Further Clues of a Rapture Picture of the Bride

  • What is the prophetic significance of theVirgins of the Hyades?
  • Is there a Biblical connection to the Taurus constellation?
  • Is there a typology of when the 'Rapture' is to occur shortly?

by Luis B. Vega

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'At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.' –Matthew 25:1-5

The purpose of this chapter is to highlight 2 key and unique properties of the Biblical symbolism and parallels of the 5 Wise and Foolish Virgins parable of Matthew 25. This parable will be correlated for its possible prophetic implication in relation to the 5 Virgin star cluster known as the Hyades in the constellation of Taurus. The study suggests that the star cluster provides a picture of one of the facets that will qualify a ‘Virgin’ for the Rapture event. The Rapture is that prophetic event of a calling up, a snatching-away, an escape through an open door to meet the Jesus in the air between Earth and Heaven. It is likened to a harvest of the Bride of Christ at the end of Church’s commission.

The Rapture of the Bride of Christ, as interpreted by some is the time that the ‘corruption must put on incorruptibility’ that suggests that it will be the time and place for the long awaited glorification of the body that is to be metamorphosized. It is an end of a prophetic time when the 7-fold Church of the LORD Jesus has ‘made herself ready’. It is a time when the Spiritual Temple of the LORD has been completed. The Rapture event is a calling for those that are as if ‘Virgins’ filled with the Holy Spirit and good works. This study suggests that the Hyades star cluster correlates to several of the ‘spiritual metaphors' of a possible rapture picture. Some of the most prominent theories of what the Parable of the 5 Wise and Foolish Virgin is alluding to will be considered.

Other notions will be interpreted from the Biblical account in relation to the inference of who is qualified for the Rapture event. Many who study Biblical Astronomy overlook this region of star clusters of the Hyades in the Constellation Taurus due to the prominence of the Pleiades. It is well known and documented that the Pleiades are an archetype of the 7 Churches of Asia that represent the collective Body of Christ as its name connotes the ‘Congregation’ even. Realize that Taurus also has another ‘picture’ or type of the Church. This other ‘Virgin’ star cluster is associated with perhaps who of the Pleiades will be amongst the 5 Wise or Foolish Virgins when the Rapture call comes. Technically the Pleiades has 10 stars. It is the 7 that are prominent and accentuated. There are 3 others that are accompanying the 7 Virgins, Atlas, Pleone and Asterope. However, in the midst of the Bull’s head there is a cluster of 5 stars that configure the V-shape of the Horns.

Parable of 5 Wise and Foolish Virgins
This motif can be rendered a pyramidion depending on the angle one is observing the constellation of Taurus from. Nonetheless the Hyades also has a possible and significant Rapture clue to contribute to the overall picture of the Rapture theory. According to the celestial interpretations of E.W. Bullinger the parable of the 5 Wise and Foolish Virgins as taught by Jesus Himself can infer to the Hyades based on the meaning of their star cluster. What is spectacular is that the Ecliptic runs right in-between the Hyades, this pyramidion or horns of Taurus. When certain planets either retrograde up the horns and through the Hyades or conjoin the apex of this celestial ‘capstone’ it mirrors the ‘all-seeing eye’ that is depicted on the back of the U.S. 1-dollar bank note.

Astonishing, this 1 eye of Taurus corresponds to the star Aldebaran as if it is the ‘all-seeing eye’. The following will be a synopsis according to the astronomical typology discerned from the Mazzaroth. Christ promised His Disciples in the Upper Room that He would come back for them as if they were a Bride, as if a ‘Virgin Bride’ collectively. According to the parable of the 5 Wise and Foolish Virgins, it is a euphemism for the whole Body of Christ. Jesus at the point of the rapture will come and calf o His Virgin Bride. However, the parable teaches that only half of such a composition of those within the Church that are called will be qualified to be chosen; will be ready and completed at the time of the calling. Jesus will only take those that are ‘prepared’ and worthy spiritually. Thus only 5 of the Pleiadian Virgins became the 5 Virgins of the Hyades. Astronomically, Jesus will be taking only the 5 Virgins of the Hyades that were prepared at His calling.

He like an Orion type will safely lead them by His hand to usher them to the Sukkah in Heaven through the Silver Gate, the Gate of Man. Obviously this possible scenario is based on certain aspects and interpretations utilizing Biblical Astronomy. There are other theological views asserting that all Believers in Christ, regardless of their spiritual condition, will be raptured. That assertion is for another study; suffice to say that just given this celestial ‘picture’ for this study and consideration, logic has to follow that is will not be the case. Just because someone says he or she is a ‘Christian’, a Follower and Disciple of Jesus and yet such are in willful sin or in a backslidden spiritual state, most probably such will not go up in the Rapture.

The qualification for the Rapture is the degree to which Christ’s ‘Virgin’ has been sanctified or set apart. It is an issue of holiness in one’s ‘lamp’; of how much ‘oil’ is there, etc. The point is that star cluster of the Hyades provides a profound picture of the spiritual significance pertaining to the immanent Rapture and its qualification. Nonetheless the ‘picture’ is very clear, Christ the Bridegroom calls, 5 Virgins are taken. The Parable appears in only 1 of the Canonical Gospels. In Matthew 25:1-13, the 5 Virgins who were prepared for the Bridegroom’s arrival are rewarded by leaving with the Groom. Ultimately the greatest reward is Jesus Himself. The 5 Virgins who were not prepared were excluded from the Marriage Feast. There is disagreement as to whether the 10 Virgins are the ‘Bridesmaids’ of the Bride or are a ‘representation’ or metaphor for the Bride herself.

Most agree though that the parable taught by Christ conveys a call to holiness, commitment, faithfulness, and readiness for when the LORD’s summons His Bride to the Wedding Sukkah. In terms of the mythology, the 5 stars of the Hyades in Taurus correspond to the 5 daughters of the Titan Atlas from Greek mythology. They were half-sisters to the Pleiades. This is the direct association with Hyades being related to the ‘Congregation of the 7 Churches’. The Hyades make up the pyramidion or V-shaped star cluster in the ‘head’ of Taurus the Bull. Amazingly the Hyades is about 153 light years from Earth. Obviously here is then even some prophetic correlation perhaps with the number 153 that is seen in the Bible with the catching of the 153 Fish in the Disciples net.

Could these 153 numerical coefficients be some sort of prophetic confirmation associated with the 5 Virgins of the Hyades in terms of how many total ‘fish’ were to be caught? Does this possibly represent the evangelical work of the Church or Body of Church during the ‘Church Age’ or Age of Grace in that only about half or 5 out of 10 ‘Virgins’ will proceed to the Marriage Feast with the Bridegroom? Again, these are just considerations of the ‘types and shadows’ given an astronomical interpretation. There is some evidence to suggest that if parable’s reference true life accounts and are not just a ‘story’ then it could not be the Bride herself as only 1 Bride would be married to 1 Groom. One must also consider however that the parable was given in the context of the Middle Eastern culture where polygamy was practiced.

For example, Jacob had 2 wives and thus the ‘Bride of Christ’ could be seen and understood by the people of Jesus’ day as having many ‘Virgins’ espoused to the LORD but in a collective way. Again, Christ in the book of Revelation does see His Church as a 7-fold manifestation of Maidens, yet one collective Bride as future referenced that she even comes down as a city from Heaven, the New Jerusalem. The Lesson Christ, the Groom Himself is conveying to His Church is that of being prepared for when the time concludes for the Church’s commission and the spiritual temple is complete. However, this study does suggest that when the time comes for the Groom to call the Bride to the Wedding, not all will be listening nor prepared or qualified. Amazingly such a time correspond to when the Heavenly Sukkah is also complete that Jesus has been preparing to show-off to His expectant Bride to be.

As noted, the star Aldebaran is known as the Eye of Taurus the Bull. It also happens to be one of the 4 celestial ‘Suns’ that fix the 4 universal coordinates of the known Universe. Aldebaran is opposite the star Antares in Scorpio. Aldebaran is the Royal Star associated with the Silver Gate that is related to resurrection. The star Antares on the other extremity of the Stargates of the Cosmos is associated with the Golden Gate or that of death. It so happens that at the Winter Solstice on December 21 of each year, the Sun is in the realm of the star of death, Antares and ‘passes’ through the Golden Gate. Conversely, the Sun on the Summer Solstice of each year is in the realm of the star Aldebaran. This star signifies the resurrection or new life as it passes through the Silver Gate. As already mentioned, this study suggests that the Pleiades motif is also a ‘clock’ that is keeping time, prophetic time at that and even of the Church Age.

Celestial Star-Gates
One astronomical assertion is that the Pleiades are a type of the 7-fold stages of the Church Age. Thus, in some amazing way, such a star cluster could be astronomically keeping time of when the Church’s commission will be completed. Moreover, this end time of the Church Age could be linked to a Stargate, given the Hyades’ proximity to it and direct alignment with the Ecliptic. According to the Luciferians, there are 3 Stargates that need to be opened before their AntiChrist and New World Order can commence. The first Stargate was said have been opened in 1999, the 2nd in 2011, the last one was opened in 2012.

This last Stargate opening occurred precisely on the Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 at 11:11 UT. Interestingly, a Celestial Cross occurs at this time. A Celestial Cross is when planets are at 90 degrees from each other around the Zodiac Signs or even in the Solar System. Any ‘Cross in the Heavens’ often forms a Hebraic Tau (T), signifying the 22nd and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. What is spectacular is that a ‘Cross’ was configured in the middle of ‘T’ for Taurus during this last opening of some Stargate, if at least in the spiritual dimension. In the Ancient secret wisdom and knowledge, the Tau or T was the emblem of an Initiate who triumphed over ‘death’.

The T or Tau denotes an ‘End’, a completion of a thing; the Church perhaps? Is it to be completed when some astronomical conjunction, eclipse or alignment occurs within the pyramidion or ‘V’ of the Hyades in Taurus? Will it be at that particular place and time, astronomically that the Bride of Christ will experience the final stage of the triumph over Death as the Apostle Paul quoted in 1 Corinthians 15:54-58? It could perhaps be a picture of something that has to ‘cross over’. Could it be the Rapture event itself? Such celestial ‘cross’ configurations are considered a turning point in human history; perhaps even prophetically for the Bride of Christ, the 5 Virgins of the Hyades.


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