Blood Clots Side-Effects

  • Why would any sane person volunteer for an Experimental Shot?
  • What is in the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Shot having effects?
  • Why are Side-Effects and Deaths not really being reported?

by Luis B. Vega

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The following is a report of what is happening in California with Kaiser Permanente’s use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shots. They are ‘pausing’ them out of an ‘Abundance of Caution’. And this for a suggested reporting of only 6 having developing blood clots after taking the COVID-19 shots. Mind you, the reporting in not mandatory and only depends on those Patients knowing who to contact and how to report the side effects. The ‘pause’ makes it seem like they are so worried of the health and safety of the Public in how they proportion the 6 reported cases to the 6 million already having taken the shots. And thus, to them, it is a ‘rare’ occurrence. Yet, this is another communication of confusion and Double-Speak. How so? On one hand the communique stresses that if anyone has side-effects they have noted, to contact them ‘immediately’.

Then yet on the other hand, the message is to continue being vaccinated and in fact are doubling-down on how by May, anyone older than 16 will be eligible to get the shots. They stress over and over how People need to get the shots also, ‘immediately’ or ‘as soon as possible’. For the life of one, one does not know how a healthy person could inject themselves with an unknown new technology never having been tested on humans. And also, not knowing the long-term side effects. Yet the pressure and propaganda are mind-boggling to ascertain how such so-called ‘vaccines’ are obviously having adverse effects but when they do occur, and such as death is a result, one cannot attribute nor link the death to the COVID-19 shot, anything but that. Based on over a year of research, one is of the Scientific Opinion that one should wait. To keep the ‘Scare and Fear Factor going, threats of ‘new stronger Variants’ are now being given. 

This is contrary to Science as Variants are usually weaker. If any such stronger Variants would be identified, it would be only because they too were bio-engineered and intentionally release to keep and justify the Lockdowns and pressure to have ‘everyone’ inoculated. The issue is not the hyped-up pandemic, it is about getting everyone in the world the shot. The ‘pandemic’ has only been really a plandemic to justify the shots. Why the Shots? Investigate, research what is in them. Make an informed decision based on Science, not the ‘Science of Conformity’. And as noted in prior studies, when has Science become a Religion. Certain ‘authorized’ Scientists and Politicians are stating, ‘Trust the Scientists’. ‘Have faith in the vaccines'. How should one not? Based on what evidence? It is a ‘Blind Faith’ and the world has fallen for it. Should you get the covid-19 shot? No. Consider. No vaccine for HIV after 40 years of research. No vaccine for the Common Cold. No vaccine for Cancer after 100 years of research. A virus mysteriously appears and within a year, a vaccine is created and all are expected to take it? No thank you.

Kaiser Permanente
Wed 4/14/2021
COVID-19 updates

Johnson & Johnson vaccine news

Out of an abundance of caution,Kaiser Permanente is pausing use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The CDC and FDA called for this pause as they review data on 6 reported U.S. cases, involving women between the ages of 18 and 48, of a rare and severe type of blood clot among the 6.8 million people who have received the J&J vaccine. We expect this pause to decrease vaccine supply and the number of vaccine appointments we can offer. We’ll continue to monitor guidance from federal and state health officials.

We want to assure you that these reported events are extremely rare. As called for in the CDC/FDA announcement,
we advise people who received the J&J vaccine and developed severe headaches, abdominal pain, leg pain, or shortness of breath, especially within 3 weeks after vaccination, to contact us immediately.

Expanded eligibility

Kaiser Permanente continues to vaccinate our members and the public against COVID-19 and we’ve now administered more than 3.2 million vaccine doses in California.
The fight against this disease will be won by getting more vaccine doses to more people, and everyone 16 and older will become eligible to get the shot on April 15.

While we have capacity in California to deliver 720,000 vaccine doses per week, our current vaccine supply allows us to deliver just 500,000 doses — or 69% of our capacity — each week. As a result, we want you to know that not everyone will be able to make an appointment right away. This is frustrating for all of us. We appreciate your continued
patience as we vaccinate people as quickly as we can.

The increase in eligibility will also increase demand for the vaccine to an all-time high. At the same time, the vaccine supply is decreasing significantly because of reductions in vaccine availability and federal allocations to the state. California will get approximately 20% fewer vaccine doses in the coming weeks. This means Kaiser Permanente will continue to have a limited number of vaccine appointments in April.

We look forward to receiving enough supply to vaccinate everyone who requests an appointment. If vaccine supply increases
in May, we’ll be able to open more appointments and vaccinate everyone even sooner.

How to get the vaccine

We recommend that all who are eligible
get vaccinated as soon as they can. The available vaccines are safe, effective, and lifesaving.

Here are some ways to sign up for a vaccine at no cost:
-Request an appointment at Kaiser Permanente on kp.org/covidvaccine. We’ll continue to add appointment availability as we receive more vaccine supply. We kindly ask that you don’t email your doctor for an appointment as they can’t book vaccine appointments for you.

-Find an appointment on myturn.ca.gov. You can look for available vaccination appointments near you. Locations include mass vaccination hubs and other authorized vaccine administrators.

-Go to your neighborhood pharmacy. Vaccines are also available at many local pharmacies at no cost to you.

We’re in this together
Whether you’ve already been vaccinated or you’re now eligible, let’s continue doing our part to protect each other. Keep wearing your mask. Physically distance. Wash your hands regularly.
And encourage others to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

For more information on the vaccine, visit kp.org/covidvaccine. You can also call our 24/7 KP COVID Vaccine InfoLine at 1-855-550-0951 (available in English and Spanish) for regular recorded updates.


Carrie Owen Plietz, FACHE,
Regional President, Northern California,
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals

Richard Isaacs, MD, FACS,
CEO and Executive Director,
The Permanente Medical Group


The Devil is in the Details
Why do the Corporations and Governments that rule the world want as many people taking this new mRNA Experimental Gene Therapy shot for COVID-19? Well, those that survive it that have more robust Immune Systems will. It will be part of the Block Chain 'Platform' array that will be now enabled eventually at some point in time thanks to the mRNA technology and Hydrogel Nano-Bot Technology. Even Full Fact website acknowledged the following:

'There is a genuine patent Microsoft applied for in 2019, numbered W0/2020/060606. The application does mention technology allowing for people’s activity to be monitored in exchange for cryptocurrency, but there is no mention of implanted chips. The patent application has not yet been granted. Specifically, the application is for a system whereby tasks are given to users, which, on participation or completion, can be rewarded with cryptocurrencies. Information is collected from a sensor, coupled with or potentially within the user’s device, to determine whether those tasks have been completed. The patent application describes that user device as potentially being personal computers, servers, cell phones, tablets, laptops, smart devices (e.g. smart watches or smart televisions.) It may also be a piece of wearable tech. The sensor is described as either a device in itself or built into the user device.'

Why does not Kaiser Permanente and others the like not out of ‘an abundance of caution’ stop injecting healthy People with an un-approved FDA Gene Therapy inoculation? The statement made, ‘The available vaccines are safe, effective, and lifesaving’ is false ‘Double-Speak’. They are making an absolute statement of ‘truth’ in the face of reported Adverse-Effects such as blood clotting. The supposed ‘cure’ is worse than the ailment or bio-engineered virus that has been released against Humanity.

Kaiser Permanente should not continue to ‘vaccinate’ its Members. Kaiser Permanente should pause the use of COVID-19 Experimental Shots with mRNA technology indefinitely. No, the ‘fight’ against this ‘disease’ will not be won by getting more vaccine doses to more people. As Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and others have emphatically stated over and over, ‘It will spell their doom’. No, Kaiser Permanente Members and the Public should not be making an ‘appointment right away’. Wait until the 2 and 3 year study is completed.

No, Kaiser Permanente should not be vaccinating People with the FDA unapproved COVID-19 shots, ‘as quickly as they can’. No, Kaiser Permanente should not be, ‘Opening more appointments and vaccinate everyone even sooner’. No, People should not be vaccinated as soon as they can with this never before tested mRNA shot on humans. No, the, ‘available vaccines’ are not safe, are not effective and are not lifesaving.  

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Kaiser Permanente
California, USA


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