Prophetic Parallels of the Coming Great Reset

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this report is to comment on the Apparent Demolition of the Infamous Georgia Guide-Stones in Georgia, USA. As of this Writing, and what one has observed through News Outlet Reporting and Video, one can, with confidence, ascertain that the act of the Explosion going-off to nearly Demolish the entire Monument was Premeditated and Stages. How is it that out of multiple Cameras positioned on the Site, 24/7, only the Video of the actual Explosion is released and not showing who or what instigated the Demolition? Exactly. Of course, the explanation for such a Scenario would be a random Lightening Strike.

It does occur and People, Trees and Buildings do get struck by Lightning. If so, then it very well could up the Stakes in how this now crosses-over to the Divine Intervention. An ‘Act of GOD’? Then YHVH has shown that Judgment will come upon those behind the Monument. But still, the ‘When and Where’ are Key Indicators, regardless. It is reminiscent of the 9-11 Demolition Job, although not as a comparison to the loss of Innocent Lives. But in the following Numerical Day Counts and Clues presented as Evidence, one expose that the Explosion have the ‘Signature’ of Satan.

Of course, it might be the case that as many People around the USA and the World were being ‘Woke’ to the Luciferian Agenda by the Monument, it was
Time to destroy the Evidence. Or it could be just as one suspects, a Controlled Demolition Ritual based on a Certain Day Count. The following Rationale will be discussed, and Evidence presented as to why one believes the Demolition served its Purpose. And that is? To announce the coming of the one that will implement their 10 Luciferian Commandments upon the World that the Monument venerated. There had been prior attempts to demolish the Wicked Site.

There has been Vandalism over the Years. So, of course, it could be a genuine act to demolish the Monument to the New World Order and Lucifer’s 10 Commandments. The Georgia Guide-Stones, in brief, are 4 Giant Sabs that have 10 Commandments in various Languages, both Ancient and Modern ones. The Monuments also serves as a Celestial Clock and has Ley-Lines to certain Constellations and Alignment, etc. See Article #21: Georgia Guide-Stones for Reference: https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-21.html.

America’s Stonehenge as it is called has been controversial because it is a Mockery of being originally Commissioned by a ‘Christian’. It is essentially mimicking the 10 Commandments of YHVH, as they were ‘Shattered’. And? The 10 Luciferian Commandments espoused Population Reduction by 90%, and Reproduction Regulations among other Globalist Agendas. And? These Globalists are Ecumenists and Luciferians. These are the same People that are pushing the Plandemics, the New mRNA Injections and coming Climate Change Lock-Downs, Carbon Taxes, Bio-Metric ID and forced Injections to be able to Work, Travel and/or Eat, etc.

Mankind’s Monument
Or is the Demolition about to be coming ‘Moses’ type with the Law for the Entire World to abide by? Will it be very soon? Is this AntiChrist now on the Scene from here on out? Consider, the Monument was erected 1 Day after the Spring Solstice. It was on March 22, 1980, that the Monument was completed. This Month and Day is an Encoded 3-22 that implicates the Skull and Bones. They are just a part of the whole Luciferian Apparatus, calling the Shots or ‘Demolition’ in the World, or in this case their Motif.

The 3-22 Month and Date goes for the same with the ‘New World Airport’ in Denver, Colorado. And again, involving the same sort of People that ‘Rule the World’, for now until Jesus returns. In their Perverted Protocols, they must ‘Demolish’ the Present World Order, that of the USA’s Hegemony and its remaining Christian Witness. The Powers of their Darkness cannot be fully activated to ‘Full Energy’, much like CERN until the Bride of Christ is Physically Removed from Earth.

Let us consider some Important Event Associations. What was the Number 1 Trending event just the Day before on Social Media in the World? Is it mere coincidence that the Demolition of the Monument occurred just 1 Day after CERN was fired-up to the highest possible point of Energy Humanity has ever achieved? What is interesting about the Monuments Life-Span is its following Day Count.

March 22, 1980 to July 6, 2022 = 42 Years,3 months, 14 days excluding the End Date.

The Monument lasted just over 42 Years. Why now? Consider the following Numerical Associations. The Number 42 is directly related to the AntiChrist. Thus, the Monument has served its Purpose. Has the AntiChrist of the Bible ‘Arrived’? Consider the Date more closely. There is a Factor of Pi in the Day Count, 3:14, etc. And 3x14=42.

Meaning of Numbers: Number 42 by BibleStudy.org

In Scripture, the Meaning of the Number 42 is derived from its direct connection to the coming Antichrist. His Evil Efforts will last 42 Months in the End Time, and thus it is firmly associated with him.

Then the Angel gave me a Measuring Rod like a Staff, saying, ‘Arise and Measure the Temple of God, and the Altar… And they shall Trample upon the Holy City for 42 Months.’ -Revelation 11:1 – 2

Revelation 13 states that the End Time Beast Power will be so powerful that no one will be able to make War with him. He will speak Boastful Things and receive Authority to do almost anything he wants for 42 Months (Revelation 13:4 - 5). 42 is made up of 6 and 7, showing a link between Mankind and God's Spirit and a link between the Antichrist and Jesus Christ.


During this Time that CERN was being Fired-Up, many Watchers of Biblical End Times commented how the Movie, Contact, had ‘Shades of CERN’ in it. There was the Vega Machine that spun like a ‘Wheel within a Wheel’. Then there was an ‘Explosion’. One had wondered if at full Power, at 13.6 TEV, it would have led to some sort of ‘Explosion’.

Matter of Hate – Hating Humanity
Well, the Georgia Guide-Stones was it, in one’s Estimation and Analysis. How are the 2 Events connected to CERN in this way? Consider that CERN is 6.66 KM to the UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It is not far from the Headquarters of the World Economic Forum with their 6-6-6 Logo too. And? The Georgia Guide-Stones are on the 33rd Parallel and are exactly 666 Miles from the famous Obelisk in Central Park, New York. As the Granite contains Quartz, such Monuments serve as Beacons. It is why also at the Site; many Satanic Groups performed their Rituals on the Solstices and Equinoxes.

On hearing one of the persons being interviewed on a News Broadcast at the site, the Man stated, ‘There is so much Hate out there right now. There is no Hate on those Monuments’. Really? The Luciferian, Eugenicists are so ‘Humanitarian’ and Love People so much that they want to Murder 90% of them. So, thereafter, they can ‘Maintain the World Population less than 500 Million’? That is the Population size of only Canada, the USA and Mexico Combined. The rest of South American, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia+ would need to take their Injections and Die. Or they would need to be Forced Sterilized and have Forced Abortions. But that is not ‘Hate’.

That is ‘Love’, Luciferian Style. In fact, they, presently, the World that is, can ‘Love’ anything but Jesus or His ‘Christians’. On the contrary, such People are in League with Lucifer who has a Satanic Hatred for YHVH, Jesus Christ and His People. They mock True Christians that still stand on Biblical Principles. Instead of Hating Sin and Wickedness, and Perversion, they rather Offend the Creator rather than the Creation, etc. But one knows that is what was foretold would be the Signs and Moral Condition of the End of Days. Just like the Days of Noah and ‘Atlantis’. The World has gotten to a Separation of really what is at the core of Humanity’s Heart Condition; Hatred for Jesus. As one may have seen the Roe vs. Wade Protesters that held-up a Protest Sign that stated: ‘Woman want Roe, Not Jesus’. The World has spoken. Jesus has heard.

But now this Commentary will shift Perspectives, to incorporate other possible Prophetic Correlations related to the Monument’s Demolition that was specifically at the 33rd Degree Parallel in the USA. And? One would like to bring-up the Sphinx Event. Why the Sphinx? It has to do with a 33, an Eclipse, a Hidden Chamber, and a coming Judgment, much like what happened to the Fabled Atlantis. How so? See Article #124 Hidden Chamber in the Sphinx, https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-124.html. It was reported that the Eyes of the Sphinx in Giza had ‘closed’. There are multiple Video recordings of the event. And? The Egyptian Lore is that when that happens, it means the ‘End of the World’ is near, etc. 

So, in asking of oneself, what is this about? Why would Jesus want one to consider this Sphinx Event? Here is the possible Connection. It is getting ‘Weird’ but hopefully in a good way. In the Article, one had mentioned about making a Correlation of the Sinking Nation-Continent of Atlantis being a Metaphor of the USA/World. One sees it then as a possible Prophetic Parallel in this way, as mentioned. The Atlanteans, knowing they are a ‘Sinking Ship’, had the High Priest of Atlantis depart with the most Precious of Items for Ancient Egypt, for Safe-Keeping even perhaps before the Pyramids were there.

Great Reset Coming
They meet with the Egyptian High Priests, and they accepted the ‘Jewels of Atlantis’: the Sacred Knowledge, Technology, Machines, Items, etc. This is according to Plato. They placed Records of Atlantis under the Paws of the Sphinx in a Hidden Chamber, while Atlantis Sank. And as the Continent went down, the Shoreline of the American East Coast rose-up as the Globe expanded-out. The Writings of Francis Bacon deemed the USA the ‘New Atlantis’. Not only because of their Luciferian Idealism, but Topologically, it is the Outer Shoreline of what was once the Edges of Atlantis, as some argue.  

That is why there is that Great Anomaly of the Bermuda Triangle. Its Electrometric Field has to do with the Sunken Nation-Continent. This is also why there are Pyramids that have been found in the Caribbean with Streets, all underwater, etc. All that to say how during the Rapture, as foretold by Isaiah 26:22, the ‘Treasures’ of Jesus, His People in the USA and the World will be taken out as ‘Atlantis’ sinks, Metaphorically. Consider another Article and Book, entitled, ‘The Fall of the Phoenix.’ This is pertaining to the Collapse or more appropriately the ‘Controlled Demolition’ of the USA to make way for the New World Order.

In such a Theory, one Hypothesizes that the USA has encoded within its Reverse Seal the exact amount of Time it has before it too will be ‘Demolished’ like the Georgia Guide-Stones that have now served its Purpose. How so? Consider that for the USA, the New Atlantis, it has been for the Luciferians to Milk all its Resources and Wealth. It started with their enacting the Coin Act in 1792. This Act pretty much enabled the Central Bank, that was fought against `by the Founding Fathers to Print Money and Mint Coins from that point forward. And?

These International ‘Bankters’ from London, primarily, charged Interest. Control the Money, Control the Nation, etc. These Protocols were enacted by the Likes of Hamilton who was Pro- Bank of England. Now consider that the Bank of England is not of England nor is it a Bank. It is owned by the Rothschild in the City of London, which is a Nation-State within England. And? These are Luciferians who pre-determined when the USA would Fall. When? In their 33rd Sabbath Cycle of Time. Here is the Equation.

1792 Coin Act + 33 Sabbath Cycles of 7 Years (33 x7 = 231 Years) = 2023

Excluding the End Year, it will be in the Fall of 2022, just in time for the Great Reset of the Luciferian Globalist. If Projections are accurate, the USA will Economically be Insoluble as the US Dollars collapses or is ‘Demolished’ and will no longer be a World Reserve Currency. Most likely, there will be some sort of Digital US Dollar as all other World Currencies are Federally Centralized. And? It will no longer be one’s Local Bank or Credit Union that will have one’s Money.

The coming Block-Chain Tracking will be ‘Owned’ by the Federal Reserve, in the Case of the USA. See Article #57: https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-57.html. These are the People that started the Money Printing Scheme, since 1792. And by the way, the Federal Reserve was ‘Birthed’ in Jekyll Island, off the Coast of Georgia. See ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin.

A Rebellion

The Pack was said to have been made over the Grave of an Ancient Nephilim Giant Burial Site. So, what about the Demolition of the USA/World? One would argue, Prophetically and speaking in Metaphorical Terms, that the Rapture, will be much like the Escape from Atlantis to be then taken to the ‘Hidden Chamber’ of Leo, perhaps. As to the Followers of Jesus, they are the ‘Jewels’ of the King who is likened to the Lion of Judah. Jesus will be taking His Bride out of a ‘Sinking Atlantis’ World to the ‘Celestial Hidden Chamber’ under the ‘Wings’ as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, as in Leo’s Paws or Hands of Protection, etc. See the Start Map of the Sphinx (Article 124).

Chart: Sphinx Hidden Chamber – Leo Star Map

The very King Star of Regulus matches that Hidden Chamber. What about the Connection to CERN and the Destruction of the Georgia Guide-Stones? It is about the Number 33. One was given Good Intel and suggested Day Counts by Mark, who shares his thoughts on the matter as a Contributor to the Demolition Event. He suggested looking into the Day Count from when Roe vs Wade was over-turned by the U.S. Supreme Court on July 24, 2022. The Date of July 24, 2022 was also the Day of the Great Planetary Alignment occurred and had, thus an Encrypted 6-6-6 Coefficient.

Roe Ruling July 24, 2022 to July 6, 2022, Controlled Demolition of Guide-Stones =
13 Days.

The Number 13 stands for Rebellion, etc. It was also mentioned that Georgia was the 13th Colony to join the American Union. Why was this State and Location chosen? It is at the 33 Degree Parallel. One was led to this Numerical Correspondence, dealing with an Important Astronomical Division that occurred over the Nation-Continent of the USA in 2017. The Georgia Guide-Stone Demolition was 5 Years from 2022. One was led to remember how Leo had a role in the Great American Solar Eclipse that was 33 Days before the Great Sign of Revelation 12.

Chart: Great American Eclipse

If one observes the Chart, the Total Solar Eclipse was an Omen of Division, Separation and Judgment, specifically for the USA, the Head of the Nations on Earth. The Eclipse occurred right at the Heart of Leo. It corresponded to the Hidden Chamber of the Sphinx. Seriously? Yes. Consider this secondary Evidence Piece. There were 3 Planets in Alignment on that Day, over the Heart of Leo, Astronomically.

These 3 Planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars would later Align in the Great Sign of Revelation 12. And? The 3-Planetary Alignment was exactly positioned as are the 3 Stars of Orion and the Great Pyramids of Giza. Thus, one has here the complete complementary Motif of the Giza Plateau, which one has argued is also a Celestial Clock -as was the Georgia Guide-Stones.

An Expiration Date
Consider that starting on July 23, which one has surmised for 2022 is True Pentecost, it also starts the Birth Sign of Leo. Here below is an Excerpt for Article 260, 10 Reasons about the Great Eclipse.

It is rather interesting that Carbondale takes its name from Carbon. The chemical element Carbon with symbol C and comprise what humans are made out of. Interestingly, Carbon has 6 neutrons, 6 protons and 6 electrons thus a 6-6-6 typology and encryption. Interestingly the days between the 2 crossing eclipses are 2423 days or 666% of a common year. As many know, the number of the coming Mark of the Beast or AntiChrist is 666.

He will be human in some sense as Jesus was and is but more than that as well. The 2017 total solar eclipse is in conjunction to Regulus, the ‘Star of the King’ in Leo. It is also interesting that the Great Sign of Virgo that occurs 33 days after the Great American Eclipse occurs also in 2017, just prior to this same Blood Moon Triad. The following is the short list of 10 reasons why the numerical factor of 33 found associated with this 2017 Great American Eclipse could very well be prophetic.

1 - Eclipse enters through the 33rd state, Oregon.
2 - Eclipse exits at the 33rd latitude just north of Charleston.
3 - Eclipse occurs 33 days out from the Great Sign of Revelation 12 on (9-23)
4 - The Moon will be approximately 239,000 miles away during eclipse (9-23)
5 - Sun rises to a darkness with a ‘Black Moon’ that occurs only every 33 months.
6 - Venus will be 33 degrees at an angle from the eclipse of the Sun.
7 - Eclipse last occurred 99 years prior, a factor of 33+33+33.
8 - The average shadow width (170-70 miles) will be 66 miles 33+33.
9 - August 21 is the 233rd day, 2-33.
10 - Trump’s 1st day in Office Jan 21, 2017 to Aug 21, 2017 = 7 months exactly or 30 weeks, 3 days (33) with end day included.

- At the point of the Greatest Eclipse, the speed of the eclipse will be 2323 mph/33 = 40 (judgment).
- August 21, 2017 is Elul 1, which means ‘Harvest’.
- April 8, 2024 is Nissan 1, is the Religious New Year of YHVH.

Resource Page: Great American Eclipse


So, in recollecting the Great American Eclipse in the Heart of Leo, one did a Day Count from August 21, 2017 to July 6, 2022. Based on the Day Count, there are some interesting results. Essentially, on YHVH’s Calendar, the Demolition of this Luciferian Monument in Georgia, at the 33rd Parallel, on the 13th Day after the Roe Decision was 1776 Days, excluding the End Date from July 1, which was the start of Tammuz. And?

It was the Day and Month the Walls of Jerusalem were Demolished by both the Babylonians and the Romans, to the Day. It led to the eventual breach of the Temple in Jerusalem, the House of YHVH on the 9th of Av, to the Day. This is the Crux of all these Luciferian Signals and the Georgia Guide-Stone Demolition Job. It is singling of the coming Desecration the House of YHVH, both the Earthly and Spiritual Temples, in one’s Assessment. The Earthly one will be but the Spiritual cannot be.

- From August 21, 2017 to July 2, 2022 = 1776 Days (Tammuz 1 Concluding)
- From August 21, 2017 to July 3, 2022 = 1777 Days
- From August 21, 2017 to July 4, 2022 = 1778 Days
- From August 21, 2017 to July 5, 2022 = 1779 Days
- From August 21, 2017 to July 6, 2022 = 1780 Days

What is interesting is that Mark also forwarded another interesting Day Count to consider. It was from the Day that the small Singular Block was taken down in 2014. This is where 9-11 is associated with the Demolition. From that Day of September 25, 2014 to the July 6, 2022 Destruction of the entire Monument, is 7 Years and 9 Months and 11 Day. So, one sees the same recurring Luciferian Numbers that are the Signature of the Powers-That-Be. 

September 25, 2014 to July 6, 2022 = 7 Years,
9 Months, 11 Days Excluding End Date.

People may not remember the incident of the Small Block being taken down, but in 2014, a Top Corner Block was removed from the Slab that had the Writings in English. The Caretakers who maintain the Site climbed=up and took it down as instructed. The Block was Encoded with Numbers and Words.

8,11,4,16,20 and MM and JAM.

If anyone has information about this and what it means, that would be great to ascertain. The Block was chipped, broken-apart and given to the People that were there Filming. All this to correlate that the World is Witnessing Signs, for sure and Signaling of their Luciferian Plans, mocking all along the way the True Followers and Believers of Jesus. As one also believes that True Pentecost is in July or the 4th Month in the Jewish Calendar, the 99th Day corresponds to when Moses came down Mount Sinai with the ’Hard Copy’ of the 10 Commandments.

It is the occasion where, due to the Golden Calf Incident, Moses smashed or Demolished the Slabs on which the 10 Commandments of YHVH were engraved by the very Finger of YHVH. Thus, one sees this Demolition of Lucifer’s 10 Commandments as a Mocking Gesture, mimicking what Moses did. Notwithstanding, Lucifer will come on the Scene with his Laws, etc. To that end, his Earthly Minions are helping to achieve that with the Great Reset then as they ‘Smash’ their 10 Commandments.



DOWNLOAD CHART: Leo Heart - Great American Solar Eclipse

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