And the Encrypted Warnings of the Orb

  • Was the Revelation 12 Sign already anticipated by the Occult?
  • Newton's tomb is configured to the Solar System and 2nd Sun motif.
  • The encrytped planetary alignment was that of the Revelation 12 SIgn.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘You seek the Orb that ought be in his tomb. It speaks of the Rosy Fields and Seeded Womb’.
 –Encrypted Riddle, The Da Vinci Code Movie, 2006

The purpose of this study is to examine the encrypted depiction of the Solar System displayed towards the end of the now famous The Da Vinci Code movie. The movie came out on March 17, 2006 to much anticipated fanfare based on the novels of Dan Brown. In particular, there was a scene that depicted the Solar System portraying a unique planetary alignment. This alignment appeared to have astronomically replicated the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017. This encryption of the Revelation 12 Sign in the Da Vinci Code movie was first observed by the Lion and the Lamb YouTube channel. This study will examine in detail what was the ‘code’ of The Da Vinci Code movie to suggest that it was precisely the timing of the Revelation 12 Sign.

The study will also address from the same scene the introduction to the Solar System alignment of a foreign ‘Orb’ that hints at a ‘Planet X’ based on one of the encrypted riddles given in the movie. This study will attempt to expose the encryptions or ‘codes’ of such a portrayal to be of nefarious origins and a possible warning. Why was such a planetary alignment, the ‘code’ specifically pegged to the Revelation 12 Sign out of any number of possible and infinite choices of other alignments? The Revelation 12 Sign planetary alignment is very profound and it would appear that those ‘in the know’ at least in the circles of Hollywood presume this ‘Sign’ is of great significance, esoterically and perhaps even Biblically. In what form? The entire premise of the movie and book was built upon the assertion of an alternate royal bloodline of Jesus and ‘birthing’ of a coming ‘Christ’ that goes back to a certain woman, a type of ‘Virgo’ metaphorically.

This bloodline concerns Mary Magdalene, a ‘Seed of a Woman’ or a ‘Virgo’, that is supposed to usher in the ‘true Christ’ figure by a ‘birthing’ or unveiling. In actuality it is the ‘Seed of the Serpent’ masquerading as the true royal bloodline of Christ Jesus. The claims of Dan Brown’s book and the movie are based on an ancient-old belief system or religion that venerates Mary Magdalene as type of ‘Virgo’ or ‘Queen of Heaven’ and a future offspring, that of a ‘Christ’ to rule the world as a type of ‘Jupiter’ or Zeus. Mary Magdalene is believed to have been the paramour of Jesus Christ. She was supposedly the secret wife that Jesus took on. It is believed that Jesus then fathered offspring to establish a royal bloodline of kings that would eventually usher-in the ‘Christ’ figure at the End of Days to restore the ‘New Aquarian Age’, etc. The movie and book alludes to the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci, among others in prominent places of power throughout the ages have been secret initiates of such ‘codes’ of the Holy Grail Secret Societies.

The Hidden Holy Grail
Within esoteric circles, the ‘Holy Grail’ is a euphemism for not only the ‘Sacred Feminine’ but that it alludes to… a ‘Virgin’, ‘Virgo’ as it were astronomically as well. This study suggests that why the ‘code’ of the Da Vinci Code movie was the Revelation 12 motif is that it will be the ‘Sign’ as to when such a ‘Christ’ would or could be ‘birthed’ as in an unveiling to the world. It would be, as it were ‘Mary Magdalene’ birthing their royal heir to the world; that of the rightful and true ‘Christ’ according to the Luciferians. Conversely, to many Christians this notion is the diabolical blueprint for how the AntiChrist will come about instead. The ‘Sign’ or ‘code’ will be much as the Stars in Leo and Virgo also announced the birth of Christ Jesus. This secret ‘code’ of an alternate royal bloodline of Jesus and Gospel had been written even before Dan Brown wrote about the Priory of Sion of which such a ‘code’ had and has been kept.

The Gnostics, among others have mainly been the ones to hold this religious belief system. Many are convinced that the Gnostics however, are a heretical sect that have masqueraded as ‘Christians’ throughout the ages. Their teachings and narratives are as old as the Garden of Eden and come from an alternative view of what transpired there between the 2 ‘Seeds of the Women’, Eve’s and Lucifer’s. This study does not support the ‘Seed of the Serpent’ theory in so much as it suggests that the Serpent, that being Lucifer had literal and physical sexual relations with Eve to produce the ‘Line of Cain’ or the ‘Seed of the Serpent’. How the movie and book apparently are tied to the Revelation 12 Sign is that it fits in the narrative of their coming ‘Christ’ and perhaps its timing.

This study suggests that the astronomical alignment encrypted in the movie to occur on September 23, 2017 is the ‘code’ and premise of the whole movie. It is perhaps signaling when such an ‘unveiling’ or birth of their ‘Christ’ is to either occur or soon after based on possible sequence of events that will unfold from that point forward. What this study suggests is that the purveyors of such books and movies seek to control the narrative of this supposed alternate bloodline of Jesus and advent of their ‘Christ’. It is an alternative ‘Gospel’ and an antitheses of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. This alternate ‘Gospel’ is called the Aquarian Gospel and comes from the ‘Doctrines of Demons’ that the Apostle warned about would occur. The Gnostics were present even when the true church of Jesus Christ was initiated after Jesus’ literal murder, burial and resurrection occurred.

However these 2 competing Gospels have been contesting each other ever since Genesis 3:15. This contention has echoed down through human history… of the eternal spiritual struggle between the 2 ‘Seeds of the Women’. It is the contention between the Christs and their human royal bloodlines. It is a battle for the ultimate dominion over the world. What is this celestial battle about? At the core of this contention is the celestial battle between the 2 Christs, Jesus and Lucifer. The word Christ means ‘Anointed One’ or the ‘Chosen One’. It is about who gets total power, dominion. It is about who is the rightful heir and birthright to rule all that exist; the Universe and all life based on its will, etc. The Bible clearly teaches that this contention originated in Heaven, in the very Throne Room of the Creator, YHVH by a certain Anointed ‘Christ’ Cherub.

The Christ Among Many
In the Gospel of John, Jesus Christ is revealed as the Word of GOD who was, is, and is to come that was with GOD and is GOD, and not an ‘Anointed Cherub’. This assertion is called theologically the Hypostatic Union in the sense that Jesus Christ was birthed on Earth to take on human flesh. The reason why Jesus was to be born of a woman was to save the fallen human race as promised to a woman, Eve in the Garden of Eden. The promise from YHVH was that Eve’s ‘Seed’ or Christ would destroy the works of Lucifer, the ‘Christ’ Cherub that caused the fall of Humanity. This promise became the 1st prophecy of a coming ‘Virgin’ and of an anticipated ‘birth’. In fact, Isaiah 7:13 foretold that such a depiction would be ‘The Sign’ to Israel, foremost as the Revelation 12 Sign is to be as well. ‘Then he said, Listen now, O House of David! Is it too slight a thing for you to try the patience of men, that you will try the patience of my GOD as well? ‘Therefore the LORD Himself will give you a Sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel.’

This divine ‘code’ was also etched in the Stars as the ‘Sign of the Woman’ or ‘Virgo’ and a ‘Jupiter’ typology astronomically of His coming birth. Again, this was the ‘code’ or premise of The Da Vinci Code movie; really no different that what the Bible teaches. The question is who is the true Christ? Could such a sign as the Revelation 12 Sign of the woman likewise signal the coming ‘birthing’ or unveiling of the AntiChrist in similar fashion? In the case of Jesus Christ, there was a Covenant or ‘Promise’ that a redeemer would be birthed to rescue Eve’s bloodline. In contrast, the false Gospel of the Luciferian Gnostics proclaim a counterfeit royal bloodline. As noted, according to the Bible, Lucifer was the ‘Anointed Cherub’ or ‘Christ’.

Thus, his title signified a legal position that became an opposing ‘Christ’ that sought and seeks to overthrow the true Christ, Jesus and the Throne of Majesty one Earth and in Heaven. The Bible teaches that Lucifer sought and still seeks to place his throne above that of YHVH, etc. This is referred to as the Angelic Rebellion and the subsequent casting out of Lucifer from Heaven with is also depicted in Revelation 12. To the Gnostics and Luciferians, Lucifer is the ‘rightful’ God and heir to the entire Creation. They believe Lucifer, as the Prometheus has brought ‘illumination’ and ‘Eternal Life’ to Humanity and it is Jesus Christ that seeks to only judge and condemn Humanity.

On the contrary, Jesus Himself came also to expose the lies of Lucifer and speak to his character that Lucifer was a murderer from the beginning. Lucifer is full of darkness and only comes to ‘steal, kill and destroy’ according to Jesus’ testimony and eyewitness. In the meanwhile, Lucifer has introduced this counterfeit Gospel of an alternate royal bloodline. With that, many in the world thus falsely believe that Lucifer’s ‘Seed’, that of the ‘Serpent’ should be the rightful ‘heir’ to Israel’s throne and in turn the world’s. The true Gospel is that Jesus came ‘not to condemn the world but to save it’. Jesus is of the royal bloodline of the true Kings of Israel. One of Jesus’ title is The Son of David and thus the earthly Heir to King David’s throne. One day, Jesus will return to Earth as the conquering Lion of Judah to ‘rule the nations with an iron scepter’, just as it is depicted by the ‘Manchild’ of the Revelation 12 Great Sign in the Heavens.

Subliminal Subtleties
The books and movies like The Da Vinci Code reflect the diabolical protocol of how the Secret Societies subliminally ‘warn’ the ignorant masses of their malicious plans as they hide their secrets in plain sight. It is believed that the encryptions of such movies and their warnings of ‘DANGER’ are based on some sort of ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ of warning the prey of their eventual hunt and demise. This is not to infer or implicated the actors in the movie themselves of being also steeped in this Gnostic protocol although many are. However, the ‘secrets’ of such Luciferian fellowships like the Priory of Sion, the Masons or the Knights Templars are based on certain ‘codes’. Was such a movie an example of them showing the world such a code? What code? It appears that the Revelation 12 Sign to occur in September 23, 2017 was the primary ‘code’ of the movie.

This code was apparently based on the planetary alignment that the actor in the movie decoded off of the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey. If in fact this was the case, then the importance of this Revelation 12 Sign correlation and apparent ‘match’ on September 23, 2017 astronomically is to be considered seriously in several ways. First of all, this encrypted depiction within the movie would ‘validate’ several stipulations. The assertion of the Sign concerning the Revelation 12 depiction that occurs at least astronomically on September 23, 2017 is the ‘right’ one as there are other alignments in Virgo that appear to render a close approximation. This is important as many well-meaning leading Christian teachers are adamantly opposed to the Sign as being a possible ‘prophetic code’.

Many are trying to debunk the Sign as not being prophetically significant and those Christians who study such a topic are on the verge of dabbing in the arts of Astrology. Then there is the notion that at least the esoteric Luciferian Secret Societies are taking this Sign to occur on that date deadly seriously. Is there any proof that such diabolical institutions are behind such a narrative? Yes. The following day-count for example will be suggested. The movie was first released for their worldwide debut on Friday, May 19, 2006. If one factors when the ‘Christ’ or the planet Jupiter is to be birthed astronomically given the Sign, it would be on September 9, 2017. This day-count results in 4132 days or 11 years, 3 months, 22 days including the end date. One can notice, if one has studied the secret teachings of all ages the 3-22 ‘code’.

This numerical coefficient is the encrypted signature of the Luciferian Secret Societies of the likes of the infamous Skull and Bones 322. Such clearly understand the language of numbers and use it as a form of ‘code’ to communicate hidden ‘knowledge’. This is one example of how the Luciferians use their power in controlling the mass media to inject their narrative ‘subliminally’ as a programming mechanize to influence the masses in their favor. It is to basically prepare psychologically the masses to when their ‘Christ-child’ or Manchild will be ‘birthed’ or unveiled so they ‘will believe the lie’. The other possible factor is when the ‘Sign’ occurs. It should be noted that both those that see the Sign as the coming of the AntiChrist and those that see it as a Biblically prophetic milestone are seeing and interpreting the same ‘Sign’ nonetheless. Also based on the background of the arches, the Christ depicted is in the midst, if the arch columns are likened to a Menorah pattern of 7 branches.

A Place and a Time
In the movie, the actor used an encrypted hand-held device or lock to configure certain words in a combination order to project a 3-deminsional hologram of the Solar System. The order of the planets were taken off the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton of the visible planets engraved on the side façade. What the encryption unlocked was a particular order or position of the planets. The code was that the positon of the planets reveal its timing, like a clock. It so happened that the Solar System projected-out eerily portrayed that of the Revelation 12 Sign. Thus the possible inference was to signify September 23, 2017 as ‘the date’. The date of what? The unapparent clue of the hologram projection of the Revelation 12 Sign was given from the perspective of how it would look like with the constellation of Virgo in the background. What are the odds of that ‘coincidence’?

The only difference is that based on the color of the planets, the Earth seemed to be factored out as the scene would be as one would be looking at the alignment from Earth’s perspective. What is also very telling is the position of the planet Jupiter, which is known as the King Planet and the Planet of the Messiah. It was directly adjacent to a piece of art furniture in the chamber that depicted Jesus on the cross. This clearly appears to reference that as Virgo is positioned in the background, the planet Jupiter is suggesting a ‘Christ’ associated with Virgo and a ‘birth’ since it near the ‘womb’ region of Virgo. Thus the interpretation of their ‘code’ or Great Sign deals with the supposed royal ‘bloodline’ of Jesus and it timing. The ‘code’ that has been kept ‘secret’ is that through the bloodline of Mary Magdalene, the ‘Virgo’ and Jesus, the ‘Jupiter’ sort of speak, their offspring will have produced the coming ‘Christ’ to be unveiled, etc.

However, according to the interpretation of some per the Bible, it will be the AntiChrist. In the context of the Revelation 12 Sign, the inference is clearly on a ‘birth’ or unveiling as it were. This is based on the narrative of the imagery and what constitutes the Great Wonder in Heaven. It is pertaining to a birth or unveiling a ‘Christ’, a rapture event and a ‘Danger’ of a ‘Red Dragon’, etc. The narrative of the movie suggests that the Luciferians are portraying themselves alone to be the ones in possession of the real ‘illumination’ and ‘codes’ of the secrets of prophecy. Such extol themselves that in their false estimation, it is they that should be dictating and revealing the narrative of the true ‘Gospel’ and ‘Christ’, not the Bible, nor the true Church Body, etc.

If some sort of ‘birth’ is to occur on or around the September 23, 2017 astronomical alignment, it will be perhaps the ultimate counterfeit in one sense. As the ‘Signs’ in the Stars does herald a ‘birth’ or unveiling of the Christ-like phenomenon, the ‘Signs’ of the Stars could thus be a possible time marker of the unveiling of the AntiChrist just as much. After all, it is understood theologically that the AntiChrist will come first before the return of Jesus. This study suggests that there are other ‘codes’ presented in the same scene of the movie that are very chilling and telling. For example, in the lower left hand section of the planetary alignment hologram there is the clear sign that reads ‘DANGER’. The sign is cleverly positioned to be as inconspicuous as possible. Unapparent to those not ‘initiated’, it would be relevant as the place where the scene was taking place was a part of the Abby that was being refurbished, apparently.

The Coded Warnings

This study suggests that The Da Vinci Code movie also portrayed encrypted ‘codes’ of an impending ‘DANGER’ that may be inconspicuously tied to the astronomical alignment on September 23, 2017. The 3-deminsional projection of the Solar System had a ‘DANGER’ sign within the screenshot as noted. Interestingly, this sign could only have been ‘revealed’ if one brightened the contracts filters of the picture frame as it was too ‘dark’ to see naturally with the naked-eye, even during the movie. Thus, were the Luciferians also not only showing that their unveiling of their ‘Christ ‘ is somehow tied to the timing and depiction of the astronomical alignment in reference to the Revelation 12 Sign that is to occur on September 23, 2017 but that with such a narrative, a warning is given that there is an impending ‘DANGER’ associated with it? What sort of ‘DANGER’?

Will it be the ‘Sudden Destruction’ that the Bible teaches will occur simultaneously as the Rapture event takes place at some point in time directly related to the Sign? Will this ‘Danger’ be the start of World War III? Or will it be pertaining to a major regional conflict concerning Israel as that is what many believe the Revelation 12 Sign is for in the first place? Regardless it appears that the Luciferians are in anticipation as much as the Christians are. The Great Sign does have a ‘Rapture’ typology and thus many Christians are anticipating Christ to come in the form or the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, etc. Or will the ‘DANGER’ be associated as the encrypted riddle states that an ‘Orb’ or extra-planetary object that is also depicted in the scene will be part of the alignment? The following is a suggested correlation of Jesus’ birth and the ‘Sign’.

If Jesus born on 9-11, –3 BC         a 9 month and 23 day gestation                          11-20, -4 BC

|------------------------------ Date is the same Jupiter entered Virgo 11-20, 2016 --------------------------|

Interestingly, the Revelation 12 Sign does also have this element of a ‘DANGER’. It is in the depiction of the ‘Red Dragon’ that approaches the Woman. In the movie, a clue was found in that in the box where the small hand-held encryption piece had a hidden medallion that had reverse writing on it. It was a riddle that suggested an ‘Orb’ was to be somehow associated with the astronomical alignment that was projected out of the tomb of Newton. All the visible planets or luminaries were accounted for as that what was known in the courts of Europe. This of course excluded the complete Solar System depicted by the Sumerian in their cylinders that suggested Nemesis or Planet X, thousands of years earlier.

Nonetheless, was the scene eerily and highly suggesting a configuration of a giant ‘Orb’ or perhaps Planet X? This giant ‘Orb’ appeared to eclipse the entire Solar System on that specific planetary alignment that mirrored the positions as it occurs actually on September 23, 2017.The trajectory appeared to be as if it ‘arched’ over the Solar System on its way out. Thus will something astronomically also be manifested in tandem with the Great Sign? Could it be related to the supposed inbound 2nd Sun of the Nemesis star system somehow? This Nemesis star system is what could correlate to the ‘Red Dragon’ sign of Revelation 12 as it is described as ‘Another Sign’. This ‘DANGER’ sign, if credible is astonishing and will be as the implications are profound.

The Riddle of the Orb
This study suggests that perhaps the ‘DANGER’ of the ‘Orb’ was another encrypted ‘code’ presented in the movie. This ‘code’ or riddle of the ‘Orb’ is another example of the programing that intentionally takes place when certain motifs, objects and symbols are placed or positioned in the screenshots. It has been psychologically proven that the human brain does pick-up the unapparent subtleties of what is depicted or positioned but perhaps may not be directly observed. This is the art of being subliminal when using propaganda. As noted, it could perhaps correlate to the other ‘Sign’ of Revelation 12 that depicts an encroaching giant ‘Red Dragon’ having ‘7 Heads and 10 Crowns’, etc.

It is believed by many that the inbound 2nd Sun mini Solar System has 7 planets and is coming up form under the Ecliptic to arch over like a ‘dragon’ as it reaches perihelion and thereafter leaves the inner Solar System. As striking as this notion sounds, perhaps that is what the movie sought to accomplish; to warn that this encrypted ‘DANGER” sign was placed intentionally. Nonetheless, the world has been shown and warned for that purpose. ‘Let those who have eyes to see, see’. How is this association of Planet X as this phenomenon is also referred to related to the Revelation 12 Sign and its astronomically alignment on September 23, 2017? Many believe that it may be seen during that time of the Sign, if there is some sort of eclipsing perhaps. There have been some, extraordinary pictures that have surfaced of a giant ‘Orb’ being adjacent to the Sun since at least 2015.

Others believe that in some way, an eclipse of some extraordinary type could occur on or near that alignment that will allow this ‘Orb’ to be recognized or observed in some direct way at last. It will remain to be seen but perhaps it is part of the ‘DANGER’ the ‘signs of The Da Vinci Code movie presented, hidden in plain sight. As noted, such ‘codes’ are used as propaganda in wars. Is there a war presently going on? Yes. YHVH did establish or ‘declare war’ ever since Genesis 3:15. A state of war or contention was, is and will be present down to the end of Human history. This contention would be, is and will be between the ‘Seeds of the Women’. This war is between the ‘Seed’ of Eve against another ‘Seed’, that of Lucifer’s. In the context of The Da Vinci Code, it was typified as Mary Magdalene, for example.

This suggests that Lucifer will always have and has had a counterfeit ‘Seed’ or royal bloodline that has contested the true Gospel and the true ‘Seed’, that of Jesus Christ. Contrary to the deception, counterfeits and lies of the Luciferians, Jesus was not married to Mary Magdalene nor had sexual thought on the cross of her during His anguishing crucifixion. Not too many who are being tortured are thinking about sex at the time. In fact on the contrary, the Bible is very clear on whom the real Jesus thought about. The Bible states the very words of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary and it was not about Him. Jesus spoke about the care for His earthly mother, Mary, His Disciples, the crowds, the thief that repented, and above all, all of the world –at the same time. The purpose of Jesus Christ’s birth was a mission to save sinners on Earth, to make good on the word of YHVH that made promises to Adam and Abraham to redeem their bloodlines, not Fallen Angels.

The Seeded Womb
The ‘Seed of the Woman’, of Eve was and is Jesus. A rescue mission occurred because of Jesus’ love for the Father. It was in turn out of the love of the Father for a sinful world that He sent His only Begotten Son to be the ‘2nd Adam’. Jesus’ mission was also to expose the lies of Lucifer and ‘destroy the works of the Devil’ and with that, nullify any claims of the false royal bloodline of the AntiChrist. Sadly, since the Garden of Eden most of Humanity has believed the lie that Satan introduced. And in the End of Days, the Bible and even Jesus foretold the day when another ‘Christ’ would be coming in ‘his own Name’. He would be accepted by the entire world and Israel as the expected ‘Royal King’. It is understood theologically that Israel will only and can only accept a Messiah that has to be of a royal bloodline, that of David precisely as He will be a ‘Prince that shall come’, etc.

Lucifer and his minions will be successful in this aspect as they will place their ‘King’ Christ from an alternative bloodline of King David upon the Throne of YHVH, at least on Earth but only allowed for 1260 days specifically. Based on some interpretations of what is to occur according to the books of Revelation and Daniel, there is an AntiChrist coming that Israel will accept. He at a certain midpoint will stop the Temple sacrifices and sit on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies and proclaim to the world that he alone is ‘God’. He will demand absolute worship and veneration from all the peoples of the Earth. The book of Revelation depicts the end of this duality and dichotomy currently occurring, of the eternal war between the Christs and their Disciples, etc. This contention is played-out by 2 ‘Women’ and 2‘Beasts’.

It is rather interesting that the book of Revelation first debuts a ‘Woman and a Beast’, that of the Revelation 12 Great Sign and towards the end, another ‘Woman’ and ‘Beast’. The first ‘Woman’ is holy, pure and depicts the People of YHVH contending for their faith in the true Christ, Jesus.  This ‘Woman’ is confronted by the Red Dragon ‘Beast’ that seeks to destroy her and the Manchild. In contrast the other ‘Woman’, that represents the counterfeit Gospel, Church and Christ is the Luciferian alternative and competing narrative of the another royal bloodline. This another Woman is supported by the ‘Beast’ instead and rides it. She and such a Luciferian beast-system have been conspiring together and are responsible for the murder and blood of the Saints ever since Cain murdered Abel.

Down the halls of human history, such a war between these 2 competing bloodlines, Christs, Women, Churches has been seen and understood. The Bible provides a behind-the-scenes look at this spiritual war that has manifested throughout human history. For example in 2 Kings 11, Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah rose up and murdered all the royal offspring. She, as an agent of the ‘Seed of the Serpent’ wanted to kill the royal bloodline of David. In this case, Joash was the only surviving heir of David and was hidden. In another case, the bloodline of David came down to just one 1 heir, that of King Jehoshaphat. There is also Orpha and the story of Ruth how Ruth chose to go the way, the hard way back to Israel. She was redeemed by her Kinsmen, a type of Christ Jesus and she, a Gentile was take as his bride subsequently.

Orpha left the people of YHVH and history attests to the fact that her descends where what produced the Haman’s of the world. There was Haman in Persia as the Luciferins followed Israel even in captivity and sought to destroy the Jews there and then. It was up to another woman, Esther as a type of Eve, of a ‘Virgo’ that was confronted by this ‘Red Dragon’ and stood in the gap to contend for the faith and YHVH’s People. Ultimately there was the false King Herod that sought to murder Jesus in his infancy just after his physical birth in Bethlehem. The countless battles between these 2 ‘Seeds of the Woman’ is very relevant even now. How does that look like? Today for example, the Muslims are in contention for Israel’s Birthright. This false religion seeks to usurp total control of the land of Israel, the City and the Temple Mount.

This false ‘Gospel’, basically is seeking to eclipse the royal and legal ‘Birthright’ of the true heirs of the true Christ that came from Israel, a type of the ‘Virgin’ and thus ‘Virgo’. This Birthright comes down through the royal bloodline established through the Sons of Isaac and Jacob. With this understanding, the movie such as The Da Vinci Code sought to debut the alternative ‘Gospel’. Sadly, many Christians are in heated debate and disagreement over the Revelation 12 Sign. In part, the Luciferians succeeded in keeping such knowledge away from YHVH’s People, not realizing that YVHH also encrypted His storyline in the Sun, Moon and the Stars. Such practical understanding has been suppressed or totally abandoned.

However, such knowledge has been increased per the prophet Daniel that precisely in these Last Days, the Church Body would have to catchup. Perhaps such a realization into such ‘codes’ and knowledge has only come about with the advent of the personal computer and various technologies and software. One is now able to better decipher the ‘signs of the times’ and that Jesus Himself expected His Disciples to be on the lookout for. Nonetheless, it has been rather hastily and the natural consequences have now surfaced, to a measure…that of disbelief and dissention even among the ranks in the Church Body. It is understood that in the current decade there have been some apparent ‘false alarms’ concerning the Tetrad Blood Moon phenomenon but only because of how it was presented.

The narative is based on certain inaccuracies that those that prorogated it did not really have a sound grasp as to their true meaning and significance. Then there were the many false predictions of the Rapture that is often confused with the 2nd coming of Jesus. There is also the discrepancies of when the Jubilee Year Cycle was to have occurred in Yom Kippur in 2015 that coincidently occurred also on September 23 or a 9-23. Since then, that date has been the subject of much debate and disinformation. Has it been a deliberate programing effort by the Luciferians who control the mass media to offset the true timing that is pegged to the Great Sign of Revelation 12 on a 9-23 ‘code’? That was exactly what the premise and the ‘code’ of the Da Vinci movie was about.

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Lion and the Lamb YT
The Da Vinci Code Movie, 2006



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