Comet C/2022 E3 Conjunction with Star Tabit

  • What will Putin Say and Do regarding his Speech?
  • Is there a coming Military All-Out Offensive?
  • What does Comet C/2022 E3 have to do with this? 

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‘Can you Bind the Chords of the Pleiades or Loosen the Belt of Orion? Can you bring forth the Constellations in their Seasons or Lead-Out the Bear and her Cubs?' -Job 38:31-32

The purpose of this study is to consider the passing of the ‘Green Comet’, C/2022 E3 by the Orion Star, named Tabit on February 21, 2023. Why? The Trajectory of the Comet, one believes, is ‘telling’ a Story about what is to occur, as a Prophetic Sign. This Supposition is based on the Biblical Interpretation of the Mazzaroth that YHVH Ordained since Genesis. These ‘Signs’ or the 12 Houses were and are to be for Signs and for determining Seasons. Thus, they determine Mile Markers in Human History, as it pertains to the 7000-Year Allotments of the Present Age, one accepts is the case.

In fact, the ‘Storyline’ of the 12 Constellations, according to the Bible, are pointing to Jesus’ Work of Humanity’s Redemption. There is a Beginning, a Middle and an End to the ’Storyline’ of the Greatest Story ever Told, etc. As far as Prophetic Signs go, they mainly pertain to how Geo-Political Events affect the Nation of Israel, specifically. For example, it was noted by other Watchmen of the End Times, that on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2023, the Comet C/2022 E3 conjoined the Red Star of Aldebaran in the Sign of Taurus. And?

This Anniversary was specific to Israel in that Israel's 1st Knesset, 74 Years Ago, on 2/14/49. It was 9 Months after the ‘Re-Birth’ of Israel on May 14, 1948. It was also noted to be Tu B’Shevat, that year. Tu BiShvat is a Jewish Holiday occurring on the 15th Day of the Hebrew Month of Shevat. It is also called Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot, or literally the ‘New Year of the Trees’. And? This has huge Prophetic Implications regarding the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig, which one believes pertains to Israel and its coming Tribulation Period of 7 Years still left on its ‘Clock’.

This suggests that soon, past the 75th Year of Israel, is when the Judgment will perhaps begin. This is in light of Daniel’s Last Sabbath of Week to Conclude Israel’s Judgment that has been put on ‘Pause’. As to the Comet C/2022 E3’s passing the Red Eye of Taurus, Aldebaran on February 14, 2023, Valentine’s Day? A fellow Watchman, Bob shared on the Online Blog of Revelation 12 Daily, a Picture capturing this Conjunction. It is a Stunning Image posted on Spaceweather.com. 

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) near Aldebaran
Taken by Georg Klingersberger on February 14, 2023 @ Postalm Salzburg Austria

Endurance and Consistency

At the expense of sounding a bit ‘Crass’, you know what Color results when one mixes Green with Red, as in the Green Comet with the Red Aldebaran, Lucifer’s ‘Bull’s Eye? Brown. And that is what is basically going on with all this World War 3 Posturing, that the Luciferians are unleashing upon Humanity. ‘Crap’. So, what does this Comet Conjunction with the Orion Star have to do with World War 3? It is what Putin will say and do after February 21, 2023. The Sign is about a ‘Clobbering’, a Strike at Ukraine that most likely will result in a Red Line and Ultimatum to the U.S. and NATO, regarding the Ukraine.

In this case, one is Interpreting Putin to be the ‘Orion’ and Zelensky to be the Object of the ’Clobbering’, by Orion and being Pierced by the ‘Arrow of Orion’, etc. As Wars go, they are Senseless. But what is occurring in the Ukraine is a Textbook Reply of how it was for World War 1 and 2. It is a Tool and Means used by Satan's Luciferians that are given Control of such Power, to ‘Steal, Kill and Destroy’; just like their ‘Father’. Countless Millions have been Displaced. Civilians are being Targeted, etc.

What is different now as opposed to the prior World Wars is or will be the Scale of the Carnage. Billions of Dollars are going into the Pockets of the Globalist War Industry to Steal, Kill and Destroy. All the while, in the U.S., as an example, the Inner-Cities that are crumbling look like War Zones. In some instances, they are no better than 3rd World Countries one came to escape from. And if what the Comet C/2022 Trajectory is suggesting by its ‘Storyline’ Mile Marker, one is Interpreting, that this War is going to go to the Next Level after February 21, 2023. How so, and why?

As mentioned, this has to do with Putin’s Ultimatum to NATO. Thus, the Comet’s Conjunction with the Orion Star just happens to correspond to the very Important Speech by Putin on the same Day, February 21, 2023. And? February 21 is the 52nd Day of the Year in the Gregorian calendar; 313 Days remaining until the End of the Year. Days chosen for Invasions, Offenses, Campaign, Declarations are not Randomly Chosen, but based on ‘Signs’ and Suggested Importance from their ‘Soothsayers’.

Recall how Putin began the Ukraine Invasion on February 24, 2022. Putin’s Speech will be 1 Week or 7 Days just prior to the 1 Year Anniversary. And as it has been discussed, it was a ‘Bad Move’ or Omen for Putin, as it occurred during the Sign of the Bear, Ursula Major. And? Based on Astrological Interpretations, it was ‘Bad Luck’ for Invaders. As mentioned then, Putin should have ‘Fired’ his ‘Court Astrologer’. Perhaps this Time will be more Ominous, as it is being Depicted by the Green Comet, most Likely.

Putin is probably going to put NATO on Notice that if they are Directly involved, on the Ground in the Ukraine, Russia will Engage and bring this War to the Next Level. As it is, the West, the U.S., and NATO are in a De-Facto War against Russia. And it has been confirmed that it was the U.S. that Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipeline. That was an ‘Act of War’. What the Luciferians want is their Next World War. It is starting to look like World War 1. It has the same Trend of Escalation. And NATO cannot justify its Existence and Billion-Dollar/Euro Budget without a ‘Boogie Man’ to ‘War’ against.

From February 24, 2022 to February 21, 2023
= 368 Days
1 Year, 3 Days (13) = ‘Rebellion’
12 Months, 3 Days (123)
52 Weeks

Article: The Mirror: Putin’s Up-Coming Speech

Notice how the 52 Weeks corresponds to the 52nd Day of the Year. This is a Double Witness and Affirmation of whatever these Luciferians have Up-Their-Sleeve and coming at this World to ‘Birth’ their AntiChrist through ‘Pain and Blood’. Evidence? Each Year contains 52 Weekly Biblical Sabbaths. Then Nehemiah rebuilt the Walls of Jerusalem in 52 Days. The following are Prophetic Echoes of a ‘Son-Father’ Co-Rulership or the ‘2 Powers’ of Heaven, i.e., Jesus the Son and GOD the Father, etc. From BibleStudy.org. Azariah (Uzziah) was the Son of Amaziah, the 9 Ruler over the Kingdom of Judah. At the Age of 16, he began to Co-Rule Israel with his Father. After sharing Power for about 24 Years, Uzziah became sole Monarch over YHVH’s People in Judah when his Father Died. He ruled for a total of 52 Years.

It is when Uzziah Died that the Prophet Isaiah then was revealed the Vision of YHVH in Chapter 6. It speaks of the Days that Israel made a Covenant with the Enemy of YHVH’s People and plotted to install their False Messiah King instead of YHVH’s Chosen King. YHVH warns Israel of their Treachery and how their ‘Covenant’ Conspiracy would not stand. So, the ‘Sign’ is thus Pertinent, Prophetically, in one’s Assessment to the Green Comet’s ‘Storyline’. Sure, it could be mere ‘Coincidence’ that it happens that on the Day of Putin’s Speech, on February 21, 2023, the Comet will be right at the Bow that is about to ‘Release’ its Arrow.

Some Renditions of Orion have a Fleece of a Lion that is being ‘Clobbered’. Regardless, it is about a Depiction of a ‘Strike’, a ‘Blow’ and that is what one surmises Putin will do against Zelensky and the Ukraine. And it is coming. But not only to the Ukraine, but Europe, the U.S. The Luciferians are making sure of that. Their ‘War Effort’ and ‘Fronts’ are multifaceted. They are also waging ‘War’ on the ‘Battlefield USA’ with the Sabotage of Food Processing Plants and causing Chemical Toxins to be released to cause Contamination, Chaos, and Death, through Derailments, etc.

It will be an All-Out Offensive against Ukraine, and currently a ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ Psy-Op against the Human Race. Now, how will that result? Or in terms of Outcomes? That will remain to be seen. But as those that ‘Watch’ the Signs of the End Times or such Astronomical Sign and Mile Markers, they are getting more Ominous and Dire by the Day. With the Trajectory or what the Luciferians want and require to Transition to their Reset to be complete, it is always about causing and inflicting the Maximum Chaos to ensure their Luciferian Agenda comes to fruition.

Controlled Opposition
So, to Reiterate, precisely on the Day of Putin’s Speech, February 21, 2023, the Green Comet, C/2022 E3 passes near the Star Tabit of Orion’s Bow-Arrow. Tabit means, ‘The Endurer’ or the ‘Fixed One’ as in being ‘Consistent’, etc. This is according to Starsee-Origins.com. If one ‘knows’ Putin, this is a Man that has stayed the Course. No doubt about that. But this can also be said of Zelensky. He and the Ukrainian People have shown amazing Resilience and Endurance.

After all, both Men’s Names are a derivation of Vladmir. So, this Sign can be attributed to both. Nonetheless, what Orion denotes, is ‘The Wounded One’, and that is also befitting of what Putin’s Ego and Prestige has endured. But the Ukraine is about to be ‘Clobbered’, as ‘Orion’ or Putin ‘Strikes’ in his Endurance. And this is why one believes Putin’s Speech will deliver a ‘Red Line’ for the U.S. and NATO. Russia has been caused to be Cornered and Played into the Hands of the Luciferians to usher-in their next New World Order. It has to come-out of the Pain, Blood and Ashes of the current one.

To think that 2 supposed ‘Orthodox Christian’ Nations are Butchering each other is Music to the Luciferians. The Russians and Ukrainians are basically Brethren. They have a similar Language, Culture, Heritage, and Religion. What is not conveyed in the Synagogue of Satan Media, is that back in 2014, the War had begun. The Ukrainians freely Elected a Pro-Moscow President. It was NATO and the USA that helped stage a Rigged Election to install the former Comedian, Zelensky as President who was and is Pro-West, Pro-Europe, Pro-NATO, and Pro-Corporate Wall Street.

And what was Zelensky’s 1st Order of Business? Curtail the Unions and Jail Opposition Political Leaders and Parties. Then it was found-out that Fauci’s NIH had Bio-Labs doing Gain-of-Function Experimentation. And also, Biden’s Son, was on the Board of the Corporate Energy Conglomerates, only in Name, yet receiving $100,000’s. It was Former Vice President Biden who threatened U.S. Taxpayer Bail-Outs and Loans if the Ukrainian Top Prosecutor who wanted to expose this Corruption was not Fired.

It is the Biden Types that ‘Go-All-Out’ to use American Tax-Payer Money to, as they Shout from Congress, ‘We must Defend Ukraine’s Borders and send them Arms to Protect themselves. All the while, Biden and his Party of Leftist are doing all they can to Disarm America and intentionally Not Defend its Borders. The Hypocrisy of the Luciferian Left is beyond the Pale Horse. Anyone wanting to take your Arms, is the Enemy. One would go along with Banning Arm in America, if Biden’s Government Disarmed also, unilaterally. Of course, this will never happen. And 1 Day, Guns in America will be Banned entirely.

So much for ‘Western Democracy’. No, the USA, NATO, and Israel have been at War with the Ukrainian People since the Start. Putin says the Truth when he stated that the Ukraine is still under Nazi-Controlled Elements, etc. The Western Media does not relay that since the Collapse of the Former Soviet Union, the Deal was made, in that the Former Warsaw Pact Nations would see the Russians Leave. There would be no Russian Military Bases nor Troops stationed in those Nations, etc.

A War Still to Come

And that such Countries would be a Natural ‘Buffer’ to NATO. The Agreement, disputed by the U.S. State Department, stipulated that the Former Warsaw Pact Countries would never join NATO nor have any Nuclear Tactical Weapons stationed in their Territory. As of 2023, most former Key Warsaw Pact Countries have joined NATO and the USA has opened-up Military Bases in many of these Nations. Also, Cruise Missiles have been deployed to such Nations as Romania and Poland.

So, obviously, Russia has been forced to draw the Proverbial ‘Line in the Sand’. And that Line is being drawn literally with the Blood of their Men. How will the Present Circumstances in the Ukraine play-out into the Biblically Foretold Ezekiel 38-39 War of Gog and Magog? Russia will eventually prevail. But at a huge cost of Human Capital and Natural Resources. As Russia will be depleted of Men and Machines, it will look to those that Perpetuate the War and gained from it, from behind the Scenes, i.e., Israel.

As Israel stands to Gain from Russia’s Sabotage of its Economic Lifeline, its Nord Stream Pipelines, Israel is filling-in the Orders of Selling and Delivering Natural Gas to Europe instead. Russia, the Gog and Magog, one believes it will be Biblically, will thus be Forced or Enticed to go to Israel to Plunder it, as the Bible says for ‘Booty’. Of course, the Bible states that it will be YHVH that will cause the Prince of Gog, to be caught in the ‘Hook’, to be drawn down to the ‘Beautiful Land’.

The Russians will be forced to lead the Hordes of Muslim Invading Armies that will fall on the Mountains of Israel, i.e., Judea and Samaria. This will be the Outer-Ring War that will seek to Destroy Israel. This Event, is states in Ezekiel is to show the World and Israel that YHVH is the GOD of Nations and of Israel. And that it is YHVH that can only Save Israel, not its Fake Luciferian Puppet Master AntiChrist, etc. Thus, this Ukrainian War will not be World War 3, necessarily.

But it will be a Staging Point in how it will help usher-in Lucifer’s False Messiah, presented to Israel. That Geo-Political Catalyst will be the Psalm 83 War, in one’s Assessment, Biblically. One is in Agreement with other Students of the End Times, that this Psalm 83 War of the Inner-Ring Muslim Nations is what will cause the False Messiah, that National Israel will accept, on behalf of the Sanhedrin, will be the cause for the, ‘Covenant with the Many’, to be Strengthened. And thus the Start of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years to conclude Israel’s Judgment before Jesus returns. 

So, as far as Comets go, it is generally accepted that they are 'Omens' of Bad Things, ...of Change Coming to the 'Order' of things or Upheaval. Think of the Aztec Empire, at its Zenith, and how only ~300 Spaniards turned it Upside Down and Destroyed it. It so happened, that it is believed that Hayley's Comet was the one that appeared that very Year, just before the Spanish came.  And the Aztec Emperor, being a Witch-Doctor was in Communion with the Spirit-Demons. He was given Dreams of how the 'Spirits' told him that their Empire was 'Doomed' and that they would be Enslaved. The Comet was the Sign.

This 'Change in their World Order', was also based on their long-held Prophecy that the Feathered Serpent would bring this 'Doom'. He and his 'Disciples', would come from the East, White, Blond and Blue-Eyed, as that is the Aztecs Supreme 'God'. Why would their ‘God’ come back to bring Doom and their Destruction upon a Rejecting Race? It was because the Aztecs People had Murdered him...actually Crucified him.

But he came back to life, 3 Days after his Death. He then went away but promised to return to enact 'Revenge'... So, that is the Real 'Montezuma's Revenge' Story. But as the War intensifies in the East, with the Ukraine, so too in the USA as mentioned, and many Pundits are Exclaiming and Sounding the Alarm. For example, here is the Health Ranger's Take on that Toxic Chemical Derailment in Ohio....No 'Accident'. He makes some Interesting Points.

Dioxin bomb released from Ohio train wreck ignition will poison food supply for a century
Mike Adams 

The highly toxic dioxins released from the deliberate ignition of the Ohio train wreck will persist for a century or more, contaminating soils, water and the food supply from an entire region.

These dioxins, which include 2,3,7,8 TCDD, are so toxic that your lifetime maximum exposure is measured in less than trillionths of a gram. Cancer rates are going to skyrocket and persist for at least two generations, maybe three.

This is the biggest chemical weapons attack on U.S. soil in the history of the nation. See our story coverage below, all about dioxins. And hear my emergency podcast on the subject, where I connect the dots and reveal this may be foreign sabotage designed to cause maximum chaos across America before World War III kicks off.

Hear my podcast (and a bombshell interview with Sasha Latypova) at:



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