As in the Days of Noah

  • Where there Giants in the Land of England logn ago?
  • Where did the Giants come from, Folklore?
  • What does the Bible have to say about Giants? 

by Luis B. Vega
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The Nephilim were in the Earth in those Days, and also after that, when the Sons of God came in unto the Daughters of Men, and they bore Children to them; the same were the Mighty Men that were of Old, the Men of Renown. -Genesis 6:4

As the World is getting stranger and more ‘Biblical’, especially with the U.S. Federal Agencies acquiring ‘Biologics’, truly the Time and Place of this Last Generation before the Return of Jesus puts it in the Consistency as it was in the Days of Noah and Lot. It was primarily because of the Genetic Manipulation of the Human Genome at the Hands and Effort of Lucifer that YHVH had to Destroy the Humanity that was Hybridized since Adam in the Garden.

The Luciferian Quest to ‘Upgrade’ Humanity is only to serve their Purposes and Agenda. It is not a Benevolent Gesture on their part to Advance the Human Race? Why not? Are not the Humanists who propose and push Trans-Humanism championing the Cause that the Human Race can ‘Evolve’ to Godhood? That is the Lie of Lucifer told to Eve in the Garden that has precisely Devolved the Human Race to Corruption as Sin led to Death, both in the Spiritual and Corporal sense. 

Lucifer has Received a Gullible and Jesus-Rejecting World into thinking and Believing that the ‘Aliens’ that will soon show-up with their ‘Giants’ are its only Hope of Salvation. The Lie Is that through Genetic Manipulation, the Human Genome and Race will ‘Evolve’ to our-race Death’. And thus, avoid or postpone, as much as possible the Judgment of Jesus. As the Bible states, ‘It is appointed once for a Man to Die, and the Judgment’. The Humans that have been Beguiled by Lucifer and the Fallen Angels are holding-out that they will still be the Masters of Humanity on Earth.

And it is where to the End and Agenda, the Luciferians that Rule the Planet, for now, are Hell-Bent on mRNA-ing every living Human Body. Why? It is a prelude, a pretext and Pre-Requisite for the implementation of Worship, of the Mark of the Beast. Realize that the Genetic Alterations that will be part of this Mark, placed in the Forehead or Arm is to essentially convert every Human Body into a ‘Walking Cellphone’ that will be Tracked, Surveilled, at the Genetic Level, over the Internet in Real Time.

It is no wonder why in the Prophecy of Daniel, concerning the ‘Mixing’ of Iron and Clay, beyond the Metaphor of the Beast Metals and Kingdoms, is now being understood in Context that it is a ‘Mixing’ of the Human Genome. In the Days of Noah and thereafter, the ‘Mixing’ of the Human Genome produced the Giants of Ancient Mythology and Folklore. However, these Giants, that are found all over the World attest to the Validity of the Bible and confirm what most Ancient Civilizations knew as being True. Case in point are the Geoglyphs of the UK.

Giants are Still Around

The Geoglyphs themselves that are ‘Giant’ in comparison are scattered across the English Landscape of Green Rolling Hills. The Nephilim Hebrew (נְפִילִים Nəfīlīm) where and are the Byproduct of usually a Human Woman and a Fallen Angel. The Hebrew word Nephilim directly translates as the ‘Fallen Ones’. And the Incursion by the Angels that Rebelled against YHVH, did not just occur in Genesis 6. There were numerous ones, as found in the Book of Enoch and then how Joshuah Evicted the Giant Tribes from the Promised Land. Then, even King David encountered some, etc.

Even the Motif of ‘Giants’ is used in Marking. Take for example the Canned Peas, Registered Trade Name of ‘Green Giant’ Peas. They are from a Minnesota Canning Company. They even have the ‘Jolly Green Giant’ statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Then from the United Kingdom, you have the Story or Fairy Tale or perhaps based on a measure of ‘Truth’ about Jack and the Beanstalk.

Amazingly, according to Research, Professors at Durham University and Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the Story of Jack and the Giant originated more than 5000 Years Ago. It is said that the Story of the Cannibalistic, or Human-Eating Giant, is based on a Widespread Archaic Story Form, which is now classified by Folklorists as ATU 328: The Boy Who Stole Ogre's Treasure.

The Storyline is as follows. Jack, a Poor Country Boy, trades the Family Cow for a handful of Magic Beans, which grow into a Massive, Towering Beanstalk reaching up into the Clouds. Jack climbs the Beanstalk and finds himself in the Castle of an Unfriendly Giant. The Giant senses Jack's Presence and cries the following.

I smell the Blood of an Englishman.
Be he Alive, or be he Dead,
I'll grind his Bones to make my bread.

Outwitting the Giant, Jack is able to retrieve many Goods once stolen from his Family, including a Bag of Gold, an Enchanted Goose that lays Golden Eggs and a Magic Golden Harp that plays and sings by itself. Jack then escapes by chopping down the Beanstalk. The Giant, who is pursuing him, falls to his Death, and Jack and his family prosper.


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