Of the Meaning and Significance Thereof

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to provide a Response and Critique to a YouTube Teaching on Genesis 1:14 by Mr. Lee Brainard. His YouTube Channel is called SoothKeep. His Premise and Argument are that those Brethren that use Genesis 1:14 as a Foundational Verse for the Biblical Authority to interpret Blood Moons and Solar Eclipse as possible Signs of Judgment are what he states and warning of those, that such have veered-off from the Biblical Truth and are mere Personal Ideas coming from ‘Scrupulous Men. If that be the case, in his Interpretation, one is guilty of being a ‘Scrupulous Man’.

Gen 1:14 — It's Meaning and Significance

One’s Objective is to challenge his Interpretation and in one’s Assessment, his misunderstood and misapplied Exegesis of Genesis 1:14, in terms of its Meaning and the Significance. Mr. Brainard argues that the Bible does not support any Direct Association with interpreting any Celestial event, or movement pertaining to the Sun, Moon, Stars and the Planets as being Prophetically Significant. One wholeheartedly disagrees. One will be presenting the Evidence and Proof that the Bible intentionally defines and directs such Meaning and Significance, precisely based upon the Sun, Moon and the Star. One will list 12 Reasons why the Bible supports Astronomy that goes Hand-and-Glove with the Interpretation of Signs, that infer Biblical Prophecy.

Some Ground-Work will be given before one delves into the 12 Biblical Reasons and Poof found in the Bible that supports Biblical Astronomy, and that has been used to interpret Events, People and Places, etc. By mere Simplistic Definition, Astronomy is the Direct Observation of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Planets will be included in the Star Category, as that is how the Greeks called them, ‘Wandering Stars’, or Planets, etc. Thus, to say one is an Astronomer, is just stating the Facts, that one observes Celestial Objects. The Observations pertain to the study of such Celestial Occurrences and are noted down, nothing more. However, in the Ancient World, up to the Industrial Revelation, Astronomy was just 1 ‘Side of the Coin’, as they say. The other Portion or Half was the Astrology of the Astronomy. The Astrology Aspect was the Interpretation of the Astronomy, or Observations, etc. Thus, in Ancient Times, the Astronomers were not only that but were Astrologers. They were the ‘Scientists’ and the Wise of the Day.

Court Astrologers

In most Ancient Kingdoms, the Ruling Monarchs had their Court Astrologers, as that Designation was the most prominent and esteemed. Daniel in the Bible was ons such Court Astrologer, the Chief in fact. And the Magi that came later are of his Legacy of how their Observation or Astronomy of the Sun, Moon and the Stars directed the Magi to Jesus. Their ‘Interpretation’ was the Astrology of the Astronomy. In that instance, it was about the Conjunctions occurring with the Planet of the Messiah, Jupiter and that of the Retrogrades with the King Star of Regulus in the King Sign of Leo and in Virgo, etc.

Thus, Astrology is really any Interpretation, in regard to the possible Meaning and Significance as disclosed by YHVH in the Bible. The Bible is full of such ‘Astrology’ of how various Prophets, Apostles, or now, Godly Men and Women with a similar Knowledge and Understanding have likewise made such Discernments. The Authority is truly given and is founded upon Genesis 1:14. It is a Divine Command, Holy, Pure and Blameless. YHVH expects no less of those that handle such Wisdom and Knowledge to be able to Discern the Signs, the Season, the Years and the Days, etc.

The Risen Jesus appearing to the Last Apostle remaining Alive, associated the 7 Churches of Asia with the 7 Stars of the Heavens, i.e., the Pleiades. Then Jesus stated that He is the Bright and Morning Star. That is Venus. All Ancient Astrologer-Astronomers knew this as they were well versed in the Ancient Knowledge of the Mazzaroth or the Circle of the 12 Star Constellations, etc. Thus, if Jesus is interpreting and ascribing the Meaning and Significance of Celestial Bodies, as in their Pure Astronomy, is Jesus then a Misguided ‘Astrologer’ for making those Assertions? No.

Yes, the Industrial Revolution did a Number on Astrology. It left that Aspect behind and so did the Church. It fell into the Hands of Luciferians that have Perverted it to be no longer Christ-Centered and Glorifying but is now Creation, Man-Centered and Humanistic. One is just attempting to Reclaim this Lost Art and Knowledge. One will attempt to show, from the Bible, as Evidence and Proof that YHVH intended such for such Celestial Bodies to determine Sign, Season, Years and Days, etc. Sure, the Great American Solar Eclipse Phenomena has become Hyped. And some of it, like many other ‘End Time Signs’ have edged upon Absurdity and Sensationalism. Case in Point was the Revelation 12 Sign that was 33 Days after the 1st Great American Solar Eclipse.

But just because that is and will be the case that many automatically, without hesitation, ascribe any ‘Sign’ to having to be the Rapture Date and Time, does not negate the Meaning and Significance of what YHVH put the Celestial Signs in the Sky, in the 1st Place. One mentioned the Mazzaroth. That in itself is the Celestial Storyline of Jesus. It is the Gospel Written in the Stars. See and Read Romans 1 in how the Apostle Paul admonishes the World, of now it does not have an Excuse for not believing in the Gospel. It is the ‘Silent Witness’. And what does he Use as Proof, not Evidence? Creation and the Constellations, the Mazzaroth. He states correctly that they pour forth Speech and Knowledge, yet they are Silent and without Sound. Thus, it was expected that People would Interpret, correct their Meaning and Significance, which they did.


However, most of the World has willfully decided to rather Believe the Lie and suppress the Truth. So, in general, the Mazzaroth is an example of how the Astrology of the Astronomy was and is a Variable of how in Ancient Times, YHVH communicated with Humanity. And that was even done through the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. The Redemption Plan of Mankind, through the Messiah, as discerned in the Celestial Bodied would later be specifically revealed as Jesus. Yet the Bible does not say or teach emphatically that such Signs ‘meant’ that about Jesus, just because they displayed the Prophecy in the Constellation of the Stars.

The Point is that it was Discerned, and rightly so by Godly Men. One was rather disappointed with Mr. Brainard, in that he, in one’s Humble Opinion, was Disingenuous in his explanation of Genesis 1:14. At the Beginning of his Video Teaching, he attempts to decipher the Word Meaning of ‘Sign-and-Seasons’. He admits that there are differing Interpretations as there are 2 main Camps. There are those that argue for the Celestial Signs as being Legitimate Biblical Sources, that can be Interring to Events, as seen in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. Genesis 1:14, in the Original Hebrew clearly differentiates the Signs from the Season and Days. While those like Mr. Lee Brainard and others like Mondo Gonzalez of Prophecy Watchers assert such Celestial Signs cannot be used to Mean and Signify any possible Prophetic implication.

As far as Mr. Brainard is concerned, the Verse from Genesis 1:14 of ‘Signs and Season’, is just 1 Word. He teaches that they are just a Compound Word. No, it is not. And this is where one is appalled that he, despite his much Learning and intelligence can make such an obvious Oversight. See the Hebrew Original Verse Lexicon Link Online provided in the End Notes for Context and Proper Exegesis. Realize that in Hebrew, there are no Conjunctions. Meaning that there is no ‘And’. That Word is placed there as an Assumption. The Point is that in the Original Hebrew, YHVH speaks about Signs, Seasons, Years and Days, that are transliterated into English, as the following.

…And they are to be for Signs, For Seasons, For Days.

There is no ‘And’ in-between any Word, meaning that each Category is Mutually Exclusive. That is the Point and one’s Rebuttal to Mr. Brainard’s Argument. Then he makes a False Comparison and ‘Gaslighting’, really, in one’s Humble Opinion that despite his 35 Minute Lecture on how one should not be Ascribing nor Interpreting any Meaning or Significance that is not Biblical upon such Signs, he at the End of Teaching did exactly that on numerous occasion one will point out. The Astrology of the Astronomy is what he just does, perhaps inadvertently or not knowing. But if one hears what he is saying, then is just as ‘Scrupulous’ for doing what he is accusing others of.

He is basically, in paraphrase form saying, ‘Yes, there are Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, and will be, but they are not Signs because they are very Rare. They are not Exceptional, Unprecedented, Unscriptural’, etc. Then how is the Church of Jesus supposed to be prepared and know what they mean to prepare themselves? What Type of Sons of Issachar will they be, if seeing such Signs, will tell their Father, ‘Father, yes, we see the signs of YHVH in the Sun, Moon and the Stars’.

There are No Conjunctions in Hebrew

And the Father remarks, what do they Mean and Signify? And the Son of Isacar replied. ‘Oh, they are Meaningless and signify Nothing. We are not permitted to Know’. They and we are not allowed to know because to do so, per Mr. Brainard is verboten. With all due Respect, Mr. Brainard does not have an Astronomical Background and that is why he, in one’s Humble Opinion cannot Properly Discern their Prophetic Implications. Or how they have been incorporated to be part of Discerning Prophecy since Genesis 1:14. One’s Point is that in the Bible, when it does pertain to the Signs in the Sun the Moon and the Stars or as in the Eclipses were and are associated with the Divine Judgments.

One is arguing that YHVH commanded Mankind to not only Observe the Celestial Bodies, but to Discern them as it relates to the ‘Sign of the Times’. The following is the List of 13 Proofs why Biblical Astronomy is Legitimate and its ‘Astrology’ or Discernment of the Astronomy is what YHVH expects His People to be astute about. Jesus scolded the Hypocrite Religious Leaders of Israel for being able to Tell or Discern the Signs of the Sky as in the Weather. That pertained to the Meaning and Significance of the Wind, Temperature and Currents, etc. But the Sages or Wise of Israel could not do that of the Signs of the Coming of the Messiah, as Programmed in the Sun, Moon and the Stars.  


YHVH in Creation placed the Celestial Bodies in Space, the Firmament to be for the following. Remember, in Hebrew, there are no Conjunctions. Contrary to Mr. Brainard, there are No Compound Hebrew Words in the Verse. The True Meaning is that YHVH intended the Sun, Moon and the Stars to be for Signs, Seasons, and Days. Period. 

וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים יְהִי מְאֹרֹת בִּרְקִיעַ הַשָּׁמַיִם לְהַבְדִּיל בֵּין הַיּוֹם וּבֵין הַלָּיְלָה וְהָיוּ לְאֹתֹת וּלְמוֹעֲדִים וּלְיָמִים וְשָׁנִים׃

English                                    Strong's           Hebrew                        Phonetic
and let them be                       h1961              וְהָיוּ  הָיָה                        hāyâ
for Signs,                                 h226                לְאֹתֹת  אוֹת                   'ôṯ
and for Seasons,                     h4150              וּלְמוֹעֲדִים  מוֹעֵד             môʿēḏ
and for Days,                           h3117              וּלְיָמִים  יוֹם                    yôm
and Years:                               h8141              וְשָׁנִים  שָׁנָה                   šānâ


And in Fact, the Mazzaroth, which YHVH Himself authorized and acknowledges to Job, identifies several Key Constellations as Orion, the Pleiades, and Ursa Major, known in the West as the Big Dipper. Here again, this is the ‘Astrology’ of the Astronomy. Job was instructed to ‘Look’ to the Mazzaroth and made an Astronomical Observation and Y
HVH provided the Astrological Significance.


YHVH instructed Abraham to go outside his Tent and look to the Stars; that if he could Count them all? And if so, that is how many Descendants he would have, Spiritually. It speaks of the Type of Faith he had towards YHVH. It was because Abraham took YHVH’s Word at Face Value. There is YHVH interpreting and giving Meaning and Significance to what in particular he told Abrahm to look at, the Stars. Again, this is the ‘Astrology’ of the Astronomy. Abraham made an Astronomical Observation and YHVH provided the Astrological Significance.


During the Exodus, YHVH instructed Moses to arrange the 12 Tribes of Israel according to Size and Rank. They were positioned around the Tabernacle of Moses or that of YHVH as a Military Encampment. It formed a Cross. And Judah was the Largest and was commanded to be the 1st to March out and in, and go into Battle, etc. Each of the Tribes had a Banner or Flag that corresponded to the 12 Constellations of the Mazzaroth. Each Sign had a Prophetic Meaning.


In this Biblical Episode, it is when Joshua, after Moses led the Israelites, is conquering the Promised Land as YHVH directed. They became the Instruments of Judgment against the Wicked People of the Land that were burning their Babies to Molech and whose Society descended into Debauchery, etc. At the Battle of Gibeon, Joshua asked YHVH to give him ‘More Time’ to obtain the Victory. This Petition was granted and the Sun and Moon ‘Stood Still’. Regardless if this was a Supernatural Phenomenon or Cosmological Anomaly, it is another example of how the Sun, Moon and Stars, by Default, were the Sign, all-inclusive in this instance of Pending Judgment and eventual defeat for the Enemies of Israel and YHVH, etc.


In this instance, due to Pride, an Illness befell the King of Judah. After Repenting, Isaiah was sent by YHVH to give the Good News of the King’s Certain Recovery and Pledge of performing it by providing a Sign. What Type? A Solar one. The King was given 2 Options, that the Shadow of the Sun would move 10 Degrees forward of Backwards, against the Stairway of Ahaz. In Ancient Times, a Stairwell was used to keep ‘Time’. The King chose the ‘Harder’ Option and in so doing, the Bible teaches that the Sun’s Shadow regressed 10 Degrees.


The Bible bears Record that on the Day of Jesus’ Crucifixion, there was Darkness from the 8th Hour to the 9th Hour. That was from Noon to 3pm. It infers that the Sun became Eclipsed. This was a Natural, Physical Phenomena. It was not ‘Spiritual Darkness’ as he, Mr. Brainard and some other Preachers teach. It is because no Normal Solar Eclipse can last that long, 3 Hours. But a Body 7X larger than Earth that passes in-between the Sun and Earth can. One argues that it did occur. That is what one and others theorize, Planet X. But suffice it to say that the Sign had to do with a Solar Eclipse. And then at near Midnight, on that same Day’s Night Portion, a Blood Moon occurred or a Lunar Eclipse. This is of course, if one surmises the Year 32 AD was the Crucifixion Year as that is the Time and Place where the Blood Moon occurred. It was just like in the Passover in Egypt, one conjectures. But here is where one can see an instance of how the Eclipsing of the Sun and the Moon, pertains to Judgment, Omens, Doom, etc.

8-TRIBULATON SIGNS: Revelation 16:8

During the Tribulation Period, there are the Judgements where the Sun is Darkened or eclipsed, as well as the Moon, turns to ‘Blood’ Red, etc. Again, this will be the ‘Astrology’ of the Astronomy. The Angel made an Astronomical Observation and the Bible Discerned or Interpreted the Astrological Significance. It will have a Tangible and Physical Manifestation on Earth. The Point is all those Celestial Events and Occurrences were directly dealing with Judgment, in most cases. They not only had an Astrological Observation to be made, but then its ‘Astrology’ or Interpretation was either given directly by YHVH Himself or Men who rightly Discern their Proper Meaning and Significance. All were Biblically based that have had a Biblical Foundation and Precedence, contrary to what Mr. Brainard currently teaches. The Biblical Precedence and Precepts go as far back as Genesis and Ends with Revelation.

Now again, was this a Miracle or an explainable Natural Phenomena? Regardless, this was another example of how the Sun, Moon and Stars, by Default, were the Sign, the Astronomy. And YHVH provided the Interpretation or the Meaning and Significance. Some People may or will say, ‘See Lu, you are proving Mr. Brainard’s Point, that only YHVH can provide the Logical and Reasonable Biblical Context and Clear Inference to be made. It cannot be of one’s Personal Interpretation or ‘One-Off’ Deduction of Man, apart from YHVH’. The following will be People, not YHVH, necessarily that came-up with such Interpretations.


When Joseph was a Young Lad, he had a Dream given to him by YHVH. In that Dream, the Sun, Moon and the Stars all bowed down to him. Here is another example of the Observation taken of the Astronomy of the Sun, Moon and 11 Stars. It was later revealed to Joseph that the Meaning and Significance of them correlated to his Father, Mother and 11 Brothers. Again, this was the ‘Astrology’ of the Astronomy. Joseph made an Astronomical Observation and Joseph  perceived the Astrological Significance. Again, this is the ‘Astrology’ of the Astronomy. Joseph made an Astronomical Observation and then discerned the Astrological Significance.


As noted before, the Magi of the Bible were Court Astrologers. They precisely observed the Astronomy of the Movements of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. They however, also applied the Astrology or the Descemet and Interpretation of what that meant. And that is what led them to Jesus. That is one’s Point, that both the Astronomy and the Astrology has to lead People to Jesus. That is and will be the Litmus Test. What the World and the Luciferian Cabal has done is to take the Lost Half of the Signs, i.e., the Astrology and make it Man-Centered, about the Creation and Humanistic. Again, this was the ‘Astrology’ of the Astronomy. The Magi made an Astronomical Observation and they Discerned the Astrological Significance.

11-JESUS: LUKE 21:25

In the Olivet Discourse, it was Jesus, as the Man, made an Astronomical Observation and He Discerned the Astrological Significance of what would be happening and the Day that the Son of Man would be returning. And it would include the Time, leading-up to the ‘Day’, not just on that ‘Day’ as Mr. Brainard insists, cannot occur but only then as they did at Jesus’ 1st Coming, etc. Notice that in reference to the Original Hebrew, the Signs are singular, pertaining to the Sun, Moon and the Stars. It is not to be used as Mr. Brainard teaches. He insists that it should read ‘Signs-and-Seasons’. That is absurd and illogical. And why Mr. Brainard’s Argument is not Correct. No. Jesus did not use such a Hebrew Compound Word of ‘Signs-and-Seasons’, when referring to how there would be Signs of the Sun, Moon and the Stars.


Peter preaching from Joel, where precisely, he quotes how the Sun and the Moon would be Eclipsed, clearly discernible from the Language Description. And how the Church Age was started precisely because of how that occurred. Peter made that direct Reference, to the Celestial Bodies and what occurred to them, on the same Day. This is what occurred during the Crucifixion of Jesus. Again, this was the ‘Astrology’ of the Astronomy. The Apostle Peter made an Astronomical Observation and Discerned the Astrological Significance, correctly.


Thus, the Bible is full of Precepts, Principles, and Precedent of how both the Observation and Interpolations, what one ascribes in terms of the Astronomy and its Astrology are complimented. And that by both YHVH Himself or by Discernment.

Great American Eclipses?
Moreover, the Celestial Association and Attribution of Places, Times and Events pertaining to the Sun, Moon and Stars are linked to the Groom and the Bride. It is another example of how the Bible provided the Authority, Precedence and Precepts of given the Meaning and Significance. Here are 2 Examples of this very Biblical Theme. Prophecy is about Typology and Signs are attributed to the Sun, Moon and the Stars.


Who is this who shines like the Dawn, as fair as the Moon, as bright as the Sun, as Majestic as the Stars (Banners) in Procession?

PSALM 19:4-6
Their Voice (12 Constellations of the Astrological Zodiac or Mazzaroth) has gone out into all the Earth, their Words to the Ends of the World. In the Heavens He has pitched a Tent (House or Sign) for the Sun. Like a Bridegroom emerging from his Chamber, like a Champion rejoicing to run his Course (Ecliptic), it rises at one End of the Heavens and runs its Circuit to the other; nothing is deprived of its Warmth.

The following are the Prophetic Peculiarities, in one’s Humble Opinion of why the 3 Great American Eclipses were a Sign for the USA, specifically of Pending National Judgment. See End-Notes for Links to Online Research, spanning over a Decade. The Solar Eclipses will be listed below to demonstrate their Peculiarities. One will attempt to show how they were not just any mere Astronomical Phenomena, but were Prophetic, in one’s Assessment. They are not ‘Meaningless’ as Mr. Brainard asserts.
GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE #1: August 21, 2017
-Eclipse Totality Shadow passed 7 Salems, signaling a Division, Peace taken.       Coincidence?
-Eclipse entered through the 33rd State, Oregon.                                                     Coincidence?
-Eclipse exited at the 33rd Latitude, just north of Charleston.                                   Coincidence?
-Eclipse occurred 33 Days out from the Great Sign of Revelation 12                       Coincidence?
-Eclipse last occurred 99 Years prior, a Factor of 33+33+33.                                    Coincidence?
-Sun rose to Darkness with a ‘Black Moon’ that occurs only every 33 Months.        Coincidence?
-Venus was 33 Degrees at an Angle from the Eclipse of the Sun.                            Coincidence?
-August 21 is the 233rd Day, 2-33.                                                                            Coincidence?
-Eclipse lasted 2min:39sec. A (9-23) inference (?) excluding Start Second.            Coincidence?
-33 in Gematria means to ‘Balk’ as in unwilling to accept, to Draw a Line.               Coincidence?
-August 21st in 2017 was Elul 1, of ‘Harvest’, and Season of Repentance              Coincidence?
-Eclipse occurred in Regulus, closing of the Lion’s Gate, Astrologically.                  Coincidence? 

GREAT AMERICAN ECLIPSE #2: October 14, 2023

-Eclipse occurred in the Sign of Virgo, on her Wedding Ring area.                          Coincidence?
-Eclipse started at 15:03 UTC (153) = Church Age Fish of John 21:11.                   Coincidence? 
-Annular Solar Eclipse Type, Exited City of Natal at 19:48 UTC.                              Coincidence?
-Path of Eclipse Exiting right over Corpus Christi, Texas.                                         Coincidence?
-Corpus Christi means Body of Christ.                                                                      Coincidence?
-Path left Continental South America, Brazil right over the City of Natal.                  Coincidence?
-Natal means to ‘Birth’ and is related to Christmas, December 25th.                        Coincidence?
-From Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 to the Eclipse: = 72 Months 21 Days (7-7-7).      Coincidence?
-Eclipses of 2017 with 2013 configured the Hebrew Letter Alef, ‘A’, Beginning.       Coincidence?


-Eclipse Totality Shadow passed 2 Ninevehs signaling a Call to Repentance.          Coincidence?
-Eclipse signaled Jonah, Nineveh’s Call to Repentance.                                           Coincidence?
-Eclipse occurred on Nisan 1, the Religious Jewish New Year.                                 Coincidence?
-Eclipse occurred with a Menorah 7 Planet Parade Line-Up.                                    Coincidence?
-Eclipse occurred with the Conjunction of the ‘Devil’ Comet near Jupiter.                 Coincidence?
-The 2017-2023-2014 Eclipses combined to form an Alef and Tav Lettering.           Coincidence?
-Eclipse Totality Shadow passed the Township named ‘Rapture’                 .            Coincidence?
-April 8, 2024 Eclipse occurred on Nissan 1, Jewish New Year                                 Coincidence?
-From the 2017 to 2024 Eclipses was 6 Years, 6 Months, 6 Weeks, 6 Days.            Coincidence?
-NASA Launching Rocket Probes specially because of the Eclipse.                         Coincidence?
-Eclipse occurred in Pisces Bound by Cetus, Fish of Jonah Inference.                     Coincidence?
-CERN Hadron Collider was Fired-Up to assess ‘Creation’ Particles.                       Coincidence?
-Eclipse entered the Territorial USA just North of Eagle Path.                                   Coincidence?
-Eclipse ‘X’ Intersection from 2017 and 2014 Eclipses is at ‘Little Egypt’.                 Coincidence?
-Cicada Broods rose in-sync to a 221 Year Cycle, inferences to Egypt Plagues.      Coincidence?

One can assess that YHVH deliberately chose the Celestial Bodies to be for Signs, not ‘Signs and Seasons’ as Mr. Brainard teaches and insists all other Christians need to be ‘Warned’ about. If not, one has Veered-Off from Scriptural Authority, according to Mr. Brainard. In the Mazzaroth, each of the 12 Star Constellations is known as a House or a Sign. The Meaning and Significance is attributed to be ‘like’ a Groom and Bride. Again, this was the ‘Astrology’ of the Astronomy. King David and King Solomon made an Astronomical Observation and Discerned its Astrological Significance by Attribution.

Are they ‘Astrologers’ for doing so? Is one an ‘Astrologer’ for interpreting the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, as in the case of the 3 Great American Eclipses? You have exactly the Triangulation of the Moon Eclipsing the Sun’s Disk, a Comet named the ‘Devil’ appearing and a Menorah Planet Parade? Genesis 1:14 is the Prime Verse to legitimately ascertain and discern Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars as YHVH authorized. And that to include Solar Eclipses, Lunar Eclipses, and Eclipse Crossing that signal Pending Judgment.

No, those that have studied Astronomy and Astrology for over 40 Years, such as oneself have not departed from the Historical and Grammatical Hermeneutics of the Bible. On the Contrary, with such Revelation and Knowledge, such Inferences and Associations have only strengthened one’s Appreciation for how the Heavens ‘Declare the Glory of YHVH’. No, the Interpretation that the Bible teaches that the ‘Signs and the Seasons’ is a Hendiadys, is False.

The Signs are part of the Original Creation, as Genesis 1:14 clearly teaches and ascribes such Celestial Bodies for. They are not ‘Strange’ nor are they Rare to not be associated to Judgment, as Mr. Brainard Interprets. They are indeed part of the Eternal Word, as the Gospel, written in the Stars was decreed even before the Foundations of the Earth were laid, etc. One has provided 12 main examples that are Proofs, not Circumstantial Evidence, of how there is indeed Biblical Precedence and Precepts in Interpreting the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. And that the Interpretation comes from either YHVH directly, or Discernment by Individuals.

A Critique

To suggest, as Mr. Brainard that there is absolutely no Precept, Principle, or Precedent of Men in the Bible marking Solar and/or Lunar Eclipses as Omens of Judgment is disingenuous in the face of the Biblical Examples presented. One is convinced the issue here is based on the Provertial, not being able to ‘See the Forest from the Trees’. These Judgment Inferences to Eclipses are not ‘Foreign to the Bible’, as Mr. Brainard insists one should be warned about. He then goes on to insinuate that when People start to ‘Form Doctrine’ based on such Precepts, it is not of ‘Faith’. This is insulting.

No one is making or pushing a Doctrine based on the possible Prophetic Interpretation of Celestial Signs. They are just that, Signs of what is to come at a Future Time. And that in his Conclusion, those that ascribe such Biblical and Prophetic Innuendos have, as he put it, ‘Straid from the Word of GOD’. Seriously? Personally, one is appalled in how Mr. Brainard, ‘Rightly Divides’ how certain aspects within the Bible are clearly meant to be for Signs, like the Flags, Circumcision, the 7 Days of Unleavened Bread, the Exodus, the Death of the 2 Sons of Eli and the Sabbath, etc. They all had their respective Meaning and Significance. Yet, the ‘Father of Lights’, to imply that YHVH is the GOD of the Celestial Orbits, cannot attribute them for Signs is Absurd.

In one’s Opinion, Mr. Brainard fails to make the ‘Leap’ to connect the same Principle, Precept and Precedence to Celestial Signs, of which YHVH in Genesis 1:14 precisely expects Humanity to Understand that they are precisely designed for just that. Now to be fair, Mr. Brainard makes the Point that one mentioned that most of the Signs in the Bible are Prescribed and Interpreted by the Bible. But one provided instances where Men of GOD interpreted the Outcomes, just the same and did not violate the Precept and Precedent nor Principle of Biblical Historical and Grammatical Hermeneutics.

For example, nowhere in the Bible will one find that the Magi were ‘Told’ what the Star ‘Rising from the East’ meant. Clearly it was of Jesus’ Birth and Incarnation, etc. But that just proves one’s Point. One would hope that Mr. Brainard would allow for some Spiritual Maturity to be had in Brethren that are Tested and Trusted, like the Magi to Discern the Signs of the Times, like the Sons of Issachar, etc. Mr. Brainard then belittles, in one’s Opinion how he framed his Argument, that those who use the ‘Arbitrariness’, Uncertainty and ‘Thus, Sayeth the LORD’ Prophecies, because of such Solar and Lunar Eclipses, have departed from the Faith and the Bible.

No one has said, that the 3 Great American Eclipse are ‘Thus Said the LORD’. Sure, as mentioned, some Brethren have sensationalized it. Some have conjectured that the Rapture was to occur on that Date. But to not recognize that the Solar Eclipses and the Lunar Blood Moons ’Speak’ of Judgment Pending is again, a sad Commentary of the Mesoscopic Indifference, when it comes to this Lost Knowledge that he has no Appreciation nor Proper Prophetic and Biblical Understanding of, in one’s Humble Opinion. Sure, Mr. Brainard, does make a Point that such Celestial Signs are hard to Prove, of their Fulfilment and Non-Fulfillment. True. One is only arguing, personally based on one’s 40 Years of Research into Eschatology, that the Patterns do Prove Prophecy. And that such Celestial Signs are within the Precepts of the Bible.

Signs in the Heavens

Sure, in Hindsight as they say, one will and can look back to better assess and know if the Inferred Interpretation, as in this case, of the 3 Great American Eclipses were a 3-2-1 Final Countdown for the USA, of the likes of Egypt and Nineveh. One can only Correlate and make a Best Estimation. Nothing More. But to absolutely discard it because it is ‘Veering-Off’ Biblical Faith is unfounded. And that is Sad. One is personally offended in how one would consider oneself those that he deems, ‘Fiddling in the Gray Area’, or ‘No-Man’s-Land’, as he calls it, with one’s ‘Cool Ideas’. And that those that do, are as he calls us, ‘Unscrupulous Men’. And that such Persons cannot be held Accountable. I, for one, encourage Open Dialogue. One is open to Correction.

One just has to present one’s Rationale, Evidence, Sources, etc. One is not declaring that one is a Prophet. But just because Mr. Brainard surmises that ‘Indefinite’ Signs with Indefinite or ‘Hazy’ Meaning are No Signs at All’, is just his Interpretation. He has forgotten that one is only given to see through a ‘Hazy’ Mirror when it comes to certain Aspects of Future Prophecy. It is because he fails to properly assess all that one has presented. After reading the Itemized Listing of ‘Coincidences’ that one has attributed to the 3 Great American Eclipses to, can a Reasonable and Average Bible Student deny their possible and probable Prophetic Correlations?

If after studying the Correlations, one does not still see that such Celestial Signs in the Sun and Moon are indeed, Definite with Reference and Meaning? GOD Bless You still. But contrary to Mr. Brainard’s Interpretation and Admonishment against ‘Scrofulous Men’ for doing so, these Signs are not ‘Arbitrary’. And again, Mr. Brainard, in one’s Opinion disingenuously Mis-Exegesis Jeremiah 10:2. YHVH is admonishing that His People should not react or be disposed of, like the Heathen. It is in comparison when one is considering the Signs of the Heavens. Why not? It is because YHVH is the one you put them there.

Amazingly, Mr. Brainard then attempts to address the very Subject of the Magi being led by the Astrology of the Astronomy, as one simplistically explains it. And that Attribution pertains to the Celestial Connections of the Planet of the Messiah, Jupiter, etc. And notice that again, nowhere in the Bible does YHVH say or state that the Planet Jupiter is to be ascribed to the Messiah. It is, however, the Interpretation and Attribution given by the Jewish Sages and Court Astrologers, that did. Yet, YHVH never condemned them for doing that. What He did condemn was the Worship of them.

The Subject of the Magi alone disproves Mr. Brainard’s Contention of us ‘Modern Day Magi’ that seek to Find Jesus, still led by the Wonders of the Heavens’ Signs that display the Glory of YHVH. In one’s Humble Opinion, Mr. Brainard, and those of his Cloth, seek to rob us of this most Majestic Knowledge and Revelation given to Humanity. Why is it that the Magi correctly ascribed and attributed all the Celestial Motions, Connections to Jesus, not having a Bible… and yet they are ‘Croupous Men’, according to Mr. Brainard’s Assessment for doing so? One then finds it Amazing and Hypocritical at this Point in his Lecture, in that he declares without ‘batting an Eye’ as they say, is certain that Jesus was Born on September 17, -2 BC.

Mesoscopic Indifference

And this, because of the Celestial Connection of Jupiter and Venus. Can you see what he is doing? He has totally violated his own Admonishment and Warning. He has ascribed Astrology to the Astronomy in deducing that because of this Celestial Event, of mere Planets, that it ‘Signaled’ and was a “Sign’ thus, of the Birth of the Messiah. Please. Surely it must not have been ‘Arbitrary’, nor Uncertain’. He ought to know, he was there to confirm it, or why else would he presume to know absolutely? And again, one is shocked that as he got 1 Fact correct of the many Dates that he noted, the Planet Jupiter did have its Retrograde in Virgo on December 25, -2 BC. But Jesus was already a Toddler by then, approximately 15 Months Old.

This means that Jesus was Born, had to be Born in -3 BC. One’s Point is that Mr. Brainard, then hypocritically instructs the Listener and Viewer to download the Software to ‘confirm’ how the Astronomy occurred there and then. This is exactly what one and others have precisely done and do when it comes to the Study of the Stars. So, why is it that when Mr. Brainard instructs his Listeners and Viewers to get Stellarium, for example or read Books on the Star of Bethlehem, it is ‘Certain’ and Meaningful, and not ‘Scrupulous’? But those that use the same Software and have read the same Books he is recommending to Observe the Sun, Moon and the Stars, and use to precisely note the Planets and the Sun and Moon and Stars are ‘Scrupulous’ for doing so?

Riddle me that Batman. Pure Hypocrisy. Then he makes the Assertion that what the Magi observed had ‘No Value in themselves’ but was derived from Biblical Revelations’. This is where one will be justified in stating next that he is not being Truthful about this Point. Nowhere in the Bible did the Magi acknowledge that they received this ‘Revelation’ from the Bible. It is a classic case of Circular Reasoning in that he justifies his Rationale at the expense of the Magi’s clear Interpretation, correctly. And one must add, that it was of the Astrology pertaining to precisely the Astronomy of what the Heavens were Declaring, through the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

Such Wise Men had a Proper Understanding of the Signs, the Planets and the Stars. And this is what Mr. Brainard lacks, in one’s Humble Opinion. And that is why he has come to its Contorted Rationale of a Self-Righteous Arbitrator of what Signs are to be defined as and avoided, of how one should not be making similar Inferences, Attritions, or Prophetic Innuendos. May we Dare? It reminds one of how the Roman Church prohibited the Laity from having a Copy of the Bible and reading it to have Understanding that was not Sanctioned nor Interpreted, except by a Priestly Class.

But the Magi get a Free Courtesy Pass by Mr. Brainard. He then states that in the Bible, the Time of Birth of Christ was specially prophesied. Can he give the Chapter and Verse? News-Flash. He will not be able to. For all the Knowledge and Biblical Understanding he presumably has, why on Earth would he make such an Absurd Statement that is not found in the Bible?  And again, he argues about being ‘Absolutely Accurate’, but then fiddles around, that being in the ‘Ballpark’ in Years, assuming one subtracts or adds some Years from the Prophecy of Daniel is ‘Acceptable’. No, it is not an not consistent with his Agreements. One sees just a Double-Standard here.

Prophetic Significance

Again, Hypocrisy in that he holds us ‘Scrupulous Men’ to the highest Standard, but in his case, if he is ‘Off’ by a few Years, give-or-take, that is fine. It is a case of ‘Rules for Thee, but not for Me’. That is what many End Times Watchers of such Celestial Signs, like attributing the 3 Great American Eclipse to National Judgment upon the USA are doing, ‘Assuming’. It was just Pure Amazement to listen to Mr. Brainard ‘Argue’ the Relevancy of how the Magi ‘Deduced’ the Signs.

They did that by the Astrology of the Astronomy. But based on Mr. Brainard’s Logic, the Magi just had to go by having to put the ‘2 and 2 Together’. That is called Deductive Reasoning. But again, when End Times Watchers like myself who do the same in Deducing and putting 2 and 2 Together with the Convergence of the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars pertinent to the ‘X’ Marks the Spot Eclipses, that is Verboten? Pure Hypocrisy and Duplicity on his part, in one’s Humble Opinion. One was, however, pleasantly surprised that he acknowledged the Revelation 12 Sign. And that it occurred on September 11, -3 BC.

But that is not when Jesus was Conceived, but rather was Born in one’s Calculations. See Book on ‘Virgo’ for one’s Research on it in the End-Notes, etc. The only True Statement Mr. Brainard did make, with respect to the Revelation 12 Sign, that one is in wholehearted agreement is that one does surmise that perhaps, Jesus 2nd Coming will occur on a September 11 Date. But Mr. Brainard consistently enforced his Conception of how the Celestial Astronomy has no meaning in itself, other than when they did occur.

Again, this is because he has no Study and Knowledge of the Mazzaroth. One would challenge him to read and study the Book, the ‘Witness of the Stars’ by E.W. Bullinger. Perhaps, if he did, he would have a change of Mind and Heart and Disposition to not accuse the Brethren of being Scopious Men for daring to do what the Magi did and what YHVH expects His People to Tell Time with, Prophetic Time, using the Signs, the Seasons and Days. And then, he absurdly engages in Double-Speak where he attempts to explain-away the purpose of the Signs, in how he stated,

‘The Signs in the Heavens, that were not intrinsically Signs, becoming Signs'.

Hold my Beer. Please. He then goes on to assert, with 100% Certainty, that although the Star of Bethlehem and the Revelation 12 Sign, that occurred ‘Prophetically’. there and then, were only because it was in the Bible. Wrong. And that any such Similar Signs that might Repeat, will not and cannot have any Prophetic Significance. No. At this point of his Lecture, in all honesty, one just sees it as a Veiled Issue of Pride and perhaps unbeknownst to him personally. He stated then that the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 ‘Had No Immediate Meaning for the Church’. Again, he ought to know, right?

It is only that the Revelation 12 Sign, as one stated of it, as one was 1 of the 1st to Write about it, only ‘Woke-Up’ the Sleeping Church to precisely put her On-Notice to get ready for the Rapture. It was not the Fulfilment of the Prophecy as that is a Mid-Tribulation Event. It is only casting its Prophetic Shadow in Retrospect, still on this side of the Rapture. It is because as Signs go, ‘The Sign is not the Event’.

Purpose for Signs?

No, the Revelation 12 Sign or the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars are most likely not going to occur for all Eternity, contrary to what Mr. Brainard stated. In both cases, it is pure Speculation. What part of Jesus making the New Heaven and the New Earth is not clear that the Orders, on Earth and in the Heavens are not known, at this point? One highly doubts that it will be the case, as the Mazzaroth will have served its purpose as being the Silent Witness that the Apostle Paul wrote about in Romans.

Once the True and the Real Form has come and He did, i.e., Jesus, the Plan of Redemption has been Accomplished, there is now no more need for those Object Lesson Plans to be a Witness, etc. Sure, they can be perhaps as a Memorial, as Animal Sacrifices will still be performed during the Millennial Kingdom, for example. Yet, he denies that at the Crucifixion, even though the Bible clearly depicts the Sun going Dark, was because it was being Eclipsed, precisely, Mr. Brainard, Spiritualized it away. Surprise. He ends his Study by basically taking away the Authority and Instruction of Jesus Himself, as stated by Jesus in Luke 21.

When Jesus said that …’And there will be Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars’, Mr. Brained, exclusively relegates these to only at the Time where they are Reiterated and occur. That such Signs were only meant for the 1st Coming of Jesus and also exclusively during the Tribulation Period. And that Luke 21 does not give ‘Authority’ for the Church to be looking at the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, before the Tribulation, all-inclusive of what Jesus Himself said would be occurring. How Sad. In that case, Mr. Brainard, you can call me ‘Scrupulous’. How ironic, that in his Closing Remarks, he interprets the Astrology of the Astronomy, perhaps not even realizing how ‘Scurrilous’ that was. This is what he interpreted the Signs to be of Luke 21, from the very Mouth of Jesus. Who gave him that Authority? In regard to the ‘Day of the LORD’.

‘Remember, the Rapture is the Morning Star Day of the Lord.
The Tribulation is the dawning of the Day of the Lord.
The 2nd Coming is the Sunrise of the Day of the Lord
And the Millennium is the Day of the Lord'.

So, here is his attributing, again the Celestial ‘Astrology of the Astronomy’. Where in the Bible does it say that the Rapture is the Morning Star? Where does it say, in the Bible, that the Tribulation is the ‘Dawning’ of the Day of the LORD? Where in the Bible does it state that the 2nd Coming is the ‘Sunrise’ of the Day of the LORD? Where in the Bible does it state that the Millenium is the Day of the LORD? It does not. It is pure Speculation, Conjecture, just as other End Time Watchmen surmise, likewise, based on Scripture, Prophetic Patterns, Precepts, Principles, etc. Give me a Break.



Genesis 1:14


Celestial Omens of Judgment
The purpose of this Book is to present over a Decade-Worth of Research since 2015, into the 3 Great American Eclipses that Crisscrossed the United States of America. They started in 2017 and culminated in 2024. One will present a Compilation of Articles suggesting that these Eclipses were Celestial Omens of Pending Judgment upon a Nation, that much like Nineveh of the Old Testament was given an allotted Time to Repent of her Sins, etc.

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In the Midst of the Tribulation
What happened to the Sign of Revelation 12? Is it still a Prophetic Warning? What if it is a 7-Year Countdown to the Rapture? What if it Marks the Mid-Point of the Tribulation Period? The Book is a Critical Review of the Status of the Revelation 12 Sign Encrypted Celestially and suggesting a Timeline alluding to the Rapture Event and the Mid-Point Marker of the Tribulation. When? One will argue that the Revelation 12 Sign is the Midst or Mid-Point Sign of the 7-Year Tribulation Period.

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Sacred Patterns of Heaven on Earth
What is Heaven like? Many have had Out of Body Death Experiences and Describe Heaven with the Most Pleasant of Sights, Smells, Animals, Scenery, etc. But in terms of its Structure, how is it Configured? What Measurement Standard is being used? Now one realizes that this will not be possible to Ascertain. But are there Clues as to how it is Configured and what are its Dimensions, perhaps? Yes. Biblically Speaking, the Bible does provide a Patchwork of Data Points that this Book will seek to Investigate and Present as Evidence.

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Maiden, the Manchild and Monster
Revelation Chapter 12. The Main Argument will be that such a Sign to occur Prophetically, matched the Astronomical Configuration on September 23, 2017 which was 1 day after Yom Teruah and the Fall Equinox. The Focal Point of the Sign or Motif is the Constellation Virgo which plays the central role is an apparent Cosmic and Prophetic ‘Enmity’ of sorts that goes back to the Garden of Eden with Eve and Lucifer. This Book will attempt to introduce the various other Characters to include the identity of the 7-Headed Red Dragon and Man-Child.

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​War of the Seeds
This Book seeks to unlock the Secrets of the Celestial Blueprint of the Last Days based on the ‘Image and Likeness’ of Jesus Christ; that is His Pattern of the Body Form and its Dimensions that occur on a Prophetic Scale. Such Patterns are seen in the literal Lifespan of Jesus’ Life Timeline, the Ark of the Covenant, the Solar System and the Human Form to name of few that this Book will examine and present. These Alignments and Eclipse Patterns could lend some Clues, as to the Timing of Christ’s actual Birth and Return.

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Blood Moon Omens
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