A Study of a Equinox to Equinox Timespan

  • When does the harvest of Wheat and others end for the Summer?
  • How many months does the Summer harvest typically last for?
  • Do the seasonal planting and harvesting times follow celestial time?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Jesus explained, My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work. Do you not say, There are still 4 months until the Harvest’? I tell you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are ripe for harvest. Already the Reaper draws his wages and gathers a crop for Eternal Life, so that the Sower and the Reaper may rejoice together,' John 4: 34-36

The purpose of this study is to consider the possible implication and interpretation of what constitutes the ‘Harvest’ timeframe as denoted by Jesus in John 4. In the Gospels, right before going up to Jerusalem for Passion Week, Jesus cryptically alluded to having a harvest come in 4 months. Why is this ‘harvest’ analogy significant prophetically to those who study the End Times? It is because Jesus suggested it will coincide with the harvest of souls, which the Resurrection and Rapture event will be. Based on one’s best educated guess as to the timing, it is believed Jesus said this statement at or around the Spring Equinox of March 20th. In the ancient world, the Equinoxes were the celestial bench markers of time to know when to plant and end a harvest, etc. The Spring Equinox was the time for planting, the Fall Equinox was to conclude a harvest, etc.

It also might well have been a euphemism of how Jesus was about to ‘plant’ the seed of the Church Age to be harvested at the point of the Rapture. Such celestial markers also kept the synchronization of various calendars as it was given in Genesis that the Sun, Moon, and the Stars were set in the ‘Firmament’ to demark times, season and ‘appointments’ with YHVH or the Moadiym. Thus, this study will attempt to ascertain 3 main timelines to be considered from Equinox to Equinox in light of the revelation and better understanding of how Pentecost or Shavuot is to be correctly counted. The better understanding of counting Pentecost as of late, a few years back is one in which there appears to be a clear and distinct ‘double count’ of 49 days and then with an additional 50 days per Leviticus 23:16; as some interpret it.

It was believed by those that espouse to this notion that not only would the true date of Pentecost be determined as it ‘fully came’, on July 20, but that perhaps it would also be the timing of when the Rapture would take place. How so? The rationale and logic are that as the Holy Spirit came down to indwell the Believers at that point in time, so too perhaps would the Restrainer be set aside, etc. However, the pivotal variable that is the unknown is, what year? This study will thus consider the additional timespan from the July 20 True Pentecost time marker of what would then constitute the period then initiated by this Pentecost to start the Wheat Harvest. Obviously, the Rapture did not occur at this time for 2020 on at that day. But then to suggest that perhaps the Rapture could or would still take place at the end of this ‘Wheat Harvest’ season. How so?

How Long is the Harvest?
There is a key Biblical typology as it has been noted that Boaz and Ruth, a clear picture of Jesus and His Gentile Bride waited until the end of the Wheat Harvest. It has been noted by some that the traditional Jewish times for weddings were in Summer around the time of the Jewish Valentine’s Day of Tu B’Av. The notion that Boaz and Ruth waited till the end of both the Barley and Wheat Harvests suggests that the timing would have gone way pass this traditional wedding season. If so, then the end of the Wheat Harvest could give a clue as to when that might have happened. And given this typology, one can extrapolate that template to perhaps when the Rapture of the Bride of Christ could occur or will. The key then is the end of the 4-month harvest time and then the subsequent 2-month duration of the gathering in of the Sheaves of Wheat.

It is then suggested that this 2-month harvest time also parallels the harvesting of almonds, which lasts from August to late September and thus confirms a 2-month harvesting time. The question thus remains, would this parallel timeframe be what will constitute the end of the Summer Wheat Harvest then, and that of the Church Age? And will it be this year still? This study suggests that based on the Equinox to Equinox timeframe, it would have to be no later than the Fall Equinox of a September 22nd of a given year. What has caught the attention in considering this 2-month harvest time is that the celestial occurrences in-between the March 20 Equinox and the September 22 Equinox for 2020 are amazing symmetrical. In what sense? Consider that there appears to have been a series of bookend celestial events that make this timeframe very unique and that this 2-month timeframe matches the various timelines in a Phi Ratio proportion.

There was the Comet Atlas that came to Earth’s closest approach in late May and happened to conjoin the Pleiades Star Cluster, a celestial motif of the Bride of Christ. Then there was the Comet NEOWISE that came to Earth’s closest approach and able to be seen by the naked eye around July 12. Then right in the midst of the 2 Equinoxes, there occurred a spectacular Annular solar eclipse right on the Summer Solstice. Incredible. This Annular solar eclipse was flanked on both sides by 2 Penumbral lunar eclipses of early June and then July. If anything is to be said of this, it just shows an amazing array of the celestial symmetry YHVH has incorporated in keeping time. But that it perhaps might be prophetically significant as prominent Signs to consider in the coming ‘Harvest of Souls’ that will culminate in the Resurrection and Rapture event.

As to the 2-month harvest, consider that the Fall Equinox is when the Summer season is technical and celestially over. However, such a time also coincides, depending on the year, with the Fall Feasts of YHVH, those being Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. But again, the pertinent question is what year will or could the Rapture then occur? That remains to be seen. The Psalm 90 template of what a generation signifies from the 1949 independence of Israel becomes intense to maintain such a notion to determine when the 70th and 80th year generation are to occur. It cannot be denied that in the last decade, an acceleration of prophetic events seems to be converging. The world is virtually on the brink with this Last Generation and entering into its last Luciferian New World Order. The next segment will delve into the timelines, which are basically 3 that are going to be discussed that span the Spring Equinox to Fall Equinox timeframe.

Phi Ratios of Time
The 1st timeline is that of the initial time from the Spring Equinox of March 20 to the Fall Equinox on September 22. This timespan would be, purely in mathematical terms, 180 days. This is derived from the Jewish month of 30 days x 6 months to equal 180. This by the way, would make a half circle of 360 degrees. One can thus note how time is a factor of mathematics and Sacred Geometry. In reality, the actual day count would be precisely 186 days. The 2nd timeline is that of the 4-month countdown that Jesus referred to. Assuming a Jewish reckoning of time counting, this time would be made up of 4 months each having 30 days. Thus, the total day count from a March 20 Spring Equinox + 120 days would land on July 20th. It so happened that for this particular year, the date synchronized with what was determined to be the correct timing of Pentecost, given the 99-day count from the ‘marrow after the Sheaf Wave Offering’, etc. 

Thus, assuming that July 20 was the true date of Pentecost for 2020, then this would be the start of the ‘Wheat Harvest’. How would one then determine how long the ‘harvest’ lasted or is to last? If one superimposes this timeline with the Equinox to Equinox one, it synchronizes nearly perfectly with the 2-month period of 60 days to reach the Fall Equinox, astronomically based also on Phi Ratio proportions. However, it would actually be 62 days from a purely day to day count. The 3rd timeline to consider and superimposed onto the Equinox to Equinox theory is that of the actual ‘double-count’ of Pentecost. This 99-day count started that Sunday after the Passover in Spring and concluded at the July 20th day. As noted, this timeline then also synchronizes with the remaining 2-month period that happens to be in Phi Ratio to the other 2 timelines.

So, it appears that there is a triple confirmation of what then would possibly constitute the time of the Harvest and its conclusion. Being that the celestial benchmarks are divine and set to a mathematical pattern, it can be then ascertained that such a pattern of time would be subject to the Phi Ratio theory. And upon examination, that is precisely what occurs. One would not consider these 3 timelines if it were not for the Phi Ratio of the converging 2-month period and the amazing symmetry of the various celestial events that occurred spectacularly and exactly in-between this Equinox to Equinox timeframe. From that Sunday after Passover in the Spring to the July 20th day when Pentecost ‘had fully come’ to the day of the Fall Equinox is approximately sectioned-off in the Golden Mean. Realize that in many prior studies of the divine patterns of YHVH, it has been postulated that time marches on in series of Phi Ratio segments.

This is to suggest that prophetic events are laid out and occur in such proportions of time then and will. This phenomenon of the Phi Ratio is a mystery of ‘divine proportions’ that is considered by many to be, the ‘Signature of GOD’. This sacred template of mathematical and geometry is seen from the smallest minute objects of Creation to the vast galaxies of the Cosmos. It is also seen in art, architecture, and the human body proportions, etc. Thus, what can be ascertained with some confidence is that the appearance of the 3 timelines in question, that have been overlapped seem to synchronize based on this Phi Ratio pattern of time. What this study nonetheless has reviewed cannot conclude if the ‘Wheat Harvest’ period of the 2-months after the July 20 ‘True Pentecost’ will force the Rapture event.

But because of the various synchronizations are occurring and are suggesting a confirmation of this 2-month period as being the ‘Harvest’ time, this period is to be watched carefully. It is a prophetic time template to consider and apply to the subsequent years. There is of course about a 3-4-day discrepancy of the Fall Equinox of September 20 due to the astronomical versus the calendar counting of a month. Nonetheless, it will be exciting to see if in fact the Rapture, is to coincide with the end of the 2-month Wheat Harvest and if it is this year. If the case will be that the time comes and goes, then one is of the opinion that it was just a mere ‘rehearsal’ and that one will have to consider the subsequent yearly cycle once again. Consider that with each passing year, the details of prophecy are becoming more refined and clearer.

As the Fall Feasts of YHVH approach each year, there are many that strongly believe the Rapture event will take place on the Feast of Yom Teruah, or the Feast of Trumpets. Ther are very strong elements and factors to the argument and perhaps it could be as one is open to any key Feast of YHVH being the day of the Resurrection and Rapture. What is troublesome is that such also believe then that the Tribulation Period will start at that time as well. This is problematic as many things have to still be in place for the Tribulation Period to occur. Primarily, it is believed the Rapture event will trigger that. In part, this is true as there will be a worldwide panic and quandary as to what happened and how the Rapture event will be explained away.

Many do not realize though that it is not the Rapture itself that initiates the ‘confirming of the Covenant’ with the Many. What does start the 2520-day countdown to the return of Jesus, or the 7-year Tribulation Period is when the Daily Sacrifices begin. This is the pivotal key factor. And for this to happen, there needs to be the 3rd Temple rebuilt which will take at least 6 months to construct as most of the pieces will be prefabricated. Then the Altar of Sacrifice has to be also built. And before the Temple Mount can have such construction and dedication initiated, it has to be ‘purified’ and that is what the Ashes of the Red Heifer are for. As it is, the 2 Red Heifers that are contenting for the sacrifice are not of age yet, nor can be by a September deadline. Thus a 2020-27 timeline cannot be.

There is also no major regional war against Israel that will occur due to the deception of a ‘Peace and Safety’ dialog currently in play. But in fact, a severe backlash of the immediate paramilitary Islamic factions will simultaneously attack Israel. The outcome will be an Israeli overwhelming victory that then ushers in the Biblical AntiChrist. So, one can ascertain with a minimal measure of logic and reason to realize that if the Rapture event occurred by the September 20 end date, no such time would allow for all these factors to playout. Suffice to say that a ‘Gap Time’ is required to have the full implementation of the New World Order grid in place, of which the coming forced vaccines will be key. It will be a total China style surveillance world that is a reality now.

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