Who Goes in the Rapture?

  • Is the Resurrection-Rapture Event a Reward?
  • Does one have to 'Work' or 'Earn' the Rapture?
  • Who are the 'Left Behind'? Is that possible?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to address one’s Interpretation of ‘Who goes in the Rapture?’ These are just one’s Interpretations and will just provide the Scriptural References as to how one then comes up with the Rationale one presently has. A Reader provided an Excerpt from the following Article where one stated the following.


Dispensation about to Change​

This Seal of GOD the Holy Spirit is unique in this present Pentecostal Dispensation of the Age of Grace. It is composed of the Body of Christ, that the Bride from within it will be Extracted at the Resurrection-Rapture Event.

The following is what was said about it and then is followed by one’s Reply. ‘I think I read this correctly that out of the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ will be the Extracted. Are you saying that the Body of Christ is not the entire Bride of Christ, is there a Unique Distinction between the Body of Christ and the Final Bride of Christ that will partake of the Rapture Resurrection? I do understand that some Christians will not be Prepared, and because of it, some will be ‘Left Behind’ to make their Robes ‘White’ in the Tribulation. I understand this from the Parable of the 10 Virgins’.

One is not saying one is ‘Right’ or has the ‘Right’ Interpretation of. One can see the Argument of both sides of the Situation and Spectrum of the Possibility. To answer the Question, one does not know 100% who is to go on the Rapture, etc. One is only presenting what one Interprets, as a best Outcome. And although both Ends of the Argument use Scripture, one is more convinced that it is a Reward and Conditionally based on Life Experience. That is what ‘tipped’ one over to that side of the Spectrum.

You have those that State, Believe and Teach that the Rapture is ‘Unconditional’, Universal and Granted, no matter what one’s Spiritual Condition will be at the Time of the Rapture or how one lives their Faith. Then there are those that State, Believe and Teach, that the Rapture is a Reward, exclusively and to be Earned, Maintained and Sought-Out after. There are both Merrit and Objections to both, in one’s Opinion, having studied both. On one hand, this Argument parallels the Debate about ‘Once Saved, Always Saved’ or ‘A Christian can lose their Salvation’. In that regard, it is a No. But one is assuming that one is speaking about a True, ‘Born-Again’ Person who is Converted from the Heart, as they say and have the Faith, and is a Disciple and Follower of Jesus.

It is about Sanctification of the Soul

But the Rapture is not to be compared to the Salvation Issue, as Jesus did not come to Die specifically to give us the ‘Rapture’, but Salvation. It is the Rapture, which is among all the other Gifts of the Holy Spirit, that have been bestowed upon the Body of Christ. On 1 Hand you have Passages that speak of ‘Working-Out’ one’s Salvation, holding Fast to the Faith, not being ‘Shipwrecked’ in Faith, Running the Race, and GOD only knowing whose are His, etc.

One does believe in ‘Works’, but as Evidence of one’s Salvation and how such Works, have even been prepared in advance for a Disciple and Follower of Jesus to ‘Walk’ in them and Manifest their Fruit. And to that End, that is the Goal and Outcome, to increase and advance the Kingdom of Jesus, etc. But then, on the other Hand, not all Christians believe in the Rapture. It is not required. Not all Christians believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario. Such do not have to. Some Christians do not even know or have been taught about the Rapture. Some Brethren do not have the ability to ‘Work-Out’ their Gifts or Ministry due to Physical or Mental Disabilities or Limitation. Are they ‘Disqualified’? No. The Repentant Thief on the Cross did not have that Opportunity.

But what is clear, aside from the Rapture Debate, is how the Gospels and the Epistles clearly teach that one has to ‘Confess Sin’, regularly, ‘Walk’ in Love and Obedience to the Commandments of Jesus. Not because we ‘Have To’, but because we want to, and this, coming from a Heart and Will of Love, due to the Love that Jesus loved us with, etc. Thank Jesus, one is no longer under the Obligating of the Law that only ‘Kills’ and is a Task-Master. In Jesus, one is set Free. But Jesus expects Faithfulness and Commitment, as would a Husband with a Wife. It is about a Relationship, a Promise.

So, the Point, as one sees it, is that as the Body of Christ was ‘Born’ on Pentecost, and it is likened to a Building Project, a Church, an Ark of Noah, each ‘Stone’ or Brick is now a Living one. Jeus wishes to use to build that Spiritual Temple in which He will abide. It is as the Divine Presence did in the Old Testament Depiction of the Glory above the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. This occurred in the Holy of Holies within the Tabernacle and Temple of YHVH, in Days Past. This is the ‘Chamber of Intimacy’. Notice how it was Conditional upon Israel’s Faithfulness. And when Israel, as the Wife of YHVH was not and chased after Worldly Lovers, and committed Spiritual Adultery, the Divine Presence departed.

However, despite YHVH ‘Divorcing’ Israel, the Covenant Promises have never ceased. Now, YHVH’s Earthly People have been set-aside. But realize, that is because of their not heeding the Call to be Set Apart or Holy that their Messiah was given to another, us. We got to marry their ’Boaz’. We as a Ruth Type married their Messiah, the one they were unbelieving towards and gave-up on. So, in one’s Interpretation, one sees that the Rapture will be for those that are Saved, genuinely, but like Israel, if they are in ‘Willful Sin’, in Rebellion or have abandoned the Faith, will not go into the Wedding Chamber as Isaiah 22 states or the Parable of the 10 Virgins as mentioned. Consider the Parable of the Wedding Banquet. It is not speaking about Salvation but being the Bride of the Son. The Answer is, ‘Do you have the Wedding Garment’?

The Wedding Banquet is Conditional

’But when the King came in to see the Guests, he saw a Man there who did not have on a Wedding Garment. So he said to him, Friend, how did you come in here without a Wedding Garment? And he was Speechless. Then the King said to the Servants, Bind him Hand and Foot, take him away, and cast him into Outer Darkness; there will be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth. For many are Called, but few are Chosen’. -Matthew 22:11-14

Being in 2 Militaries, for a short Time, the U.S. Army and the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), one sees one’s Faith in, and to, Jesus, as a Commission that it is. Not all People respond to the Call to enter that Commission of Service. Everyone in the Body of Christ or the ‘Corp’, is like being in the ‘United States Army Corps of Engineers’. It is a Corp, a Body, a Center that has its Root Word from that of the ‘Heart’, etc. Yet, YHVH saw all of Israel during the Time of Moses as an Army, a Corp and were divided in Battalions or Tribes, and Units, Platoons, etc.

Each of the Divisions had their Corresponding Ensigns that match the 12 Constellation Signs. And 4 of these Divisions defined the whole Army, Judah, Reuben, Joseph and Reuben. These were the Lion, Man, Bull, Eagle or Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, etc. This Army, this ‘Body’ represented the Dimension of how Heaven, both the Celestial or stary one and that of the 3rd Heaven are defined with. All to say, that the Body of Christ, of Jesus follows the same Divine and Prophetic Blueprint. Jesus required Holiness, Sanctification, ‘Washing of one’s Wedding Robes’ given to enter.

And as a Bride, ‘Making herself ready’. This would then be those ‘Works’ as one has total Volition and Will to do so, or not. And here then is where the Notion that the Rapture is to be Qualified. In one’s Interpretation, so long a s ‘Child of Jesus’, or Disciple and Follower of Jesus is Faithful, Repenting of Sin, or ‘Walking with Jesus’, striving to live a Godly Live, and say, has not heard of this Rapture, one is convinced they will go in the Rapture. They met the Conditions and had been engaged, perhaps unbeknownst to them, that they were exercising Jesus’ Commission, etc.

So, now conversely, if a same Follower and Disciple of Jesus, who is ‘Genuinely Saved’, yet willfully either abandons the Faith, did not stay their Salvation, but has either been ‘Shipwrecked’ of their Faith, or is Unfaithful, like a Cheating Spouse with the World, compromises with Sin and Disobedience to the Call, knowingly of the Commission Expectation, and Marriage Vow made? Then one is of the convincing that such a Disciple and Follower of Jesus will not be taken at the Time of the Rapture that End the Church Age. Again, one could be wrong. But consider this other Rapture Parable.

‘And they were oblivious, until the Flood came and swept them all away. So will it be at the Coming of the Son of Man. 2 Men will be in the Field: 1 will be Taken and the other Left. 2 Women will be grinding at the Mill: one will be Taken and the other Left’. -Matthew 24:39-40

Works as a Result of Salvation by Faith
And note that of those that even respond to the Call, to the Commission to Serve the Captain of our Salvation, the Greater Joshua, one’s Works will be Evaluated. This will occur at the Bema Seat of Christ. The Bema Seat is the Concept of how when a Conquering Army came back from a Military Campaign, they would parade their Spoils in a Procession. And the King would be in the Grand-Stand, in the Honored Seat of Review. As the Army Divisions, Companies, Pantaloons and Special Units marched past the Review, the King would Evaluate their Spoils, etc.

So, ‘When the Saints go Marching in’…What a Day that will be at the Bema Seat of Jesus as one’s Work and “Spoils’ done in this World, behind the Enemy Lines of Lucifer will be Reviewed and Rewarded. Thus, for such Notions, one has presently this Disposition that the Rapture Event can be forfeited. It is part, all-inclusive of one’s Salvation ‘Package’ given as a Gift, in Jesus. But it can be ‘Lost’ if either carelessly or willingly neglected. Lastly, what ‘tipped’ one’s Interpretation is based on one’s Real Life Experience, as one had mentioned at the Beginning.

This has to do with one’s own Real Wife. She grew-up in the Church, heard the Bible, read the Bible, and knew the Bible. She was the Daughter of the Pastor. She kept herself from Men, never Dated. She had a Heart for Missions and Outreach to the Lakota Indian Tribes. She wanted a Family and a Husband who heeded the Call to Serve in the Field, the ‘Wheat Field’. One married her thinking one had ‘Hit the Jackpot’, as they Say. But one’s Bible Story Tale turned into a Luciferian Nightmare.

Initially, as with most Marriages, things seemed ‘OK’, Fine, or even ‘Great’. But over the Years, slowly but surely, ‘Red Flags’ started to go up in that her Commitment, Faith and Faithfulness waned. This is ‘Normal’ as we are still Sinners and in a Body of Sinful Flesh waiting for the Redemption of the last 3rd Portion of the Glorification of the Body. This is to take place at the Resurrection and Rapture Event that will close-out the Church Age. But again, Jeus is not only calling-out but is taking-out only this Faithful, Obedient and Waiting Bride. He is not coming for an Unfaithful, Cheating Bride, that was Pledged but then decided to say, ‘No, I no longer want to keep my Promise or Desire in you’. Nor do I want to be part of your GOD, Savior and Faith’.

That is exactly what my Wife told me. She wanted the World. She became a 'Lot’s Wife'. Or that of Demas who left the Work to go back to the World. One found out that she was having multiple affairs with Men and Women. She repudiated her Faith in Jesus. She went Total ‘Woke’ and blamed Christians for a Misogynistic World that oppressed Women. She became Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT, Pro-Palestine, Anti-Chrisitan, Anti-Jesus, Anti-Church, etc. She left our Marriage because she Left Jesus.

Now, on Judgment Day, what will happen to such People who once said they had the Faith, Belief and Commitment of Jesus, in Jesus? Will they lose their Salvation? As to the Salvation Part? Again, if she was genuinely ‘Saved’ or Converted from the Heart, and only Jesus can see and Tell, then because of Jesus’ Commitment, being Unconditional, Salvation of her Soul is granted.

Body or Bride of Christ?

Now, where in Heaven will she be? Not sure but Jesus spoke of Levels or Degrees of Severity of Sin’s Punishment and Rewards and Glory in Heaven. There is a Debate about this too. Aside from that for now, one is more convinced now, that if it is the case that one’s Wife was genuinely ‘Saved’ but abandoned the Faith and Husband, she will not be ‘Taken’ at the Rapture Event. Refer to Matthew 22:11 about the Parable of the Wedding Banquet. She took off her Wedding Garment, her White Linen she did not decide to want to keep from Wrinkles of this World and continue to Iron out Sin until the Call to ‘Come Up Here’.

So, for such Notions, one’s Rationale, at the moment in one’s Learning Curve is that such a Person, such a Woman is like that of the Laodicean Condition of the Church in the Last Days. Jesus has been escorted out of the Building. He is no longer in the Core or Heart of the Congregation and Fellowship or Relationship as in a Marriage Type. And thus, what did Jeus say about such a Wife or Body?

 Or it can be the case, as others do argue that regardless of Sin and Commitment or not to the Call to be Holy, such People like one’s Wife will go on the Rapture, Universally and Unconditionally. Perhaps, but it will be at the Bema Seat of Christ where her Words and Works or lack thereof will be Judged. And that all will be ‘Burned’ as they go through the Fire, but she will be Saved, as if through the Fire, smelling like Fire. And in that case, her Rewards, or lack thereof will be reflected for all Eternity to show for thereafter, or not.

Thus, one is not Dogmatic about one’s Interpretation but find it hard to accept that there are countless Faithful Women who do respond to the Call, the Commission and tirelessly Pray, Serve, Witness, Suffer for Christ. And they are to be considered no different to be present to Jesus, the Son of the King, and one’s Wife will be too? The Father is Preparing a Banquet in Heaven. He has Invited all the Guests but has given those Wedding Garments to put on to be able to enter the Wedding Chamber, the Holy of Holies, the Banquet. What is required is Holiness. It is not one’s own Word or Effort.

The Wedding Garment is about putting Jesus’ Holiness on. And in contrast, one’s very own Unfaithful Wife who absolutely did all to the contrary to Damage and Defame the Father in Heaven, and his Son and Husband on Earth, will be given the same Honor at the Wedding Table? So, say for Argument’s sake, that ‘Everyone goes on the Rapture’? You get a Rapture! And you get a Rapture! At the Bema Seat of Christ, all such Works or lack thereof will be ‘Burnt’. An Unfaithful Servant or Wife will be ‘Saved’, as if through Fire, and smelling like Fire. But if the Parable of the Wedding Banquet is True, and Jesus is not a Liar, such People will not be at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb but in Outer Darkness. Riddle me that Batman.




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