A Geometical Study of the Testimonies to Jesus

  • Does the Bible address or speak about 'a City for the Bride'?
  • Will this New Jerusalem be a 'Square' or 'Pyramid'?
  • Are there any spiritual lessons to be learned from such studies?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘So He took me there, and I saw a man whose appearance was like bronze. He was standing in the gateway with a linen cord and a measuring rod in his hand. “Son of man,” he said to me, “look with your eyes, hear with your ears, and pay attention to everything I am going to show you, for that is why you have been brought here. Report everything you see to the house of Israel.’ – Ezekiel 40:3-4

The purpose of this study is to suggest that the layout of how the 7 Churches of Asia as depicted from the book of Revelation are positioned geographically in modern-day Turkey to include the island of Patmos is fashioned according to the  ‘Universal Template’ of Sacred Geometry. What is this Sacred Geometry template? It is hard to define its ultimate significance and meaning other than one can calculate its ratios and proportions. One can also see its application and correspondence when applying the template to the topic or context one is studying like determining the circumference of the Earth and the Moon for example. In simplest of term to describe it, it is the ‘Macro-to-Micro’ template. The Universal Template has many applications as the template crosses over to the esoteric, the religious, spiritual and occultic dimensions and descriptions. In the esoteric world for example, it would the notion of the ‘As Above, So Below’ axiom.

For the sake of this study, this Sacred Geometric template will be referred to as the ‘Universal Template’. Ultimately, it is just one of the many ‘Signatures of the Creator’. This study will give an example of this Micro-to-Marco ‘Universal Template’ of YHVH that is used in making the Creation to visually correlate it with the 7 Churches of Asia that this study strongly suggests is also patterned after. The example will be the relative size determined between the Earth and the Moon using this Macro-to-Micro Sacred Geometry. As a side note, assuming a ‘Universal Temple’, it is 1 possible evidence that could dispel the Flat Earth mis-theory as the Sacred Geometry implies a circumference of the Earth and the Moon, that are assumed to be spheres for the template to work.

Why is this thought important? Consider that it could lend evidence if the New Jerusalem is either a ‘pyramid’ or ‘square’ shape and if in fact the entire layout of the7 Churches of Asia are indeed configured in Sacred Geometry, topographically which would be amazing. Such theories are not out of the ordinary as most if not all ancient structures and locales of an important religious nature were set to Sacred Geometric ley-lines on Earth that reflected the Stars and other heavenly bodies. Many over the millennia, and Biblical researchers have wondered if the  New Jerusalem that is to come down from Heaven, the very Throne of YHVH to Earth at the end time will be either a ‘pyramid’ or ‘square’ shape? Does Sacred Geometry already suggest this correlation?

The Domain of the Bride
Can the examples of the Earth-to-Moon ratios and that of the topographical layout of the 7 Churches of Asia help determine if the New Jerusalem will be a ‘square’ conclusively? This study suggests a ‘yes’ based on the ‘Universal Template’. Why would such a study be important or relevant to Followers of Jesus Christ in these End Days? Consider that it is very relevant and important to Jesus, for that is what He came to purchase and by His blood, no less. Jesus came to die on the Cross of Calvary to purchase a ‘Bride’ and is currently preparing such a ‘City’ for her. It is of critical importance because the book of Revelation in chapter 22 states that only those found ‘worthy’ will be able to live there. This notion is not about losing one’s salvation but it is contingent upon the issue of rewards and the inheritance pending during the Glorification to come.

This coming New Jerusalem will be where the Redeemed and YHVH Himself will dwell together for all of Eternity Future, whatever that means and looks like. According to the Bible, this New Jerusalem that is to come down to Earth from Heaven will be at the end of the 1000 year Millennial Kingdom ruled directly by Jesus Christ on Earth. Then after the White Throne Judgment, the Bible teachers that a ‘New Heaven’ and a ‘New Earth’ will be fashioned by fire. This is what the Apostle Peter talked about in that the very elements of the whole Creation will ‘melt’ as YHVH makes all things new, etc. Specific to the 7 Churches of Asia, it has been shown in prior studies that if one measures the distance from Laodicea, the last church in the circuit geographically and one takes the ground distance that it would take to traverse up to Pergamon as the apex and then descend down to Ephesus, the distance is an astonishing exact 300 miles.

Then from Ephesus to Patmos is 60 miles for a total of 360 miles. This is where the key lies in that it unlocks the possible but probably correlation that the 360 miles equals a 360 degree circle. This then is the ‘Universal Template’ found to thus be applied to the Body of Christ. It would appear that Jesus fashioned even the layout of these 7 Churches of Asia in the Universal Template of the ‘Macro-to-Micro’ relationship, the male to female, positive to negative, etc. It is like when in Ezekiel 40, how YHVH sent an Angel with a Measuring Rod and escorted Ezekiel to measure all the aspects of the 4th Temple. Such would be a similar type in that John in Patmos was like Ezekiel and Christ came with a ‘Rod’ to measure-out the length of ‘time’ the Church Age would have and what ‘time’ would remain of human history after the Rapture of the Bride as typified by John being ‘raptured’ up to be shown what would take place thereafter.

Thus, the 360 degree circle superimposes that touches the nexus from Ephesus to Pergamon and then to Laodicea, would constitute the circumference of the entire environ. This then sets up the example of how then the Earth-to-Moon template can bring out the details from its overlay with the circumference of the 7 Churches of Asia. Thus, applying the Universal Template superimposed upon the topographical layout of the 7 Churches of Asia appear to match. Amazingly, delineation from the 90 degree marker to correspond with Pergamon to the 270 degree marker to correspond with Laodicea. It matches with the base of the triangle configured with the Sacred Geometric template and amazingly, this ‘diagonal’ corresponds to the Equator. The other side of the ‘triangle’ is made-up by the line from Ephesus to Pergamon.

Gender Identity
As a visual comparison, it would be exactly as the Earth-to-Moon template would be construed for reference. What is rather interesting to observe is that in positioning the Earth-to-Moon template in the orientation that the 7 Churches of Asia are layout in, the focal point would be Lake Victoria. Interestingly, the center-point on the 7 Churches ‘circle’ is centered near a lake as well.  With such a relationship of the ‘Earth’ matching the circumference or ‘circle’ of the 7 Churches of Asia, the ‘Moon’ sphere and square ratio would match exactly the distance from Ephesus to Patmos where John was as a type of ‘Moon’ or ‘Bride’ contextually. The Moon, being the feminine aspect would correlate to John the Apostle, the Beloved on whom rested his head against Jesus to typify the association of Christ and the Church during the ministry of Jesus on Earth.

In the Biblical connotation, the Earth, being the 7 Churches in Asia Minor would correlate to Jesus as the Churches, all-inclusive since Pentecost constitute the Body of Christ. Nonetheless, it would appear that the New Jerusalem will be ‘squared’ in dimension, solely based on this notion and using the Sacred Geometry of the ‘Universal Template’. This is not to possibly excluded the notion that the New Jerusalem can, at the same time be also a ‘pyramid’. In what way? Consider that a square is made by 2 interlocking ‘pyramids’ as in a tetrahedron or triangles. Perhaps it will be a matter of what can be seen or visible of what will be but not seen or needed to be seen. To reiterate, for the context of this study concerning the 7 Churches of Asia is that the Apostle John is directly associated with the New Jerusalem, a ‘square’ shaped aspect.

This new City that was promised to Abraham in the Bible is also depicted ‘as a bride adored for her husband’. In the very book of Revelation, it is 1 of the main themes as it is contested with the rival ‘City’, that of Babylon, etc. This has direct connotation to then how John is equated with the feminine and with the City of New Jerusalem. As noted, the Earth-to-Moon correspondence, in this context for the study related to the 7 Churches of Asia would correspond to the male-female attribute of Christ Jesus and the Church. As one can ascertain, there are multi-layers of application and perspective as the motifs touch upon both the male and female association depending on the context. For example, it is supposed that the Creator, being Spirit as the Bible teaches is a triune GOD, being 1 GOD but manifesting in 3 Person that are not of the other, thus the Doctrine of the Trinity.

There is GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit, etc. In Genesis 1, the Bible teaches that the Elohim, the ‘GODS’ said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image and likeness’. As a result of this template, man and woman were fashioned and with a ‘Living Soul’ as none others have. The key difference is that when such Sacred Geometry is portrayed in nature, art, architecture, and son, there is unity of both that compliment each other as a unit a oneness. To redefine such genders and homosexuality is to pervert and deface the original design and purpose the Creator had, has and will have in mind. Jesus reiterated the true meaning of ‘Gender Identity’ and marriage to between a man a woman in Matthew 19:5, ‘And for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the 2 will become 1 flesh’.

The True Measure of All Things
This is all to say that the ‘roles’ and typology are not to be confused with the that of the current dysphoria and confusion of ‘Gender Identity’ that is the latest onslaught being used against the Christian witness of the message of Jesus. For example, Christians now in Canada are being fined for not calling a male who thinks he is a woman, a woman. In Britain, a mother was arrested for refusing to also call a person online by their obvious biological sex. Such persecution, especially in the West will be the inevitable trend as the Day of Noah intensify to the point that Humanity seeks to loose and throw-off its God-given ‘Humanity’. All the while it is what Jesus came to do, to restore one’s humanity. Instead, society should be working in treating all those confused with Gender Dysphoria and for men be men and women be women and what that really means.

The enemies of the Cross of Christ are intensifying their ‘right’ to legally persecute Christians, in the name of ‘Gender Equity’. In particular, the line will eventually be drawn as to who are the Bible-Believing ‘Christians’ for those are the ones that stand on the words of Jesus and what the Bible says about homosexuality and ‘Gender Identity’. Ironically those who espouse ‘tolerance’ and acceptance ascribe that for everyone and everybody expect for those that oppose them purely on an opinion and/or matter of free speech, religious conviction and expression. One can think one is a ‘mermaid’, Batman or a woman if he is a man or a man if she is a woman but such should not force and make a government to forcefully demand others to agree and accept such a psychoses and fantasy not based on reality.

Those who follow the Bible understood that ‘GOD’, the Creator has both male and female attributes and it is Lucifer that seeks to deface the ‘image and likeness’ of GOD created in Humanity. It is Lucifer who seeks to reverse the roles of man and women. In reading the Bible, it is clear that GOD the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the human race. Jesus expressed at times some reactions that would be interpreted as being more of a feminine trait. In what ways? For example, as a Nazarite, He had longer hair. The whole disposition of reaching out to a lost and confused Humanity speaks of the tenderness, the compassion, the mercy of the Creator. Jesus showed strong emotion and the shortest verse in the Bible is, ‘Jesus wept’. It was in reference to the death of Lazarus in hearing news of his condition.

Then Jesus wept over Jerusalem as He entered the city by comparing Himself to a hen attempting to gather her chicks, etc. Of course, there are other characters in the Bible that had such similar passion and drive, like Jeremiah, the ‘Weeping Prophet’, etc. The point is to dispel any suggestion that ‘GOD’ is ‘Gender Fluid’ or ‘other’ when checking-of a box on a form. This study seeks to show the different nuances and dimensions of the mystery of how Jesus portrays Himself and how other are portrayed by Him, in the case of John the Revelator. For example, the 7 Churches of Asia depict the Pleiades in the greater sphere, astronomically being the female aspect to John on Patmos, that being the Orion male aspect and that of Christ but with the smaller sphere. In an overlaying prophetic motif, John being at Patmos can be likened to Christ, the male aspect and the 7 Churches of Asia, as the ‘Lampstand’ and so on.

In fact, this is exactly how the book of Revelation depicts the introductory motif, foremost as Jesus is in the midst of the Menorah of the 7 Lights of the Churches. John at Patmos would be that ‘Servant Stem’, Christ or as an ‘Orion’ to the 7 Lights. This ‘Orion’ is attending them as the 7 Churches shine as Light of not only as fire to be a ‘testimony’ to Jesus but shine as astro-lights as in the 7 Stars of the Pleiades Star Cluster, etc. It is befitting an astronomical correlation as Orion seeks to ‘rescue’ the captive Pleiades that the fierce Taurus has taken captive.

In the work of E.W. Bullinger, the constellation of Taurus signifies the ‘fierce anger of the Judge’ that is coming. This is why there is a ‘judgement’ or an evaluation given of the 7 types of Churches. And this ‘evaluation’ would prophetically extend into the 7 Church Ages and then how it also to how it applies to a Disciple of Jesus on a personal level. Thus, one can begin to sense how truly amazing the complexity of the mysteries of YHVH are. Nonetheless, to reiterate, if this Universal Template hypothesis is plausible, then it would mean that the New Jerusalem would be a ‘square’ as that is how the Sacred Geometry is portrayed in the Universal Template layout. Why is this relevant?

Consider that the Ancients knew about such sacred mathematics, geometry and symmetry and knew and know that is the language of the Universe. The ‘Language of the Creation’ is such that there are Secrets of the Universe as this Macro-to-Micro template only is the tip of iceberg as the proverbial saying goes. It is how the Creator has in part fashioned the Universe with such a ‘template’ and so had He fashioned the 7 Churches of Asia, topographically even.

Marvelously, as this study has attempted to show, YHVH has fashioned the Body of Christ with such a template that this study strongly suggests is even construed in the very topography of how the liberal 7 Churches of Asia were laid-out in. And it will be the template of how the abode of the City of the Bride to come will be, the New Jerusalem. As Followers of Jesus Christ, such an understanding should only make one more appreciative of how Christ works in patterns, or ‘templates’ and that Christ’s plans and purpose have a design, a measure and degree to which such will accomplish YHVH’s will and purpose in one’s Walk of Faith to be assured a place in that new City of the Bride.

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