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‘And even if our Gospel is Veiled, it is Veiled to those who are Perishing. The God of this Age [Lucifer] has Blinded the Minds of Unbelievers so they cannot see the Light of the Gospel of the Glory of Christ, who is the Image of God. For we do not proclaim ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your Servants for Jesus’ sake’. -2 Corinthians 4:3-5

The purpose of this study is to consider 3 Main Agendas of Lucifer that have been unleashed against Humanity in the guise of ‘Saving’ Humanity by them. They are creating a Worldwide Digital Currency that will be Bio-Metrically integrated within the Human Genome. Then there is the creation of a Climate Carbon Credit Score Passport that will control the very Movement, Travel and access to Resources for all Humans on the Planet. And lastly, how will all this be accomplished? It will be through a Bio-Metrically Digitized Human Body. How is Lucifer accomplishing this? It is being done, presently through mandating the required COVID Injection Schedule. Why?

It is about changing one’s DNA. In Tandem with these 3 Main Satanic Agendas, there is a noticeable increase in the Paranormal Phenomena. With over 90% of the World’s 8 Billion People now having a Smart Phone of some sort, the Recording of such Incidents are being recording in what is also Spiritually Happening. And what is that? The World is fast approaching a Nexus or Intersectionality. Of What? The pending Rapture Event. It is part of the Process of the Birth Pangs Analogy given by Jesus of how the End Times would be characterized by, just before His 2nd Coming.

This includes UFO Appearances and ‘Portals’ Opening up in the Skies around the World. The Phenomena might seem odd. Or such ‘Portals’ could be explained-away as nothing more than low-level isolated Cloud Formations. But it also could be an ‘Opening’ in the Time-Space Continuum. This is another of Lucifer’s Quest to Release the Titans that are Chained in Ever-Lasting Darkness. YHVH has Reserved them for the purpose of Opening-Up the Abyss or the Bottomless Pit during the Last Sabbath on Earth for Judgement.

This is what CERN is about and admitted by their Directors that they have come into Contact with what one would call ‘Ghosts’, as in Spirits and Demonic ones that abide in such Dimensions ‘Behind the Veil’. Before one delves into the 3 Agendas of Lucifer currently being Implemented against an Unsuspecting Humanity, one will provide a Context leading up to that Notion. As it pertains to ‘Portals’ being Opened, one has only had a Reference when such Portals or ‘Holes’ did appear in the Atmosphere. Spirals.

Opening of Portals

Such ‘Portals’ were made by Spirals or involve Spirals. But they do not have to be. These Spiral Motifs are even carved on Ancient Cave Drawings found around the World. And what is noticed next to them? Demonic, Horned-Head Beings of Light that are either very Small or Tall, etc. Remember the Spiral that opened-up a Portal that occurred over Norway when Obama went to receive his Nobel Peace Prize in 2010?

Spiral Phenomenon Explained

CBS News – 2010

The News explained it away, as a ‘Failed Russian Missile Test’. But Military People in the Comments say that Missiles do not do that. And the Spiral grew in size and had a Beam to Earth at all Times. Now to more of this 11-11-11 Code that keeps coming up, especially since November of 2022. There is something going on. As mentioned before, the Date of 11-11 is the Anniversary of the beginning of the Flood of Noah.

It rained for 40 Days which then coincides with the Winter Solstice of December 21. So, an interesting Timeframe to consider what will most likely be some major Spiritual Movements behind the Veil. From the Comments, it was noted that November the 24th is Significant for 2022. How so? November the 24th will be 11:11 on the Julian Calendar as well as on the Enoch Calendar. As mentioned, it is the Day that the Flood of Noah started, as in Worldwide Judgment, ‘As in the Days of Noah’, etc.

It was stated that the Julian Calendar is 13 Days behind the Gregorian Calendar, thus making November 24, 2022 = 11-11. What one finds odd also, but not surprising, is that the U.S. House of Representatives Bill HR 2211, is the one that the Powers-That-Be and Handlers of the American President signed to make the Dollar convert to a Digital Currency. And? One can break-down the 2211 to 11-11 and 11 or a 11:11:11 Correspondence. So, the Luciferians are using their Numbers to Broadcast their Spells and Undertakings with Repetitions.

H.R.2211 - Central Bank Digital Currency Study Act of 2021

The Bill was introduced on March 16, 2021, the 85th Day of the Year, with
280 Days remaining.

280 =

If one reduces the Numbers, it will be: 1-1-5-1-1-1 or for a Sum of 10. And is it not interesting how the Sinai 10 Commandments have now been Re-Defined in Terms of the New Climate Covenant of 10 ‘Principles’. But the Bride of Christ also has a Portal to go through also. One Day, Jesus will Open that Door and call her to come through it as she is taken out of what will befall the World thereafter, Judgment, ‘As in the Days of Noah’.

What Happened to the COVID Plandemic?

As to what Lucifer is doing with his 3 Agendas? One can only Speculate based on the Limited Information and just give one’s Perspective. One only has Clues being given or allowed to go Public by these Lucifer-Worshiping Minions who rule the World, for now. But one is Confident that, in Terms of Predictive Programming, the latest and recent Phenomena of 11-11-11 Associations to Events, People, Places and Dates are related to a Portal or Door/Gate that Opened or is about to be Opened.

What that Event or Decision or Circumstances will ultimately look like? Not sure. But the Luciferians have been convening to formalize their Plan of Action: UN General Assembly, COP27 Climate Summit, G20 in Bali, etc. And it has been reported that out of the G20 Meeting, in particular, the Leaders of the World have basically Pledged to have a Green Passport that will be tied to one’s Vaccination Status in order to ‘Exist’.

It will not be about Immunization or Religious Exemptions. Case in Point. A Fellow Colleague at one’s University had ‘Flu-Like’ Conditions. Remember that during the Plandemic, miraculously, there were no ‘Influenza’ Cases? It was ‘Cured’. But only because the Flu Cases were counted as COVID Cases. Not Accurate but Deceptive to inflate the Contagious Rates as that was the Rationale for the Justification for Locking-Down Everything except the 1%’s Big Box Stores and Businesses, etc.  

So, the Colleague got Tested and was deemed COVID. Even though COVID-19 was so nearly 3 Years Ago. Oh, but wait, it is the New Strain, they say. One tried to explain to the Colleague that a Virus is just Fragments of DNA. And when it Replicates itself, the Subsequent Iterations are Weaker. The Key is to have a Built-Up and Strong Natural Immunity. Flu Shots and the COVID Injections are Destroying one’s Natural Immunity. As to DNA Replication? This is why Humans Age or ‘Grow Old’. It is due to the Sin Nature and Curse of Eden. As every Cell in one’s Body is reproduced every 7 Days, at different intervals, of course, they are not as Vibrant as the Original.

It is like a Copy Machine Metaphor one has used before to help visualize the Aging and/or Replicating Effect. If one has a Crisp Original Letter, and one makes 1000 Copies, will the 1000th Copy be as Crisp and Sharp as the Original? No. And in some cases the Copy Machine, i.e., the Body, will Jam or Misfire and Edges might be Off-Set or the Ink might get Dull, etc. These Mis-‘Prints’ are what would be called ‘Cancer’. And thus, one way to eliminate the Cancer is to just cut-off that Portion of the Organ and/or Tissue to not have that Mis-Firing DNA Code be replicated or ‘Copied’ anywhere else.

So, as to one’s Colleague. They had to be Quarantined but one replied back that the Colleague was now Naturally Immune against COVID. And the Colleague’s Reply? Silence. Why? The State, WHO and the CDC as well as the University does not Recognize Natural Immunity as being Immunity. And thus, because one’s Colleague ‘Believes in Science’, they have to continue taking the Injections to be ‘Updated’ much like a Computer Software. And because it is, even though the Colleague had taken the Injections and still got ‘COVID’, not the Flu, as told. Imagine that. All that one has said here and have written about it, for over 2 Years is backed-up by Scientific Papers.

New Health Protocols

What is happening now, in terms of the COVID Plandemic is that it is coming back around, so they say. It will be the same Narrative to be Recycled. Already People are Masking-Up again. This is why the Children flooded the Hospitals because, thanks to the Isolation for 2+ Years, they were not naturally exposed to Natural-Occurring Viruses. Their Growing Bodies would have naturally made Anti-Bodies for. And on Average, the IQ of Students has dropped by 2 Points. Children from 5-8 are now needing Speech Therapy because of Masks that have retarded Speech and the Cognitive Learning abilities to Read Faces, Emotions due to Faces being covered-up. Of course, by design.

That is how the Human Natural Immune System works to get Strong, by Exposure and having a Strong Natural Immunity through Exercise and Proper Nutrition. But the Mask Mandates, Forced Lock-Down Isolation and mRNA Genetic Altering Experiment Shots have dramatically Weakened the Human Natural Immune System. The COVID Protocols have been the opposite of what the so-called ‘Gods’ of Science have lied to the World about. And it has come to Light that the COVID Shots do not stop the Infections, nor prevent Transmission and does not result in Immunity.

Yet, the Peoples of the World, especially in the USA have to be Bribed with Food, Beer, Candy, Donuts, Scholarships, Lotteries and Vacations to get the COVID Shots? Realize that from October to February is the Natural Flu Season where before COVID, anywhere from 20,000 to 75,000 People Died every Year of the Flu. Yet, no Lock-Downs, or Mask Mandates, etc. They are using this Reality of the Natural Flu Season to foment the Increase in ‘COVID’ Cases now to re-introduce Mandatory COVID Injections next Time around. Why? All of this is tied to what are the 3 Luciferian Agendas.

What the People are not Connecting the Dots is that People are now Dying of Complications from the Injections SADS: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, as well as SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And although the Data shows Exponential Increases in Miscarriages, Still-Births, Myocarditis, and other Adverse Effects, the News Controlled Narrative is to still get the Injections despite proven not to stop Transmission nor Give Immunity. And that they are still ‘Safe and Effective.

Where is Fauci these Days by the way, eh? Oh, he gave his last Briefing at the White House, ending with a Plea to ‘Get your Shots’, while the White House Press Secretary shut down Reporters for wanting to ask Fauci about the ‘Origins of COVID’. In one’s Political Science Assessment, having researched the Origins of the COVID Plandemic, Fauci, has single-handedly been Responsible for the Death of 1000s, if not Millions. And/or responsible for Permanently Damaging countless People’s Bodies that is irreversible. He has done Lucifer Proud. COVID is not about Health Care but Control.

One can say though, that based on the Predictive Programming occurring, that ‘They’, are gearing-up for their Next Move, that is for sure. It will be about how the ‘Next Outbreak’ that will be eventually implemented to Control all Human Activity through the Narrative of Saving the Planet. One was asked through email the following Question also. What will the Unvaccinated People do if they will be required to get the Injections?

Digitization by the Devil

It is a War. It is usually about 1-2 Months after such Convocations, that the intended Effect or Outcome of their Scheming, behind the Meetings will be implemented. For example, in 2019, Bill Gates, John Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum hosted a Mock World Viral Pandemic Exercise called Event 201. Then behold, that is what exactly occurred by March of 2020 as the W.H.O. declared the Pandemic, etc. Following are the Rationales leading up to the 3 Main Agendas that Lucifer is up to now against Humanity.

1. A Digital Currency.
2. A Climate Carbon Credit Score.
3. A Mandatory COVID Injection Schedule.

One will not be able to ‘Buy and Sell’, Travel, Work without this coming New Green Passport. What is coming, for sure, is the New Digital Currency that will be based on Block-Chain or the Digital Wallet that now all People will have to have. Or what will become of all those People that will refuse to take the Next COVID-related Bio-Engineered Strain? Here is one’s Reply. At some Point in Time, they will force the Un-Injected to get Injected or else. It is already in the Books and Protocols of the CDC for the USA. See Article

#535 Operation Shielding Approach
COVID Camps in the USA Separating Families

The Governments will have Legal Authority to Separate Families, People into COVID Camps. This has already happened in Australia and Canada during the Height of the COVID Plandemic. In Australia, they also Injected 100s of Children, rounding them-up and taking them to a school stadium without Parents knowing. And they had the Police at the Entrances/Exists to prevent the Parents from intervening. Probably, at the beginning there might be a Provision for Religious, and/or Medical Exemptions. That will only be said to appease the Objections.

This is the only Hope, aside from Jesus. But as it was seen with the US Military, no Medical nor Religious Exemptions were Honored. So, it will be a Tough Decision. Take the Snake Bite or basically be Rounded-Up and eventually Killed-Off in the COVID Camps, that way. It is a No-Win Situation. Hope this happens after the Rapture, which one suspects. The Restrainer is Restraining still but they are getting ready for their Next Major Move.

One can say, with Confidence that what is Planned next for the World will be No Good. Their Luciferian Plans have never been Good although they Spin it as ‘Good’. Since they own the Media, Military, Medicine and Money, they will Narrate their Plans to look like it is all to ‘Save Humanity’ and ‘Save Lives’ and the Planet this Time around. But in order to ‘Save the Planet’, they have to Genocide 7 Billion Souls off of the Planet. But for sure, there are 3 Events that are coming to Fruition, as that is what ‘They’ have been building-up the World to. It is as they say, it is not a matter of ‘If’, but When’.

It is About One’s Worship

They are forgetting the Worshipping the Golden Calf that also took place and was the Main Reason for Moses having Shattered the Original Tablets. It dealt with the Origins of where the Word, ‘Vaccine’ comes from. What is that? The Word ‘Vaccine’ comes from ‘Cow’ in Latin. And how is this correlating to what is happening now? This Golden Cow that was worshiped then, instead of YHVH, is the COVID, co-called Vaccines now.

Realize that the Origins of the 1st Vaccine was done through an Experiment by Jenner on a Boy, not having Consented or knowing about the Medical Experiment. The Boy was the 1st Involuntary Medical Subject, aside from countless Fallen Angels disguising as ‘Aliens’ conducting Genetic Experimentation on Humans since Genesis 6. However, aside from the Ethical Failings, Jenner’s method produced the 1st True Vaccine, thus from a Cow, etc.

But this is now what the Official Scientists and People believing them Worship, just like if it was the Golden Cow of Mount Sinai. This is the culmination of what Lucifer is doing now. It is to get as many Humans to bow down to the COVID Injections because that is the Method and Delivery System that will have to integrate all 3 Agendas in order to bring Humanity to the Point of then Accepting his Mark of the Beast. It is about who gets Worshiped and to whom one will give one’s Worship to.

As one was concluding this Article and some Postings on an online Blog, a Reader emailed to remind one to See/Hear JD Farag’s Sunday Prophetic Update. One was pleasantly surprised that Pastor JD Farag went over the 3 Main Points that one had posted here would be the 3 Initiatives the Enemies of the Cross are rolling-out. 

Prophecy Update - 2022-11-20
Painted in the Prophetic Corner
November 20, 2022 • J.D. Farag

And now, all the Trudeau's, Biden's, and Pelosi’s, of the World have given away their Nation’s Sovereignty to the Klaus Schwab’s through the WHO. Really, it is only a Stepping-Stone as one knows that Prophetically Speaking, it will be eventually 10 Kings that will hand over total Global Governance to the coming False Messiah Savior. And True to Form, this coming Global Climate Savior will have accompanying him, the ‘Ancient Alien’ Martian Saviors. Why? They come to help Humanity Evolve, Genetically to the Next Stage of its Evolution, to become ‘Gods’.

This is the Great Lie and the Theme of the Move, the ‘Cosmic Secret’. It is not. It is the Same Lie of Lucifer. In comparison to what became of the Human Genome and DNA after the Fall, Adam and Eve were practically that already before the Fall, as if  ‘Gods’ in comparison. It is that close. The Bride of Christ awaits her Glorified State and the Followers of Jesus await their Glorified Bodies with Perfected and Completed DNA, as intended and as Jesus now even Has. A Glorified Genetically Perfect Body of Flesh, uncontaminated with the Sinful Nature and able to Abide in Heavenly Realms. That is what awaits the True Sons of Light.

DNA Rapture
The False Sons of Light, which is really Darkness and the ones that prefer to make a Deal with the Devil or Covenant are the ones in Darkness and headed to Destruction. It is foretold. As in the Days of Noah, Noah was ‘Perfect’ in his Gene-Rations or Genome. This also has to be the Case for the Bride of Christ. Now one is not saying that just because one took the COVID Injections, one ceases to be ‘Saved’. Sadly, many Christians are Teaching this still. It is at the Halfway Marker of the 7-Year Tribulation Period that the False Prophet, not the AntiChrist even Mandates the whole World to take the Mark of the Beast. 

The Rapture is tied to one’s Genetics, DNA and one’s DNA, is tied to the Rapture. The Ture ‘Cosmic Secret’ will be and is the Rapture Event. What is the Bride of Christ to do? Be Faithful to her Calling and Commission. Attend to the Relationship. This is how Deception will be Checked. It is, as a Fellow Brother named Stan put it, ‘Faith over Fear’. That is really the Bottom Line. Faith in Jesus. The Church of Jesus knows that ‘Perfect Love Casts-Out All Fear’.

But this is the Challenge the Church, in these Last Days has critically gotten ‘Wrong’, in one’s Estimation, at least in the West/USA. To Know Jesus is to Know Peace. Know Jesus, No Fear. But one cannot Love someone, one does not necessarily Know. All this and what one has said and does is because of what I know about Jesus. The more you know about Jesus, the more Faith and less Fear one has. It is a Relationship and one that has been Neglected, in a general sense by the Professing Church, much like in a ‘Bad Marriage’, i.e., Laodicea.

It is true that the Followers and Believers in Jesus are as ‘Bold as Lions’ because of Jesus. He has overcome the World, Sin and Satan. And one do also understand the Sorrow for the World and People for what is coming that Stan also commented about and in Tears. On 1 Hand, there is a Vexing coming from the World, much like with Lot in Sodom. Then there is the challenge of ‘Un-Plugging’ fellow Brethren from the Matrix of this World, that many are comfortable staying in.

One loved how the Video starts out with the Cave Metaphor. It is a Burden to bear because many People prefer to stay connected to the Matrix, to ‘Love’ their Bondage and stay in the Cave to just be Entertained while they are Shackles. Such were and are the COVID Lock-Downs. What is coming next will be ‘Climate Change’ Green Lockdowns. And the World has bought it. That is what is Twisted and Sinister, so the Enemy exploits that. In each Generation, it is really no different than what happened during Jesus’ 1st Visitation. People do recognize they ‘Need a Savior’.

The issue is ‘Which Savior’? To the Religious Ruling Jews, it was not Jesus. And to the End of this Age, People likewise reject Jesus as Savior for ‘X’ Reasons, etc. But GOD. Jesus came to ‘Set the Captives’ Free and Shine the Light in the Darkness. And the Followers of Jesus do not have to wait to do that during the Tribulation Period, necessarily. One has Opportunities here now on this Side of the Rapture, every Waking Day. May one be found Worthy of the Great Escape.

Followers of Jesus are Ambassadors with a Royal Commission on behalf of the King of the Universe. One thinks that is pretty Big and Significant of a Calling to Neglect. The Link following is a Great Documentary on the Plandemic and how it came about that one highly Recommends. It is done by a Spanish Filmmaker and most if not all of the Points made, one can and has cooperated with one’s similar Research that produced 6 Books on the COVID Plandemic, demonstrating the Farce it was, is and still will be.

‘We know that the person who has been Born from GOD does not go on Sinning. Rather, the SON of GOD Protects them, and the Evil One cannot Harm them. We know that we are from God and that
the whole World lies under the Control of the Evil One [Lucifer]. We also know that the SON of GOD has come and has given us Understanding so that we may Know the True GOD. We are in Union with the One who is True, his Son Jesus the Messiah, who is the True God and Eternal Life’. -1 John 5:18-20


[Looking Behind what caused the Plandemic and still is]

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