Severe Christians Persecution Around the World 

  • Why is Islamic Extremism on the rise and why now?
  • Is there a global Cabal that is targeting Christians and why?
  • Where in the world is the persecution of Christians the worst?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world’. –James 1v27

The purpose of this study is to highlight what the Biblically prophesied Tribulation Period to come will look like that will culminate with the Battle of Armageddon. It will be a time of decapitations, slaughter, crucifixions, and persecution for those Followers of Jesus Christ during that time at the hands of religious zealots. Christ Himself spoke of a time in which religious fanatics would slaughter the Followers of Christ thinking they are doing ‘god’ or Allah a favor. The world is witnessing a resurgence of this type of persecution by Muslims against Christians and Jews not seen since the Middle Ages. This perspective of the coming persecutions by the AntiChrist during the Tribulation Period to include YHVH’s Wrath is assuming that the Rapture of the Church Age Christian Believers occurs before this Prophetic Tribulation period.

It will be speculated that the Church Age Christians are not present during this period of judgment on Christ’s enemies as interpreted by many who study Biblical End of Days scenarios. The Rapture will set aside the ‘Restrainer’ of evil –the Holy Spirit. With this condition on Earth, chaos and pure evil unrestrained will be totally unleashed on Earth. Despite the Rapture, the Bible declares that GOD will not leave Himself without a Witness, but the horrors of persecutions will be much worse than what is currently perpetrated by the Muslims in the Middle East. This condition has been exasperated by the Obama Administration’s support of the Arab Spring that has toppled Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and currently struggling to topple Syria and Iran. In all these nations, the Muslims have waged a Satanic religious war of terror on the ancient Christian communities of the whole Middle East.

It appears that the next major chaotic configuration needed to usher in the full-blown evil Luciferian AntiChrist and/or Mahdi of the Muslims is being orchestrated to lead the Muslim nations against Israel. This staged chaos, mass rallies and Muslim demonstrations against the “West’, Israel in particular, has the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East at their crosshairs. The Satanic rage against YHVH’s Earthly and Spiritual people is now concentrated solely in the Muslim world and is to involve the religions of the Middle East. This will lead up to World War 3 and the Tribulation spoken about in the Bible, specifically in Daniel and Revelation.

It will tie in and will also involve the market collapse of the Euro and Petro-Dollar to follow with an invasion of Israel by 2 separate alignments of Muslim nations in particular. This scenario will most likely occur if and when Israel will militarily strike Iran to incapacitate its nuclear weapons program that its leaders have threaten will use to obliterate Israel off the map of the world. The world stage is being set for the Countdown to Armageddon through is orchestrated chaos being set up to be a two-prong approach to usher in the New World Order by the Luciferians. The Muslims have always been the enemies of the so-called People of the Book.

1) Muslims are only united when they come together to be against the Christians religiously.
2) Muslims are only united when they come against the Jews militarily.

On one hand, there will be a religious confrontation between Islam against the Jews and Christians of the region. On the other hand, Muslim protocols will be implemented to such a degree that capital punishment or decapitation around the world will be the rule of law during the Tribulation period. The other dimension of this chaos will lead to a new configuration of the New World Order with its new world currency unit that will most likely be centralized and electronic in nature.

By controlling the religion and economy of the world’s masses, the Luciferian AntiChrist can only then, have a much easier task in controlling and demanding total worship and allegiance of the masses. The possible depopulation of the masses due to possible nuclear exchanges brought about by the Psalm 83 War, the subsequent Gog-Magog Russian-Muslim alliance and the 200 million man army from the East will contribute greatly to the management of the general populations of the remaining nations. For the purpose of providing some Biblical context to the events of this coming Tribulation Period the following variables and factors will be examined.

1) A timeline of the sequence of remaining major Prophetic Events will be given leading up to the Battle of Armageddon.

2) A traditional notion of what the Tribulation Period length of years could be will be overlaid for a possible layout of time.

3) A synopsis of the Book of Revelation will be outlined that perhaps will correlate to the possible Tribulation Period timeframe.

4) A map of the end result of the Psalm 83 War between Israel and its Muslim neighbors will show the possible land expansion -as alluded to in such places as Obadiah and Jeremiah. 

The Middle East is currently witnessing the built-up to the coming Tribulation Period as the rise of Islamic Satanic fervor has reached an all-time high. For example, 1 amateur movie on YouTube exposing Islam and their false Prophet Mohamed done months prior to the staged 9-11, 2012 anniversary does not explain the murder of a US Ambassador in Libya and attacks of several western embassies. No less than 15 demonstrations accrued on the same day across the Muslim world. There will be 2 Arab Confederations in particular that will come up militarily against the State of Israel.

The Muslim Confederations

This study strongly suggests that one will possibly lead up to the start of the Tribulation Period and the other one during the Tribulation. The 2 major military assaults against the Jews in Israel –according to Biblical prophecy are the Psalm 83 and the Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Most likely after Israel will attack and/or strike Syria or Iran, an Arab Confederation of bordering Inner-Ring Muslim nations with Israel will consequently attack Israel as they did in 1948 and 1973.

This study strongly suggests that as it resulted with those prophetic dates, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, YHVH will increase the land of Israel that it will conquer by Divine Right as Genesis 15 states. This Psalm 83 war will possibly lead to the ‘Confirming the Covenant’ with the Many spoken by the Prophet Daniel that will enable Israel to live in ‘un-walled cities’ in a false sense of ‘Peace and Security.’ This scenario will then lead up to the next Muslim military confederation against Israel called the Gog-Magog War composed of the Outer-Ring of Muslim nations led by Russia.

The Inner-Ring
Psalm 83 War - Muslim Confederacy of nations:

1. Egypt
2. Palestine Hamas
3. Arabia
4. Jordon
5. Syria
6. Lebanon
7. Hezbollah
8. Iraq

Damascus - Isaiah 17
At some point in time, Syria will probably elect to use it chemical and biological arsenal against Israel as either a diversion to its drawn-out civil war or the so called CIA and Saudi backed ‘Freedom Fighter’s will eventually control the nation and attack Israel. At this time, Israel will likely retaliate with a nuclear devise out of self-preservation. This scenario could very well occur as Islamic radicals will most likely overthrow the Assad government of Syria and end up in control of its chemical and biological arsenals of Damascus. It is believed that sometime during or before the Psalm 83 Arab invasion of Israel, Israel will exercise its Samson Option against Syria because of this very reason. This is the nuclear deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a ‘last resort’ against the Arabs that are attacking them to the point of ‘mutual assured destruction.’

Gog-Magog War (Russia and Muslim Alliance)

According to Ezekiel 38 and 39, sometime during the Tribulation Period when Israel will be living in Peace and Security with un-walled villages, an alliance of Muslim nations and Russia will descend upon the hills of Israel to take a spoil – the Bible declares. By this time, Israel will have become wealthy with produce, land and resources.

Perhaps after the Psalm 83 war in which Israel expanded it boarders and land, it will have stirred up the constant rage and jealousy of its outer Muslim neighbors to the point that they will conspire to form an alliance to attack Israel. Perhaps the ‘spoil’ will also have to do with the newly gas fields found off the coast of Israel. This would affect Russia’s monopoly of gas being sold to Europe. Perhaps in an attempt to take out the competition in that Israel could corner the gas markets of Europe, Russia and the Outer- Ring of Muslim nations will strike at Israel’s wealth and prosperity.

The 3rd ROME - Moscow
To the Muslims, this military alliance with the ’Christians’ of Mother Russia is not farfetched to contemplate. In Islam, Mohamed ‘prophesied’ that Islam would make an alliance with ‘Rome’ in the Last Days against Israel. It is well documented that the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church today is mainly governed and influenced by the Russian Orthodox Church. It is rather ironic that once labeled a ‘godless’ and ‘evil’ empire by former President Reagan in the mid-1980s, now Putin is championing the defense of marriage, morality and Christianity against the decadence of a ‘godless’ and ‘evil’ United States and West in general. Perhaps this is the alliance spoken of in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Although Russia is ‘Christian’ in the sense of the word, 40% of its former and current Republics and army units are Muslim. The Gog-Magog War / Russian – Muslim Confederation of nations is stipulated to be the following.

1. Russia
2. Persia
3. Libya
4. Sudan
5. Ethiopia
6. Eastern Europe
7. Turkey
8. Central Asian Republics

The Obama Doctrine

The Obama Doctrine as it pertains to the Middle East is simple, it was pro-Muslim, Pro-Palestine and in favor of dividing the Land of Israel. It is evident in the financial and military backing of the Arab Spring agents of chaos and of the overthrow of various Arab governments. It is interesting that the first act the Muslim Jihadist and al-Qaida backed government did in Libya was to form a Central Bank. Libya was one of the few remaining nations of the world without one in which the Luciferian Zionists masters of Mammon did not control the monetary policy of the country.

The other nations that did not have a Central Bank or were part of the Money Changer’s IMF were Iraq and Afghanistan. The last remaining ones are North Korea and Iran. Do you see a pattern here? Obama was put in power, not elected as was Bush and the Muslim mercenary armies to carry out the Luciferian grand scheme of initiating their need for World War 3 to birth their New World Order that according to the Bible, will not last but 7 years altogether with a specific 42 month period where the Luciferian AntiChrist will be given absolute power and dominion, even over the ‘Saints’ to weary them.

These are those that will come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ during the last prophetic Week of Years per the Prophet Daniel and the Revelation given to the Apostle and Prophet John on the Isle of Patmos. The Obama Jihadist sympathizing foreign policy of supporting and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida in the recent Arab uprisings is showing America’s prophetic role in the Last Days. Many people over the last few decades have wondered about America’s role in End Time prophecy. According to the Luciferian plan, America is being set up to take the ‘fall’ to help usher in the New Luciferian World Oder; it has been the current Phoenix, but now it must die so that the new one to come can be reborn out of the ashes of economic and religious despair. And as in any birth, it is mingled with blood and water.

The world, Israel and the U.S. populace are now seeing the fruit of Obama’s Doctrine. The very Islamic insurgents such as those in Afghanistan for which the US went to war over are not supported in Tunisia and Libya that Obama helped to overthrow their legitimate government and have now murdered the very people that helped overthrow their former political establishment. Realize that the attacks of 9-11 were perpetrated by a majority being of Arabian nationality and trained in the US. Iraq and Hussein were later found to have had a loose affiliation with al-Qaida and it was Osama bin Laden who was actually a CIA operate who was reported to have died during the course of the US military occupation of Iraq. Not many know or realize that the Muslim Brotherhood –for example, was fostered and funded by Hitler against the Jews in the 1920s.

Many do not also know that the Muslim Brotherhood started as a Masonic chapter and order in Egypt to which is it still governed and is accountable to. Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was considered until Obama a terrorist organization, has murdered 100s of innocent civilians, Jews and Christians. After the electoral victory of the Brotherhood in Egypt, one of the first acts of violence was to target the ancient Coptic community of Egyptian Christians; churches burned to the ground and mob murder of innocent bystanders. Muslim men energized by the spirit of the Satanic AntiChrist scalped and beat a young Coptic girl, defenseless as she drove through a neighborhood with the only crime according to the Muslims was for having a Cross in her car that was noticeable and offensive to the ‘religion of peace and tolerance’.

These are the sons of Mohammed who are instructed to so such atrocities in the name and service of ‘Allah’. This is the condition and precursor of the Tribulation prior to the Battle of Armageddon where cowardly Muslim mob of men feast on the carcass of a mutilated Christian defenseless young girls.  As it pertains to the Obama Doctrine, a President with no prior experience in Political Science, diplomacy is supporting and arming such Muslim religious extremist and intolerant terrorist organization are now receiving billions of US tax payer financial aid, all the while financial aid to college bound students are cut complimentary of US Taxpayers to rebuild their mosques of hate and amass military armory at Israel’s borders now in preparation for the Tribulation Period and the Countdown to Armageddon to come.

It is interesting that the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ that was made 2-3 months before the 9-11, 2012 embassy attacks is the sole reason to have supposedly sparked riots all over the Muslim world. Even though the film was based on accurate Muslim accounts, the riots were held around the Muslim world on 9-11. To the Muslims, 9-11 is tied spiritually to the ‘rise of Islam’. The wave of rage and persecution of the Christians has shown Islam’s true colors and Satanic fervor. Where are the so called ‘moderate’ Muslim voices to be heard that should be speaking against such acts of barbaric proportions against Christians? There is no such thing as a ‘Moderate Muslim’. This goes contrary to the very prescriptions of their Koran to wage constant war or Jihad against those outside Dar-es-Salam or the House of Islam.

Compared to Buddhism, Taoism, Confucius, Hinduism, Sikhism, Indigenous Native American, Judaism, and Christianity, the religion of Islam is the most intolerant and vile religion on Earth. It is bent on hate, world domination by force without mercy. Their hate and rage against the Jews and Christians are unnatural, because its foundation and source is Satanic. There religious euphoric craze can only come directly from the pit of hell itself. It is the rage and fervor of Lucifer himself that energies them through his religion, for he knows that his time is short. This religion of Islam is the only one in the world that was created especially to refute the claims of the Biblical Jesus Christ as being the GOD-Man, the 2nd Adam, Immanuel, GOD with us. The ‘god’ of Islam is the Father of Lies and from whom it derives its mode of operation, that of to steal, kill and destroy.

It is Mr. Religion himself, Lucifer that according to the Bible, seeks to destroy -not only the Seed of the woman, Jesus Christ and his followers, but the physical descendants of its blood line of Abraham but that of the Holy Messianic line of Isaac and Jacob that birthed the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth and the Jewish people and their re-birthed Nation. The Bible declares that YHVH left but 1 Tribe, that of Judah because GOD promised Abraham and subsequently King David that his descendant would rule upon his throne forever. This has been especially the case since 1948 when Israel declared its independence. If you ever engage a Muslim in a religious debate about their religion, they will emphatically proclaim that Islam, ‘is a religion of Peace and Tolerance.’ In Islam, the hate against Christians and Jews in un-natural and their Koranic license to murder non-Muslims as a religious duty and holy act of worship is infused in the actual tenants of Muslim’s faith and so called sacred texts from their god ‘Allah’.

On one hand Islam speaks of a ‘merciful’ god but slaughters those that refuse conversion. When there is no free will, there is no true liberty and freedom of conscious. In Islam, there is no freedom to ‘leave’ their religion without having one’s head hacked off like the Muslim Brotherhood are crucifying the Copt Christians; it is anathema and vile. The fact that Islam denies and is directly opposed to Jesus Christ’s divinity –as defined in the New Testament is blasphemous in itself. It is called the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit as decreed by Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 12:22-32. The religion of Islam allows no critique and is intolerant of criticism at any level to the point that any amount is deemed blasphemous and punishable by either death or prison.

The Religion of Islam
It is as if Allah is so weak that it has to be defended by mere fanatical mortals on its behalf. It seeks to blow up not only their suicide bombers but to take out as my innocent bystanders as possible. When movies came out against the person of Christ such as ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ or ‘Jesus was a Monkey’ is spray-painted on monetary walls in Israel, do Christians go on a rampage to behead, crucify or murder innocent people? No. It is when one denies Christ as God the Son and the work He did on the Cross and is doing by the Holy Spirit to be that of Satan’s work that is blasphemous. Christ Himself proclaimed that one could say anything about the Son of Man, but when people ascribe the work of the Holy Spirit -as being that of Lucifer, that is where YHVH draws the line according to 1 John 2v23.

The following are the possible countdown scenario to the Tribulation Period and Armageddon. It is a sequence of prophetic events leading up to the start of the Tribulation according to the Bible and that will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon where Jesus Christ will return as King. There is Biblical dispute as to its timing. There is also a dispute as to the interpretation of its timing and duration. A year count will either encompass the Tribulation Period; that is 42 Months/1260 days or full 7 Year Period of 2520 days. Nonetheless, this coming Tribulation Period will be like none other times of past persecutions. Such times have been when the Christians were thrown to the lions in Roman coliseums, to the Spanish Inquisition, documented massacres by the Arabs, Armenian Genocide, the Nazi Holocaust, etc. 

Jew and Christians have suffered in the past and would be seen as having gone through much ‘Tribulation’ already. Christ did state that through much tribulation, one would enter His Kingdom. Thus, tribulation has accompanied the Church Age but the coming Tribulation is unique in that it deals with the judgment of the world and the discipline of national Israel and not the Church, or the Body of Christ. What is unique about the coming Biblically prophesied Tribulation Period to come is that according to Jesus Christ, unless He would not return to cut it short in some fashion, no flesh would be left alive. Also, there are numerous Promises that allude to His Body being removed physically from this time. Once can look at this rationale in this way, Christ cannot inflict judgment upon Himself.

Nor can there be judgment from the outside when there is the Presence and the ‘shout of the King’ amongst His Holy People. This is the case with Balaam as he tried to curse the People of God in the Wilderness. A removal of Christ’s body has to take place before a wrath or judgment from the outside is to take place as in the case of the Seals of Revelation are. Such a ‘removal’ or ‘Rapturing’ away is as a parallel to what happened to GOD’s people during the judgments of Sodom and Gomorrah and the Flood or Noah.

Tribulation Scenario

The Bible declares that Jesus Christ alone, not a sub-servant to the Mahdi or Mohamed as the Muslims believe will judge the world of its sin against Him and because of its slaughter of His Followers throughout human history. Christ describes this Tribulation Period as a time that never was, has been or will be for humanity. It is spelled out in vivid detail the Book of Revelation. The most popular eschatological interpretations of how long the Tribulation Period is narrowed down to 2 speculative time periods. Nonetheless, the possible scenario of prophetic event leading up to the coming Tribulation could be the following.

1-Israel strikes at Syria or at Iran’s nuclear facilities to avert a 2nd Holocaust.
2- The western markets Collapse, Euro and Petro Dollar falls as the price of oil skyrockets.
3- The Rapture of Church Age Christians occurs; a ‘lie’ is propagated to explain the phenomena away.
4- Arab Invasion of Israel Psalm 83 War in retaliation to Iran strike by Israel.
5- Israel expansion of its borders encompassing parts of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Arabia, Egypt and Gaza
6- NWO AntiChrist comes on the scene to provide economic, religious and political solutions.
7- A Treaty to ‘Confirm a Covenant’ with Israel and the NWO AntiChrist will be signed.
8- The Jews rebuild the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount and commence daily sacrificial rites.
9- A false sense of Peace and Security will befall Israel as its towns and cities will have no walls of natural defense.
10- Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel 39 with Russia and Muslims is miraculously thwarted by YHWH in the hills of Jerusalem.
11- Cataclysmic and astronomical occurrences happen to affect billions on Earth, i.e. asteroid collision and impacts.
12- AntiChrist/False Prophet/satan unleash Armageddon War to avert the Return of Jesus Christ
13- Jesus Christ physically returns with Resurrected and Raptured Believers to defeat Lucifer and establish His Kingdom.

One is the literal 7 Biblical Years (360 Days/Years) of 42 MONTHS (1260 DAYS) each or just one 42 MONTHS (1260 DAYS) period that is said to be picked up where the first half was fulfilled during Christ’s ministry on Earth. This Book of Revelation is the last testimony and summation of Divine Prophecy directly from God to humanity. According to the Spirit and Bride, there is no other ‘revelation’ or 3rd Testimony; there is no other after it. Thus all the religions that have such a claim are false.

Book of Revelation Outline
The Apostle John in the Book of Revelation plainly states that the aim of all prophecy is to witness to Jesus Christ; any other so-called prophet or revelation thereafter therefore does not come from the LORD. And it is a specific revelation of Jesus as the LORD; that of one that exalts and magnifies Jesus as Christ, Savior, LORD, the Judge, etc. Religions that have come after Christ’s witness have only sought to negate this assertion as does Catholicism, Islam, and Mormonism for example.

He is the LORD of Heaven and Earth with all power has been given until him upon His resurrection from the Dead because Jesus conquered Satan, sin and Death. He is the Judge and Returning King. It is Jesus Christ now who holds the keys to Heaven and Hell and bestows Eternal Life to those that surrender their heart, mind and souls to this Returning King, the Restorer of Eden. This will occur at the end of the Battle of Armageddon. Below is a summary of the catastrophic events that will pitch the forces of Lucifer with his hell-bent religion against the true Followers of the Lamb, the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

After the Evaluation of the Churches by the Risen LORD Jesus Christ, the Apostle John is summoned or Raptured’ up to Heaven to witness the breaking of the 7-Fold Seal Judgments upon the world. These Seals will encompass the Wrath to GOD and of the Lamb against Christ’s enemies. There is a 7-7-7 pattern along with 33-33-33 or 1/3 portions of judgments throughout the Revelation outline that testifies to the glory of the Risen Lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

The 7 Church Menorah Testimonies
1st:  EPHESUS          Apostolic 
2nd: SMYRNA            Persecuted
3rd: PERGAMUM       Compromised
4th: THYATIRA           Legal  
5th: SARDIS               Dead
6th: PHILADELPHIA   Missionary
7th: LAODICEA          Apostate


The 3 Visions
1- Pregnant Women with Manchild and Dragon – celestial signs
2- The Beast out of Sea – rise of the AntiChrist
3- The144,000 Jewish Evangelists sealed for witness & Worship

The 3 Angels Proclamation
1st ANGEL: Eternal Gospel broadcasted throughout the world
2nd ANGEL: Babylon Falls, economic-political-religious
3rd ANGEL : Doom for those that took Mark of the Beast

The 7 Seals – a 33rd Part
1st  SEAL-White Horse of False Peace by AntiChrist
2nd SEAL -Red Horse of World War
3rd  SEAL-Black and Green Horse of famine, pestilences, Death
4th SEAL-Martyrdom of Believers, under the Alter in Heaven
5th SEAL-Sun Moon Stars signs in the heavens eclipsed

- Underground shelters constructed to avoid the Wrath of the Lamb, Christ
- 144,000 Jewish Evangelist seen gathered for worship with branches (a Sukkot)

6th SEAL- Martyrs for Christ Raptured to Heaven
7th SEAL-Silence in Heaven for .5 Hours in ‘Celestial Time’

7 Trumpets – a 33rd Part
1st TRUMPET -33% of Trees and Grass burnt up
2nd TRUMPET -33% of Sea turned to ‘Blood’
3rd TRUMPET -33% of Fresh Water turned bitter
4th TRUMPET -33% of Sun/Moon/Star loose light
5th TRUMPET -3 Woes Warning
6th TRUMPET -Star Falls w/ Key to Abyss

(Demonic Fallen Angel- ancient Titan god Apollo released)

- 1st WOE: People not able to die for 5 months
- 2nd WOE: 4 Angels at Euphrates loosed for Kings of East
- 3rd WOE:  33% of world population dies –at least 2.3 billion

- Mighty Angel with small Scroll stands & 7 Thunders proclaims ‘No MORE DELAY’ (7-7-7 pattern completed)
7th TRUMPET-Temple Measured (perhaps 2nd half of Tribulation Period?)

- 2 WITNESS Commissioned for 1260 DAYS
- Heavenly Temple Opened, Ark of Covenant is disclosed


The 2 Visions
1st Vision: LORD of Harvest about to reap; grapes God’s Wrath
2nd Vision: Worship, Martyred Saints sign song of Moses;

7 Bowls – a 33rd Part
1st  BOWL: On the LAND: painful soars on those took MARK
2nd BOWL: On the SEA:  water turned to ‘blood’ everything dies
3rd BOWL: On the RIVERS: water turned to ‘blood’
4th BOWL: On the SUN: it scorched the Earth with fire and  heat
5th BOWL: On the BEAST THRONE: Darkness upon the land

(As with Egypt for 3 days, possible eclipsing of Planet X?)

6th BOWL: On the Euphrates River: Dried up for Kings of EAST
7th BOWL: On the AIR: Severe Earthquake; 100lbs hailstones
(Possibly meteorites come from the sky?)


The 7 Last Visions
1st:   Babylon and its system destroyed
2nd:  Worship and the Wedding Supper of Lamb
3rd:  Christ returning with His Army-Bride Saints
4th:  Satan is bound 1000 years for 1 last Revolt at the end
5th:  Great White Throne Judgment commences
6th:  The New Jerusalem comes down from Heaven to Earth
7th:  The Restored River of Life of Paradise is established

(New Earth and Heavens are fashioned)

The 2 Paths to Eternity
Since the Serpent in the Garden and Cain murdering Abel, humanity has battled over whose religious piety is to be accepted by ‘God’. Humanity goes either way. Biblically speaking, Humanity naturally is at enmity against YHVH or in a state of war. Humanity is in a lost state and is naturally full of hate, wrath and murder because it chose to follow Lucifer’s way and conformed to his image and likeness after the Fall of Mankind in the Garden of Eden according to the account of Genesis. Since that time, humans are born with the Way of Cain in our hearts. It is only by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that this nature is put to death.

Christ’s death was a blood payment that can enable individuals within Humanity the right to have a new heart, a new Humanity that replaces good for evil, light for darkness, life for death, love for hate, and forgiveness for revenge. On which path are you on? There are only 2 paths, Christ came to tell us; the path of man-made religion that leads to death like the way of Cain or Christ’s Highway of Holiness like that of Abel’s that leads to forgiveness of sins and eternal life. The Bible does declare as Jesus Himself spoke that His path is narrow but by the grace of Christ, Humanity has a choice now, not the Fallen Angels even; consider how favored is Humanity by YHVH. According to the teachings of Jesus Christ, Humanity can only now freely choose eternal life in Christ Jesus alone.

1) Way of Cain: bent on murder, rage and intolerance due to jealousy on man’s terms that is based on ‘good’ works.
2) Way of Abel: approaching YHVH in worship prescribed on GOD’s terms and conditions.

Over the course of human history, Lucifer has used ‘religion’ to enslave and massacre GOD’s true Remnant; either by Holocausts, Inquisitions, and burning Believers at the stake or by banning Bibles for example. Ironically, Satan uses ‘religions’ thinking they are doing ‘good’ by destroying GOD’s work and people, the Church. This condition has been mysteriously allowed by the LORD to occur throughout the Church Age as explained in the Parable of the Tares in that GOD chose to wait till the of the harvest of Time to clearly distinguish between the wheat and the tares. Why?

It is because at the beginning before there is a ripening, the two are so identical that they cannot be distinguished and if there is a harvesting early on, the good wheat might be destroyed. Currently the primary world religion used by Lucifer that still practices such policies against Christians and Jews is Islam. Lucifer also uses the ‘religion’ of secularism and political correctness to void morality and compromise the Churches through laws and legislation. May the LORD Jesus Christ hear the cries of His persecuted Saints at the hands of such an evil religion and its men in the Middle East and the world at-large. A time will be coming and is already her in the West and in the USA where Christians will be silenced through laws, censorship and political correctness.

May Christ comfort the persecuted Churches in the Muslim world in these Last Days of intensified testing and purification just before the ripening of the harvest of souls at the time of the Resurrection and Rapture of Christ’s Church. May Christ’s deliverance of His Bride come soon. How soon? Many Christians are believing that the Blessed Hope, the Rapture is to precede the Psalm 83 Muslim invasion of Israel that is very soon to take shape. One clue is given from one translation of verse 3 of Psalm 83: …They have taken crafty counsel against thy people [Israel], and consulted against thy hidden ones. Perhaps the ‘Hidden Ones is referring to those of the Church Age Christians that will have been Raptured just right before this alliance of evil to be unleashed against Israel?

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