Catastrophic Crop Collapse in the Fall of 2022

  • Is there a War on Food and what is the intended Outcome?
  • Why is the Food Supply Chain being Sabotaged?
  • Will there be a Food and Crop Collapse by Fall of 2022?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The 7 Good Cows are 7 Years, and the 7 Ripe Heads of Grain are 7 Years. The Dreams have the same Meaning. Moreover, the 7 Thin, Ugly Cows that came up after them are 7 Years, and so are the 7 Worthless Heads of Grain scorched by the East Wind— they are 7 Years of Famine. It is just as I said to Pharaoh: Elohim has shown Pharaoh what He is about to do’. -Genesis 41:26-28

The purpose of this report is to comment on an Assessment made by a YouTuber, Yanasa TV, regarding the coming Food Shortages that will dramatically be felt worldwide, especially starting in the Fall of 2022. As of this write-up, already there are certain Food Items that are limited or ‘Out of Stock’ at physical Food Outlets or even when ordering online, for example. In part, the lack of Food Items has been due to the disruption in the Supply Chain. And this due to the COVID-19 Mandatory Lock-Downs, now 3 Years in the making, etc. The Commentary made will be Biblically based.

Many People argue that COVID-19 Plandemic was used and is being used to ‘soften the blow’ of the World Economy that is undergoing a ‘Controlled Demolition’. Why? A Reset is coming and required as the current worldwide Economic Matrix has run its course. For the Globalists that have designed their worldwide Economic Matrix, it is about ‘Building Back Better’. But in order for that to occur, the Demolition of the Old Order has to occur. And for the Nation at the ‘Top’, that being the USA, especially since after World War 2, the ‘Sacrifice’ has been prepared for the ‘Slaughter’.

One has argued that the USA has had 33 Cycles of 7-Years or 231 Years since the Coinage Act of 1792. Why 1792? That is the Year the USA started printing Money through a Centralized Bank with Interest. The U.S. Constitution had mandated the Department of the Treasury to secure the Monetary Supply as Legal Tender only. What the Banks did is essentially take over the Government and indebt its Citizens in a Monetary Scheme of procuring the Money Supply, but with Interest for the ‘Service’.

This Scheme has ensured that the National Economy is a Debt Economy where more borrowing occurs as the Government expands beyond its means to pay even the Debt owed to the Banks, on just the Principle. How long would this Scheme last? 33 Cycle of 7-Years or to at the end of 2022 Fiscal Year. This means that by 2023, a New World Economy will have been Reset or needs to be. The ‘Handwriting is on the Wall’ as they say. The various Economic Indicators are Ominous. What is the Average Person, Family or Foe to do? One Key Takeaway from what the Presenter recommended is to secure a Food Supply now, that while things are bad, it will get even worse.

Preparing Partnerships

And from a Biblical Perspective, one needs to be like a Joseph, who being forewarned, prepared or ‘Prepped’ for the occasion. How that may look like depends on one’s Means, Location, Ability and Budget. Also, realize that many who study the End Times, see this coming Convergence of Timelines in the Fall as the possible Start of Daniel’s 70Th Week of Years. This is all based on the Sabbath Cycle Theory, as those who rule the Present Evil World utilize the Biblical Economic Matrix of the Sabbath Years to Reset their Accounts, etc. Thus, while the Rapture event may take place before then, the need to ‘Prepare’ may not be needed. Although, it is prudent to do so.

The Synopsis outlined in the video by the Presenter mainly pertains to the USA, and in particular how the Food Supply Chain is deliberately being taken down, in his opinion. Why? It is to exacerbate the Controlled Demolition. To what end? What occurs, Financially in the USA will have Reverberations across the World. The point is that the USA has been fortunate to be isolated and spared from what most of the World have experienced in terms of Famine, Hunger and War, in a general sense – up to now. This Protection and ‘Blessing’ will no longer be granted to the USA. This will now change dramatically for the ‘Average’ Americans, if the Predictions made by the Presenter and other Key People come true beginning in the Fall of 2022.

As it is, all Economic Indicators point to a Dire Condition as the Effects of Rising Inflation is but a Symptom of what will eventually come to pass, a Total Collapse of the Food Supply Chain. And this is but 1 of many Factors that will Collapse. It will be a Chain-Reaction of sorts that will impact all other Sectors of a very fragile Global Economic Matrix. It has begun. The Dire Condition is foreseen by those that ought to know. Such point out that there have been over 20 Food Processing Plants in the USA alone that have been Destroyed. This Number is unprecedented as, on average, since 2019, there would normally be around 2-3 Fires/Year that would destroy Food Plants.

Many are starting to believe that this is a Controlled Demolition in the making to ensure a Multifaceted Objective. It appears that Converging Timelines for many Bad Omens are coming to a Head in the Fall of 2022. Why the Fall? The Year 2022 is a Sabbath Year in the Cycles of how Economic ‘Resets’ are made in light of that. And in particular, the Countdown has occurred specifically since 2001 with the World Trade Center, being a Controlled Demolition, literally. Likewise, COVID-19 has been used as an 9-11 (2.0). Only this time, it is a Controlled Demolition of the entire World’s Economy. It is not about ‘Prepping’, but based on what is coming, those Followers and Believers of Jesus need to be like Joseph that prepared and ‘Prepped’ for 7 Years.

Based on the Assessment given by the Presenter in the video, one has about 6 months, while one can buy and stock-up on essential Food Items. This alone will counteract against Inflation. Consider that when the forced COVID-19 Lock-Downs were mandated, the Food Cans that one bought back then in 2020 now would cost 3 times as much. This is the Reality of how much the Dollar has lost its value and how Food has increased in value. In some cases, if what the Prognostication of the Food Supply Chain is projected to be, Food will be ‘Worth more than Gold’ as they say.

Food Factor in the Equation

One will comment on his Presentation and Assessment based on his Experience as a Homestead Farmer. According to his Calculations, the USA, in particular and much of the World will start to feel the severity of just how bad the Food Crisis is and will be getting worse by the Fall of 2020. His YouTube Video was entitled, ‘6 Months to Colossal Food Shortages: Attacks on Food Supply Chain’. He started off by showing how there has now been an FBI Alert Bulletin issued across the USA, warning Farmers of Cyber Attacks. One would have thought that it would have been pertaining to the rash of Food Processing Plants Fires that appear to be deliberate.

The same 9-11 Game Book Protocol is apparently being used in how the CORONA Virus 19 was and still will be used to destroy Businesses. There is now sufficient Evidence that the COVID-19 Virus was Bio-Engineered and released. It has now been corroborated that Fauci’s Gain of Function added to it. Amazingly, as the Plandemic started, Chemical Plants that produced Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin suddenly went-up in smoke. There were reports in Africa and in Taiwan of ‘Arson’ which drastically reduced the availability of these Life-Saving and Proven Treatments.

And which by the way, were prohibited by Order of the WHO to the Governments to administer, unless it was the dangerous Remdesivir, which essentially shut down the Kidneys of People and assured a swift Death in the Hospitals. But a Death not due to COVID-19, although it was reported and counted as such. Why Cyber Security pertaining to Farming Operations is now an issue. All the Modern Farming Operations are based on an Online Platform that can be hacked and turned off. It was noted that presently, the U.S. Government and the World for that matter is blaming Russia for having invaded the Ukraine for the High Cost of Food, Gas and Inflation.

What he and others have alluded to, is that there is suspicion that the Globalists are ‘Tightening the Noose’ in how this War was a Perfect Storm to disrupt the Food Supply Chain. And it will take Years just to ‘Get back to Normal’, which will not be the case. What is occurring now, like with COVID is that the Ukraine has become the New ‘Virus’ and the Rallying Cry of how one must ‘Listen’ and Obey the Government, as they are working to do what is ‘best’, and for one’s ‘Safety’. It was mentioned that in the Research he undertook, a lot of the Information has been pulled from the Internet. He cautioned People not to have the Natural Tendency to only react to the Short Term Solutions and move on. Why? This Economic and Food Forecast is different.

A sense of Apprehension could be noted in the tone and demeanor of the Gentleman. He ought to know as he is directly involved with Farming and can ‘Read the Sky’, as they say of what is coming. He stressed that People need to start thinking about the Future in terms of Food and quick, as he Prognosticated that by the Fall of 2022, there will be Massive Food Shortages. One is reminded of how this was the case in Soviet Russia in the last few Years of the System. There were 2 Lines in the City Government Food Dispensary Centers. The Men would stand in Line for a Bottle of Vodka and the Women would stand in the other Line for a Loaf of Daily Bread. The Store Shelves would be empty. Now the Globalists have reversed the Outcome of the Empires.

Food and Fuel

Once, Soviet Communist Russia was deemed the ‘Evil Empire’ by President Reagan. It regulated Freedom of the Press, of Speech and everyone was Surveilled. The Standard of Living was bare minimum. But that is how the System controlled the People, through Food and Fuel. Now the Evil Globalists have turned, are turning the West, but in particular the USA into the ‘USSA’, just like Soviet Russia, regulating Freedom of the Press, of Speech and everyone was Surveilled. What is coming is exactly what will be needed to control the Masses with, Food and Fuel. By these 2 Commodities alone, a Government and the Ruling Oligarchy could and do control the majority of People.

This is now designed to occur in the USA. The Heyday of American Consumerism and Plenty is over. The Presenter went on to make a point that it is Human Nature to, ‘Wait until the End’. There is a Normalcy Bias. But it will be too late and that is when Panic will start to sit in. Initially, that is what occurred when the Mandatory Lock-Downs occurred. But instead of having People buy Essential Foods, they fought over Toilet Paper. This is how bad it was and it will be even worse in the Fall if such Projections come true. The Presenter went on to list the various Food Packing Centers that have gone-up in smoke.

-February 28th: Shearer's Foods Potato Chip Plant in Hermiston, Oregon caught on fire.
-March 13th: Nestle’s Hot Pockets Plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas caught on fire.
-March 16th: Walmart Fulfillment Center in Plainfield, Indiana that caught on fire.
-March 28th: Maricopa Food Pantry in Arizona caught on fire 
-March 30th: Penobscot McCrum Potato Plant in Belfast, Maine caught on fire.
-March 31st: Rio Fresh Food Plant in Texas caught on fire.
-April 11th: East Conway Beef and Pork in New Hampshire caught on fire.

Gem State Processing, which is a Potato Processing Plant in Idaho had an Airplane crash into it. And where have the USA experienced ‘Airplanes crashing into Buildings’ to destroy the System? It could have been a Legitimate Accident. But it was not the only one. So, why? Food is now a Weapon. This comes off of the Virus that many believe is a Weapon, which is still going on by the way and is set to circle back. And there is War as a Weapon, i.e., the Ukraine. Amazingly, Putin managed to find a ‘Cure’ for COVID-19. Since the Invasion, the Mass Media seemed to push Fraud Fauci to the Curb, for now. There was COVID and Mask Fatigue, thus a War, but Fauci and their next Virus will be back. But Putin single-handedly stopped COVID-19 from being Center Stage as the Ukraine became the ‘New Virus’. And with such a New Narrative.

And true to form, again, anyone going or speaking contrary to the State Narrative of supporting the Ukraine, are being accused of Disinformation. It has now gotten to the point that the U.S. Government has set-up a Department that will look into those that put out ‘Disinformation’ and how to stop that. It is called Censorship, USSR Style. The Presenter also mentioned that there was a Seed Plant in Oregon that caught Fire. And Taylor Farms in Salinas, California caught on fire on April 13th. Then there were other Food Plants that also went-up in smoke in Quebec, Canada on March 23rd. Then there was a General Mills Plant in Covington, Georgia hit by another Airplane crashing into it. All these might be mere ‘Coincidences’ and occur normally. What was noted was that in 2022, thus far, there have now been a 10x-Fold increase in these ‘Coincidences’.

Burn it Down

This is in comparison to the previous Years, based on what is and was considered ‘Normal’ Accident Related Fires, etc. Here below is the List of the Abnormal Incidents where Food Processing Plants have been destroyed by Fire in the USA. And take note that Fire is the Motif that burns-up the Mythical Phoenix that then has to Die. But from its Blood and Ashes, a New Phoenix is Reborn into the next Iteration of its Being, etc.

And many are concluding that these ‘Coincidences’ have been done on purpose. It is a War of Food. Why? As the Luciferian Harry Kissinger stated, ‘Control the Food, Control the People’. And it has come to light that he is one of the ‘Big Shots’ that was and is behind the World Economic Forum Agenda, of which Klaus Schwab, Mr. Reset is only a Mouth Piece and Poster Boy.

-January 7th: Poultry plant in Hamilton Mountain, Ontario caught on fire
-January 21st: Potato plant in Warden, Washington caught on fire.
-January 14th: Cargill Neutrino Feed Mill caught on fire.
-January 1st: Van Dunham Farms in Illinois caught on fire.
-February 5th: Wisconsin River Meats caught on fire.
-February 15th: Largest Soybean Plant in the U.S. in Claypool, Indiana caught on fire.
-February 15th: Bonanza Plant in El Paso, Texas caught on fire.


-December 12th: Westside Food Processing Plant in San Antonio, Texas caught on fire.
-November 20th: Made Right Steak Company in Kansas City, Kansas caught on fire.
-September 13th: JBS USA in Nebraska caught on fire.
-August 24th: Patak Meat Processing Facility in Cobb County, Georgia caught on fire.
-July 31st: Tyson River Valley Ingredients Plant in Hanceville, Alabama caught on fire.
-July 25th: Kellogg Company in Memphis, Tennessee caught on fire.
-April 30th: Smithfield Food Plants in Mammoth, Illinois caught on fire. 
-January 12th: Deli Star Meat Plant in Fayetteville, Illinois catch on fire.

And what is the Agenda of the Henry Kissinger’s for the World? It is Global Government. And why? It is to reduce the Human Population to be maintained under 500 Million. And that Reproduction has to be controlled as well as everything and every Body, literally. They see themselves as the Gods of the New Atlantis Rising wherein Lucifer once Ruled on Planet Earth. All this effort is really to hand over their Reset New World Order to Lucifer. The Bible describes that the Antichrist to come will be like a Nimrod, the Pharoah, which seeks to take the place of the True Christ, Jesus, etc.

The Presenter went on to compare just the 1st 4 Months in 2022 of how so many major Food Processing Plants or Facilities have been destroyed. This is putting Food Pressure and demand for the Food Supply Chain that will be felt in 6 Months. He mentioned that the blame was due to the Forced Mandatory Lock-Downs but that the Cracks in the Food Supply Chain had started way before COVID-19 was released. He acknowledged that it was ‘Man-Made’ and released from a Bio-Lab. He thinks that the Average Person does not suspect that such a Virus would have been used as a Bio Weapons, but used to disrupt Supply Chains to disrupt Food Sources, etc. Proof?

Here is what Henry Kissinger said about using Food as a Weapon.

Control Oil and you control Nations; control Food and you control the People.

If you control the Food, you control a Nation. If you control the Energy, you control a Region. If you control the Money, you control the World.

Today, America would be outraged if U.N. Troops entered Los Angeles to restore Order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there was an Outside Threat from beyond, whether Real or Promulgated, that threatened our very Existence. It is then that all Peoples of the World will plead to deliver them from this Evil. The one thing every Man Fears is the Unknown. When presented with this Scenario, Individual Rights will be willingly relinquished for the Guarantee of their Well-Being granted to them by the World Government.

Depopulation should be the Highest Priority of Foreign Policy towards the 3rd World, because the US Economy will require large and increasing amounts of Minerals from Abroad, especially from Less Developed Countries.

It is not a matter of what is True that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be True.

The Elderly are Useless Eaters.

Military Men are just Dumb, Stupid Animals to be used as Pawns in Foreign Policy.

Democracy is too important to leave up to the Votes of the People.

The Illegal we do immediately. The Un-Constitutional takes a little longer.

The Presenter mentioned then how a Rockefeller Foundation Report come-out with a Timeline of this pending Food Doom. The Report said that in 6 Months, the USA, in particular and the World will have reached the point of Extreme Global Food Shortages. In his Assessment, the Globalists have just given the World, the USA, a Countdown to Food Catastrophe. He noted how the Rockefeller Foundation came out with their Warning that he is taking seriously and so should the People, before it is too late.

It was back in 2010 that they also put-out Scenarios and 1 was called Lock-Step. It predicted a Plandemic, Forced Lock-Downs, Mask Mandates, all to Control People. Their Predictions have all come true because it is they that have Engineered the Hegelian Dialectic. He went on to mention that this Plan of the Globalists goes all the way back to the Club of Rome. They have been working since the 1970s to implement their Multi-Generational Plan to essentially Starve People into Compliance.

How? Control the Food, Control the People. It will get to the point that with Food being Scarce and all that more Expensive, most People will seek Help from the Government. That is the Plan. But in order to receive Food, People will have to get the ‘Injections’. Why? It is through the New mRNA type of Technology that will make the Human Body, a walking Micro-Chip. Only in this mRNA version, will it fuse with one’s DNA and be incorporated into every Living Cell of the Body. Thus, it appears that a lot of Timelines are converging in a 6-Month Countdown to Food Failure by the Fall of 2022.  

Blame the Ukraine

The War in the Ukraine is just another means to totally disrupt the World Food Supply Chain. The Ukraine is the Major Bread Basket of Europe and the entire Middle East and Africa. Parts of West Asia also depend on this Food Supply coming from the Ukraine. This has now stopped due to the War and so has Planting. And the Sanctions imposed by the West and the USA have actually hurt the Europeans and Americans. As it is now widely known, that most of the Fertilizer in the World comes from Russia. Since the War, Russia had actually stopped any Fertilizer from leaving Russia. It is only a natural response to ensure the National Food Ingredients remain to improve Domestic Yields, etc. What the Presenter predicts is what is called ‘Food Deserts’.

It is how in certain areas of the World, People only exists on a few types of Food. There are no 100 Types of Cereals to choose from and that take-up an entire aisle of a Super-Market. What Food Deserts do is that it lowers the Nutrient Content needed for a Vibrant Healthy Body as Calorie intake is reduced and there is no variety. Without Fertilizer, some Crops will not be able to grow in some parts of the USA and the World. He mentioned, that as it is, since 2018, Crop Yields have diminished. And then the series of Floods and El Derecho contributed to the Crops in the USA being wiped-out. And not to mention the severe Drought in the entire Western portion of the USA.

In the Fertile San Joaquin Valley, entire Almond Orchards are being stripped, because without Water, the trees will die. He mentioned that in the USA, the Average Family Farmers have been reduced to only a small percentage. US strategy has been to deliberately destroy Family Farming. This occurred in the US and abroad during the Reagan Years. This led to 95% of all Grain Reserves in the World coming under the control of 6 Multinational Agribusiness Corporations. Most Farming in the USA is Big-Agra and rely heavily on Fertilizers. The Soil in the USA is now essentially depleted and without Fertilizer, it will be Catastrophic, if his Predictions are correct.

Due to the War in the Ukraine and now Sanctions imposed by the USA and the West against Russia, one will not be seeing ‘Returning to Normal’ in terms of Planting and Harvesting Cycles in the near future for the USA or Ukraine. What he also mentioned that is important to have in context, is that with the Political Push by the Left for the New Green Deal to go ‘Electric’, most People do not realize that to produce Electric Vehicles that are ‘Green’, requires massive amounts of Minerals to be stripped out of the Earth to make their Batteries. Those Minerals are not going to Agriculture to sustain Crop Yields.

According to the Presenter’s Assessment, the situation regarding the breakdown of the Food Supply Chain is Dire and will get worse. Enough that in 6 Months, it will reach its Critical Mass. What that will look like remains to be seen, but if what occurred in the former USSR is any indication of what is coming, it means Food Rationing, limited Items per Family or Household. Sky-Rocket Inflated Prices, etc. He also mentioned Diesel Fuel, which the Mass Media has not reported on. This is essentially the Life Blood of Food Manufacturing Operations and how the Supply Chain is maintained. If there is no Diesel, the Supply Chain will come to a Stop. How so? Realize that most, if not all types of Farming Machinery and Supply Chain Delivery Vehicles operate on Diesel.

Broken Supply Chain

If Farmers cannot afford to purchase Fuel, they will go Broke. If Big-Agra Firms cannot procure Diesel, all their Machinery comes to a Standstill. He criticized Biden for only promising to release 40% of the National Oil Reserves but this is only addressing the Symptoms. When Trump was in Office, the USA became an Oil-Exporter. Now under Biden, he closed the Oil Pipelines thanks to the Socialist New Green Deal that is meant to completely destroy the USA, from within. He also attributes the High Inflation occurring in how due to COVID, the infusion of Fiat Worthless Money being printed by the Luciferian Federal Bank has only exasperated the Economics of the USA, and the whole World for that matter.

But that has been and is the Plan. It is an ‘Economic Catharsis’ in the making. It desired effect is to steer every Living Human Being into the New Digital Wallet. It was announced at the Dubai World Economic Forum where the ‘New World Order’ was declared to have arrived and how it now requires a New Currency. And that is will be built on Block-Chain, and Crypto Currency. This Technology, in turn will be tied to one’s Body through Biometrics. Thus, the need to Inject every Living Human on the Planet with their mRNA Shots. It is not a Vaccine. This New Crypto will be Centralized and Surveilled so that every Purchase and Sale is known by the Government and Banks.

There will be no more Independent Banks or Credit Unions. Basically, the Federal Reserve will own everything and every Body, literally. It is really a set-up for the Biblical Mark of the Beast System. This is the Reset. The Presenter then mentioned that due to the Virus ‘Scares’, even before COVID-19, entire Feed Lots of Chickens and Swine have been destroyed, just on the suspicion of a possible Virus that could be circulating. This means Millions of Eggs, Poultry and Pork are now ‘Off the Table’, literally. But this is the Plan as Bill Gates, by the way, purchased so much Farm Land in the USA, that he is now the single person that owns the most in the USA, aside from China.

He and his other Luciferian Friends have decided that there are too many Humans on the Planet for their Comfort and there needs to be a Depopulation Agenda. It is called U.N. Agenda 2020 and 2030. It essentially calls for the reduction of the Planet’s Population by 90%. When they speak and talk about ‘Sustainability’, they are referring to theirs, not the Average or Common Human Being, that barely lives on a Dollar a Day in the rest of the World. There is really no excuse for having the Food Supply Chain disrupted or there not being enough Resources to feed the entire Planet.

With all the Trillions at ‘His disposal’, there would be no need for War. All the investments could go into New Technologies, Free Energy, etc. Instead they are trying to Contaminate, Control and Cull Humanity, rather than make it flourish and thrive. But that is not the Luciferian Plan. The Plan is to destroy as many Human Lives as possible and to ‘Steal, Kill and Destroy’, Humanity with their Power. This is what is really occurring in Shanghai. The Communist Totalitarian Government is experimenting on how a closed-off Population of say, 27 Million People would react. What would People do if they are isolated or ‘Quarantined’ for their own Safely'. It is the Beta Test for the rest of the World and coming fast to a ‘Neighborhood Near You’.


The Globalist know that to enter the New Reset or New World Order, entire Populations must simply Die. How? By using the COVID Plandemic as a Cover and Excuse to essentially Starve the Masses to Death. An observation made was that the blame for Famines and Droughts is due to ‘Climate Change’. But based on the Presenter’s Research, he attributes the Global Changes in Climate to the end of a 150-Year Solar Maximum that has allowed for Relative Stability on Earth. It is the Sun that has fostered the ideal Climate to sustain a 7+ Billion Population on Earth. But no longer. This Cycle is about to end. When? By the Fall of 2022.

And that based on prior changes in Solar Maximums, Societies went through a Transition and it caused an upheaval on Earth. So, it is Extreme Drought that has been impacting a lot of U.S. Domestic Food Production. But each Year, the Drought are getting worse. He rightly noted that the Problem is not that the Atmosphere is getting ‘Warmer’ or that there is too much ‘Carbon’ or CO2 being released. As a Farmer, he understands, not unlike most People, that Nature needs CO2. It is what ‘Feeds’ the Flora and Fauna of the World. It is the Food that Plants and Trees, and Crops, etc.

There is a Symbiotic Relationship with Humans, in how People produce that CO2 and in reciprocation, Nature produces O2 or Oxygen that Humans need to live off of. The nonsense of having to reduce CO2Gas Emissions is a Farce and a Ploy to reduce Human Population. Due to the Droughts in the USA, American Farmers had to cut back Production since 2019 by as much as 40-50% in some areas because they did not have enough Water. The Presenter also pointed-out that many of the Key Aquifers are nearly dried-up. This is Dire because as entire Tree Orchards are having to be cut down, they will not grow back for several Years and before they start to produce Fruit. And this is assuming a Best Case Scenario in which things, ‘Return to Normal’. Not a chance.

That is not the Plan. Thus, in the next 6 Months, by the Fall of 2022, the effects of the break in the Food Supply Chain will be impacting every single person in the USA and in the World, to varying degrees. He notes that most People are starting to notice the growing Inflation and Scarcity of Food Items, but not enough to start to think about 2-3 Years down the Road. He mentioned that if it is a Coordinated Conspiracy, it very well may be as all the ‘Ingredients’ are present. He concludes his Assessment by calling People to Action and not just to sit around and Theorize or Blame others, Biden, Putin, the Ukraine, etc. What is needed is for People to start preparing for Food Insecurity and Scarcity. And perhaps even Food Rationing like in the former Soviet Union.

What he recommends is to start learning how to plant Vegetables and raise Animals. If one lives in an Urban Setting, then an indoor type of Gardening is possible. He stressed that regardless of the Effects or Outcomes, the Key to survival is learning how to be Self-Sustaining. This means that one will not need to depend on the Government that has planned to totally Control of its People, Bio-Metrically. It should be the opposite, in how the State depends on its Citizens. He ends by stating just how much the U.S. Dollar has decreased in its Purchasing Power in the past 12 Months. And that starting right now, growing and having Food is literally like ‘Printing Money’. It off-sets Inflation.

Joseph, the Prepper

If and when the World Economy collapses and the U.S. Petro Dollar is no longer to be used as a Reserve Currency by the other Nations, Food will be the Black Market Underground New Currency. It will be used for Trading and Bartering. He stressed the need to start ‘Prepping’ now because the Food Factor is not getting any better. And if what is prognosticated to occur by the Fall of 2022 comes true, as People fear, it is based on a ‘Pattern of Escalation. This Escalation has Taken a ‘Snowball Effect’, by design to implode the World’s Economies and usher-in a Big Brother Type of World Government.

And those that will not have heeded the Warning and Projections, by the Fall of 2022 will start to Panic and go Hungry. What are Followers and Believers of Jesus to do? One believes that the Church Age is to come to a close during the Wheat Harvest Season that occurs in mid-July of 2022. And based on the Sabbath Cycle, the 7th Year is about to conclude in the Fall of 2022. Thus, the subsequent 7-Years would necessitate the 70th Week of Daniel. It will be a Time of Judgment and Earth-Wide Catastrophic Calamities. There will be Extreme Drought, Heat, Famine, War, Death.

As to the Converging Timelines in the Fall of 2022? It would appear that there is indeed a Controlled Demolition of the USA, much like 9-11. In 2001, it was about taking down the World Economy and passing the Patriot Act. And as noted, one postulates that the USA will last but 33 Sabbath Cycle of Economic Time Markers. The Year 2022 concluded the 33rd Cycle. Coincidence? To reiterate, 9-11 was a literal Controlled Demolition of the 2 Buildings. And out of their Ashes came the New One World Trade Center. Thus, 2001 was a Countdown, set to a 7-7-7 or 21-Year Sabbath Cycle Reset.


2008 = 7 Years
2015 = 7 Years
2022 = 7 Years
21 Years

The Number 21 means, Great Wickedness of Rebellion and Sin. For example, after the Children of Israel left Egyptian Bondage, they had 21 Major Rebellious Events as they wandered in the Wilderness. The Number 13, symbolizing Depravity and Sinfulness, is closely related to 21. What 21 symbolizes is an out-growth of 13. Adding 13 (Sinfulness) and 8 (symbolizing New Beginnings) attributes the Number 21 with the Inference of a New Beginning of a New Level or Effort that is Sinful and Disobedient against YHVH.

Not that on the Last Day of YHVH's 7-Day Spring Festival, Day 21 of the Month of Nisan, YHVH carried-out His Last Judgment against the Egyptians. If one parallels the Vision of Joseph with what is occurring now, one would be of the Interpretation that the 7 Fat Years occurred from the Fall of 2015 to Fall of 2022. What then follows is the 7-Lean Years of Famine, from Fall 2022 to Fall 2029. So, Theologically, if one believes in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario, one does not have to worry of what is coming in the Fall of 2022 with the Globalist Economic Reset.

However, this Assertion is based, if the Supposition and Conjectures about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario is correct. Why? The Resurrection-Rapture event has to take place before this next Sabbath Cycle, in the Fall of 2022 happens. This then ties to the Summer Wheat Harvest of mid-July. However, if the Calculus is off, and the 70th Week of Years is still a few Years away, then it is wise to prepare or ‘Prep’ as Joseph did and Noah who ‘Built an Ark for the saving of his Family’.

It is a given that due to Natural Disasters, Floods, Earthquakes, etc., depending on what Region of the World one is living in, that if one can afford it, there should be at least a 3 Month’s Supply of non-Perishable Food and Water, enough to feed an entire Family. And the calculations have to be based on realistic Serving Sizes and Portions of what to store is essential. One must take the example of Joseph, how his Obedience led to the Salvation of the World, and the Reconciling with his Brethren even.

If one amasses Food and Supplies and the Rapture event does occur before the Fall of 2022, then all that Food will be left for those that Christ Jesus may direct, to have for the time being. If only to prolong Life to have enough Time for many to come to Christ because of it during that Time. Regardless of the Rapture Timing and when is the End of the Church Age Scenario, Famine is coming. A 7-Year ‘Ugly and Lean Time Frame is on its way. That is for sure.


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