

These were and/or are the Warning Signs of YHVH’s desire for America and His People to Repent. It is because a Nation’s Judgment is predicated on the Righteous Standing of YHVH’s People before the Judge. Is it too late for America? Has she crossed the Point of No Return? Has her Leaders hardened their Hearts instead? Has His People, that are called by His Name also turned their back?


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