Ambiguity of the Rapture Event

  • What was and is the Core Message of the Sign?
  • Is it still to play a Prophetic Role, yet in the Future?
  • How is the Rapture of the Bride of Christ Inferred?

by Luis B. Vega

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-Doubtfulness or Uncertainty as regards Interpretation.
-Something of Doubtful Meaning.
-The State of being Ambiguous; Doubtfulness or Uncertainty, Particularly of Signification.

The purpose of this study is to consider if the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was of any Prophetic Relevance and is it still or will be. One believes that it was, is and will be. To this End, one will address a Question that was posed about how the Sign seemed ‘Ambiguous’ at best. One would agree with this much, the Revelation 12 Sign, since it 1st got Popularized, has gotten all sorts of Conjecture about it. One has seen Perspectives from Roman Catholics, Mormons, Pagans as in Horoscope Types, give their ‘Interpretation’.

One has read/heard that, ‘It has already happened’, or it is ‘Bogus’ or just a big ‘Nothing Burger’. Or 'For Goodness Sake', it is an Imaginary Stick Figure in the Sky! And with People using a Software Program that cannot even be seen as the Sun is blocking it! And if it is a ‘Sign’, for the Jews, they cannot see it. What is up? Fair Questions. Allow one to give one’s Perspective, briefly. The Sign could be seen, but as a Qualifier, only at Dawn and Dust, as the Sun rose and Set.

One could make-out Portions of it at the ‘Twinkling of an Eye’ Time, where the Stars could start to be made out. Yes, the Software, Stellarium and others, one would say, just came-out at the Right Time for this Technology to Track it and precisely because it happened in this Last Generation when such Technology would be available to Discern it. As for the Sign to the Jews, one argues it was and is more so for the Church, as one argues it is a Double-Entendre Motif, nonetheless for both Bodies. It is ‘Now’, a Sign for the Body of Christ Motif.

Then, during the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation, it will be a Sign for ‘Elect’, if that makes sense. Also consider that, as it became Sensationalized, as with every Topic or Event, take the Asbury Event, for example. There is a whole Spectrum, of…’It is of the Devil and Deception to perhaps the Last Great Awakening’ in the USA, at least. So, with the Revelation 12 Sign, if one can help a Skeptic understand it, it is rather Simple because it is. One does not need any Commentary nor Interpretation other than what YHVH already provided.

It is About Predictive Programming

That is enough and how it should have been and still is. It is in the Bible. If you want to know what it means and what it is about, please read Revelation 12. Yes, the Passage is Metaphorical and thus. subject to much Interpretation and Misinterpretation. But that is a Reflection of Man’s Ignorance of Scripture. So, that is why there is a lot of Ambiguity about it. But all one can say is that it depends on who you have been Talking to or Read or Heard. One is welcome to Download one’s Book about the Revelation 12 Sign.

It is a Compilation of nearly a Decade’s worth of Research, from around 2008-2009. Read and See if this Revelation 12 Thing, as a Sign is just ‘too Ambiguous’. One can tell from Personal Experience, and from what one has shared, Publicly. If the Revelation 12 Sign was and is ‘No Big Deal’, why was the Revelation 12 Sign Wikipedia Page Scrubbed? Why, of all the Researchers, that one knows of, one’s Website is being actively monitored by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and even visits from the Naval Intelligence Agency?

One does not think such Information one is presenting about End Time Studies or does about the Revelation 12 Sign still, is Ambiguous to them, no? For example, allow one to argue from the ‘Enemy’s Perspective. In one’s Book, one Argues that the Forces of Darkness and Evil clearly did not and do not consider this Sign ‘Ambiguous’. In fact, their Hollywood Predictive Programming Machine started way before 2017, because they ‘Knew’ about it. They ‘Know’. Here is the Chart one did about the Hollywood Cabal. It portrays the Revelation 12 Sign since 2006.

Da Vinci Code Revelation 12 Sign back in 2006

The Sign was first brought to one’s Attention in seeing Clips Online from the Movie, the Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks. One nearly fell off one’s Chair, as they say, when one saw that Planetary Alignment Depicted. One suspected that perhaps 99.9% of People, at the Time, had no Clue that they were made to look at. They projecting-out the Revelation 12 Sign and other related Crypted Motifs too.

It is the Scene where Tom Hanks is in the Church where the Tomb of Sir Isaac Newton is at. There was a Cypher he found on it and it projected-out, the Solar System. Guess what that Planetary Alignment Depicted? The Revelation 12 Sign, exactly with Jupiter in the ‘Womb of Virgo’ and the 3 Planet Alignment. Ambiguous? And over the Years, the Music and Film Industry has ‘Mocked’ this Motif of the ‘Woman of Wonder’.

It is when the Wonder Woman Movies came out and the Heroine was a Jewish Actor. Then the SpaceX ‘Dragon’ Modular Space-Craft that supplied the International Space Station, happens to be at the Precise Place in the Constellation of Virgo, on September 27, 2017. It became, as the ‘Dragon’ of the Passage, as if to ‘Devour’ the Man-Child, correlating to the Planet Jupiter.

It is About a Warning Given
So, one’s Point. Start with Scripture and stay there and that is it. Let the Holy Spirit Teach the Passage, if one is a Follower of Jesus. If anyone wants one’s Perspective of Years’ worth of Studies, Charts pertinent to the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017, one is welcome to Download one’s Book. There is even a Challenge for the Readers. Please read it, if you want Answers. If, after one has read it, in Sincerity, and if one thinks it is still ‘Bogus’ or Ambiguous, one will give you, ‘Your Money Back’. Deal? Here is the Chart one Composed about all the Predictive Programing from the Luciferians about the Revelation 12 Sign since 2017.

Chart: Revelation 12 Composite

Here is the Link to the Book, Free to Download for anyone Interested.

The Great Sign
Maiden, Monster and Man-Child

Here is a Shout-Out to Pastor Jimmy Evans. Not sure if any of you all are familiar with his Work. Back in 2021, he had a Teaching Series on the Signs of the Times and mentioned one’s Work about the Revelation 12 Sign. He also did an Interview with Day-Star TV in Jerusalem that also featured one’s Chart about the Virgo Sign. The 1st Video has over 1 Million + Views presently.

Seven Major End Times Signs
Tipping Point with Jimmy Evans

For the sake of the Conversation. It is a Good ‘Spiritual Muscle Flexing’ opportunity to keep those Spiritual Eye Muscles Toned, as much as possible. Perhaps 1 main Reason that it occurred back in 2017 was to ‘Weed-Out’ those that rely on such Events and Signs and have enough Time to Circle Back for a Re-Evaluation of one’s Foundation and what one is putting one’s Faith on. Not that the Rapture Event could not have been on that Date. But one just knew by a ‘Gut Feeling’, sort of thing, that it was going to be a Major Let-Down. And to a Degree, it would and did give Ammunition, to those Scoffers that come-out in full force to Discredit the Sign even further. And they did.

It is because one had numerous People, Families told one, ‘I took-out my Pension, sold the House and literally moved the family to the Mountains. One had like, maybe 3 of this type of Extreme Reactions to the Sign. 1 Family even sent Pictures. The issue is that all one got was that ‘It was my fault’. Would you not know it? But if anything can be said about the Sign’s Meaning or Message is that, at the core of the Passage and Depiction or Meaning, it is ‘The Rapture’ or a Snatching Away or an ‘Escape’. The Meaning and Message become clearer, if one knows Old Testament Typology, the Gospel and what is the Church Age and not to confuse it or ‘Replace’ it with what pertains to Israel.

It is About a Prophetic Alignment
It is when one does not Know or Understand, to the degree that one should or has to, that the Ambiguity becomes blurred. Case in Point are those, for example, that ‘insist’ or believe the Rider of the 1st Seal of Revelation, that of the White Horse Rider, of the Apocalypse is Jesus. Sure, if one Replaces the Body of Christ with Israel, then it makes Perfect Sense. But if one believes that the Body of Christ’s Commission Begins and Ends, then there is a Delineation to consider that changes the whole Calculus. The Prophetic Delineations may not be clear or as much as one would like, perhaps but that is what is going on in the Revelation 12 Sign. At the Core is the Typology of 3 Clear Motifs. It is or can be about the following.

1. Mary
2. Israel
3. Church
4. 1948

And again, the ‘Big Deal’ was the Retrograde of Jupiter. A bit of Astronomy here. There are 12 Constellations with each having 3 Minor ones associated. The Sun travels through each Sign or House, approximately 1 Month per Year, thus 12 Signs. OK. This is why the ‘Revelation 12’ Depiction occurs every Year, as the Sun comes into Virgo and then, the Moon will pass through it too, much faster of course. Then consider that the Planet Jupiter, the King Planet of the Messiah is the only Planet that travels approximately through each Sign and takes 12 Years to reach that same Sign. Based on its Circuit, it is at each Sign, approximately for 1 Year total. That is Amazing.  Here is the Chart of the Mazzaroth or the Gospel of the Stars in a ‘Snap-Shot’.

Chart: The Mazzaroth – Story of Jesus in the Stars

But as to Jupiter’s Retrogrades in Virgo? Each Time, as in ‘Appearing’ to move ‘Backwards’ from Earth’s Perspective of Sight, it can occur, say at the Head of Virgo or at the Feet, as it has in the Past and will in the Future. But what Distinguished this 2017 Version, is how the Retrograde took 9 Months and was centered in the area of where the Womb of the Women corresponded in the Sky Motif. Thus, it is like a Baby that is Forming and Swirls, eventually Rotating within the Womb or ‘Retrogrades’ into position to come-out, Head First, if one remembers Biology Class.

Then, what further Distinguished this 2017 Version, was having the 3 Planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars Align, exactly as they are Aligned to the Configuration of Orion’s Belt. And one Contended that it Echoed the Depiction of the 3 Kings bearing the 3 Types of Gifts to Jesus, or to ‘Orion’, soon after His Birth, etc. They were like the 3 Witnesses coming to see the Event, presenting themselves before the King, as they did. This is why the Sign, as configured, Astronomically in 2017, ‘Was It’. And that one strongly suggested and still does, that it was and is the Call to be On-the-Alert, because the Rapture of the Body of Christ, i.e., the Bride of Christ has been put on Notice.

It is about the Line of Sight

It is that that the Resurrection-Rapture is to soon Conclude the Church Age. It is specifically about to occur in this Last Generation, if not within a 2-Years’ Timeframe, perhaps, if one’s latest 2025-2032 Timeline is Valid and True. Now, naturally, those who supposed that the Rapture Event was to occur there and then, back in 2017? OK. No Harm no Foul, as they say. But one argued against it as it also 'Shattered' the 'Faith' of Many. But that is for another Debate to discuss. And if that be the case or was, how Fragile was that Faith one asked. ‘What is one Hoping and Resting on? Signs? No. It should not be Signs. It is or should be solely Jesus’ Word and Promises.

Anyway, then perhaps it was the 5 Year Marker? No. It did not turn out to be that. Now, one is considering the 7 Year Marker perhaps. Well, that is how Prophecy works. One can only See and Report from the ‘Wall of Observation’. It is and has been a Learning Curve and a Journey of Discovery. It is notable that as it Pertains to Prophecy, some may see Things that others do not though. Take for example, what occurred after the Resurrection of Jesus. A little Teaching here OK? So, even though Jesus was seen by the Disciples and were given Instructions, the Disciples all went back to Fishing.

This speaks of one’s ‘Natural Man’ and Inclination to lean on Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissidence. OK. One thinks you all are familiar with the Episode. So, Jesus appears at the Shore of the Sea of Galilee, making Breakfast, having Bread and Fish prepared. Imagine Jesus making Breakfast for you, eh? So, the Disciples are in the Boat, catching ‘Nothing Burgers’. So, from afar, Jesus Instructs the Disciples, ‘Hey!  ‘Cast the Net to the Right!’, etc. Here is the Point. John, upon looking from afar, said, ‘It is the LORD!’

Peter could not see that far to make-out, or to realize that it was Jesus. But he took John’s Word for it by Faith and took a ‘Leap of Faith, literally as he jumped out the Boat, swimming towards Jesus, by Faith. Perhaps because John was the Youngest, had the ‘Eagle Eye-Sight’ and Peter, being the Oldest, had Dull Vision. The Point? Some of the Watchmen on the Wall are as John and others are as Peter when it comes to ‘Seeing’ Prophecy or Jesus, ‘from Afar’, a lot clearer than others. And realize, Prophecy is about Jesus. Read Revelation 19:10. And that the Apostle John, as it is understood that he is a Metaphor, Prophetically for the Bride of Christ, to him, Jesus Revealed and allowed for John, to see all the way to the End. He saw Jesus’ Return. This is Amazing.

Realize that the Church of Jesus on Earth has thus, been given this same Sight, down the Ages, in the Book of Revelation to dee this same ‘Line of Sight. And it is why one is baffled why most Christian Preachers avoid Teaching the Book of Revelation. With that Book, alone, one can see as John saw, all the way to the End of the Age, and as far as the Return of Jesus. This is why most, tragically, will ‘miss it’ as did the Jews. So, back to the Revelation 12 Motif given to John who Saw from Afar. One can unmistakably attribute the Motif literally to the Person of Mary, as she was the ‘Vessel’ to Birth Jesus, the Messiah. And how at that time, King Herod, as a Euphemism of the Red Dragon, tried to Devour the Man-Child, who is clearly understood to be the Messiah. One can clearly apply the Motif to Jacob as a Nation that would become the 12 Tribes of Israel.

It is About a Coming ‘Birth’

And this Joseph Connection to the Revelation 12 Sign echoes, Prophetically to the connection of the Dream Joseph had about the Sun, Moon, and the Stars, etc. And that likewise, it was from the Tribe of Judah that the Messiah, the Star, that even the False Prophet Balaam was allowed to See, ‘Rose’ out of Jacob. And how Lucifer, as the Dragon, that is actually Named in the Book of Revelation, has sought to Destroy the Nation of Israel, to this Day. For example, here is a Chart about, how Amazingly, all the Stars in the Vicinity of where Jupiter would be ‘Birthed’, out of Virgo all have a ‘666’ Numerical Factor in their Nomenclature Designation. And it so happens to be right where Google Sky has that Patch Covered-Up that can only be seen by Infrared Adjustments. Coincidence? Perhaps. No.

Chart: Revelation 12 – 666 Stars

Next, there is the Meaning of the Revelation 12 that pertains to the Body of Christ, in one’s Assessment. That the Core Meaning of a Rapture pertains to the Messiah, Jesus for sure, but then of those that are Promised to Rise and be Raptured according to the Order of Resurrections. In this Layer of Prophecy, the Rapture Event pertains, exclusively to the Body of Christ, not Israel. Sure, individual Jews that come to Faith in Jesus are part of the Body. And this is what makes this Church Age Time unique.

In Researching the Sign, another Aspect came to mind, from a Political Science Point of View. In that, there is another Revelation 12 Prophetic Typology that occurred when the Nation of Israel was ‘Re-Born’ on May 14, 1948. It was as if Modern Israel was the Woman of Revelation, traveling to be ‘Born’. And as Isaiah foretold, in 1 Day, and Miraculously  it did occur, etc. And the 7-Headed Red Dragon was the 7 Main Muslim Armies that came against Israel at its Birth, the Next Day, as the Palestinians Rejected the 2-State Solution. And the Coat of Arms, at that Time of the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO was a Red Dragon.

So, as to Ambiguity? Good discussion to have. One Surmises that the Sign is depicting a Rapture, and that, it was and is the Wake-Up Call for the Body of Christ 1st. And then ‘Act 2’, for the Remnant of the Believing Jews, who are left to realize their Religious Leaders literally made a ‘Deal with the Devil’, with Death as Isaiah foretells. And how at the 1260th Day or Mid-Point of the Sabbath Tribulation, that being Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, they will be ‘Raptured’ or Snatched to the Wilderness for their Safety and out of Harm’s Way for those remaining 1260 Days.

They will be Supernaturally provided for as in the Days of Exodus. This is why one calls this ‘Operation Exodus 2.0’. As to the ‘Red Dragon’? For that time, it will literally be Lucifer in Possession of the AntiChrist. But one also Conjectures, that Astronomically, the Mid-Tribulation Event will coincide with the Advent of the Giant Red Dwarf 2nd Sun System, i.e., Planet X, that one surmises will appear, at that Time. This is based on the Triangulation of several Data Points inferred throughout Research.

1. ‘Sun’ Disk of Apis the Bull Egyptian Iconography. The Red Sun in-between the Horns of Taurus is not the Solar System Sun but Planet X, the Red Dragon, Nemesis, the 2nd Sun of one’s Binary Solar System.

2. The other Point of the supposed Planet X Circuit has to do with how other Researchers have Assessed that the Giant Red Dwarf has been spotted in the Constellations of Orion. The ‘Dragon’ Nebula is located there, adjacent to Mintaka.

3. Other Researchers claim that Planet X has something to do with the Star Rigil Kent in the Constellation of Centaur. 

4. Same claim that Planet X is associated with the Star Ascella, in the Constellation of Sagittarius. 

If one projects-out these 4 Data Points in the Sky, the Circuit of the 2nd Sun, the Black Sun can be made-out, perhaps. What is interesting is that the Circuit is Clockwise and would be then right in the Path of Virgo to depict a 7-Headed Heavenly Body coming to ‘Devour’ Virgo. And that in the midst of this Contortion of Space the Constellation of Hydra is Dead Center in the Circuit. See the following Chart for a Visual.

Chart: Circuit of the Dragon

One Postulates that the 2nd Sun Binary System, will be near enough to Earth, to cause all those Catastrophic Events described in the Book of Revelation, due to its Perturbations. What a Horrible Time that will be. But what an Exciting Time it is now, because of all those Watchers of the Sign that have Contributed. And again, at the Core of the Revelation 12 Sign is the Message that the Rapture Event is at the Door and the Body of Christ is about to ‘Birth’ the Man-Child. This is not Ambiguous. And the Evidence is just what one sees in the World occurring, more Frequent and with more Intensity, just like a Birthing Process.



The Revelation 12 Sign
Sign of Prophecy


Free Revelation 12 Sign Online Resource Page

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