The Possible True Location of Nimrod's 'Star-Gate'

  • Is the true location of the Tower of Babel found in Eridu?
  • Is the depiction of what is there presently, giving clues?
  • How high was the Tower believed to be and was a 'Star-Gate'?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For they departed from the land of Ararat eastward to Shinar; for in his days they built the city and the tower, saying, Go to, let us ascend thereby into Heaven. And they began to build, and in the 4th week they made brick with fire, and the bricks served them for stone, and the clay with which they cemented them together was asphalt…And they built it: 43 years [1645-1688 A.M.] were they building it; its breadth was 203 bricks, and the height (of a brick) was the .33 of one; its height amounted to 5433 cubits and 2 palms, and the extent of one wall was 13 stades and of the other 30 stades.’ -Book of Jubilee 10:19-22

The purpose of this study is to consider the dimensions of the Biblical Tower of Babel that was said was started to be constructed by Nimrod some generations after the Flood of Noah. The event is chronicled in the book of Genesis of how, as the people started to multiply they refused the command of YHVH to spread-out all over the Earth. The Bible depicts a ‘Rebel’ King, Nimrod who stood opposed to this divine edict and on the contrary initiated the First World Order. In fact, he is considered the 1st Masonic Grand Master that began the secret initiations of the Mystery Religions. This alone should suspect the agenda of such clandestine organizations and/or institutions that disguise themselves as ‘pillars’ of society.

The Bible does not mention the actual dimensions other that it was built in the Plains of Shinar and that it reached the ‘Heavens’. Some have interpreted this notion of being tall in actual height, while others ascribe a ‘Star-Gate’ inference to it especially in recent decades with the advent of the Ancient Alien theories. Also, the traditional place most suppose the Tower of Babel was erected in Babylon due to the name, ‘babel’ is most likely not correct. The word comes from the intervention brought about by YHVH as the GOD-Head came to see the progress. The Bible states and ‘they’ decided to confuse the 1 known language Humanity had up to this point. It is rather interesting that linguists do confirm that all languages essentially came from 1 source.

This divine intervention stopped the completion of the Tower of Babel, for the time being. But ever since that time, Lucifer has sought to raise up ‘Nimrods’ to complete the ‘Great Work’ and finish the ‘Capstone’ that is believed was just missing. Thus, to the Masons, the Tower of Babel has been an age-old relic and motif of their resistance to YHVH and His agenda in the spirit of Nimrod and ultimately Lucifer, the Rebel King of the Angels in Heaven. As noted, the Tower of Babel could not have been in Babylon or near there as the empire that was known as Babylon was actually more recent and considered the Neo-Babylonian Empire. The ‘tower’ or ziggurat of Murdock in ancient Babylon has been the prime candidate for the Tower of Babel but many are becoming convinced or are that the Tower of Babel was actually in Eridu. Why Eridu?

The Unfinished Pyramid

Based on the Sumerian accounts of Creation and that of the Book of Jubilees, after the Flood, Noah and his family got to the point that in 1 or 2 generations, the population increased enough that they need land to sustain a growing population. The peoples then moved down to the Mesopotamia area that was ideal for farming and building as there were vast expanses of land and water sources. It is thus believed that the 1st city that was constructed to such an orchestration was Eridu. However, the dating becomes an issue of contention as some purport it to have been founded way before the Flood account, etc. Suffice to say that if in fact Eridu was the location of the Tower of Babel, the following observations made using Google Earth GPS coordinates and measurements results in some amazing ‘coincidences’.

Eridu is now a heap of ruins on the southern province of modern-day Iraq. It borders the Arabian Desert on the westside and is nearly at the mouth of the intersection of the 2 rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates that empty out into the Persian Gulf. This was the area of the 1st 7 cities of civilization after the Floor in which 1 of them, that being Ur is where Abram of the Bible was from. It is thought to be also the domain of the Garden of Eden before the Flood. Nonetheless, even the current ziggurats that are in ruins are not the original buildings that once stood in this plain during Eridu’s glory days of Nimrod and the ‘Tower of Power’. Over the millennia, there have been shifts in the terrain and weather that has all but stripped this area of vegetation and life. Also, the changing patterns of the 2 rivers has often flooded the area and erased a lot of possible clues.

What is currently there in terms of the topography is that staring in the mid-1990s, a clear delineation has been marked-off in the whole area that is about 2 square miles in size. Why? The following observations are presented as circumstantial evidence that perhaps, somewhere within this demarked area, in one of the sites a current ziggurat was built up on could have been where the Tower of Babel was situated. The 1st evidence is that this entire area is delineated as mentioned. Amazingly, the boundary line markers, from an aerial view configures a ‘pyramid’. Very odd but such an enclosure could just be a coincidence of the terrain. However, if one then bisects the ‘pyramid’ as it is outlined, it takes-on a 3-demintional aspect to the pyramid. Also, the heading of this ley-line would be 188 degrees which inferences the timing of the changing of the Seasons, etc. Interesting, the capstone or pinnacle is facing north.

From the eastern slope of this pyramid, it is 2 nautical miles / 2.33 miles. Then on the western slope, it is 2.33 miles. Then if one traverses the length from each of these end point of the 2 slopes, the distance is approximately 16,000 feet or about 3 miles wide. Up to this point, such measurements could be coincidences and have nothing to do with the Tower of Babel or how this ‘pyramid’ enclosure was calculated and formed. True perhaps. However, as prior studies into similar topics have shown and if a suspicion is that such a demarcation is no coincidence, and if in fact the Tower of Babel is highly influenced by the motifs of the Masons with their ‘unfinished pyramid’, then there is more than meets the eye as they say. Consider the following observations. If one ‘squares’ the entire ‘pyramid’ area and applies the phi ratio factor, would anyone stick-out of become visible? Yes.

A Celestial Correspondence

It appears that the ‘pyramid’ motif at this Eridu ancient site is functioning as some sort of alignment that is centered on the ziggurat that is in ruins present towards the top of the ‘pyramid’ motif. In fact, if one superimposes the phi ratio spiral for a better visual effect, the fulcrum is centers on that ziggurat. Could this have been the foundation of the Tower of Babel? Based also on other ley-lines that the ‘square’ suggests, this Eridu ziggurat or once ‘Tower’ is positioned exactly to both the phi ratio of the horizontal axis and the vertical axis within the square. Even the base line from the 2 end points of the corresponding slopes of the ‘pyramid’ has an angle that matches with a phi ratio factor. Thus, up to this point, one can reasonably presume that this ‘pyramid’ motif was just not drown at random to encircle or project the ziggurats from flooding and human intrusion. And that such geometry is seen and occurs with other ancients sites. True.

What one next suspected is that if this Eridu site is like any other of the ancient world, and especially having a ‘pyramid’ geoglyph carved out of the ground and that can even be seen from modern-day satellites, it will have an Orion Star constellation correspondence. And sure enough, the 3 ancient ziggurats are aligned. In fact, the main giant Ziggurat would correlate to the largest of the Orion Belt Stars, Alnitak. Moreover, this configuration at Eridu would also correspond to the Great Pyramid of Giza and with 2 other building structures that are very eroded, especially the middle one that hardly has any traces of outlines. Interestingly, this massive ziggurat is exactly 555 nautical miles to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and exactly 777 nautical miles to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Are these coefficients coincidences also? These numbers have very esoteric and cultic attributes to the Mason and others.

The smaller structure of the 3 aligned at Eridu would correspond to the one nearly at the top of the pinnacle or capstone of this ‘pyramid’ motif at Eridu. To reiterate, these 3 structures would correspond to the Orion Belt Stars of Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. How this is confirmed is that if one superimposes the outline of the constellation of Orion onto the ley-lines and orientation of the 3 structures at the core of the pyramid, the corresponding line of the Galactic Equator matches the angle of the slope of this pyramid glyph on the east side. Now as to the reason why the Tower of Babel was to be built? The Bible suggests that it became a rallying-cry for Nimrod and Humanity at that point in time to oppose the dominion and commandments of YHVH.

In other extra-Biblical sources, such as the Book of Jubilees, it is written that Nimrod wanted to build a ‘Tower’ to reach Heaven and become ‘God’. This is where the theory of the Tower being a ‘Star-Gate’ comes from in that Babel also means ‘Gate of the Gods’ as in a Stargate then as no physical tower made by humans can possibly reach Heaven. Nonetheless, it was at a certain place that such a tower was constructed to do just that, or if not YHVH would not have needed to intervene. This is why many suggest that a Stargate scenario was more of the actual situation although the height of the Tower was also a factor that was true. Realize that such generations were just a few removed from the pre-Flood world in which technology would have most like been that the construction of such buildings were still engraved in the common knowledge of what was known. Consider the following amazing correlations suggested.

The Tower of Power
In investigating this topic and coming across much research already done, the thought came that presently there is a ‘Tower of Babel’ replicated on Earth. Where? In Dubai with the Burj Khalifa. How so? Consider the following observations. The tower is currently the tallest on Earth in terms of height at 2717 feet, excluding extensions for antenna, etc. In other prior studies entitled the ‘Dimensions of Paradise’, it was postulated that the ‘back door’ to Paradise on Earth corresponded astronomically to the Silver Gate and that of Orion. Where? In the area of Dubai and precisely the spot on which the Burj Khalifa Tower is situated presently. Thus, the ‘silver’ colored tower, by the way that echoes that of the celestial ‘Gate of Silver’. The study further postulated that the Burj Khalifa Tower comes a motif of the ‘arrow’ of Orion as such astronomical motifs are encrypted in such centers of power.

Furthermore, in other prior studies, it has been associated that Orion has been the single most replicated constellation and depiction on Earth as pyramids, ziggurats and temples have been made and are presently being made the template of such designs. The astonishing reality is that this same apparent ‘Orion Template’ is replicated on all continents of the globe as to suggest a common core one. Could this have be originated from Eridu, from Nimrod? Orion is considered the supreme ‘God’. He has a Torch of Enlightenment and wisdom, etc. This is why when there is a pyramid motif layout, Orion is sure to be present. And again, it why the Mystery Religions venerate the unfinished pyramid of Nimrod. Consider then that the famous Pyramids of Giza that were the 1st to be noticed having this association with Orion’s 3 Belt Stars is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg or capstone in this case.

Nearly every ancient temple complex was predicated on such a design or template. However as other studies have shown, this Orion motif ultimately speaks of YHVH, the Creator who is Light, as a beacon for Love, Life and Immortality, etc. There is a counterfeit light as Nimrod personified this opposition and seeks to supplant the very Throne and dominion of the true Light Bearer, GOD the Father. As in Genesis 1:1 states that YHVH ‘spoke’ Light into existence, etc. This is why to the Masons; such motifs are still their rallying-cry as they still think and are working hard to accomplish what Nimrod could not due to the ‘evil intervention of Adoni’ according to them. As to the measurements of the Tower of Babel. One source as mentioned is the Book of Jubilees. In Chapter 10, it amazingly gives the dimensions of the Tower of Babel.

Tower of Babel was 5433 cubits high =
8,150 feet

Based on these types of measurements, one can understand that the Tower of Babel was indeed ‘tall’, massive compared to any building presently standing on Earth. By comparison, interesting enough, only such a proportion can be found, not on Earth but on Mars. One example is the famous Cydonia Pyramid Complex. The triangulation of such massive buildings there could only compare with this ‘Tower of Power’ on Earth. For example, the Tower of Babel was then about 1.5 miles high. In comparison, the smallest of the structures, the Face of Mars is approximately 1.44 nautical mile in length or 1.66 miles. Is this another coincidence? Perhaps but one doubts it.

The Rebel Kings
In essence, the Burj Khalifa Tower is in approximate length of the Face of Mars. This study is not insinuating that this comparison and/or correlations is precisely the case. However, it could be based on the correlations of such ancient motifs with the one found in Mars and attributed to another ‘Rebel King’ in opposition to YHVH, Ala-Lu or better known as Lucifer. In the specific study of the Burj in relation to the Martian Motif, the tower does correspond to the overlay of the Pleiades pattern and specifically that of Atlas. The entire site is adjacent the man-made water pool that is configured as ‘serpent’ and/or dragon. Thus, it is not a stretch of the imagination to correlate such motifs if one knows where to ‘connect’ the dots’ as the saying goes.

Then there are some that take purported height and width of the Tower of Babel beyond reasonable application such as the researchers like Alfred Edersheim. He suggested the base of the Tower was 200 square miles. What? That would equate to the same exact distance as it is from New York City to Washington, D.C. The amount of brickwork, raw material and manpower to accomplish this is preposterous as the surface area alone is larger than most average-sized nations on Earth. It would have been a mistaken numerical factor of 2 in that the walls could have been 2 miles wide instead of the 200 miles. The following are the measurements of the walls that were supposed to have been built with the Tower of Babel.

1 stade = 625 Roman feet = 606.9 feet
13 stades wall = 7,889.7 feet
30 stades wall = 18,207 feet

For the context of this study and illustration pertinent to the Eridu ‘pyramid’, the factor of 30 stades will be considered. Using a stade to feet converter, it was calculated that 30 stades equals 18,207 feet. In applying this length in a straight line over the Eridu site, it did not come up with any correspondences. However, if one measured the end points of the Eridu ‘pyramid’ of the 2 end points at the corresponding base, along the angle that protrudes south and corners the pyramid that gives it its 3-deminsional aspect, behold the distance comes out to an approximate ~18,000 feet length. Amazing.

For a size comparison of what the Tower of Babel purported to be as tall to what is the tallest building currently, the Burj Khalifa. In comparing the Burj Khalifa to the Tower of Babel, 2 amazing factors became directly related to the size of the wall around the Tower of Babel the height of the Burj. Then, if one takes the measurement of the tallest building on Earth, presently, that of Burj Khalifa, which this study strongly suggests is an encrypted rendition of the Tower of Babel, it is 2717 feet as mentioned prior. However, if one factors in the concept and clue of Orion, having a 3-Star factor corresponding to the ziggurats at the site, what if the height is also a factor of 3? What if one multiplies the height of the Burj by a factor 3? In so doing the following amazing observations are found.

Burj Khalifa (3x)                                Tower of Babel
1. 2,717 feet
2. 5,434 feet
8,151feet (1.54 miles)              8,150 feet

The Burj compared in height to the Tower of Babel is purported to have been, it is off by 1 foot. Thus, it would take 3 Burj Khalifs to equal the height of the Tower of Babel. Note that the height of the Tower of Babel was stated to be 5433 cubits high. And upon using a cubits to feet converter, the calculation came out to be 8,150 feet; the difference of just 1 foot. Amazing. This study has to conclude that there is something afoot with this ‘pyramid’ glyph surrounding the ancient site of Eridu, purported to be the’1st city founded by man after the Flood of Noah’. This study has to qualify the findings in that it is not suggesting that this ‘pyramid’ construed around the ancient ruins of Eridu is the ‘Tower of Babel’ or that it was anywhere therein.

Based solely on these mathematical factors, Sacred Geometry, and astronomical associations that are direct, measurable and observable, it would lend a strong argument that perhaps it could be the case. Was it the case that Nimrod knew about the Martian Motif that from that point on, all the major centers of power would replicated on Earth? Did Nimrod want to venerated and immortalize the Face of Ala-Lu from here he, perhaps followed the spirit of his rebellion to the point that the Tower of Babel is in fact a measure of the very mausoleum or Face of Mars? Most likely.

Consider the amazing mathematical correspondence in terms of their respective measurements. As established, the Burj is 1.54 miles high when converting the 2717 feet and factoring it 3 times for a total of 81,51 feet. Then, if the Tower of Babel is 8,150 feet. In conversion to miles, the Face of Mars is 1.66 miles in length using Google Mars calculations. The difference in height if one where to place the Tower of Babel along with the corresponding 3x Burj Khalifa height to the Face of Mars next to each other, the difference would be approximately 666 feet.

Tower of Babel to Face of Mars height to length comparison.

  1.54 Miles Tower of Babel and 3x Burj Khalifa height
- 1.66 Miles Face of Mars length
= .127 Miles difference
.127 miles = ~
666 feet difference +/-

In a spiritual since and application, one will also draw a comparison to the visitation of this Tower of Babel structure at the ‘Gate of God’ where one could ascend to Heaven as it were. It so happens that according to the account of the Book of Jubilees, the Tower of Babel was at its 43rd year of just about being completed. This was the timeframe that YHVH, came to ‘pay a visit’ and see the progress. What is very interesting is that this same scenario can be superimposed in how another similar ‘visitation’ and evaluation occurred by YHVH as He visited another ‘tower’ or structure at the ‘Gate of God’, on the Temple Mount.

This was the account of when Jesus came in the flesh to ‘evaluate’ the work of the ‘Builder’ in Israel. It is said that when Jesus 1st came to the Temple, it was being ‘constructed’ in its 46th year, a difference of 3 years to the Tower of Babel. Was this 3-year difference when Jesus started His ministry? As the Tower of Babel was halted, so too was the work of the 2nd Temple renovation project. Although the renovations were said to be completed in 63 AD, the destruction of the Temple then occurred on the Av 9 in 70 AD. In a similar disbursement, as the people of the Tower of Babel became the 70 main Nations from then on, Israel was also ‘disbursed’ among the 70 Nations, etc.

Eschatologically, the year 63 AD marked a 7 year countdown to the 70th year when the Temple was destroyed. Perhaps in some similar linkage, a 7 year count-up is to also occur in the 70th year of Israel’s return pertinent to the coming 7-year Tribulation Period known as Daniel’s last prophetic Week of Years. Esoterically, the Tower of Babel has not gone away. The efforts of Lucifer and his ‘Nimrods’ have been in play since then. It is seen in the constant effort to unity Humanity under 1 rulership, the New World Order to have 1 religion and 1 economic system. The Bible actually teaches that such efforts will succeed but for a short time, specifically 7 years and precisely for 1260 days. The typology will again feature the completion of a ‘Tower’. In this case it will be the 3rd Temple as that is what will be the coming rallying-cry of the Luciferians and their long awaited ‘Orion’ Grand Master AntiChrist that will crown it as the literal ‘capstone’.

This will occur when Lucifer, by way of this human possessed proxy, the AntiChrist enters in to the Holy of Holies and sits on the Ark of the Covenant. Essentially, Lucifer by proxy will have accomplished would Nimrod and Lucifer have aspired to do in their rebellion. They seek to invade the Throne Room of YHVH through the ‘Tower’ Star-Gate, at the ‘Gate of the God’. This narrative is expounded in the Book of Jubilees. The coming AntiChrist will go as Jesus did through the very Golden Gate double doors on the Temple Mount and dethrone YHVH in His ‘Tower of Power’ to then ascribe all worship to himself. It will inevitably take yet another and final visitation, personally by the returning and glorified Jesus Christ that will come to destroy this desecrated Temple and unite the Nations under His true rulership that is founded on truth, justice and holiness.

Perhaps indeed Nimrod wanted to replicate the Face of Ala-Lu in terms of its actual length at Babel with; from one ‘Rebel King’ to other ‘Rebel King’. A corresponding tower to its height would in essence speak of the ‘Unholy Trinity’ in play. Ultimately it is Lucifer that is ‘hiding’ behind such a ‘mask/face’. Then there is the mythos of the folklore of the King come from Nibiru who was cast out and dethroned by the ‘Son of the most high God, Anu’. Nimrod placated such a spirit of rebellion as the Bible states is come to Earth. Since Nimrod, many have attempted to take on his role and complete the ‘Capstone’ sort to speak. For this reason, YHVH intervened in Nimrod’s endeavor. Until Jesus returns, the ‘Workers of Iniquity’ masquerading as ‘Ministers of Light’, even from Mars as Humanity’s ‘Saviors’ is a farce, a counterfeit and why YHVH had to interrupt their ‘Great Work’, for now.


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