End of the American Experiment

  • Is there a systematic 'Purging' process occurring in the world? 
  • Are personal Civil Liberties being denied and dismissed? Yes.
  • Is the American Century and hegemony of the USA over? Yes.

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to consider the coming total solar eclipse that will crisscross the USA on August 8, 2024 and how it is related to a transformation that has ushered-in a ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix of a new rule of law through a ‘Purging’. This Astronomical Sign signals a time completed, of a beginning and an end. The solar eclipse occurs on Nissan 1 on the Jewish Calendar. This is the start of the Religious New Year. It is of a timeframe for the people of the USA, in particular have had or perhaps a time reached for a full allotted national transformation to have occurred. One would say it has to do prophetically with a nation having been given an allotted time to warn the people, much as in a similar time given to Nineveh by the Creator YHVH to change or repent before a national judgment fell. The issue? It appears to go hand in hand with the political, social, religious and economic changes that have happened, are happening in the USA and the world. This new matrix, though, has been orchestrated artificially. How so?

They have used their COVID-10 plandemic to achieve their ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix. Or how others are seeing these ‘changes’ as the ‘Purge’ that has been so predictively promoted in the recent Hollywood blockbuster movies by the same title, ‘The Purge’. This particular Astronomical Sign has its origin in the 1st omen that was the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. This was better known as the Great American Solar Eclipse. It crisscrossed the USA in an apparent metaphor prescribing a coming national division that turned out to be more profound than anyone would have imagined. It had overtones with the Civil War era, and one based on race, but to include social classes and gender divides. The eclipse passed through 7 Salem’s that erroneously many supposed ‘Peace’ was to befall the land but not realizing that Peace was to be taken from the land.

The word ‘Salem’ means Peace in Hebrew. The reason why this ‘X’ dual 2017-2024 Astronomical Sign is pertinent to the world and end time prophecy is that as the USA goes, so will the world. With more than a year now of forced lockdowns, sustained fear campaigns and psychological terror inflected on the Nations by the Luciferian Overloads, it has gotten to a place that the experiment what was the USA is coming to its end. Most Political Scientists sense that the American Century is over, and the USA seems to be forcibly dismantled to make way for the New World Order ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix. It has been puppets like the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, Hilary, Obama, Trump and now Biden that have been selected to deliver the mantle and scepter over to the coming Beast System the Bible clearly teaches will be in place and to rise in the Last Generation. But in order for that to occur, a purging has to occur and is occurring now. What does that look like? COVID-19. The plandemic has been the perfect justification for implementing worldwide Machiavellian Protocols to prepare the world and Humanity.

Divide and Conquer
And that will not be pretty according to the last book of the Bible, Revelation. This worldwide lockdown is just a prelude. It is rather interesting that in 2017, the year the Trump Administration started, the ‘Great American’ Solar Eclipse divided the USA, literally by the shadow of its path. It was 33 days out from the Revelation 12 Sign. Then interestingly, it was the ‘Trump Effect’ produced by his persona and politics that polarized the USA and the world. But then, in the last year of the subsequent Bi-den Administration, ‘Bi’ as in division or halves and seems bi-everything now, the crisscrossing ‘American’ Solar Eclipse 2.0 will occur. That will be on April 8, 2024, almost 7 years between the ‘X’ eclipses or more precisely 6.66 years. The ‘den’ from his name is reminiscent of the tribe of Dan and that is the one that is excluded in the Roll Call of the 144k Witnesses during the Tribulation Period.

Dan was one of the 10 Northern Tribes that made up ‘Israel’ and was sent into captivity among the Nations, etc. It was mainly mixed in Assyria, but many believe the tribe of Dan made its way to Northern Europe as in Dan-mark, Swe’dan, the river Dan-ube, and so on. It is the tribe that the ‘Serpent’ would come and strike from and many allude to it being from where the AntiChrist will arise. Not sure but it is an interesting topic. Anyway, from the Inauguration of Trump on January 20, 2017 to the 4th-year Inauguration Anniversary of Bi-den on January 20, 2024, it will be exactly 7 years or 365 weeks. This is rather interesting as it denotes a ‘time completed’, a cycle finished, etc. Competition of what? Well, if the motif of the ‘X’ is of any possible implication, it would mean the total judgment of the USA to be completed by then perhaps and the New World Order replacing it? There are spiritual implications of this ‘X’ double solar eclipse phenomena as it does appear to have spelled-out a dire consequence for the USA and the world.

One did say that the 2017 solar eclipse was bringing a ‘Spirit of Division’ across America and that has occurred precisely. There is actually a precursor to this April 8, 2024 solar eclipse. The USA will have like a last ‘warning shot’ across the bow in that an, ‘X Marks the Spot’ solar eclipse will occur on October 14, 2023. It is converging spot will be around Kerr Ranch just east of San Antonio, Texas. It is also interesting that once Trump was out of office, all major news reporting of any kind about Biden and what he is doing is like night and day compared to how the media portrayed Trump. What a contrast. And Fauci could never be so proud now. But unless the USA has a ‘Nineveh Moment’, the USA is ‘marked’. It is written in the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

One would say at this point, ‘we shall see’ but sure do not hope the Body of Christ will be here 4 more years to find out. One would hope 2021 would be the year for the 'evacuation'. Seems all is in place now. With Biden, the USA is in the New World Order fold as they have a clear path now for their coming ‘Reset’ and ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix. No doubt, the 'Purge' began subtly, but censorship is now the order of the day. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984 reality. Any type of descent against the official narrative, whether it be medical, political, religious, or social is not tolerated. The Body of Christ should be taking precautions, in terms of both spiritual and earthly ones. Some are possible within people’s means, but others, many will not be able to or can. Only at that time and place of challenges will one need to wholly trust Jesus for the outcome.


This will be especially true if the Rapture tarries and the Bride of Christ still have a few more years in this Cancel and Surveillance Culture. The Surveillance Society is so thorough now that only the very few, strong and trained could/would survive living totally off-grid. The reality is that a pre-war Nazi and Stalinist framework is now in place, worldwide. It was a ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix then. For example, how in some cases now, high profile people are being denied insurance coverage for their businesses due to 'lack of social credit'. And this is in the USA, not China. But that is the goal. The Luciferian Globalists want all the Nations to be like China, a Brave New World so they can control the masses. How? Bio-Metrically like cattle to be branded and controlled. They will have the ultimate power of determining who gets to live, work, reproduce, and who gets to be harvested, or slaughtered.

This was the case in Nazi Germany where the undesired populations were de-humanized by a fake psychological campaign. People were then equated to a virus that needed to be identified, marked, separated and then with the ‘Final Solution’ to be exterminated. This is occurring now with the fake COVID-19 plandemic. Healthy people are now called ‘Asymptomatic’ and are considered a potential ‘virus carrier’ regardless. Everyone is to be ‘marked’ by being masked. All have been ordered to be quarantined although it is the sickness that needs to be, not the healthy. The world agencies like the WHO and the CDC have dictated policy to governments without proper democratic discourse. They have mandated who is ‘essential’ in terms of where people can work, assemble, pray, sing, and gather, etc.

It is a double standard as the rules apply to the masses yet the Elite, so-called do not abide by such rules themselves. The present stage of this dystopian ‘Dark Winter’ is that everyone is being ‘feared’, not forced just yet to take the experimental COVID-19 shots. Why? They carry with them the framework to set up the Mark of the Beast system and grid eventually within one’s body. Then the psyop is so profound that those that even question and/or object to the official narrative are being censored, even the expert Medical Doctors. What will be coming is a similar separation of such a people that will object to the greatest hoax Humanity has ever been subjected to, aside from Eve in the Garden and the coming AntiChrist. Such people who will refuse the COVID-19 vaccinations will be forcibly removed from society and shut up in FEMA ‘Quarantine Camps’. This has already been happening in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Notice that it has been mainly in the population of Protestant-majority countries that the harshest of draconian measures have been implemented with the ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix now put in place. No accident. As governments cannot force the vaccination presently on its people, they are going around it through their corporate ties and how all the mega-companies that have now destroyed local businesses have forced everyone to ‘buy and sell’ from the ‘Company Stores’ only. The same goes for government public transportation and corporate air travel. And they can force a ‘No Mask -No Service’ rule. This is really a precondition for the Mark of the Best; No Mark, No Buying and Selling. And those not taking the solution and ‘cure’ will be seen as viruses themselves to be separated, and exterminated, for the good of the People and their safety.

‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix

It is the same protocols out of the Nazi and Soviet playbook. Sadly, most people are not aware of this because they have not been taught this history. Thus, as George Santayana truly predicted, ‘Those who forget their past are condemned to relive it.’ The only spin in how the ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix has been implemented is that it has subtly come in the guise of a ‘Medical Martial Law’. It has been sold as being good for the ‘health of the people’. They have used the Fear Factor of indoctrinating everyone to believe the false gospel for the Scientific Techno-Fascist High Priests. This is what happens when there is no Shepherd. It is a spiritual dynamic above all. And even when those who claim to have one, as in the case of the Christians who have Jesus as the Good Shepherd, they rather hear another voice, that of the ‘Scientific Shepherds’.

There are evil hired Shepherds that allow the wolves to come in and devour the flock. It is sad to see so many Pastors and Shepherd lead the Flocks of Jesus to take the false and dangerous COVID-19 shot that is not even a vaccination technically. The full effects of the ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix will be complete once the Rapture event occurs as it says that then the Restrainer will be set aside. So ‘they’, the Luciferian Cabal know that at that point, 'literally all hell will break loose'. They will need to get a handle on all of the remaining Humanity. And due to technology and A.I., that is why they want everyone ‘vaccinated’ now. Why? The COVID-19 Hoax is not about curing the virus that has been man-made but to use the fear and ignorance of the people to inject the necessary technical framework into people’s body to set up a bio-tech total surveillance control grid that will be controlled by the ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix High Priests.

Ultimately, it will then facilitate the receiving of the Mark of the Beast and total control by the AntiChrist himself. And the less people are around, the better, be it by famine, war, their pestilences being released on Humanity, their geo-engineering of the skies through Chemtrail, GMO food, and their mRNA gene altering COVID-19 vaccines, etc. They pretty much have the whole world now. But they do not have the Bride of Christ. She will slip away, and they are just having to be disturbed about it until the Rapture. They know it is coming. Truth be told, if one was not a Follower of Jesus, one would most likely join in the quest for Transhumanism to improve the genome of Humanity to ‘reach the next evolutionary stage’ and godhood immortality. It is sad that with all the known technologies they possess, all pollution, hunger and poverty could be eliminated. There would be free energy, clean energy, renewable that could be afforded to all Humanity.

But the planet is not ruled and run by benevolent beings and humans looking out to advance the human race nor seek its redemption. No, according to the Bible, Fallen Angelic Beings, Lucifer and people on his side seek to destroy Humanity and recreate it into Lucifer’s ‘image and likeness’. Why would humans join this diabolical league? It is just the same fallen sinful nature that covers. And that is a spiritual problem only Jesus can take care of. It is for one of the main reasons Jesus said He came to Earth for, ‘To Destroy the Works of the Devil.’ But all those that have sided with Lucifer and will take his Mark on the head or right arm will break out in painful sores. They will be so painful; they will wish death but will not be able to die. This is to the level of how far Lucifer will have taken his tampering with the human genome that YHHV created.  

The Purge

It is and will be an amazing time, the end of time for Lucifer along with his many types of minions, both human and fallen angelic. In the meanwhile, the years to follow will culminate in an astronomical time frame marked by the August 8, 2024 solar eclipse across the USA. Thus, this time will be a stern intensification of the ‘Purging’. It will be as the ‘Frog cooking in the Pot’ metaphor but hopefully the Rapture event will have finally arrived before then. Until then, there will be more draconian ‘Purging’ measures to control every aspect of one's life, travel, movement, visitation, church, speech, online dialogs, etc. The Church must be vigilant in keeping an eye out as it enters this new phase in the USA and world. In fact a ‘Purging’ within the church of, ‘Sin in the Camp’ and in one’s personal life has to also be done. This is in preparation for the Rapture as the Groom, Jesus will only come for a ‘Spotless’ Bride that, ‘Has made herself ready’.

What will be some contributing factors to the coming worldwide Reset? The issue will be the economy for one. All this unpayable debt bubble in the USA will be busting and will drag the world into an ‘Economic Dark Winter’. This might finally happen under the Biden Administration. The Stock Market boys will be pulling their money out. Hello Reset. When that happens, then for sure the USA will collapse into a 3rd World country status due to the Fiat Dollar. And this has to happen to the USA as it is what is currently in the way of the Luciferian global world order. Why? It is because the USA is where most of the concentration of the Body of Christ is left. Enough so that there is a dimming of the threshold needed to have the Restrainer, restrain. Presently, this spiritual margin is fast approaching critical mass. And thus, the need for the Rapture ‘evacuation’ or ‘departure’ to occur to close out the Church Age. Another form of ‘Purging’ will be of the human population.

The COVID-19 inoculations will not see the long term effects until 2-3 years. It might very well cause the death of millions with mass organ failure and ultimate deaths down the road. This is what Dr. Cahill predicts. And any such death will be linked to and be blamed on the ‘pandemic’ itself. So, it is a win-win situation for the Luciferian Globalist Cabal that seeks to ‘thin the herd’ of Humanity by 90%. Of course they first are thus going after the most vulnerable, the elderly and then the children next. For the Body of Christ, realize that in this Last Hour, while ‘Night’ has descended and ‘No one can work’, as it used to be. One can at least affect and outreach to those within one’s immediate surroundings. But also realize, it is a burden to do so with such information about COVID.

The world, colleagues, neighbors, even family members will look at those refusing the COVID-19 vaccinations as, ‘You are the dumbest person alive for not believing Science and the official narrative being broadcast by the Authorities’. The world has arrived at Orwell’s 1984 world, and in 2024 when the ‘X’ solar eclipse occurs, it will be the 40th year anniversary of at least the book’s title. The point is that Followers of Jesus are used to rejection, bewilderment, opposition due to the burden of the Gospel as such witness for the Gospel; so not strange in that regard. Not that the Gospel is a burden, in fact, right now, it is more critical to broadcast and offer it as the only truth and solution to a deceived world. It is just sad how the masses have been primed to ‘believe the lie’. And this is a direct result of turning away from Jesus and the Truth en masse.

So, with that, lies will replace the void and people will fall, are falling for anything not true. The virus is real, so far as it has been shown by evidence that it was indeed bio-engineered as it has multiple HIV inserts. And this to turbo-bust the contagiousness of the virus. Such evil. But in itself, no worse than the flu. That indeed the virus will affect and modify one’s Genome once injected into the body, for life. And that the shot will not, is not about ‘immunization’ but ‘software’ encoding of one’s DNA. The issue? According to the Doctors, when real Corona Viruses come alone, this code will prompt one’s Immune System to attack it. But since the Corona Virus is now, has become part of every cell in one’s body, the Immune System will be attacking itself to destroy it…thus organ failures and eventual death. Well, if the Globalists have wanted population reduction, it has arrived. It is as in the Days of Noah with such gene-engineering.

And no wonder why the Deagel Military Projection website has the USA’s population at around 100 million in 2025. Perhaps due to the Rapture event by then but for sure all the deaths due to the COVID-19 vaccinations and those that refuse to take them. One cannot say how the shot will affect a person, as each body is different and depending on age, pre-existing conditions, etc. From what the opposing expert medical Doctors attest, the real effects will not manifest until 3-4 months down the road. And that one has to take follow-up shots for life. Those Followers of Jesus that will refuse to take the COVID-19 shot will leave the outcome or consequences with the LORD. If the LORD does not return within, say a year from now, such people that will refuse the shot will be deemed, as noted, ‘a public nuisance’.

And like the Nazis, such people will be deemed a danger to the health of the General Public and have to be removed from public life. It is a perfect plan and excuse for the ‘Techno-Fascist’ Matrix. So, be prepared to be rounded-up at some point in time. It is, or will be damned if we do, damned if we don’t type the situation. One would rather take the chances with the NOT category. Now, one is of the belief that getting the COVID-19 shot will not make Followers of Jesus ‘lose’ their salvation. It is not the Mark of the Beast as some are saying. It is the set-up and preparation of it but the actual ‘Mark of the Beast’ that will condemn a person to Hell will not occur until the 2nd half of the 7-year Tribulation Period. And it will actually be under the religious auspices of the 2nd Beast, not the 1st Beast AntiChrist.

But if at all possible, avoid the shot. The issue for many is that they legitimately have allergic reactions or have Asthma. Such have a Doctor’s Note to not wear a mask, for example. For now, this is working, and governments and corporations are having to ‘play nice’ about it for now to hide their true intentions. Such exemptions are being tolerated but with much questioning and such people are being treated as ‘Leapers’, nonetheless. Realize that NO ONE can legally force you to take a vaccine. As it is experimental, it cannot be ‘mandated’ by a government even though they say so. Reply by stating, ‘I do not consent.’ And perhaps if the time comes that one will be pinned down physically and jabbed with the COVID-19 shot, then the only recourse is to pray to Jesus for His protection against the side-effects and probable death at some point.One will have to see it as in the time when the friends of Daniel were thrown into the fiery furnace for refusing a governmental authoritative mandate. The flames did not consume them as Jesus was with them.

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