Something is Up, Something is coming Down

  • Why is the Retrograde of Venus so important Prophetically?
  • Is there a Cosmic Pattern that begins and ends, finishing?
  • What does Venus personify and imply in the End of Days?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘I, Jesus, have sent My Angel to give you this Testimony for the Churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright Morning Star. The Spirit and the Bride say, Come! Let the one who hears say, Come! And let the one who is thirsty come, and the one who desires the water of life drink freely.’ -Revelation 22:16-17

On April 4, 2020 many in the End Times community were excited about the conjunction of the planet Venus with the Star Cluster of the Pleiades. Such were very expectant that the conjunction would have signaled perhaps the Rapture of the Bride of Christ as Venus is directly associated with Jesus in the book of Revelation and the Pleiades is directly associated with the Bride of Christ. Thus, this rendezvous would have appeared to have Jesus come to take His Bride from this present evil world, etc. One day, this celestial typology will occur, but until then such conjunctions are just an amazing reminder and rehearsal.

Although many were disappointed when the event of the Rapture did not take place, what this study seeks to illustrate is that the typology and metaphor of this conjunction is more serious in first considered regarding its timing specifically. It is understood that Venus conjoins with the Pleiades about every 8 years and at various positions in its proximity. It is understood, by this writer that such astronomical occurrences are just that. They are comprising the celestial alignments that do constitute the ‘Signs in the Heavens above’ as Jesus admonished His Disciples to consider as the day approached for the end of the present Age to conclude and so on. However, such ‘Signs’ most often than not are attributed to be the actual event and that is what disappoints every time and will if those that attribute such ‘Signs’ continue to hope erroneously.

It is human nature, but such ‘Signs’ are just milestones in the trajectory of Jesus’ Plan of Redemption’ that many do argue are heralded in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, etc. What this study strongly will suggest is that this Venus-Pleiades conjunction was rather unique and very pertinent to the End Times as it reveals a span of time that has been achieved or accomplished. In what way? Consider the following observations that make it very unique and something to pay attention to as many believe that the Rapture event that it is portraying is closer than ever imagined in this Last Generation. Even perhaps that it has arrived at pending now. As noted, Venus conjoins the Pleiades area about every 8 years. Each time the position is different, and it appears to gradually form a pattern that is repeated as it spans the breath of the Star Cluster. What is different about the 2020 conjoining is that it had not occurred since the early 1800 or about 100 years ago. More precisely, it occurred near the Star of Atlas.

A Matter of Time
This Star is attributed to be the ‘Shepherd’ along with Pleione, the shepherd dog that oversees the flock, etc. What then is very special about the Venus passing by the Pleiades is that it then coincided with its retrograde motion in the constellation of Taurus. Then point in terms of time is that the last time the conjoining of Venus with the Pleiades and followed by a retrograde in Taurus was witnessed in 2012. Thus, there was a 7-year duration of ‘Bookends’ of this type of Venus retrogrades. What is the point? Many End Time observers would be keen in realizing the year 2020 is the year of 7’s. There was also the turnover of how the world population reached 7,777,777,777 billion people during the Feast of Passover. And amazing, as will it be developed further down the study, the retrograde of Venus started on May 14 for both instances, the same as Israel’s birthday.

Coincidence? Perhaps. As in this case of the Venus-Pleiades conjunction, what does the 7-year span of time mean? One can suggest that it has been a span of time that has denoted a transition and a completion of a time. Is it also then perhaps a countdown to something? The Rapture then as that is what it is believed the topology is suggesting? Jesus the Great Shepherd of the Sheep coming as the ‘Atlas’ to snatch the 7 Maidens, the 7 Churches of Asia from the clutches of the Beast, Taurus the Bull that signifies ‘Fierce Judgment’? What is key and very interesting to note about this 7-year time span of the Venus-Pleiades conjunctions and subsequent retrograde in Taurus from 2012 to 2020 is that the exact midpoint in terms of the time was on June 6, 2016 or a 6-6-6 coefficient. Amazing, and more precisely, from May 14, 2012 to May 14, 2020 is 7 years and 11 months or a 7-11 coefficient.

This is significant. This same numerical factor is what was used to construct the Great Pyramid for example as part of its Sacred Geometry layout. The imagery also is fascinating as the Pleiades are in the constellation of Taurus. According to E.W. Bullinger, the Bull is a type of the ‘Fierce Judge’ or that of judgment that is coming to the world due to sin. It also has the proverbial metaphor of the Pleiades being associated with destressed Maidens that have been captured by the Beast. Or in this case concerning Humanity, having been captured by Lucifer’s plot and deception, etc. It is Orion the ‘Savior’ and Rescuer that comes to slay the Beast Bull and rescue the Maidens.

Further, in this mythological line of thinking, the typology is striking in that the quadrant of where Taurus the Bull is situated is in-between Perseus and Orion. In another typology or ‘picture’, it is a reference to the crucifixion scene of Jesus Christ, or in this case, the ‘Bull’, the Judge Himself, amazing. It also goes to show the length to which YHVH, the Creator when to do such an act of sacrifice to secure a Bride for His Son. Perseus, to the left of Taurus is situated in a downward orientation with the head of Medusa. It is a type of the thieve on the left side of Jesus that rejected the Gospel, thus a depiction in this rendition as the coming AntiChrist that will be coming down to Earth to rule one day. On the other hand, the right hand of Jesus at the cross, the other thieve repented at the ‘11th hour’ and accepted the Gospel. This thus correlated to Orion with an upward orientation in reference to Taurus and thus the Christ.

The Majestic Motifs
This then represents the going up of the Bride of Christ, an exchange, etc. It can be correlated that Jesus, the Judge of the Universe was slain as Taurus and pierced through that the retrograde of Venus in Taurus suggests. It is a thrusting in and out that the lance represented. The ‘Bull’ or Taurus or Christ was slain in-between 2 thieves. In this case, one can see the duality of Jesus in that being the Judge of the Universe, became the ‘judged’ and was slain for the sins of the world, etc. Another very unique attribute about this 7-year span of the Venus-Pleiades conjunctions  and retrograde in Taurus is that, as noted the 2012 and the 2020 only had the path of Venus later on retrograde in-between the Horns of Taurus.

What is spectacular is this motif of the ‘Horns’ of Taurus depicts a ‘pyramid’ when the constellation is seen from a vertical disposition. The planet Venus moves along the Ecliptic and when it reaches the Star El Nath, which means ‘The Pierced’, it is actually where the left Horn of Taurus pierces the talon of the Shepherd constellation Auriga. Then Venus traverses ‘backwards’ or retrogrades up the left Horn to reach the apex area known as the 5 Star Hyades region to then descend downward on the other side or right Horn of Taurus. This ‘Pyramid’ motif is unique and very significant as that is the perspective seen from Earth due to the different speeds of the planet’s rotation around the Sun, etc. What is rather eerie is that as the planet Venus is considered the brightest Star seen from Earth at either the dawn or dusk, once it reaches the apex of this ethereal ‘pyramid’, it takes on the imagery of the resplendent ‘Capstone’.

This motif is what is then portrayed by the Luciferian entities as the truncated or unfinished pyramid they attribute to the Tower of Babel that YHVH ‘unjustly’ interrupted and how the Capstone. In actually, to such, this ‘Capstone’ is Lucifer that seeks to unite the whole world around as his minions on Earth prepare it to enthrone Lucifer when he comes down to rule the Earth directly one day. According the Old and New Testament, this will occur but during the 7-year Tribulation Period as Lucifer is cast down out of Heaven for good. At this point of the study, one must interject that in the Cosmos, mythology and prophecy even in intertwined with a duality at play. Although the Bible clearly teaches that YHVH created all things, sin is a variable and with the rebellion of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, they have operated in this power to reverse such sacred motifs for their evil purposes. Meaning?

The same symbols, motifs and celestial occurrences are just as valid of a message for Jesus and His Followers as it is for Lucifer and his followers. Case in point, Venus. As noted, the book of Revelation clearly teaches that Jesus attributed Himself as being the ‘Bright and Morning Star’, i.e., Venus. And that the 7 Churches of Asia were the 7 Stars corresponding to the 7 Angels sent to the 7 Churches which He holds in His Hand, etc. It is an amazing type of the cosmic depiction of Orion confronting the Beast to rescue the Maidens. Or as Jesus defeating Lucifer that had captured all of Eve’s descendants through sin and death. However, it was at the Cross of Calvary that Jesus accomplished this, etc. Another interesting aspect of the planet Venus is that during its 8-year cycle around the Sun, it touches the Ecliptic 5 times, equally.

No More Rehearsals
What is significant about this? Well, the configuration made as seen from a top view of the Solar System is that of the Flower of Life – that of a pentagram having a 13:8 ratio or when Φ = (1+√5)/2. Again, what YHVH the Creator had in this amazing rotation of Venus’ orbit around the Sun to demonstrate the beauty of symmetry and design is then usurped and inverted to then be attributed to Lucifer and so on. Another esoteric depiction is even incorporated into the ancient buildings or pyramids of the world. For example, the pyramid in the Yucatan in Mexico called ‘El Castillo’ has the descending serpent coming down the 9 divisions of the pyramid.

This phenomenon is seen on the Equinox every year and it forms the Feathered Serpent by the Sun’s shadow onto the pyramid stones. It is a depiction and rehearsal to them that their Shining one comes from the Pleiades that is in conjunction every 52 years and their ‘Teacher’ comes down to Earth to save it, etc. In ancient folklore, Venus was seen as the ‘Wise Serpent’ that bestowed knowledge and fire to a lost Humanity, etc. This too, will occur as noted one day but not before the Restrainer of the Bride of Christ is removed first. The following will be a detailed description of certain key junctures of the planet Venus as it makes its retrograde within the Horns of the Bull or ‘Pyramid’.

Venus Retrograde
- 7-Year Bookend in constellation Taurus
- May 14, 2012 to May 14, 2020 = 7y 11m
- Duration of 40 days ascent, 40 days descent, 80 days total
- Venus-Pleiades Conjunction = April 4, 2020 (4-4)
- Venus - El Nath Conjunction = May 14, 2020 Israel Independence
- Venus - Mercury Conjunction = June 2, 2020
- Venus - Sun Conjunction = May 21, 2020
- Capstone of ‘Pyramid’ = July 7, 2020 (7-7)

Lastly what the 7-year time span of the 2012 to 2020 Venus-Pleiades conjunction and Taurus retrograde has that is very unique prophetically is that it is tied to Israel’s Independence Day of May 14, 1948. In what way? Realize that for 2020, the time that the planet Venus starts its retrograde motion corresponding to the base of the ‘pyramid’ in the left Horns of Taurus is on May 14th. This is the case for 2012, which happened to be the Transit of Venus as it cast its shadow across the Sun and was a spectacle to have witnessed.

Furthermore, what is amazing is that the during for Venus to retrograde backwards or ‘up’ the left Horn of Taurus or the ‘pyramid’ took exactly 40 days. Then likewise, on the downward motion or forward path, Venus took another 40 days to complete. Then, there is the conjunction of Venus with the Sun that happens to be in the midst of the ‘Horns’ of Taurus at this time. This is the motif that, for example the Egyptians depicted with the Solar Disk in-between the horns of the Bull, etc. Thus, as one can sense, this area of the Heavens is very active in these Last Days and perhaps it is signaling prophetically that a time has been accomplished, and endpoint has been achieved.

As ‘Signs’ go, it is reiterated that the ‘Sign’ is not the event nor will it ever be, but such are a piece of the prophetic puzzle that YHVH is signaling to His Watchers of the ever-approaching day. That one day, the true Shepherd and Shining One, Jesus will be coming for His 7-Fold Church made up of many Maidens to collectively render the Bride of Christ from the clutches of the coming New World Order Beast ‘Bull’ System. But that instead, the world will supper the full measure of the Wrath of the Judge that was slain. And that in that Last Hour the Wrath of the Lamb will be poured out on the Last Generation for their rejection and scorn of Jesus Christ and His ‘Maidens’ all the same and throughout human history since Eve’s deception.

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