Preparations for the coming Messianic Age

  • What is the Crown for Messiah about?
  • When are the Jews expecting their Messiah to show-up?
  • What role does this 'Messiah' play prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And you shall make a Crown of pure gold, and engrave on it the manner of the signet ring, ‘Holy to YHVH’. – Exodus 28:36

The purpose of this study is to examine the claims by some Jews that a Crown for the Messiah is in the works to be produced. The intention of this effort is to have the Messiah Crown be available and ready for when the Jewish Messiah is to come. It is intended to be presented to him as he then is to be the one that is to build the 3rd Temple, according to Jewish tradition and/or folklore at this point. The reporting of this endeavor made the rounds in a limited scope, but the following is a synopsis reported by Breaking Israel News in early December of 2018, just days from the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice.

Was this to be a mere coincidence or elaborately planned as part of the amazing efforts by the religious Jews to see that all the Temple Services are prepared for when the Messiah is to arrive. Consider all the preparations, mainly from the Temple Institute and the Nascent Sanhedrin to procure all that is needed to initiate the Daily Sacrifices. The ultimate goal is to usher in their Jewish Messiah as the long-awaited King of the Jews. Thus, whomever will be ‘sanctioning’ the permission to rebuild the 3rd Temple within this ‘Last Generation’ will most notably be that candidate. According to the article, there is a Jewish Rabbi in Israel that claims to be able to trace his lineage directly back to King David.

This Rabbi, Yosef Berger is claiming that as the ‘spiritual’ aspects of the Messiah is drawing near, so too does the ‘physical’ aspects need to then be reconciled with each other. A concrete way of doing this is to make tangible preparations for the arrival of this Jewish Messiah with his Crown. In the interview conducted, the Rabbi stated that Israel has been waiting for the Mashiach or Messiah for nearly 2000 years. He fervently believes as do many other religious Jews of this ‘Last Generation’ is the one to see the ‘Messianic Age’ begin with the arrival of their Messiah King.

Such though, do not consider the question as to why this has been the case for 2000 years and how in Hosea it was foretold that Israel would be without a King for a long time. The reason is that the same type of religious Jews rejected Jesus as the true Messiah that has already come. Such do not understand that there were to be 2 aspects and visitations of the true Messiah; Messiah ben Joseph first and then Messiah Ben David with the 2nd visitation. Nonetheless, such devout Jews are wanting Israel to be redeemed and are attempting to bring about the Messianic Age.

The Messianic Age
However, in order for this next coming ‘Age’ to commence, the current one, that is the Church Age must come to its conclusion. What the Jews deem the ‘Messianic Age’ is what the Bible in the last book, Revelation teaches will be the Millennial Kingdom. This ‘Messianic New Age’ will be initiated at Jesus’ 2nd coming at the end of the Battle of Armageddon. According to the Rabbi, he believes the preparations made already for all the elements needed for the 3rd Temple, the Altar, and Daily Sacrifices for example, have not considered the preparations for restoring the Davidic Throne, thus the Crown of Messiah. To the religious Jews, such a notion is very important as the Bible does teach that YHVH made an ‘Everlasting Covenant’ with King David.

This Covenant or pact was that a physical descendant of King David would rule on the throne of Israel and lead the Nations of the world into the true worship of YHVH, etc. The Jewish leaders in the day of Jesus as now have failed to see the that Jesus wanted to ‘gather Jerusalem as a hen. As noted, sadly Israel was not willing’ at that time. Because of this rejection of Jesus’ 1st visitation, an Exile ensued that was also foretold would occur but that the regathering would as well. This regathering by YHVH began in 1948 with the miraculous ‘rebirth’ of Israel ‘in a day’ as Isaiah foretold.

What was also very interesting to note was that the Rabbi also made a direct connection to the pronouncement of the Messiah Crown to the invitation of the 70 Nations to witness the dedication of the Alar of Sacrifice. Here is an alarming connotation of the coming world subjugation under the false Jewish Messiah that indeed will unite the world under his political, economic and religious Mark of the Beast system. To the religious Jews, they see their mandate by YHVH to rule the Nations and by this coming Jewish Messiah that will do such that and reign from Jerusalem.

The New Testament does state that such a time will be coming and that a ‘Jewish Messiah’ will present himself to the Sanhedrin, Israel and the world. Sadly, this will be the ‘one whom will come in his own Name’ as Jesus warned Israel would do instead. Although initially there will be a time of peace and prosperity for Israel granted by the AntiChrist and a seemingly defeat of Israel’s immediate Inner-Ring of Muslim nations. This same Jewish Messiah of AntiChrist will, however, break the ‘Covenant with the Many’ and cease the Daily Sacrifices. It will be at this mid-point of Daniel’s last Week of Years or 7 years that this Jewish Messiah whom the Christians of the Bible believe is to be the AntiChrist will unleash a torrent of genocidal rage against the Jews.

This horrible time for the Jews that will be double-crossed called the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. As to the preparation of a Crown, the Temple Institute has done just that. As part of the restoration and preparation for the Temple Service, the Temple Institute has already procured an adjustable Crown for the High Priest. According to the Bible, the Crown of the High Priest or Tzitz was a thin plate of pure solid gold. The Crown was worn across the forehead of the ‘Kohen Gadol’ or High Priest’s head and was inscribed, ‘Holiness to YHVH. What is rather amazing is that the Tetragrammaton meaning, ‘behold the hand, behold the nail’ was worn on the very forehead of the highest-ranking Priest in Judaism.

Holiness unto YHVH
The Tetragrammaton is a direct inference to the pierced hands of Jesus at the Cross of Calvary. A 2nd gold plate of the Crown of the High Priest was pure gold to fit around to the back of the head. The 2 pieces were tied together with dyed blue woolen threads. The Crown represented the need for ‘Man’ to be preoccupied with the ‘work’ of  YHVH in His ‘House’, etc. It was a visual aide to have Man continually center his thoughts and labor focused on achieving ‘holiness’ unto YHVH. At the forefront, literally of the High Priest’s duties and obligations in the Temple Service was his personal moral and righteous standing before YHVH.

All the thoughts and intentions of one’s heart, soul and mind ought to be contributing to making oneself be set apart from the world and its trapping, etc. Why? The battle for the heart and soul of Humanity rages in the mind. The mind is associated with the brain in the head and especially in the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is this area of the brain that scientists have discovered is where humans have the capacity to reason, think, analyze and make decisions, etc. The Crown of the High Priest was set in conjunction with a head turban. It was a piece in the many array of other priestly garments required to perform the Daily Sacrifices and minister within the Holies and the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur.

Ultimately, every single facet of the garments of the High Priest as well as all the Temple furnishings and accouterments speak and point to Jesus Christ. In fact, the book of Hebrews teaches that Jesus’ present labor and/or ministry is that of the ‘High Priest’ in Heaven wherein, He is interceding on behalf of His Followers. Why? As the physical body of the Redeemed is not yet glorified, there is still the Sin Nature to content with. Thus, a saved sinner will have to confess sin on a daily basis that is committed on this side of Eternity until the point of the Resurrection and Rapture takes place. For this reason, a Follower of Jesus must enter the true Holy of Holies and confess sin before the High Priest, Jesus.

This is done through confession of sin by prayer and supplication. Amazingly, there is now no more need for a Sin Offering. What is also amazing is that as only the High Priest of Israel could enter the Holy of Holies and that only once a year, a true Believer of Jesus can enter, boldly at any time and by command of thought. This is a privilege the Jews have missed out of and are desperately seeking to attempt to return to the Mosaic sacrificial ordinances that could only cover, not put away sin, etc. Jesus’ current ministry of being the Intercessor as High Priest in Heaven is only the 2nd of the 3 ministries Jesus came to fulfill. In the past, the 1st was the office of Prophet in how He proclaimed the ‘Good News’ of the Gospel to pay the debt for Humanity’s sin.

Then in the future, the 3rd office will be that of the King when He will return to rule Israel and the Nations, etc. What is more amazing is that all those Disciples that follow Jesus presently are also made ‘Kings and Priests’ presently. This is another privilege the Jews have been missing out on. His reality is taught by the Apostle Peter in his writings to the churches. This present time of the Church Age on Earth, although ruled by the Luciferians, is a time of contention. Why?

The 5 Crown of Glory
The present evil world is ruled by the ‘god of this world’ the Bible states. Yet, Jesus, due to his defeating Lucifer, sin and the world at the Cross of Calvary has now been given all ‘Power and Authority in Heaven and on Earth. Jesus also has likewise bestowed these same attributes of His authority and power to the Body of Christ presently, not to Israel that has been missing out on this privilege. The Bible teaches that there are in fact 5 types of Crowns that Jesus will bestow to his Followers at the Bema Seat of Christ. There are 5 Crowns or ‘Stephanos’ discussed in the New Testament of the Bible.

The Crowns can more appropriately be called wreaths, or garlands, like the ones worn on the heads of athletic champions at ancient and modern-day Olympic games. Such ‘garlands’ will be the ‘symbol’ of the prizes when it comes time for Christ Jesus to hand out after the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ. As to the timeline? Many students of the End Times believe such a scenario has to occur when the Church Age ends and the 70th Week of Years per Daniel thereafter commences. It has to do with the 70th year in some way. The various Crowns will be reflective of the awards for the Walk of Faith and standing for Christ’s righteousness during one’s life since the point of salvation. In essence, this will be determined based on how ‘holy’ or set-apart a true Follower of Jesus became.

Based on the theory of a past Justification and a future Glorification process, a redeemed Follower of Jesus cannot influence what occurred in the past with Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection. This was a done deal. However, as to one’s future, the coming Glorification can be affected and is based on the present process of Sanctification. This is wherein a true Follower if Jesus can make all the difference for his or her future Glory. What is the criterion? Holiness to YHVH as inscribe in gold around the Crown of the High Priest. The following will be a synopsis of the 5 Crowns of Holiness to be bestowed at the Bema Seat of Christ based on the teachings of the Apostle Paul primarily.

In 1 Corinthians 9, the Apostle Paul teaches that there is an ‘Incorruptible Crown’. This means that this type of crown never can be destroyed. Paul is describing how this type of Crown can be obtained, by working to win souls for Christ. It is the type of Christian walk to which one shares the Gospel to others and leads people to Jesus. Also, the Apostle Paul compared one’s Walk of Faith to that of an Olympic competitor that has the urgency to win the race. Why? The distractions of the world, Satan, self and sin can disqualify a Follower of Jesus from obtaining this type of Crown.

In 1 Thessalonians 2, one can read that there is also a ‘Crown of Rejoicing’. It is described as a Disciple of Jesus having a state of being or disposition of joy despite circumstances -good or bad. The context is in terms of persecution because Jesus did state and warn that ‘those who seek to live a life of holiness will be persecuted.’ Some practical means of fulfilling such a merit is when Followers of Christ can rejoice at what Jesus has done in the past in one’s life or that of others. One can rejoice at what Jesus is presently doing now in one’s or people’s heart, mind and soul. Lastly, one can rejoice in anticipating the soon return of Jesus for the Bride in the Resurrection and Rapture, which is the Blessed Hope, and love His appearing, etc.

In 2 Timothy 4, it speaks that there is a ‘Crown of Righteousness’. 'Righteousness' means that something is just and right. Paul wrote this to the Churches in order to exhort them to stand for Jesus in light of opposition, persecution and/or prosperity with the hope of the return of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul also likened this type of Crown to a ‘fight’. This is where the Apostle coined the often-quoted verses, ‘I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race.’

The spiritual context is made known practically in that Paul did not give up or quit in his Faith and calling for Jesus Christ but kept believing to the day of his death. This is the type of ‘holiness’ that will thus merit this type of reward or Crown for all those doing the same. The Apostle Paul emphatically stated and with confidence, that because he remained true and faithful to Jesus, a ‘Crown of Righteousness was then reserved for him in Glory’. Moreover, what is also amazing to consider is that he made it known also that such a Crown is available for others who look forward to the appearing of Jesus Christ.

In James 1, it teaches that there is a ‘Crown of Life’. It is to be bestowed to a Follower of Jesus that endures much suffering and many types of temptations. However, such are in the nature of ‘tests’ and ‘trials’ to test the Faith of a Believer in Jesus. Jesus is allowing such ‘tests’ to occur because ‘tension’ produces a type of refinement, spiritually and works its effect in the deepest recesses in the soul of a Believer.

Notwithstanding, for when Believers are tried and tested and found to have endured, the Bible promises that such will receive the Crown of Life. The verses go on to state that Christ is pleased when a Believer endures under the weight of a trial and trusts YHVH. This shows the measure of love a Believer has for Jesus in practical terms. 

In 1 Peter 5, the Bible states that there is a ‘Crown of Glory’ to be won. This type of Crown is more selective and bestowed on those having a position of Church leadership and authority. Thus, not all the members that make up the Body of Christ may qualify specifically for this type of Crown. The context of this revelation is negative as the Apostle Paul had to exhort the Elder of the Churches to be faithful and true to their calling to shepherd the ‘Flock’ of Jesus.

The Once and Future King
The Apostle Paul gave several criteria to the ‘Shepherds’ of needing to teach the Scriptures, willingly being leaders, not for hire or financial gain, being sound in doctrine, not lording over the congregations, and being a good example, no small task. These traits would thus qualify such a leader of a local gathering, irrespective of size and shape to be bestowed by the ‘Great Shepherd of the Sheep’, Jesus with the Crown of Glory. It is no wonder why most do not elect or chose to go into full time ministry as the calling is to a higher standard by which such will also be judged by a higher standard.

The 5 type of Crowns will be part of the rewards or ‘inheritance’ that is post-salvation. This study suggests that receiving such merits or ‘Crowns’ will be based on one’s degree of ‘holiness’ during the time a true Follower of Christ lived out his or her ‘Walk of Faith’ while in the body. This notion of an evaluation is taught by the Apostle Paul also but is not based on one’s salvation. This is where the notion of how one’s work and labor for Jesus Christ will be put through the ‘fire’ and what is left will be what will be the ‘reward’ in a sense. This is tantamount to the current process Christ Jesus is working through in the Sanctification process of a redeemed soul.

It is thus incumbent of Followers of Jesus that as He is currently the High Priest interceding before the Throne of Heaven, that so too His Disciples enter into this similar pattern of ministry and labor while on Earth. Such Followers of Jesus should be functioning in this calling and capacity of being made Kings and Priests to intercede on behalf of others, for example and influencing one’s environment to change the world for Christ’s Kingdom. As to Crowns, it is a foregone conclusion that when Jesus returns back to Earth with His Bride, those redeemed and prepared will be given the vacated thrones not only in Heaven but the ones on Earth as well.

During the Millennial Reign of Christ Jesus on Earth for the 1000 years, it will be the Followers of the Lamb that will be given authority and power to directly rule the Nations at that time. During this Luciferian World Order, Lucifer has made it extremely difficult for any true Follower of Jesus to reign or have ‘authority and power’. Presently, it is Lucifers’ minions that have been given his authority and power over the world, for the time being though. There have been few exceptions and examples of godly men and women that have risen to positions of leadership and power.

Ultimately, it is YHVH who makes kings rise and fall, etc. As to the vacated thrones in Heaven, such will be those of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, Authorities, Principalities and Powers that are to be cast out of Heaven to make way for the Bride of Christ. This will be part of the reward in keeping with one’s ‘Holiness’ as the Crown of the High Priest wore during the Temple Service on Earth. The present Church Age can be likened as to the Temple Service that Israel had in the Bible because there is presently a ‘Spiritual Temple’ that Jesus is constructing, and His fellow High Priests are expected to be ministering in. In the meanwhile, the religious Jews are preparing the Crown to crown the Messiah with.

In the meanwhile, the Bride of Christ will soon be bestowed her many ‘crowns’ and will cast them before the true King of the Jews, Jesus in Glory. To the Jews, the coming of their Jewish Messiah will officially end their lack of not having a ‘King’ and will end their Diaspora that began in 70 AD by the then world ruling power, Rome. To the Body of Christ, the coming of this false Jewish Messiah means that the ‘falling away’ or the ‘retreat’ is about to occur, that is the Rapture. Although the Rabbi sited the 6-Day War as being the beginning of the Messianic Age, it was the 2nd restoration event needed for Jesus, the true Messiah to return.

The 1st restoration was in 1948 with the rebirth of Israel as a nation. Then the 2nd restoration was the recapturing of Jerusalem from the Muslims in 1967. The 3rd restoration then had and has to do with the rededication of the Temple. This study strongly suggests that in 2018, this restoration of the Temple occurred with the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice as it is essentially an appendage of the Temple. Thus technically, the construction of the 3rdd Temple has essentially begun. What this means then is that perhaps the arrive of this Jewish Messiah to be crowned by Israel is at the door.

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