Equinox Eclipse Patterns since Christ

  • Is the Rapture event somehow connected astronomically?
  • Are the Ages of time connected to the Houses of the Cosmos?
  • Can certain time markers be noted by the Equinox eclipses?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. But each in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; then they that are Christ's, at His coming. Then cometh the End, when He shall deliver up the Kingdom to God, even the Father; when He shall have abolished all rule and all authority and power. -1 Corinthians 15:22-24.
The purpose of this study is to illustrate just how close the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is based on an Elijah to Jesus’ phi ratio Rapture pattern. This study will present the theory that a 3rd Rapture to coincide with the end of the Church Age will occur and that it is based also on the phi ratio of time since Elijah and Jesus. It approximates the timing of when the end of the Church Age is to conclude perhaps. The study will suggest that the Church Age is encoded in the very depiction of the astronomical Sign of Pisces in the Heavens. This investigation will attempt to show that the typology of Pisces is prophetically measured out to the possible timing of when the Church Age commission is to end and thus when the Rapture is to occur. The timing of this 3rd Rapture since Elijah is to presumably conclude the Church Age and perhaps is somehow connected or associated astronomically to the Equinox Eclipse Pattern.

This study will continue in the investigation of the Equinox Eclipse Patterns since Christ to ascertain if there is any possible correlation. According to NASA’s calculations, the March 20, 2015 Equinox eclipse is only the 9th since Jesus. What makes this one in particular unique is that it does occur when there was a Super Moon and on YHVH's Religious New Year. One other peculiarity about the Equinox Eclipse Pattern is that all these also occur in the constellation of Pisces. The chart accompanying this study will show that the constellation of Pisces will be likened to the trajectory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as one of the ‘Fish’ of the constellation that is going up. The other ‘Fish’ depiction will be likened to that of the Church Age going out. 

The 2 ‘Fish’ of the constellation Pisces make up the entire segment of the Mazzaroth that also encompasses the Band, which is the chord that binds the 2 Fish together at the subjugation of Cetus, which is ‘Leviathan’ or a depiction of Lucifer, the ‘God of this world’, etc. The other association with Pisces will be that of the Rapture and perhaps the Rapture timing as this study also suggests. The Pisces constellation in this correlation and inference could be marking the time segments of the progression of the Church Age throughout time since Jesus Christ’s ascension. The Equinox Eclipse Pattern that occur specifically in Pisces will show that there is a progressive segment of astronomical positioning along the Band of the 2nd Fish that is going out and adjacent and leading up to the mounting of Pegasus that typifies the mechanics of the Rapture.

Astronomical Rapture
The constellation of Pisces is aligned horizontally with the Ecliptic. When this alignment occurs, the 1st Fish of Pisces stands upright. The 2nd Fish is configured at a 45-degree angle adjacent the back of Pegasus. Next, the timeline of the specific Equinox Eclipse Pattern since Christ is synchronized to the span of space in-between the 1st Fish and the 2nd Fish of Pisces. This study presumes the Ascension of Jesus to be in 32 AD. The chart illustration will show the constellation of Pisces has an approximation of the phi ratio proportions to it. Concerning the Equinox Eclipse Pattern, the majority since Christ occur starting at the point from where the phi ratio spiral originates on the Ecliptic. Based on these astronomical associations, the Church Age, begins in the same year of the Ascension of Christ and subsequent indwelling of GOD the Holy Spirit 10 days later will have its termination soon if what the pattern suggests could be at a Pentecost.

This phi ratio pattern will be depicted in the constellation Pisces that will show an amazing proportion of the 1st Fish going up and the 2nd Fish going out. What the 2 combined produces is a pyramid of sorts of the 1st Fish going up which represents Jesus’ ascension. As YHVH is the Creator, He of course knew where to put such constellation and use what stars to be arranged in space and time to render such a depiction. It is incomprehensible as the ley-lines in the heavens match the delineation of the phi ratio spiral configurations when superimposed on the constellations. Of note, these depictions are just a model and approximated the best possible angle and configuration of the constellations as they are based off of computer software and are a model themselves. 

This conclusion of the Church’s ‘Royal Commission’ will occur with the Rapture at the end of the Pisces Age, as depicted by the 2nd Fish that is along the Ecliptic. This constellation depiction of the 1st Fish going up and the 2nd Fish of Pisces going out is tied to the historical event of what occurred on Ascension Day with Christ Jesus and the Church, being made up of the first Disciples and thus the Frist-Fruits of the whole Church Age period and the harvest of Gentiles. Ascension Day was 10 days prior to Pentecost that the LORD commissioned the Church. It was to be under His complete authority as all power was given to Jesus, in Heaven, under Heaven, on Earth and beneath the Earth. At the name of Jesus, all knees will bow, and tongues confess that Jesus is LORD to the Glory of GOD the Father. It was at this point in time that Jesus went up as He commissioned His Church to go out.

This is the astronomical depiction of Pisces in the Stars. It would not have been realized that this ‘going out’ by the Disciples would consist of the 7-fold Menorah type of Ages or dispensations of time that would constitute the Church Age. Each time or Age characterized by a certain attribute of the Church, both good and/or bad. As a type, this ‘Piscean Pattern’ of the Rapture has it reverse order in that as the LORD Jesus went up, the Angles that appears and stood next to the Disciples assured the Disciples that in the same way that Jesus went up in physical bodily form would return in the same way and in the exact place. This return is the 2nd coming of Jesus as foretold by Zechariah that Jesus’ feet would touch down on the very same spot, the Mt. of Olives.

Astronomical Time Markers
It is rather interesting that Pegasus and Andromeda are directly connected to Pisces. In one level of possible interpretation, the direction of the flight that Pegasus is taking the raptured Church, i.e., the ‘Chained Woman’ it that towards the Golden Gate or the ‘Gate of GOD’. This portal or gate is at the Galactic Center where the Galactic Plane and the Ecliptic intersect and is in-between Sagittarius and Ophiuchus. In a Stereographic rendering of the Universe using Stellarium, it is rather interesting that the depiction of Pegasus and Andromeda take center stage in-between the 2 celestial gates, that of the Golden Gate, the ‘Gate of GOD’ and the Silver Gate, the ‘Gate of Man’, thus an ‘Astronomical Rapture’. Jesus did say that He was the Good Shepherd that would lead His Sheep through the Gate of the Shepherd perhaps that of the Golden Gate itself.

The 2nd coming of Jesus will be with His Bride as foretold by Enoch and in which all people will see brighter than the noonday Sun. What was perhaps not fully grasped was the notion that there would be a ‘secret’ Rapture of Jesus coming at a ‘midnight hour’ and as a ‘thief in the night’ to call His Bride home to His Father’s House where Jesus had promised His Disciples prior to Passover that He would come back to take them there. This is in keeping with the ancient Jewish wedding tradition. This is what the Signs of Pisces along with Pegasus and Andromeda depict and tell its story by the definition of the Stars. It will be Jesus like Pegasus coming from afar to rescue His ‘Chained Woman’, the trodden down Church by Cetus. The horizontal 2nd Fish of Pisces mounts on the back of Pegasus in swift flight, in twinkling of an eye even.

This study assumed that the Equinox Eclipse of March 20, 2015 is the ‘last’ one of the Church Age to signal perhaps the end of its ‘Commission’ as a prelude that the Church Age is about to close. The reason being that unlike the 8 previous ones since Christ, none appear to occur on YHVH’s Religious New Year and on a Super Moon. There is a subsequent Equinox Eclipse 19 years later in 2034 but does not occur on a Super Moon nor on a Feast of YHVH. Here is a more accurate rendering of the Equinox Eclipse Pattern. There appears to be a 27-19-19-year order; now as to its significance? The distinctive pattern is of a 27-19-19-year association. One occurs before Christ, and the other after with the Equinox Eclipse of 2015 being the 2nd 19-year delineation. Based on the eclipse series, there appears to be a set of a 27-19-19-year pattern of Equinox Eclipses that occurs before Christ and after Christ, at the beginning as it will in the end.

Before Christ
-1994 to -1967 = 27 years
-1948 to -1929 = 19 years
-1427 to -1408 = 19 years

After Christ
  592 to   619 = 27 years
1140 to 1159 = 19 years
1643 to 1662 = 19 years
2015 to 2034 = 19 years

Piscean Age
The concept of the duration of how long the Church Age is to last follows the theory that there is a comprehensive 7000 year span of human history that after the 7 year Tribulation Period, the remaining 1000 year segment of time will be completed. Each 1000-year segment of time corresponds to a day of the re-creation account of Geneses 1:2 of which the Church Age is patterned after. One interesting computation is as follows. If the 1st Equinox Eclipse occurred in 52 AD after Christ’s ascension and the Equinox Eclipse of 2034 that is paired to the 2015 by 19 years is the ‘last’ one, then the following numbers turn out.

2034 last Equinox eclipse

Based on prior studies of the possible span of the Church Age, it is conceivable that this coefficient of 32 AD is the time in which it reflects the true age of Jesus Christ, being 33 at the time of His crucifixion and resurrection, which is believed to correspond to the year 32 AD. This date of April 14, 32 AD is suggested also for this study. One calculation is based off of the notion that on 32 AD near midnight a total Blood Moon occurred in the midst of Libra near the midnight hour. There was no Tetrad contrary to current belief, but this Blood Moon is striking.

This event would be in keeping with the typology of how at the liberation of the Hebrews from the land of Egypt possibly also had a Blood Moon near midnight and in which the Angel of Death slew the 1st Born, such as Jesus was as a type on the Cross of Calvary and the very Lamb of YHVH. What is unique if by coincidence or design, the Blood Moon on 32 AD was on April 14, such as was the 1st of the last Tetrad sequence since 1949 that started on April 14, 2014. This is exactly 1,982 years apart.

April 14, 32 AD = Crucifixion of Jesus on a Blood Moon near Midnight

The question remains, does the Equinox Eclipse Pattern and/or sequence approximate the time for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is at hand? This study in not emphatically asserting what specific year it could happen but that the Rapture is at the door. If the year 2034 is the outer limit of the Church Age, perhaps which would mean those 7 years prior to that time would be 2027. This would only mean that indeed, this is the Last Generation with only years left to go for the Church Age to end. The point is that the next subsequent Equinox Eclipse does not happen until 2406 AD, some 400 years later. What was unique about the 2015 series of eclipses is listing below.

Peculiarity of the Equinox Eclipse
1. On the Equinox
2. On a Super Moon
3. A Total Solar Eclipse
4. On YHVH’s religious New Year
5. Only the 9th since Christ
6. A duplicate 27-19-19 year pattern

Prophetic Patterns of the Bible
As it has been shown in previous studies about the Equinox Eclipse Pattern since Creation and Christ, the pattern follows a phi ratio of progression of time based on mathematical precision. This is not only seen in the actual times of when the pattern occurs on the timeline but the constellations themselves follow the same phi ratio proportions. The point is that time; space and motion are subject to this hidden ‘Signature of GOD’ as it is an irrational and eternal number. Like pi, the phi ratio is associated with the circle that has no beginning and no end.  As to the timing of the Rapture of the Church, the Equinox Eclipse Pattern will be likened to a prophetic inference of this typology of the ‘Astronomical Rapture’.

The whole timeline of the Equinox Eclipses since Christ to the one on March 20, 2015 can also be pegged to its phi ratio proportion. This is assuming that the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension happened in 32 AD. The other assumption is the time or date of Elijah’s translation or Rapture near ~850 BC. This is why this study can only suggest an approximation of the 3rd Rapture to correspond to the end of the Church Age; the prior dates are in dispute. Nonetheless, if this model and pattern is plausible, then given the incorporation of the phi ratio equation, it would appear that the Church Age and the Rapture are for sure to occur in this generation as noted. Having this in mind and context when one applies the phi ratio to the ascension or Rapture of Jesus to the time of the Equinox Eclipse in 2015, the 2 segments of time can triangulate the 3rd timeframe. This 3rd timeframe happens to correspond to the approximate time when Elijah was also translated or raptured.

Thus, this study strongly suggests that this pattern of the ‘Piscean Code’ is in fact an attribute that is hinting that there is going to be a Rapture of the Church within prescribed pattern of time, say like 1260 days. This again is speculative and only going off the Equinox Eclipse Patterns and the approximate delineation of time based of the phi ratio and prior Biblical spans of time. The supposition is that there is going to be an ‘Astronomical Rapture’ that is due to occur based on this pattern of an Elijah-Jesus-Bride Rapture based on their phi ratio of time. The assertion that Elijah is also tied to the Rapture of the Bride of Christ has to do with the 2 Fish of Pisces. This 2nd level of interpretation of the 2 Fish of Pisces has to do with what is going to occur at the point of the Rapture as some interpret the Bible’s typologies.

Prophetic time of phi ratio

|-------------- A----------------|--------------------- A + B -----------------------------|
Rapture                       Rapture                                                              Rapture
Elijah                           Jesus                                                                 Bride
~850 BC                       32 AD                                                            ~post 2018?

This study suggests that perhaps the Rapture of the Bride of Jesus is tied much like it was with Elijah and Elisha. When the LORD sent the celestial limousine, the fiery horse chariot for Elijah, it was because his commission was completed. As the 2 men of YHVH were walking along, it was understood that a ‘translation’ was about to occur.

Isn’t it a fact that at this point in time in history, even to the point of ridicule many in the world know that there is going to be a Rapture? When the ‘Pegasus’ came for Elijah as a type of a trodden-down and weak ‘Andromeda’, it was Elijah that went up, the 1st Fish of Pisces. It was Elisha that stayed with the Mantle of Elijah and went out, the 2nd Fish of Pisces. As Jesus went up, it was left with the ‘Mantle of Jesus’, God the Holy Spirt to do amazing works of faith and miracles. Elijah was considered the ‘Weeping Prophet’ because he witnessed to Israel, YHVH’s people during a time of great apostasy and mistreatment; just like today in the last Church Age of apostate Laodicea. However, it is the Philadelphian type of Church that is granted an Open Door of escape. It will be the escape from the ‘Hour of Trial’ that is coming to judge the world, Israel and Lucifer, etc.

Elijah’s vindication was the Rapture; the Bride of Christ’s vindication will be the Rapture. In YHVH’s promise to Abraham, David, Daniel, and others, He will commission new Witnesses to carry on His Testimony to the Nations and primarily to Israel. This was the case for Israel with the subsequent commissioning of Elisha. Thereafter Elisha witnessed to Israel and in a double portion during a time of drought and famine. The Church Age has been a parenthetical time period often referred to as the Mystery Age, the Age of Grace, of the time of the Gentiles in-between the 69th and the 70th prophetic Week of Years given to Daniel. This supposes that the timeline of the Church Age will stop as the commission is thus transferred over to the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists and the 2 Witness for the purposes of the last prophetic week of Daniel to conclude Israel’s discipline as foretold by the LORD Jesus on the Olivet Discourse.

The Church’s Royal Commission will not and cannot overlap into the 70th Week contrary to false teaching. There will be the transference and testimony of Jesus back to the Jewish nation that will complete Daniel’s revelation. This will be what will occur at the time of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. She that has been week and broken at times but not defeated will take flight by the one who is coming from afar, a ‘Pegasus’, the LORD Jesus. This is what He told specifically to the Church of Philadelphia that they were to be kept from the ‘hour’ …the Tribulation Period. Such an hour or ‘Week’ will be The time of Jacob’s Trouble, not the Churches’. The Royal Commission of the Church is just about completed, and the recalling of the King’s Ambassadors home occurs just before war is declared. Christ will be declaring war on the Earth very soon.

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