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  • Will Earth experience a Noah Type Extinction Level Event?
  • Was there Predictive Programming at start of Film-Making?
  • Did the 1951 Sci-Fi Movie predict the coming of Nibiru?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And there were Flashes of Lightning, and Rumblings, and Peals of Thunder, and a Great Earthquake the likes of which had not occurred since Men were upon the Earth— so mighty was the Great Quake. The Great City was split into 3 Parts, and the Cities of the Nations collapsed. And God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the Cup of the Wine of the Fury of His Wrath.’ -Revelation 16:18

The purpose of this study is to consider the Predictive Programming of a 1951 Sci-Fi Movie called, When Worlds Collide. It is a close Parody of the coming Planet X 2nd Sun Solar System Scenario that will cause Extinction Level Events. This 2nd Sun has many Names: Nemesis, Black Sun, Red Dragon, Vulcan, etc. There have been many Speculative and Conspiratorial Notions about the Nibiru Death Star that is approaching Earth. Many links will be provided in the End Notes for further inquiry into one’s own Personal Research on the Topic from a Biblical World View.

How this topic came to one’s Attention started with a known Blog Writer, Lyn Melvin. She shared an Article about her Reflections regarding the Rare Planetary Alignment of June 24, 2022. Interestingly, the Date is an encrypted 6-6-6 Warning if the Numbers are broken-down. The Article also had the tie-in to the Tetrad Blood Moons of 2014-15. The last in the series or 4th Blood Moon was a Super-Moon. It occurred on YHVH’s Feast Day of Sukkot or Tabernacles, etc. Then, exactly 7 Years later, will be September 28, 2022, just after Yom Teruah and the Start of the Next Sabbath Cycle.

It was noted that this coming Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years will be the 11th one which signifies Chaos and Disorder as duly noted. The Article and Points made, all Resonate with one’s Research and why one is excited for the July Month in 2022. But optimistically cautious also for the Months leading-up to September. It has to do with the Red Heifer that some argue is when they will be ready to consecrate the 3rd Temple. It also echoes how others believe the 2 Cows having those Fat and Skinny Number ‘7’ on their Head, respectively were Omens. One does believe they were/are ‘Prophetic Echoes’.

It is about the Salvation of the Remnant ‘Joseph’, a type of the Bride of Christ. Then it is about the Fall of the Mighty Egypt, a type of the coming collapse of the USA in particular and the Present World Order. Then it is about the Exodus of YHVH’s Earthly People, National Israel that will go through the 7-Year Tribulation Period, etc. What does all that, Prophetically mean or have to do with the Bride of Christ? Remember that Joseph married an Egyptian ‘Gentile’ and the Grain stored-up was Wheat. It is about a Convergence of Event that reverberated in 2012, for example.

And the World has been Warned

That was a Time when the World took note of a possible Future Scenario that would supposedly ‘End’ the World’. There was also a tie-in to the Mayan Calendar 2012 Phenomena in how Sheila, another Watchwoman from the Revelation 12 Daily Bog reminded one of the Predictive Programming Video Clip of how it is going to ‘Go Down’. They and the X-Files just flat-out said it, as many countless others. Astonishingly, the Movie, When Worlds Collide has an Ending Scene that precisely codes this Year into the very scene. Many believe the Movie, 2012 was taken from the 1951 Movie that set the standard for such Movie Genres. And the World, ‘Has been Warned’.

After the Rapture, if People think this is bad now with the Fuel and Food Shortages increasing, Jesus forewarned that nothing will compare to that 7-Year Sabbath. Then one received an Email from a Follower of one’s Work online. Mark stated that he had been thinking about a Movie that could be potentially Prophetic or Predictive. He and his Wife had watched When Worlds Collide and they noticed an interesting Date. Guess which one was that? July 24. Now realize that the Speculative Date of July 23 that one has been presenting over the past Year is really July 23/24. Why? The Jewish Day straddles a Gregorian Day. So, to say that one will have to wait until the 24th concludes, Jerusalem Time to see if the Calculations for 2022 will pan-out.

If anyone has been to Israel, one will understand that in general, the whole Nation ‘Shuts-Down’ from a Friday Sunset. Imagine, when the Rapture occurs, if it be on a Sabbath, as the June 23, 2022 Date is, that since most Observant Jews do not use any Electronics, they will only realize and be informed that ‘Millions have Disappeared’ after the Sabbath. And upon investigating the Details, it will be found that such were only those People who were Bible Believing Followers of Jesus. So, what the Couple observed in this 1951 Movie, When Worlds Collide is that it did have a deliberate Prophetic Theme. The Movie even starts with the inference to Genesis where YHVH destroys the World with Noah’s Flood.

That was an Extinction Level Event. And some have argued that it was also due to the Fly-by of the 2nd Sun Star System. One would agree and was that possibility talked about in 2012 and even now such an End Times Scenario is being discussed? The 1951 Movie deals with a Coming Giant Red Planet affecting Earth: Pole Shift, Earthquakes, Chaos, Panic, Extinction Level Events, building Spaceship or ‘Ark’ of Escape. etc. It really echoes the ‘End of the World’ Scenario with a sort of ‘Rapture’ Escape by way of a Noah’s Ark type of Space Ship ‘Salvation’ of only the select Few.

The Couple alluded to the fact that the Discovery of this coming Star and Planet have for sure, ‘Shades of Nibiru’. This is where it gets interesting with the July 23, 2022 Date. As noted, in the Movie, there is then a search for the Dates of the Arrival of the Death Star and Planet. The Couple said that this got their Attention. This is what the Dialog had to say regarding the July 23/24 Date that one Speculates is the True Pentecost Day and subsequently, could then be related to the Resurrection-Rapture event.

 ‘We should feel the Effects of Zyra's Passing on July 24th at about 1:00 PM’.

Day Count

What the Husband, Mark did next was to look-up the Date of Release of the Movie in 1951. He did a Time Calculation Search from the Release Date of the Movie to one’s July 23, 2022 Possible Rapture Date. This is what he came-up with.

November 15, 1951 Movie Release Date to July 23, 2022 High Rapture Watch Date
= 25,818 Days
-70 Years, 8 Months, 8 Days Excluding the End Date.
-848 Months, 8 Days Excluding the End Date.

How this Day Count is connected, possibly to one’s Calculation of July 23, 2022, is that in 1951, the Start of the 1952 Shemitah Cycle was 1 Month past already. This is the 1st Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years one surmises is the Beginning and End of the 10 Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years, being 70 Years. It is based on the Prophetic Reconstitution of the Nation of Israel. One believes it set the Clock to a Countdown for Daniel’s 70th Week of Year, to start on the 71st Year since 1952. And?

This Day Count could very well be what will start the Tribulation Period then. What this means then, is that it will be the Last Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years before Jesus returns at His 2nd Coming, etc. The Couple also mentioned that they observed a ‘funny Error in the Movie. This is how they explained it. There was the initial Astronomer Scientist, whose Calculations are later said to be without ‘Error’. This statement was said while he was Charting the Movement of the Star and Planet, etc.

‘These 2 Bodies have traveled almost a Million Miles in 2 Weeks’.

Later, as the discussion amongst the Scientists talking to a Group ensues, a statement is made following a response.

‘I estimate the Distance to be about 3 Billion Miles away’. 

Then, another person says the following regarding the Arrival Date Calculation.

‘We do not have to worry for a 100 Years or so.....

The initial Astronomer Scientist replies with the following statement.

‘No, they are moving at Great Speed and will be upon us in a Year...’

However, the Couple, being good with Numbers surmised that, 3 Billion = 3 Thousand Million. And? At 1 Million per 2 weeks, that would equal to 6000 Weeks or in 115.38 Years that the Arrival Scenario would rather occur. All that to say, that the coming Star and Planet, the ‘Dark Star’ and Planet X will be coming to Earth, ‘Sooner rather than Later’, as they say. The following is taken as Excerpts from the Wikipedia Page about the Move regarding its Plot.

Red Dragon

The Movie, entitled, When Worlds Collide is a 1951 American 83 Minutes Science Disaster Film. The Film's Storyline concerns the coming Destruction of the Earth by a Rogue Star called Bellus. There is then a desperate effort to build a ‘Space Ark; to transport a Group of Men and Women to Bellus' single Planet, Zyra. As Bellus nears Earth, Martial Law is declared. Residents in Coastal Regions are evacuated to In-Land Cities, etc. Zyra then makes a Close Approach, causing Massive Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, and Tsunamis that wreak havoc around the World.

It sounds like the Scenes and Scenarios were taken right out of the Pages of the Book of Revelation, as that is precisely what will occur on Earth after the Rapture. Many, including oneself, believe Planet X does exist. The Ancients knew about it and wrote about it. And it will be the Instrument of Judgment Jesus will utilize to carry-out the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments as described in the 2nd Half of the Book of Revelation. No other Phenomena could do such things. Notice the meaning of the Name of the Star and the Planet, very telling.

From Old Latin Duenelos, a diminutive of Duonus, whence Bonus, Good-Looking, Beautiful. It is of any impression usually given to People, that of Playful Elegance and Safety when it is not the real case. Even if one is having a Hard Time with something, to the outside World a person may seem to be doing just fine. In other words, it can allude to a False Sense of Security.

From League of Legends. Born in an ancient, sorcerous catastrophe, Zyra is the Wrath of Nature given form—an alluring Hybrid of Plant and Human, kindling New Life with every step.

No doubt, this Movie was ahead of its Time in Predictive Programming the Notion of a Planet X. And in fact, Planet X is believed to comprise 7 Planets or Satellites, or ‘Crowns’ of the Red Dragon, per Revelation 12’ 2nd Great Sign, etc. The Notion of Nibiru being just 1 single Rogue Planet is a Misnomer. In fact, there are 7 Planets revolving around the 2nd Sun Mini Solar System.

It is in actuality composed of what many have called a Dwarf Star. Meaning that it is a ‘Failed Sun’ in that it did not have enough Energy to ‘Explore’, but rather, ‘Imploded’. This is why it is extremely Dense, much like a Ginormous ‘Magnet’ and is Perturbing the entire Solar System, presently. Since it absorbs Light, it can only be detected from afar through the Infrared Spectrum types of Telescopes.

Thus, the Vatican’s Twin Lucifer Infrared Telescope on Mount Graham in Arizona and others around the World, but most notably in the South Pole. That is where ‘Nemesis’, another Term for the entire System, is believed to be coming-up under the Galactic Equator, in a Clockwise Orbit, etc. Binary Stars or Suns make-up nearly 70% of all Solar Systems in the Universe, that is if one believes in Space and Matter, Galaxies, etc. But note that to not ‘believe’ in Space, means that one cannot believe in ‘Time’ either. You cannot have one without the other. Nonetheless, one found this Correlation to the 1951 Movie very interesting based on the Book of Revelation End Times Premise.

Predictive Programming

The specific mentioning of the July 24 Date in the Movie of when the Fly-By was to have ‘happened’ was singular. Ever since the Revelation 12 Sign became a Prophetic Typology of the End of Days, the 2nd Great Sign has been somewhat of a Mystery Still. There are those that like it to the Astronomical Inference that it will be related to the coming of the 2nd Sun, the Red Dragon that is about to devour the Man-Child, One is convinced it will be such a Scenario that will be occurring as part of the Divine Judgments of the Seals Jesus breaks as Judgment upon the World. How did they know that Bellus was a Giant Red Star? A good Educated Guess? If so, incredible. And how, of all the possible Months and Days, July 24th was chosen?

­­­­­­­­­In doing some more research on this Topic of Planet X, the Red Dragon ‘Nemesis’ and its Planets, 1 of which is Nibiru, how on Earth, or in this case, how on Bellus did they know that the Star was Red in color? The Secular Modern World would not but the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonian and Mayans knew. And in looking at the Moon Cycles for 1951, if one starts counting from the Spring Equinox of March 21, 1951, then yes, the 99th Day is July 23/24, that being True Pentecost, as one assesses the Day Count. It could be just Mere Coincidence.

But very interesting Rabbit Holes here to consider. The Movie Predictive Programming proves nothing, but it adds to the Mystery and Mystique of what will come to pass one day after the Rapture. As the Astronomer in the Movie rightly stated, ‘When you see it with the Naked Eye, it will be too Late’. True. What is also amazing to consider is how Zyra, that would be equivalent to Nibiru, is where the Humans landed to escape from Earth. And as they opened the Hatch of the Space Ship, the scene is one in which they see a New Dawn, a ‘New World Order’. At a distance there are 3 Pyramids, 2 Massive ones the type found as big as in Cydonia, Mars and 1 smaller one.

Thus, all those same Giza and Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Triangulation seen all over the World, in both Ancient and modern Sacred Sites that one also has Researched. Astonishing, the 3 Pyramids are aligned like Orion’s Belt or viewed from Giza on Earth. One surmises that such ‘Beings’ were and are in fact, Fallen Angels masquerading as ‘Alien Savior’s who came to Earth long ago claiming to have ‘Seeded’ Humanity. And, who promised to return at a point in time when the Earth was on the brink of Extinction Level Events, etc.

Then to the Left of the Massive Pyramid Scene is what some have decoded as the Mayan rendering of the Year 2012, painted sideways. It is depicted vertically with the ‘Dragon Head’ Rock Formation, along with the 2 Obelisks and 3 long Rectangular Etches in the Giant Rock Cliff that appear to ‘Encode’ the Mayan Year: 2012. Coincidence? No. In Mayan, the Year 2012 would be 3 Lines, 2 Circles and then 2 Lines, written horizontally. See End Notes for illustrations. So, it would appear that The-Powers-That-Be knew of the Mayan Calendar Prediction.

In the Public Statements, it is said that the Ending Painted Scene was there as a Place-Holder but was left due to Budget Constraints. Not likely. The fact that Astronomically, it mirrors the position of where the Dragon Nebula is also to the Left of the Orion 3 Star or Pyramid Pattern cannot be Accidental. The clear Inference that ‘Intelligent’ Life made those Structures on Zyra are the same that came to Mars and Earth in Ancient Times to make those same Patterns on Mars and on Earth.

As to the Movie 2012 and the Mayan Calendar Count? It is known that it was not the ‘End’ of the World, not yet, but an End to an Astronomical Day count. Astronomically, it was about when the Earth’s Plane came into direct Alignment with the Center of the Galactic Plane. And this is what does not occur in 1000s of Years. It signifies, as the Earth is rising above the Galactic Plane, now that a New Age is coming, etc. It is. It is called the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus on Earth. No Nibiru required at this stage.


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