What the Devil is Going on!

  • What is the Big Deal of having Satanic Clubs?
  • How will this Affect Children and do they want it?
  • Is there a more Sinister Agenda to Groom Kids? 

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The LORD will strike you with Madness and Blindness and Confusion of Heart. -Deuteronomy 28:28

The purpose of this study is to comment on the Growing Trend in the USA of now having or allowing ‘Afterschool Satan Clubs’ to meet. The study will delve into ‘How the USA got here’ concerning this Trend and with not much Objection. In part, one surmises that this Moral Condition is just a General Reflection of the Spiritual State of the Union. And with that said, what are the Biblical Ramifications, if any. Why are Children being targeted, in seemingly every angle, Balenciaga Ads, TV, Movies, Products, Social Media, Drag Queen Story Hours, Gender Reassignment Drugs in Schools, etc.

These are at what are called Middle Schools or Primary Schools from Ages 7-11 or so. And what is the Problem? American are being Deceived for 1 Reason. The Satanist are branding and Marketing this Venue as a ‘Virtuous and Moral Standard of Logic and Reason. True. In fact, Luciferianism is all about Logic and Reason. ‘Do What Thou Want, is the Whole of the Law’. Do not allow any One or any Being tell you what you should Think, Do or Concern your Body, etc.

The other Reasons have to do with the Real Motives and Axioms of Satanism, in that their True Intentions are exactly what they say Forward and Truthful. For example, when the Former Anton LaVey exclaimed that ‘Do No Harm to Children’. In truth their Encrypted Statement is that they indeed seek the Children. They have a Nazi Mentality in what Hitler stated about reaching and securing the Next Generations.

‘The State must Declare the Child to be the most Precious Treasure of the People. As long as the Government is Perceived as Working for the Benefit of the Children, the People will Happily Endure almost any Curtailment of Liberty and almost any Deprivation’. -Adolf Hitler

Hitler knew that if a State, Government, Agency or Entity can get to a Child, that allows one to reach the Mother. The Mother will reach the Husband and then you have the Family. And that is the Battleground presently in the USA, specifically, in the World in General. Is it any Coincidence that all those Luciferian Baphomet Statues that arose throughout the USA have Children, a little Girl and Boy next to the Beast’s Lap? Now the Satanists argue, which this part is Valid, that if Christian or any other Group wishes to have Afterschool Clubs and they do, to use the Facility, so should they. And if the School Declines, then that is Preferential Treatment. One can see this Logic as one would not want a School to push Muslim or Hindu Afterschool Programs.

We Will Convert Children

But the Schools are not forcing any Student to Attend these Venues. It is not part of the Regular Instructional Curriculum, as bad as that is these Days. What the Satan Club argues, and one says is the Deceptions is that they present it as ‘Filling a Vacuum’ that the Schools are failing to provide. On that Point, one would perhaps Agree that the Schools have Failed in Teaching Civics, Logic and Reason to Children. And to a large part, that is ‘How We Got Here’, i.e., the USA. But one wholeheartedly would Disagree that, ‘OK, let the Satanist do it!’ New Flash. They already are. If one thinks Children are not being Targeted, in 2021, the Gay Men’s ‘Chorus’ not Choir, of San Francisco sang about it, that they were indeed.

‘You say we all lead lives you don’t respect. But you’re just frightened. You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct.

We’ll convert your children – happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly and you will barely notice it…

Just like you’re worried, they’ll change their group of friends, you won’t approve of where they go at night. And you’ll be disgusted when they start learning things online that you kept far from their sight…

We’ll convert your children – Yes we will! – reaching one and all, there’s really no escaping it, cause even grandma likes RuPaul…

The world’s getting kinder, Gen Z’s gayer than Grindr…We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children…The gay agenda is coming home. The gay agenda is here’.

We’re Coming For Your Children’: San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir Sings In Viral Video

But here below is how they, the Powers-That-Be are Spinning how ‘Good’ the Satanic Afterschool Club Programs are. It is about ‘Logic’ and do not mind anyone who now Objects. They are ‘Christian Extremists’. Parents are being labeled this, even if you are not a Christian and just would rather not have their Child Participate in Satanism. The following is an Excerpt from the Story by Cassandra Yorgey.

After School Satan Clubs Are Popping Up All Over the Country to Teach Critical Thinking Skills


‘Controversy is erupting at local schools across the country over permission slips children are bringing home for a new extracurricular program - the After School Satan Club. Don’t be fooled by the spicy name, this program might be just what parents want but hidden under an attention-grabbing moniker.

The club is non-theistic and promotes itself as teaching children empathy, critical thinking skills, problem solving techniques, creative expression, personal sovereignty, and compassion through activities such as science projects, community service, puzzles and games, along with arts and crafts. So, what’s with the seemingly inaccurate name? What kind of principle tenets would have so many people up in arms?

-Empathy with reason
-Justice should prevail over laws and institutions
-Bodily autonomy
-Encroaching on the freedom of another is to give up one’s own
-Science should not be distorted to fit beliefs
-Mistakes should be corrected to resolve any harm caused
-Compassion, wisdom, and justice should prevail over words

These tenets are not built around the divine or any deities but rather seek to address how we choose to treat others, a fundamentally human choice. The permission slips for After School Satan Club highlight The Satanic Temple’s belief that Satan is a literary figure who represents a metaphorical construct. They specifically do not attempt to convert children to any religious ideology and emphasize a scientific, rationalist, and non-superstitious worldview.

Why is After School Satan opening up in your child’s school? It’s almost certainly because the school also hosts the Good News Club, an organization alleged to be pushing a Christian extremist agenda that violates separation of church and state principles fundamental to America’.


So, ‘How did we Get Here?’ How did a People, a Nation, a World get turned into supporting Satan Clubs for Children After School? Useless Eaters and Useful Idiots? To a large degree, it is a Spiritual Issue and Supposition that Evidence will present. One such Indicator is the Mental State or Illness of a Nation’s People. This is not to disparage the Condition that many Innocent People deal with on a Daily Basis. Nor is it to Condemn any Person with Mental Illness as a Direct Consequence of a Sin or being a Judgment.

The Context, as mentioned will be on in which, in general, a Judgment is made by GOD upon its People for not ‘Keeping their Side of the Deal’. What Deal was that? For Israel, in the Biblical Context, it was that once they would possess the Promised Land, not to end up doing and Practicing the Same Sins that led to the Natural Inhabitants of the Land being Evicted. For the USA?

Well, it used to be considered a ‘Christian Nation’, etc. But, in the Old Testament, YHVH Warned the Israelites that if they Rebelled and started Worshipping the Canaanite Gods of Baby Abortions, He would strike the People with Mental Illness. In part, one argues that this is where and how ‘One Got Here’. The USA has Lost its Mind because it has turned its Back on the GOD of the Bible that had Blessed them.

Mental Illness

Mental Illness was for Israel, a Sign of their Rebellion. Can that be then transposed, as a similar Reason for the Epidemic in the USA now occurring? These were National Judgments concerning Governance, reflected in the Type of Leaders Israel had. And that is because Israel is the only Nation on Earth wherein, YHVH, the Creator made a ‘Deal’ with them. But in Theory, the Principle is the same in this argued Transposition to the USA. Why? Because this same GOD, YHVH states that He is the GOD of not only Israel but claims all the Nations, Peoples and Earth.

1-According to the CDC, the Number of Drugs Prescribed in the USA is at 76.3%. This means that about 7.5 People out of 10 are taking some sort of Drug. Source: National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey: 2020 National Summary Tables, table 19, 20 https://www.cdc.gov

2-According to VeryWellMind, the Drug Use Rates in America or of the Illicit Drug Use Statistic range from 37.3 Million. These are People aged 12 or older in the United States (13.6%) are ‘Current Users’ of some kind of Illicit Drug. Then, 59.3 Million (21.4%) of People over Age 12 used Illicit Drugs in the past Year. According to the NSDUH survey results for 2020. This does not include the Dramatic Increase due to the COVID Mandated Lock-Down and the Fentanyl Epidemic. https://www.verywellmind.com 

3-According to Fauci’s Firm, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), it is estimated that the number of Americans who suffer Mental Illness (AMI) represents 21.0% of all U.S. Adults. The prevalence of AMI was higher among Females (25.8%) than Males (15.8%). Young Adults Aged 18-25 Years had the Highest Prevalence of AMI (30.6%) compared to Adults Aged 26-49 Years (25.3%) and aged 50 and older (14.5%). https://www.nimh.nih.gov


So, Mental Illness was 1 of many Signs of a People and/or Nation in Full Rebellion. The other National Judgments had to do with there being no Rain or experiencing a Drought or Disruptions in the Supply Chain of Goods and Services, etc. Then there was the Judgment of how Israel would be invaded by a People with a Strange Language. And for not keeping ‘Fair Balances’, of Justice, they would be led Captives as Slaves. All that happened to Israel. So, it goes the same for Judgments when it comes to Presidents, Prime Ministers, a Nation and its People, one Argues. Example? King Nebuchadnezzar.

‘O King Nebuchadnezzar, this message is for you! You are no longer Ruler of this Kingdom. You will be Driven from Human Society. You will live in the Fields with the Wild Animals, and you will eat Grass like a Cow’. -Daniel 4:31-32

Basically, the Worldly King ‘Lost his Mind’. That is how ‘One Has Gotten Here’, in the USA with Satan Afterschool Clubs. It is where the USA has ‘Lost its Mind’. The True Rulers of the Earth, the Nations, for now, that being led by Lucifer has made a, once Might USA a Land of, no longer the Home of the ‘Free and the Brave, but of Useless Eaters and Useful Idiots, Devil Worshippers? Wait a Minute. It is ‘You’ that has ‘Lost Your Mind’. How can you indict all American being ‘Satan Worshipers’, because of taking Drugs and allowing Disagreeable Children’s Clubs After School? Precisely. It is being done inadvertently. How? Support such Satan Clubs, Support Recreational Drug Use. Support Pro-Abortion Legislature. Support Drag Queen Story Hours.

Support the LGBT+ Agenda in the Schools and Curriculum. Support the COVID Injection Mandates for Children. Support Mask Mandates for Children. Do not call Pedophiles, ‘Pedos’ but ‘Minor-Attracted’ Adults. Why focus on the USA for the Evidence? Here is where many that are not ‘American’ or live in the USA will say, ‘See, when it comes to Biblical Prophecy of the End Times, it is all about the USA’. Well, those that argue that Point, and it is valid, is that one must be ‘Culturally Relevant’.

‘Speak about the Present’, so they say. Such an Argument is the same and used in objecting to the Teachings of Paul, regarding Church Government, Gender Roles in Jesus’ Church, the Argument goes. ‘That was then, because of the Culture and Paul had to be Relative’. OK. As to a Ameri-Centric Perspective? It is precisely that because the Dominant ‘Culture’ and Nation of the World is the USA, undoubtedly. So, how do you get Useless Eaters and Useful Idiots and After School Satan Clubs? It looks something like this. Use the Media to Rationalize it as ‘Good’ for Children. Present it as ‘Development’ Opportunities to the School Board Meetings across the USA.

Remember how it was when the Issue of Masking Children in Schools was being debated in School Board Meetings? And how the Administration fetched the FBI and Homeland Security on Parents who Complained? Now even though, from the CDC, Reports have come out that, ‘They never Recommended Masks for Children’. Or that more Studies are coming out to confirm, that all along, wearing Masks did Little or No Good in Preventing the Spread of COVID. See Article.


Or when Objections were made at School Boards having basically Pornography-Laced Books at their Libraries? When some Mothers attempted to Read the contexts/paragraphs of those Books at the Board Meetings, they were prohibited because it was ‘Inappropriate’. But feed that to the Children? Sure. Satan After School Clubs? Sure. Homosexual and Lesbian Laced Children’s Books? Sure. The Day After Abortion Pills being given to Children without Parent’s Knowledge or Consent? Sure. Giving Children Puberty Blockers without Parent’s Knowledge or Consent? Sure.

So, the Article from Google News about the Satan After School Clubs that had the Bullet List of Reasons why it is a ‘Good Thing’ for Children is to provide something schools used to Teach. And that is so True, that such Subjects like Reason and Logic are no longer Taught anymore. You cannot teach Civics, Critical Thinking Skills, etc. And this is why, to a large degree, most Children in the USA, who later become College Students end-up ‘Loving Socialism’ and approve of doing away with Free Speech and the U.S. Constitution all together. They are Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay, Anti-Christian, and have no issues or Problem with Satan Clubs After School, or the LBGT Pornography in their Libraries. All the while, Suicide and Teen Mental Illness along with Teen Pregnancy-Abortions, and Drug Abuse, Fentanyl are decimating themselves with it. And then they continue to ask, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ Why am I so hopeless and Depressed?




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