Beginning and End of the Age of Grace

  • Is there a Rapture Code hidden in the Pentecost event of Acts 2?
  • What does a Pentecost have to do with 'the Rapture of the Bride'?
  • Are there metaphors of Raptures and why in the Old Testament?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then Peter stood up with the 11, lifted up his voice, and addressed the crowd: Men of Judea and all who dwell in Jerusalem, let this be known to you, and listen carefully to my words. These men are not drunk as you suppose. It is only the 3rd Hour [9am] of the day! No, this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel.’ -Acts 2:14-16

The purpose of this study is to depict the sequence of the various time zones involved when the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to occur. Of course, this is assuming a Globe Model in today’s debate about why the Earth is supposedly ‘flat’. The Time Zone Map will be utilized using the modern delineation of the various Time Zones and adjusting for Day Light Saving Time. The suppositions is that the ‘0’ Hour will be from Jerusalem, Israeli Standard Time (IST). This ‘0’ Hour could be the corresponding hour of approximately 6am that constituted the 1st Watch of the Jewish Day, that is 6am to 9am. This clue is inferred by the Apostle Peter in his preaching subsequently after the 120 Disciples were ‘baptized’ by the Holy Spirit at that time to fulfill the prophecy of Joel of the Old Testament and that of the words of Jesus who ‘promised’ to send the Comforter’, etc.

This study supposes that Acts 2 was the occasion on the Temple Mount when the majority of Jewish men, required to gather at the House of YHVH. The coming down of GOD the Holy Spirit was when the Disciples of Jesus were instructed to ‘wait for the Power on High’ to come down. Such were present as the Pentecost Blessing mimicked the coming down of YHVH on Mount Sinai for a ratification of a similar marriage covenant and commitment. The study will present some presumed assertions based on the Biblical narrative and generally agreed understanding of the Rapture phenomenon to occur at an end of a Wheat Harvest in late summer of a given year.

For a backdrop, the notion and teaching of the Rapture will be presented for context and how the end of Pentecost, ‘when it fully came’ is the best calculated time for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. This is predicated on the notion that the extraction of those indwelt with the Holy Spirit will or is to take place when the Holy Spirit was bestowed in such a fashion, at Pentecost. The year is to be determined still. The Rapture of the Bride of Christ was a mystery in the Old Testament that was not divulged to occur in a corporate way until it was given to the Apostle Paul to expound upon during the start of the Age of the Church Body. It is a Biblical concept that there is an extraction and translation of the Followers of Christ to be removed from Earth, physically and transformed to receive their Glorified Bodies as they rendezvous with the ‘Groom’, Jesus to then be taken into Heaven.
This is to occur for only those during this special dispensation of the Age of Grace, of the Gentiles as it is often referred to and more. What is the Rapture?

Based on Biblical typologies, many believe the Rapture will follow the various clues given throughout the Bible, both found in the Old Testament and the New Testament. There is the typology of the Rapture or translation of Enoch in the Old Testament. The clue is that He was considered a Gentile and died in his 365th year. This numerical coefficient signifying the Gentile counting of a Solar Year, for example. Then there is the type of Elijah that was ’raptured’ in the Fiery Chariot. Then there are the conditions, ’as in the Days of Noah’ to be had just before the Rapture wherein Humanity on Earth will once again degenerate to such immoral values. The Promise from the Creator is that He will never allow the coming judgment to befall on the Righteous when this is to occur or has as in the case of Noah and Lot.

The pending judgment of YHVH based on similar circumstance has now been reached on Earth. This human condition can be seen now in the full measure of iniquity, immorality, murder and thievery as it was reached in the Days of Noah and in Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus specifically pointed out and taught that such a human condition would occur again in the Last Days. Furthermore, Jesus at the Last Supper promised that He would come for His Bride. Then after His resurrection appeared to the Apostle John and reiterated the ‘Promise of Escape’ to the Church of Philadelphia. Jesus likened such a circumstance to providing an ‘Open Door of Escape’ for those faithful to believe, follow and obey His commandment, etc.

Essentially, such ’raptures’ or extractions were events to remove the People of YHVH from the pending judgment consequently to follow. The ‘Raptures’ came before the judgments and that is the Biblical template what will follow. Many, however, confuse the forewarned tribulation and persecution of true Christians that Jesus allowed and has occurred and will up to the very day of the Rapture event. In contrast, Jesus warned in His teachings that a judgment was to conclude with the Last Generation just before His return of the likes of the Days of Noah and Lot, etc. He also gave other subtle clues as to the timing and circumstances. In one of His teachings, Jesus alluded to the fact that there will be a contrast. There will be ‘1 working during the day, and 1 sleeping in a bed’, presumed to be during the night, at the same time, etc.

This suggests a condition were the Earth is a globe and the different time zones would have both a day and night condition on Earth. This point here is not to argue the views of a globe or flat Earth, but that Jesus gave clues as to the ‘season’ of the Rapture. In what way? To reiterate, given this limited description, consider the instance where Jesus described the ‘Rapture Event’. ‘For as in the days before the Flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, [alternative types of marriages as in same sex] until the day that Noah entered the Ark, and did not know until the Flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. Then 2 men will be in the field: 1 will be taken and the other left. 2 women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left.’ etc. In Luke 17, Jesus is noted as stating further the following. ‘I tell you, on that night 2 people will be in 1 bed: 1 will be taken and the other left. ‘ This description thus suggests that there will most likely be different time zones involved when the Rapture Event of the extraction of the Bride of Christ occurs.

A Type of Harvest
The Rapture Event has a direct connotation to a harvest time that can only be describing a Wheat Harvest as that is what was required to grind the hard kernels of the wheat. Also consider that the time of the year for this to occur is during the summertime. At no other time of the year was this possible in the open field as the cold and rain would prevent the harvesters from performing this specific task. Then the description of the account alludes to it being a time when 1 part of the Earth was daylight and the other was nighttime, presumed. Thus, it can be reasonably asserted that given this typology by Jesus, the Rapture will conclude at a harvest season at the end of a summer. Then there is the Rapture Event itself described by the Apostle Paul given to a confused and distraught church of Thessaloniki.

Due to deception, then as now, there was a false narrative propagated throughout the Church Body that the Rapture had taken place already and that the Tribulation Period had begun. The deception was essentially that the Bride of Christ was to go through the Tribulation Period spoken of by Daniel, etc. Other studies have presented the evidence that why there is a confusion of there being either a pre, post-Tribulation Rapture is that in fact there are 7 Raptures events described in the book of Revelation. See article entitled, ‘The 7 Raptures of Revelation’, etc. The Apostle Paul had to correct the falsity by detailing the conditions of the initial Rapture. This corresponded to chapter 4 of Revelation. The Apostle Paul by way of GOD the Holy Spirit gave hope that taught that the Rapture of the Bride had a sequence and was to be a blessing. Why? It was to comfort and encourage the Saints with an expectation for Jesus and to be with Jesus.

The sequence of the Rapture Event constituted the Saints or Believers during the Dispensation of the Age of Grace that died first. Those would be the ones to be resurrected and then those alive would immediately follow. This would follow the order after Jesus’ resurrection, as He was the First Fruits of the Barley Harvest that then subsequently sanctified the whole ‘Harvest Field’, that being metaphorically those that would believe on His Name. In fact, the Apostle Paul wrote that the Rapture Event followed a military context of order and rank. Nonetheless, there are various false mis-interpretations and descriptions that are taught about the Rapture Event itself. For example, the ‘Saints’ once ‘raptured’ will stay around for a period of 40 days to ‘witness’ or how there are sequential phases of the Rapture event itself. These are all false.

The Saints are not going to be some kind of ‘walking dead’ or zombies spooking the world after the Rapture Event. The Bible is very clear that is a supernatural event. It is a combination of the promised resurrection and then extraction of those alive in a split second to meet Jesus, the ‘Groom’ in type as those extracted from the Church Body are the Bride of Christ. The Bible teaches that the redeemed of Jesus Christ will rendezvous in the clouds of the air, the very heart of the occupied spiritual territory of Lucifer and his Fallen Angles. It is from there that then Christ Jesus ushers in the Bride in procession to the Father’s House, etc. Why the need for the Rapture? Again, it is pre-requisite for the coming judgment to occur. Amazingly, what this stipulates is that there is 1 last generation on Earth of human Believers and Followers of Jesus will not experience a physical death. Such will transition without the Agent of Death affecting their being.

The Harvest
Does Acts 2 give a key clue as to the timing of the Rapture Event? It does appear that the context of the event does give a precise clue as to the timing of the season of the year and the timing of the morning. On one hand, it is reasonable to assert that the time of year was at the end of the Wheat Harvest. This would be the 2nd one that is known as the Summer Wheat Harvest as there is a Spring Wheat Harvest. Also, that this time coincided with the beginning or the offering of the First Fruits of the Grape Harvest. This is consistent with the offering pattern of how at the end of the Barley Harvest, the First Fruits of the Wheat Harvest were given also. This also is corroborated with the notion of how in the case of Ruth and Boaz, Ruth stayed until ‘the end of both the Barley and Wheat Harvest.’

However, it was after the end of the Wheat Harvest that she entered Boaz’s chamber, at midnight and petitioned Boaz for her redemption. The Biblical typology is striking as Jesus is understood to be the type of the Barley Harvest First Fruits and then the Church Body is that of the Wheat Harvest type. It will only be at the end of the Wheat Harvest that the 3-prong redemption sequence of the Soul, Spirit and Body are consummated, etc. Then there is the clue that the Apostle Peter directly inferred given the mockery of the crowd. ‘Then Peter stood up with the 11, lifted up his voice, and addressed the crowd: “Men of Judea and all who dwell in Jerusalem, let this be known to you, and listen carefully to my words. These men are not drunk as you suppose. It is only the 3rd hour [9am] of the day! No, this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel.’

Given this rich context, the Rapture, when it does occur at a given year will thus also be a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. What prophecy is that? That of the promises first spoken by Joel of how in the Last Day, the Holy Spirit would come down, etc. In terms of time, given the context of the New Wine season, this means that given a reasonably assertion, when GOD the Holy Spirit came down upon the 120 Disciples, another Sacred Numeration, the event’s maximum limit of duration is given. It did not pass 9am, Jerusalem Time as the Apostle Peter referenced it. There is even a very interesting numerical significance in the numbers given in context of this Pentecost event. The numbers states in the textual account are the 3000 people that got saved. Then there was the 120 Disciples that were indwelt with the sealing of the Holy Spirit, etc. If one factors these 2 number in themselves, the coefficient was 25. What is the Biblical significance of 25? According to BibleStudy.com, the meaning of 25 is as follows.

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 25
The number twenty-five in the Bible symbolizes 'grace upon grace.' It is composed of 20 (meaning redemption) and five (grace) or grace multiplied (5 x 5). And the Word became flesh . . . full of GRACE and truth . . . And of His fullness we have all received, and GRACE FOR GRACE. For the law was given through Moses, but GRACE and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:14, 16 - 17). Levites were to begin serving at age 25 in assisting with sacrifices, which were a physical type of forgiveness and redemption for the people. Evidently, the number 25 is congruent with the beginning of the Age of Grace and/or Pentecost that is pending, being harvested and not completed until the last Gentile, as a kernel type is saved or ‘harvested’. 

Time Zones?
Again, assuming that the Rapture Event is a reversal of Pentecost, it is reasonable to assert that Pentecost occurred then sometime in the 1st Watch of the Jewish Day, that being sunrise around 6am, Jerusalem time. Then the maximum time of this event was 9am, Jerusalem time per the Apostle Peter’s preaching reference. Thus, one can suggest that if the Rapture is to correspond with the extraction of the Holy Spirit in the way that He came, it would or could mirror such a time sequence. This would or could or should mean then that the Jerusalem time would be the Hour ‘0’ window.

This is of course a speculation but based on the clues given, presented and interpreted accordingly. With the doctrine of the Rapture explained and the clues given, an argument can thus be given of how then the Rapture can be depicted in terms of world Time Zones, which is the reason for the study. Of course, as to what year this ‘harvest of wheat’ season will occur on is still subject to debate. This assertion in itself has also some amazing correlations pegged to the 1948 establishment of Israel with the Parable of the Fig Tree, etc.

Thus, if the Rapture of the Bride of Christ was to occur at the beginning of the 1st Hour Watch, Jewish reckoning of time of the day, at 6am, then the following Time Zones would correspond accordingly, subject to any factor also of a Day Light Saving Time adjustment, etc. Due to several international conventions, it has been agreed that Greenwich Time is Longitude ‘0’ or the Prime Meridian. This line demarks the Eastern  Hemisphere from the Western Hemisphere.

Jerusalem (IST): 6am
Rome: 5am
London: 4am
Azores: 3am
Nuuk: 1am
Halifax: 12 Midnight
New York: 11pm____________ Previous Day
St. Louis: 10pm
Denver: 9pm
Los Angeles: 8pm
Honolulu: 7pm


Jerusalem (IST): 6am
Moscow: 6am
Teheran: 7:30am
Astana: 8am
Delhi: 8:30am
Bangkok: 10am
Beijing: 11am
Seoul: 12 Noon
Melbourne: 1pm
Solomon Islands: 2pm
Christchurch: 3pm

Pentecost Presuppositions
As with the case of Noah and Lot, the coming judgment upon Humanity in the Last Days will occur only after the ‘extraction’ or Rapture Event spoken by Jesus. It cannot occur until His Bride is removed. The Bride of Christ will not go through the pending judgment as that would violate the Promises given to the Church by Jesus Himself. Although again, there are many Christians who believe, adamantly that the Church or Bride of Christ will either go through the Tribulation Period or in part. This is erroneous.

What this study does stipulate and postulate is that if and when the Rapture of the Bride occurs, it will be at the end of the Pentecost harvest season. It will coincide with a 100-day count per Leviticus 26:13 as a mirrored compliment given the Menorah to Feast of YHVH correspondences. It makes sense that if there are 50 days connected with the 1st 3 Feasts of YHVH, those being Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits, then the complementary ones would then also have a subsequent 50-day count connected to Trumpets, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. It is a pattern of divine symmetry.

Evidence for the Rapture Event

1. When Pentecost Fully Came starting in Jerusalem.
2. Based on a 100-day count per Lev 23:16.
3. At the 1st Watch of the Day 6-9am when Peter preached.
4. In the time of New Wine Offering; late July, early August timeframe.

To possibly ascertain the window of time or ‘Watch’ hours of when the Rapture is to occur is predicated on when GOD the Holy Spirit came down on that Pentecost morning as described in the book of Acts. Consider the following factors of that event. For one, the text gives some pertinent clues that suggest that the even took place on the Temple Mount prescient. This is where after the resurrection of Jesus, the Apostles customarily meet to preach the Gospel despite the threats and the punishment of the Sanhedrin to stop this activity. The Temple Mount was designed to accommodate such a number as the account states that 3000 of those hearing Peter preach at Pentecost were saved.

It is impossible for such a crowd, much less those that were present there in addition hearing but not converted to fit in the narrow winding streets of the Mount Zion area of Jerusalem where the Upper Room was located at. Based solely again on Biblical typologies, there is a direct correlation with what occurred on Mount Sinai and then on Mount Moriah. Both where to be a ratification of a ‘Marriage  Covenant.’ There were elements of a sound, trumpet blasts, fire coming down, a numerical factor of 3000, etc.

So too at the Temple Mount was this the Biblical case with the coming down of the Holy Spirit. In fact, one could make an argument that as the Triune GOD-Head was the Agent of Genesis 1:1, so too was it at Mount Sinai and for Mount Moriah. Consider that when Pentecost had fully come, it too had a 3-fold agent of involvement. How so? ‘ For the LORD [Father] Himself will descend from Heaven with a cry of command, with the Voice of an Archangel [Son], and with the Sound of the Trumpet of GOD [Holy Spirit].’ In the case of the Arch Angel, it is not insinuating that Jesus is Michael as do the Jehovah Witnesses assert due to the error of the Gnostic Arius but a ‘Messenger’.

When the Rapture of the Bride of Christ does occur, it will follow the same divine blueprint of how the GOD-Head will be completely involved. The coming down of the Holy Spirit was to permanent seal, to indwell the Believer and Follower of the True Messiah, Jesus with. More so, it was to also bestow Spiritual Gifts that in this case enabled the Disciples to speak in known languages understood by those 1000s of men gathered for the mandatory 2nd Feast of YHVH to present themselves before the Temple, etc. The next factor pertains to the mockery of how the Jewish crowds alluded to the Disciples of Jesus being ‘drunk’ on the New Wine as they manifested such Spiritual Gifts for the purpose of preaching the Good News of Jesus.

Thus, when the Rapture of the Bride of Christ does occur, in a given year, based on the clues that Acts 2 supposes, one can perhaps narrow down the window of time that appears to correlate to the 1st Watch of the Day, being 6am to 9am, Jerusalem time. And at the end of the summer Wheat Harvest and during the First Fruits of the New Wine Harvest. If this theory is valid and true, then one can then ascertain the various Time Zones across the globe that will correspond to the ‘0’ Hour at Jerusalem. Perhaps.

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