Beast out of the Sea Galactic Alignment

  • Was there an Atlantis and what 'Beasts' lived there?
  • Does the mythology have to do with the coming AntiChrist?
  • Are there any alignments of a return of this king of Atlantis?

by Luis B. Vega
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And I stood upon the sand of the Sea, and saw a Beast rise up out of the Sea, having 7 heads and 10 horns, and upon his horns 10 crowns, and upon His heads the name of Blasphemy… and the Dragon gave Him power, and seat, and great authority… 4 And they worshipped the Dragon which gave power unto the Beast: and they worshipped the Beast, saying, Who is like unto the Beast? Who is able to make war with Him? 5 And there was given unto Him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto Him to continue 42 months. (1260 days) -Revelation 13:3-5

This study seeks to illustrate 3 astronomical patterns and highlight 2 of them that will occur on the now famous end of the Mayan Calendar Galactic Alignment. These occurrences will provide some ‘pictures’ of what is to prophetically happen according to some interpretations of the Book of Revelation –if not starting on December 21, then perhaps in the very near future. These events specifically have to do with the imagery of the Dragon-Serpent coming out of the sea birthing the AntiChrist, the Transit of Venus as seen from Saturn and the Pentagram Planetary configuration within the Solar System on that very date and time. What is intriguing is that the current and observable alignments and astronomical patterns of what happened on December 21, 2012 appears to give credence to the much anticipated advent or ‘birthing’ of the person that will be recognized as the ‘AntiChrist’ or ‘Apollo’ rising for the coming New World Order.

It will be an ‘echo’ of Atlantis Rising from sea or from its ashes as the Phoenix being ‘born’ anew out of the sea. Perhaps the Galactic Alignment is the commemoration of when the schedule of AntiChrist is to be set in motion or when the ‘Dragons of Atlantis’ or Fallen Angels if you will are to come back to help start this ‘birthing’ process. What occurs astronomically during the Galactic Alignment is that a precise alignment between the Galactic Plane that is the Milky Way with the Solar Eclipse.

These symbols of cosmic dragons, pentagrams, etc., are solely taken from the cosmic alignments and time configurations that are to occur on the end of the Mayan Calendar. These astronomical scenarios presented are only suggesting a possible speculated Biblical correlation. This study suggests that these 3 astronomical events, in particular appear to correlate to Biblical prophecies from the Book of Revelation, mainly the ‘rise’ and disclosure of the AntiChrist that symbolically comes out of a ‘Sea’ and that is empowered by a Red Dragon, aka Lucifer during the Tribulation period. The magnitude of such cosmic events occurring on the Galactic Alignment leads one to theorize that perhaps such astronomical symbology and events could indeed constitute the advent or ‘birth’ of the AntiChrist very soon upon the world stage.

As the Last Generation before the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ is coming into focus, it can be ascertained that the likelihood of the coming ‘New Order’ will need a New ‘Man’ to lead it. The world will be seeking such an ‘AntiChrist’ to step in place of after the vacuum that will ensue. Many believe that the principle cause of such a vacuum will be the Rapture of the Christian Church. The AntiChrist will be seen as the One that will bring Humanity up from the ashes of the chaotic inferno of violence and despair that will probably occur as a direct result of the Rapture and world economic collapse that might be in tandem.

He will be looked at to lead the masses into a new ‘dawn of enlightenment’ as the Luciferians ‘gospel‘ promises. Thus, the AntiChrist to come will be seen as a ‘Light Bearer’, like the Statue of Liberty you might say. Nonetheless the speculation of the end of the Mayan Calendar being a possible AntiChrist cosmic event gives the opportunity to consider its timing of the Galactic Alignment and the cosmic symbology surrounding it as it involves the symbology of the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

The Bible does clearly state that an AntiChrist will be revealed at the End of Days, but only after the Rapture of the Church occurs as some interpret the Bible. As to a possible time gap between the Rapture and the identification of the AntiChrist, that will remain to be seen. Until that time these illustrations presented in this study will thus focus on 3 of the primary astronomical events that will deal with the symbology of the Galactic Alignment. The first 2 will be expounded upon.

-The Dragon (Ouroboros) birthing the AntiChrist - Milky Way as in NYC Statue of Liberty.
-The Venus Transit from Saturn’s perspective – possible depiction of Rapture of the Church.
-The Pentagram Planetary Alignment – inverted star with planet Mars at center prominence.

The rationale of linking the Biblical AntiChrist to come with the Galactic Alignment cosmic symbology only seeks to understand such a possible connection to each other. It is coming from the perspective that these astronomical occurrences are part of a ‘signal’ or ‘sign’ that has been pre-written in the stars and planetary alignments.

Although the Bible declares very clearly that the ‘Spirit of AntiChrist’ has already come and is already unleashed on Earth, it will be fulfilled literally in a ‘Man’ in the Last Generation of Humanity. There have been many men and women that have taken on the attributes of such a ‘Beast’. Throughout Human history, one can study the prophetic characteristics when applied to certain personages like Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, Xerxes, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, etc.

The end result of such men and women’s deeds have been nothing but pure evil, genocide, murder and destruction of the Human Race. Moreover it has been an aim of such Satanic inspired people to replace and dethrone the true Christ, Jesus of Nazareth and make war with all those Believers that follow the Lamb wherever He goes; thus the Spiritual Warfare that the Bible warns about is the current reality. Those past and present ‘type and shadows’ of the characteristics of what the AntiChrist will be like were only prophetic ‘signs’ pointing to the eventual One that is to come out of a tumultuous sea as in peoples at the ‘End of Days’ on Earth.

The Spirit of AntiChrist
Perhaps the world is now on the verge of such a ‘galactic’ and perhaps prophetic Biblical fulfillment that the coming years will see the Book of Revelation unraveled before their very eyes. Perhaps the timing of the Galactic Alignment on the Winter Solstice is when it is to start the process and perhaps countdown to such a revelation and/or birthing of the AntiChrist. The ‘Spirit of AntiChrist’ can be said to have had an immediate, concurrent, and futuristic fulfillments of the type of what the Antichrist will be like eventually. In the metaphorical language of the Book of Revelation, it describes a future time when a ‘Man’ will step-up onto the world stage at a time when the world as we know it will have experienced an economic, political, social, religious vacuum and calamity.

Some have suggested a global economic melt-down, others a nuclear war, others still, the Rapture or a combination of them all simultaneously. This ‘Man’ will be supernaturally empowered to sell and implement a false renaissance of ‘love, peace and brotherhood’, but at a cost. The cost will be one’s eternal soul and condemnation. His power of lawlessness that will energize the AntiChrist will imamates from Lucifer and will once again seek to destroy and overcome those Saints that will come to Christ Jesus during the Tribulation period after the Rapture. This scenario is based on a particular interpretation of the End of Days and a difference between Church Age persecution and the coming Wrath of the Lamb Tribulation. The Bible describes that is will be done specifically through the power and persuasion of the AntiChrist.

Why the LORD will allow the AntiChrist to wage war against the Saints and ‘wear them out’ at that time during the Tribulation period is a frightening mystery. On one hand, the Remnant of Israel will be sheltered for 1260 days in Petra, yet those refusing the Mark of the Beast will be decapitated on the spot. It maybe because the Holy Spirit is not in a collective presence as it is today throughout the entire Body of Christ while on Earth. The purpose and goal of the AntiChrist in the Last Days will be to set the world up for a false peace, a false Covenant with Israel, a false economy, and a false religion, etc. His eventual aim will be to lead all of Humanity into the ‘worship’ of Lucifer from the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Any that will refuse such a New World Order prescription of mandatory allegiance to the AntiChrist will be physically exterminated.

Moreover, according to the Bible, the Spirit of AntiChrist will have and use astronomical symbols and signs that also will accompany such a character; it is that profound the mysterious. The AntiChrist will have power to call ‘fire’ down from heaven and perform lying wonders and miracles, etc. Such signs will be possible because they have happened in the past according to the Biblical narrative. The Fall of Mankind has allowed Lucifer to use the very same cosmic symbols and alignments to twist and confuse the meaning for his own purpose and end. This study is not suggesting that the AntiChrist was manifested, ‘birthed’ or identified to the world on the Galactic Alignment; it is only a study in types and shadows. The emphases will be nonetheless on the literal fulfillment of the AntiChrist prophecy and not just a prophetic application of a metaphor over the past centuries during the Church Age.

Prophetic Cosmic Signs
It perhaps alluded to a false world church organization and governmental system led by the Papacy that will legitimize the coming of this Man-God. The Bible depicts that Jesus Christ was the GOD-Man, the LORD of Creation and has made all things, included prophetic ‘signs’ and wonders in the Heavens or Cosmos. He made the Sun, Moon, planets, and Stars etc. The Bible further declares that He set them up as a celestial clock and for ‘signs’ meaning appointments. The signs themselves are not the actual fulfillment of the prophetic event related to the atoning work of GOD the SON on the Cross, for one example. As an illustration, if one is driving to a city for example the road taken will likely have several signs with the ‘name’ of the city destination along the way. The signs with the name are not the event or city itself. The signs will also tend to occur more frequently as the city is approached.

The fulfillment of the journey is realized when one gets to the city limits and the real city emerges. What is experienced along the way is the passing of ‘time’. The signs only provide the conditions, markers, and/or estimated time of arrival (ETA).The same principle applies to Biblical Prophecy. What is key as it relates to the fulfillment of a prophetic event is the dimension of time involved. This ‘time’ factor has been understood by all ancient cultures to be in direct proportion to the astronomical procession of time that can measure when things are to occur, at least from the perspective of the cosmos. In other words, there is a big clock out there where certain times that can be calculated. Biblical Prophecy is all about such ‘timing’. Cosmic signs are such ‘markers’ and can speak of the conditions leading up to the fulfillment of the prophetic object and/or event, or in this case, the person of the AntiChrist for example, the Rapture and/or the 2nd Coming of Christ.

Such was the case in the advent of the LORD’s birth in Bethlehem too with the Star of Bethlehem and the Astronomers from the East that followed such a cosmic ‘sign’. Such cosmic markers are comets, eclipses, transits, and planetary alignment to name a few. The ‘Signs’ that the LORD has given Humanity through astronomical configurations and alignments throughout His Creation perhaps speaks of a ‘birthing’ of ‘The AntiChrist’ as it did for the real Christ over 2000 years ago. This study suggests that the Rapture could occur simultaneously at a certain appointed time marker. Perhaps such Galactic Alignments are such a time when certain astronomical alignments within Creation have been pointing to such a prophetic simultaneous event.

The illustrations thus given in this study are purely speculative; they are to be taken as ‘signposts’ and not the real event. Or maybe it is? For example, on the Galactic Alignment the same astronomical alignments could be referring to 2 distinct events yet using the same configuration. For example, from a top view of the Solar System for that day the cosmic configuration depicted a sinister inverted Satanic Pentagram wherein Mars, the God of War is within its center composition. The inverted Planetary Alignment converged or met at the Planet Neptune, which is at the heart of Aquarius. It is believed that as this Same picture also alludes to the Saints being translated to Glory as depicted by the Venus Transit as seen from Saturn against the backdrop of Pisces and Pegasus.

Dragon out from the Sea
In other words, as Saints go up, the ‘Dragons of Atlantis’ or the Fallen Angelic host will be coming down to Earth. Many in the occult will be ascribing such as the Ascended Master or ‘Aliens’ come to save Humanity. As speculated above, perhaps the time of the Galactic Alignment will be either that ‘time’ or a sign that the ‘time’ is near for a prophetic event of the coming convergence of Biblical prophecy to occur. It could involve the alien disclosure to explain away the Rapture. This is just how close the actual revealing and birthing of both the AntiChrist and the Bride are. Not only will the AntiChrist be revealed after the Rapture but those that were of the Bride of Christ will be revealed as well to the world, as they were among them.

If the conditions of the world will demand an AntiChrist figure, it will be because of an event like the Rapture that will create such a vacuum that the world will seek an ‘Anti’ or instead of Christ to resolve all of Humanity’s issues that will ensue. What has been alarming is that prophetic signs have been occurring over the past decade and they have been intensifying in particular over the last 2-3 years. It can be reasoned that like the city limits approaching example, the Event is about to occur. One astronomical occurrence was the alignment of the Galactic Center this this study suggests has to do with the imagery involving New York City Statue of Liberty. On the Galactic Alignment, the Sun had a low arch over the New York Statue of Liberty (Lucifer) horizon due its winter trajectory.

The Statue of Liberty in NYC on December 21, 2012 approximated the literal representation of what is transpiring in the cosmic realm. The Statue had 3 spectacular alignments, probably more corresponding to certain occultic time and numbers. During the Galactic Alignment, there were several ‘pictures’ or imagery of spectacular cosmic alignment that associated ‘Lady Liberty’ with occultic symbology. The Statue of Liberty has both a male and female association to it in the occult. It is a fusion of Apollo (Osiris) and Venus (Isis). The symbology involving the Statue of Liberty has to do with the Galactic Plane that is the demarcation of the Milky Way. The Milky Way from the side view appears to look like a ‘Serpent’ biting its Tail. This is referred to as the Ouroboros. The 1st symbology dealing with Lady Liberty and the Dragon coming up from the Sea occurred at 9:11am, the 2nd at 11:11:11am and then the 3rd at 2:33pm local time.

The Statue of Liberty’ torch was the focal point of the intersection between the Galactic Plane and were the Ecliptic met; this is the Galactic Alignment. The perspective is from the point on Liberty Island and behind the Statue itself. As noted, this cosmic intersection occurred around 9:11am when looking southeast toward the direction of the Pyramids of Giza and Jerusalem after sunrise. Of note also, it was at that precise time of 9:11am that the Planet Mars rose above the NYC ocean horizon. Later on, the setting of Mars takes place around 5:55pm local time. The number 555 in the occult is the sign for death and resurrection. Most are all too familiar with the association of 911 and NYC. To the unobserving eye, the morning dawning in NYC might have seemed like any other, but if you were to transpose the Zodiac, the planets, the Galactic Lines and Eclipse, the sky background would come alive with a ‘message’. The cosmic ‘birthing’ out a ‘man’ from its mouth

Statue of Libertas
This cosmic message is accented by the Statue’s Torch that very few places on Earth, if any could have been designed to have such a symbolism associated with it. Perhaps the intersection of the Galactic Line and the Ecliptic with the Apollo-Venus aka Lady Liberty signaled that the ‘time’ of the ‘Light Bearer’ or Lucifer has arrived as a type in the form of his AntiChrist. The Statue of Liberty has to do with the ‘Eye of Lucifer’ also. This ‘cosmic Eye’ is the left eye of the Cosmic Serpent Ouroboros. At precisely 11:11:11 local time in NYC, if one stood looking toward the south direction in back of the Statue of Liberty, one would have seen the Torch of Lady Liberty eclipsing the very ‘Eye’ of the Serpent. For a possible esoteric and occultic significance, a truncated All-Seeing Eye pyramid is transposed over the celestial region in the accompanying charts. It appears to match such a rendering of corresponding attributes of Lady Liberty with the All-Seeing Eye pyramid that is clearly the signature of the Luciferians.

The 11:11:11 time marker at which the Sun traversed the Dark Rift echoes and perhaps has a link to the trek of the 13 Crystal Skull across America by the Maya Elders. The Serpent Trek across the USA ended up in the City of Angels (Fallen) Los Angeles, CA on 11:11:11 or Nov 11, 2011. It is striking that this event was yet another depiction of a Serpent or Dragon the Fallen Angel, aka Lucifer, Satan, Apollo etc., ‘birthing out of its mouth a man, the AntiChrist to come. This ‘Fallen Angel’ will be the Torch Bearer of ‘Light;’ to the world in the New World Order to come that perhaps the Galactic Alignment cosmic sign was announcing. What is intriguing is that at 11:11:11 Universal Time corresponds to 6:11am NYC local time, a reversed 9-11. Moreover it is when at that precise time, Mars, the god of War rises in the Eastern horizon at 9:11am local time in NYC.

The Book of Revelation declares that this ‘Apollo’ will be rising out of the pit when an Angel that has the Key to the Abyss is released; it will be none other than that of the minions of AntiChrist. The Torch of ‘Light’ perhaps is symbolizing the ‘Spark’ that energizes the Beast or AntiChrist that the Dragon coming out of the ‘Sea’ or pit will support. The Eye of the Cosmic Serpent is where Ophiuchus, the 13th added constellation starts his ascent holding Serpens that ascends toward the ‘Crown’ or Corona. The Biblical rendition according to the works of EW Bullinger is that Ophiuchus is a picture of the true Christ wrestling with Satan, the Serpent-Dragon that is trying to usurp the ‘Crown’ or ‘birthright’ of Heaven.

To the occult and Luciferians, it the Serpens, the Dragon, aka Satan that is upholding the ‘man’, or AntiChrist. It is the Dragon that ‘births’ the AntiChrist out of the ‘Sea’ as if they return from the ancient ruins of Atlantis. The Statue of Liberty also has to do with the intersecting of the point at which the Galactic Plane or often also referred to as the Milky Way meets the Ecliptic Line. It was at this particular time when the Galactic Line was entirely vertical or perpendicular to the Earth’s horizon. If one stood looking toward the southwesterly direction in front of the Statue of Liberty at 2:33pm local time, a 322 Skull and Bones association, one would have seen the Sun as the Torch of Lady Liberty. The implied symbology of the Galactic Alignment in relation to the timing and positioning with respect to the Statue of Liberty is remarkable.

The Dragons of Atlantis
If one transposed the Milky Way or Cosmic Serpent onto the NYC skyline against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty at that very hour, one would have had a spectacular interpretation of ‘Apollo’ being birthed. The Dragon-Serpent was ’birthing’ the AntiChrist through the Serpent or Dragon's mouth that comes out of the sea or waters. The Bible depicts several ‘Beasts’ or Dragon-Serpents that come out of the ‘Sea. One very prominent Beast has 7 Heads and 10 Horn ridden by a Harlot in Purple. As noted, the Statute of Liberty is actually a fusion of the god Apollo (Osiris) and Diana (Isis). It is a trophy to Venus that it too has male and female attributes. In the female mythology, it would be Venus being birthed out of the Shell of the primordial waters. How fitting was to have the Statue of Liberty, be a euphemism for this ‘Harlot’ riding the Beast that is birthed by the Dragon coming out of the Sea.

Some interpret that the sequence of astronomical occurrences that occurred on the Galactic Alignment were a fulfillment of ancient omens. They allude to a time and place of Atlantis from which such ‘Dragons’ or Fallen Angels once had dominion over the Earth and have now released their demonic powers upon the Earth. This imagery associated with the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island echoes that of Atlantis Rising out of the sea as she looks out as a vigil over. She ponders the remains of their sunken continent and its former glory and ‘light’ of Lucifer given to Humanity by the Fallen Angels and their prodigy with hybrid demi-god giant Titans of old. It speaks of the resurgence of the Guardians of Atlantis or Fallen Angels of old that are said to come back again at the End of Days to reclaim dominion on Earth over Mankind to finish what they started in since Genesis 6.

They have had almost 6000 years to perfect their genetic engineering of the Human species. The Book of Revelation depicts that these serpents are a euphemism for Fallen Angels, ‘Stars’ cast down, Lucifer etc. This could be a picture or ‘sign’ that the former ‘dragons’ or serpents of Atlantis are to rise again. The Book of Revelation specifically states that the Dragon or Beast that comes out of the Sea will have 7 Heads etc. It will be ridden by a Harlot dressed in purple metaphorically speaking. The Statue of Liberty would be a very befitting euphemism of a woman having domain over them, as in a country, a church, or an organization perhaps. The point is that the Statue of Liberty was not just placed at a random location like New York City.

To depict such a sophisticated and calibrated timing is not a mere coincidence. It is just another example of how celestial patterns are mirrored on Earth as they are in the Heavens, both for good and for evil. Very few places on Earth had this imagery of a ‘Man’ being birthed from a Serpent’s mouth concur with a Galactic Alignment. The Milky Way Galaxy from a side view has from ancient times been depicted as a self-consuming Cosmic Serpent or Dragon. It is referred to as the Ouroboros in which the head meets its tail. During the Galactic Alignment not only was the Sun approximately at the Galactic Center and Equator of the Dark Rift or the ‘Mouth’ of the Cosmic Serpent but there was a Planetary Alignment as well. It specifically consisted of Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Pluto, and Mars, 5 planets.

The Cosmic Serpent - OUROBOROS
The Galactic Alignments and the near conjunction of the Sun specifically on the Winter Solstice occur at 11:11:11 UT and will not happen again in another ~26,000 years.

Ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and Mayan venerated a Serpent-Dragon birthing the ‘One’, the Cosmic Christ that will usher in the Ages of time. In the case of the Mayan eschatology, it was to have been the ‘time’ of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. It is believed that Quetzalcoatl or ‘Apollo’ would return during the beginning of this New Age to lead it. To the ancient civilizations like the Maya and Egyptians, the Milky Way or the Serpent-Dragon represents the passage of Osiris or Quetzalcoatl from Age to Age. He is said to enter the tail of a Great Serpent, where he is drawn through its body by the powers of the Dragon to come up and out through its mouth to be born ‘anew.’

This occurs at the Galactic ‘Cross’ which is considered to be the ‘Sacred Tree of Life’. This imagery echoes the Tree of Life from the accounts of the Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis. What is interesting about this cosmology is that it is believed that when this ‘crossing’ occurs, the ‘souls’ will emerge like in a birth canal from the ‘mouth’ of a Serpent (or worm hole). How this could possibly infer to the Resurrection and Rapture is that the ancient peoples believed that when this intersection of the ‘crossing’ occurred, the souls of the righteous on Earth would be ‘harvested. This tends to support a simultaneous event of the Rapture occurring and then the AntiChrist being revealed.

Universal Time (UT)
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the international time standard. It is the current term for what was commonly referred to as Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT). Zero (0) hours UTC is midnight in Greenwich England, which lies at the ‘0’ longitudinal Meridian. Universal time is based on a 24-hour clock. Afternoon hours such as 4 pm UTC are expressed as 16:00 UTC (sixteen hours, zero minutes).

Local Time Conversion
For December 21, 2012 – New York
11:11:00 UTC (GMT) 24-hour format:
= 06:11:00 (11-9 or 911) same time as Mars is rising over the NYC ocean horizon

Planet Risings
December 21, 2012 from New York City looking Eastward local time (approximate)
Moon Rise:  12:40am in the Constellation Pisces
Neptune Rise:  10:52am in the sign of Aquarius
Mars Rise:   6:11am (911) | Sets 5:55pm

Another astronomical event that occurred at the end of the long-count Mayan Calendar had to do with the Transit of Venus. The Transits of Venus that most are familiar with was the one that occurred on June 5-6th, 2012. That Transit of Venus was a Transit that occurred from the perspective and reference point of Earth. But there was another Transit of Venus, it will occur on the Galactic Alignment in 2012 but from Saturn’s perspective. The Planet Saturn has long been associated with Satan. This Transit occurred against the backdrop of the constellations of Pisces and Pegasus on that date. This rare occurrence of the Venus Transit was yet another ‘picture’ of the Rapture that is to precede the rising of the Dragon from Atlantis, i.e., Lucifer‘s AntiChrist.

The Venus Transit
This particular Transit of Venus was accented by being associated with the symbology of Pisces and Pegasus. As many believed that the June Transit was a ‘Picture of the Rapture’. Perhaps so too was this Venus Transit event, as seen from Saturn. It provided a depiction to a similar ‘picture of the Rapture’ and was a sort of ‘double witness’. The chances of having 2 Transits of Venus in the same year are astronomical. In terms of possible prophetic interpretations, Saturn is a type of the ‘Old Age’ coming to an end as in the Grim Reaper or Father Time signals an end of a ‘time’ or Age. Such an alignment with Saturn and Venus would be ‘signaling’ such an end of an Age. What Age? It is the Church Age. In many religious and non-religious circles, the year 2012 was considered to be a ‘Passage Year’.

It was the start of the transition of ages. What better imagery for the Body of Christian Believers to ‘Passage Out’ of this present evil age. Many are sensing that a monumental shift in Humanity, society, the Earth is about to occur in the years following. The Venus Transit could therefore also allude to the Church as a Pearl or a Woman that is bound as Pisces is (Old and New Testament Saints) to the Sea Monster Cletus, (Dragon-Satan). If so, then the Church or ‘Woman’ that has been bound like Pisces is about to take flight as in Pegasus to escape the Wrath that is to come upon the world. This ‘picture’ could be alluding to the ‘Fishes’ being loosed or transited awaiting Resurrection and Rapture at such an ‘end of the Age’. The Bible states that the Church Age will one day end. The last day will be the cause for the Resurrection and Rapture.

It could perhaps coincide with the symbology that the Galactic Alignment was depicting. Because of such a time, many cultures are anticipated the New Age to begin and the AntiChrist to arrive at any moment now. What is need is the ‘Event’. It has been said that the current years since the Galactic Alignment are to be the transitional years nonetheless, the Biblical depictions of the advent of the AntiChrist sequence scenario is understood to follow the Rapture. It is Christ’s promise in John 14 to return for His own before the Wrath is poured out on the Age and the Dragon of Atlantis as foretold in Revelation 4. Why? Because the LORD’s Wrath will be directed specifically at the AntiChrist and Lucifer‘s last Masonic empire. The Galactic Alignment was perhaps just another ‘picture’ of this possible sequence of the anticipated prophetic event that is yet to occur. The unveiling of who the Bride is as much of an anticipation of who the AntiChrist will be to many.

As for the Bride of Christ, it will be a veiling as it is still customary to veil the Bride in a Jewish wedding until the wedding night. This is the ’Event’ that in turn will lead to the unveiling of who also is to be the AntiChrist. Astonishingly, Lucifer will also be having a wedding of sorts. It will between the Serpent and Israel that was divorced of YHVH in Jeremiah. The AntiChrist is going to enter a similar ‘marriage’ union with Israel as the false Groom. If this Galactic Alignment in this generation is to be the start of this prophetic End of Days event, it will be a time when the Earth will enter into the last final year countdown of its history. The occult and Luciferians promise their ‘Golden Age’ to come but it will be one of mass murder and chaos to birth the AntiChrist through water and blood.

The Golden Age to Come
To reiterate, what was spectacular about the Galactic Alignment on the Winter Solstice is that the Sun has not been in such approximation to the Galactic Center for nearly 26,000 years, so this particular ‘time’ is very significant. The oldest accounts from ancient civilizations on Earth like the Maya have calculated this time precisely to a ‘time’ of an End and a Beginning of an Age of Gold. It was not literally the ‘end of the world’ as many dooms-day prophets suggested but perhaps it has been the beginning of it. Perhaps the Statue of Liberty was designed to symbolize this specific time when the Cosmic Dragon or Serpent would be coming from the “Sea’ to initiate a Man, i.e., Apollo. Many believe that the AntiChrist is currently alive and well but, in the Luciferian, dark shadows of world government awaiting his revealing.

He is to rise and rule the coming New Age very soon; some say in this generation. Many End Times Biblical researchers believe that if these particular astronomical events are signaling the advent of the AntiChrist to come, then perhaps the Rapture of the Church is on the verge of occurring much sooner. According to the Book of Revelation, the AntiChrist is coming to the Earth; upon a Christ-rejecting humanity. The Bible declares that the LORD will actually allow for the AntiChrist to have direct control and absolute power only for 42 months or 1260 days just before His 2nd Coming. Many Bible scholars believe this is to be the 2nd Half of a 7 year long Tribulation period often referred to as the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’ because it will have to do with the Holy Land, Israel, Jerusalem, and the 3rd rebuilt Jewish Temple.

The AntiChrist referred in the Bible as the ‘Beast’ will be infused and empowered by the Dragon, or Lucifer himself. It will be Lucifer that possesses the AntiChrist in physical form during the last years of this coming New World Order which will be the last actually according to the Bible. This will lead up to the Millennial Kingdom of Christ is to be established on Earth but not before the AntiChrist and the False Prophet are cast alive into the Lake of Fire; no Jury or Appeal Courts to be had. This study is only insinuating that such cosmic events and their timing are a sort of dress rehearsal and signs alerting the Church that the closure of the Church Age has commenced.

Nonetheless, the speculation of the end of the Mayan Calendar being a possible AntiChrist cosmic event gives the opportunity to consider its timing of the Galactic Alignment and the cosmic symbology surrounding it. The Bible does clearly state that an AntiChrist will be revealed in the End of Days, but only after the Rapture of the Church occurs. As to a possible time gap between the Rapture and the identification of the AntiChrist, that will remain to be seen. Until that time, such astronomical events that will deal with the symbology of the Alignment can only give us a ‘picture’ of what possibly is to occur and that all is lining up according to the prophetic schedule of Christ and the AntiChrist.

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