Menorah Typology of the Age of Grace

  • Are there astronomical time-markers signaling changes by eclipses?
  • Is there a pre-determined timeline of when certain 'times' start/end?
  • What are Hybrid eclipses and is it important? Is it about the Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Thou shalt make a Lampstand of pure gold: of beaten work shall the Lampstand be made; its shaft, and its branches, its bowls, its knobs, and its flowers, shall be of the same. And 6 branches shall come out of the sides of it; 3 branches of the Lampstand out of the one side, and 3 branches out of the other side’.
-Exodus 25:31-32

The purpose of this chapter is to illustrate the occurrence of the very rare Hybrid total solar eclipses since the 1st century. This pattern could lend some clues as to when he Church Age is to conclude. This factor would in turn approximate thus the need for the 3rd Temple to be rebuilt. Up to now, according to NASA’s calculations, only 8 H3 Hybrid types have occurred as opposed to an H1, H2 or Hm variety. A timeline will graph the 7 Hybrid H3 type solar eclipses since the time of Christ; 7 have already occurred, the 8th one occurred on November 3, 2013.

This study will seek to show that these peculiar Hybrid solar eclipses have a peculiar frequency and sequence since the 1st century. The timespan of the Church’s age is presented by this study as staring on Pentecost of 32 AD. This timeframe would thus be lasting an approximate 1,984-year duration from 5776, the ‘Year of Light’. These 8 Hybrid eclipses would represent, typologically the branches and stem of a ‘celestial’ Menorah as if a lighting of the ‘candles’ i.e., the Hybrid eclipses has been lit also in the heavens.

This sequence is ‘mirrored’ on Earth much like what took place with the Golden Lampstand in the House of YHVH or during the Hanukah lighting ceremony. Thus, the study further will stipulate that the Church Age and dispensation of Grace perhaps correlates to these 8 Hybrid eclipses that have occurred since the 1st century when the Church was born. This assertion is only taken from a direct inference to the Menorah typology from the book of Revelation in which the risen LORD Jesus is ministering to the 7 Churches of Asia prophetically throughout the dispensations of time according to how some interpreter End Time events.

If the Church Age is to conclude in some fashion that is tied to the Tetrad triple series of 1949-1967-2014, then based on the last or 8th Hybrid eclipse that have occurred already, then a time-span could be calculated when the Church Age might conclude. If the Church was ‘birthed’ at Pentecost 32, AD and it is the assumed date of crucifixion minus 2015 –would be 1984 years that the Church Age is to be allotted. Is the year 1984 significant? This simplistic but profound insight could thus have huge End Time significance as to just how soon the Rapture might occur.

The 8 Hybrid Eclipse Pattern
In a reverse engineering the mathematical function of the year 5776 or 2016 minus 1984 years equals 32 years. This would take the year count to the 32nd year that Jesus was old at the time of His crucifixion. What is profound is that the Bible states that as Christ was resurrected and raptured, so too in like manner His Disciples would be. If the Hybrid eclipse pattern is any possible indication, then yes, it is plausible according to the ‘Signs’ in the stars that the Church Age is about to be concluded, in this very generation. The theory presented only considers the celestial Menorah pattern of the 8 H3 Hybrid eclipses that involves the timespan from Pentecost to the Rapture.

Could the 8th Hybrid eclipse have something to do with being the ‘last one’ in which the Church Age is to conclude soon thereafter? This study is not presenting that the Rapture and/or the close of the Church Age will occur on an eclipse but that the ‘signal’ or time could be based purely on the celestial Menorah Hybrid eclipse pattern. This theory is purely speculative but if it has some measure of corresponding principles, then with the 8th and last Hybrid perhaps signals that the Church Age is to be harvested.

Did the 8th Hybrid eclipse of November 3, 2013 signal a fulfillment or completion of some ‘event’ or the start of one? Perhaps it is but a countdown to the end of the Church Age and the beginning of national Israel’s redemption is to intersect prophetically? Again, this ‘Menorah’ inference in this study to the closure of the Church Age is only suggestive in scope. The theories presented only seek to see if there are any prophetic correspondences to the end of the Church Age in relation to the timing of the last or 8th solar Hybrid eclipse. Such assertions are at least valid to contemplate as a Menorah and number 7 are directly associated with YHVH of the Bible.

If that be the case, then the 8th very rare Hybrid eclipse pattern is a sort of ‘signature’ that YHVH has designated to fulfill a heavenly plan and purpose on Earth as it is in Heaven. This study suggests that the 8 Hybrid H3s since Christ, could allude to a prophetic countdown as it led-up to the Tetrad of 2014-15. It also follows a ‘Menorah’ type pattern of 8 luminaries, as it where, ‘candles’. Thus, this time period surrounding the Tetrad triple series of 1949-1967-2014 could possibly be an ‘end’ of one thing and the ‘beginning’ of another. Why? Because according to NASA’s eclipse timetables, the November 3, 2013 Hybrid eclipse is the only one since the time of Christ that has ever preceded a Tetrad.

The Hybrid eclipse of November 3, 2013 will be the 8th (H3) and 3rd (H3 n-) type. There have been several Tetrads over the centuries, but what this particular about this Tetrad occurring on 2014-15, was that all of the total lunar eclipses fall on the 4 consecutive Jewish Holy Feasts of Passover and Sukkot and it is the 8th of such type since Christ. So, 8 Hybrids followed by an 8th Tetrad pattern is very impressive to consider prophetically as it could pertain to the timing of just how long the Church Age is to last. This was a possible convergence of prophetic counting and a synchronization of time.
There are those that speculate that the Tetrad sequence since 1949 could be the heavenly Sign of the prelude to begin the long anticipated and controversial Tribulation period spoken of in the Bible.

Or it could be signaling the start of a major regional war with Israel and its Muslim neighbors, i.e., the rise of radical Islam. Such geo-politics could soon thereafter pave the way for the ‘confirming of the Covenant’ and perhaps the initiation of the 3rd Temple’s construction as a political concession that in turn could initiate the Tribulation thereafter. The following is the list of the only 8 Hybrid eclipse category H3 that have occurred since Christ. Out of the total 8 Hybrids, only 3 specific ones have been the (H3 n-) type. The November 3, 2013 will thus be the ‘8th’ H3 type and the ‘3rd’ (H3 n-) type at the same time. Interestingly the First and the Last are the rarest (H3 n-); the  ‘Alpha and Omega’ pattern. Will it be a beginning and an end for the Church Age?

  Number       Date           Time          Sequence            Type        Coordinates
1) 05237  0190 Oct 16  20:54:58    8688 -22377  085   H3 
n-     0.4293  1.0152  16N  93W  64   57  01m30s
2) 05593  0349 Sep 28  23:41:03   7162 -20411   088  H3 
n-    -0.2467  1.0163  15S 155W  76   57  01m27s
3) 05960  0508 Sep 11  02:53:05   5597 -18445  091   H3  nn    0.0826  1.0173     9N 160E  85   59  01m45s
4) 07686  1228 Jan 08  22:42:54    0652  -9548  109    H3  nn   -0.0068  1.0176  22S 155W  89   60  01m40s
5) 07978  1350 Nov 30  07:34:51    0393  -8028  112   H3  -n     0.2227  1.0166  10S    69E  77   58  01m42s
6) 08287  1489 Jun 28  20:04:24     0207  -6314  128    H3  p-   -0.6440  1.0130  17S 127W  50   58  01m23s
7) 09174  1854 Nov 20  09:56:58      007  -1795  140    H3  p-    -0.5179  1.0144  49S    13E  59   57  01m07s
8) 09538  2013 Nov 03  12:47:36    0068     171  143     H3 
n-    0.3272  1.0159   3N    12W  71   58  01m40s

A Hybrid eclipse is a unique type of ‘central eclipse’ where parts of the path of the eclipse are Annular while other parts are Total. This duality happens when the vertex of the Moon's Umbral shadow passes Earth's surface at various points but falls short upon the surface of the planet while it does not along other portions of the shadow’s path. This is due in part to the curvature of Earth's surface. The last time a regular Hybrid Eclipse (H3) occurred was in 2005 where this type of Moon shadow dual-convergence occurred during the eclipse. Interestingly there is a peculiar number count occurring from when the 2005 Hybrid happened to the November 3, 2012 Hybrid one of 3131 days.

As far as the timeline of the 8 H3 Hybrid eclipse dates are concerned for this study, the 8 H3 Hybrids appear to typologically correlate to a Menorah pattern. The 4th Hybrid of June 8, 1228 and Nov 30, 1350 would thus correspond to the Center Stem. A short study on the Menorah and the Number 7 will follow to consider if a Biblical and/or prophetic relationship exist between the 7 Hybrid eclipses since the time of Christ and the Church Age. The Menorah is a heavenly concept and Holy Vessel that the Bible declares originates in Heaven itself that is before the very Throne Room of YHVH.

The Bible describes that the earthly Golden Candlestick or Lampstand was 1 of the 3 main articles YHVH instructed Moses and later on King David to build for the Holies in the Tabernacle and Temple thereafter. It is a copy of the true one that is said to exist as described in the book of Revelation of the vision of the Church Lampstand and the Olive Trees in Zechariah 4. In modern times, the Menorah has become the national emblem for the secular nation of Israel that became a nation in 1948. Because of this principle, such a Menorah pattern is possible to apply and overlay onto the 8 Hybrid eclipses timeline with respect to a possible Church Age timeline since Christ.

Celestial Menorah Pattern
The 4th and 5th central Hybrid eclipse acts as the fulcrum for this metaphorical Hybrid eclipse ‘Menorah’. The middle stem is said to be unique because the 2 halves are fashioned from an entire piece or whole as it does not branch out either to the left or right sides of the Menorah’s flanks. The center fulcrum mirrors the branches. If one sees the chart illustration for this study, one will notice that in fact, there are 3 Hybrid eclipses occurring first. The central stem of this ‘celestial’ Menorah would then correspond to the 4th Hybrid eclipse. Thereafter, the next series of 3 Hybrid eclipses conclude with the Hybrid eclipse of November 3, 2013.

What is further astonishing is that if one factors in the phi ratio φ coefficient for good measure, one can see that it does become a ‘mirrored’ half of each other to a certain degree. Because of its obvious symbolism of light and oil, a Menorah is associated with spiritual illumination, the Holy Spirit, and spiritual blessings. As to the meaning of this particular ‘celestial’ Hybrid Menorah? This study suggests that, each Hybrid eclipse would correspond to a particular Church Age segment with the 8th being the transitional time period that will revert back to Israel. It is known that eclipses follow certain patterns or cycles and can be predictable. Mathematically they are very precise in terms of timing, but the 8 Hybrid eclipses have a factor of phi ratio φ properties that is undeniable and hard to explain away as mere coincidence without intelligent design at least.

As to the Menorah typology, in 1999, the Temple Institute had constructed the Menorah suitable for the 3rd Temple. It was built to the exact specifications of the Old Testament. It is built with a bronze core and then overlaid with almost 95 lbs. of pure gold to be as one piece of gold the Bible prescribes it to be. On some special occasions, the Menorah is on public display facing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. One day it will most likely see service in the Holies when the 3rd Temple worship service will be reconstituted. The following are some variables concerning the subject of the Temple Menorah.

1999: Menorah constructed by Temple Institute
From 70 AD to 1999 = 1929 Years
1999 - 1929 = 70 Years difference or

1 Biblical Generation of Judgment as in 70 AD when the 2nd Temple was destroyed and how long the Babylonian Captivity lasted. The Arch of Titus in the Roman Forum depicts the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD when the Menorah was taken as plunder. It has been about 1930 years that the new Menorah has now been constructed to service in the 3rd Temple to come. As noted, what is astonishing is that if one adds 70 years to 1929 years since 70 AD = 1999, the year the Golden Menorah was constructed for the 3rd Temple worship services. As a Menorah has 7 protrusions; the number 7 speaks of completion and/or a fulfillment. A further study on the number 7 will also be presented for possible prophetic overtones as to what could be referenced by the 7 Hybrid eclipse Menorah pattern.

The Meaning of the Number 7
This study attempt to show that indeed, the 7 Hybrid sequence leading up to both the 8th Hybrid and the start of the 8th Tetrad has a Menorah pattern with ‘mirrored’ halves; each side having the 1st 3 Hybrid eclipses and the last 3 Hybrid eclipses with a center 4th and 5th ones in the middle. More astonishing is that the 2 ‘halves’ are in approximate phi φ relationship to each other in terms of their dates and times; a true ‘mirrored’ image like in a Menorah.

It is well understood even among non-Biblical circles that the number 7 is a special number on multiple levels. In the secular world, it is considered a lucky number. In terms of purely Biblical connotations, the number 7 represents ‘spiritual perfection’ as in a fullness or completion of a cycle, term, work, or period of time. According to some who research and study Biblical numbers, 7 ‘is the number of Covenant and of the Holy Spirit; one of the 2 perfect numbers. From a Hebrew word study, the number 7 in Hebrew is shevah (shebah). It comes from the root word shava (shaba), as in to be full. The following list is but a small portion of how the number 7 has a Biblical and prophetic overtone.

-YHVH rested on the 7th day –Saturday after Creation.
-There are 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.
-The sacred Menorah has 6 branches plus Center Stem.
-There were 7 types of furniture in the Tabernacle.
-The Tabernacle was built in 6 days and dedicated on the 7th.  
-It took Solomon 7 years to build the Temple in Jerusalem.
-There are 7 annual Holy Feast Days observed under the Law.
-Passover is 1st month of liturgical year but 7th month civil year.
-Sukkot completes a cycle of the 7th month of a liturgical year.

Since the number 7 connotes a completion or fulfillment, it follows that the last book of the Bible, Revelation would encompass this principle in its writing. The Revelation of Jesus Christ was given to John, the last remaining Apostle that remained alive. It becomes clear that Jesus Christ has given a summation of how history and time will all end or come to a completion by multiples of the number 7. So perhaps the 7 Hybrid Eclipse pattern is one such summation of how the Church Age will likewise end at some 7th interval of time for example. A partial list of ‘7’ peculiarities throughout the book are as follows.

Prophetic Harbingers of 7
-Golden Lampstands
-Golden bowls

This Menorah pattern theory of the very rare Hybrid solar eclipses could be telling of some sort of celestial time-markers of the beginning and ending of the Church Age. Will it really occur in this last generation? Many in the End-Times community are believing that such ‘Signs’ in the heavens involving the convergence of the Tetrad series of 1949-1967-2014 may appear to be the ’harbingers. These harbingers could be signaling of a coming fulfillment or completion upon the Church, world, and Israel, if not then, perhaps in the immediate future. Perhaps an ensuing conflict during the latter part of the decade dealing with the nations against Israel will occur as they did in 1948 and 1967. Thus far, such a Tetrad pattern, has not had such an incredible and profound prophetic implication.

Nonetheless, this stud still speculates that these rare 3 Hybrid H3/H3 n- celestial markers will somehow signal an event that will trigger the start of perhaps the construction of the 3 Temple or soon thereafter the culmination of Human history per Daniel’s prophecy of the fulfillment of YHVH’s plan and purpose as it deals with the Church, Israel, mankind and Lucifer’s judgment. The assertion for the end of the Church Age assuming that there will be a direct association to a certain prophetic event as a result of the Hybrid pattern in conjunction to the triple Tetrad sequence of 1949-1967-2014. Many are getting excited within the Body of Christ as the Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars are so profound and ominous.

In these Last of the Last Days perhaps is the beginning of such a prophetic countdown to the end of the Dispensation of Grace as reflected by the pattern of 8 Hybrid eclipses. This study is only presenting the case that the 8th Hybrid eclipse or the Tetrad series are but the celestial prelude to the start of the Tribulation but perhaps the initial stages for such a time soon thereafter. This study has only used the principles of correlation to ascertain if the 8 Hybrid eclipses that culminated in 2013 and led up to the Tetrad of 2014-15 are a single series of heavenly Signs. Perhaps such a Menorah Hybrid Pattern has been set against the stars to illuminate a coming prophetic completion of the Church Age. Metaphorically, each Hybrid H3 eclipse has thus been like a ‘candle’, light up metaphorically as in a Hanukah ceremony.

Perhaps as in the Golden Lampstand in the book of Revelation represented the 7 Churches of Asia and dispensation of the Church Age, each Hybrid eclipse has been like a light or ‘candle’ for each prophetic Church time period. It has been during the Church Age that the Body of Christ on Earth has been the ‘Light unto the world’ like a Menorah. In each dispensation, the Church has carried the love and life of Christ to the dark world. What is interesting in correlating the celestial Menorah to the earthly types is that the earthly lighting of the Menorah ceremony during Hanukah for example, lasts until the 8th day. Strikingly, the Tetrad of 2014-15 was the 8th one since Christ that has the Passover-Sukkot designations on the 4 consecutive Blood Moons.

Coincidentally, Comet ISON reached its perihelion on November 27, 2013 which was the start of Hanukah. So, the ‘picture’ is as follows; 8 Hybrid eclipses lighting up like candles in the ‘celestial’ Menorah that then leads up the 8th Passover-Sukkot Tetrad since Christ. Is this mere coincidence or the handiwork of YHVH that is declaring His Glory thought the Sun, Moon and Stars? Once the Church Age concludes and the ‘Light’ of the LORD’s Lampstand or Menorah is removed, the darkness of the ‘reign of terror’ by way of the false illuminated one, Lucifer will deceive the world with his false light and false Messiah. Specifically, such a ‘celestial’ Menorah pattern by way of these rare Hybrid eclipses may have been signaling the impending fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy of 9:24.

This prophecy speaks of having a culminating time in history where the anointing of the Messiah is to come to a completion. This follows the removal of the Body of Christ at the time of the Rapture. The ‘anointing’ of Messiah as ‘King of the Jews’ was not done at His 1st coming as Jesus Christ first had to come as a ‘Lamb led to the slaughter’ for the sins of mankind. Instead Jesus, the King of Kings and LORD of LORDS was mocked as being ‘King of the Jews’. Jesus’ 1st coming and act of selfless love constituted the first part of Daniel’s prophecy and it was fulfilled; sin was dealt and paid for. Sin was removed as far as the east is from the west at the cross of Calvary by Jesus Christ. Perhaps as Jesus Christ alluded to Himself as being the ‘Light of the World’, there will be a time coming soon that His Body, universal that contains His ‘Light’ will be ushered to His presence where He promised His Bride to take her one day.

Perhaps this event will either occur before or after the 3rd Temple is rebuilt. It will be part of the initiation of the 7-year period Covenant perhaps. Only after that Jesus will be ‘illumined’ as that ‘Light’ to the Nations thereafter with His radiant Bride at His side at His 2nd Coming. This 2nd part of Daniel’s prophecy will then be fulfilled at His 2nd coming as the conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. In Hebrew, the word Menorah is depicted as (מנרה). This word is taken from the root word nur (נור) that refers to light.The word nur or light thus forms the middle of the word me-nor-ah, as in Hanukah when the middle candle is first lit. The middle stem or shaft in Hebrew is called the yarek (ירך) that is generally translated as thigh or loins as in a body Bere’shiyt. These Hebrew word associations of what comprises a Menorah has prophetic overtones to Jesus Christ.

In the Gospel of John, Christ gave a self-description as to Him being a ‘Menorah’ type. Jesus declared in John 15:5, that He was the vine as in the ‘Body’ and that His true Followers were the branches like in a Menorah metaphor. Even so the Menorahs was modeled after an almond tree. The imagery is that although there are 6 branches that extend out from the shaft, they are yet one with the shaft and of the shaft. Romans chapter 11 also talks about this mystery as it pertains to the Body of Christ of how specifically Gentile believers in Messiah Jesus Christ are grafted into the main stem even as wild branches. To reiterate, the 8 Hybrid eclipses appear to have constituted a celestial Menorah type since the 1st century in the heavens. This study has sought to see if it has mirrored the Church Age.

Light of the Menorah
The Lampstands of the book of Revelation have a direct correlation to when thus the Church Age began and perhaps when it is to end. As the risen LORD has been walking amongst the Church Lampstands throughout the Church Age metaphorically, Jesus as the Good Physician has attended to each condition and prescriptions. Perhaps such a Hybrid eclipse pattern is to signal that the Church Age as the earthly type of Church Menorah is about to be translated to the Heavenly one at the point of the Rapture. Has the Hybrid eclipse ‘Menorah’ pattern been something that the LORD has been using as a sort of ‘Hanukah’ lighting-up celestial phenomena correlating to the 7 stage Church Age?

Has the Creator been using such ‘types and shadow’ in the heavens to show the ‘Principalities and Powers’, Angels and the world that this Hybrid eclipse pattern in particular, because of their rarity are indeed a countdown to the end of the Church Age? This coming time period of the Tetrad maybe then a time that was heralding the coming time of an ‘end’ and a ‘beginning’ prophetically of a time. Will the 3rd Temple or the Rapture come about because of these patterns? Perhaps such patterns were but time markers that started to see Biblical prophetic history fulfilled. If one adds the prophetic 3.5 years from 2013, the end date does correlate to the Year of Light, 5776. However, if one adds specifically the 42 months or 1260-day count, the end date is in mid-2017. The year 2017 is the year of the Great Virgo Sign of the heavens.

2013 + 3.5 years = 2016 (5776)
2016 (5776) + 1 Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years =

April 16, 2017 also correlates to the Feast of First Fruits when Jesus rose from the Dead. Wil this be a foreshowing of the Rapture perhaps? Could these be the years that such a realization of the patterns is to take place? Will such a time be when Christ Jesus will see the closing to the Church Age, the Rapture? Will the 3rd Temple see the completion thereafter and of all the Messianic promises and the redemption of national Israel before the start of the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ?

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