March 22 (3-22) Occult Signaling

  • Are these Bank-Runs just the Beginning of the Fall?
  • Is the 33rd Sabbath Cycle since the Coin Act here?
  • What does the Bank Collapse mean Prophetically?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Her Leaders judge for a Bribe, her Priests teach for a Price, and her Prophets practice divination for Money. Yet they Lean upon the LORD, saying, Is not the LORD among us? No Disaster can come upon us. Therefore, because of you, Zion will be Plowed like a Field, Jerusalem will become a Heap of Rubble, and the Temple Mount a Wooded Ridge’. -Micah 3:11-12 (A Prophetic Parody of the USA)

The purpose of this study is to provide one’s Biblical Interpretation of the recent Bank Failures in the USA, specifically of 2, so far and to be counting that started in Silicon Valley, California. One will first present what has been reported already and is Public News. Some Facts and Figures of what just happened will also be given for context. Now why is this News of these 2 Banks Collapsing important? And more so, Biblically and Prophetically?

One will argue that this could be the ‘Beginning of the End’, in terms of the Current Financial Ponzi Pyramid Scheme that is Fiat Money or Paper Money. As one may or may not know, in the USA, its Money Printing is Sourced-Out to the Federal Reserve, that has no Reverses nor is a Federal Agency accountable to the People of the USA. It is a Private Conglomerate of International Bankers. And? They Lend the Money Printing at a Cost and with Interest. Meaning that the Debt incurred, at the printing of every Dollar can never be Paid. The Scheme is to have the Tax-Payers perpetually in Debt.

The other Facet of this Racket is that the Printing of Paper Money is no longer backed by Gold or Silver, thus by Fiat or Faith in its Perceived Value. This is thanks to how the International Bankers and the Powers-That-Be, behind the Curtain that get their Authority and Power from Lucifer, the God of this World, the God of Mammon. This is the ’God they Trust’, the Bible teaches. ‘They’ propped-up the U.S. Dollar as the World Currency. But not for long. One has Written and Researched that the U.S. Dollar has a ‘Shelf-Life’. And that is of 33 Sabbath Cycles. Since when? 1792. Why then?

That Year is when the newly fashioned Central Bank of the USA, which is Anathema to the Founding Fathers who Fought and Died to never have one as in Europe, passed the Coin Act. It legalized a Common Currency. Nothing wrong here, but that it was Sourced-Out at Cost and with Interest. To Whom? The Bank of England at the Time. One surmised that if one adds 33 Sabbath Cycles of 7 Years, the End Year is 2023. This is what one is suggesting, that the U.S. Dollar will in some fashion, no longer be a Major World Reserve Currently. And perhaps the start of this Collapse or End Year has arrived. One will also present how the Masonic and Occult Motifs are Signaling this.

Run-On-The-Banks has Started?

According to Reports on most Mainline News Outlets, it was reported that 2 U.S. Banks, Silicon Valley Bank and Silvergate Bank collapsed within 48 Hours. SVB Silicon Valley Bank was Founded in 1983, specialized in Banking for Tech Start-Ups. Silvergate Bank was Founded in 1988, specialized in Real Estate Loans, etc. Both however, provided Financing for almost half of US Venture-Backed Technology and Health Care Companies. But what does this mean? And what is the Big Deal?

Well, it is reported that this is the 2nd Largest Bank Failure in US History, and not since the Last Orchestrated Bank Collapse that occurred back in 2008. And? Investors, who are more ‘In-the-Know’ than your Average Depositor, withdrew a record number of Deposits. It is reported that even the CEO of the Banks dumped their Stocks just before the pending Collapse. There was $42 Billion of Deposits withdrawn, thanks to Online Banking, according to a California Regulatory Filing. They knew what is coming, the Orchestrated Collapse of the US Dollar, as it has come to the End of its ‘Shelf-Life’, in one’s Assessment. What is daunting is where it occurred, in the Heart of Silicon Valley.

It is probably the Richest Place on Earth with the Concentration of Wealth, Venture Capital Investments. And all those Major Social Media Platforms are Headquartered there. The Business Concern, in that respect, is just being reported that the Bank-Run at 2 Banks could pose an ‘Existential Threat’ to Start-Ups who cannot tap either their Deposits or will not be able to ‘Start-Up’ for lack of Available Capital, etc. What is also daunting is how it was reported that the SVB CEO, Greg Becker urged his Depositors to ‘Stay Calm’. Or in other words ‘Do not Panic’. But when anyone says, ‘Do Not Panic’, that is the Time to Panic! Evidence? The Bank Stock’s collapse continued unabated, reaching 60% by the end of Regular Trading on that Day. So, why is this ‘Prophetic’?

Consider the Time and Place and Occult Associations one will argue. Here is one’s Biblical and Prophetic Interpretation. It is based on Astronomical Patterns, a Comet, a 33 Year Sabbath Cycle as mentioned and the Luciferian Reset Agenda to usher-in a New World Digital Currently. Evidence? If one thinks what one is about to present is ‘Conspiracy’ or Tin-Foil Hat Theories, you are the Problem. Consider how Bill Gates has Patents now to inject People with Self-Assembling Nano-Tech to connect People’s Body with the Internet and Bank Account, through Block-Chain Technology. Consider the following Article about how VISA is also in the works of accomplishing this already.


Secret Connections to the God of Mammon

As to the Occult Connotations and Inference of the Silvergate Bank Collapse? On March 22, that is a 322 Skull and Bones Marker, the ‘Crazy Green Comet’, C/2022 E3 will have arrived at the ‘Flood Gate’ of Orion, the River Eridanus or Styx in Greek Mythology. In such a Mythology, it is attributed to how after a Death the Soul of the Departed has to cross-over. But the Boat-Master requires Payment. This is why in the Ancient Cultures, the Dead were buried with Coins on their Eye Sockets, etc.

Money Changers
All that to suggest a Financial Connection of how the Financial Collapse is Orchestrated to Destroy Small and Mid-Size Banks to have them Conglomerated to the Big Ones in New York. This Year, 2023 could then be the Time as one surmised this year is the 33rd Sabbath Cycle of the US Dollar, since the Coin Act of 1792. And that the Motif of this Sign in the Heavens is perhaps Signaling that the ‘Current’, or Currency is ‘busting’ the Dam and the Hemorrhaging is now un-stoppable. Done by whom? ‘Orion’.

Encrypted Jubilee Pattern of America’s Doom

Orion is the Sentinel Guarding this ‘Back’ Door to Heaven and it Delineates the Ends of the Known Universe that is Mirrored after Heaven itself. Orion is the Motif of the True Christ, Jesus, but also of the AntiChrist, to the Luciferians. And note also that the Coronation of Charles in May is coming-up. It is the Motif of how the River of Life proceeds from Orion, the ‘Christ’, or in the Luciferian Context, flipped, is the AntiChrist, and the River or ‘Current-cy’ is one of Death. The Comet that traverse the Motif is Signaling that, in one’s Assessment.

Will this be then the Beginning of the ‘Death of the U.S. Dollar? This Orchestrated Collapse is just another excuse to fleece the U.S. Tax-Payers out of Billions it cannot afford, while Biden, as nothing more than a Puppet, to give Billions to Ukrainian Banks, Arms their People, and Secure its Border, but seeks to Disarm America, not secure its Borders and Foot the Bill for another Money Changers Bail-Out. But also note, Astronomically, on that same Day, March 22 (322), Planet Mars of War is at the Door of the Silver Gate, just above the Torch of Orion, as that is what is being Highlighted also.

Thus, one can say with a Measure of Confidence, that the ‘Currency’ of the Value of Money, as it presently is, is collapsing like a ‘River’, a Current’, that is breaching a Dam. This Occult Observation is Fact now, with the Silicon Banks going Bust, out of all places, Silicon Valley. Surely ‘Cracks’ in the Wall or in this case, Dam. And how befitting of the Inundations in California, never seen in at least 30-40 Years, at this precise Time.

Evidence? For the 1st time in 4 Years, Water has needed to be let out of the Oro-ville or ‘Orion’ Dam. Of course, all this could be just mere Coincidence and Natural Happenstance. But consider that to the Occult, they are Dead Serious, and ‘Death’ being emphasized. They want as many People Dead as Possible, and especially those of Conservative and True Bible-Believing Christianity, to deal less with in their New Age.

So, what is the Body of Christ to Think or Respond? What if Families, fearing the pending Financial Collapse, only have a Paycheck-To-Paycheck existence? Nearly 60%+ of Americans do. What about those with Fixed Incomes or only able to live off of one’s Pension? What about the Churches? Will they Help? Are they Prepared for what is coming? A lot of Followers of Jesus in this Last Generation and especially in the USA, have a hard time finding a ‘Good’ Bible Based Church to attend that could be a Support.

And one would say, Emblematic, perhaps Prophetic, is that all these ‘Events’ are the Workings of the Powers-That-Be, behind the Curtain, the Money Changers. They are working to Centralize ‘Everything’, and every ‘Body’, literally. And that the ‘Current-cy’, in 3-22 will be tied to War, in some Escalated Fashion. For example, the Silicon Valley Bank was started in 1988. The Numerical Factor of 88 is also Significant in the Luciferian Occult. It has to do with Time, and Time, running out. See following Article for Context.

#652: 88 DAYS - OUT OF TIME
The Coming Dark Troubles of Jacob

Most U.S. Churches have gone ‘Woke’ and are nothing more than Social Clubs with a Social Gospel at best. Well, one does not have that Problem of knowing what to do with one’s Pension or Savings as one has none. It was reported that over 90% of all those Accounts becoming Insolvent had more than $250,000 in Deposits. When one was in a better Financial Position, one did set aside. like a few $100s a Month and bought Silver. If and when the Collapse comes and it might be before the Rapture, perhaps Gold and Silver will retain its value.

Paper Money? No Chance. And even the Value of Gold and Silver, the Bible does teach that there will come a Day that People will throw them to the Streets because they are no longer ‘Legal Tender’, etc. One thing is for sure, the Mark of the Beast is coming. It will be tied to one’s ‘Vaccination Passport’ and Body Matrix, inside of one’s Person. It will be tied and monitored 24/7 in a Chinese Social Credit type of Scoring. This is the Ultimate Goal and of these Cabal that run the World. And such Bank ‘Failures’ move the Pons that much closer to the End Game Results. Control one’s Money, Control one’s Life and ability to ‘Buy and Sell’. It is coming. Some would Argue, it is here now.

The Ability to ‘Buy and Sell’, Travel and have Access to Goods and Services will depend, not only on one’s Absolute Obedience, but Conformity to the State’s Narrative on every Subject: Gender, Marriage, Family, Job, Political Views, Religious Believes, Activities, Internet Browsing, etc. And all this, thanks to the latest Artificial Intelligence A.I. Breakthroughs. What one has done, is to buy enough Canned Food to last 2 Years, at least and Water. If all else Fails, at least one will not go that Hungry.

This is of course if one is able to be left alone and live on one’s Abode and not be dragged-out to some FEMA Camp, ‘For One’s Own Safety’, etc. One walks to Work, so Transportation is not an Issue, at this Time, and one is even fortunate to be able to work Remotely if needed. But it is Disheartening to hear many of Jesus’ People about the Spiritual Condition of most Churches they try to join-up with. Here are some Perspectives. Yes, many Gatherings that call themselves ‘Christians’ may be ‘Apostate’ but if one has a Connection, perhaps they can be a Resource for Food and/or Shelter, if needed or the Time comes. And one can be a Source of Light and True Gospel to them.

Of Provisions and Prayer

But Caution, as it is also that these same types of Apostate Churches were in the COVID Fix. Many Churches, as many may have known, became COVID Injection Centers. And one has read Articles and had Discussions about since the Days of Obama of how many Pastors across the USA, have been Recruited and have Signed-Up with FEMA to ‘Herd’ the Congregations into the FEMA Camps, when the Time comes also. So, one is not a Financial Advisor. But if one had any Money to spare, one would again buy as much Silver and Gold as possible and Canned Food.

Did not Jesus instruct His People to Pray for one’s Daily Needs? In the West, especially in the USA, Food, Water, Shelter, up to now had been taken for Granted. It was due to the Abondance in Wealth and Favor with GOD as a once, God-Fearing Nation. No longer, so what does one expect will happen? Same type of Judgment that befell all other Nations and People that turned away from Christ. For example, when the Lock-Downs were mandated back in 2020 and one could not go to the Stores, one knew that the Supply Chain was going to be disrupted.

At that time one bought about $400 worth of Canned Chicken, very Cheap at the Time. One had Boxes all over one’s Apartment. Now this same amount is now at least 3-4X more expensive, $1200, if one wanted to buy the same amount. So, if the Bank-Run Apocalypse hits as it is projected to by one’s 33 Sabbath Cycle Theory, if 1 Can of Chicken that one bought for at $1 Dollar, can now be Sold or Bartered for $4 or $5 Dollars. That is how one beats the present Orchestrated Inflation and Food Wars. Investing in Food is one Type of Investment to maintain the Value of one’s hard-earned Money, while one still can. 

It is the best one can do with what one has…beyond that, I just have to Trust Jesus for his Protection and Provision as there are Issues, Conditions and Events one does not Control or can do anything about, but to Seek Jesus in the Matter. As to such Conditions that are upon these Last Times, Years, Months, Weeks? One has shared in some online Blogs, that as many People were intentionally made to lose their Jobs, Businesses shut down on purpose, due to their Orchestrate COVID Plandemic, all the while, their Wineries, Casinos and Strip-Clubs stayed open. What to do?

In one’s small Apartment Complex, there is a Post Office Room. During the Plandemic, there were weekly Provisions of Food that appeared. One could take as needed. This was the work of many Generous and Considerate People. May GOD bless them And one returned the Favor in Kind by placing extra Wrist-Watches, a Printer, Paper, Office Supplies, etc. But the Point is that one felt like Elijah at the Brook.

Of how YHVH knows one’s Needs. And He made the Birds bring Meat to Elijah, and he drank Water from the Brooke. So, if this Silver Gate Bank-Run on 3-11, in Silicon Valley, while California, at that specific Region is experiencing Flooding and Water is being released from the Oro-ville Dam as in ‘Orion’ does not have any possible Occult Timing and Significance? Sure, it may be Pure Chance. Not a Chance. If not, then 1 of the Major ‘Switches’ has just been pulled.

It is just part of the Luciferian’s Timepiece that are made to Mirror the Celestial Motifs of Orion and how the Comet, C/2022 E3 is a Marker of how on March 22, 2023, or 322 has the Luciferian Signatures. Such Signatures on that Date depict the Current or ‘Currency’ of the River of Death, Signalling the Death of Orion’s Currency that is needed to cross-over the Torrent of Water, of the Current or Currency that is to ‘Die’.

And that on the other side, emerges, whom? The Coronation of the Dragon King, Typology with the Crowning of King Charles in May, in the Sign of the Rabbit. But, such Secret Societies, as Skull and Bones are just Signaling and helping Usher-In their New World Order Currency and Conglomeration Effort.

One in which will be based on Block-Chain, infused through mRNA Injections into one’s Body, and/or with Patches. The New Currency emerging on the ‘Other Side’ will be Digital, Traceable, and Monitored. It will be interfaced in one’s Body with the Internet of Things, as just a Deposit, a Node in the New World Reset and World Economic Matrix that is being constructed now, before one’s very own Eyes, one Orchestrated Collapse at a Time.

So, in Summary, if this ‘is it’, then all that one has been stipulating about the Great Crash is to come true. Mainly how one had that Theory of how the U.S. Dollar has a Shelf-Life built into it, since the Coin Act of 1792. Meaning that there would be 33 Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years for that Life to End then. Well, that year is now.

1792 + (33 Sabbaths x 7 Years = 231) =

One thought that it would have started back in September of 2022, as that is what most presumed the Shemitah Cycle commenced. But then, others have interjected that it could be if one is using the Civil Jewish New Year. However, if one goes by the Religious New Year, then Nisan 1 will be on March 22, 2023. There is your 3-22 Skull and Bones Synchronization and clues as to who is behind all is, the ‘Usual Suspects’, of course.

Nisan 1 = March 22, 2023 (322) Skull and Bones

It is known that the Dollar is being Collapsed on purpose to make way for the Digital one, and how this Move is very Ingenious. How so…back in 2018 Congress passed a Bill to not look too hard into the Regulations of the Mid-Size and Small Banks. As Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank are Mid-Banks, the Scrutiny was not, had not been as rigid as those imposed to the Big Ones back in 2008. So, this is now what you get. And the Outcome?

Investors, Venture Capitalists are moving, in droves to the Big Banks, in an ‘Appearance of being Safer’. That is the End Game, have all Banks come to the ‘Mother Hen’, the Federal Reserve as all Small Banks, Credit Unions and Mid-Size Banks will Default eventually. It is a Monopoly Move to Consolidate. All this is just another Step in their Protocols. And they are saying that the Tax-Payer is not going to pay for it?

Do not buy it. Even though there is a Bank Fund, it is the Department of the Treasury that ‘Backstops’ it or ‘Insures’ it. And guess where the Department of the Treasury gets its Money? Tax-Payers. What this means is more Bailouts for Billionaires and Hyper-Inflation for the Common Man.

So, what one did is to Correlate all these Signs one is seeing and, at this time with that Comet C/2022 E 3, the Celestial Motif of Orion and where the Comet will be on Nisan 1, March 22, 2023? The Comet will be at the Current or ‘Current-cy’ of the River, Eridanus. And one makes a Prophetic Case of how, based on Mythology that the Luciferians love to Mimic, it is about the Silver Coins needed to buy Passage.

It speaks of ‘Death’ at the ‘Current’ or River; Death of the Dollar, of the Currency and what will emerge on the ‘Other Side’. The Case will be to push through with Legislation to convert to on Online Digital Currency Matrix. And will the Government run it? No. It will be the Federal Reserve. And it so happens that on 3-22, Mars, the God of War is right at the Silver Gate.

It is at Orion’s Out-Stretch Torch, as to Highlight it, support it…as in the Bank, Silvergate that collapsed. Well, not good and here we go. As mentioned, if this is the Last Nail in the Coffin as they say, it will be worse than 2008, so they say. It is no Secret that the World ‘Current’-cies will go Digital. And that the Masters of Mammon, what all Accounts Centralized, but only in their Version of Crypto-Currency. They are trying to Pass Legislation to outlaw all other Forms of Online Digital Currency.

 It will eventually succeed as they are mere steps to the Mark of the Beast Financial Matrix. What is also coming along or will, is how in Tandem, this New Currency will be tied to one’s ‘Vaccination’ Passport or Record. That Debate has not gone away. And that, tied to one’s Bio-Metrics, interfaced into one’s very own DNA. For that Case, the Next Plandemic is in the Works, no doubt, according to Bill Gates.



Silver (Soul) Gate.Orion.Silicon Valley. 14 1414 42 months.Love of Money MarkOfBeast.Carbon666
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