An Inter-Faith New Covenant?

  • Who 'Broke' what Promises on Mount Sinai?
  • What is Climate Repentance all about?
  • How is the 'New Climate Covenant' Prophetic? 

by Luis B. Vega

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‘We return to Sinai in a Movement of Repentance and Quest. We seek a New Vision for Humanity and its Endangered Existence, and we seek to Receive and Amplify a Message of Life-Sustaining Living and Habits of Humanity Needs to hear Today. In this Spirit the Project Partners will bring together Premier Religious Leaders from the World's Major Religions to gather upon Mount Sinai to engage in a first ever Climate Repentance Ceremony and to put forth a Prophetic Interreligious Call To Action Climate Justice: 10 Universal Commandments’. – Elijah Inter Faith

The purpose of this study is to provide a Follow-Up to a previous one about the COP27 World Climate Summit in Egypt and the Inter-Faith Institute’s Convocation of World Religions that took place on the Fake Mount Sinai, near the COP27 Meeting Place of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula. The Main Reason is that at the Time that the Original Article was published, the New 10 Climate Commandments had not yet been revealed to the World. Thereafter, they have as the Meeting concluded with the revealing of what that ‘New Covenant’ would be for a New Humanity going forward into the Brave New World Order, etc. But ‘Received’ from whom? Not YHVH of the Bible.


Analysis of the COP27 and World Religions Convocation​

Apparently, there was a Ceremony in which a Jew performed the Smashing of the 10 Commandments in a Mockery of what Moses gave to Israel on Mount Sinai. The Tone or Innuendo was that it was not Mankind that Broke the Promises of YHVH but that it is YHVH that has not lived-up to the 10 Commandments. Many People argue that Christians are blowing this Event to foster Climate ‘Repentance’, out of proportion in inferring some ‘Biblical Inuendo’. Yes. But only because it is a Prophetic Milestone and many do not realize just how Spiritual it really is. Others argue that these ‘New Commandments’ are really only 10 Universal Approved Principles for Climate Justice.

If such Biblical Innuendos are not justified in comparing such a Milestone, it is only corresponding to 1 of the most Poignant Times in Human History, the Events of the Exodus of the Israelites from the Enslavement of Egypt. There are the Amazing Miracles of the 10 Plagues of Egypt that led to the Release of the Jewish Slaves by Moses. There is the Death of the 1st Born. There is the Miracle of the Journey that ended at the Foot of Mount Sinai in Arabia. See Evidence provided for that Location in the following study. The following is the Link to that study of the True Mount Sinai.


Determining the End of the Church Age

Then there is the Descent of YHVH, the Creator of Humanity and all that Exists, coming down with Fire atop the Mountain. There are the Tangible Objects of the 10 Commandments written by the very Finger of YHVH, the Bible teachers, etc. There is the Rebellion, the Golden Calf incident. There is the failure of Israel to Obey and be true to the ‘Marriage Covenant’ they Pledged to. And as a result of the Promised Land Bad Report of the 10 Spies, that Generation was Condemned to Die in the Wilderness.

Only the New Generation would Pass-Over into the Promised Land. There was the Miracle of the Provision of the Food of Angels given to the Israelites on a Daily Basis. There was the condition that their clothes and sandals did not wear-out for 40 Years. The Tabernacle was Built that was a Facsimile of the True one in Heaven. Then the Israelites fought Giants in the Promised Land. Truly, some Amazing Times and Signs. And this is what will return for Israel and the World to see again, once the Bride of Christ is Evacuated from off Planet Earth. YHVH will deal once again with the Rebellious Jews and show them the same sort of Miracles as in the Days of Sinai. Why Sinai?

YHVH will have to ‘Bring Back’ the Jews, figuratively to the Place of Sinai. It was the Place that Redemption started on a National Level. Realize that YHVH does not only admonish Individuals to be ‘Saved’ through Jesus, but that whole Nations need to come to the Knowledge and Truth of the Gospel of Jesus. It is about Keeping one’s Word or Covenant. And YHVH has. There are No Broken Promises with Jesus Christ. YHVH will make Israel come to the place where she will finally be Redeemed, although as through Fire and Tribulation. Thus, a Week of Years remaining to accomplish this feat. Why Israel went astray is the same Reason Individuals do the same. It is about Sin and what the New Climate Covenant totally misses, and on purpose.

The New Climate Covenant is about Replacing YHVH, Christ Jesus, as GOD with Gods made in Man’s Image. In this case, Mother Earth, the Creation, rather than the Creator, etc. As to ‘Saving the Planet’ and Climate Warming? Yes, the Planet does need to be Saved also, but what about Saving Humanity 1st? Realize that since YHVH gave Total Authority and Dominion over the Earth, once Adam Fell into Sin, as the Head Steward, King of Earth, so did the Earth enter into the same State of Deterioration also. Thus, to ‘Save the Planet’ is to Save Humanity 1st’. ‘Mother Earth’ is waiting for every Human Being to come to Jesus and be Saved, as many as possible. And this is the issue for the Luciferian Globalists that are Eugenicists. The War is for the Body as that is a Venue for Controlling the Soul and who ultimately can possess it.

‘That the Creation itself will be Set Free from its Bondage to Decay and brought into the Glorious Freedom of the Children of GOD. We know that the whole Creation has been Groaning together in the Pains of Childbirth until the Present Time. Not only that, but we ourselves, who have the First-Fruits of the Spirit, Groan Inwardly as we wait eagerly for our Adoption as Sons, the Redemption of our Bodies.’ -Romans 8:21-23

‘New Covenant’

The Enemies of the Cross know that a Real Transformation is coming. It is called the Resurrection Rapture Event at which Time, all those Believers and Followers of Jesus, since the Cross will be given their Glorified Bodies like Jesus has now. This is the Reason for COVID and the Mandated Injections. The Agenda is to Deceptively Inject as many People in the World. Why? Bill Gates said that for the World to ‘Return to Normal’, the vast majority of People have to be Injected. Why? It is what is inside of it. The following are the New 10 Climate Commandments plus 1. One will also address the 10 Principles for Climate Justice. It seems there are 2 Varying Descriptions being spouted.

New 10 + 1 Climate Commandments
1-Acknowledge a Higher Power
2-Vote Climate
3-Do Not Murder
4-Do Not Steal
5-Do Not Bear False Witness
6-Keep the Sabbath
7-You Shall Innovate
8-Honor Mother Earth
9-You Need Not Covet
10-Do Not Continue to be Hoodwinked
11-Do Not Give Up Hope Or The Fight

2022 11 13 John Haller's Prophecy Update "Groaning"
Fellowship Bible Chapel

It was reported that on Sunday, November 13, 2022, that Climate Change Activists gathered in the Traditional Site of Mount Sinai to have a ‘Mock’ Ceremony of Shaming the 10 Commandments. The Original 10 Commandments given to Moses by YHVH were written by the ‘Finger of YHVH’ and given to the Nation of Israel. What an Honor and Privilege. However, after a 40 Day Period of Waiting, the Israelites became Disillusioned and rather made a ‘Covenant’ with a Golden Calf, the Antithesis of YHVH.

Moses came down and upon seeing the Revelry and Rebellion made, smashed the Original 10 Commandments. About 3000 People perished in this Insurrection just after Pledging to a ‘Marriage Covenant’. The Promise occurred on the 3rd Day after arriving at the Foot of the Real Mount Sinai in the North-Western Region of the Arabian Peninsula. It was Israel that Broke the Promise’. It is reported that the Mock Ceremony, or rather a Mockery of the Ceremony, was led by another Jew, Yosef Abramowitz. He has 2 very Hebrew Names that associates him with Abraham and Joseph of the Bible.

They are Key Patriarchs of the Land Covenant of Israel and the Exodus involving a Law Covenant, etc. What is rather interesting is that the Solar Energy CEO stated that he was led to make this Climate Covenant due to a ‘Sign’ he received. This Ceremony is really a Stepping-Stone and Marker of what is Prophetically occurring, which is astonishing. One believes that Biblical Prophecy is occurring right before one’s Eyes. The Mockery was not a Climate ‘Repentance’ as to Repent from Humanity sins. No.

Mother Earth

It has been Humanity’s Sin that has come against the Earth. Sure, Humans are Stewards of the Earth. YHVH created Adam to be the Steward over the whole Earth. And although Individual Humans are responsible for its Care, what has transpired over the Millennia is that groups and what would later become Governments and Family Bloodline Corporations have usurped this ‘Stewardship’ as they have seen fit.

They have essentially ‘Raped’ the Earth of Resources and horded them to sell and Commodities to exploit. And these Enterprises have led to the Destruction of the Earth through their Pollutants, Chemicals and Pesticides, for example. And how are the Government implicated in this Destruction of the Earth? The Governments of the world, especially in the West Chem-Trail the Skies. They now Geo-Engineer most of the Crops and Elements are deliberately added to the Water Supplies, etc.

All these Factors that, up to now have been called ‘Conspiracy Theories’ have been proven to be true and are occurring still as one writes.  Why? Population Control. It is rather interesting that at the Height of that COP27 and Sinai 10 +1 Commandments Ceremony, the World turned 8 Billion. The Number 8 as in 8 Souls in the Ark of Noah. New Beginnings. And Number 11 Commandments as in Chaos and Rebellion that is coming or virtually is here now.

World Population has Reached 8 Billion People
November 15, 2022 according to the United Nations.
World-O-Meter Website

YHVH gave Authority and Dominion over the Earth and Animal Kingdom to Humanity. Humans and Animals were originally Vegetarian before the Flood of Noah. The Killing of Animals for Meat as Food became permissible by YHVH after, and even then, only certain types. What the Globalists are doing is what was foretold would be occurring in the Last days. And it is a Sign that it is the Last Days. The Luciferian Eugenicists would forbid Humans from Marrying and consuming Meat. Why? Population Control.

Realize that the New COVID World Order will be subjected to a Re-Definition of what is to be Human, what is a Family, Food, Genes, Nations, Marriage and Medicine, etc. And these New 10 Climate Commandments are part of the Spiritual Authority being allowed to Re-Define the Original 10 Commandments. Why? YHVH reveals in the 10 Commandments the basic Matrix of what Defines Humanity, between Humans to Humans and Humans to YHVH, the Creator.

There is Revelation that there is a Creator, the Created, a Family Unit, a Husband, a Wife, Children and what are the Parameters of Work. There is laid-out the Societal Structure of what is Right and Wrong, Ethics and Morality with such Principles and Divine Mandates to not Steal, Murder or Covet, for example. What many End Times Watchers are pointing out, and rightly so is how this Mockery of the Ceremony is ‘Repenting’ not of Sin as defined by YHVH, but how Israel in particular and the World at large are Repenting of YHVH’s Original 10 Commandments.

Climate Repentance

They have now publicly declared that Worship of the Creation supersedes the Worship of the 1 and True Living GOD, YHVH, the Creator. These Luciferian Efforts are just attempts to Unite Humanity around the coming New ‘Tower of Babel’. And what is that to be? The 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. One thus argues that the Sinai Climate Repentance Ceremony and Disposition is only a Reflection of where Biblical Prophecy is at presently. It is a Total Rejection of the GOD of the Bible, YHVH and His current Plan of Salvation only found in Jesus Christ.

This Plan of True Redemption is presently being implemented and activated through the Gospel and the Great Commission. It has been handed over to the Body of Christ on Earth, called the Church. This Mandate was forfeited by Israel as they also rejected the Messiah that was promised and came. One Day, Israel will Nationally realize their grave Mistake. The Messiah that was Promised to come but the Jews rather chose the ‘Golden Calf’ instead. Israel will do that, yet again, during the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period. They will choose the Image that will be erected on the Temple Mount.

This is what Jesus called the Abomination that causes Desolation in YHVH’s House that the coming False Messiah will perform. It will be like the Golden Statue that Nebuchadnezzar constructed and made the whole World to Bow-Down and Worship. And if not? Capital Punishment. All these Luciferian Protocols are now Set In Motion. Study the Noahide Laws that at the core of their Tenets, prescribes Capital Punishment and specifically by the Method of the Guillotine. The Jews write that it is the ‘Most Humane’ form of Death to those that will refuse to acknowledge the ‘Greater Power’.

And whom might that be? Not Jesus. If People Ascribe Divinity to Jesus as GOD, that will be ‘Blasphemous’ to the Jews that will be ruling the World, openly from Jerusalem through the Agents of the AntiChrist and the False Prophet, etc. And as to the New 10 Climate Commandments? In some versions, there is an 11th One, as if 10 were not enough. What many End Times Students of the Bible also point out is that the New Climate Covenant makes Mankind a Co-Savior or Redeemer.

They also incorporate various Verbiage from other Religions so as to make it palpable to ingest. For example, former Wiccans have pointed-out that the Commandment to, ‘Do No Harm’ comes from Wicca. It is really a Dichotomy Commandment as in Luciferianism, what is done is to be the result in the Opposite Outcome, etc. With this New Sinai Climate Covenant, it will be rather easy for all the Major Religions to latch-on to this New World Religion that is just a Hybrid of all the Religions combined.

It is coming along with the Re-Definition of ‘Everything’. It is well underway now and soon to reach its desired End Game. And that is? The Manifestation of the Earth’s Savior. It will be hard not to have the Billions of Humans, that are left after the COVID Shots, Comply. The mRNA that has been injected into the Bodies of Billions is creating a ‘New Humanity’. But the New Earth has to be ‘Carbon Free’. But one finds it hypocritical that Climate Activists Protest in the West only when Climate Polluters like China and India account for the majority of the World’s Population and Pollution.

Principles of Climate Justice

Why no Climate Protests, en masse in those Nations? They would be Jailed if not Killed or sent to Re-Education Camps, etc. As most major Climate Change Leaders could not all meet on the Fake Mount Sinai in the Sinai Peninsula, it was said that Gatherings occurred in 10 other Major High Places around the Globe. They made sure to incorporate the 6 Permanently Inhabitant Continents. Notice the Congruency of the Number 10 to correspond to the 10 Commandments of YHVH and then the High Places. As noted by some End Times Bible Students, the ‘High Places’ in the Bible were Sites of Luciferian Worship that involved Baby, Animal and Human Sacrifices.

1-‘Sinai’ Saint Catherine’s
2-Sharm el-Sheikh
4-London Parliament Hill
5-Mount St. Francis, Catholic Center Indiana
6-Salt Lake City
9-India's Mount Abu

In the Bible, these Types of Ceremonies involved the Worship of Nature and the ‘Gods of Forces’ or Nature as in the Rain, Sun, Moon and the Stars, etc. One such place and probably the most prominent High Place was at Parliament Hill in London. What was read at these 10 Places were the ’10 Principles for Climate Repentance’. These orchestrated 10 High Places were organized by the Elijah Inter-Faith Institute. The following are the 10 Principles for ‘Climate Repentance’. The Ten Principles for Climate Repentance are the following.

1-We are Stewards of this World.
2-Creation Manifests Divinity.
3-Everything in Life is Interconnected.
4-Do No Harm.
5-Look After Tomorrow.
6-Rise Above Ego for Our World.
7-Change our Inner Climate.
8-Repent and Return.
9-Every Action Matters.
10-Use Mind, Open Heart.

Notice that there is no mention of Repentance towards the Creator YHVH or mentioned the need to Believe in Jesus’ Finished Work on the Cross. Much less would be the propagating of the Gospel Solution to Sin and True Repentance only found in Jesus. And what is all this Climate Repentance really all about? It is the New Narrative of the Globalist Luciferians that are using it to convince Individuals to really see Humanity as the ‘Cancer’ on Earth that the prior 10 Commandments edged in Stone in Georgia had correlated. And as with any Cancer, it has to be Eradicated, Cut-Off. Thus, the Climate Repentance is a Veiled Attempt at a Soft Genocide of Humanity. Why?

A Borg Humanity

Man and Woman were and are created in the Image and Likeness of YHVH. No other Created Beings that are known to Humanity have this Constitution. And Lucifer, along with his Fallen Angels are envious of this Deposition. They know that such Human Beings will 1 Day be served by Angels. Redeemed Humans will take their Thrones of Authority, Power and Judgment in the New State of Eternity to come per the Bible.

‘Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!’ -1 Corinthians 6:2-3

What has been happening since the COVID Worldwide Lock-Downs is how Government Mandates and Mengele Fauci have been eased, for now. Since the New Narrative of Climate Repentance has been Propagated, many Climate Change Protesters have radically used New Tactics at getting their Point Across. There have been many that have splattered Tomato Soup and/or Paint on Priceless Works of Arts across many Museums around the World.

One can understand their Logic and Reason behind doing such a Drastic Act. They Argue that People are more Shocked and Taken-Aback at seeing and reacting at a Priceless Piece of Art when an Agent like Paint or a Sauce ruins it. They liken it to a Metaphor of the Planet being the Piece of Art, which it is, created by YHVH. Then the Foreign Agents is Oil, representing the Sauces and Paint that is destroying the Planet.

However, they are playing into the Luciferin Globalist and Eugenicists Agenda. How so? The Solution? Population Control. It is not the Oil or Pollution that is the Culprit but rather Humanity. Thus, Humanity must be Reduced and Controlled. Do not Marry. Do not have a Child. If you do, kill it or Abort it. Do not own a Car. Do not Heat one’s Home. Eat Bugs and not Meat, etc. Sacrifice one’s Standard of Living for Mother Earth. Have Nothing and be Happy. All the while, it is the 1% that Print the Money and Own 90% of the Earth’s Resources. And they seek to make all Humans Pay Carbon Taxes and be Exterminated down to 500 Million Slaves. All Bio-Metrically Tagged down to every Cell.

Everything must then be Controlled as only then will Climate Change be ‘Under Control’, they say. No. It is Humanity that they ultimately want to have Total Control over. Realize that Volcano vents approximately 10 Million Tons of CO2 into the Atmosphere in only 9 Hours. The Earth could have Free and Clean Energy, limitless but the Luciferian 1% will never let that happen. CO2 Passports are the Way and now the Excuse to Cull Humanity down to 500 Million. They will force Inflation to be so high, it will take 1 Full Day’s Work to just buy 1 Loaf of Bread.

But of course Humanity is to be a Good Steward of the Planet. But the Climate Change and Pollution are not the Problem, Humanity is the Problem. One would agree on this Point with the Luciferian Globalists even. But one’s Solution? It is the Bible’s Solution. It is YHVH and Jesus Christ’s Solution Repentance. But Repentance toward Jesus’ offer of Salvation. Why? Change a Soul and one cleans-up the Earth. And that Transformation of the Soul will eventually transform the outside and the World.

Vectors of Genocide

The 1st Christians were said of them, that they ‘Turned the World Upside-Down’. This is the Solution, not a Carbon Currency that will be tied to one’s Bio-Metric Identity and Passport to Travel. These New 10 Climate Commandments are being rolled-out in Tandem with the New Technology to Transform Humanity into a New 'Image' and Use. How so? This is what the New mRNA Nano-Tech Injections and COVID were and are all about. It is not about providing Effective Immunity, nor stopping Transmission. It is about a coming Bio-Metric Body that will be tied to one’s Carbon Credit Score.

That in turn will be tied to one’s Digital Wallet Federal Reserve Bank Account and Immunization Status of COVID Shots required by the New State. What will a ‘Total Control’ look like? Where one can live. Where one can travel to. Where one can work, if at all. When one can take Vacations. Where one can shop for Food, if at all. Where one can Vote, seemingly. Who one can Marry, if at all. Who one can Marry, etc.

‘The UN Environment Program’s Faith for Earth Initiative works to strategically engage with Faith-Based Organizations and Partner with them to Collectively Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and fulfill the Objectives of the 2030 Agenda’.

In Biblical Terms, the Luciferian Agenda is U.N. Agenda 2030. Why by then? That is when an estimated 90% Reduction of the World’s Population has to occur. That is roughly about 6 to 7 Billion People killed-off. How? In how the Pieces are falling into place now and are occurring. All the Inter-Faith ‘Prophetic’ Initiatives are aligned with the UN’s 2030 Agenda that is Luciferian to the core. Here is the Collaboration between the Inter-Faith Agencies under the Mantle of ‘Christianity’ linking with the Luciferian Agendas. The Goal of Agenda 2030 is Genocide. How is this being accomplished? Consider the Reality of the Present Day Circumstances.

-Deterioration of World Peace. War in Ukraine.
-Deterioration of Food Supply. Famine.
-Deterioration of Marriage. LGBT+ Agenda.
-Deterioration of Christianity. Neo-Paganism and Ecumenism.
-Deterioration of Traditional Family. Increased Abortions.
-Deterioration of National Borders.
-Deterioration of Morality. Increase in Violent Crime.
-Deterioration of Public Safety. Orchestrated Mass Gun Shootings.
-Deterioration of Public Health. COVID Kill-Shots, SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)

If Biblical Prophecy is to come true, many End Times Students have calculated that the Church Age is about to conclude its Royal Commission of taking the Gospel of Jesus to the ‘Ends’ of the World in each Generation. If one calculates the Duration of Time, based on the ‘1 Day = 1000 Year’ Template, then Jesus is to return to Planet Earth by 2032. How so? Consider the following Calculus. If Jesus was Crucified, Died, Buried and Rose from the Dead to defeat Sin, Satan and Self in 32 AD, then ‘2 Days’ or 2000 Years will equal 2032. This is assuming a 32 AD Year as being the correct Date. This is also corroborated and succinct with a -3 BC September 11 Birth Date.

32 AD + (2 Says) or 2000 Solar Years (365 Days) = 2032

Mother Earth is Waiting
This is why it is incumbent upon Lucifer, his Fallen Angels, Demons and all those Humans that have bought his Counterfeit Gospel that are pressing hard to conclude their Great Work. And what is that? To Destroy Humanity and Kill-Off as many as possible before Jesus comes back and People see that True Redemption and the Saving of one’s Souls can only be bestowed by and through Jesus, etc.

Until that Time, what is left of it, Lucifer seeks to thwart the Reclamation of Planet Earth by Jesus that will occur at His 2nd Coming. Realize that Jesus relegated to Adam His Divine Mandate to have Total Dominion and Authority over the Earth. But that was stolen by Lucifer in the Garden of End through the Deception perpetrated by the Shining One against Eve. Although Adam knew better and was not Deceived, he went along with the Sin. That Act of Direct Disobedience against YVHH cost Adam and all his Descendants to now be under the Authority and Dominion of Lucifer.

And the Penalty was to have every Soul now damned to Perdition, for all Eternity. Thus, the need for a Savior. And a Human one at that. And a Perfect one at that. Thus, Jesus, the Last Adam had to be born Genetically without the Genetic Contamination of Sin that is passed-on by the Bloodline of a Human Father, etc. Jesus was and is the only Human of His Kind that was and is Fully GOD and Fully Human. And this is why COVID was introduced. The aim is to alter the Genome of every Human Being as possible. Why? How will this be accepted by all of Humanity? The Climate Change Narrative.

It will serve to Transform the Human Body into a Bio-Metric Walking Antenna connected to the Internet of Things. It will be used to Control all aspects of one’s Daily Life. But ultimately it will be for Worship as that is what the 10 Commandments are really all about. Worship. Who will one worship? Is that not the 1st Commandment? To have no other GODS before thee? And to Love this GOD, the Creator with all of one one’s Heart Soul and Mind? Eventually, 1 Day, during the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period, the World Ruler will Mandate everyone to take his Name, Mark or Number.

It will be a Sign and Act of Worship. This Sign or Mark will be incorporated into one’s Genome in some way. It is already happening now with Billions receiving the mRNA types of Injections that are doing this 24/7, for those that survive its Adverse Effects, ultimately, one will not be able to ‘Buy or Sell’ without this ‘Mark of the Beast’ that the Bible describes will condemn one to Hell. Why? This New Technology will cross the Genome Threshold of Re-Creating Humanity that is no longer Human.

Meaning that Jesus’ Gospel and Blood Atonement, made and paid, as a Fully Human will be of No Effect, for Pure Genetic Humans. Why not? Jesus, as a Perfect Human, Died for Humans only, not Angels, Animals or other ‘Aliens’ out there needing Redemption because they too have Sinned. And no Hybrids, Jesus Died only for Adam’s Race, utterly amazing. Thus, by 2030, Lucifer and his Minions need to Kill-Off as many Humans as possible in this Last Push to Destroy Humanity in a Deception and Narrative that says it is trying to Save Humanity. How? Through Climate Repentance and how he has duped most of Humanity into Signing-Off on their own Death Warrants.

It is a Multifaceted Victor Genocide coming at Humanity for every which way. COVID Death Shots, Chem-Trails, Genetically Modified Food, Big Pharma Medicines designed to kill like Remdesivir, False Controlled Media Narratives, Collapse of Monetary Value as with Orchestrated Inflation, and the list goes on. But GOD. Now as to the Original 10 Commandments. The Bible teaches that the ‘Law Kills, but the Spirit gives Life’. In Theological Terms, the New Testament and Ministry of Jesus on Earth teaches that although the Law is ‘Good’, it is only like a School Room and/or Mirror that show one’s Sins. But Laws cannot Change a Person from without.

This is why a Society cannot rely solely on Laws and Legislation to uphold a Morality People have turned their Back on. As one can never ‘Keep the Law’ to be Save, thus no one can ever reach these 10 Commandments. Meaning that all of Humanity falls short of its Mark or Standard YHVH requires to be Saved and have one’s Soul, Spirit and Body Redeemed or Bought Back from Lucifer. So, there is no Possible Way any Human can become ‘Perfect’ or Sinless by keeping Rules or Laws, even YHVH’s. Solution? Jesus.

Jesus, it is said in the New Testament that He ‘Came in Spirit and in Truth’. And that Jesus did not come down as GOD putting on Flesh, as the True Mana, the True Living Water, the True Bread of Life and Light of the World to Break the Law but to Fulfill it. And that Jesus would put the Law in the Hearts and Minds of the People that would accept His Free Gift of Salvation through the Agent of the Holy Spirit.

Meaning that the 10 Commandments written in Stone are now said, in Metaphorical Terms, that Jesus would write those with his Blood on the ‘Stones’ of one’s Heart and Mind. This is the ‘New Covenant’ promised in the Old Testament and realized in Jesus in the New Testament, and only in Jesus is this possible. No Religion in the World can or will ever achieve this. This is why Jesus is Unique and Singular, the only Way to Salvation and whose only Name, under Heaven can be Named to be Save a Human’s Soul, Spirit and Body.

This is what is at stake, ultimately, one’s Worship and one’s Soul, Spirit and Body. Do not give them up to the State. So, who will receive one’s Worship, Soul, Spirit and Body? May it be Jesus and the Worship of Him, but one cannot Worship or give Thanks to someone one does not know to Appreciate. Get to Know Jesus so one can see why He is worthy of Appreciating or ‘Worshiping’. Read the Gospels and the entire New Testament, ending with the Book of Revelation.


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