The Transformation of Prophetic Ages

  • Are there Astronomical Time-Markers signaling changes in Ages?
  • Is there a Pre-Determined Epochs when 'Times' Start/End?
  • How long are such supposed 'Ages' and when is the next One?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how Earth Ley-Lines and Sacred Geometry of the Giza Pyramids encompasses the Patterns of the Stars to tell ‘Prophetic Time’. In some cases, there are some oversights, as to what the Pyramids were built for and what they could possibly mean. One is convinced that they are not made to be ‘Tombs’ but ‘Time-Markers’. The Prophetic Supposition is based on the Divine Decree by YHVH, as the Sun, Moon and the Stars were to be for ‘Signs and Seasons’. Such the case would be in keeping ‘Time’. The Builders of the Pyramids at Giza were astute to this Wisdom and Revelation, so they encoded the ‘Calendar’, as it were in the literal Dimensions and Measurements of the Pyramids.

The Theory of the Giza Pyramid Clock is one of the many Mysteries of Hidden Knowledge that the Pyramids have. The Pyramid Clock Theory and Literary Work was 1st Published by a Dutch Scientist named, Dr. Johan Oldenkamp. Some Mathematical Calculations will also be presented to show just how precise and amazing the Math is concerning the Design of the 3 Pyramids of Giza and the Year that this ‘Clock’ is pointing to, Leo. It will be suggested, as others researching this Phenomenon have stated, that the Feet and/or Inches of the Pyramids, perhaps do correlate to ‘Years’ of Time when Pyramid Angles and Measurements are extrapolated as ‘Time’. Thus, they can be measured and it has an ‘End’ as a ‘Beginning’, and it started or ended with Leo.

Given this possible Number-to-Year Association of the 3 Pyramid Alignment, thus it could be deduced that certain Dates or Numbers do reoccur; primarily, 2012 and 2016 and then 2022, based on a recurring Sequence of 7 Years, etc. Oldenkamp calculated that based on the positioning of the Sphinx-to-Constellation Association, the Last Time there was a Synchronizing of the 2, was approximately 10,500 Years Ago. The Question then needs to be asked, why were the Pyramids and Sphinx built then? This would mean that the 6000-Year Biblical Chronology of Genesis is either off or it involves an Age in which Humans did not yet exist, perhaps.

The ‘Giza Pyramid Clock’ is thus theorized to be conveying that a ‘New Time’ or ‘Age’ to begin is due, based on Olden Kamp’s Calculations. According to his Calculations, this Transition into the Age of Aquarius started in 2012. Perhaps the Designers of the Giza Pyramids encoded these Age Dates, because they are or will be extremely Significant. As to the Significance of these Numbers or Years? Some speculate that it is when the Age of Aquarius is to commence or to others, it will be the Dawn of the Luciferian New World Order. Yet to others, it is the return of Jesus Christ. The Bible does state that an ‘Age’ is coming called the Millennial Kingdom.

Pyramid Time Clock
This will be though, when Jesus Christ physically is foretold to return as He promised to His Followers. Many are anticipating the New World or Age Leader will begin to take charge. Others speculate that the AntiChrist will come out of a Financial Collapse of the World Economies, and Political Chaos, etc. It will remain to be seen. These notable Events would be tied to the Astrological Occurrence and what would be happening in relation to Israel and the coming New World Order. According to Oldenkamp, there is a Sequential 7 Year Pattern that is tied to the Procession of the ‘Clock’, the Leo Clock.

This would corroborate how some would say that the Creation Calendar is based on a Set Sequence of the Number 7. How this is tied to the Pyramids of Giza and the Time Clock is based on the Mathematics of the Great Pyramid, in particular and the Layout that is set to the Stars of Orion’s ‘Belt’, Astronomically. In essence, the Constellation of Orion takes on that of the ‘Chronicler’, of Kronos, the Time Keeper. The Giza Time Clock is thus set to the Coefficient based on 7 Days in a Week of Creation and 7 Years to a Sabbatical Cycle, etc. The following is a suggested countdown.

2001 + 7 = 2008
2008 + 7 = 2015
2015 + 7 = 2022
2022 + 7 = 2029 (Mid-Point of Tribulation Period?)

It has been well researched, that the Giza Pyramid Complex holds numerous and wonderful Mysteries that have been solved and some yet to be solved. One particular Phenomenon is the ‘Giza Clock’ Concept that is said to coincide with the Day when the changes of ‘Ages’ occur. Some attribute such changes in the ‘Ages’ as pertaining to the ‘House’ or Astrological Sign the Sun is at that given Time. The Giza Clock is also based on certain Stars and the Alignment of Planets in certain cases. Given the Planetary Alignments, it would be Saturn, as ‘Kronos’ that would mark the End of the ‘Old Time’ to be replaced by commencing of a New One.

Thus, tracking the Movement of Saturn, in relation to the Great Pyramid could be the Key in determining a more precise Year Perhaps. The Giza Clock basically stipulates, that within the Framework of the Design of the Giza Pyramid Complex, a Mathematical Code was factored in the Design that ‘Clocks’ the Procession of the Equinoxes. Among other Spectacular Sacred Knowledge, the Pyramids are aligned to the Ancient 4 Cardinal Stars. The Stars are Antares, Regulus, Aldebaran, and Fomalhaut. These correspond to the Zodiac of the Eagle, Lion, Bull, Man that are depicted in the Bible as the 4 Living Creatures and the Symbols of the standards for Israel’s 12 Ancient Tribes.

The Meaning can also be applied to the 4 Gospels found in the Bible that attribute the Dispositions of Jesus’ Ministry on Earth. They are the Aspects of Jesus being a Servant, Prophet, Priest and God-King, etc. Thus, this is why the Giza Clock is considered, as many assert, to hold the Key to when certain ‘Prophetic’ Dates occur and are pegged to the Sun, Moon and the Stars, in direct relationship to the Pyramids at Giza and Leo. Such events pertained in the past to the Flood of Noah, the Birth of Christ. How so?

Altars of YHVH

This study suggests that the Temples, being constructed in Jerusalem and the return of Jesus Christ, for example could also be the case, based on the Pyramid Layout. The Giza Clock in the illustration presented, mirrors the Coordinates from a Cosmic Perspective, not an Earth Perspective, thus it will be reversed. As suggested, the Sphinx’s Position marks the Delineation of the Beginning and End of ‘Time’. It follows the Divine Pattern of the Mazzaroth in how Virgo and Leo are the Beginning and the End of the 12 Signs in the Heavens, etc. The ability to know how to ‘Read’ ‘Pyramid Time’ is a Key in unlocking the ‘Secrets’ of the Universe.

Here is another Profound and Amazing Mathematical Correlation, as the Pyramids of Giza have a Direct Relationship to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount is where the House of YHVH stood and will according to how some interpret End Times Prophecy. The Math is ‘Scramming’, as it were, the Year 2016 or 5776. If one takes the same Degree of Angle that corresponds with the Giza Pyramids, to the Orion Belt Stars and then one factors that Angle to the Edges of the Giza pyramid Complex, one will come-up with a very Peculiar Mathematical Result that corroborate the 7-Year Cycles.

If this Notion is projected onto the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, as a Focal Point, then the Feet and Inches can possibly compute the following Years. Thus, this study suggests that perhaps the Mathematics conveyed by the Giza Pyramid Alignments have to do when the ‘Osiris’ is to ‘Resurrect’ or come On-the-Scene, as it were, in 1 Aspect. Or as mentioned, when a ‘Resurrection’ is to occur, as in the Resurrection and Rapture of the Followers of the True Type of Orion and Keeper of ‘Time’, Jesus.

1. Pyramid: Khufu (the Great Pyramid)
Jewish Calendar: 480.750 (Feet)        
Gregorian Calendar: 5769 (Inches) = Year: 2009

2. Pyramid: Khafre

Focal Point: from Apex Center          
Jewish Calendar: 480.083 (Feet)

Gregorian Calendar: 5773 (Inches) = Year: 2012-13

3. Pyramid: Menkaure

Focal Point: from Northeast Corner:
Jewish Calendar: 481.400 (Feet)
Gregorian Calendar: 5776 (Inches) = Year: 2016 (5776)

If one then applies the 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle from 5776, the result will be 2022-29.

Thus, the Pyramid Clock could suggest when a ‘New Astrologically Order’ id to begin, a New ‘Time’ perhaps, of where 1 prior Time left-off to begin anew. And it could be pegged to a certain ‘House’ or Sign of the Zodiac and their Corresponding Gate Guardians like Orion, Ophiuchus or Leo. Why? One is of the Interpretation that these ‘Ages’ changed when Astronomically, the Gates of Heaven are opened. It is understood that 1 is located in Orion, called the Silver Gate. The Golden Gate is in Ophiuchus and is on the opposite side of the Universe on the Ecliptic. Their Triangulation is the Lion’s Gate.

Leo Time
Of interest, the Pyramids of Giza along with the Sphinx, produces a ‘Cross’ Alignment as a Cosmic Motif of a ‘Key’ of sorts. One just points-out that the Sphinx or Leo is that ‘Key’ that Opens the Gate to the Changes in the Ages, Time, Cosmic Time, Astronomical Time, and Prophetic Time, perhaps. The Point is that, when certain Celestial Alignments occur, that is when the ‘Portals’ of Heaven are opened for such a Resurrection and Rapture to occur.

This is one’s Conjecture in applying this Sacred Pyramid ‘Giza Clock’ Theory to the Rapture and End of the Church Age, etc. One thing is for sure, the Time for the Church Age to End is fast coming to a Close, perhaps based on this Prophetic Pattern of a prophetic 7-Year Countdown since 5776. Nonetheless, the Mystery of the Great Pyramid in Egypt boggles the Mind. It is full of countless Mathematical Precision Calculations.

Many Researchers over the Centuries have studied the Giza Pyramid Complex and do concur that certain Dates and Times are Encoded into the very Granite Blocks of the structure Layout, Angles and Configurations. Mathematically what is recurring, according to many Researchers is the concept that such Structures were Chambers of ‘Resurrection’. In the same Light of Mythos according to the Ancients, it involves the Return of Orion, of Osiris, the actual ‘Time-Keepers’ of the Universe.

Or perhaps it is signaling when the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ will occur? Although the Pyramids at Giza were not Tombs as no bodies were found, the Question remains, what were and are their Function? This study as others suggest, they were for Keeping Time, ‘Prophetic Time’. Following is just an example of the Complexity of the Mathematics that was infused into the Design of the Pyramids, approximately.

The Great Pyramid
Height: 481.33 Feet or 5776 Inches (5776 = 2015-2016) *Year of Light as in 1776
Radius: 481.33 Feet High
Diameter: Radius x 2 = 962 Feet (rounded-off)

Circumference: 962 Feet x Pi = 3024
Π x 962 (Diameter) = 3022 (Circumference)
3√3024 (Actual Circumference) = 1008 Numerical Factor

1008 + 1008 = 2016
2016 + 1008 = 3024 (Circumference)
3024 + 1008 = 4032 (4032 / 2 = 2016)
4032 + 1008 = 5040 (2520 + 2520)

*2520 is the Duration of the Prophet Daniel’s Last Week of Weeks - Daniel 9:25

1008 + 504 = 1512
1512 + 504 = 2016 (5776)

2016 + 504 = 2520

Tribulation Time?
What is rather interesting with respect to the ‘Year of Light’, that was 5776 or the Year 2015-16, that of Lucifer, was that if one applied the 7-Year Time Intervals, the next Numerical Sequence would equal to the Year 2022. But 5776 is also the Height of the Great Pyramid in Inches, and the Perimeter if the Inner Platform of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, etc. Further, the Number is also a Factor of 2520, which is how long the Tribulation Period is to last, per some Interpretations of Daniel’s Last Week of Weeks. Is the Pyramid telling, that perhaps the Year 2022 is tied to the Tribulation Period in some way then? If the Sabbath Cycle of 2022-29 is considered, then the Year 2029 would either have to be the Start of the Tribulation Period or its Mid-Point.

One is more convinced that the Year 2029 will be the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period. If that be the case, then if one Reverse Engineers the 3.5 Year 1st Half, then 2025 will be the commencing of the Prophetic Week of the 2520 Day Count, according to the Prophet Daniel. It will remain to be seen. Nonetheless, the Notion of the Giza Pyramid Clock stipulates that if one then constructs a Clock with 12 ‘Hours’ or Stations that correspond to the 12 Constellations, the Sphinx or ‘Leo’ is the Hour Hand in which the Universe or perhaps Heaven and the Events on Earth are Synchronized to.

Then, when one overlaps the 3 Great Pyramids and the Sphinx as the Center-Piece of the Clock, it appears that ‘Time’ is Centered around Leo, in that it is the Beginning and End of the Giza Clock. Notice that it is in the 3 PM Position, facing East. Jesus, the Lion-King Died exactly also at the 3 PM Position of Time of the Day. Coincidence? It is from that Time, that a Prophetic and Spiritual ‘Reset’ occurred for Humanity. One is convinced that the Giza Pyramid Complex is how Heaven and the Throne of YHVH are configured, according to some Glimpses and Interpretation found in the Bible.

One further would venture to suggest also, that Heaven is configured to the 3 Giza Pyramid Complex with the Lion’s Gate or the Sphinx Sentinel as the Guardian to Heaven’s Door or Entrance, etc. The 3 Giza Pyramids would correspond to the Trinity, of a Structure or Temple to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. One conjectures that Leo or the Sphinx is not only the ‘Key’ to open these Gates of Time but to Heaven. Leo at the Lion’s Gate is who ‘Guards’ these Transitions of Time or Openings and are Synchronized to. If one imposes the Jewish Calendar of the 12 Months, onto this Giza Pyramid Clock, the 12 Signs correspond to each of the Ensigns that the 12 Tribes of Israel had around the Tabernacle of Moses.

The Pyramids are also aligned to the Ancient 4 Cardinal Stars. These are depicted in the Bible as 4 Living Creatures that define the very Throne Room of the King of the Universe, YHVH. They are also the Symbols of the Standards for Israel, the 4 Gospels found in the Bible and the 4 Depositions of Jesus’ Mission on Earth, that is a Servant, Prophet, Priest and God-King. This will be the case again in the New Jerusalem with its 12 Gates made of a Single Pearl, etc. But it is in the Month of Tammuz, of Leo or a July, that one finds the Lion’s Gate and the Astronomical Beginning and End of a Year. In terms of the Mazzaroth though, Leo is the End and Virgo is the Beginning of the Sequence that the Sun travels through on the Ecliptic.

With this in mind, note that on the Fall Equinox, facing West over the Giza Pyramid Complex, both the Stars of Regulus in Leo and then the Star Spica of Virgo correspond, precisely to the Christ Angle 26° 18’ 19’’, when pegged to the Great Pyramid. And it is the same Angle that is noted as having its Ley-Line directly intersecting Bethlehem where the Lion King, Jesus was Born.

The Model presented in the Sphinx’s Position also transposed onto the Giza Clock as a reference to the calculated start of the Age of Leo in ~10,900 BC. This is not to say that this Epoch could have been before the Creation of Humanity or even before the ‘Earth became Formless and Void’ per Genesis. With this in mind, the Pyramid Clock suggests that very soon, a New Astrological Reset is to begin.

These have been some of the Observations, particular to the Phenomenon of the Giza Clock that is said to coincide with the End and Beginning of ‘Ages’, Synchronized to the Time Keeper of Leo, the Lion King, at the Lion’s Gate, etc. Although the Earth or ‘World’ will not End when such ‘Ages’ do Astronomically, it does seem to mark a ‘Changing’ of a ‘Time’. Perhaps it is or will be in reference to the coming Age or the New World Order? End of the Church Age?


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