Covenant with the Many?

  • What is Agenda 2030 and why for the Year 2030?
  • Is this UN 7-Year Acceleration Plan, the 'Covenant'?
  • Why this latest Step towards World Government?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And he will Confirm a Covenant with Many for 1 Week [7 Years], but in the Middle of the Week he will put an End to [Daily] Sacrifice and Offering. And on the Wing of the Temple will come the Abomination that causes Desolation, until the Decreed Destruction is poured out upon him’. -Daniel 9:27

The purpose of this study is to Assess why many in the End Times Watching Community are attributing the UN Agenda 2030 to the start of the 7-Year Tribulation. This Notion has been hyped-up by the Proponents of Agenda 2030, through the UN in need to have an Accelerated 7-Year Time Frame to implement their World Control through it. It is a set-up, at a Global Scale, but precisely the needed Stepping-Stones for when the Real Confirming of the Covenant with the Many will be likewise a 7-Year Time Frame. But that this Iteration is Premature and is not the Biblical Covenant that defines that the 7-Year Tribulation Period consist of or pertains to.

This is just one’s Observation based on Geo-Political and Historical Context, filtered through Biblical Prophecy of the End Times, as one sees it. Although the Inference that this UN 7-Year Acceleration Protocol seems plausible and ‘Sounds’ Biblical. It is not. It is, however, a ‘Stepping-Stone’ of sorts for sure If anything, one is of the ‘Prophetic Opinion’ that this Rhetoric is a Dry Run and Rehearsal to Condition the Nations to accept the Real 7-Year Confirming of the Covenant, whenever that happens.

But the Core Objection is that the Prophecy of the Last 7-Year Discipline of Israel to resume, occurs after the Rapture Event. The Last 7 Years pertains to the Land, City and Temple that Israel, as an Earthly Inheritance is tied to by the very Covenants YHVH made with the Sons of Abraham, through Isaac and then Jacob. The Church Body is not involved in nor given any Earthly Inheritance to speak of or Defend. The Land or Country, City and Temple are Spiritual and to be consummated at the End of the Church Age in Heaven. And this will be finalized by the Resurrection and Rapture Event. This is why the Bride of Christ cannot partake of Israel’s Disciple, and that of the World’s for that matter.

The Promise is given by Jesus Himself to the Philadelphian Church Type. A Great Escape is coming and will coincide with the Simultaneous Destruct, suddenly of those that have Opposed Jesus through His Body on Earth for these nearly 2000 Years. It will be as Jesus said, that the Last Generation would lose its Mind, choosing to become Reprobate and how the Circumstances with Lot and Noah are now not only the Norm, a New Morality but are Celebrated worldwide. This is the Sign. But as to the UN having a 7-Year Time Frame that will be or is the ‘Covenant’ with Many? Not so much.

It is about Prophetic Preludes

As one surmises this is a Pressure, or even a Prophetic Sign, one has always stuck to the #1 Rule in Interpreting Eschatology. The Sign is not the Event. Here is one’s Hesitation in going ‘All In’ for the Agenda 2030 being the ‘Covenant’ that will be ‘Confirmed’. Now one can see that this could play in the aspect of being the ‘Many’. That Term seems to still be a Mystery, yet to be fully Understood or Revealed. As this Prophecy for the End Days does get closer to being fulfilled, it will be Understood.  

1. The Agenda 2030 is not just with the ‘Many’. It is that all or every Nation on the Planet  signed-on to it. That is 1 of the Discrepancies one sees.

2. The Context of the Covenant to be made, it is Scripturally Understood to pertain to Israel, specially, not the entire World Community of Nations.

3. It is inferred that the Covenant for 1 Week of Years is to specifically Guarantee ‘Peace and Security’ to Israel. This Inference, supposes that Israel will have come out of a War that seeks this of the International Community or the ‘Many’ but specifically granted by 1 Man, i.e., the AntiChrist. One does not see this single Man in the working-out of the Agenda 2030 Protocols., as of yet.

4. The Covenant made by Israel and for Israel is a Spiritual one, in that Isaiah likens it to a Pact with the Devil, with Death itself. This cannot be said of the Agenda 2030 that involves all Humans on the Planet and is not a ‘Pack with Lucifer’. The Mark of the Beast that comes later will be though.

One believes that this latest Rhetoric of the UN Ratifying a 7-Year Time Frame, is only a Dry-Run or a Rehearsal. It is a Primer to get the World Acclimated to the Verbiage and Talking Points for when the True Covenant is to be Confirmed by the AntiChrist, then the World will be that much Conditioned. Also realize that if this ‘7-Year’ Agenda 2030, is the Covenant, there has to be then the AntiChrist already on the Scene, both Politically and with the Help of the False Prophet that aids this endeavor.

Is one saying then, that the AntiChrist will in the Fall of 2023 be ‘Revealed’? If that is the case, the Rapture Scenario must require that it occur prior to September 23, 2023. Sure, a lot can happen between now and the Fall Equinox. But, one is coming from a Point of View, that the Covenant that is spoken about in the Bible, is one that is made with Israel and the AntiChrist, etc. It would and most likely involve the UN, the EU, to some extent. One is just not seeing this Agenda 2030 being the Biblical Covenant with the Many as the one.

It is for sure that the Luciferian Globalists are sensing that there is the need for an Accelerated Pace to implement their Control Grid. Realize also that the US Dollar has not ‘Crashed’ entirely just yet. They have decided to Slowly Kill the US Dollar as the other World Reserve Currencies are still being Propped-Up. And also what is very interesting is how Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 also highlighted how the BRICS Financial Body is to add 5 more Nation Members for a total of a 10 Nation Financial block. The Handwriting is on the Wall, as they say. Even Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen disclosed that presently, there is a process of ‘De-Dollarization’ of the World.

It Takes Time
She basically Broadcasted what the Powers-That-Be have decided and will be required for the New World Order Currency to follow. This Declaration was given during a Congressional Hearing, which now has basically put the entire Nation on Notice that, ‘Americans should expect a Decline in the USD as the World's Reserve Currency’. This is telling that it shows that the US Dollar has at least 2 more Years of its Life Service to make way for the New Digitalization of all currently.

And all that tied to one’s Vaccination Passport and Federalized Bank Accounts. One would say that this is a possible inference how all the Political, Financial and Religious Convergences have to come together for the Globalists to ‘Pull it Off’.  We will see what happens. From a Political Science and Historical Perspective, one is just Contrasting that latest Notion that the 7-Year ‘UN Agreement’ is not the ‘Covenant’ of the Bible. Why not? Foremost, at the Core of the Biblical Deal, is that it is the ‘Deal with Death’, that Isaiah forewarns Israel about but will do. It is essentially a Deal with the Devil. So, who is that?

So, just Assessing  that this UN Deal is not a Pack with Death or Lucifer, just yet. Nor is it specific to Israel, as it will affect all Nations. And having the Agenda 2030 been Ratified already, really, it does not mean then that every Human Being on the Planet just made then, a ‘Pact with Death’. That Opportunity and Mandate will come later, in the form of the Mark of the Beast. That is when it will get Real for every Human on Earth.

And it is from Israel that the Requirement will come from, i.e., by way of the False Prophet. It is he that will push it onto the World. Where is he now?  However, at that Point and Time, it will literally be a Deal with Death, as one will forfeit one’s Soul by taking the Mark into one’s Body. As mentioned, one does believe this is a ‘Practice Run’ to get the World or at least the Many, Conditioned to ‘Confirm’ the Covenant with Israel for 7 Years.

Realize the Context of the Prophecy of Daniel, that it is Israel-Centered, ‘Concerning Your People, Daniel’, in the End Times. No problem. There is a lot of Signaling going on about the Year 2030 for sure, both in and World and Watcher Community. One cannot deny that. Practically all the Luciferian Globalist Agendas, from the UN, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, and the like, are pushing the various 2030 Agendas. And it is for a Reason. One does have a Point about it, that is tied to that Year, or rather the Jewish Year. Why?

We realize that it straddles the Gregorian Year of 2029-2030. And yes, the following Interpretation is based on one’s current Timeline of 2025-2032. How So? Realize that to the Globalists, all this Effort, for the last few Decades, Centuries and Millennia, really has been to usher-in the Time when Lucifer will actually then take over the World and Rule through the Possession, by Proxy of the Final Biblical AntiChrist. And one surmises that the Year and Point in Time that it will be Accomplished is during that year, ‘2030’, having 2029 be all-inclusive, based on the Jewish Reckoning of Day Counts. Meaning?

The Climax or Event or Accomplishment of ALL that has been happening, especially right now, is when Lucifer sits on the Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies and Proclaims that he is ‘God’ to be Worshiped by all of Humanity, or else. This is their End Game, etc. Prophetically we know that this Event that Jesus Warned about, the Abomination of Desolation or ‘Agenda’ occurs precisely at the Md-Point of the Tribulation Period.

One just puts this Event at the 2029-2030 Year. It is at this Point in Time, that the Great Work of the Luciferians will have come to see their Master and Lord, whom they believe is the Rightful ‘Christ’ Rule the World, as he once did, even before Adam. One is assuming a Gap Theory to be True. So, that is one’s Rationale and why one thinks this Fanfare of 2030 is being Rushed to Fruition.

It has to and the Powers-That-Be are forcing it now as we speak. It is no longer Covert or done in Clandestine Ways. It is out in the Open and they even brag about it, every Time they Meet at Davos, for example. They tell the World what they will be doing next, to get to that Time, etc. This is why the Watcher Community is also very Keen on this Date and all that is being Orchestrated to bring it to pass.

Naturally, it would Appear to be, perhaps, the End of the 7-Year Tribulation. One is just Interpreting it as rather, being the Hallmark of the Mid-Point Event, we know what will become the Abomination of Desolation Event. That is one’s Take, given the present Timeline suggested. The Abomination of Desolation will only be the Halfway Marker and when Lucifer finally has all Restraints removed, the Mark is Mandated and all Hades breaks-out, as they Say. Could Be, but one Doubts it.


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