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  • How are Christians Brethren supposed to Admonish?
  • What is the Biblical Protocol for Addressing Teachers?
  • Why are Christians not maintaining the Love and Unity?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘If your Brother Sins against you, go and Confront him Privately. If he listens to you, you have won your Brother over. But if he will not listen, take 1 or 2 others along, so that ‘Every Matter may be Established by the Testimony of 2 or 3 Witnesses’. -Matthew 18:15-16

Was Jesus’ Ascension on Shavuot? Is Pentecost on the Feast of New Wine? Is the 9th of Av going to be the Rapture? The purpose of this study is to address a Video Rebuke by a Steve Fletcher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZnvMCsELlE&t=1s against a List or ‘Hit List’ of Watchers that subscribe to the Alternate Theory that the Pentecost of Acts 2 is not the Traditional Shavuot, but correlates to the Forgotten Minor Summer Feast of New Wine. This Theory has been Written about by this Writer since around 2014 and shared with 5 Doves and the Revelation 12 Sign Daily Blog over the Years.

It was met then, with some Apprehension, and that is acceptable. One is not ‘Pushing’ this ‘New Revelation’ but rather, just Reporting what one is Seeing and Believes is Understanding and sharing that with the Body. One just presents the Evidence, using Scripture and making a Case, that is all one does. Yet, there are those in the Body of Christ that, because they do not Agree with or Understand such Studies, or Evidence or Conjecture, Maliciously Malign fellow Brethren for such Differing Interpretations, etc.

There are whole Channels, Websites and Blogs propagated by Supposed Christians, just dedicated to the Critique of Certain Brethren and their Interpretations and Studies, yours truly included. Nothing of this, in itself, is wrong. What is Wrong, is how they then Judge the Person and use Words reserved for True Deception and False Doctrine. Usually such Critics Believe they are ‘Right’ and have nothing better to do, than to Tear Down and Divide the Body of Christ. And they Contribute Nothing to the Edification of the Body, nor follow the Proper Biblical Protocols in Addressing Sin or Arguments within the Body of Christ and to go directly to the Brethren. They think it is ‘Their Body’.

They are Self-Appointed Critics of other Brethren’s Work. May Jesus heap upon their Heads and Mouths, what they Heap upon His Body. A lot or most of what is being called out, comes from Sites like 5 Doves. Now, one agrees, and it is Biblical to ‘Inspect Fruit’ and ‘Test the Spirit’. But there is a Biblical Protocol on how to do that. Most of these Accusers of the Brethren never do that. Now, one would agree that about 90% of what is Shared and Believed by many on such Platforms, is what one would call ‘Junk Prophecy’. That is just one’s Humble Assessment. But one does not go on to make Hit Pieces or Public Videos Rebuking, Mocking, those that one would consider ‘Junk Prophecy Watching’, just because one does not agree with their Day Counts, etc.

Conjecture and Speculation
As to the Timing of the Rapture? When is the Tribulation Period? Who is the AntiChrist? All that is Conjecture and Speculation, as is all on one’s Work and Research. It is not a Sin to do so. Perhaps Predicting the Rapture Date every other Day like Steve Fletcher ought to be. So long as it is not Heresy and False Doctrine or Bad Exegeses, they are not Accountable to this Researcher of the End Times. However, if one feels led to Inquire or Address a Possible Issue of Contention or Mis-Interpretation, that one thought was or is Un-Biblical, there is a Biblical Protocol to go through.

This was not done by Steve Fletcher nor is the case with most Accusing Critics in the Watcher Community, unfortunately. And that makes All Watchers and Jesus, ultimately Look Bad. Shame on Us. In this case, what was the Issue of Contention? Why was Steve Fletcher so compelled to Publicly Rebuke, specifically Dr. Barry Awe and his List, that included this Researcher? Fletcher rejected the possibility that Pentecost of Acts 2 is not the Traditional Shavuot being Celebrated currently. And that the Ascension Day of Jesus was not on that 1st Count of 50 Days or of a Shavuot, that one does agree there are 3 of them. One is not, at this point, Arguing this Thought.

One is more focused on just Pegging the Pentecost of Acts 2, to the Feast of New Wine as mentioned. Dr. Barry Awe, however, does further Extrapolate, based on this Day Counts, that the Feast of New Wine is on, or Correlates to the 9th of Av Date. This Calculation, one does not see. But one will not Rebuke Dr. Awe, as Steve Fletcher has. Nor did Fletcher Privately go to Dr. Awe about the issue to be addressed. No, one is not going to Publicly Rebuke a Brethren just because of one’s lack of Understand or Disagreement, baring Heresy and Doctrinal Issues of Salvation, etc. One should not be Calling a Fellow Brother and Watchman, a ‘Lier’, ‘False Prophet’, ‘Going to the Lake of Fire’, for interpreting different Day Counts. Please.

As it was asked of Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Why are you not a Christian?’ He replied. ‘I would be a Christian if it were not for the Christians’. Case in Point, is this Steve Fletcher who has a Channel and has come out to Critique, Rebuke and Name Call a List of Watchers for being Mentioned by Dr. Barry Awe in his Video Teaching. So, as noted, yours truly is on the List, or Fletcher’s Hit List’ and the Reason for this Response Publicly. And to me, being on any one’s List is a ‘Badge of Honor’. The following will be the Response to when the Accusation was brought to one’s Attention. Fletcher has used some of one’s Articles in the Past, in a Positive and ‘Wow’ way.

But as to this Accusation? One would say, ‘Those who Live in Glass Houses should not be throwing Stones’. As for me, he has not Outreached to me to ask for Clarification. Even so, one is not Accountable to him nor is he to me. Last one remembers, he Believes and Teaches in 3.5 Year Tribulation. That Obama is the AntiChrist. And if one does not accept this Fact, one will be going through the Tribulation. Or how the COVID Shots were the Mark of Beast. And if one did not Believe him, one was going to the Lake of Fire for taking an Injection. Or the Recurring Endless Rapture Dates that he Propagates based on ‘Junk Prophecy’, etc. All People have to do is read one’s Articles and do a ‘Pentecost’ Word ‘Search’ of terms in the Article’s Page on one’s Website.

Clarify Your Position
Of course, one has to take the Time to Research. Most Accusatory Brethren will not do that or have not done that to learn more about what one has come to Understand and See. It is about how the Pentecost of Acts 2 is on the Feast of New Wine and how it is a 2nd 49+1 Day Counting. And this is just what one has shared over the Years. That is usually the issue. This New Wine, Pentecost Theory, has not been anything ‘New’ sprung-up on the Body of Christ, on my part. If People do not agree, fine but to pick-up Stones, and of a supposed ‘Brother’.

This Shames Christ and makes us a Mockery of our Detractors. So, one would say, ‘Get Behind Me Satan’. If anything, one would Respond, per a suggestion that one ‘Clarify My Position’ to Fletcher? One would say that such Antics in calling out Publicly other Watchers is Foolish and Reflects badly on our Teacher, the Holy Spirit and our Unity and Love for one another that we should have.

And just because Fletcher or others do not See or Understand or has yet to Discern what one believes one has, to call out a ‘Warning’? One will not Engage. That is the course one took with the Revelation 12 Sign. Same Issue. Those espousing it and taking the Credit…they showed themselves for what they were and proved it was not there’s to endure with, as one still has. Why? It is because the Sign is still Pertinent, in one’s Estimation, Prophetically. As to Accountability, one would say that one feels Accountable to one’s Family of Watchers, that Know my Work and Research, etc.

As noted, one does not Subscribe to Brother Awe’s Counting of a 9th of Av possible Rapture Date. And not even this Year. Here is the Biblical Example of Maintaining the Unity in the Body of Christ Jesus. We would just, as JD Farag often says, ‘Agree to Disagree Amicably’. And, as one knew that this New Way of Viewing Shavuot and Pentecost and the 3 Minor Summer Feasts of New Fruits is rather New. Of course, there will be Incredible Blowback.

And how it has come. Why? because this New Understanding has now reached a Threshold in the Body to have it now be Understood or at least Discussed. So, of course the Enemy does not like this, and sadly, one is convinced Lucifer is using Fletcher for this very purpose. It is the same way he used the very Apostle Peter in deterring Jesus from going to the Cross. Imagine that. That is why when one 1st Submitted this Theory and Perspective of a New Wine Pentecost 2nd Count Theory, and the 3 Minor Summer Fruits Fruit ‘Pentecosts’, one has tried to say, by ‘Qualifying’ it that it is not ‘Gospel’.

But that is a Different Perspective and one leaves it at that. It is no different with one’s Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Theory, etc. The Debate of when and what is Pentecost is really no different than other Theories or Doctrine that the Church has Split, like in the following. Speaking in Tongues, as in interpreted Sounds and Syllables not of a Known Human Language. Baby Baptism. Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Christian Fighting and Killing other Christians in a War, etc. One does not agree with all that. But one does not ‘YouTube’ those that do to be against fellow Brethren that are involved in such matters.

Public Rebuking
The Point? The Issue is over what Day is Pentecost. My Goodness. It is not some Deep Divisional Doctrine that reaches the level of a Global Schism that, for example other Serious Matters do and should be Called-Out, like the Woke Movement, LGBT that has infiltrated the Churches. Doctrines of Demons and of the likes of the Jezebel, Balaam and the Nicolaitan Types. Those are Serious and worthy of Rebuke or a Public Listing. This? Oh Brother Fletcher. But that List if pretty Serious. Making that ‘No Fly List’ made one’s Day.

One would consider oneself the ‘Least’ of the Watchers from the List, seriously, as they all, are at the Forefront of the Fight, at least due to Video Exposure and Social Media Familiarity. This Researcher is the only one without a YouTube Channel about one’s Work on End Times. It is 1 thing to have to Watch and Deal with this sort of stuff, out in the World, but when you have to also Watch it coming from within the Body of Christ for such things, too? My Word. But when Fletcher uses Charged Words like ‘Liars’. A ‘False Gospel’, ‘Not Inherit the Kingdom’. False Prophets, etc.? That has crossed the Line.

It comes with the ‘Job Description’ of being a Watchman on the Wall. As Teachers, there is a Higher Level of Accountability, but as mentioned, it is about bringing the Constructive Criticism, the Evidence. It is about Iron-Sharpening-Iron. All these Protocols are Biblical, Expected and Required. This is how the Body of Jesus Christ is Built-Up, not Torn Down. Sadly, such Drama in the Body of Christ, is but the ‘Tip of the Old Proverbial Iceberg’. One understands that others may not see things as one does. And all the Watchers on the Wall have been ‘Wrong’ or ‘Not Right’ so far.

But some Brethren do genuinely Mock, Name Call and Ridicule, not the Teachings but the Brethren. One hates to have to Explain all that to Jesus’ Face at the Bema Seat. Now, this Researcher is no Stranger to ‘Hit Lists’. One gets Hate Mail all the Time, and Accusations of being a False Prophet. So, one is not Fazed by this. As one replies. ‘Please show me, Scripturally, where you believe I am incorrect or Misleading, being a False Prophet?’ Or, if one is Adamant about a Rapture Date they are trying to convince one of? As mentioned. Great.

One replies, ‘Please sign-over all your Assets, since you will not be needing them beyond whatever Rapture Date they Set’. For Decades, not 1 has followed through. For example, back in 2017, just before the September 23 Revelation 12 Astronomical Alignment happened, the thing was that many Brethren believed it was the Rapture. OK. But as one wrote and posted to the Contrary, that ‘Signs are not the Event’…

Well, the same Hate and Mean Spiritedness of those within the Body, came out. Just because one did not agree with the Hijacked Revelation 12 Sign Narrative, that was ‘Scoffing’ to them. And they said it proved their point that they are ‘Right’, etc. It is not about being Right. For example, in TW Tramm’s latest Facebook Post, he shared a Study on Pentecost. And his 1st Point is that ‘No one knows the Day or the Hour of the Rapture’. He uses Matthew 24 as the Scriptural Text for that. Most other Watchers do the same.

Prophecy Matters
But the Olivet Discourse is not about the Rapture, at All. So, Totally Disagree with Brother Tramm, from the Beginning. Yet will one make a Video to Condemn him for being a ‘False Prophet’ for not Agreeing with one’s Interpretation? Is he going to ‘Miss the Rapture’ or is he a ‘Lier’ and not ‘Entering the Kingdom’, as Fletcher has Charged the Watchers on his ‘Hit List’? Pre-Tribbers? Case in Point. Prophecy matters because it moves People to Action, as it should. Back to the Revelation 12 Sign. Part of the Hijacked Narrative was that Jesus was coming on that Day.

It was Calculated based on the Supposed Jubilee Counts and All Christians had to Move to Israel, to wait there on the Mount of Olives for Jesus’ Return. And? There were People who also actually moved to Israel or went there thinking that Jesus was going to Return on that Date. One in particular was Michael Rood. Not sure if you all know about him. He appeared in that Documentary, ‘The Sign’ that was actually done about the Revelation 12 Sign ‘Hysteria’. He stated that he was going to help, ‘Welcome Jesus and assist Him in the Fight’, as the Armies were going to close in on Jerusalem, etc.

No Problem. So, he left all his Followers and Congregation back in the USA? Great! And? One was called a False Prophet for not warning all Believers to do the same. That one had to Immediately Move to Israel, and ‘Obey GOD’! OK. Let us see…OK. There are about 2.5 Billion Christians on Planet Earth. If just half would leave for Israel, Israel has enough of an issue Processing fellow Jews as they do Aliyah, to max-out Services: Housing, Food, Shelter, Jobs, etc.

And yet Israel would be flooded with 100s of Millions of ‘Christians’ there in Jerusalem to ‘Wait’ for Jesus’ Appearing? Where in the Bible does it say, that Jesus Commanded His Followers to meet all in Jerusalem for His 2nd Coming? No. On the Contrary, Jesus Warned His Disciples to Flee Jerusalem. So, one did not see it and Jesus did not tell me to ‘Move to Israel’ or else or to tell that to the Body, etc. This is just to share an insight of what many Watchers have to deal with, ‘Junk Prophecy’. You will not Please everyone. Not that one is out there to do that. Or others have ‘Warned’… ‘You are going to lose your Followers’. What Followers?

One does not even have a Mailing List. Who has one asked to follow Luis B. Vega?! On the contrary, Please do not follow Luis B. Vega. Follow Jesus, whose Work and Research is all about and Pointing to. Is not the Aim or Objective of Prophecy, is to Point to Jesus? This is exactly what the Angel told the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation. One is not a Pastor and one does not consider the Research and/or Studies that one Shares or Posts as a Ministry.

It is just a Side ‘Job’ in the sense that the Research that one does, are the Topics one enjoys to consider and delve into. To me, as one’s Life Verse is Psalm 27, there is nothing more Fulfilling than to Study Jesus, the House of YHVH, the Deep Secrets. King Solomon stated that only Kings search-it-out. And, how Friends and Family have just said, ‘You need to share it’. What? Ok, one supposes. But one did Reach-Out to Dr. Awe about Fletcher’s Hit List.

Reaching Out
Since the comments are Public, and he Responded Publicly, here below is what one wrote to him. As mentioned, one may not agree with all Dr. Awe has said or presents, but it is Interesting and always open to others’ Take and Point of View, especially about Pentecost being New Wine, etc. And, so long as it is not Blatant Heresy or Doctrinal Differences, as noted, all we are doing as Watchmen on the Wall is just providing what we have come to See and Share it.

Hello Dr. Awe.

Como Estas Hermano!
This is Luis ‘Lu’ Vega. I am on your ‘Hit List’! ;) Thanks! As one of those Watchmen that 1st starting to Write and Teach, Years ago, that the Pentecost of Acts 2 is not the Shavuot of the Traditional Teaching, and that there are multiple Counts of 49+1 Days, I suspected we would get to this Point in Time, with much Contention. But only as you rightly stated, that it is ‘Time’ for this, now to be, not so much ‘Revealed’, as it has always been there, but to shed New Perspectives on the Sequencing and Understanding of it. Why?

It is because as you ended with your Discourse, in that as the Dove came Down, the Dove will go Up, i.e., the Rapture. But as I share in my Circle of Readers, the Question is ‘What Year’? I also realize you and many others currently propose a 2023-2023 Tribulation Time. No Problem. I see a 2025-2032 one, but we are within the ‘Final 4’ Countdown, 1st proposed by Brother Gary at Unsealed.

But I cannot stress enough this ‘New Teaching’ about the Feast of New Wine, as it is and will be about the Timing of The Rapture. Although we agree in Principle about the overall arching Perspective, the issue is just a ‘Fine-Tuning’ of Dates, and that, we can debate and discuss. You are welcome to Reference me any Time you want.


Dr Barry Awe

Hey Brother Luey Lueye! Oooh no, we gotta go! Yeah yeah yeah yeah…
Thank you brother! Muchas Gracias hermano! (Wiiiife hable un poco) I appreciate your sentiment and cooperation! I love your stuff and your graphics are amazing. I love how we both were led by the Holy Spirit to see this individually and have come so close to the same counts (SHIIIIING️). Yes like you said it was always there, it's just finally been opened to see! I feel strongly that when open seekers of His Truth are walked thru the "proof text" this will begin to be accepted as self-evident. We're still in the violent opposition phase.

blessings brother
Dr B


Are You Using Props?
One realizes that not every Follower of Christ will like, accept or believe others Research and/or Teaching. There are Personality Styles Issues, Tone of Voice, Accent, Looks, etc. Many have Issues with Mr. Bones. But Dr. Awe is a Chiropractor. So, it is within Reason to note that he would have a Skeleton to explain the Bones to Patients. And he is using it as a Prop. If some People have Issue with that, for example, one supposes they would have an Issue with YHVH also. How so?

YHVH also used a ‘Skeleton’ as a Prop. Where? When? In the Book of Ezekiel. There is that Account and Imagery of the ‘Dry Bones’, of Israel, as Dead People coming-up and becoming a Skeleton of a Body. And how then YHVH brought Flesh back to the Bones, to Life, etc. Of course, it was an Object Lesson pertaining to how YHVH would be Restoring Israel from the ‘Dead’. And He did Revive National Israel in 1948, etc. Even this Interpretation is subject to Heated Debate. But one can say, YHVH used a ‘Mr. Bones’ in His Illustration, Prophetic Illustration, etc.

If there is anything one can say about Dr. Awe? Yes, he is Flashy and Flamboyant. He is Non-Conventional. Are they Sins or Style? As a Fellow Watchman, one has to say that one is Impressed with his Zeal, Knowledge, Illustration and Heart’s Desire to ‘Reveal’ Understanding to the Body. And in particular, the Contention regarding the New Understanding of Pentecost that led to Fletcher’s Hit List. Christ Bless Dr. Awe for that effort, as he and others that are Verbalizing, that Pentecost is on New Wine, are taking the Heat for that. So, one does whole-heartedly support him in that regard. The only Differences between our Respective Pentecost New Wine Interpretations, is our Start Day, as he publicly acknowledged mine.

It is just a matter of just 3-4 Days of a Difference. But one is Perplexed that he is Stretching New Wine to fit the 9th of Av Conjecture and that it was 30 AD, and thus a 2023-2030 Tribulation. No Problem, not much more to wait. One can see 2023 being the Rapture Year. Perhaps. One surmises a 2024 Year. 2023 would give more of a Gap Time for one’s 2025-2032 Timeline... But it is just a matter of the Final Day Count and how one gets there. One just does not Count the 99th Days from the Day after the Sabbath Sheave Wave Offering, he and others use, and get to Av 9. Here are one’s responses to his Teaching and an example as ‘Iron Sharpening Iron’.

About the 2023-2030 Timeline based on the 30 AD to 70 AD Signs of the Temple? Perhaps. But the Jewish Sages Account does not Speak to Jesus’s Year of Crucifixion. One is Extrapolating from it. Could be though. Understand that the Religious Jews would not dare give an Inference, even if Indirectly to the most Hated Jewish Man that they had just Killed (32 AD).

Well said about Israel being regathered and established in 1947, then 1948. But not Putting Forth Leaves and Fruit yet. Realize that Dr. Awe just reaffirmed one’s 2025-2032 Timeline. How so? That from 1948, Israel could not Tend to the Land to Plant anything. It was only after the Kibbutzim started-up that the Plantings began. Check.

Iron Sharpening Iron
Note. Here is the Prophetic Key to the Parable of the Fig Tree ‘Terminal Generation, in one’s Assessment. The Shemitah Year was 1952. It is that Year that Israel started to ‘sprout’ Leaves and produce Fruit, literally. And as one has written about this numerous Times, 1952 is where the Countdown to the 80 Year Psalm 90 Count should be Begin.

Since about 2019, one has Espoused a 1952 Shemitah Year Countdown, not from 1948. And? Below is how one Derives the Theory of a calculated 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline. It is Predicated on the End of the Church Age Timing, based on this Prophetic Typology of the Revelation 12 Sign being a 7-Year Warning Countdown. Thus, the Rapture Year of 2024. This conforms to the Essene Calendar and Year 2025 being the Start of the 7-Year Tribulation.

1952 (Shemitah and when Israel Produced Leaves and Fruits in the Land)
+ 70 Years Psalm Time = 2022

But rather that from 1952 + 80 Years Psalm Time = 2032
= 2032 – 7 Year Tribulation = 2025

If 32 AD is the Crucifixion Year, then based on the Apostle Peter’s Template.
32 AD + 2 Days or 2000 Years = 2032 – 7 Year Tribulation = 2025

For further details, one can re-read the PostScript Article one had shared prior to refresh one’s Memory that talks about the Judgment of the Unfruitful Fig Tree, after 4 Years. And now it is really in the 5th Year that it gets Chopped-Down, ‘Judged’. In Summary of it, it is about how Israel reached its 70th Year Anniversary in 2018. Then a 2, 3 and 4th Year Probationary Period of Grace was given to Israel, once back in the Land. Did Israel Produce Fruit, as in Fruits of Repentance toward Jesus, Nationally. it did not, has not.

Thus, the 5th Year happened to Synchronize to the 75th Year Anniversary. Coincidence? So, will 2024 be the Year Israel is when it will be ‘Cut Down’? Of course, all this is Prophetic Speculation. But from the 70-Year Anniversary of 2018 + 5 Years = 2023. Thus, the Psalm 83 War is about to occur, in one’s Political Science Assessment. It has to, as that is what will usher-in their False Messiah, and the rest will be ‘History’ as they say or Prophecy in this case.

70th Week of Daniel Last Generation

One loved how Dr. Awe went through the Hebrew Months and their Pictorial Letter Association to a Motif. In the case of Nisan, the 1st Month, or Beginning correlating to the Alef or the Bull, as in how the Son was Sacrificed. This is essentially a foreshadowing of Christ on the Cross, ‘Adonai being Crucified’. Not GOD YHVH, but Adonai meaning ‘LORD’. Here is a long and Deep Dive Study on the subject with Charts for Illustration, if so included to seek further Research on such Prophetic Typologies.

Word Study on the Hidden Code from Zechariah 12:10

The Article is nearly a Decade Old, but if you wanted to know what was one Writing about and what Prophecy Topics the Watchman Community was Discussing, it is a Good Read, long but amazingly now the Circumstances are the same. One sees now how Dr. Awe surmises Av 9. He is using the Start Date of Sivan 15 as the 1st Shavuot Count of the 49+1 Day Count. Several Problems, based on one’s Understanding and Study.

 1. Sivan 15 is just an Acknowledgement of when the Hebrews Arrived at the Mountain and were told to Prepare to meet YHVH, Face to Face on the 3rd Day.

2. Moses had not gone up the Mountain at that Time but was told to Wait and offer Sacrifices along with the Elders and the 12 Tribes. This actually relates to the actual Altar of Moses that is at the Base of Jabal al-Lawz, along with 12 Pillars that were erected there by Moses for each Tribe, etc.

3. Even if Dr. Awe is using Sivan 15 as the 1st ‘Shavuot’ or the Feast of New Grain, the ‘Feast of New Wine’, that being the 2nd Shavuot Count, the 50th Day does not land on Av 9 even Still.


So, just providing some ‘Constructive Criticism’, considering it Iron Sharpening Iron. One just Loves the Excitement of those like Dr. Awe who Loves Prophecy. It is getting down to a Matter of just 1 to 2 Years if 2023-2030 is a Bust. This is Amazing as we are that ‘Terminal Generation’ he rightly noted. We are it. However, one does have to say, as one sensed this same Circumstance and Excitement with the Revelation 12 Sign, leading-up to 2017.

It was that, as ‘New Doctrine’ was Introduced with the Revelation 12 Sign, not in the Case of Dr, Awe. It was back then, in one’s Opinion, about False Doctrine that, one had to be ‘Born Again, Again’, and other Theology. And? It Detracted from what the Sign was and still is intended for. As mentioned, now with a Measure of Confidence, the Revelation 12 Sign is the Rapture Sign of the End of the Church Age. Repeat. The Revelation 12 Sign is the 7-Year Rapture Sign of when the End of the Church Age will most likely have to occur.

And that the Revelation 12 Sign is based on its Tie-in to the Great American Eclipses, its Beginning and its End, (Alef-Tav). Thus, it is a 7 Year Countdown Warning to the Rapture Year, 2024. One can be Wrong. But that is where one is at in the Learning Curve pertaining to this Speculation and Conjecture. Nothing more. What Dr. Awe has done with the Acts 2 Pentecost of the Feast of New Wine is fabulous. But his Extrapolations of needing it to be on the 9th of  Av, is a Distraction, in one’s Critique. And that later on, when it will not happen, it will turn like what happened back in 2017.

As one tried to warn the Revelation 12 Sign Community, that it was not the Rapture Date, one wonders what Dr. Awe will say? Well, at that Point in Time, one hopes he Considers the Day Counts one has proposed and have a 2nd Look. That is all. No ‘Hit Lists’ or Danger of Hell Fire from this Researcher. And one is not saying one is Right. One does wholeheartedly agree with his Opening Statements about the Revelation 12 Sign. And how one had said the same thing back when one 1st plotted it on to Charts and Posted to one’s University Website, around 2010. This Sign is the Greatest Sign to the Church, and Israel of what is about to happen next, Prophetically in YHVH's Timeline since 1948, 1967, 1973, The Rapture. The Blessed Hope. Finally, etc. 


Main Sources

Dr. Awe Teaching Series
RAPTURE 7 years before 2030 Messiah part 2 of 3!
Dr Barry Awe

Fletcher Video Response
As "A TRUMPET FOR MY PEOPLE," I must share this warning
Steve Fletcher 222 (Backup)

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