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Possible Observations and Interpretations

  • What is the Purim Blood Moon Triad all about?
  • How is Feast of Purim related to Modern-Day Israel?
  • Will Prophecy be repeating as in Esther's Day?

by Luis B. Vega
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One has been working on some Eclipse Charts and wishes to share those with you as you have done a lot of work on the Esther Purin Connections. This Chart shows the Timeline, focused on the Years 2025-26. One surmises that perhaps, the Rapture Year could very well be in 2024. This is predicated on the 7-Year Anniversary Year of both the Revelation 12 Sign and the 3rd Great American Eclipse. Taking a Pre-Tribulation Interpretation, it would follow that the Year 2025 would then most likely be the Time when the Tribulation Period would begin.

Here are some Observations. Note that the Triad of Blood Moons corresponds to this start of the Time-Frame of 2025. It could possibly confirm, Astronomically the start of Daniel’s 70th Week. Note also that the 3 Blood Moons Triad of 2025-26, which are Bad Omens for the Jews, has its Beginning and Last Blood Moon Eclipse occurring precisely on the Feast of Purim. Then the Solar Eclipse that corresponds to the Middle Blood Moon of the Triad occurs on Rosh HaShanah. Coincidence? No.

This Purim Blood Moon Triad of 2025-26 had a Prelude, also on a Purim Feast. It was that in 2024, the Lunar Eclipse subsequently occurred the Day after, but was not technically on Purim, in one’s Interpretation. For 2024, Purim started on the Evening of March 23 and Ended on the Evening of March 24. A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurred on the 25th.

Nonetheless the Purim connection, Astronomically is signaling, that Iran and the Accompanying Muslims will seek to pull-off what Haman could not accomplish, in Destroying the Jews during the Day of Esther that became Purim. However, True to the Prophetic Pattern, the Jews will turn the Tables on their Muslim Enemies when that happens, and come on Top, Victorious, etc. One conjectures that this could be the coming Scenario that will lead to the Advent of their ‘Savior’ that the Jews desperately seek.

But this Savior will only be a Geo-Political Savior that will bring them Political and Social Peace, not Spiritual Peace that they really need and only their True Savior and Messiah, Jesus can give. So, based on the Astronomically Alignment of a Purim Triad of Blood Moon Omens, the Hamas War of 2023 will lead to the Inner-Ring of Muslim Para-Military Factions that will pull-off their Conspiracy as interpreted as the Psalm 83 War. But one surmises that it will come about as Israel Strikes Damascus to totally obliterate it, as described in Isaiah 17. They will use their Nuclear Samson Option as Israel is out-numbered. Israel’s Militarily is exhausting its Might due to the Hamas War Effort.

Eclipse Purim Triad 2025-26




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Purim Triad Blood Moons 2025-26


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