A Critique of the 2023-2030 Timeline

by Luis B. Vega
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v15: From the Day after the Sabbath, the Day you brought the Sheaf of the Wave Offering, you are to count off 7 Full Weeks. v16: You shall count-off 50 Days until the Day after the 7th Sabbath, and then present an Offering of New Grain to YHVH… -Leviticus 23

The Rapture possibly occurring on the 9th of Av? It could. If one believes that the Rapture Event is Imminent, then sure. But if one is surmising that the Rapture is not Imminent, but most likely Prophetically tied to the Pentecost on a Summer White Wheat Wedding Typology, as in Boaz and Ruth, then the Feast of New Wine, as now clearly better Understood, would be the Highest Rapture Watch Time in any given Year. The issue is that based on one’s 4-Year Research into the Topic of how Pentecost of Acts 2 was on the Feast of New Wine, for this Year, that Window of Time has come and gone.

But the purpose of study is to reply to a Question one received about why one does not believe or support a 2023-2030 Tribulation Period Timeline nor the latest Hype about the Rapture occurring, possibly on a 9th of Av Date. One is not out to diminish other Brethren’s Assertions nor Excitement about Looking for the Blessed Hope based on Dates one does not agree on. And as has been stated, one is not Hoping on a Blessed Date but the one who has Blessed the Hope of the coming Date.

This reply will outline one’s Philosophical Rationale, based on what one Understands, presently, especially as it is the case that, one was one of the 1st to divulge this new Association that the Pentecost of Acts 2 was on the Feast of New Wine. And that the Interpretation of Leviticus 23:15-16 has now come to be realized of its Prophetic Scope and Amazing Significance, pertaining to the Timing of the Rapture. It is good to have differing Opinions and Scriptural Interpretation. The 9th of Av? No Problem. Let us examine it as one does the same in terms of Study, Meditation, Prayer, Conjecture and Supposition when it comes to Eschatology, the Study of End Times.

As one who considers oneself a ‘Watchman on the Wall’, one can only Report what one ‘Sees’. This is the case with other Watchmen that have presented their differing Perspectives and/or Interpretations. Thus, the reply will be in Unity and in Fellowship with the purpose of only coming to the Truth and Informing the Body of Christ, so as to have her better Understood the, ‘What and Where’ of this Prophetic Time-Piece. Here is the Prevailed Rationale 1st assessed as one best Understands it. It has a 2-Prong Standing in how both the 2023-2030 Timeline and the 9th of Av are directly Connected, with the New Revelation of the Pentecost Feast of New Wine bridging them together.

Suppositions and Conjectures

The Supposition is that based on Jesus’ Year of Crucifixion, that is being used for the 2023-2030 Timeline, is Predicated on it being the Year 30 AD. Yes, there is a lot of Circumstantial Evidence to support this Year. But so is it for 31 AD, 32 AD and 33 AD. In fact, one wrote a whole Book outlining the Circumstantial Evidence for a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. And? The Rationale is that if one adds 1 Year for 1000 Years as is the Prophetic Pattern from the Bible, both Old and New, 2000 Years from 30 AD will be 2030.

And if one then Subtracts the 7-Year Tribulation, that Year will be 2023. However, this Equation has Expired already as it passed back at Passover. But nonetheless it is still being Conjectured that due to Geo-Political Events, most notably, that the UN 7-Year Acceleration Proclamation, could be the Start of Daniel’s 70Th Week of Years, or the Tribulation Period, etc. One is not doubting the Prophetic Inferences it does have and even amazing specific Language Terms being used.

But that having been said, and still believed, the Rapture thus has to occur before September when the UN meets on Rosh HaShanah. One suggests that it is just another of their Luciferian Required Preemptive Calls and thus a Prime Example of a Dress Rehearsal. It is just a Priming-Up of the Nations for the Real one. Then the 2nd Part of the 2023-2030 Timeline Rationale for why the Rapture could occur in 2023 is based on the New Finding of the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wine, that being the True Pentecost Day of Acts 2.

As recorded in Acts 2, the added Supposition to this New Understanding, is that it occurs on the 9th of Av. And to this effect, a Calculation is given based on Irregular Suppositions of Astronomy and Day Counts that are not Mandated nor Given in Scripture. But that in fact, one is of the Humble Opinion that the Day Counts have been Skewed to lead to this Date. The 9th of Av Day Count is not based on the Protocols that are clearly stated what constitutes the Day Count and from when and where, etc.

One is arguing from one’s own Research, of more than 4 Years on this Specific Topic of the Pentecost Double Count as one calls it, from Leviticus 23:15-16. To have the Acts 2 Pentecost Feast of New Wine in the Month of Av is going far beyond the ‘Marrow of the Sabbath’, as prescribed from Scripture. But here is the Discrepancy. It is just an issue of Interpretation of where one starts the 99-Day Count from, that is the 7 Sabbaths (49 Days) and then the Subsequent 50 Days, etc. One is 99.9% in Agreement as to the New Wine Feast being the True Pentecost, but Scripturally, it cannot be the 9th of Av.

It can be if one uses, as mentioned, non-Scriptural Suppositions like ‘The 3 Days of the New Moon do not Count’. Or one has to count ‘Complete Sabbaths’ based on the Sighting of the Moon’, regardless of the Prescribed Scripture Parameters given and Known. Here below was and is one’s Working Theory as to how one surmised back in 2019, that the Interpretation of Leviticus 23:15-16 is not rendered properly, at least in the English Translation. And that if the Rapture is to occur, it is not an Imminent Event, but tied to a Summer White Wheat Wedding Season.

Is it Scriptural?
Sure, one is not Adamant and one can be wrong, but it is not about one being personally proven Right, but that one wants to be Spiritually Right. One’s Opinion, Speculation and Conjecture is worthless, aside if those are Anchored to the Scriptures and makes a case from Scripture, as one believes one has done since 2020 regarding the Feast of New Wine, etc. Following is a General Assertion why one believes that the Highest Watch Time or Season for the Rapture is during the Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Time Frame. Further down the study, one will delve more into the Details about it.

1-If the Holy Spirit came down on an Acts 2 Feast of New Wine Pentecost, will it not ‘Go Up’ in such a Way and Day, a New Wine Pentecost Feast Day. Perhaps.

2- One’s Interpretation of Leviticus 23:15-16 is surmised as being a Day Count of 7 Sabbaths + a 50 Days thereafter for a total of 99th Days.

3-The Day Count occurs Scripturally, either from Nisan 15 or 17, depending on the Interpretation of which Sabbath. Leviticus states that it is to be on the Day after the Sabbath from Passover. This would mean that Sunday. But not based on not seeing nor counting the New Moon for 3 Days, nor Skipping a whole Week forward to Synchronize the New Moon with the ‘Complete Sabbaths, etc. This is what is being Recalibrated to reach a 9th of Av Day Count. And again, one is just arguing why it will not be the case.

4-The Scriptures and Jesus clearly allude to a Summer Wheat Harvest of an End to the Church Age. He mentioned that there are 4 Months to a Crop and then comes the Harvest. If this Statement was made just before His Death at Passover, then 4 Months later, 120 Days will always bring you to a Mid-July Summer White Wheat Wedding Time Frame. This Time will always be in the Month of Tamuz, not Av.

5. Summer is the time for the White Wheat Wedding Times. The Jews did not Marry nor Celebrate leading-up to Elul, in Preparation for the Fall as that is about Israel’s Repentance.

So, in any given Year, whenever Passover occurs, the 2 Start Days in Question, whether one uses Nisan 15 or Nisan 18, will be the Window of what and why one surmises the Rapture Event could be or should be. One can be wrong. The issue is What Year?  This is why it cannot be the 9th of Av for this Year or any Year. The 9th of Av is about Israel’s Bad Luck Day, not that of the Church. For this Year, the 99 Day Count occurred back on the July 17th. That is why, personally, the High Watch Window has closed. This is why 2024 appears to be more of a High Watch Year than 2023.

If there is any Criticism about the 9th of Av Theory, it is that it has sadly been tagged-on to the New Wine Feast Understanding. It is that one sees it as a bit of a ‘Replacement Theology’ going on. How so? Here is the Reasoning one is surmising, based on why the Rapture will or might occur on the 9th of Av. Based on the Explanations given, as best as one has understood them. The Conjecture is that, as the 2 prior Temples were Destroyed on the 9th of Av, so too will the Spiritual Temple be ‘Destroyed’, that being the Body of Christ, at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture Event. Interesting.

Context, Context, Context
In context, this Supposition is given in Metaphorical Terms, alluding to how Believers in Jesus, will be getting a New Body at the Point of the Resurrection and Rapture. It will be as the Old one, the Old Wine Skin is said to be ‘Destroyed’ as in the Metamorphosis of the Rapture Event will then give a New Body or New Wine Skins, etc. One gets it, but one believes it is a Stretch, literally to have it be on the Curse Day of Israel? Here are just one’s Observations regarding all this.

-Jesus is not coming to Destroy what He endured in building His Bride, for nearly 2000. One does not see the Scriptural Logic...

-One believes that this 9th of Av Rapture possible Date, is interjecting the Body of Christ too much with the 9th of Av, which is a Curse Day for Israel.

-Conversely, the Holy Spirit did not come down on the Day of the Curse but of a Blessing. Yes, it was the ‘Reverse of the Curse’, that occurred on Mount Sinai with the Golden Calf, on the Feast of New Wine, but it was not the 9th of Av. One has proven this, step by step, literally in how the Israelites and the Mixed Company walked to get to the Foot of Mountain Sinai. See Article and especially the Chart below. It will prove, beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, that the 99th Day when Moses came down with the Tablets, was the Feast of New Wine, but never the 9th of Av. That came later with the 12 Spies that ventured into the Promised Land to spy it out for 40 Days, etc.

Determining the End of the Church Age

-This Presumption of the 9th of Av Pentecost, in one’s Humble Opinion has been made to be stretched-out, Day Count wise, to say that the Feast of New Wine occurred on Av 9. Personally, one likens this to the same sort of Circumstances that overtook the Simplicity of the Revelation 12 Sign. As one was also, like one is doing here, one objected to its being misused to Rally the Troops, to say it was going to be the ‘Rapture’. So, one is just Alerting the Body of Christ that the Revelation 12 Hype failed, so will the 9th of Av will Fail. It is not that one wants it to Fail, but just calling out that the ‘Emperor has No Clothes’.

-And how fitting or coincidental , that the Person who has rightly stated that this New Wine Pentecost and the 9th of Av is the ‘Greatest Find’ since the Revelation 12 Sign. One wholeheartedly agrees. But then in the same Sentence, it is then said that ‘If the 9th of Av comes and goes, then one is to go on to the next Feast Day?’ What? If the Person does not believe in the Rapture being Imminent, which one also agrees, and it has to then be connected to a Summer Pentecost on the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine, why pray tell, would one then seemingly appear to Abandon the Theory and go to the next Feast?


It is about Prophetic Typologies
Which in that case, there is no need to be looking for the Rapture Timing in the Fall Feasts that solely pertains to the Introspection, Repentance needed of Israel, not the Church. As noted, if one is considering the Jewish Typologies, then the Jewish Weddings take place in the Summer, not leading up to the Fall Feasts.

To reiterate, the Jewish Weddings were postponed due to the Season of the Month of Elul, which means Repentance before the Fall Feasts started, etc. Anyway, all this, is by way of answering the Question of why one does not believe in a 2023-2030 Tribulation Timeline nor the Rapture even possibly occurring on the 9th of Av. It is the .1% of the 99.1% that one does see Eye to Eye. One is just of the Opinion and Perspective, only because one has done the 4 Years in Research into the Feast of New Wie, that one does see this 9th of Av in the New Wine Pentecost Understanding. That is all.

But, the Av 9 Theory is taking away from the Feast of New Wine, New Understanding, much like it was in the case of the Revelation 12 Sign. It is just that from one’s Interpretation, pertaining to the 2023-2030 Timeline, for example, the Start Year is off by 4 Years. And this one has been posted/written about already. Like, it is not from 1948 that the Fig Tree Generation is to be counted from, but 1952. And based on this Conjecture, one has presently 5 Timelines that are converging on 2025. This suggests this will be the start of the Tribulation Period. But, again, could all be wrong too.

Nonetheless, to stress that the Body of Christ, especially in these Last Days does not need to put its Blessed Hope on a Date but the One who is Blessing the Hope. And by no means is one trying to dull the Excitement about the July 26 Av 9 Date. One supports the Brethren with this Alternative Theory and possible Rapture Day as well as the 2023-30 Timeline, in Spirit. The Watchmen are all in the Watch, as it is only one’s best attempt at trying to Discern and Learn. It is all just Dress Rehearsals until the Real is reached.

Now, many Watchmen will say that one is just ‘Splitting Hairs’ as they say over this. Regardless, one does believe that the Church Age is in the Final 4 Years, so that is Exciting in itself. At this point 1 more year will be nothing compared to Eternity. It is just that one is having ‘Flashbacks’ or just being too Sensitive as it was with the case of the Revelation 12 Sign back in 2017, in particular. It is like Déjà Vu, ‘All over Again’.

 Back then, as now, one realizes that one is going against the Prevailing Narrative as it was then. And one was not ‘Invited to the Party’. It is just that being one of the ones who 1st Introduced the Revelation 12 Theories as well back in 2008-2009, these both Topics have taken a Life of their own, that was not what one intended to end-up like. But one cannot help that. One can only propose one’s Evidence and leave it at that.

Anyway, see you all on the 10th of Av. Maybe.

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