COMET C/2022 E3

Based on the Coronation of a Dragon King

​by Luis B. Vega

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'And if you go chasing Rabbits. And you know you are going to Fall. Tell them, a Hookah Smoking Caterpillar has given you the Call. He called Alice. When she was just Small'. -White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane Track 10 on Surrealistic Pillow, June 24, 1967

The purpose of this study is to provide an in-depth Astronomical Analysis of the Trajectory of the Comet C/2022 E3. This Comet in 2023, is making its ‘Round’ but it is very peculiar, based on one’s Interpretation. Why Comets? In terms of the Interpretation of Astronomy, that is Astrology, the Bible states that YHVH said that the Sun, Moon and the Stars are, in part, to Keep Time and are Signs for ‘Signaling’ what is coming ahead. The Constellations have Names and Meaning that have stood the ‘Test of Time’, as they ‘Mean’ the same in virtually every Culture, both Ancient and Modern.

The Bible states that these Constellations of Stars are Cosmic Motifs. They are in fact, a Tapestry of Symbols that are conveying a Storyline. Ultimately, this Cosmic Configuration is the Storyline of Jesus, the Beginning and the End, as depicted with Virgo and the Lion, etc. Thus, when a Comet streaks-across certain Motifs, it Accents or Highlights those Signs. Then, one can Discern, with a measure of Confidence, its ‘Message’. The following will be such an Interpretation based on the Comet’s Trajectory across certain Constellations, that pieced together, is Bizarre beyond belief, if not true. This will be the case where Science is stranger than Fiction or Storytelling. How so?

After plotting-out its Path, the Comet does appear to tell a Story, of the Fall and Rise of Monarchs, a Contention for a Crown, a Dragon-King that will be Coronated. When? In the Year of the Rabbit, a White Rabbit. So, for all the Decades one has studied the Interpretation of the Mazzaroth, this Comet is ‘Crazy’. Why? It is because, in part, it also has Echoes of Alice in Wonderland. Really? Consider the Interpretations. It is Time (Horologium) for the Dragon King (Draco) AntiChrist to come and take the Crown (Corona Borealis). Only After the Rabbit (Year) Signals (I Pet Goat 2) Predictive Programming of ‘Alice’ (Bride of Christ) Exits through an ‘Open Door’ (Revelation 3:8).

Bottom Line, one would say that this Comet is not the ‘Comet of the AntiChrist’, but ‘A Comet of an AntiChrist’. Why? One believes that, in the 1st place, Signs are not the Event themselves. Then, King Charles 3, the former Prince of Wales, but now the Dragon-King, is not the Biblical AntiChrist. One will explain this further down the Study. One would put his Comet though, up there with the likes of the Conception Comet that depicted the ‘Insemination’ of Virgo, 9 Months before the Revelation 12 Sign occurred in that the Planet Jupiter began its Retrograde in the ‘Womb’ Area of Virgo, etc. And?

Celestial Mile-Markers

What was particularly convincing of this Notion is how the Comet, C/2017 E1 once it left the ‘Loin’ area of Leo, took a ‘Sling-Shot’ path into Virgo’s Womb Area. This ‘Sling-Shot’ Effect has now also happened with this ‘AntiChrist Comet’, that hopefully one will try to visualize and communicate its Significance in that respect. Likewise with this Comet, C/2022 E3, one will show how its ‘Ends’ or what its Terminus Points speaks about, Prophetically. How so? The Comet appears to have ‘Arrived’ at its Destination, Lepus to ‘Accent’ what ‘Sign’ it is conveying. And because after this Sign, the Comet goes into a Spiraling Trajectory over Horologium for the foreseeable Future. So, what Sign does Comet C/2022 E3 arrive at? The ‘Enemy’, Lepus, the Rabbit, the ‘White Rabbit’.

What Date will that be? The Coronation of a Dragon-King on May 6, 2023. And? Consider that the Signature Motif of Rabbits are its Ears. Now has there not been some Ridicule of Charles’ ‘Big Ears’? Yes. A Rabbit Motif Inference, although insensitive? And why a Coronation of May 6? According to the UK Tabloids, it was reported that Charles was not interested in sharing a Coronation Date with his late Mother. And that he did not want to overshadow the Historic Anniversary of when she was Coronated, on a June 2 Date. Realize that the Queen had to wait 16 Months before being Crowned. 

This means that in 2023, there will be a 70-Year Anniversary between Mother and Son’s Coronation. So, instead of choosing the obvious date of June 2, he opted for May 6. And? May 6 is the 126th Day of the Year in the Gregorian Calendar; with 239 Days remaining until the End of the Year. Why not June 2? Elizabeth officially became Queen of the UK, on February 6, 1952, when her Father, King George VI, Died. But she was not Crowned until 16 months later on June 2, 1953. So, in essence, the Coronation of Charles is about Him, and not have any Inferences to his Mother’s Crown anymore.

Above all Supposed Innuendos presented, one seeks to Interpret this Journey of the Comet based on End Times Biblical Eschatology. Why one deems this Comet C/2022 E3, ‘Crazy’, is how its Trajectory takes a Turn, literally. For the sake of Illustration, the chart in the End Notes will show the Comet’s Trajectory through the Constellations in a Stereographic Layout. It has the Ecliptic in an Oval Outline, while having the Galactic Equator or Plane fixed, as a Straight Line. So, why is this Comet, ‘Crazy’? Based on this Rendering of the Constellation the Comet passes, this Comet does a 90 Degree Angle Turn. Where does this Pause and About Face occur? At a ‘Crown’, Corona Borealis.

Thus, one will argue that this Comet, and its Trajectory are evidence of how, indeed the Creator of the Universe, YHVH Speaks and Displays Knowledge and Understanding in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. But note, that what one will present as a Biblical Interpretation, would have been Impossible to surmise without the Biblical Apocryphal and even Luciferian Occult Inferences and Innuendoes, that one will point out all along the Comet’s Trajectory. Before one delves into the Astronomical and Biblical Interpretations of the Comet’s Path, a background on its Science and what is known, Astronomically will 1st be presented for Context. According to Research, C/2022 E3 (ZTF) has a 50,000-Year Old Orbit around the Sun. This is a Comet Type that occurs or comes around, only once in a Lifetime.

A Cosmic Rehearsal

This is the ‘Time’ when supposed, ‘Neanderthals’ still roamed Planet Earth. Based on the Biblical Narrative and the Gap Theory of Genesis, this Statement is False. Anyway, C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is considered a Long-Period Comet that is believed to have come from the Oort Cloud. The Comet was discovered on March 2, 2022 (3-22) by the Zwicky Transient Facility, at the Palomar Observatory in California, thus the (ZTF). The Comet’s Coma or Nucleus, has given-off a Green and a Yellowish Color to its Dust Tail. The Comet Nucleus is estimated to be about 1 Kilometer in size, or about .6 Miles. And it is rotating every 8.7 Hours, according to NASA.

It was Discovered in the Constellation of Aquila, the ‘Falling Majestic Eagle’ that the Comet came from. It started to be visible in the Morning Sky towards the end of November, 2022, in the Northern Hemisphere. As to how the Comet got its Name? The Comet's Systematic Designation starts with C. This indicates that it is not a Periodic Comet, as in it will never return to Earth again. Then the ‘2022 E3’ means that it was the 3rd Comet to be discovered in the 1rst half of March 2022, having March designating the Number 3 for the Month of the Year, etc. The Comet reached its Perihelion, the closest Approach to the Sun, on January 12, 2023. This was just about a Week from the Start of the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit. 

Its Perihelion reached a Distance of 1.11 AU (166 Million Kilometers; or 103 Million Miles). Then on February 1, 2023 the Comet reached the closest Approach to Earth. That Distance was at 0.28 AU, or 42 Million Kilometers; or 26 Million Miles, etc. In terms of its Brightness, the Comet reached a Magnitude 5 and is visible with the Naked Eye under Moonless Dark Skies. Nonetheless, as opposed to ‘Neanderthals’ supposedly only having seen the Comet, Modern Mankind is now seeing it in this Generation and across these certain Cosmic Motifs in 2023. This is then one’s Question, why now?

One contends that it is Signaling the ‘Rehearsal’ of the Coronation of an AntiChrist, of a Dragon-King Type. And King Charles fits this Motif. This Comet, in one’s Opinion, is Signaling that the Biblical Dragon-King is soon to come on the Scene, but after the Rapture Event of the Bride of Christ. One is just surmising that the planned Coronation of Charles 3 on May 6, 2023 is a Run-Up to the True Type. Consider the Innuendos. King Charles has long sought after the Crown, in waiting, in Earnest from his Mother, and now is finally being bestowed it. Likewise, the Biblical AntiChrist has too waited in Earnest and has sought the Crown of the Jews to be the King Messiah over the World.

And its Kingdom will be granted by the Dragon, i.e., Lucifer.  What is significant, is what Year this Comet has suddenly just ‘Appeared’ out of nowhere. And what Year is that? The Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit. This is huge, Prophetically, as one will present the case that this Comet Trajectory is Signaling the coming Advent of the Biblical AntiChrist, Empowered by the Beast, the Dragon. But to reiterate, not revealed or Crowned before the Bride of Christ will have that Promised Door of Escape opened for her Evacuation Off-Earth to occur. The following in the Itinerary of Key Nodes where one believes the Comet played, is playing and will play a Significant Role in Signaling the Prophetic Implications of its Trajectory, the ‘Coronation of a Dragon-King’.

A Once and Future King

So, why is one saying that the Dragon-King of England, Charles the 3 is not the Biblical AntiChrist? For that to occur and if so, as many People do believe he is, the Church Age has to then conclude by May 6, 2023, i.e., the Rapture was to occur even sooner. This is predicated on the Argument and Biblical Interpretation that the Evacuation of the Bride of Christ has to happen 1st before the Man of Sin, can be Revealed, etc. Thus, as a Fair Warning, one does not believe this Comet is the Sign of the AntiChrist, but a Sign of a Comet of an AntiChrist Type or Forerunner. But as to the Rapture’s Timing? Will that coincide with the ‘White Rabbit’ New Year of 2023 Inferences? That will remain to be seen. The Year of when the Rapture could occur is pure speculation. 

But one thing is for sure, if a ‘Message’ or Sign of an AntiChrist Dragon-King being Crowned and a Door for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is about to be opened, is what is being conveyed by this Comet’s Trajectory? Then it is very close. The Question becomes, in 2023 then? In the Year of the Rabbit? Perhaps? One would hope so. One is convinced of this. Note the Motif of the Clock, Horologium where the Comet ends up at. It means that Time is Up. It is Time! The End of the Church Age and the Start of 70th Week of Daniel, the last remaining 7-Minutes or 7-Years on the Clock, are being Signaled before Jesus can return to Earth to set up this 1000-Year Kingdom on Earth.

2022 -----------------------------Timeline

March 2, 2022
Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) was discovered by Astronomers in Aquila, using the Wide-Field Survey Camera at the Zwicky Transient Facility. Since then, this new Long-Period Comet has brightened substantially and is sweeping across the Northern Constellations in Pre-Dawn Skies. Aquila depicts a Fall of a Majestic Eagle. One surmises the Fall or Death of Queen Elizabeth.

July 13, 2022
The Comet takes a turn toward the Galactic Equator and crosses it En Route to Hercules and then the Crown, Corona Borealis. It passes Vega, which signifies a Bright Light and Praise, as that is what the World attributed to Queen Elizabeth.

September 8, 2022

Comet leaves Hercules, the Cosmic Motif of a Hero having Fallen in a Fight against the Dragon, Draco. Queen Elizabeth was attributed to have defended the ‘Faith’, i.e., Head of the State Anglican Church of England, etc. And now that a Crown has Fallen, a Usurper Dragon-King who has been waiting alongside it, Ophiuchus ascended toward the Crown, Corona Borealis.

September to November, 2022

Notably, the Comet ‘Paused’ or stayed in the Crown or Corona Borealis for more Time that it has on its normal length of its Trajectory. It is as though that this Place and Time, out of all the other Mile-Markers in its Path, is the Sign that is of Concern and is all about. Who will get and possess the Kingdom?

2023 ------------------------------Timeline

December 1, 2022

After Pausing for an ‘Extended Time’, the Comet does a Retrograde and with a ‘Sling-Shot’ Effect, shoots-out of Corona Borealis at a nearly 90 Degree Angle! This is the ‘Bizarre’ and Amazing Factor about this Comet. And where does it shoot-out towards? The Comet races through Draco on its way to Orion for a particular Day, its Coronation Day. Where? At Lepus, the Rabbit.

January 12, 2023

The Comet reached Perihelion, its closest to the Sun. This occurred just over 1 Week from the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, that of the Rabbit on January 22, 2023.

January 23, 2023
Comet enters Draco, the Dragon Constellation and passes the Star called ‘Edasich’. In 1 of the many Interpretations, it means, ‘Hyena’. Enough said. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Rabbit (兔年 Tùnián) comes once every 12 Years. In the Occult Short Film, I Pet Goat 2, the Scene of the Blond Girl, has Echoes of Alice in Wonderland, and is surrounded by 12 Persons. This then is an Innuendo of Time.

February 1. 2023
The Comet reaches Perigee, that is its closest approach to Planet Earth

February 5, 2023

The Comet swings by the Constellation of Auriga. This is the Celestial Motif of the ‘Shepherd’. Note that the King of England is considered the ‘Shepherd’ or Defender of the Faith. In the case of Charles, being Ecumenical that he is, he is more inclined to now be the ‘Defender of the Faiths’. This is because due to Immigration, Islam and Hinduism have eclipsed Christianity in the UK.  

February 11, 2023
The Comet comes in Conjunction with the Planet Mars. Mars is the ‘God of War’, being ascribed a Notion of Strife and Conflict. Thus, could the Rule of Charles depict this coming Rule as a Time of Conflict? It could either be due to Personal Family Issues, as with Harry or perhaps due to a Geo-Political Position the UK has taken, say against Russia over the Ukraine?

February 14, 2023
The Comet comes in Conjunction with the Red Star of Aldebaran in the Constellation of Taurus. Aldebaran is considered the Eye of Lucifer in the Occult. Coincidentally, this Conjunction occurs on Valentine’s Day.

 February 21, 2023
The Comet swings by in front of Orion’s Arrow. The Constellation of Orion speaks of the Victor, the Mighty Hunter, Nimrod Type to the Luciferians. In the True Biblical Inferences, Orion is Jesus who vanquishes the Enemy. And who is that? The Rabbit.

March 22, 2023 (322)
At this Point and Time, the Comet crosses the River Styx or Eridanus. When? During the infamous Skull and Bones Signature Number of 3-22. It signifies a Threshold that has been achieved. What that is or looks like will remain to be seen.

April 20, 2023 (420)
The Comet passes the Star Rigel of Orion. As the Anti-Type of the Gospel in the Stars, to the Luciferians, Orion is the Motif of the Mighty Hunter, the Nimrod that sought to Genetically Engineer himself into a Giant and Invade Heaven through Piercing the Dimensions with the Tower of Babel. It was the CERN of Antiquity. In Mythology, Orion boasted that he would exterminate all the Animals on Earth and was punished for his Brazenness by the Goddess of Earth, Gaia.

She sent a Giant Scorpion and ordered it to sting Orion’s Heel. In the Anti-Type demeanor of Christ Attributes associated with Orion, it is said that this Dark Side of his Person gives a Strong and Dignified Nature. It is one of Self-Confidence, Inconstancy, Arrogance, Violence, Impiety, Prosperity in Trade and particularly by Voyages Abroad, but Danger of Treachery and Poison. Is this not the reported Temperament of Charles?

May 6, 2023

The Comet then arrives at the Constellation of the Rabbit, Lepus. It is just below the Foot of Orion, of whom it is ‘Triumphing’ over. Lepus is deemed the ‘Enemy’. This specific Date corresponds to the Coronation of Charles 3, the ‘Dragon-King’. May 6, is the 126th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar; with 239 Days remaining until the End of the Year. The Coronation of Charles 3 will also coincide with the 70-Year Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Year.

May 1, 2023

Comet arrives at Lepus Star that depicts 1 of the 2 Ears of the Rabbit. The other Star is that of the 2nd Ear, on May 6, when the Coronation occurred. This Day happens to coincide with that of Beltane. This Day is also called the ‘Feast of the Beast’. This is when all the Druids, Warlocks, and Witches come out at Midnight and perform Human Sacrifices.

May 6, 2023

The Comet reaches the 2nd Ear Star of the Rabbit, Lepus. This is when the Coronation of the Dragon-King takes place. Amazingly, the constellation Lepus has been associated with the ‘Hebrew Sinner gathering Sticks on the Sabbath’. This is in reference to Numbers 15:32-36. In Africa and the Americas the Rabbit is believed to be a ‘Trickster’ using its Superior Intellect as its Defense. 

As one can sense, the Comet’s Trajectory has Highlighted the Cosmic Motifs that speak of Bad Omens to come. But one can honestly sense the clear Biblical and Apocryphal Overtures of such Cosmic Motifs. That is, if one is very well familiarized with the Gospel Story and its Prophetic Motifs, that are clearly being noted by this Comet.

If the Shoe Fits…
The following is the Research from the Book, ‘Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology’, by Vivian E. Robson, 1923. Why one is referencing his Work is that, based on this Coronation Day of Charles 3, what will the Sky look like and say based on the other Heavenly Bodies. Why? This Array of the Cosmic Motifs could lead some Insights as to what is coming and what could be the Factors that will eventually lead to the True Coronation of the Biblical AntiChrist. Concerning Lepus, the Rabbit, then the following.

1-If Rising: Good fortune, preferment, riches, great and lasting honors. [Robson, p.198.]

2-If culminating: Great military or ecclesiastical preferment, anger, vexation, magnanimity, much gain acquired by labor and mental anxiety, lasting honors. [Robson, p.198.]

3-With Sun: Bold, courageous, insolent, unruly temper, hasty actions, bloodshed, many enemies, great good fortune, military success. [Robson, p.198.]

4-With Moon Much worry and disappointment, injuries to life and fortune, sickness, ill health or death to wife or mother. [Robson, p.198.] 

5-With Mercury: Scientific, prominent position in connection with Mercurial matters or in science. [Robson, p.198.]

6-With Venus: Honors or favors in middle life, good and influential marriage especially if female. [Robson, p.198.]

7-With Mars: Unruly, ingenious occupied with mechanical matters, great military preferment. [Robson, p.198.]

8-With Jupiter: Great legal or ecclesiastical preferment, many journeys, benefits from foreign affairs, favorable for marriage. [Robson, p.198.]

9-With Saturn: Benefits from elderly people, clergy and lawyers, just, discriminative, good for legacy and inheritance, domestic harmony, good health, long life. [Robson, p.198.]

10-With Uranus: Scientific, romantic, interested in antiquities, fame through historical or geological discoveries, probably in an unexplored country, friendships formed in a peculiar way abroad, many adventures and narrow escapes, early love disappointment, favorable for marriage after 30 death through some trivial accident abroad. [Robson, p.198.]

11-With Neptune: Kind, energetic, scholarly and active mind, position under Government or at the head of some learned institution, cautious, reserved, resourceful, prompt, diplomatic, occult interests, success, public prominence, domestic harmony, natural death. [Robson, p.199.] 

Are all these Attributes, not characteristic of Charles? Again, one is not espousing ‘Astrology’ in the sense that it is what one should base one’s Life Decision on. But it is only to point out the Incredible Inferences. For example, there is a Christian Site that does study and speaks to one’s Birth Sign and how that can determine certain Attributes from it. https://lmci.org/demo.cfm. One will leave it up to the Reader to either Accept it or Reject such Premises and Interpretations.

Meaning of Lepus – Rabbit Motif
The following are the Meaning of Lepus or the Rabbit, based on the Constellation of Words Website. Lepus, (Rabbit) comes from the Greek Lagos, ‘Hare’, which literally means the ‘Animal with the Flapping Ears’. It is related to Greek Lagaros, ‘Slack’ or to be Loose, Careless, Relaxed, etc. From the Latin ‘Laxus’, Laches as in Negligence or Undue Delay in asserting a Legal Right or Privilege. Has this not been the case with Charles? But also, the Rabbit Motif can infer to, Algolagnia (from Greek algos + Lagnos), Lustful, Masochism, Sexual Gratification. As in, ‘Horny, Lustful’, etc. Is that not what the Rabbit Motif is ascribed to? Think of the Magazine, Playboy.

The English word, ‘Hare’, is from Middle English or ‘Hara’ from Old English. In Old Norse, it is ‘Heri’. These Words literally not only denote a Gray Animal, but also as in ‘Old’ Gray with Age. According to Research, Hare comes from the Indo-European Root Word, Kas, which is ‘Gray’. Its Cognates are ‘Canescent’, which denotes having a ‘Haze’ or becoming ‘Hazy’, as in to be made Foggy or Misty as in, ‘A Gray Area’, etc. This Rabbit Motif then also can mean the sense of being ‘Vague’, ‘Indefinite’ ‘Uncertain’ and pertaining to a Time. Think of Rabbit with a Clock in Alice in Wonderland.
So, now to the Connection of Alice in Wonderland, that one believes it is ‘Echoing’ due to the Comet’s Trajectory and the Amazing Motifs that is Inferring to such a Storyline. There is the White Rabbit, a Clock, a Queen, a Prince Charming or ‘Charles’, etc. In coming-up with this Biblical Interpretation, one could not help but be reminded of that Song in the 1960s about a ‘White Rabbit’. And in looking into it, here below are some Take-Aways that one then can link to the Comet’s Interpretation. Perhaps.

Amazingly, after the Comet leaves Lepus in 2023, the Comet just swings by Sirius, Conjoins Canopus in Argo but then Spirals around the ‘Clock’ of Horologium, going forward for all of 2024, 2025, 2026, and thereafter. And? This is why the Comet ‘Appeared’ in 2022 and made its ‘Mark’ or Storyline, precisely for 2023, and that, having to do with a Coronation of a Dragon-King that was in-waiting to Usurp the Crown. And? The Year of the Rabbit begins and is associated with a Departure, an Open Door and thus the Rapture Typology to be Inferred. Recall the Movie, ‘The Knowing’ with Nicholas Cage. At the Point of the Departure or ‘Rapture’ of the 2 Children, they each were holding a Rabbit. A Rabbit = a Rapture, a Pending Departure …To be Taken.

As to the Song, ‘White Rabbit’, according to Research, the Song, was written by Grace Slick and recorded by the American Rock Band, Jefferson Airplane. It appeared in their 1967 Album, Surrealistic Pillow. It drew on the Imagery from Lewis Carroll's 1865 book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its 1871 Sequel, Through the Looking-Glass. It was commented that it was ‘Weird Stuff’ about Alice backed by a Dark Spanish March Melody. One Aspect of the Song, was to point out that, ‘All Fairy-Tales read to Little Girls have a Prince Charming who comes and Saves them. But Alice did not; she was on her own...in a very strange place, but she kept on going and she followed her curiosity – that's the White Rabbit’. Perhaps one is Reading too much into this Comet’s Trajectory, but what the Song, White Rabbit did insinuate is that ‘You have no one to Save you’. That ‘You must Save Yourself’.

With all that has been said regarding the Comet C/2022 E3, it is very interesting were the Comet 1st started to be seen with the Naked Eye, in the Crown. This is huge. But you have to take in the Context of the entire Sign, Serpens, Ophiuchus, Scorpio, etc. The Crown is the End Goal of what the Serpent is reaching for, but being held back by Ophiuchus, i.e., Jesus. This is the Crux of the Issue, who will get the Kingdom, etc.

One does realize that many People had considered, have or do still consider Charles as the potential AntiChrist. One thinks that he is far in Years, truly a ‘Hare’ as in Age. But…a Forerunner? A ‘John the Baptist’ Type? Sure. And the ‘Him’ he mentioned in the COP26 Conference? What if that ‘Him’ is Him? In the sense that he will be facilitating the AntiChrist’s Rise. He, out of all the Kings on Earth, would and could do it…

So, is there any King on Earth that is to be ‘Crowned’ in the Year of the Rabbit, in the Sign of the Rabbit? Yes, Charles 3. But who are also to receive a Crown for eagerly looking for Jesus? The Raptured Saints. Again, one thinks that these Celestial Motifs are just that; keen Prophetic Overtures as he was Prince of Wales and now the Dragon-King. Note how the Emblem and Flag of Wales is that of a Red Dragon. And to boot, Charles even brags about Dragon Blood through the Bloodline of the Romanian Dracula. The World is ‘Falling into Place’.

Well, that is the Cynicism and the Hopelessness of the World, not seeing that there is a Prince Charming. His Name is Jesus. He is the one that Appeared, specifically on a Rescue Mission to save ‘Alice’. An ‘Alice in this ‘Weird’ Wonderland called ‘Earth’ that is Fallen like Alice due to Sin, i.e., Eve in the Garden. Jesus the one that took the Arrow of YHVH to be Killed to Pay for the Sins of Humanity, on the Cross of Calvary. Jesus is the Hercules and was Humbled in the Fight, Stung of the Scorpion’s Venom, becoming Sin, although He knew no Sin, the Bible Teaches.

Jesus, as King of the Universe took-off His Crown, willingly to become a Man and bestow Crowns instead, on all those People that Turn to Him and Accept Him as the only True Sovereign and Monarch. Jesus, Ophiuchus has been waiting for a ‘Long Time’ to be Crowned, Corona Borealis, by the Jews, that 1 Day will occur. This will happen, according to the Bible, when He returns at the End of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. Jesus defeated the Mighty Dragon, Lucifer. Jesus is the Shepherd, Auriga that laid down His Life for the Sheep. Jesus is the True God of War, Mars that took on the Judgment, i.e., Taurus to rescue the Captive Maidens, the Pleiades that were bound due to the Law.

Jesus is the True Orion, the Champion that has trodden Underfoot, the Enemy, Lepus the Rabbit that Stung his Heel with Poison, at the Cross. And now from Orion, from Jesus, the River, Eridanus… of Water and Blood, are what can Cleanse a Soul from Sin and grant Eternal Salvation. Presently, Jesus is Signaling that the Open Door He promised in Revelation 3:8 will be opening. And perhaps, that it could be in 2023, due to many Predictive Programming Innuendos. But regardless, the Bride of Christ, ‘Alice’ needs to be Faithfully Watching, so as to not be ‘Caught Unawares’. Eyes on the Signs.
But this is why this Comet C/2022 E3 is ‘Crazy’.


Main Sources
TheSkyLive.com: https://theskylive.com/c2022e3-tracker
Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923


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