Point of No Return and Redefinitions

  • What is the Judicial Reform Debate in Israel all about?
  • Why is there such a Passionate Division over this Issue?
  • Has Israel reached a 'Point of No Return', Prophetically?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And others Tested Him by demanding a Sign from Heaven. Knowing their Thoughts, Jesus said to them, Every Kingdom Divided against itself will be Laid Waste, and a House Divided against a House will Fall. If Satan is Divided against himself, how can his Kingdom Stand?’ -Luke 11:16-18

The purpose of this study is to comment on the Issue of Judicial Reform in Israel, and how that is seemingly, as of this Writing, heading for a National Division, or averting one. Why is this Important to Comment about? Israel, in Biblical Perspectives, is the Epicenter of Prophecy on Earth. And this level of Division has never been Experienced since it was Re-Born in 1948, although emerging as a Secular Nation. In fact, it is this very Issue of its Secularism that is in Question now. And? Israel is going through a Soul-Searching Process, as it has reached its 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary.

Israel, as a Kingdom under Solomon was Divided. Israel is Divided now. What will Israel choose to be Identified with, the Left or the Right? And which form of Judaism, as a Faith? Israeli Society, is going through an ‘Identity Crisis’. This is working in Favor for Israel’s Muslim Enemies who want to Divide its Land. Those are the Militant Factions that immediately surround Israel Proper. If any Time would be an Ideal Opportunity to Strike, in a Coordinated Unite Front, such a Time like this would be best, or not.

Such an Opportunity may never come again though. As with most Political Titles, the Issue of Judicial Reform is not about Judicial Reform. It is about who has Power. But what has occurred in Israel, with this Inner-Division is huge, in terms of Biblical Prophecy. One will thus delve into the Rationale of Commenting and Ascertaining the Possible Prophetic Inferences and Outcomes of this Judicial Reform Debate in Israel. One will argue that the Outcome will help further set the World Stage for the Reception of Biblical AntiChrist. Israel, as a Nation, will receive their False Messiah instead. This will, in turn set the Stage for the World to then have to go, along with Israel into the 7-Year Tribulation Period of unimaginable Horrors. How soon? Yet to be Determined.

Nonetheless, it will be a Holocaust 2.0, where this Time, as opposed to the Last Luciferian Attempt at Wiping-Out the Jews from Earth, 2/3s of the Jews will Perish as a result. And? And Billions all over the World will be Perishing along with them. It because of Israel’s Choice to Receive him, who Jesus Warned about would, ‘Come in his own Name’. This is why, in one’s Political Science Opinion, this Division is really a Symptom of a Debate that has festered since 1948. And that is? What is Israel? Who are the Israelis? What Version of Judaism will prevail? What Constitutes being a Jew?

It is About a Mid-Life Crisis

What about the Jews that Believe in Jesus as the Messiah, the Messianic Jews? So, the Issue of Identity is Complicated, but so are the Jews. They themselves say that about themselves. But what has also made this Judicial Reform Debate Dangerous is how the Division/Cracks ran-down also in the IDF Israel Defense Force. This is Critical and Dangerous. This is why one Surmises that Israel is 'Soul-Searching', at this 75th Year Marker. As it has reached its Diamond Jubilee of 75 Years, it is attempting to Redefine who she is, or will be or wants to be. There is, of course, the Left vs. Right.

Or in Israel's case, the Liberal Progressives that live mainly in the Tel-Aviv area that is the Center of their High Tech. And then there are the Orthodox Right and other Religious Factions. They are mostly from the Settlements and the Jerusalem Area. But based on what is known will occur, the Religious Right will win-out and will Redefine Israel for the Whole, in general. Or at least to Prepare Israel for the Receiving of the False Messiah that will make a 'Deal with the Devil'. This Scenario is to occur, once the Globalist Reset is made and the Rapture Event closes-out the Church Age.

What one sees, Geo-Politically, is that this Division within and among Israel, is a Perfect Opportunity for her Muslim Enemies to Strike. It is an opportunity to Exploit this Division occurring amongst the Jews. Why? Is not Division within Israel's Society nothing New? After all, Jews have been In-Gathering from over 140 Nations with different Customs and Traditions and even how they Worship. True, but, since 1948, this Division of Identity of 'Who is Israel' or should be going forward, has never been seen like this.

The Judicial Reform Debate just brought this out into the Public Square. But what has United the Jews, is its Religion, despite its Denominations within it also. However, one would Conjecture that, for Israel to Survive as a Modern State and People, it has to go 'Religious'. The Left will have to see it, as a Core Tenet of who they are, despite Objections, etc. It is just a Prophetic Set-Up, a Reset, that Israel is having to go through also, to Synchronize with End Time Prophecy. But the issue is how just a Few at the Top will Chose for All. This Possible Scenario would corroborate with the Biblical Narrative of why and now Israel will accept, 'He who will come in his own Name', i.e., the Tribulation.

It deals with Daniel's Last Sabbath Week of Years, being 7. It has to be Fulfilled, Paid-In-Full. How so? Israel still owes YHVH for not keeping the Sabbaths of the Land, etc. Now, how is this ‘Re-Definition’ of Israel, and its ‘Soul-Searching’, going to affect the Church Age and Believers in Jesus? Based on the Evidence and Timelines one will be presenting, as an Approximation, the Rapture Window is Now on High Alert. But one Surmises that there is a ‘Gap Time’, perhaps to lead into the 7 Year Tribulation Period.

One does not Subscribe to the Notion that the Tribulation Period’s 1st Day will abruptly start ‘Immediately’ after some Jewish Feast or the Day after the Rapture. One does not see that. However, one is Convinced that it will be the Rapture that will be that Catalyst. One is also Convinced that the Rapture Event is and will be a Sign to the Jews. And that this Event, it will push Israel’s National Identity, over into the Clutches of the Orthodox Sanhedrin even. In fact, they will ‘Reset’ Judaism to Accommodate the AntiChrist.

Final Countdown
Events like this Division seen in Israel in 2023 and the rest of the World, the USA, E.U., France, Ukraine, Russian, Iran, Syria, is reaching a Crescendo. Biblical Prophecy is happening by the Day, Week and Months and is Snowballing Fast, i.e., Birth Pangs. So, if it is that ‘Close’, when is the Possible Start of the 7 Year Tribulation? As stated, one is Convinced that the True Start Year of the Tribulation Countdown is 1952. It is based on the Sabbath of the Land. And? The 70th Year was 2022. OK. And if by Strength, 80 Years? This is one’s Rationale, as it is the Maximum amount of Years, that the Fig Tree Generation can be Fulfilled, per Psalm 90, as some Conjecture. At most, one Surmises that there is a 3.5 Year Gap Time before the Tribulation can occur. Why start in 2022? That is exactly 70 Years from 1952.

2022 + 3.5 Years =
2025.5 (Tribulation Period Start Year?)

Many End Times Students say 1948, that is constantly being used by most, is the accurate Year. But if that is the Countdown Year, then 1948 + 80 = 2028. But, if one then factors the 7-Years from 2028, the Tribulation Period would have had to have started, back in 2021. Then there is the Notion that 2023 is the Year of the Tribulation Period because Jesus Died in 30 AD. And thus, 2000 Years + 30 = 2030. Then minus the 7 Year Tribulation Period = 2023. The Problem one sees is that, if Jesus was 33 Years Old, that the Bible Infers, then it means that Jesus had to have been Born in -5 BC. This is well before all the Triple and Double Planetary Conjunction that occurred in -3 BC.

1952 Sabbath of the Land + 80 Years by Strength =
2032 (Psalm 90 80 Year Fig Tree.)

Then there are those that believe that Jesus Died in 33 AD. The Problem is that Jesus was not Born in Year ‘0’, etc. Nonetheless, as it Pertains to a Kingdom Dividing will Fall? This Spiritual Principle applies also the Church. A Division has occurred, and again based on Left vs. Right Ideology and Tenets. What has Rang in one’s Ear, as they say, or in one’s Mind, is the Phrase, ‘Finish Strong’. In light of the Church Age about to come to a Close, or perhaps in one’s Personal Life? One is reaching that Point in Time, when the Rapture will Conclude both. So, one does Believe and is Convinced, more so than in any other Time, in the past 40 Years of Studying Prophecy, that there is not much Time left. One does not believe there are still ‘Decades’ left before the Rapture occurs and the Church Age Ends its Commission.

As far as Commissions go, it is a Military Term. There is an Enlistment Stage and then there is a ‘Separation’ from it. Soon, Jesus will be ‘Separating’ His Followers from His Commission on Earth. One can only say this with Confidence based on one’s Research and Calculations for the past 40 Years. But it is only an ‘Approximation’. One cannot set a Year or Know ‘Exactly’ when or, how much longer there is for the Church Age. And this is if Jesus does not call a Person before the Rapture Event, etc. Now, just to reemphasize, one is not saying or cannot say that there are, about 2 more Years to go before the Start of Jacob’s Troubles Begin’. That is the Question one is Asking and just seeing what Christ Jesus has put on one’s Heart or will. Perhaps all this happening in Israel and the World, has been but a Glimpse of the Signs that can help determine just how close is the Rapture Event to close-out the Church Age.

It is about a Global Reset
But if anything that is for Certain, the World is reaching the Point of Critical Mass. And as it has been presented in the Bible, the Last Days are characterized as Birth Pangs. And that leads to a ‘Birth’. Of what? And that will be the ‘Man-Child’, the Bride of Christ, that the Rapture will bring forth. So, the Church Age Believers must Finish Strong, Spirit and Soul. The New Body is what will await those at the Resurrection-Rapture Event.

If it be, that one’s Physical Body does not Finish Strong, we know Jesus has a New Body waiting for those that Long for His Appearing. So, again, how soon will that be? What are some Signs that the Church Age is coming to a Close? In one’s Estimation, here are Key Events that lend some Insight as to what has happened, is happening now and will, until the Rapture Call occurs.

1. A Digital COVID ‘Immunization’ ID Travel Card will be Implemented to Travel.

2. The U.S. Dollar as a World Reserve Currency will be Crashed.

3. This will make way for Centralized Government Crypto-Currency to be Implemented.

4. The Globalists will continue to ‘Poison’ the Air, Water, Food, Soil…

5. A further Soft-Disclosure of the Alien Narrative will be rolled-out to Explain Rapture.

6. An increase in the Persecution of Christianity through Legislation/Laws.

7. Censorship of, or even the Criminalization of Christianity. Already Occurring. 

8. More Shootings in America to have the Feds ultimately Ban all Guns.

9. The various Jihadist Military Factions will coordinate an attack against Israel.

10. This ‘Inner-Ring’ is what one and others believe will be the Psalm 83 War.

11. Damascus will be Nuked by the IDF. Not sure if this triggers Psalm 83 War.

12. Or the other way around in that it will be the cause for the AntiChrist to make Peace.

13. Nations, via the U.N./W.H.O. will usurp Nation’s Sovereignty through Plandemics.

14. This could be the Rise in the 10-Regions on Earth that give Power to the AntiChrist.

15. Or it could be the 10-Nations in Europe that does that, with 3 Resisting.

16. The Red Heifers will be Sacrificed so as to make Jew’s Offering at Temple, Kosher.

17. The Abraham Family Houses of Faith will be Replicated on the Temple Mount.

18. Food, Fuel and Families will continue to be ‘Sabotaged’ with Hyper-Inflation.

19. The USA will grow Weaker as the E.U./NATO is growing Stronger, i.e., Germany.

It is About a Stage-4 Cancer
Another Sign, could be, the Israel Judicial Reform Debate itself. How so? It is an attempt at a ‘Reset’. It plays in-line with ‘Resetting’ of the Nations. Like for example with not only their Judicial Systems, but also their Financial Systems as well. Consider the Worldwide push to ‘Reset’ all Finances into a Centralized Digital Currency. The USA is at the End of the Dollar-Based Fiat Money System. And then, with COVID, that was a Clever Way of introducing their Total Control Net-Work. They Shut-Down their Competition, Consolidated all Things.

Only ‘Approved’ who and what was and is ‘Essential’. Restricted Travel, Censored Communication, and disrupted the Fuel and Food Supply Chain, etc. And? The World Systems are Collapsing, as Planned. And now World War 3 is coming. The System was Designed to Implode upon itself. All these are ‘Ingredients’ for Catastrophe. It is no longer an issue of, ‘Not if but When’. The Issue is the ‘Now’, it is here. So, why are not People, ‘Waking-Up’ to realize the Crime that was and is COVID? Why are the issues still of Injections, Financial Collapse and Pending WW3 going on?

In doing some Research and going over some prior Notes, one was Reminded of that 1984 Interview of that Former KGB Spy, Yuri Bezmenov. It has been Online since the Internet went-up. But one re-listened to his Talk and Warnings for the USA. It made Perfect Sense, what is happening now and why. Here are the 4 Stages of how to Destroy a Nation from within. It is about an Ideological Subversion of a whole Nation. But as one now can Ascertain, it was, and it is still 5th Generation Warfare.


It is really the Hegelian Dialectic of Problem-Reaction-Solution. He reminded one, that when a Person goes through the 4 Stages of Demoralization, or Re-Education, or ‘Resetting’ or of a Transitioning of the Psyche of a Nation, the Truth will not be Believed. This is now the case with this Last Generation, i.e., Generation Z. He mentioned that, even if Proof is provided, or if one flashes Reports, Pictures, Data across the Face of such a Person, the Truth will not be Accepted.

One can use endless, Statistics, Eye-Witnesses, Congressional Hearings, and even Pfizer’s own Reports of their COVID Disastrous Results, etc., the Truth will be suppressed. This is now the Luciferian Globalists have continued using these 4 Main Resets like a Stage -4 Cancer. It is about Transitioning and Re-Education. They have Accomplished it, thanks to their 5th Generation Warfare, perpetrated against Humanity. 

2-Climate Change 
3-Gender Identity  
4-Digital Currency

Last Generation
And that such People, in this ‘Stage-4’ Condition, like Cancer, having gone through the 4 Stages will not be able to ‘Come to a Reasonable Conclusion’ of the Truth, but rather, will ‘Believe the Lie’. This is why, for the most part, despite Mounting Evidence of the Crimes of COVID, for example, most People are still in a State of Cognitive Dissonance and Denial about it. No amount of Congressional Hearings, exposing the COVID Lies will Wake-Up People. No amount of Expert Doctors, like Dr. Robert Malone, who is the Inventor of the mRNA Shot and Warning the World about it, will Convince the Majority of the People, to not take the Dangerous Gene Therapy Injections.

For example, there was a Pfizer Executive, up for Questioning at the European Parliament. She admitted that Pfizer knew beforehand, that it was a Rush Job. And that the Injections would not stop Infection, not Prevent Infection, nor Stop Transmission of COVD, etc.  Essentially, like a Stage-4 Cancer, a ‘Stage-4’ Person ‘Re-Educated’ in the Globalists Ideological Subversion Protocols is ‘Trapped’ in their Matrix. And so will be its Nation. Mission Accomplished.

The Masses are Brain-Washed to believe the State, in this case, but Controlled by the Master-Minds behind the Curtain of ‘Oz’, etc. But it occurs with 1 Individual at a Time. But what is worse is that they have induced such a Deception or Psychosis, that they will actually ‘Love their Deception’ and Psychosis. This Mass Psychosis has been able to be ‘Pulled-Off’, at a Global Level, due to the Internet, but especially because of the various Social Media Platforms that have and do reach Billions now.

This is why the COVID ‘Conspiracy’ or Deception, could have only happened now and will from now on. And that is how you Destroy a Nation from within. Sadly. And it is done by themselves, called ‘Useful Idiot’s. The Soviet Spy said that once the 'Useful Idiots' have Fulfilled their Stage-4 Process, they too will be Expendable and Disposed of, just the same.

And that it takes roughly 3 Generations to accomplish a Reset or Transition. Consider that, after the Cold War of the 1980 was over with the Collapse of the Soviet Empire, that did not stop the Ideological Subversion from also ceasing. And 3 Generations of 20-Year Intervals is all that it has taken. A Generation, in his Definition is 20 Years. That is the number of Years it takes to Educate 1 Generation from age 1 to 20, etc. Thus, the following Equation is shown to get a sense of just how close World War 3 is.

+ 20 + 20 + 20 = 2040

It is rather interesting, that if one remembers, back in February of 2011, Time Magazine came out with this same Approximate Date. The Title of the Cover was about 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal. I was released on February 21, 2011, Vol. 177 No. 7. In it, it discussed how A.I. would revolutionize the World and propel Humanity into a Merging of Man with Machine, etc. That is now Possible and that is what COVID was really all about. And who would survive the Adverse Events of it to go on to their Next Stage. There is a ‘Next Stage’ of Human Evolution. It is called the Rapture. A New Body, will come with it, no Accessories or Assembling Required.

It is Jesus who, has this type of Body now that will be given to those that are His. It is what the Trans-Humanists could only Dream of. And no Oil Changes are necessary. This can be obtained, Free of Charge and one does not need to be a Wealthy Billionaire to only obtain it. It is called Salvation and it is what will prevent a Person, from ‘Believing the Lies’, being Deceived, and escaping the Judgment that is come upon the whole World.

Although the World War Road to War being presently Perpetrated by Lucifer and his Minions are on Track, and it seems the World is Falling Apart. True. But in a Heavenly Perspective, the Pieces are Falling into Place. And by putting one’s Faith and Trust in Jesus, that is what will allow one to Escape the Completion of their Global Reset and World Wars.


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