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  • What is the '2 State Solution'? Is it  a Solution? No.
  • How far back does the Arab-Israeli Conflict go?
  • Has there been Concessions to the Arabs for a State?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘If the Arabs put down their Weapons Today, there would be no more ‎Violence. If the Jews put ‎down their Weapons ‎Today, there would be no ‎more Israel’. -Benjamin Netanyahu

The following is a brief History of how the Muslim Arabs, who now call themselves, ‘Palestinians’ have thwarted any Real Change at establishing their own State. ‘They never miss an Opportunity to miss an Opportunity’. Hamas, Fatah and most Muslims that either Support their Cause or are Sympathetic to their Agenda, realize that there is no 2-State Solution viable. It is only a 1-State Solution. And that is, ‘From the River [Jordan] to the Sea, Palestine will be Free’. This is a Slogan of Slaughter and Genocide. And that is exactly what the Hamas Charter calls for. Yet the World and especially those in the West that are of the Left, both Muslim and even some Jews, are claiming that it is Israel that is the ‘Apartheid’ State and bent on the Genocide of the People in Gaza.

Realize that given the Opportunity for the Palestinians to have their own State, which has never been the case, there would still be No Peace. Why not? The Hamas Charter specifies this Rationale. Most in the West do not Understand, Realize or Accept that there can never be 2 States for the Muslims in the Promised Land. This War between the Palestinians and the Jews is foremost a Religious War. This is the Correct Context and Lens the World fails to see the Situation in the Middle East, concerning Israel.

The Attack of October 7, 2023 was and is a Game Changer. Hamas and Palestinian Regular Civilians crossed over into Israel, precisely because of their Religion and no other Reason. It was to Kill and Kidnap Jews. Even if the Palestinians had their own State…the Gaza Strip and the Biblical Heartland of Ancient Israel, Judea and Samaria, the Palestinians would still lob Rockets into Civilian Populations, conduct Cross Border Raids and Murder Jews in the Streets. Why? It is not about having a ‘State of Palestine’. It is about Israel not having one of their own. The 2-State Solution is ‘No Solution’.

To the Muslims, it is a matter of the ‘Final Solution’ as their Charters spill-out the same Spirit of Hitler had and stated also in his ‘Charter’, the Book he wrote while in Prison, ‘Mein Kampf’. It translates to as ‘My Struggle’ or in Arabic, ‘My Jihad’. Realize that the Promised Land is the only Title Dead ever given to a Race on Earth by the Entity said to be ‘GOD’, YHVH who made Humanity, Earth, etc. YHVH found a ‘Friend’ in Abraham of the Chaldeans. It was through this Man that YHVH chose to reveal Himself, progressively to Humanity. Ultimately, the Descendants through Isaac and Jacob, that later became Israel would be the Nation set at the Crossroads of Humanity as a ‘Billboard’ of sorts. Then King David purchased what is now the Temple Mount.

Israel and the Crossroads

The People and Nation of what became now known as the ‘Jews’ were to be the ‘Light’ and the ‘Salt’ of the Earth. With the Covenants of YHVH, they were to Instruct the World about the Salvation found only in the Messiah. This Messiah would be GOD come in the Flesh to Redeem, not only Israel but the entire Human Race. This was accomplished by Jesus in His 1st Visitation. A 2nd Visitation is yet to occur. Thus, the Land Grant given to Abraham and his Descendants through Isaac and then Jacob is what most in the World neglect to Understand. And worse, are all the so-called Christians that are siding with the Palestinian Agenda of Genocide against the Jews. Moral Blindness is occurring.

Abraham lived nearly 2000 Years before Jesus, approximately. He left Ur of the Chaldeans, Modern-Day Iraq and set-out for the Promised Land. That was at that Time, inhabited by the Canaanites. They were of a Phoenician Type of Sea-Peoples that settled in the Eastern Mediterranean. Their Name comes from the Stars, as that is what their Folklore says about their Origins. It is much like most other Ancient Peoples who were told that they had been ‘Seeded’ by Beings coming from the Stars, etc. In the case of the Phoenicians, it was the Star Sirius that was Prominent in their Creation Story. But how is that connected to the Canaanites?

The Star Sirius is known as the Dog Star, or Cannes in Latin, thus ‘Canaanites’. They are essentially, ‘People of the Dog’. Or in other Terms, not to be Derogatory, but nevertheless, ‘People of the Bitch’. This is why the Ancient Peoples Worshiped the ‘Queen of Heaven’ that is really, if one does a deep study on the Origins of such Deities, is none other than Lucifer in Drags. This is why Lucifer, was and is so Beautiful that he embodies the Notion of the 1st Narcissist that fell in Love with himself. And is it no wonder that in most ‘Mary’ or Virgin Apparitions around the World, it is of the Queen of Heaven that ‘Appears’, as Worshiped in Ancient Times, i.e., Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, etc.

She was the Goddess that ‘Turned Men into Women’. Moreover, such Deities along with Ba’al or the Lord of Sexual Perversion demanded the Children be put to the Fire and burned Alive. This is 1 of the main Reasons why YHVH reserved His Judgment by waiting until the Jews came out of Egypt. Why? YHVH used the Israelites to execute Judgment, a True Genocide to wipe the Sexual Perversion, Idolatry and Abomination of Child Sacrifices, for example. The other Grave Sin was how the Canaanite Tribes mixed their DNA with that of the Fallen Angels. These are Folklore of how Beings from the Stars came down to Earth and Mated with Women. Where? In Israel. Why Israel?

The result of such Prohibited Unions were the Giants of Old. This is specified in Genesis 6 and in the Book of Enoch. Why? Lucifer conspired to Deface the ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH in Humanity. Humanity is very Special in that it is constituted with a Soul. No other Created Being known to Humanity has that make-up. More Astonishing, is that it would prohibit Humanity from producing a pure Human-Bred Man. Why? Such a Man would eventually Destroy Lucifer as that is what the Decree stated from Genesis 3:15. Thus, the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Site were ‘Occupied’ by the Canaanites. Lucifer used their Perversion and DNA Modification to hinder the Israelites from 1 Day coming into Land. This was why there was a need for a Global Flood.

Stop the Israelites from Coming Over

However, the DNA Manipulation continued after the Flood. Nonetheless, YHVH used the Israelites as an ‘Instrument of Judgment’ against the Canaanites to Clear the Land Promised to Abraham of such Profanity and Perversion. This was the Reason for Genocide. It was a Cancer Metaphor. As Cancer spreads, it will eventually Kill all the Organs. In order to save a Body, the Flesh that has the Cancer has to be cut-out. This is exactly what YHVH did to keep it from spreading throughout Humanity. Thus, the Israelites under the Command of Joshua, a Type of Jesus, Cleansed the Land.

He cleared it out. Realize that the Canaanites had no Right to the Promised Land, Jerusalem or the Temple. In reality, no Humans do, except the Descendants of Abraham, confirmed through Isaac and Jacob. Their Land Grant would be, ‘From the River to the River’, as in the Euphrates and the Nile. These, by the way, are represented by the 2 Strips of Blue Lines on the Flag of Modern-Day Israel, etc. As the Israelites cleared-out the Promised Land, the Allocation of each Tribe was Partitioned. Also note that such Demarcations will exist in the 1000-Year Reign of Jesus when He returns. And the New Jerusalem’s Foundation will be set upon the Names of the 12 Tribes of Israel, not Ishmael or any other ‘Son of Abraham’, which he had many more besides.

Now, the Stewardship of the Promised Land was Conditional to Israel. YHVH warned Israel that if they fell into the same Profanity and Perversion of the People they had cleared-out, the Israelites would also be Evicted. Did the Israelites keep their Word? Of course not. Thus, on 2 major Occasions, the Israelites were Expelled from the Promised Land. It was by Sennacherib of Assyria, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and then by Titus of Rome. But what the Bible teaches is that in each Diaspora of Discipline, YHVH would return Israel, what remained of them, because of His Promise made to Abraham. And this is what occurred on May 14, 1948. And this Roman Diaspora, is to be the Last. Realize that the Returning of the Jews is on-going to this Day.

But since 70 AD it was Rome that changed the Name of Judea, being the Last Tribe kept alive by YHVH. And the Romans ruled the Region as Syria-Palestina until the Fall of the Byzantine Empire at the Hands of the Muslims. Realize that Christianity existed in Arabia and the Core of the Middle East for at least 500 Years before Mohammed showed-up. And it is from the Bible where Muhammad plagiarized most of what is now Muslim Eschatology and Notions of Islam being the ‘Last Revelation’. Here lies the issue and the Core Contention in the Middle East. Islam, is not the ‘Religion of Peace’. Why? For Israel to suddenly reappear or be ‘Re-Born’ is Anathema to Islam. It means that YHVH is not done with the Jews. And?

It means Islam is not the ‘Last Revelation’ or ‘Final Authority’ for Humanity to have to ‘Submit’ to. And it means that all the Promises of the Bible given to Israel are yet to be fulfilled. And what are those Core Promises? It is that the Descendants of Abraham, through Isaac and Jacob would Possess the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple of YHVH on Earth. It means that a Physical Descendant of King David would always Rule, not only Israel but the entire World 1 Day. It means that Israel will be the ‘Head of the Nations’ when Jesus returns, as that is the only way Peace will be realized.

A Transfer of Title? No.

So, as the Muslims ruled the Region that was Judaea and Samaria since -1440 BC, now referred to as ‘Palestine’, the Arabs living there never ascribed themselves this Name. It was a Roman Pagan Name. Why would the Arab Muslim Population take that Name upon themselves? They did not. They saw themselves as Arab and Muslim. It was not until Israel declared its Independence under the Provision of the U.N. Partition Plan of 1947, that ‘Suddenly’, the Arab and Muslims in Gaza and what is referred to as the West Bank, being the Ancient Heartland of Israel, were now identifying as ‘Palestinians’.

The Notion that the Modern-Day ‘Palestinians’ are the ‘Philistines’ of the Bible has some Merit, but they essentially became Extinct and Assimilated during the Arab Muslim Occupation of the Promised Land since around 623 AD. Their Identity was exclusively Arab and Muslim, all the way up through the Muslim Ottoman Turks even. But under the Rule of the Turks, the Arabs that migrated to the place called Gaza, never saw themselves as ‘Palestinians’. So long as they were under Islamic Rule and Domain, there was Relative Peace. It was not until the Ottomans Fell, as they sided with Germany during World War 1, that the Turks lost all Dominion over the Middle East.

In the Vacuum, the British, French and the Russians came in and carved-out the Middle East. Specifically, the League of Nations, the ‘U.N.’ of the Day, gave Control to the British in 1919 by way of the Versailles Conference. Then in 1920, the ‘Mandate was to specifically give the Jews a Homeland, not to the Arabs. It was the Recognition and Reinstatement of the Ancient Biblical Promised Land that the Jews had acquired since crossing the Jordan River under Joshua, circa -1440 BC. But realize that the Jews had always lived in what was referred to on the Western Maps, as ‘Palestine’. All Jews saw themselves as that, ‘Palestinians’ in a Geo-Political Sense.

The place was Arid, Dry and Desolate. The Turks sold vast tracts of Land and Homes in Jerusalem to the Jews as they withdrew back to Turkey. But it was around World War 1, that the Leaders in the West, and more precisely, the ‘Powers-That-Be’ behind the Curtain, started to set-up the World for the eventual creation or Re-Birth of Israel. This is where it now gets Complicated and Conspiratorial. Of course, one is interpreting History as one has read it, witnessed and actually Researched. More significantly, one is basing the following History, that is verifiable, through the Lens of End Times Interpretations from the Bible.

Astonishingly, what is occurring now in the Middle East, with respect to Israel is exactly how Jesus foretold Events would precisely occur. And how the 3 Main Prophetic Factors, that of the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple, that Israel lost due to its Unfaithful Stewardship of them and given to its Enemies, are the 3 Factors that YHVH is Reconstituting again through Israel in these Last Days. Why? It is because of YHVH’s Promise and specifically that of Jesus’ Promise to Return. How so? Jesus Promised that He would Return when all 3 Factors were to be Reconstituted and in Possession of the Jews: the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple. What is next on the Prophetic Calendar of Events, is just that, the 3rd Temple. It is that close as the Church Age Ends.

This is what the Contention is really all about in the Middle East. It is about Israel not Possessing its Birth-Right. It is about Lucifer, using his Proxies, his Minions and People Groups, like the Muslims and in this sad case, the Palestinians to thwart the Return of Jew and Jesus. They seek the Birth-Right of Jacob in Possessing the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple for themselves, for Ishmael. And there is no Negotiating that away. This is why a 2-State Solution is Absurd to the Muslims. It is only being touted by the West and the Muslims to buy Time. It is designed to wear-down the West and the Jews in order to have the World Capitulate to Islam’s Submission. So, the following are 5 Opportunities that the Palestinians missed, by Design in forming their own State.

Opportunity #1 for a State of Palestine

After the World War 1 collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the British mainly set-out to Poll the People of the Region to ascertain what would be the ‘Best Course of Action’ for ‘Palestine’. It was in light of how both the Jews and the Muslims called and considered themselves ‘Palestinians’ had revolted against the Turks. To that End, the Notion of a ‘2-State Solution’ or Option; 1 for the Muslims and 1 for the Jews would suffice, no? No. Under the British Rule and Mandate, once again, both the Muslims and the Jews, still considered ‘Palestinians’ fought the British just as much.

Thus came the 1st Opportunity for the Muslim Arabs to accept a State of their own. This occurred in 1936. In an attempt to quell the Violence, the British proposed that their Mandate would be Divided. However, realize that what most People in the World think and are told about ‘Israel’, is that it was not ‘Palestine’. They were one in the same, initially up until 1948. And the Land that was to be given to the Arabs is what is now the Kingdom of Jordan. This Nation or Kingdom did not exist since the Roman, the Byzantine, the Crusader, the Arab or Ottoman Rule.

But it is this larger Portion that was offered to the Muslims in what was called Palestine on the Western Maps. To Reiterate. Nearly 80% of what was referred to as Palestine, i.e., what is now Jordan was allocated to the Muslims. Only 20% would be given to the Jews. The Jewish Portion was to be what is now referred to as the West Bank, the Golan Heights, Gaza and Israel Proper, etc. But as the British Double-Crossed both of them, all the Land from the Golan Heights to the Negev was to be now Divided into the 2-States. Did the Muslim Arabs agree to this? No. Note that during this Time, the Jewish World Congress was formed and many Jews from around the World started to Immigrate back to Israel, although under the Passport of the British Mandate.

Opportunity #2 for a State of Palestine

Realize that during World War 1, the Muslims sided with Germany. The Jews, sided with the Allies during that World War. So, the Point in this, is that an Arab Resentment was already ‘Birthed’. This Resentment persisted as World War 2 broke-out and the Muslims sided with Nazism. The Jews sided with the Allies and even formed Jewish Brigades. So did the Muslims, on the side of Hitler, etc. The British continued to Rule but sustained Attacks, Assassinations from both the Muslims and the Jews. The Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount became ‘Unruly’ to the Point that the British Abdicated the Mandate to the newly Formed United Nations after World War 2.

Here is what occurred concerning the 2nd Attempt at establishing a 2-State Solution. As mentioned, the British actually Double-Cross both the Jews and the Muslims. How so? As Oil was discovered in Northern Syria the British instituted their Colonial Play Book of ‘Divide and Conquer’. They did not want Strong Arab Nationalist Government that would not be sympathetic towards British Petroleum, for example. So, what the British did was to take the Portion that was to be allocated, in consideration for the Arabs, that being what is now Jordan and made it into a Fake Kingdom. They installed the King that had Direct Bloodlines to Mohammed and Mecca.

What that meant was that now, of the 20% of the Land that was to be allocated for the Jews, would now be Partitioned between the Jews and the Muslims Arabs. Thus, in 1947 the British asked the United Nations to take over the Mandate as the Muslims and the Jews were vying for Statehood. Note that the 20% of the Land remaining, that was to be for the Jews was now to be Divided with the Arabs by Partition of the U.N. And on November 29, 1947 the UN voted to create 2-States, a Jewish and Arab Muslim one. The Jews accepted the Offer. Did the Muslims, who yet did not consider themselves ‘Palestinians’? No. Again, the Arabs rejected the Partition. They made it clear that they were not interested in a 2-State Solution, but rather just a 1-State, theirs. No Israel.

They instead, with the help of their Neighboring Muslims Brethren attacked Israel, just being 1 Day Old. This occurred after David Ben Gurion Declared Independence on May 14, 1948. Miraculously, Israel prevailed. An Armistice was called and Israel was recognized by the USA, the USSR, Nicaragua and the rest is History as they say. What this resulted in, was the Mass Migration of both Populations in the Middle East. Virtually all the Jews in Muslim Nations, from Morocco to Iran immigrated to Israel. And also, a lot of the Muslim Arabs fled from Israel. The Muslim Arabs that were in Gaza, became Entrenched there. Gaza came under the Control or ‘Occupation’ of Egypt.

The Territory of the Ancient Heartland of Israel, Judea and Samaria was now under the Control or ‘Occupation’ of Jordan. Since 1948, did the People now called the ‘Palestinians’ see themselves as that or even called themselves that when under both the Rule of the Egyptians and Jordanians? Were there mass Revolts, Rocket Launching, Border Incursions, Suicide Bombing, Stabbing of Egyptians or Jordanians for ‘Occupying Palestine’? No. Many Arabs that lived in what became Israel Proper moved to Syria, Jordan and Egypt. They were forced to stay in ‘Refugee Camps’, supported and paid for by the U.N. There was no Assimilation into the Muslim Nations.

Realize that Egypt built a Wall on its Border with Gaza to keep the ‘Palestinians’ out, to this Day. They did not and do not want Palestinians. And for Good Reason. the Palestinians became Pons in the Geo-Political Chess-Board. They became nothing but Human Shield in which the Islamist Agenda sacrifice them in their Quest to 1 Day rule all of the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Realize that the People that are now called ‘Palestinians’ have been intentionally kept in those Refugee Camps to this Day. With all the Billions in Aid given to the Leadership of the Palestinians, Gaza, in particular should have been like a Singapore or Hong Kong of the Middle East.

Opportunity #3 for a State of Palestine

Since the War of Independence, Israel managed to not only Survive but Thrive in its New Birth after Returning to the Promised Land. This was ‘Step 1 of 3’ based on Jesus’ Prophecy. What came next was Jerusalem being Liberated from the Muslims in ‘Step 2’ in the 6-Day War of 1967. What is still to be fulfilled and will, is ‘Step 3’, the 3rd Temple, etc. The Recognition of Israel, as a Sovereign State gave the Legal Right of Return to all Jews around the World. But now, all of a sudden, the ‘Palestinians’ wanted a State of their own. Now, they said they were being ‘Occupied’ by the Jews, etc. They say that they want a 2-State Solution but it is a Lie. They want 1 State-Solution, theirs. And that is exactly what is reflected in the various Charters of those Par-Military Factions.

Their sole Existence is to carry-out the Precepts and Protocols of Islam. And that is Genocide of the Jewish Nation. Since 1948, the ‘Catastrophe’ of the Muslims in allowing the Ancient Israelites to have their own Nation and State again, swelled-up. It is about the Bitter Contention for the Birth-Right even more profoundly as it is really a Religious War. In the meanwhile, since 1948, the Muslims of the Region armed themselves with the latest Soviet Weaponry. By the Mid-1960s, Israeli Intelligence surmised that an Imminent Attack was to occur. With such Foreknowledge, Israel made a Decision to Pre-Emptively Strike against the combined Armed Forces of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

Israel Decimated their Militaries and this 6-Day War was won by Israel to the extent that it Liberated Jerusalem from the Arabs. The Jews that had been barred from Praying In the Western Wall were now in Possession of it along with the entire Heartland of Ancient Israel, that being Judea and Samaria. It is now still called the ‘West Bank’ in reference to the Jordan River, etc. ‘Step 2’ of Jesus’ Prophecy completed. Amazingly, Israel also captured the entire Sinai Peninsula. And this is the 1st Time when Israel took Control of the Gaza Strip. However, it was Moshe Dayan, who, in a Gesture of Good-Will and Appeasement, handed over the Custodianship of the Temple Mount to the Muslims.

It was at this Point in Time, that suddenly the Muslims and Arabs identified with the Term, ‘Palestinian’. And how now, being ‘Occupied’ by the Jews, there needed to be a 2-State Solution. But as the Israeli Leadership was Weak and Indecisive, they did not want 2 Billion Muslims attacking Israel, at least not yet. Thus Dayan, along with other Members of his Party, also offered to return the West Bank to Jordan and the Gaza Strip to Egypt in exchange for ‘Peace and Security’. But did the Muslims or now the ‘Palestinians’ accept this Offer? No. This is where the Notion of ‘Land for Peace’ from the Leftist in Israel came from. It does not work. It never did and never will.

This is why it is Shameful for fellow Jews that are either Communist, if not Socialist think that by Appeasing the Muslims, they will have ‘Peace and Security’. ‘If only the Muslims had a State of their own, we would have Peace’. How Naïve. To the Muslims, it has to be ‘All or Nothing’ and on their ‘Terms’. As Arabs and Muslims, they were Humiliated and it is now not only about their ‘Religion of Peace and Tolerance’, but it is an issue of Pride. So, what did the Arab World do or respond to the 6-Day War that expanded Israel’s Borders? The Arab League met in Sudan and issued its Infamous 3 ‘NOs’.

1-No Peace with Israel. 2-No Recognition of Israel. 3-No Negotiations with Israel.

Opportunity #4 for a State of Palestine
Fast-Forward to 1973. In an attempt to Restore National Pride, the neighboring Muslim Nations had been Re-Arming themselves and attacked Israel. This occurred on October 7, 1973. It is no surprise why the Hamas Attack on Israel also occurred on October 7, 2023. It occurred on the 50th Year Anniversary of the Yom Kippur. This is why it is a Religious War, foremost. Note, the Muslims Attacked Israel on what it considers its Holiest Day. What would the World say if Israel Attacked Gaza or any other Muslim Nation during Ramadan? It would go ‘Ballistic’, Pun intended.

And again, the Muslims were Armed with the latest Soviet Weaponry. This Time, the Plan was to Strike Israel when it was unexpected. The Egyptian Army crossed the Suez Canal into Israeli Outposts that were overrun. In the Golan Heights, the Syrian Army advanced to breach the Israeli Fortifications. Israel was in a Literal Vice-Grip as the Muslims intended to Squeeze the Life out of Israel. But GOD, or YHVH. This Muslim Invasion that took place on October 7, 1973 was on a Sabbath that Year like it was on October 7 of 2023. In 1973, the Israelis Mobilized and Fought back. With the Aid of the USA, Israel was Victorious, again, Miraculously.

What occurred during this Time was that the PLO entrenched themselves in Southern Lebanon. They Massacred the Christian Community there and cleared the Land of their Witness for Jesus. They then launched repeated Cross-Border Attacks on Jewish Settlements. It got to the Point that during the Mid-1980s, Israel decided to Invade Southern Lebanon. This is when the Intifada came about in 1987, specifically to coincide with the 20 Year Victory of Israel over the Muslims in 1967. Then Hezbollah was created. Then all during the 1990s, there were waves of Suicide Bombings in all of Israel as well as Stabbing of Jews by Arabs in various Public Places. The Muslim Terror continued even outside of Israel as Jews were targeted around the World, etc.

But, by this Time, most Israelis were Shell-Shocked and War-Weary. They sought Peace and Safety in considering the Failed Notion of thinking they could Appease the Muslims into a Land for Peace Accord. This was attempted again during the Oslo  Accords in which Yitzhak Rabin made ‘Peace’ with the PLO. They mutually recognized each other, on Paper but for such Efforts, Rabin was Assassinated. Then in 2000, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barack met at Camp David with Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat. They agreed to finalize a 2-State Solution.

According to Reports, the ‘Palestinians’ would be getting essentially what Dayan and other Israeli Liberal Leaders had previously offered, Gaza and the West Bank in a futile effort to Appease the Arab Muslims, etc. On top of all that, the Prize was having East Jerusalem as the New Capital of the State of Palestine. So, did Arafat accept this Offer? No. Why would they now say ‘Yes’ to a ‘No’ they had before? And why not? The Clincher is what the Jews wanted in Exchange. And here was more Evidence, it really is a Religious War. Despite Ehud Barak being Liberal, Israel wanted the Temple Mount. If Arafat would have agreed to this, the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock Muslim Shrine would be in the Hand of the ‘Jews’. Arafat could not be seen as ‘Selling-Out Islam’. This is why the Contention continues and will until Jesus returns.

Opportunity #5 for a State of Palestine

But had Israel learned its Lesson? No. Instead, a far worse Leader took Office in Israel after Barak, Ehud Olmert. And again, the same Failed Policy of ‘Land for Peace’ was put on the Table. In this case, it was the Year 2008. Israel had Elections and the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert went even further by offering the Muslims additional ‘Land for Peace’. This was in hopes that perhaps, the New Leader of what became the Successor to the PLO, the Palestinian Authority would Compromise.

The name of the New Palestinian Leader was Mahmud Abbas. Did Abbas accept the Land of Peace Deal? No. Of course not. In the Muslim World, you cannot make a ‘Deal’ with Israel, whom the Muslims see as the ‘Little Satan’. Abbas had to ‘Prove’ himself and not come across as Capitulating to the Jews, etc. But as to the Israeli Strategy of ‘Land for Peace’? This actually did occur. After the Yom Kippur War of 1973, the Egyptian President at the Time, Anwar Sadat made Peace with Israel. This was Historic. It was the 1st Muslim Nation to not only Recognize the Jewish State but make a Peace Pact with.

However, for that effort, Israel had to give back the Sinai Peninsula. Then in 2005, the USA pressured the Israeli Government to leave Gaza. Again, a ‘Land for Peace’ Stipulation, which the Israeli Prime Minister at the Time, Ariel Sharon reluctantly agreed to. The Gaza Leadership ‘Promised Peace’ if only the Jews left. Did Israel get Peace in exchange for leaving Gaza? No. All they got to this Day are barrages of Rocket Attacks, Border Incursions, Stabbings and now the October 7, 2023 Massacre.

Israel and the World fail to really comprehend the History of the Region and how it is, at the Core, a Jihad on the part of the Muslims to totally dominate the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. One is reminded of the Proverbial Saying about what is 1 Definition of Insanity. The Definition of Insanity is, ‘Doing the same Thing, over and over and expecting Different Results’. Based on this Notion, Israel is ‘Insane’ for attempting to Appease the Muslims with an elusive ‘Land for Peace’ Incentive that is Antithetical to Islam. Islam is about Total Dominance and Control, a ‘Submission to the Will of Allah;, etc. Yes, the Jews can have Peace and Security if they ‘Submit the Will of Allah’. And that goes for every Non-Muslim.

Until then, to the Muslims, as specified and outlined in their Charter, it will always be a 1-State Solution for the Muslims, Palestine. No Israel. The Bible teaches that there will not be any Peace in the Middle East. In fact, there are 3 Major Wars that Israel still has to Fight: Psalm 83 War, Ezekiel 83 War and Armageddon. However, as to the Sequence, it is highly suggestive, but based on one’s Interpretation, there will be a Man that comes on the Scene that will actually Promise and temporarily deliver Israel and the World in general, a Time of ‘Peace and Security’. However, as Jesus warned, it will be a False Messiah with a False Prophet that will only Guarantee a False ‘Peace’.




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