Commitments at the Gate to the Promised Land

  • What happened Biblically at Shechem that is Important?
  • How is this Place currently Occupied by Spiritual Forces?
  • What are the Star Gates for that one is Presenting?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘So, Abram went, as YHVH had told him; and Lot went with him. Abram was 75 years old when he set out from Harran. He took his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, all the Possessions they had accumulated and the People they had acquired in Harran, and they set out for the Land of Canaan, and they arrived there. Abram traveled through the Land as far as the site of the Great Tree of Moreh at Shechem. At that Time the Canaanites were in the Land. YHVH appeared to Abram and said, To your Offspring I will give this Land'. – Genesis 12:1-6

The purpose of this study is to investigate the Ancient Site of Shechem in the Palestinian Occupied Land of Ancient Samaria or what YHVH refers to as the ‘Mountains of Israel’ in Ezekiel 39. The study will suggest that the Core Structures Triangulate with that of the Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Complex. This study suggests that obviously, the Site Demarcations were much older than when Joshua came with all the Israelites out of Egypt to have a ‘Valley of Decision’ moment of what their Spiritual and Civic Commitment was to be before YHVH. This study is in no way suggesting to any degree that YHVH, Joshua or the Israelites were directly associated with the construct and implementation of such a Sacred Geometric Triangulation, that is recurring in all Ancient as well as Modern Sites of either Political, Religious and/or Military Significance.

On the contrary, this study suggests that based on Investigation and Evidence, such a Martian Motif is Luciferian and a sort of ‘Satanic Signature’ that Lucifer has ‘Dotted’ the Landscapes, on Earth as an Imprint of his Authority, and Power. It is actually YHVH and Jesus, in this case a type of Joshua that has come to Repossess such Markers and Dominions. It was the case in the Edict to Evict the Natural Inhabitants of the Land, due to their Sorcery, Sin and Sodomies. In keeping with the theme of how the Cosmos has ‘Gates’, Star Gates, or Portals, so does the Earth, they are a Reflection of each other.

It is understood by Science that the Earth does have Energy Ley-Lines and Focal Points. Such are used for example in HAARP and so on. What this study has always stipulated is that such a Mars Triangulation is set to such Ley-Lines and Energy Points to Harness its Energy. With the aid of ‘Magic’, such is the ‘Key’ needed to open them or activate them based on Frequencies, Sound, Vibrations, etc. This does require a certain type of Knowledge and Ability. The Point is that there is then a Spiritual Dimension associated with such Sires on Earth, and thus the Religious Activities that have and do occur at such places. It is also suggested that this type of Knowledge is Secretive, and only in the Hands of the Secret Societies and other Sorceries that work the ‘Keys’, etc. Thus, such a Place functions as a ‘Gate’, a Star Gate in which Celestial Beings, that is, to include Holy and Fallen Angels traverse through perhaps as a sort of Grid, Matrix.

Parallel Portals

This study Theorizes that the Martian Motif Triangulation has and is serving as a ‘Star Gate’. It is based solely on its Topography as it is a Natural Doorway and the main Corridor is wedged between 2 Prominent Hills, Mount Gerizim to the south and Mount E-bal to the North. In essence, this was another major ‘Doorway’ or Gate into the Promised Land that YHVH instructed Joshua to take the Israelites through. And in keeping with the Ancient Near East Tradition of what occurs at the Gate, it is one of a Judgment and a Verdict. It is a Parallel of how YHVH took His case to the People of Israel there and then and pronounced a Requisite to Enter. Joshua placed 6 Tribes at Mount E-bal and 6 Tribes at Mount Gerizim. With the Elders of Zion and he in the midst, Joshua Reiterated the Conditions for Serving YHVH, the Blessings or the Cursing based on their Performance and Obedience, etc.

To this, Israel all Agreed to ‘Serve the LORD’. Such were the ‘Places of Decision’ and Cases pleaded with the Elders or Kings of the given City Gate. Thus, the Decision to Enter into the Promised Land, at this place was based on the Unity required for YHVH’s People to Advance as an ‘Army’ and Repossess the ‘Gates of the Enemies’ for all that is Righteous and Holy. This is a Universal Spiritual Principle of YHVH. This is what Jesus and the Apostles stressed would make the Church Body Victorious and able to Advance over Enemy Territory and engage the Enemy at the Gates. Such Gates speak about ‘Trials’, Contention, literally. It was at Shechem that Abraham went through the 1st of the 3 Tests or Trials and he built 3 Altars to Commemorate this ‘Graduation’.

Amazingly, it is at such Times and Places that YHVH Reiterated the Land Covenant to Abraham and to his Descendants, through Isaac and later Jacob and David. The 1st Altar was in Shechem. The 2nd Altar was at Bethel. The 3rd Altar was at Hebron and where he and Sarah are buried along with Isaac and Rebecca and Jacob and Leah. The Tombs of Jesse and Ruth are also there. Incidentally, it is also considered through Oral Tradition, that Adam and Eve are buried there, and is one of the ‘Gate Ways’ to the Garden of Eden. Shechem is the resting place of Joseph, Son of Jacob that was sold by his Brothers for 20 Pieces of Silver to the Enemies of the Israelites. The Amazing Storyline is found in Genesis and how at the Time of the Exodus, Joseph knew that the Time would come when the Exile would conclude much like Daniel in Babylon.

He was specifically instructed to have his Bones be carried-out and buried in the Promised Land. Shechem is that place. The very Humble Burial Tomb is just outside the Eastern Gate of the Ancient Encirclement of what was once Shechem. It is humbling to realize that Joseph suffered at the Hands of his Brethren and is a direct type of Jesus to have come. Like Jesus, the Burial Place was very unapparent given the Majesty of where he came from, basically being the 2nd in Command of the World, at that Time and saving it from Famine. Sadly, over the Years of Hostility, between the Muslims and the Jews, the Tomb of Joseph and others have been Attacked and Damaged by the Muslims. In a similar notion, it happens when a Civilization comes to a Land and destroys the Gates and City and Temples of an existing Civilization. It is much like how the Spanish did with the Temples in the Americas or the Muslim in Christian Lands. So too did Joshua erect a Marker and an Altar in that Place. There are still there today.

Valley of Decision

In the Bible, it is stated that based on the commitment of the Israelites, Joshua made and placed a Pillar, attesting to this Commitment. It is believed to still be there as it is on display although much damaged and defaced by the Palestinian Muslims. The event is reminiscent of a future similar occasion at Mount Carmel with Elijah and how it will be again for Israel during the Tribulation Period. A brief overview of the Historical Highlights does provide a colorful backdrop as Shechem is rich with the History of YHVH’s People. Then an Examination of how the Martian Motif Triangulation configures at the Site will be given. Based on Research, Shechem means ‘Shoulder’, as to suggest how the City was hinged in-between the 2 Shoulders of the Hills of Gerizim and E-bal. Then among other Highlights of Shechem’s history, it is the place where Solomon’s Son, Rehoboam was crowned King of the Break-Away Kingdom of the Northern 10 Tribes.

It was an Ancient Site of the Canaanites and was founded on what is now called Tel-Balata. This Tel is believed to be around 4000 Years Old and was contemporary with that of the other Tels at Deir-Alla, Tel-Dan, Tel-Megiddo, Gilgal Refaim, etc. After the Conquest of Joshua, the Allotment was given to the Tribe of Manasseh but was also considered or referred to as the ‘Hills of Ephraim’. However, at the point in which the Kingdom was divided between Israel and Judah, Shechem became the1st Capital of the Northern Kingdom, Israel. There is 1 Sad State of Affairs that, even directly affects the Palestinian-Jewish Conflict at this very place to this Day. It had to do with a rape at Shechem. It is recorded that years later after Abraham, Isaac’s son, Jacob settled next to the inhabitants of Shechem. By this time, Jacob had the 12 Sons through Leah and Rachel and a Daughter named Dinah.

On an occasion of Dinah being in Shechem, the local Prince took her by force and Raped her. Then Simeon and Levi, the Brothers conspired to Avenge the Rape. Although the King of Shechem agreed to Atone for the Sin of the Prince son, who was named ‘Shechem’, and meet the Requirements by having all the Male Men be Circumcised, the Sons of Jacob murdered them all instead, thereafter. This placed a Curse on the Sons of Jacob, in that their Descendants would not have peace because of this Gross Sin. The other Amazing Connections to the Bible Record, have to do with the Well of Jacob that is found at Shechem. It is just to the East of the Triangulation and a Catholic Church Building currently is over the Site. This is the Place also where Jesus visited the area during His Ministry and encountered the Woman at the Well.

What is interesting and would be evidence of how YHVH is actually opposed to much Luciferian Motifs is that the Well of Jacob and the Tomb of Joseph are outside the environs of this Satanic Signature. It is as though YHVH knew not to have the Patriarchs directly associated with the Occultic Sites, in this regard. This also occurs in Hebron where the Cave of Machpelah is just outside the Triangulation of that Sacred Site and anther ‘Star-Gate’. As to the Woman at the Well, it was the occasion in which there was a Theological Discussion that ensued and how much was gleaned from this Amazing Rendezvous. The whole City of Shechem came to see Jesus and believed in Him, as the Messiah of Israel even though they were ‘Half-Breed’ Samaritans to the Jews. Because of this, during the 1st Century, it boasted a large Christian community.

Another Amazing Connection is that 1 of the Early Church Fathers, Justin Martyr was from Shechem. He vehemently defended the Faith in Jesus and was eventually Martyred during the Waves of Persecution that started with the Religious Jews. Nonetheless, Shechem is to this Day, the Sacred Holy Mountain of the Samaritans who sacrifice the Passover Lamb and observe many of the ordinances of Moses there. It was not until in the early 1900s that a German Archeologist rediscovered the site at Tel-Balata as being the Ancient Encirclement known as Shechem. Since the Bronze Age, the Site has been Biblically Significant and it is where the Temple was later erected and where a portion of the Joshua Stone Slab is on display. Some People refute it though.

As to the Martian Motif Triangulation, this study suggests that the Ancient Temple found in the Encirclement of Ancient Shechem was correlating to the Face of Mars Anomaly. It has the same Angle of Inclination and is ‘Dead Center’ ,near Perfect Right Angle, given the Ley-Lines Overlay. The Giant D&M Pentagon would thus, correspond to the Summit of Mount Gerizim, that obviously then had a Fortification in the shape of a Pentagon. In this case, it was an Ancient Canaanite Fortification. It protected the Famous Trade Route that stretched from Egypt to Babylon.

In Emperor Hadrian's Reign, the temple on Gerizim was restored and dedicated to Jupiter. The Pleiadian City of Cydonia then would correspond to the present Center of Nablus, as that is what Shechem is referred to by the Muslims. It is the place of the Governorate Offices and main Administration Buildings. What is unique about this Martian Motif Triangulation is that since it is situated in-between the 2 Mountains, the actual Cydonia, Mars Triangulation can be ‘doubled’ to Mirror its opposite side. Thus, in a Spiritual aspect, this Star-Gate Portal was and is a ‘Double Door’ or Gate.

This is corroborated Geometrically and even Mathematically as the following Measurements are suggested. From the Summit of Mount Gerizim to Mount E-Bal is approximately 1 Mile.  It is 777 Yards from Gerizim to the Governorate. Then from the Governorate to the Temple at the Tel-Balata is 666 Yards or .33 Nautical Miles. Then from the Summit of Gerizim to the Temple at Tel-Balata is 999 Yards with a 223 Degree Heading. This is suggesting the infamous Luciferian 322 Skull and Bones Code, etc.

In Summary, what is Biblically Significant and Interesting, is that Shechem is 1st mentioned in Genesis 12 even before the Nation of the Israelites were allotted the Promised Land. It is at Shechem that the Bible records where YHVH Reconfirmed the Divine Decree to allot the Promise Land to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac and Jacob, not through Esau or Ishmael.

 The Storyline of Shechem though, like most often is the case in the Bible is one of Mystery, Intrigue, Murder, Rape, Double-Crossing, Thievery, Evil, etc. It is basically a Commentary on the Fallen State, Spiritually of Humanity, due to the Sin since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is why Humanity needs a Savior, and a Redemption of the Spirit, Soul and Body. This had been promised in Genesis 3:15 and was, is and will be totally fulfilled in Jesus. He is the Greater Joshua that is leading His People through the Double Gates into Heaven and to the Restored Garden of Eden.


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