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‘Our Chief Priests and Rulers delivered Him up to the Sentence of Death, and they crucified Him. But we were Hoping He was the One who would Redeem Israel. And besides all this, it is the 3ird Day since these Things took place. Furthermore, some of our Women astounded us. They were at the Tomb early this Morning’. -Luke 24:20-22

The purpose of this study is to continue the Discussion and Debate about when was the Crucifixion Year and if the 3 Day Sign were Literal 3 Segments of a 24-Hour Period. And if the Day of the Crucifixion was on a Wednesday or a Friday as Church Tradition would have it. One has argued that the Crucifixion Year was in 32 AD. And that it was on a Wednesday of the Week. Then, that the Sign of Jonah, of there being 3 Days and 3 Nights were literal Periods of 24 Hours.

Granted, if one uses the current Calendar Day Converters, the Nisan 14 for 32 AD falls on a Monday, not a Wednesday. So there is a 3 Day Discrepancy. One can only argue that the Calendar Conversion Models are off by 3 Days. This is, as one puts the Crucifixion Day on a Wednesday, in the ‘Midst’ of the Week that one is only insinuating is following the Macro Prophecy of Daniel, of that Prophetic Week in which the Messiah the Prince is ‘Cut-Off’ or Killed.

Let us consider the Traditional Church reckoning of Time that insinuates a Friday Crucifixion and a Sunday Morning Resurrection in 30 AD. Granted, if one uses the Modern Year Converters, the April 7 Day, which would be Passover, Nisan 14 in 30 AD would be a Friday. No Problem. But then, as discussed already, the literal 3 Days are not or cannot be 24 Hours Segments of Time. OK. But if so, then neither was Jonah the Belly of the Great Fish for 3 Literal Days or 72 Hours, as that had to Match, if ‘Prophecy is Pattern’.

Here is a ‘Fair’ Approach of a Study that attempts to ascertain the Year of the Crucifixion. One does not agree for the Reasons or Evidence already Presented, but it is all Suppositions on one’s part, until it is confirmed, or not, after the Rapture.


If Jesus was Crucified in April of 30 AD, that meant that it was during, or had to be during His 33rd Year, or Birthday. OK. If one then Reverse Engineers that Time-Segment, it means that Jesus had to be Born in the Year, -4 BC. The Issue or Problem? 

It is about the Age of Jesus

Consider that the Astronomical ‘Signs’ of the Triple and Double Conjunction having to do with the Messiah Planet would have happened ‘After’ the Birth of Jesus. And? It meant that the Magi, who saw the King Planet approaching Leo in -3 BC. It would not be until another 12 Year Period where the King Planet of the Messiah would conjoin with the King Sign of Leo and be in direct Conjunction with the King Star of Regulus, etc. Just an additional Observation.

Revelation 12 Sign of the Magi
Jupiter Conjunctions

Now here would be the Year Calculation, approximately if Jesus did Die on April 7, 30 AD, on a Friday and rose then only 48 Hours later, not 72 as one argues, etc.

April 7, AD 30 (minus) 33 Years, 4 Months 13 Days
= 1,740 Weeks 6 Days
= 12,186 Days
= November 25, -5 BC (A whole 2 Years before the Magi ‘Saw’ His Star rise in Leo.)

Now, it was argued that, for example, given the account of some of the Disciples leaving Jerusalem, the Time-Frame of 3 Days was referenced. This is the Road to Emmaus incident where Jesus appeared and a Dialog ensued. Well, from one’s Assessment, one can confidently say that about Half is, ‘Absolutely True’ and Scriptural. The other Half? All that falls into the Speculation Aspect of what is not really Conclusive. That is all one can really say. The Statement in Question is, ‘And besides all this, it is the 3rd Day since these Things took place’. However, a few Translations render this Wording as being the 4th Day from Luke 24:21, etc.

But here is some further Assessment. It is based on a Wednesday 3pm Dead of Jesus, 3 Days of a 24-Hour Period for a total of 72 Hours. Then calculating this Time Segment, the Resurrection would have occurred on Saturday at 3pm, LORD of the Sabbath, etc. It was then the following Morning, that the Women came to prepare the Body of Jesus. They presumed that the Stone was not yet set in to cover the Tomb. They had to wait because it was precisely the Sabbath that no Work could have been permitted to be done on any Corpse or Body, etc. Thus, here is now one would Respond to what is an apparent 1 Day Discrepancy due to the Translation and in one’s Interpretation, based on when the Start Day is considered.

-The Disciples were on the way to Emmaus.             TRUE
-On Resurrection-Sunday.                                          COULD BE
-They told Jesus on Sunday…                                   COULD BE
-That it was 3 Days after Jesus was killed.                TRUE
- Crucifixion could be on Thursday or Friday.            COULD BE
-But not on a Wednesday!                                         PERHAPS

Here are the clues from Luke 24:20.


Now one would agree that this Account of the Disciples traveling now away from Jerusalem took place on a Sunday. Why? The Jews could now ‘walk’ and Work as it was the Day after the Sabbath. It was the 1st opportunity to then Leave the City and Commotion, Confusion, etc. This point of view would substantiate a Sabbath Resurrection. This Factor alone would then confirm that 3 Days earlier as the Disciples inferred, would put the Death of Jesus on a Wednesday.


Here one can assess that the Women did indeed visit the Tomb early in the Morning at Day-Break, after the Sabbath when they could not work on the Body to prepare it for permanent Burial. Or else why did they not do that as soon as Jesus was put in the Tomb? It is because not only are the Weekly Sabbaths a ‘Sabbath’ but any Feast of YHVH is considered and treated as a Sabbath.

This is to say that the Passover Feast was considered a Sabbath. In fact, Scripture even calls it a ‘High Day Sabbath’. Meaning that after taking down the Body of Jesus from the Cross, for 1 whole Period of 24 Hours, no Jew could Work, Travel or Prepared any Dead Person for Burial, etc.

What happened in-between that Wednesday Evening Sabbath, that was Passover, to the Sabbath Resurrection was that the Chief Priests and Rulers of Israel made a ‘Deal’ with the Devil and had the Romans Seal the Tomb. This is why the Women were not aware that the Tomb had been Sealed as they brought the Spices for the Burial Preparation of Jesus’ Body, etc.

If one is arguing an April 7, 30 AD Friday Crucifixion, and then one factors the Emmaus Road Day Count of 3 Days, that would mean that the Disciples who met-up with Jesus, walking away from Jerusalem would have had to have been on a Monday Morning or Afternoon. Interesting Assertion that the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn could be the ‘Alternative’ Rendering and Interpretation of what was and is then the ‘Bethlehem Star’. It was stated in the following rebuttal.

‘The Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7 and 6 BC is also a possibility for the 'Betlehem Star'. If Jesus was born in 5 BC, that would be very plausible because Herod killed all children under 2 years. This indicates that the start of the Sign was 2 years before the Birth of Christ’.

Conjunction of the Planets of the Christ and AntiChrist? Here is one’s Doubt. In the 1st Place, if one is subscribing to an April 7, 30 AD, and approximately 33 Years is when Jesus was to have been Born, thus the Year -5 BC, it would mean that Herod would have had to Kill all the Children from that Understanding of the King being Born due to the Star Sign, but 2 Years prior to -5 BC.

This would mean that it would be up to -7 BC that all those Jewish Babies that were Born at that Time would have had to be included. That is how one is interpreting the Timeline. Then the following was stated from Matthew 2:16.

‘When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave Orders to Kill all the Boys in Bethlehem and its Vicinity who were 2 Years Old and Under, in accordance with the Time he had learned from the Magi.’

It is argued that the Verse shows that the 'Bethlehem Star' 1st appeared 2 Years before the Birth of Christ. The Conjunction of Jupiter and Regulus did not occur 2 Years before 3 or 2 BC. But here is one’s Doubts about this Interpretation.

1. ‘This Verse shows us that the 'Betlehem Star' first appeared 2 years before the Birth of Christ’. TRUE.

2. ‘The Conjunction of Jupiter and Regulus didn't occur 2 years before 3 or 2 BC’. FALSE.

The 1st of 3 Jupiter-Regulus Conjunction occurred on the Birth-Day of precisely September 11, -3 BC. This was a Royal Conjunction because of the following Factors.

A) King Planet
B) King Sign
C) King Star

And the Point? This was the ‘Bethlehem Star’. The ‘Bethlehem Star’ involves Jupiter, not Saturn that is the Motif of Satan. This Triple King Combination is what Alerted the Magi of the Christ about to be Born was its ‘Celestial Conception’. What? Consider that what ‘tipped-off’ the Magi was how the Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, in Leo is what was the ‘Conception’.

And that Date was August 11, -3 BC. It was exactly 30 Days from the Birth of Jesus, as one conjectures on September 11, -3 BC. If one then factors-in the Average Human Gestation Period, and Reverse Engineers that Time-Frame, it does take on toa Hanukkah Feast in December of the Previous Year. Coincidence? No.

September 11, -3 BC (minus) 280 Day Pregnancy
= 9 Months 6 Days (96)
= 40 Weeks 0 Days
= 280 Days (Average Human Gestation)
= December 5, -4 BC
= Hanukkah?

Is the Hosea 3rd Day the start of the Millennial Day?
According to the ‘Church of GOD Study Forum’, this is how they surmise the Month of December in -4 BC. Hanukkah started on December 14, some 8 Days after the proposed December 5, -4 BC Conception of Jesus. Or it could be an 8 Day Countdown to the 8 Day Hanukkah Celebration, etc.


The other Point is what was told to Herod by the Magi? It cannot be known when that happened and what was specifically said. It is just known from Scripture that this is what was recorded. Based on one’s Interpretation. Jesus had been Born already when they got to Jerusalem and met King Herod, about 15 Months after, around December -2 BC. Consider the following.

‘Then Herod called the Magi secretly and learned from them the EXACT TIME the Star had appeared. [September 11, -3 BC] And sending them to Bethlehem, he said: Go and search carefully for the Child, and when you find Him, report to me, so that I too may go and Worship Him.  After they had heard the King, they went on their way, and the Star [Jupiter] they had seen in the East went ahead of them until it stood over [Retrograded] the place where the Child was’. -Matthew 2:7-9

How can one know what Month it was? It is signaled by the Retrograde Motion of Jupiter that started precisely on December 25, -2 BC. It appeared to ‘Stop’ in the Sky. The Point is that in determining the Timeline then from when the Magi informed Herod of the ‘Exact Time’, then 2 Years out from that Mid-December month would be the following.

‘When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave ORDERS TO KILL ALL THE BOYS IN BETHLEHEM AND ITS VICINITY WHO WERE 2 YEARS OLD AND UNDER, in accordance with the Time he had learned from the Magi.’

December 11, -2 BC (minus) 2 Years, 0 Months 0 Days
= December 11, -4 BC
=104 Weeks 2 Days
=730 Days

Consider also that when one calculates that the Magi visited Jesus on December 25, -2 BC, that was during Hanukkah, according to the Torah Calendar.

1) One is arguing more so that the Time-Frame is specific to the Crucifixion 3 Days as it follows immediately the actual Event and the Sign given that defines the Time-Frame. That is all.

2) But for the Millennial Kingdom, there is a Gap of Time already factored-in. Consider the additional 75 Days, all-inclusive after the 7-Year Tribulation Period concludes. One is assuming 2 Halves of 1260 Days each.

In the 3rd Day

That Time will be needed for the Transition to then begin the 1000 Year Kingdom on Earth ruled by Jesus from Jerusalem. So, in this 2nd case and example, the Event and Sign accompanying the 7000 Year or the 7th Day was not Immediately following. That is all one is pointing at.

Now, as a Dispensationalist, one equates the 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom as the 7th Day, paralleling the 7 Day Creation Week. It will be the Fulfilment of the ‘Rest of YHVH’ and the Sabbath, etc. One is of the Interpretation that Hosea’s 3 Day reference to the Rising from the Dead is not to be or should not be applied to the 7th Day or the 7000th Year History of Man, that is as the 7th Day, etc.

One is more convinced that the Hosea 3 Day Prophecy was and is a foreshadowing of the 3 Days the Messiah was to immolate and fulfill. But as to the Verse inferencing His Followers also ‘Rising’ on the 3rd Day? One does realize that many End Time Students attempt to fit that into Eschatological Interpretations, which is Fine. One does not know for sure.

It could be but if the Verse is in fact a Double Entendre reference to the Resurrection-Rapture Event, then the entire Church Age, made-up of the 7 Churches of Asia from Ephesus to Laodicea, are then to be delineated into 3 Days. If that can be the case, then each segment is divisible by a Factor of 24, as in the 24 Elders?

Or the 24 Orders of the Priesthood King David installed at the Temple? Not sure. Or the 3 Day Delineation of the Church Age can be understood as 3 Periods of 40 as a Factor of what that Number represents in the Bible, Testing. It is then also a Factor of 120 when adding them together. And this is then a direct Connection to Pentecost, the 120 Disciples and the Summer White Wheat Wedding Inference.

And that in the Geometric Construct of a 360 Degree Circle, the 120th Degree corresponds to the 4pm Marker of Time. And that Time, in terms of a Jewish Rabbinical Calendar, corresponds to the 4th Month, precisely in the Midst of the Year and 4th Branch of the Prophetic Menorah Pattern, etc.

Then one’s Question would be, is the Resurrection to be at the Start of the ‘3rd Day’ or and the End of it. Here is one’s Interpretation. One is not saying one is Right. It is just where one is at on the ‘Learning Curve’, so far. If the 7000 Year Dispensation of Time since Adam is surmised.

1) Then the 6 Days or 6000 Years can be Delineated into 3 Days of each Day consisting of 2000 Years. Thus, at the end of the 3rd Day, would correspond to the End of the Church Age, the 6000 Year-to-Day equivalency before the 7th Day or the 7000th Year starts.  

2) Now the other Interpretation is an Approximation. It is how the Church Age has been like 2 Days in the making or ~2000 Years (32 AD to 2032 AD will equal 2000 Years). And if the 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom is to follow as the 3rd Day, relative to the start of the Church Age, this could correspond to the Hosea Prophetic Timeframe.

This is as best as one can explain it. See Chart for a Visual Representation of this Concept.



120 Pentecostal Pattern


Circumstantial Evidence why it was in 32 AD
When was Jesus Crucified? Was it in 30 AD? 31 AD, or 33 AD? This has been 1 of the most Profound Questions, that has been Debated since the Church Age started with Jesus' Death. Can the Year and the Week Day be Determined? Is there any Evidence to suggest a More Accurate Year and Week Day? The Research one is providing in this Book, is one's Best Attempt in Showing why one is More Convinced of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. One is not attempting to ‘Convince’ , or to ‘Prove’ the Year, as that is beyond one’s Ability.

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