Public Shooting and Bombing Statistics 1981-2015

  • What U.S. President term has seen more Mass Shootings?
  • What purpose have Mass Shooting to do with Gun Control?
  • Is there a conspiracy to disarm the USA,2nd Amendment?

by Luis B. Vega

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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. U.S. Constitution—2ND AMENDMENT

The purpose of this study is to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the mass shooting trends in the U.S. since President Reagan. The timeline will show the number of reported mass shooting for each presidency. The graph will show that since Reagan, the amount of mass shooting or bombings occurred in a rather level percentage given the population and inevitability of such events occurring statistically. The major break in the trend comes with the Obama Administration when the statistic skyrockets to nearly 100-fold. The timelines will also show the most notorious mass shootings and/or bombings in the world since Reagan. What the graph suggests is that the same relative statistic occurred up until Obama where it increases dramatically. The chart suggests that the over-all shootings and bombings have been perpetrated by Muslims and what the world has experienced by them has now come to visit the American mainland, by design.

The graph also suggests that the various Acts to ‘protect’ Americans have in fact weakened the nation and made the populace less safe. The supposed War of Terror is a façade as Americans get radiated and practically stripped-searched at the airports all the while the Obama Administration aids in the crossing over of Muslim immigration of peoples that are coming over for more than economic reasons. The data presented here suggested plainly that guns reduce crime. In the cities and states that have the strictest gun control laws have the highest incidents of deaths involving a gun. It is not the criminals that will disarm but the law-abiding ones that will not have a lethal recourse of defense. Such are the ones ending up getting sued for shooting the criminals, rapist and thieves in their own homes as is the case in the United Kingdom. 

In a lot of cases in the U.S., the actual bombing and mass shooting events have been accompanied by police that is now a para-military agency precisely orchestrating a parallel exercise at the same time, by ‘coincidence’. For example, this occurred on 9-11 when ‘President’ Chaney ordered the stand down of the jets that were engaged in similar mock exercises that could have prevented the attacks. For example, a little-known fact is that Marvin Bush, George W.'s younger brother was a principal in a company called Securacom that was the company in charge of security at the WTC in 2001. The explosives that detonated the WTC Tower 7 had to have been placed well in advance to have the building come down in a controlled demolition. It would have been impossible given the chaos of the situation of the hour to have had such time to place all the explosives in such a short amount of time that usually takes about 4 months.

Governments Have Guns, Will Terrorize
The chart accompanying this study shows that there have been more mass shootings in the USA under the Democrat administrations of Clinton and Obama. Consequently, it was Clinton that went for the guns as Obama is now trying. Ironically, it was Clinton that gave the weapons technology to the Chinese that now are able to have ICMBs capable of delivering nuclear warheads to America. China also has now the technology to sink entire aircraft carriers with one projectile due to this technology transfer of Democrats arming American’s enemies. So too, now Obama has armed America’s enemies abroad as he and his handlers want American’s guns confiscated at home. The chart shows that Obama has been like a magnet for Islamic related terror abroad and at home.

Nearly 3/4 of all the mass shootings in the U.S. have been caused directly by those adherent to the Qur'anic tenants of striking terror on the ‘non-believers’ out of obedience to their book. If a Christian or Jewish suicide bomber would ever strike, it is out of disobedience to the Torah, the Prophets, and the Gospels. Muslims given the ideal conditions will seek to murder on behalf of their Allah any Christians, Jews in particular or the innocent in obedience to their so-called holy book. This is what is being withheld from the public as the woman who drove into a crowd in Las Vegas shouting Allah Akbar according to direct eyewitnesses. Many Islamic apologists and apostate Christians believe Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and worship the same ‘god’. Tell that to Salman Rushdie and all the Christians the Muslims have beheaded, raped, and sold into sex slavery as normative practices. Islam is not the religion of peace and tolerance and not all Muslims practice the Qur’an or engage in terror.

Of all the U.S. mass shooting and/or bombings, most all have been accomplished or affiliated with either the CIA or FBI in their demise. Many shooters have been on strong psychotic drug prescriptions through their military or government handlers that have made their assets easily programmed to carry out their assignments. The designated assailants that take the fall are quickly liquidated such as Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh and the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev among countless others were or attempted to be. As noted, most of the assailants have been linked to some sort of federal agency. In some cases, such agencies have had a simultaneous exercise of the same nature paralleling the event like the London and Boston bombings. The lasts example occurred and went live as in the case of the San Bernardino Muslim couple shooting. Various police agencies were already suited-up and it took about a minute to deploy.

The causality was again, a Christian; in this case a Messianic Jew in an alleged dispute with a Muslim coworker if Islam was a religion of peace and tolerance. One would think that as the Muslims are always espousing that their religions is one of peace and tolerance that they would have been tolerant and peaceful about a critique or opinion about their religion. However, many are uncovering that things just don’t add up to the official narrative as the Muslim couple was no doubt the cover and catalyst for the False Flag. For example, it has been admitted that for example it was the CIA that helped board the Shoe-Bomber on the plane at the check-in gate, but the plan did not go accordingly. Due to providential fate a potential False Flag was foiled. The following are statistics taken by state and city of deaths resulting in a mass shooting in the U.S.

Those with strict Gun Control Laws

California                 1304
Pennsylvania             470
New York                   774

Chicago                     400
Detroit                        461

Those with lenient Gun Laws
Alabama                       1

POLL: Do you think that mass shoots are more a reflection of mental health or gun control law failures? Washington Post 15-18, 2015

Mental Health             63
Gun Laws                   23
Both                            10
Neither                         4

The Religion of Peace
Islam clearly prescribes terror in its book supposedly inspired by the Angel Gabriel. Islam sprung-up from disposition ingrained in their culture of war and pillaging. This cultural attribute comes from their nomadic scavenger existence and rule of law or lack thereof. The indigenous ancient Arabs sustained themselves off of pillaging the caravan trade routes of the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. It is no big surprise that thus, such a characteristic of their war and pillaging culture would be codified and prescribed as a religious duty now in the Qur’an. The tenants of the Qur’an go contrary to the Gospel of Jesus for example. Christianity is more than just the true religion but the only Way according to Jesus Himself and is based on a personal relationship. This is despite what the Roman high priest Pope warns against personal relationships with Jesus as being dangerous.

The Qur’an like that of the Oath of the Society of Jesus, whom the Pope comes from on the contrary at its core espouse murder, subversion and terror to be visited upon those that refute their religion, which is one in the same. In Islam it prescribes that followers of Mohammed shoot, behead, maim, and subjugate those not submitting to their ‘true’ religion. Since the rise of Mohammed, raids, rampages, looting, killing, raping, stealing, bombings have occurred ever since Mohammed came out of the gates of hell in Arabia. He terrorized his way through the peninsula with the only option that the ‘peace-loving’ religion stipulates. The options are to submit to the Moon God Allah, Isis, etc., of Lucifer, be beheaded or pay an extortionist tax to impoverish and subjugate those non-Muslim peoples. Muslims are the original occupiers of the Holy Land and invading ‘Crusaders’.

The major difference among the span of the U.S. Presidents is that the attacks have now come to the U.S. mainland and under Obama’s watch, by design. Realize that according to a watchdog site, TheReligionofPeace.com, there have been over 27,000 Islamic attacks in the world and counting. These are the Muslims that implement the tenants of Mohammed and are obedient to the Qur’an. For America, the increase in public shootings perpetrated by Muslims in part has been an outcome made possible by immigration caused by wars abroad. Based on the End Game plans of the Luciferian Globalists, these Muslim terror elements will continue to be used and allowed to operate to facilitate in the U.S. the need for a Police State and eventual suspension of the U. S. Constitutional rights.

The pretext of such ‘terror’ has only allowed for the Patriot Act and Freedom Act that have stripped much of the civil rights away and have made the U.S. less safe and secure. The proverbial Trojan Horse of America has been Obama. Barack Hussein Obama II is the ’Manchurian Candidate’ that was prepared to take down America from within like the fall of the Roman Empire. The CIA has basically pulled off a coup-d’état in the USA with Obama as he was recruited and groomed by CIA elements. It is a part of the ‘Man behind the curtain’ quest since Major General Smedley Butler was approached to take over the U.S. Government on behalf of the Banksters. One must also realize that Obama, if it is disputed by some that he is not a Muslim nonetheless grew up as a practicing Muslim in Indonesia. Obama was educated in their religious schools and attended Mosque services. He is well versed in the teaching of Islam.

Thus, he has been empathetic to Muslims in one regard, at least more so than to Syrian Christians. On the contrary Obama by directives of the Central Banks and the CIA allowed ISIS to be created, funded to slaughter the ancient Christian populations of not only Syria but the entire Middle East through their Facebook Arab Springs. This is corroborated by retired Army General Mike Flynn who went public to criticize American torture tactics and condemned the U.S. for the creation of ISIS. This has been the ‘war against Christmas’ on one front. Just on the outcomes to date, Obama loathes and excuses America’s Christian heritage and morality. Obama constantly reminds the world that America is no longer a Christian nation. He rather apologizes to the world, as he bows downs to the Saudi King, the defender of Islam because he has submitted himself to Islam and the CIA Luciferian agenda.

As a liberal, Obama extols the virtues of Islam as he did on his visit to Egypt before dignitaries at the University of Cairo. He virtually rewrote history by stating that America owed a debt of gratitude for how Islam was instrumental in the forging of the American nation. This is why he always down-plays each and every Muslim attack as not being Muslim as he states that ISIS is ISIL and not Muslim. Obama refuses to equate Islamic public shooting with the religions and excuses the increasing Muslim attacks inside America as ‘domestic disputes’ or workplace related violence. As a Muslim, Obama pledged that ‘America would never be at war with Islam’. This is because a ‘house divided against itself cannot stand’ as Jesus said about Lucifer’s kingdom on Earth. To do otherwise would capitulate the notion that Islam is not a civilized religion of Peace.

It is true Christianity based on the words and Gospel of Jesus Christ that only brings peace. At the core, Islam espouses mass murder and terrorism in the pure sense of the word. Again, this criticism of Islam is not to implicate every Muslim that may be ignorant of this prescription. The diagram will also show the frequency of both the US shoots that for the most part have been an ‘Inside Job’. It is the Frequency of Mass Public Shoot

In the USA compared to Europe.
Macedonia      .484
Serbia             .280
Switzerland     .247
Norway            .196
Slovakia          .185
Finland            .183
Belgium           .178
Czechia           .095
USA                 .088
Netherlands     .059
France             .047
Germany         .025
Italy                 .016
UK                   .015

1999-2006, All Races, Both Sexes: Ages 1-17 by PolitiFake.org

Cause of Death                       Number     Percentage
TOTAL                                    60684              100.0%
Traffic                                      35376              58.3%                                     
Drowning                                7594                12.5%
Fire/Burns                               4178                6.9%
Suffocation                              2315                3.8%
Poising                                    1937                3.2%
Pedestrian                              1594                2.9%
FIREARMS/GUNS                  980                  2.6%
Falls                                        961                  1.6%
Natural Environment               649                  1.5%
Struck by/Against                   592                  1/0%
Machinery                               243                  .4%
Cut/Pierced                             50                    .1%

President                                            Timeframe                  Mass Shootings
40 RONALD REAGAN                       1981 to 1989               11
41 GEORGE H.W. BUSH                   1989 to 1993               12
42 BILL CLINTON                               1993 to 2001               23
43 GEORGE W. BUSH                      2001 to 2009               20
44 BARACK H. OBAMA                     2009 to 2017               163

The following are some major highlighted mass shooting-bombings in America since President Reagan and how many were because of the religion of Islam as a cause.

Place                                                   Date                Cause
Waco                                                   04/19/1993
Oklahoma                                            04/29/1995
Columbine                                           04/20/1999
Twin Towers                                       09/11/2001      Islam
PATRIOT ACT                                    10/26/2001
HOMELAND SECURITY                    11/25/2002
Virginia Tech                                       04/16/2007
Fort Hood                                            11/09/2009      Islam
Pentagon Shooting                             10/19/2010      Islam
NYC Hatchet-Police                            10/23/2010      Islam
Sandy Hook                                        12/14/2012
Batman Shooting                                07/20/2012
Boston Bombing                                 04/15/2013      Islam
Charleston                                           06/18/2015
FREEDOM ACT                                 06/02/2015
Roseburg, Oregon                              10/01/2015      Islam
UC Merced                                          11/11/2015      Islam
San Bernardino                                   12/02/2015      Islam
Las Vegas                                           12/21/2015      Islam

Highlighted International Mass Shooting and Bombings

City/Nation                                         Date                Cause
Beirut Marine Bombing                       10/23/1983      Islam
Buenos Aires Bombing                       07/18/1994      Islam
Nairobi Bombing                                 08/07/1998      Islam
USS Cole Bombing                            10/12/2000      Islam
Madrid Bombing                                 04/11/2004      Islam
London Bombing                                07/07/2005      Islam
Ossetia - Russian School                   09/01/2004      Islam
Yazidi towns Iraq                                08/14/2007      Islam
Moscow Metro                                    04/29/2009      Islam
Utoye Island Norway                          07/ 22/2011     Islam
Kenya Mall Bombing                          09/21/2013      Islam
Sydney Café Hostages                       12/15/2014      Islam
Peshawar Army School Pakistan       12/16/2014      Islam
Charlie Hebdo                                     01//07/2015     Islam
Paris Bombing                                    11/13/2015      Islam

*This partial list does not include the numerous Islamic bombing perpetrated in Mumbai, India and those in Afghanistan and Pakistan that occur on a frequent basis.

The Cleaner
The 2016 election process is just that, a process that is presented as a means to appear that the U.S. really has the electoral power to choose its next President. Nothing further could be from the truth. The Presidents are pre-chosen, selected and groomed to be Presidents. According to the article in December of 2015 entitled, ‘Seymour Hersh Bombshell: US Military Shared Intelligence With Assad In Defiance Of Obama, CIA’, Hersh presented a report that exposes how the U.S. is in a state of civil war already, internally. This is at the level of agencies and departments pivoting against each other in a struggle for which paradigm the U.S. is to take. Few times has the U.S. Republic been in so much jeopardy, 1776, 1812, 1863, 1941 and 2016. It appears that the USA is in a death grip struggle of her life.

The outcome of who will prevail for control within the halls of the Military Industrial Complex, the CIA and the Central Bank vs. the various branches of the Military will set the course for what the Republic or lack thereof will turn out to be. Seymour Hersh is one such true journalist and watchdog of the 5th Estate that was and is supposed to ‘guard’ the integrity of a democratic republic from sliding into tyranny of the Oligarchy, the Banks and the politicians they pay off. Nonetheless Hersh is but a lone voice of objectively questioning the official narrative of such milestones of taking out bin Laden, who used sarin gas in Syria, who started the Arab Spring, who created and funds ISIS, etc. The CIA has had others like Bush 41 planted in the White House but could not accomplish all that the Luciferians required as he was voted out prematurely. This is why they had to put Bush 43 in to finish his father’s business. Up to date, the desired effects have been the following, not all inclusive of Obama’s Report Card.

- Doubled the national debt
- Introduced Foreign Diseases into America
- Insists number one problem for America is Global Warming not Islamic terrorism
- Allowed redefinition of the sanctity of marriage
- Inflamed race relations
- Quadrupled the number of people on Food Stamps
- Engaged Russia in a new Cold War
- Allowed the Iranians to get nuclear weapons
- Relinquish national sovereignty over to the UN through international treaties
- Created ISIS through CIA for forced ‘Regime Change’ and slaughter of Christians
- Forced ObamaCare with Death Panels, hiked premiums to bankrupt the Middle Class
- Initiated the Arab Springs to betray Allies and support Enemies
- Emasculated the Military with political correctness forbidding Christians to share faith
- Declared war on Christian’s ‘Christmas’ and Supported Muslims
- Targeted Christians through IRS and NSA

As noted, currently, at the center playbook has been Obama, the ultimate CIA creation of the Manchurian Candidate in the White House. Solely based on the Obama Administration outcomes, the goals of the CIA and Central Banks have been largely advanced by Obama. The Globalist Luciferians co-opted the populace to be nothing more than docile ’sheeple’ unable and too late to change and End Game for America.

The Vacuum
Metaphorically speaking a key infection now in America has been the Luciferian’s use of Islam that is been allowed into the U.S. to attack it as the Ebola virus was also created by the U.S. military abroad and exported into the U.S. as a trial run. It served as an extended arm of government elements that want the destabilization of the nation, a weakened immune system to eventually suspend the Constitution and usher in a total Police State. The Ebola scare was not only symptomatic of the political weakness of America but the compromise in the spiritual immune system, which had been America’s long-standing Judeo-Christian morality and disposition. Such an infection, as is the Presidency and attacks by Islam had to come when America’s moral weakness allowed for such a vacuum to exist due to the immorality and decadence of the nation. The Presidency after all is only a mere reflection of the state of the nation.

Based on the outcomes presented in the last above, this study strongly argues that the Obama Administration has been the design of the CIA and Central Banksters to usurp the White House and Executive Branch in an effort to consolidate and centralize all powers to the Presidency. Spiritually speaking, perhaps Obama and Islamic terrorism in America are but divine judgments and a wake-up call to national repentance. Is it is too late for America? Until then, the chosen, groomed and installed Manchurian Candidate has been performing a subversive takeover of the nation through Executive Orders. If such trends are valid, then Obama is to be the terminator President, the ‘Cleaner’ that is positioned to fold a corporation or company. If this theory is reliable, it remains to be seen after the 2016 Presidential elections. However, what has impeded and continues to impede their total plans is the remaining and lingering spiritual hindrance of Bible believing Christians that pray against this on-going conspiracy. This is why there has been a silent ‘purge’ Stalin stile of the military and demonization of Christianity.

Nonetheless the plot is to turn the USA into a Soviet Union and the former Soviet Union, Russia into America is in play. If the effects and outcomes of Obama’s leadership is any indication, the Central Banksters and their CIA have done their job through Obama as he has executed the various listed outcomes that have transpired under his watch. For example, instead of Obama protecting the borders of America at home from radical Islam, Obama has opened the doors wide open to forcefully relocate Syrian Muslim immigrants across the States. All the while Christian Syrians are denied entrance and sent back to be murdered by the Muslims out of their religious duty. As noted, this predicament of the US and Europe has been caused due in part by the spiritual vacuum created in the abandonment of its Judeo-Christian morality, law and culture.

On one hand, as the world burns, America’s mainline Christians just play church at home being led to believe that all is fine and what matters is prosperity, tolerance, and acceptance. Whenever a Muslim strikes terror in the U.S., the media is quick to not denounce it as a religious Islamic cause but asks all to be tolerance, especially Christians as Obama chastised them as being ‘less than loving’ on Easter one year. If anyone dares speaks out in criticism about Islam’s direct link with terror, there is Lynch as the U.S. Attorney General to make sure no one speaks any criticism by equating Islam with terror.

Yet most Muslim terrorist assailants precisely advertise in advance and boast about their intentions because of Islam. To them, it is a badge of honor and an act of worship because in Islam to carry out a terrorist shootings or bombings against Christians and Jews in particular assures them of ‘paradise’ and a lustful bliss of endless sex with 70 virgins, all the while they chop the heads of their daughters for even being caught kissing a boy. And what of the female suicide bombers for example? Well they also get 70 female virgins. The Obama administration has admitted that radical elements will inevitably be among the Muslim immigrant ranks and cannot possibly sift everyone. For all the billions sent on the Chertoff x-ray airport machines, pat-downs, Freedom Act, Patriot Act, the DHS cannot screen out potential terrorists?

Obviously, there is a double standard in America perpetrated by the Liberal Globalists and their controlled media in favor of Muslims and against Christians. They force upon the populace the only accepted narrative allowed to be stated and/or reported. For example, when it comes to a lone man shooting up a Planned Parenthood clinic the media is quick to portray him as ‘the real problem in America’. According to Mika Brzezinski, the ‘American White Man’ that is Christian is the problem and the most dangerous element in the U.S., thus all guns should be banned. In the case of the Planned Parenthood clinic, those inside got a live dose of their own medicine. They were forcefully ‘aborted’ and their lives ended in violence; they should have been used to it as Death came visiting on the killers of defenseless babies themselves.

The Talmudic controlled media would have one believe that because the government sponsored terror False Flags occur, that it is a national duty to outlaw firearms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. If this same rationale is applied to what really kills Americans, vehicles should be outlawed at nearly a 100-fold. The ‘War of Terror’ is a lie to disarm the populace to not fight back when the government will be hunting them down for extermination as in Soviet Russia, Maoist China, and Nazi Germany. Did one ever realize where the Nazi Party got its name? It is a composite word, look it up. It comes from Na-zi or the Nationalist Socialist and the Political Zionists that fused their one party in Germany. These were made up of the Oligarchy that owned all the munitions factory, all the pharmaceutical companies and controlled the media and universities; just like it is now in the USA. Is it any wonder why the Bush Administration hired Markus Wolfe, a former East German Stasi Leader to framework the DHS?

In a spiritual perspective, and in part the spiritual failure of the last Church Age in America, that of Laodicea is seeing the spiritual vacuum now being filled with Islam, Atheism and Satanism. Thus, mass murders will surely be on the rise abroad and in America. The vacuum of spirituality created by the waning of Christianity relegated to a pure social gospel without addressing sin that has been one cause of such a moral vacuum. The Church in general has not spoken nor lived the resurrecting power of Jesus. Mainline mega-churches in America refuse to preach on sin nor the transforming and resurrecting power found only in Jesus Christ. Instead, by design and infiltration a false gospel of prosperity, seeker friendly churches ignorant of Islam for example. On one hand the Last Days Church in America has come to fulfill the prophecy of the condition of the last Church Age just before the Harvest.

As a direct result such Christianity has been blind and unclothed to what has really been orchestrated against it all the while by its enemies. This is pertaining to the half that even claims to be Evangelical or Bible believing Followers of Jesus Christ in America; the other half has already been compromised thoroughly. The oldest denominations now accept perversion, abortion, same sex marriages and gay ministers, etc. All the while Canada uses choir children to sing the song of Mohammed Tala’ al-Badru ‘Alayna that has a theme of safety and refuge for Muslims. It however commemorates the slaughter of Christians and Jews at the Battle of Tabouk.

It celebrates Muhammad’s arrival in Medina but after he forced Christians and Jews to convert to Islam to which the New Prime Minister Trudeau, a Muslim like Obama lauded the event welcoming the Syrian Muslims. Trudeau has no problems attending Muslim ‘spirit revival’ rallies whose organization gives millions to Hamas for example. Would the Canadian government in similar fashion sing Silent Night to the real Syrian refugees, the Syrian Christians that are the most persecuted in that nation at the hands of the ‘religion of peace?’ No.

Neither would Obama, as he stated on the contrary, ‘America will never be at war with Islam’. Obama’s war has been against the Christian’s Christmas and in a false pretext to fight ISIS in a guise to ‘protect’ America. No Obama cannot, and will not be against Islam and did not in the case of the San Bernardino Muslim couple that he stated was just a workplace dispute. Such Syrian Muslims did go through the screening and were ‘missed’. How many more public shootings against innocent people by Muslims who implement the Qur’anic prescriptions against non-Muslims in America will be ‘missed’?

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