A Correlation of Year-To-Meaning Study 2022-2029

  • Is there a correlation between Strong's Numbers and Years?
  • Does a Year-to-Meaning study suggest the Year of the Rapture?
  • If so, what does the timeline 2022-2029 suggest is conveying?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Shall evil befall a city, and the LORD hath not done it? Surely the LORD GOD will do nothing, but he reveals His Secret unto His Servants the Prophets.’ -Amos 3:6-7

The purpose of this article is to present an overview of a study by William of the Worship and Watch YouTube Channel on the correlation the years 2020-2029 has to Strong’s Numbers in both Greek and Hebrew. A Member of the Revelation 12 Sign Daily Blog brought this to one’s attention to comment on it. This sort of comparison, is in line with how other Watchers and End Times Researchers have been given by Divine Discernment as to such correlations and ‘codes’. There was J.R. Church that wrote about how the Psalm Numbers correlate to the Western Calendar years. There have also been others like Chuck Missler that correlated the Names of the Genealogy leading up to Noah. And how that essential outlines YHVH’s Plan of Redemption.

This type of correlation has also been done by Gary and Jeff at the www.Unsealed.org website in how in one of their Articles, a similar Prophetic Parallel that correlates Psalms 1–22 with Revelation 1–22 is given. In that study, a great and very insightful takeaway is that it is all centered on the ‘The Key of David’. And this also then alludes to the ‘Door’ that is to be opened for the Resurrection and Rapture event. This Author has also done similar Prophetic Parallels. There is the 22 chapters of Revelation that are correlated then to the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alefbet. It also appears to disclose the scenario that confirms a pre-Tribulation Rapture sequence. Another such code is a study entitled, The Year of the AntiChrist from Isaiah 14. It suggests how in 2022, the AntiChrist will initiate the Daily Sacrifices on the Temple Mount. The following will be a summary of the major points William study with commentary made regarding the Strong’s meaning for the years 2020-2029 in both the Greek and Hebrew.

After viewing and reviewing the video and presentation, the Prophetic Parallel seems solid and one can agree to it as coming from the Holy Spirit as Inspiration, no doubt. One would concur that many Watchers are receiving amazing and incredible pieces of the Prophetic Puzzle like in no other time before. One is of the opinion, having studied possible End Times scenarios, that the events to soon take place and decoded even by these Strong’s Numbers translated from the Greek and Hebrew. One is predisposed though to the Year-to-Meaning correlation being subject to the 7-year Sabbatical Year Cycles and a Summer Wheat Order of Resurrection, Feast and Fruit type. A possible Tribulation Period timeline from Fall 2022 to Fall of 2029 will be presented that incorporates this fresh perspective of the Year-to-Meaning correlation. If such revelation and inspiration is indeed correct, then truly the Great Departure is to be in 2021.

Concealed Correlations

In the study, William is convinced that the year 2021 is the Year of the Rapture. He discerns that the Greek meaning of the years are more so, pertaining to the Church Body, of those ‘Called Out Ones’ and even of what transpires in Heaven during the Tribulation Period. Then the Hebrew meaning of the years pertain to the dealing of what is happening on the Earth and to the Jews specifically during the Tribulation Period.

The general theme is one of ‘judgment’ that is coming. He believes that he was led by the Holy Spirit to go to the Strong’s Number to correlate the years from 2020 to 2029 in both the Greek and the Hebrew meaning. To confirm this possible Year-to-Meaning correlation, he also went to 2014 and 2017 so see if there was a significant meaning also attributed to them. Thus, based on this Strong’s Correlation theory, William goes through each year and how it appears to ‘line-up’ with Scripture. It is very significant.

STRONG’S     GREEK                                   EVENT                                    HEBREW

2014                To shine upon                         Tetrad Blood Moon                 -

2017                Arise from Sleep                     Revelation 12 Sign                 -

2020                To dawn, to start                     COVID Plandemic                  Deliverance

2021         I take in hand           Rapture                     Chariots

2022                To pour upon (As in Wrath)   
Tribulation                               Mountains

2023                Supply and Provision            
Tribulation                               2 Mountains

2024                Supply, Provision, Support    
Tribulation                               Hara

2025                To anoint                                
Tribulation                               Altar

2026                Built upon Foundation           
Tribulation                               Slaughter

2027                To come onshore                   
Tribulation                               Slaughter

2028                To put a Name upon              

2029                To look upon, Behold              Return of Jesus                      Conceive

The timeline correlated then to 2022-2029 specifically as the Tribulation Period. It would also confirm one’s studies and supposition based on the Sabbatical Year Cycles and Summer Wheat Harvest to synchronize as such. For background, what is the Strong’s? By definition, it is the Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, generally known as Strong's Concordance. It is a Bible Concordance that indexes every word in the King James Version, constructed by James Strong. Strong published his Concordance in 1890, while a Professor of Exegetical Theology at Drew Theological Seminary. It is believed by many Bible Scholars that the Strong’s, although not inspired directly by the Holy Spirit nor officially recognized as being such, nevertheless provides at times some amazing correlations like what the study made by William using 2020-2029 mean.

Other Bible End Times Students have used the Strong’s to attempt in deciphering the meaning of years before, such as 5777 in the Hebrew Rabbinical Calendar, meaning ‘Year of Grace’, for example. Others had come out with how in 2018, the Psalms from 118 to 115 appeared to correlate to the years 2018-2025, etc. The actual Psalms that were sung as the Pilgrims started their ascent up to the Temple Mount from the Pool of Siloam were Psalms 120-134. This, by the way is proof that the Temples were erected at the top of the Mount Temple Complex and was not a ‘Roman Fort’. Pilgrims first had to purify themselves before entering the Temple Precinct and the thousands that came required more than just small wash basins.

Parallel Prophecy

The Temples were never below in the City of David, or else the Pilgrims would have been singing the ‘Psalms of Descent’. In the study presented by William, he first starts by referencing a starting point, 2014 of how Christ Jesus put the World, Israel, the Body of Christ and especially the Biblical End Times Watchers on alert. It was with Signs in the Heavens. This started in the year with the Tetrad of 4 the consecutive Blood Moons, spanning 2014 to 2015. They were unique in that they occurred on the Feast Days of Passover and Sukkot. William notes that the year 2014 in the Strong’s means in the Greek, ‘To Show Forth’. To Appear as in a Light in the Heavens or from the Heavens. To Shine Upon as in Signs in the Heavens’. And ‘To be clearly known’.

This is amazing to start off the correlation sequence that does appear to lead-up to the Tribulation Period. And that in fact, in Biblical Prophetic Terms, the main event for that year was the Tetrad of the 4 Blood Moons. Note though that the year 2014 was the 7th year in the Sabbatical 7-Year Cycle. That made the year 2015 then the 1st year of the subsequent 7-year Shemitah Cycle to end in the Fall of 2022. William then jumped to the year 2017, that in the Greek the Strong’s correlation means, ‘To Shine Up. To Give Light To. To Arise from Sleep’, etc. He then goes further to explain that this pertained to the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred in 2017. He quoted the following, ‘Christ will pour upon thee the Light of Divine Truth, as the Sun gives Light to Men aroused from sleep’.

He rightly assesses that it was the Revelation 12 Sign, that ‘Woke Everyone Up.’ This is also amazing in that he too attributes the meaning to the ‘Awakening’ of the World in general. But of an Awakening out of slumber specifically of the End Times Watchers and the Body of Christ. Concerning the Revelation 12 Sign that happened on September 23, 2017, many believed that the Rapture Event was to have taken place there and then. The Greek word for taking-up the Man-Child is Harpazo or Rapture. It is the precise word used in the teaching of the Rapture by the Apostle Paul, etc. However, it was only a Sign, an Astronomical one but that as Signs go, point to a future fulfillment.

The literal and accomplishing event will mark the midpoint of the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle that will be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. This correlation will deal with an ‘Altar’ that amazingly comes-up in the Hebrew meaning for the Year 2025-2026. This timeframe will be the Midpoint at which point the Daily Sacrifices are stopped by the False Messiah, the Biblical AntiChrist. William then jumps to the year 2020 and how in the Greek the Strong’s correlation means, ‘I Dawn’. Near Commencing. Or to dawn or something that is near and about to start or grow upon, or is about to happen, etc.

William interpreted this to mean that the Church was put on notice of perhaps a 1-year countdown to the Rapture event in 2021. Thus, in his assessment, the year 2020 was about something that is ‘near and about to happen’. What? The Rapture. It is at this point in the study that William then incorporates the Hebrew correlations. The year 2020 in the Hebrew means ‘Deliverance’. He then references Luke 13 about the Unfruitful Fig Tree. The ‘Probation Period’ was of a 3-year one but with an addition 1-year of grace. He thus asserts that if the Revelation 12 Sign back in 2017 was the wake-up call and starting of this Unfaithful Fig Tree Parable, then it would correlate to the year 2021.

The Rapture Year? 2021

William believes the Deliverance meaning in the Hebrew was or is being extended to the World but specifically to Israel. In a why, it can be both as Israel, even though will go through the terrible Fire of the Tribulation Period where 3/4 will parish, will be the cause of their deliverance. Aside from the speculation and conjecture of many End Time Students attempting to discern the timing of the Rapture and year even, all could and/or would agree on 1 point. This 1 point is that the next ‘Event’ on the ‘Prophetic Clock’ of Jesus Christ is the Rapture. It is the Great Departure, the Great Escape, the Open Door, etc. It is likened to a Military term of a ‘Retreat’, of a ‘Falling Back’. Why?

                                 THE LAST SHEMITAH
                                                                             Daniel’s 70th Week of Years
Shine Upon  Arise from Sleep To Start    
Take in hand    To pour upon      To Supply       To Provide      To Anoint         Built Upon      Come onshore      Put Name         Look Upon
HEBREW:                            Deliverance     
 Chariots          Mountains       2 Mountains        Hara               Altar             Slaughter          Slaughter          Slaughter            Conceive
  Tetrad       Revelation 12      COVID          
Rapture          Tribulation       Tribulation       Tribulation      Tribulation       Tribulation          Tribulation         Tribulation      Return of Jesus
2014        2017       2020        2021         2022         2023        2024        2025         2026          2027          2028           2029
                                                                         Oct 18                                                                                          Apr 1                                                                         Sep 11                                   
                                                                                                   Shemini Atzerets                                                                             Passover                                                                  Yom Teruah

It is like in battle, either once a Nation is to declare war, the Ambassadors are recalled and the Embassies are closed. Or when the Military Campaign is done, the Trumpet is sounded to assemble and retreat as in to ‘Falling Back’, etc. This is precisely what will happen at the Resurrection and Rapture event. Thus, according to the correlation study of the Strong’s Year-to-Meaning, the year 2021 was just that. The study correlates then the year 2021 to be the Year of the Rapture according to this Year-to-Meaning correlation study. How? The year 2021’s meaning in the Greek for the Strong’s is, ‘I Take in Hand’. William stated, ‘Jesus is going to take us in His hand, Thank you Jesus’.

This is also amazing and what is to happen then at the Rapture nexus. The literal meaning of the word Harpazo in the Greek means, to take by the hand, forcefully and yank or remove as if one is snatching a child from an oncoming vehicle. In the Hebrew, the year 2021 means ‘Chariots’ as in Weapons of War. This alludes to 2 Kings 2:11 and the Fiery Chariot with Horses that was sent to ‘Rapture’ Elijah to Heaven. William then summarizes by saying the following. For GOD’s People in 2021, GOD is going to take them by the hand. For the World, they will see Chariots’. Prophetically, it is Israel that is not going-up but staying behind for the Tribulation Period as the Elisha type then.

Then he goes on to mention that the Rapture event will cause much destruction on the Earth as never seen before. Then continuing, the year 2022 in the Greek means, ‘To pour upon’. At this point, William attributes this ‘Pouring’ being given to ‘those not taking the Mark of the Beast’. But note that this event does not take place until the start of the midpoint of the Tribulation. What could be better attributed to the ‘pouring-out’ of the Seal Judgments upon the World. The year 2022 in the Hebrew means ‘Mountains’ or ‘Hills’. He asks, what does it have to do with anything? He then does state that the following interpretations are his own and what he sincerely believes they might mean.

Divine Discernment

He then refers to Revelation 6 in the portion where the Mountains all flee in metaphorical terms. But it will no doubt have some cataclysmic effect on the globe. Continuing in the correlation, the year 2023 in the Greek means, ‘To Supply’ and ‘Make Provisions’. It will be that now once in the Tribulation Period, it will Christ that will supply for His People. This is where he references the 140,000, for example and all those others called the ‘Tribulation Saints’ with all their needs. In the Hebrew, the year 2023 is where it gets very interesting according to the study. It means, ‘2 Mountains in Palestine’. There is 1 Mountain that he emphasizes, that which is only mentioned once in Numbers 20:23 that deals with Judgment. The passage deals with the death of Aaron and a ‘stripping’ due to disobedience. This is true and exemplary of National Israel.

William at this point makes some interesting points of how likewise during the Tribulation Period, there will be a transference. He sees how many Jews will be given the ‘Mantle’ of Prophecy and the Word to carry on during this time as National Israel had rebelled and reject the Word, Jesus. It is also how during the Tribulation Period, the Dispensation of the Age of Grace, the Church Age came to an end, and the Time of the Mosaic Law will govern the world, as with the Noahide Laws, etc. It is for sure that the Remnant will be saved and provided for as stipulated in Revelation 12 with the Woman fleeing to the Wilderness. Continuing to 2024, in the Greek it means also, ‘To Supply’. ‘To Provide Equipment and Support’. It is as to bestow Lavash Resources for a grand production event. But it is of a provision and of the supply of the Spirit.

And in this context, again it is speaking to GOD’s People during the Tribulation Period. In the Hebrew, the year 2024 is another Name of a place from 1 Chronicles 5:26. It is about the Assyrian Captivity of the 10 Northern Tribes called the Kingdom of Israel. It thus suggests again a theme of a ‘Captivity’ and of a Judgment coming down upon Israel during the Tribulation Period. It is as a prelude to the midpoint that will climax with the AntiChrist’s act of the Abomination of Desolation concerning the Altar and the Daily Sacrifices. Then for the year 2025 in the Greek it means, ‘To Anoint’. At this point, William asserts that there could be a double meaning or application to both those People of GOD being affected or Anointed on Earth during the Tribulation Period but also those that are ‘Anointed’ in Glory during parallel timeline.

He references Revelation 5:10 of all those that are going to be co-ruling with Christ Jesus. In the Hebrew, the year 2025 is one in which the correlations start to get amazingly specific. It is 1 word, ‘Altar’. William rightly assesses this to be the start of the midpoint of the Tribulation Period sequence, 2025-26. And that the center piece of the event will be the Altar on which the Daily Sacrifice are stopped. It will be like the Greek King, Antiochus IV Epiphanes that the AntiChrist will sacrifice something else on the Altar or set up the Giant ‘Golden’ Idol on the ‘Wing of the Temple. This is what will defile the Temple and at which time the Remnant of Israel will see the treachery of their false Messiah that will indeed be an Imposter and Usurper. It will also be at this time where the Mark of the Beast will be Mandatory. And those refusing it will suffer Capital Punishment. It also can speak to the Altar in Heaven, where the Souls of those martyred during the Tribulation are crying out for Justice but are told to wait a bit longer.

Turbulent Timeline

Based on one’s speculated timeline, from Fall 2022 to Fall of 2029, it would correspond to this Year-To-Meaning Strong’s study of years. It would make April 1, 2026 the exact midpoint. Then for the year 2026, the meaning in Greek is, ‘To Build Upon a Foundation.’ It is specifically inferring to a Temple or structure that is to be built upon of which the foundation has already been laid. To this William references Revelation 14 about the 144,000 that are then seen in Heaven coming-out of the Tribulation Period. The point he makes is a good one in that, as the Bride of Christ is the Temple and is completed, all those that come after are just being ‘built upon it’ as to expand it or make addendums, etc. In the Hebrew, there are the years 2026-2027-2028, which have the same consecutive meaning. It suggests the actual count of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

This will be the 2nd half of the 42-month intense Great Tribulation time of when Lucifer and his minions of Fallen Angels and Demons are given total power, without any restraint on Earth. The years 2026, 2027 and 2028 all mean, ‘Slaughter’ as in ‘To Kill’ or ‘To Slay’. This time frame is now during the whole Wrath of GOD section as rightly assessed. This is exactly what will be occurring on Planet Earth at this time. It will be horrific as billions will parish by War, Famine, Pestilence, Natural Catastrophes , and Death. Continuing in the correlations, the year 2027 in the Greek means, ‘To Force Forward’. ‘To Run Aground’ as in to come ashore. He then references Revelation 15:2 about how those ‘Standing on the Glassy Sea’ were redeemed out of the Tribulation that have come ‘ashore’, as they were delivered out of the hands of the Beast, etc.

Then within this Great Tribulation timeframe, the year 2028 in the Greek means, ‘Am Named’. ‘To Impose a Name Upon’ or ‘To put a Name upon’. William suggests that this event will take place before the Bride of Christ returns riding alongside Jesus back to Planet Earth. He references Revelation 2:17 in having this event pertain to the Church. It is pertaining to the Promise to the Overcomers in that those will receive the ‘Hidden Manna’ and a Stone on which a New Name will be written on it. In concluding, William thus suggests that all these Years-to-Meaning correlations appear to ‘line-up perfectly’ with the Bible. He does address a possible skepticism of how the years 2026-2028 are successive in their meaning and may not be significant. However, he points out rightly that they occur after the Altar midpoint, which matches the narrative of Revelation.

And that by the year 2029, the meaning changes to ‘Conceive’ as in new beginnings. And this is what will happen when Jesus returns to set up the Millennial Kingdom. The year 2029 in the Greek means, ‘To Behold’ as in To Look Upon’. Here again, this amazing correlation appears to match what the Bible spells-out is the sequence or order of events. William then proceeds to share several verses pertaining to this event, the Return of Jesus. The 1st verse shared is Revelation 1:7 where it states that, ‘Behold, He is coming in the Clouds and every Eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him. And every Tribe on Earth will mourn because of Him’. This is of course cited from Zechariah 12:10 where it further states that YHVH will pour out a Spirit of Grace and Prayer upon the Earth at that time, etc. William finishes the study by asking all those watching the video to share it as it gives great edification and encouragement to the Body of Christ.

The issue is Eternal Life. He then mentioned the portion of the ‘Deliverance’ meaning of the year 2020. It was when the COVID-19 Virus was released and the plandemic was the cause of having any and all ‘distractions’ that People were entangled with, delivered from. During the worldwide Lockdowns, all were in their homes. There were no Sports, Theatres, going to Movies, Restaurants, etc. GOD gave the world that 1 year to really think of where one will put their trust and about Death, etc.

This is especially true if indeed the Rapture Year is 2021 after all. He reiterates that such a Year-to-Meaning correlation based on the Strong’s Numbers cannot be mere coincidence. And that it is proof and evidence that the Bible and Jesus is true. And if so, that what is about to happen is something worth ‘escaping’ and warn others about, within and without the Church. He admonishes all who hear the study and see this amazing correlation to not go through the coming slaughter and the killing but to receive Jesus as Savior and LORD as there is a sense of urgency.

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