A Word Study of the Hebrew Text

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And he shall Confirm the Covenant with Many for 1 Week: and in the Midst of the Week he shall cause the Sacrifice [of the Covenant] and the Oblation to cease, and for the overspreading’… -Daniel 9:27 Hebrew Interlinear

The purpose of this study is to consider who are the ‘Many’ that the AntiChrist will be ‘Confirming’ the ‘Covenant’ with in Daniel 9:27. The most Prevalent Suggestion or Conjecture is that it is an ‘Agreement’ with ‘Many’ Nations, as in the UN. This is the Latest Consideration. Thus, this is a follow-up to the Article about the UN Agenda 2030, that many End Time Watchmen are now Inferring, is the Daniel 9:27 Covenant, or could be. The Supposition is mainly Predicated on calculating the Crucifixion from 30 AD. So, 2000 Years from that is 2030. Then if one Subtracts the 7-Year Tribulation, it is 2023, etc. It appears to be Mathematically Sound, but the 30 AD Pattern has passed now.

#766: AGENDA 2030
Covenant with the Many?

One believes that this UN 7-Year Proclamation is just a Dry-Run and a Rehearsal for sure. If one is to take more of a Geo-Political Interpretation, a Convincing Scenario should rather be the Oslo Accords that already has the Framework for a 7-Yeart Peace Accord with Israel and the ‘Many’ Muslim surrounding Nations. It just has to be ‘Confirmed’ or Implement. One is rather Convinced that, at the Core of the Daniel 9:27 Context, contrary to Interpretations, it is ALL about Israel. And that the ‘Many’ is being Interpreted through the Filters or Lens of a Western Mindset. But most Watchmen have not studied carefully the Text in its Original Context and Language, that being Hebrew.

One will attempt to do this in this study. See Table Matrix below. In one’s Humble Opinion, one believes that the ‘Many’ does not refer to the UN, the EU or the USA, as in Nations. And that the ‘Covenant’ is actually that which pertains to a Sacrifice, as in to ‘Cut’, as used and demonstrated in Genesis 15:18. Thus, the Notion of a UN 7 -Year Acceleration Proclaiming, is just that. And because of that, the Watchmen have taken their Eyes, ‘Off the Ball’, in one’s Assessment. And that ‘Ball’ is Israel at the Core of Prophecy, and that has to do with the 3rd Temple. It specifically alludes to the ‘Covenant’, in how it Infers to the Start of a Daily Sacrifice. And how the ‘Many’ are the Sanhedrin, etc. This is based on the Hebrew Word Study that is to be presented below.

End Time Understanding
This study will delve into the Context of ‘1st Mention’. It is the Notion of when a Word 1st appears in Scripture, all subsequent ones are determined by it. That being said,  Daniel 9:27 is showing, as one is now more Convinced, that it identifies who the ‘Many’ are and what the ‘Covenant’ is. Some background beforehand. As the Church Age is about to End and the Prophetic Economy of YHVH is to revert back to Israel’s 70 Year to conclude its Discipline, it is Understood that the Last Week of Years solely pertains to Israel. She still owes YHVH 1 Week, for the Sabbaths of the Land, Israel did not keep.

What is Pertinent to the Body of Christ, is that this Land Debt does not Pertain to any Obligation on the part of the Body of Christ to Pay for what is not owed, which is Judgment, as in Wrath. Jesus took all Wrath at the Cross and the Believers in Jesus are not ‘Appointed unto Wrath’. Thus, logically, the Bride of Christ cannot Partake of this Final Week of Jacob’s Trouble, whenever that is. But based on one’s Decades-Long Research, it is about 1 Year away, as of this study. It is also Understood that this is the Terminal Generation. It is also Understood that the Unsealing of Revelation and Understanding of Scripture, would be bestowed in the End, to the Body of Christ.

The ‘Unveiling’ of Scripture, is for the Purpose of Preparing the Bride, to be on the Look-out for the Trumpet Call, to be Presented to Jesus at the Rapture, etc. If there is ever a Time to have one’s ‘Hand to the Plow’, in terms of Studying and Understanding Prophecy, it is the Present Time. Why? YHVH told Daniel, who wished to Understand what was being Revealed to him, that it was for the Last Days. And that it would not be Revealed nor Understood until the Last Days. Why? Such Information and Understanding would not have made Rational Sense in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Centuries, etc.

Unbeknownst to the Believers then, there would be 7 Stages of the ‘Churches of Asia’ to be had. And that his Time Frame would span nearly 2 Prophetic Days or 2000 Years. But now that the Church Age is in the ‘Final 4 Year Window’, it is very Pertinent. So, End Time Prophecy to a Nascent Church then would have been Irrelevant from their Point of Time Reference. But realize that the Apostle Paul started his Teaching to a Brand New Gathering of Believers in Thessalonica with Prophecy of how it was to end, with the Rapture, etc. And what has been such ‘Unsealed Understanding’ in these End Times?

Here is one’s Personal List of Main Topics of what one has been Studied, Researched and Posted over a Decade that could be such ‘Unveilings’, in one’s Humble Opinion. In studying Eschatology, the Number #1 Rule, is that the ‘Sign is not the Event’. Here below is perhaps the Core of one’s Research for the past 15 Years. These have been Theories that are not readily Taught, Accepted nor Understood fully. But they have become Topics of Interest in the last 10 Year or so, within the End Time Community.

-Phi Ratio
Prophecy occurs in Patterns based on the Fibonacci Series or in Phi Ratio Proportions. Some examples are the Blood Moon Tetrads, World Wars, the Tabernacle and Temple of YHVH. See Article #648 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-648.html

-True Location of 3rd Temple
Based on Astronomical Ley Lines and Alignments, the Dome of the Tablets has been shown to be Patterned after the Belt Stars of Orion and Pinpointed by the Ley-Line of the Pleiades in the Constellation of Taurus when Superimposed on the Temple Mount. See Article #164 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-164.html

-Blood Moons
The Midnight Blood Moon of April 14, 32 AD was the only one that occurred out of the Final 4 Years in question that suggest when Jesus was Crucified, 30 AD, 31 AD, 32 AD and 33 AD, etc. See Article #89 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-89.html

-Solar Eclipses
The 3 Solar Eclipse Patterns of America’s Pending Judgment is based on the Alef and the Tav ending on Nisan 1 = 2024. It started 33 Days from the Revelation 12 Sign. See Article #767 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-767.html

-Revelation 12 Sign
It was as the Wake-Up Call to a possible 7 Year Countdown as the Highest Rapture Watch Year, Personally = 2024. See Article #761 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-761.html

-Parable of Unfruitful Fig Tree

Based on Luke 13:6 and Leviticus 19:23, from Israel’s 2018 70th Year Anniversary to its 5 Year Maximum Grace allotted to produce Fruit, results in May 14, 2023. This makes the 6th Year overlap with the 7th Year in 2024, by May 14 for the Judgment is to Begin in Israel.

-Tribulation Period Timeline 2025-2032

1) It is based on the Rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice of 2018 + 7 Years = 2025.
See Article #722 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-722.html

2) It is based on the Numerical Value of Anna’s Age, 84 Years from 1948 = 2032 - 7 Year Tribulation = 2025. Anna is a Typology of the Bareness without YHVH as a ‘Husband’, etc. Is 2032 then perhaps the Year Jesus is to Return and Israel will ‘See’ as Anna did? If the Timeline is sure, then Yes.  

-Astro Archaeology
How Ancient Sacred Sites on Earth are all Pegged to the Sun, Moon and the Stars. For example, the Temple Mount 3 Structures correspond to the Domes in Size and Color. They will also be in place to be allocated to the 3 Main Abrahamic Faiths during the Tribulation Period.
See Article #166 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-166.html

-Cydonia, Mars Research
This Research shows that the Triangulation of the Pyramid Structures on Mars, are configured on Earth’s Sacred Sites. They are set-up over Earth’s Energy Hot Spots where Ritual and Sacrifice configure a Portal or Star Gate where the Fallen Angels traverse in and out of, etc. See Article #155 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-155.html

-Day of Jesus’ Birth

One has demonstrated through Astronomical Alignments and Conjunctions that the True Date of Jesus’ Birth was on September 11, -3 BC. And with a Conception, 9 Months Prior on Hanukkah. See Article #298 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-298.html

-Year of Crucifixion 32 AD

One has provided Circumstantial Evidence, based on a Triangulation of Data Points that 32 AD, is more convincing. See Article #221 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-221.html

-Day of Triumphal Entry
That this Event was on a Sabbath, not ‘Palm Sunday’, based on the 6 Days prior to Passover as disclosed in John 12:1. Then the Artaxerxes II Decree and the Day Count from the Spring Equinox = April 10, 32 AD. See Article #591 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-591.html

-Day of Crucifixion
Provided Circumstantial Evidence, that based on the Artaxerxes II Decree and the Day Count from the Spring Equinox to April 14, 32 AD, was a Wednesday. That it is also an Inference, Prophetically from Daniel, of when the Messiah was to be ‘Cut Off’ or Killed. In the ‘Midst of the Week’. Hebrew Word ‘Half’. See Article #603 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-603.html

-Day of Resurrection
That the 3 Days of the Sign of Jonah were literal 3 Time Pieces of 24 Hours. And how in the Greek, it clearly says ‘Sabbath’, not ‘Sunday’. See Article #372 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-372.html

-World War 3
Based on the Phi Ratio Pattern Theory, using the Triangulation of WW1 and WW2, points to the Year 2023. See Article #679 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-679.html

-True Day of Pentecost
That the Pentecost Event of Acts 2 was not the Jewish Shavuot, but that it was on the Feast of New Wine. This is based on what one saw initially as just a Double Count, being 7 Sabbaths or 49 Days and then counting 50 Subsequent Days. See Article #758 https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-758.html


Imagine what else is to be Unsealed? Well, thanks to a Reader named Nancy, that goes by the Handle, NANSINGS, one was contacted about the Agenda 2030 Article #767. She brought to one’s Attention how a Rabbi pointed-out, that the ‘Peace Covenant’ that the AntiChrist ‘Confirms’ is with the, 'Rabim’ or L' Rabbim. In the Hebrew, it can then be ‘The Many Rabbis’. It is one Interpretation, but it sounds like the Sanhedrin in one’s Estimation. And it would make sense, as these are the ‘Learned Elders of Zion’ or the Counsel of the 70 that are preparing Israel to receive the False Jewish Messiah and are behind the Building Efforts of the 3rd Temple, etc. The 70 were set-up by Moses.

They got to see YHVH on His Throne above the Sapphire Sea. Incredible. And it is they that Translated the Hebrew Law and the Prophets in the Greek, called the Septuagint, or the ‘70’, etc. But this is the Religious Ruling Body that got Usurped Politically by Corrupt Men of the Luciferian Kind. This is the Sanhedrin that Jesus Exposed as being nothing more than White-Washed Tombs and Hippocrates or Actors pretending to be Israel’s Teachers. The Term Rabbi, means Teacher and that is precisely what Jesus called them. Such was the case when Nicodemus came to Jesus at Night for Fear of the Sanhedrin. Jesus said of him, ‘You are supposed to be a Teacher of Israel, and you know not these things?’ Rather these Teachers or L’Rabim, called Caesar their King.
It is about the ‘Rabbis’

The ‘Many’ or L’Rabbim, of the 70 have been Compromised by those that rather chose a Different Father and Messiah, that being the Father of Lies, Lucifer and False AntiChrist Messiah that will come in his own Name, etc. They became and are the Synagogue of Satan that Condemned Israel’s True Messiah, Jesus on behalf of the Jewish Nation. And it will be such that will accept the False Jewish Messiah, that Jesus warned, he would come in his own Name.

So, it would make sense, that as the AntiChrist is Debuted and Unveiled after the Rapture, as the Reconstituted Sanhedrin will mutually and eagerly accept this Geo-Political Man. He will be bestowed the Name or considered to be, ‘Messiah Ben David’. And in turn, the ‘Confirming’ will be as one has also Posted about. The Kings of Israel would gather all of Israel on Simchat Torah to Read the ‘Covenant’ and Re-Confirm it. Here now is the Hebrew Word Study on Daniel 9:27. One looked-up Daniel in the Original Hebrew and sure enough, it says, or infers, ‘The Rabbis’, plural as the ‘Many’.

Daniel 9:27 in the Original Hebrew (Hebrew is read Right to Left.)

And he shall Confirm
1. The Strongs 7227 is Rab where one gets to ‘Make Strong’. But L’ Rab-Bim, then is a Compound Word. It then suggests the Root Word for how the ‘Many’ that are Strong or as in to Master or be a Master, are thus a Rabbi. The Hebrew Noun is רב rav ‘Master’. רב Or in other Words, to the Masters or Teachers, etc. Note the Symmetry of the 22 Words of Daniel 9:27 in how it is a Microcosm of the 22 Letters of the entire Hebrew Alef Bet.  

2. The ‘Confirming’ of the ‘Covenant’, is in this case, a Sacrifice as in a ‘Berit’. This is the same Word that was used in how YHVH ‘Cut’ the Covenant or ‘Berit’, literally in Halves when He made the Pact or ‘Deal’ with Abraham. Thus, the Covenant from Start to End, deals with the Start and End of the Daily Sacrifices in Daniel 9:27. In essence, one has here the Initiation by the AntiChrist to Sanction the ‘Berit’ that starts the Week of Years Count, that being 7 Years, etc.

3. Notice that the Hebrew Phrase, ‘But in the Middle’ does not mean, ‘Somewhere within the 7 Years of the 1 Week. It means in Hebrew, ‘Wa-ha-si’, Stongs Number 2677, חֵצִי ‘Chatsi, which is the Word for, exactly at a ‘Half’ Way Point of the Period of Time in Question. In this case, it is the Half of 7 Years or precisely 3.5 Years, the corresponding Halves of a 1260 Day Count.

Thus, at the ‘Midst’ of the 7-Year Tribulation Period or Last Week, precisely at the 1260th Day, the same Covenant Sacrifices that were Confirmed to the Teachers or Strong Ones, is Cut in Half. This Motif Echoes how YHVH ‘Cut’ in Half the 3 Animals.
UN 7-Year Treaty?
Thus, one can now see, as this is yet another example, of how in the End Times, what has always been there, is now being Lifted-Out to be better Understood. One wholeheartedly concurs, that the ‘Many’, 
lā·rab·bîm is indeed inferencing the Sanhedrin. So, who are the ‘Many’ that the AntiChrist will Confirm the Covenant with? The Sanhedrin, the Teachers that will be the ‘Many’ L’Rabim or the 70 Elders of Zion, better known as the Synagogue of Satan to Jesus.

So, as to the UN 7-Year ‘Treaty’ with the ‘Many Nations, as possibly being the Daniel 9:27 Covenant? One is 99.9% NOT in Agreement with this Assessment. One is coming from Political Scientist Point of View also. It is only the UN’s Acceleration Protocol of Implementing their Agenda 2030, within a 7 Year Time Frame. Thus, with Confidence, one can say that it is NOT the Covenant made with the ‘Many’ of Daniel 9:27. It could be possible, but why so Adamant? It is just that the same Hebrew Word for the ‘Covenant’ that YHVH ‘Cut’ with Abram,
bə·rîṯ, is the Same Word, that specifically inferred to an Animal Sacrifice, that the AntiChrist will permit, anew, with the False ‘Abrahams’ of the Sanhedrin that will Represent all of Israel, at that Time.

Thus, the UN’s Acceleration Protocol cannot be the Daniel 9:27 Covenant
bə·rîṯ, nor with the Many’, lā·rab·bîm because what is Required to be in Place for the Covenant or the Sacrifice to begin and with the ‘Many’, are not fully Ready just yet. Meaning? There is no Altar of Sacrifice that has been built permanently on the Temple Mount. Of course, this would be the case, if one accepts this Interpretation of the Word, ‘Covenant’ to mean ‘Sacrifice’, per Genesis 15:18, as in the Daily Sacrifice and who are the ‘Many’, to be the Rabbim. Note that the ‘Many’, the ‘Covenant’ and the ‘He’ are all Jewish.

One believes that no one has really done an In-Depth Word Study on the Verses that one can find. Now one is not saying that all is 100% Proof. Nonetheless, given this New Understanding of Daniel 9:27, one’s Suspicions are proving to be True, regarding Shemini Atzeret but specifically, the Day after that, called Simchat Torah. How so? Some more Background for Context. Around 2020, one thought that the 7-Year Tribulation Period Timeline was going to be from Fall 2022 to Fall 2029.

And this was based on the Shemitah or 7-Year Sabbath Cycle Pattern, etc. The Sabbath Cycle is True and Correct, but the 1 Week left of the 70 revealed to Daniel does not, will not start on a Shemitah. One discussed back then, that the Timeline was based on an October Shemini Atzeret. It is the Day after the 7-Day long Feast of Sukkot. Sukkot is the last ‘Big’ Feast of YHVH, the 7th in fact. So, Shemini Atzeret, means the 8th Day Assembly after the Day after Sukkot, etc. But the Day after that is called Simchat Torah. It is when the Kings of Israel would read the Torah and to the ‘Many’
lā·rab·bîm ‘Confirm’ the Covenant or the bə·rîṯ, as in the Daily Sacrifices.

It is about Simchat Torah
Why this was Significant and still is, and will be, is that one Calculates this Event will be when the 1st Day concludes the last 7-Years of Tribulation Period of the total 490-Year Judgment of Israel. The Last Week of Years of Israel’s Judgment, will start with the
bə·rîṯ, as in the Daily Sacrifices. It is when the Covenant is ‘Cut’ or the Daily Sacrifices start and Confirmed with the Many, i.e. the 70 Elders of the Sanhedrin. So, for one’s New Adjusted 2025-2032 Timeline, the same Start Date begins at a Simchat Torah.

It is from this Timeline that one surmises a ‘Perfect’ 1260+1260 Day Count to a Passover, at precisely the Mid-Point of ‘Half’, and then to a September 11 Rosh HaShanah Date Association, exactly 2520 Days later. But as the Timeline came and went for the 2022-2029 Time Frame, it was then confirmed that indeed, the Tribulation does not have to, nor will it start at the Beginning of a Regular Shemitah Cycle. And this is why then one surmised that there is a 3.5 or 1260 Day Overlap or Gap of Time that is currently then Synchronize ALL the various Countdown Timelines that are In-Play, Prophetically. What Timelines? The main ones are from the Following Year Dates.

1948: Rebirth of Israel back to the Promised Land.
1952: The 1st Shemitah Count back in the Land.
1967: When Jerusalem was Liberated of the Muslims.
1973: Attack on Israel on its Holies Day, Yom Kippur.
2022: 70th Year, Last Regular Shemitah Cycle since 1952.

As one has argued, when the Tribulation starts, what constitutes the 1260+1260 Day Count, is the start of the 1st Day the Daily Sacrifices begin. And that is
bə·rîṯ, when this happens, will be because the AntiChrist will have Sanctioned it, on a Simchat Torah Day, making a Deal with the Religious Jews, the lā·rab·bîm. However, it will be the ‘Deal with Death’. And one likens this Simchat Torah Day, to how Ezra and Nehemiah also read the ‘Covenant’ to Israel after their Babylonian Captivity, as they finished Rebuilding and Rededicating the Altar of Sacrifice. They performed the 1st Daily Sacrifice, bə·rîṯ, even though the Temple was not yet fully Restored.

This Rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice, without the Temple, actually occurred on Israel’s 70th Anniversary in 2018. It was Sanctioned by the Nascent Sanhedrin. And? One is thus presenting the Theory that the Converging Timelines are Counting Down to 2025, speculating that it will be when the 1st True Daily Sacrifice will be Performed. Flash-Back to the 2nd Temple being Dedicated by King Solomon. He too, gathered all of Israel and had the Priests, the
lā·rab·bîm performed the 1st Daily Sacrifice, the bə·rîṯ.

It was placed in the Newly Built Altar of Sacrifice. And this is when the Fire came down from Heaven to ignite it and start the Perpetual Fire that was to never go out. And Solomon, whose Wages were 666 Talents of Gold, United all the 12 Tribes and the World around this ‘House of Prayer for All the Nations’. He ‘Confirmed’ the ‘Covenant’ with the Many, the Ruling Jewish Counsel, the 70 Elders of Zion and all the People’s Representative from all that was Israel and Foreign Dignitaries. Well, the Point is that one correlates this Event, now called Simchat Torah, or the Day after Shemini Atzeret, with what the False ‘King Solomon’, Man of Peace Type, will precisely do with Israel.

It is about the Age of Grace Coming to a Close
It will be at that Time that the False Prophet will cause even the Fire to come down from Heaven, but it will not be YHVH’s doing. Imagine the Spectacle when this does happen? It will Authenticate the Credentials of this False Jewish Messiah, etc. He will show up, Geo-Politically, providing the Answer to Israel Security Problem. This ‘Solomon’ Type, and why he has to be a Jew, will not only bring Peace and Safety to Israel, but to the entire World. And it will be the Ruling Elders, the ‘Many’ Rabbim
lā·rab·bîm that will Reciprocate and allow the ‘Covenant’ bə·rîṯ, to be ‘Cut’ as in the Old Testament Days.

Israel will be under the Mosaic Law once again. The Gentiles will be under their Noahide Laws, etc. Why one is Reiterating all of this, is because one’s 2025-2032 Timeline still starts on a Simchat Torah Day Count, just the same. It is only that it is 3.5 Year out from when one originally had Calculated the Timeline to be from the Fall of 2022. A more Precise Year is then to start on Simchat Torah of 2025. Perhaps. It is a Working Theory and Learning Curve, but very Compelling if it pans-out to be that Scenario. But one is now more Convinced and Confident that this Scenario is more Probable than ever. Following is one’s 2025-2032 Tribulation Period Timeline.

Simchat Torah                                 Passover                               Sabbath of Return
October 18, 2025---------------------April 1, 2029----------------------September 11, 2032
Day 1 of Daily Sacrifices?               Day 1260?                                  Day 2520?

But this Assertion on who the Bible Identifies as the ‘Many’, and what is the ‘Covenant’ really, is based on this Hebrew Word Study one is Presenting. One is not out to Prove anyone ‘Wrong’, But perhaps the Holy Spirit is Revealing more Understanding to the Body of Christ in this regard. This Hebrew Word Study will only help in ‘Iron Sharpening Iron’. This should give the Body of Christ more Scriptural Confidence in assuring when the Rapture Window is more likely to be had, as the Years are now narrowing-down to not Years, if not Months before the Age of Grace Ends.

Sure, it may be a rather Weak or not Strong enough Argument to some People, but it is more Scripturally sound than to suggest Daniel 9:27 is dealing with the ‘Nations’. To Reiterate, the Word for ‘Covenant’, is the same used as the ‘Sacrifice’ YHVH instructed Abram to bring in Genesis 15:18. But yes, it is Pure Opinion, Assumption and Speculation. But so is the Assertion that the UN is the Daniel 7 Covenant. Could be, but that too is Pure Opinion, Assumption and Speculation. There is no Scriptural Evidence. One would say, Honestly, that in comparison, one’s Article and Argument presented, from the Hebrew Word Study, has more Biblical Merritt, in one’s Humble Opinion.

And what does all this have to do with the Bride of Christ? As one has presented the case, but perhaps sporadically, so, one will be Reiterating here, why it matters to be Scripturally Discerning, as much as possible. Here is the Synopsis. It is a Triangulation of several major Prophetic Events. One believes that the following List of Events studied, have been Bench Marks and from there, one has just used Deductive Logic to come to a Reasonable Consideration. Of course, one cannot ‘Prove’ nothing with 100% Confidence. But when asked why one currently believes that the Rapture Event is most likely then in 2024, the Following will be the Main Reasons why.

Is the Rapture in 2024?

1) 1952 Shemitah
It was the 1st Sabbath Count to occur when Israel Returned to the Promised Land after its 1948 Independence.1952 + 80 Year Psalm 90 Generation Limit = 2032 - 7 Year Tribulation = 2025.

2) 2018 Altar of Sacrifice

This was the Year that was Israel’s 70th Anniversary. One surmises that the Real ‘Covenant’ will be started or ‘Confirmed’ when the Daily Sacrifices begin + 1 Sabbath Cycle of Time = 2025.

3) 1948 + 84 Anna’s Year

One surmises it is the Numerical Coefficient of how old Anna was when she saw Jesus at the Temple of when National Israel will ‘See’ Jesus as Anna did = 2032 - 7 Year Tribulation = 2025.

4) 2025 Essene Calendar
This is the Year, the Essene Calendar Calculation that will be the Last Uma or 7 Years to complete the 70 Weeks, per Daniel = 2025.

5) 2024 Unfruitful Fig Tree
This is the Year, the Unfruitful Fig Tree is ‘Cut Down’. This is assuming the Start Year was 1948 wherein on the 70th Year Anniversary, that being 2018, Israel, like in the Parable, maxed-out its 5-Year Period of Grace, and is ‘Cut Down’ on the 6th Year, All-Inclusive of the 7th Year, 2025.

6) 2017 Revelation Sign
One presently surmises that it is the Sign to the Church, completing a 7-Year Countdown of 1 Sabbath of Time, to when it is Signaled the real Timing of the Rapture Event = 2024.


Here, one has provided 6 Timelines that will converge in 2025. And why one thinks the Rapture is in 2024, is that there has to be a Gap Time. This will be in order, for the coming AntiChrist to Sanction the 3rd Temple, build the Altar of Sacrifice and Unify the World. It will be in the Vacuum caused by the Departed Bride of Christ that will leave a Crisis of Faith. With the Help of the False Prophet, they will merge all the Major 3 Abrahamic Faiths with the Notion of the ‘Abrahamic Houses on the Temple Mount.

And one Conjectures that the 3rd Temple will be Key and a Crucial Center-Piece to this False World Unity and Hybrid Religion. The Jewish AntiChrist will be like a Nimrod, and the 3rd Temple will be like the Tower of Babel. Remember, he wanted to build it to reach into the very Throne Room of YHVH in Heaven to overtake. It was not about Height. Although it was extremely tall, in fact, exactly 3X the Height of the Burj Khalifa. No Accident.

Now as to some possible Objections to this different Perspective based on the Hebrew Word Study? First of all, can anyone give 6 Suppositions why they think the UN 7-Year Accelerated Proclamation is the Daniel 9:27 ‘Covenant’? Others have already said that the Word 'Covenant' (H1285) is also used for Covenants or ‘Agreements’ between Men. This is all True, but one’s Main Point in this Hebrew Study Presentation, is that precisely in Genesis 15:18, the Word
bə·rîṯ, is SPECIFICALLY THE SAME WORD in the Context of what the AntiChrist will Require and Procure with the ‘Many’, lā·rab·bîm.

Context, Context, Context
As mentioned, realize that Context is the other Eschatology Rule. And how in the study of Hermeneutics, there is that Rule of ‘1st Mention’. It sets the Scriptural Precedence for the Context of all Scripture thereafter. So, meaning that if the Word for ‘Covenant’ is in the Context of making a Blood Sacrifice, as it was with YVHH and Abraham, all subsequent ones are to follow its Context. It does not refer to a ‘Deal with the Nations’.

Genesis 15:18 in the Original Hebrew (Hebrew is read Right to Left.)


Yes, the Word can then also refer to a Deal between Man and Man. But the Point is in the Context of Daniel’s Revelation, that the Prophecy Exclusively pertains to Israel. In the Context of Daniel, it is not a ‘Deal’ or Covenant between a Man to Man, but of a Divine Being with a Man, i.e., YHVH and Abraham. And how that Template is what the False Messiah, as a Proxy for Lucifer and the ‘Many’ Men of the 70 Elders will make just the same. Realize that Lucifer is Mimicking YHVH in all aspects. Thus, the Sanhedrin on behalf of Israel will make that ‘Deal with the Devil’, the Covenant with Death, etc.

Here is another of one’s Objections to the UN being the Body that will make the 7-Year Covenant with the Nations. If that be the case, Geo-Politically, the UN 7-Year ‘Deal’ must be also that of the Isaiah 28:18 Covenant with Death. If Brethren are insisting on the Possibility that the UN 7-Year Proclamation is the Covenant of Daniel 9:27, then such must also Accept, Incorporate and Explain Isaiah 28:18.

So, after the Rapture, the Antichrist will be Revealed and will be working Overtly in the World along with a False Prophet and with the 70 Sanhedrin to Orchestrate the ‘Transition’ Period. He will be Center Stage in the World needing now to Unify it. And that will not take that much Time as the ‘Reset’ has been accomplished now or that very Reason. It is not the Revealing or the Advent of the AntiChrist, after the Rapture that the 2520 Day Count Tribulation Period is Predicated on. One believes it is when, once all is ready and prepared after the Transitionary Period is concluded, it is when he then Reads the Law and the 1st Sacrifice is then made on that Simchat Torah Day of Confirmations. Note that it was also the Time when the Kings of Israel were Crowned.

It is about the Wrath to Come
Consider this Speculation, that if indeed the 1st Day of the Tribulation Period occurs on a Simchat Torah Rededication of the Daily Sacrifices, it will also serve for the 70 Elder of the Sanhedrin to place the Crown they have fashion now, on the Head of this Jewish Man. At this Day, he will be recognized as the King Messiah, come to Israel at last to Restore the Kingdom and Protect them. 

So in Summary, sure, this Hebrew Word Study on what the ‘Many’ are and what is the ‘Covenant’ is Circumstantial Evidence. But this is one’s Best Attempt in showing a more Scriptural Perspective and Interpretation, but it is just based on Conjecture, and Speculation. It is though, an Interesting Interpretation of Daniel 9:27 that has never been Presented. At least as far as one has not come across in 40 Years of studying the Books of Daniel and Revelation.

One is just offering this Context and bringing to the nearly 2000 Year Old Debate. Regardless, what is ‘Heartbreaking’ is that the Grace that Humanity has been bestowed upon for nearly 2000 Years, by the Work of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary will be withdrawn soon, with the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. And going forward thereafter, there will be no more Body of Christ on Earth, Collectively.

There will no longer be the Restrainer to ward-off, full-on Evil. And more Alarming, will be how the coming AntiChrist will have Total Power over the Tribulation Saints, to ‘Wear them Out’. Presently, the World lives in truly a Privileged Time that is about to run-out. Jesus has made is so easy to be Saved during this nearly 2000 Year Old Age of Grace, because it was literally a Torture for Jesus to Accomplish. All that it required to be Saved from the Wrath of GOD to come, is that upon Understanding what Jesus did to acquire Salvation of Humanity is the Following.

All one is Required to do is Admit one has no other Salvation apart from Jesus for the Forgiveness of Sins. Believe what Jesus Died and Resurrected from the Dead as Promised was to be a Sign of His Word. Jesus is now Alive forever more and Indestructible and Invincible. He Destroyed Death, Sin and Defeated Lucifer at the Cross of Calvary. If one wholeheartedly accepts this as the Truth, then simply Call upon the Name of Jesus, Trusting in His Promise to Save you from the Wrath to come.

Jesus then Promised that He would Return 1 Day to then Resurrect and/or Rapture His Bride out of Wrath’s Way. It is coming. This is before the Last Week of the 70 that was given to Daniel to Understand that it was a Prophecy for His People, not the Church. This Age of Grace is thus about to Conclude. Thereafter, the Judgment will Fall simultaneously on not only Israel but the entire World. The 70th Week is about ‘Collecting’ what is Owed of the Land Covenant made Unconditionally between YHVH and Abraham. It was not Honored nor Kept by National Israel. Thus, the Last Week of the 70 Weeks Revealed to Daniel, concerning his People, City and Temple is what Daniel 9:27 is ALL about.


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1285 [e] 87 [e] 854 [e] 3068 [e] 3772 [e] 1931 [e] 3117 [e] [e]
bə·rîṯ ’aḇ·rām ’eṯ- YHVH kā·raṯ ha·hū bay·yō·wm
בְּרִ֣ית אַבְרָ֖ם אֶת־ יְהוָ֛ה כָּרַ֧ת הַה֗וּא בַּיּ֣וֹם
a Covenant Abram with YHVH made that On day
7620 [e] 2677 [e] 259 [e] 7620 [e] 7227 [e] 1285 [e] 1396 [e]
haš·šā·ḇū·a‘ wa·ḥă·ṣî ’e·ḥāḏ; šā·ḇū·a‘ lā·rab·bîm bə·rîṯ wə·hiḡ·bîr
הַשָּׁב֜וּעַ חֲצִ֨י אֶחָ֑ד שָׁב֣וּעַ לָרַבִּ֖ים בְּרִ֛ית וְהִגְבִּ֥יר
of the Week but in the Middle one for Week with Many a Covenant And he shall Confirm