A Tammuz Month Rapture Rendezvous?

  • Is there any Prophetic Significance to Comet SWAN?
  • What does Constellation Horologium signify Prophetically?
  • Is there a Cosmological and Esoteric Timing to the Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For the LORD Himself will come down from Heaven, with a Loud Command, with the Voice of the archangel and with the Trumpet call of GOD, and the Dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the LORD in the air. And so, we will be with the LORD forever. Therefore encourage one another with these words.’ -1 Thessalonians 4:16-18

The purpose of this study is to consider the astronomical, Biblical, and esoteric nuances of what the purported actual date of Pentecost for 2020 will look like on July 20. This is when the Summer Wheat Harvest occurs as in the time of Ruth and Boaz, and thus the ‘Wheat Wedding’ as a type of the Rapture to come perhaps. Why this becomes pertinent is that the true count for Pentecost 2020 on July 20 is based on Leviticus 23:16. It would then be, April 8 Passover + morrow after Sabbath from First Fruits = April 12 + 7 Sabbaths or 49 days then + 50 days = July 20. There are also at least 8 calendars to go by but nonetheless, based on the Rabbinical Calendar, Pentecost is in the wrong segment as only the traditional 1st portion of the 49th days is counted.

This study will also consider the trajectory of the newly discovered Comet SWAN C/2020 F8. An illustration will be given as to where it will be located on this date of Tammuz 28 and where it originates from, Horologium, and thus the ‘Clock Comet’. Astronomically, the year 2020 will include 4 Penumbral lunar eclipses, 1 Annual solar eclipse and 1 Total solar eclipse. There has been a total of 4 Supermoons in the first half of the year that ended with the largest Supermoon of the year corresponding with Passover on April 8, 2020. It is as though the 4 Supermoons were signaling a countdown of sorts; 4-3-2-1. The year 2020 was also the 72nd year anniversary of the birth of Israel. The number 72 is 1 degree in the Precession of the Equinox time.

It is also tied to many Biblical nuances of how for example, there were 72 Elders that went up to meet YHVH with Moses and Joshua on Mount Sinai. In some versions of the Gospels, Jesus sent out the 72 Disciples to the various places of the land of Israel. There were also 72 Nations that conglomerated after the Tower of Babel when Humanity was dispersed. And lastly, the calculated true date of Pentecost that occurs on July 20 has a 720 or 72-0 fractal. In Sacred Gematria, a ‘720’ value is a merging of 2 360-degree interlocking triangles or the anagram of a hexagram. Could it all be mere coincidence? Perhaps. What is interesting to note is that in-between the May 28, 2020 Shavuot traditional day of observance to the purported one of July 20, the 3 main eclipses occur. They are a Triad of eclipses consisting of 2 Penumbral lunar eclipses flanking the center Annular solar eclipse one, precisely on the day of the Equinox.

Celestial Events
In observation of such a type of solar eclipse being Annular, it means that the Moon’s disk is not completely blocking-out the Sun’s disk. This in turn makes for an effect of it being a ‘ring of fire’ as it were or as a ‘wedding ring’ inference to a coming marriage and on an Equinox of all days. Also interesting is that this ‘marriage ring’ Annual solar eclipse will be 30 days out from the suggested real day of Pentecost on July 20, etc. What is also unique to this Pentecost day is that the Sun is in-between Cancer and Gemini. It is in Cancer that the Beehive galaxy clusters are found, and it signifies the ‘Great Congregation’, as in what is to occur after the Resurrection/Rapture event. As to the Moon, it conjoins with the Sun on this day as a New Moon or become ‘invisible’.

Towards the end of the year, 2020 will host the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that amazingly occurs on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2020. This mirrors the Annular solar eclipse that occurs, amazingly on the Equinox of June 20, 2020. This will be then 180 days apart or half of a 360 day circle construct of time. Coincidence? Perhaps. As to the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Winter Solstice? Well, if mythology is to cross over into reality, and history is of any consequence, it was a time when the Pax Romana of the past was drastically changed by the overthrow of Saturn by Jupiter. The following is the list of the major astronomical occurrences for 2020.

Jan 10 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Feb 09 - Full Moon, Supermoon
Mar 09 - Full Moon, Supermoon
Apr 08 - Full Moon, Supermoon on Passover Eve and Biggest full moon of the year
May 07 - Full Moon, Supermoon
May 23 - Comet Atlas, closest approach to Earth
Jun 05 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Jun 21 - Annular Solar Eclipse 0n Summer Solstice
Jul 05 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Nov 30 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.
Dec 14 - Total Solar Eclipse.
Dec 21 - Grand Conjunction Jupiter-Saturn

The next segment of history plunged the Roman Empire into chaos. Is this omen occurring now as the Pax Americana is coming to an end with such a Grand Conjunction to see the Age of Jupiter rule the coming Tribulation Period of suffering? If nothing at all, it is just proof of the divine synchronization put in place by the Creator, YHVH. The 2 bright Giant Gas Planets will appear only 7 arc minutes of each other in the night sky. They will be so close that they will appear to make a bright double planet. This will be the tightest conjunction of the Giant Gas Planets since the 1600’s. As to some Sacred Gematria occurring during the true date of Pentecost, if it is indeed then on Tammuz 28 or July 20? The time starting with the end of the Spring Feasts to when the Fall Feasts starts is in approximate phi ratio of days to July 20, 2020. And then in terms of a further phi ratio relationship, from the end of the Spring Feasts to July 20, the purported true Pentecost date is in approximate phi ratio to the 72nd day anniversary of Israel’s birth.

Countdown Zone
Furthermore, if true Pentecost is in the Jewish month of Tammuz, then Pentecost, the 4th Feast of YHVH would happen to correspond to the 4th month of the Jewish year -of 30 days each for a total count of 120 days. This numeric value is then attributed to how many Disciples were in the Upper Room and how many ‘years’ or Jubilees there were to be from Noah in terms of a prophetic template of time before Jesus’ return, etc. The 120 fractal is also the value of the ‘code’ Jesus gave in that, ‘are there not 4 months and then comes the harvest?’ He was alluding to the Wheat Harvest turning ‘white’ at the end of July or in the midst of Summer as it pivots the Spring and Winter stations.

Another nuance about this particular date of July 20 is that it is the Egyptian New Year according to a reference made from the book Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA by Richard C. Hoagland. It is the day when Osiris is said to ‘resurrect’ from the Dead. And that is precisely what will occur first at the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Note that this study is not insinuating that the Resurrection/Rapture must occur on this day. It is just a simulation based on the astronomical observations given and the logic presented so far. To reiterate, the day count is based on the interpretation of Leviticus 23:16, where if April 8, 2020 was Passover, then one is to count from the morrow of the Sabbath after First Firsts 7 Sabbaths or 49 days and then 50 days. The days noted start at Sunset, Jerusalem Time.

April 8                              April 12                              = May 31, 2020                      = July 20, 2020
Passover                        Day after Sabbath
Wednesday                    Sunday      
                                                  + 49 days                                 + 50 days         

The timeline would stipulate that the July 20, 2020 day count for observing Pentecost would commence from Jerusalem at Sunset the previous day on the 19th, etc. However if one follows the book of Acts, model, the celebrating of Pentecost occurs at the same hour it came, that being supposedly at around either 1. Zero hour 6am, 2. Sunrise at 5:47am or 3, the 1st Hour of the day, 7am. This ‘Rapture Zone’, then would make for the Rapture event to take place within this time and for each respective time zones. The book of Acts states that by the time Peter was in the midst of his preaching to the crowds, he had referenced it being the 3rd Hour, or 9am. So, if it would be at Sunrise, 5:47am on July 20, 2020 in Jerusalem, then it would be 7:47am on July 19, 2020 for the west coast of the USA, etc. The same principle would occur if the Feast would be celebrated at Sunset instead and also consider that Shavuot is a 2-day feast.

Sunrise                       Sunrise           Jerusalem                   California
5:47am                        7:47pm            July 20. 2020               July 19, 2020

Zero Hour                   Zero Hour       Jerusalem                   California
6am                             8pm                 July 20. 2020               July 19, 2020

1st Watch                    1st Watch        Jerusalem                  California
7am                              9pm                 July 20. 2020               July 19, 2020 

The Trajectory
What is interesting to note is that the Zero Hour or 6am would be the time of the morning that is called the ‘Twilight’ of the day’s dawn. Its understanding could have been an inference to how the Apostle Paul described the language of the Rapture event, occurring in the ‘twinkling of an eye’. It would suggest that the Rapture would be between light and darkness. In terms of the Feast of YHVH typology, this 4th month would nicely also then correlate to the 4th Menorah middle stem. It is called the Servant Stem and from where the light is attained that then lights-up the other 6 branch lights.

This 4th Stem of the Menorah or ‘month’ is also the main stock in the typology of the Almond Tree from where a ‘grafting’ can only take place, that being the Gentiles that are currently being grafted-in during this Age of Grace into the ‘Pentecost’ Stem, etc. Also, interesting is that the month of Tammuz, is where the 1st and 2nd Temple began to be destroyed as Israel saw judgment come on this month. For example, in AD 70 the Siege of Jerusalem under the Roman Prince Titus, son of Emperor Vespasian stormed the Fortress of Antonia north of the Temple Mount in the month of Tammuz.

Mar 20 - Equinox at 03:50 UTC 
Jun 20 – Solstice at 21:43 UTC         (Annual solar eclipse takes place)
Sep 22 - Equinox at 13:30 UTC    
Dec 21 - Solstice at 10:02 UTC          (Total solar eclipse takes place)

Many are believing that perhaps the year 2020 might be then the year of the Bride of Christ’s recue and deliverance. In fact, according to the Strong's Concordance, 20 20 signifies ‘rescue’ and ‘deliverance’. This speaks of a dispensation about to turn over to the 7th and last Week of Years per the Prophet Daniel. It is still reserved for the nation of Israel as a time of coming judgment to turn them back to YHVH and realize that Jesus is their Messiah. This will be the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. As to the astronomical observations of what takes place on July 20, 2020 goes, a description of the Comet SWAN C/2020 F8 traversing through Perseus, Auriga and Gemini will be given.

Then an interpretation of the 3 main Signs with their Stars will be suggested based on the research of E.W. Bullinger. Lastly, a prophetic overlay will be applied to see if there are any Prophetic correlations. According to Bullinger, Perseus signifies and depicts Jesus Christ as ‘The Breaker’ coming to deliver His Redeemed. Comet SWAN, traverses exactly through the Star Algol on May 20. This Star has the depiction of the ‘eye’ of Medusa whose head is severed by the sword of Perseus.

Medusa is the mythical demigod that had snakes for hair and anyone that glanced at her eyes would be immediately turned to stone and die. She represents the ‘Serpent’ Enemy factor and it is rather interesting then how that eye has been deemed the ‘Eye of Lucifer’. It is rather interesting that back in 1997 and 1998, 2 comets intersected this precise Star, Algol. It marked the beginning of the Season of Noah. The question is, will Comet SWAN mark its end? This time around there is another comet, Atlas that conjoins Comet SWAN but in Perseus only on May 20. This suggests that in this Algol-Comet SWAN intersection, the emphasis is not on Lucifer but Perseus and what he represents then.

The Prophecies
As Comet SWAN pans across the Signs of Perseus, Auriga, and Gemini, it would appear that the trajectory towards Pentecost of June 20 of this comet is highlighting a divine message. YHVH infused their meaning in their corresponding Stars and that will be thus highlighted. It does make for a very interesting tapestry of prophecy that is to be realized one day. In the meanwhile, whenever that year will be for the Rapture, it is a dress rehearsal until then. As to Perseus, it represents Jesus Christ that would ‘break forth’ onto the human stage on Earth and decapitate the ‘head’ of Lucifer to then ‘carry away’ His Redeemed, etc. The Comet SWAN then leaves Perseus and conjoins with the Star Capella in Auriga, the Great Shepherd on June 2. It then conjoins the next Star of Mahasim on June 27. The comet then leaves Auriga and heads for the constellation of Gemini where is meets up with Mercury as noted on Pentecost of June 20, 2020.

Auriga is from a Hebrew root word which means, ‘a shepherd’. According to Bullinger, Auriga, the Great Shepherd signifies the, ‘Safety for the Redeemed in the Day of Wrath’. The Great Shepherd is seated upon the Milky Way holding up on his left shoulder a she-goat. The brightest Star, α in the body of the goat points her out as the prominent feature of the constellation. Its name Alioth in Hebrew means, ‘a she-goat’. It is known by the modern Latin name Capella. She clings to his neck and is looking down afraid at the terrible on-rushing Bull, Taurus that signifies the coming fierce judgment upon the world. In his left-hand, Auriga supports 2 little kids, apparently just born and trembling with fear. The next Star, β in the shepherd's right arm is called Menkalinan and means, ‘the band, or chain of the goats’. It points out the truth that they are never more to be lost again but bound with bands of love to the Shepherd forever.

The name of another Star in Auriga is Maaz which means, ‘a flock of goats’. The bright Star in his right foot is called El Nath which means, ‘the wounded or pierced one’. He is pierced by the horn of Taurus and is an amazing picture of how the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, Jesus was mortally pierced by the Taurus Beast, Lucifer at the Cross of Calvary. The Great Shepherd of the Sheep gave his life for the Little Flock. These are the very words that were uttered by Jesus. In the Zodiac of Dendera the same truth was revealed more than 4,000 years ago. The Shepherd in this case, instead of carrying the sheep is carrying a scepter. It is called the Trun which means, ‘scepter of power’. But it is a strange scepter as the top has the head of a goat and at the bottom, below the hand that holds it ends in a cross motif. It is a foreshadowing of the Christ to come.

To the Egyptians, the cross was a sign of life and the power of resurrection. The Ancients knew of this divine storyline of the Grand Plan of Redemption written in the Stars. Then Comet SWAN enters Gemini around July as this Sign depicts, according to Bullinger, the ‘Messiah's Reign as Prince of Peace’. The Hebrew name is Thaumim which means, ‘united’. The root word is used in how 2 boards are coupled together or inter-twinned. It will be the case that when Jesus comes for His Bride, thereafter, will be the final existence, intertwined in peace because she will be with the Prince of Peace. Indeed, Jesus will be ushering His Bride to the Marriage Banquet Hall of Heaven in preparation for the Marriage Super of the Lamb as co-heir and co-ruler to be with the GOD-Head for all Eternity. On one level, this is what Gemini is conveying.

The Rendezvous
Gemini is represented by 2 human figures walking or coming together. The 1st person is a man. The 2nd person in ancient depictions was a woman. It is a tailed figure, in that the tail signifies that the Prince of Peace is in procession. The name of Star α in the head of the one on the right is called Apollo which means ‘ruler and judge’. Star β in the head of the other is called Hercules, who cometh to labor, or suffer. To the Romans, they were called Castor and Pollux, etc. In this aspect, the dual nature of the same character is being conveyed, in how Jesus came in human form yet fully GOD. The other Star, γ on the left foot is called Al Henah which means, ‘hurt and afflicted’. According to Bullinger, the Sign is one that conveys a peace and rest after having obtained and achieved a victory. He states, ‘these united ones are neither in action nor are they preparing for action, but they are at rest and in peace after victory won’.

Indeed, after the Rapture event, it will be a time of celebration of the race finished, the battle fought, the war won. It will be a time for the reviewing of the Saints ‘come marching in’ before the Bema Seat of Christ in Glory. As to the specific of Comet SWAN C/2020 F8, it is a comet that was first discovered through images taken by the SWAN camera on March 25, 2020 that is aboard the Solar Heliospheric Observer (SOHO) spacecraft. It was detected from the constellation of Cetus, aka, the Leviathan. It comes up from the Southern hemisphere but originates in a very unique place in the sky. According to astronomical models, this comet has its origin in the area known as the ‘Clock’ or Horologium as in a watch or ‘time’. What is also fascinating to consider is that this comet has been circling this ‘clock’ for thousands of years until 2019.

It was in late 2019, in December that Comet SWAN C/2020 F8 then started moving out of its circling the ‘Clock’ and headed north towards Cetus. It then accelerated across the Ecliptic over Pisces and then to arc over Perseus and down through Auriga. It then rendezvouses with the planet Mercury at the Ecliptic on Pentecost, July 20, 2020. Is this significant? Prophetic? It is at this time that the Moon also conjoins the Sun as Pentecost will start with the Moon becoming ‘invisible’. This is exactly what effect the Rapture will have on the world as the Moon represents the Bride of Christ, etc. Can it be, based on this imagery, astronomically that the ‘Clock Comet’, SWAN C/2020 F8 is thus a marker and harbinger announcing that ‘time is up’?

And that the Messenger of the ‘gods’, Mercury, has come to signal that a ‘romantic’ rendezvous of the ‘Wheat Wedding’ is about to take place. And this on the true Pentecost when the Wheat Harvest turns ‘white’ and thus ready for a ‘Wheat Wedding’ as in the time of Boaz and Ruth. What if based on this cosmic tapestry, the trajectory towards the Rapture event is taking place now? In what sense? Consider when a Groom and Bride marry, they pre-arrange their meeting at a specific place and time. In this cosmic depiction, it will be at the Ecliptic in Gemini by the Silver Gate. But it has been this Comet SWAN that has been ‘playing the chords’ as it were of the celestial Signs of Perseus, Auriga and Gemini leading up to this Pentecost point on June 20, 2020 or Tammuz 28. The Rapture will be in the air as taught in the Bible but what if it mirrors such attributes on Earth as they are in Heaven?

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