Speculated Cygnus Constellation Calculations

  • Is there any prophetic relevance to a coming AntiChrist with a Star?
  • Why would a birth of a Star correlate to such an AntiChrist?
  • Does the latest finding of this new Star signify anything?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to depict the calculated ‘new’ Star that is predicted to be ‘born’ sometime in 2022 in the constellation of Cygnus. This new ‘birth’ will be as a consequence of a colliding binary Star system, KIC 9832227. Based on research, such a prognostication was published in late 2018 but according to Wikipedia, the apparent calculations where not entirely accurate for 2022. However, there has been no other updated sources or a further re-calibration. As the projected event caused some sensationalism around the world initially, so did it come to take on a ‘Messianic’ omen of sorts by some religious Jews because of it. Such ascribed that, assuming the time frame would still be accurate to be sometime in 2022, it would be the ‘Sign’ signaling the arrival of the Jewish Messiah. Of course, many religious Jews have also announced several ‘Signs’ about the coming Messiah that have come and gone.

What this study seeks to corroborate it with the Christian End of Days perspective, that if and when the Jewish ‘Messiah’ is to come on the scene by such a celestial ‘Star’, it will in fact be the advent of the New Testament AntiChrist instead. This study will thus consider why such a connotation is ascribed to this interpretation. A brief overview of the press releases will be given. Then the religious Jewish perspective will be also presented. The composition of where and when this ‘new’ Star is to be ‘born’ will be considered for any possible esoteric and/or Biblical prophetic relevance, if any. The hypothesis is that in Biblical terms, as a Star is said to have heralded the advent of Jesus Christ into the world through His incarnation with the Bethlehem Star, perhaps such a similar heralding by a Star will occur as well for His Nemesis. Could this ‘new’ Star to be birthed in the constellation of Cygnus be that Star for the AntiChrist?

Ironically the forecast was made officially public on Epiphany, commemorating the visit of the 3 Wise Men, who followed the Star to Bethlehem to encounter Jesus, not only as King of the Jews but that of the Universe who made the Stars. Some 2022 years later, Christian Astronomers from a small religious college, Calvin College in the USA have made the bold, 1-in-a-million prediction that the ‘birth’ of a new Star will take place around 2022. This is based on another calculated Binary Star System that collapsed some years prior and from where their deduced hypothesis originates from. Their research presented the predictions that for the first time in human history, Astronomers could calculate and anticipate when a new Star was to be born. The new Star would be ‘born’ in the ‘right wing’ of the constellation of Cygnus from Earth’s perspective, also known as the Northern Cross next to the Star Vega. It would thus add a Star to the constellation Star pattern. Cygnus is a prominent constellation in the northern sky. Its name means ‘The Swan’ in Latin. Thus, Cygnus is known as the Swan constellation.

Mythology of Cygnus
In the Denderah Zodiac it is named Tes-ark, which means ‘This from Afar’. Cygnus is associated with the myth of Zeus and Leda in Greek mythology. The constellation is easy to find in the sky as it is part of the well-known astronomical feature of the Summer Triangle. This Summer Triangle consists of the primary Star of Cygnus, Deneb, then Vega in Lyra and Altair in Aguila. Cygnus was first catalogued the by Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century along with Vega. The theory is that the names of the Stars explain the constellations, and the names of the constellations explain the Sign, etc. Cygnus pertains to the main constellation of Aquarius. Cygnus in the Sign of Aquarius completes the ‘Cosmic Storyline’ of the Gospel written in the Stars per Psalm 19 and Romans in the New Testament. It is interesting that Cygnus would come under the main Sign of Aquarius as that is the anticipated Age of the coming New World Order.

In the western tradition, Cygnus also belongs to the Hercules family of constellations. The Cygnus constellation is associated with the ancient legends of the Gods that came from the Stars. According to research, the most famous one is Cycnus. He was the murderous son of Ares, the God of War who challenged Heracles to a duel and was killed. Then there is Cycnus, the son of Poseidon, who fought on the side of the Trojans in the Trojan War. Then there is the Spartan Queen Leda. She gave birth to 2 sets of twins, the immortal Pollux and Helen and the mortal Castor and Clytemnestra. The immortal children were fathered by a ‘God’ and the mortal ones by Leda’s husband, King Tyndareus. Cygnus is also sometimes identified as Orpheus. Orpheus was transformed into a swan and placed next to his lyre in the sky’ due to Zeus’ admiration for Orpheus’.

This lyre is represented by the neighboring constellation Lyra with the prominent Star of Vega that used to be the North Star around 10-12,000 years ago. The Star cluster of Lyra is next to Cygnus although it is under the domain of the Sign of Sagittarius. Why is this study also focusing on Vega? It is in the same approximate quadrant that his new Super Red Nova is to occur in Cygnus. In 2017 a Star in Cygnus, KIC 8462852 now known as Tabby’s Star produced an anomaly that is unexplained. Some Astronomers are daring to say that the inexplicable fluctuations in its brightness potentially suggests that there might be a presence of an advanced civilization that is affecting this pattern.

Vega is also interesting for several reasons. For example, the movie Contact in 1997 perpetrated the notion that the first radio signal coming to Earth from interstellar space came from Vega. Then in 2017, some 20 years later, the Oumuamua anomaly was discovered coming also from Vega. It was announced as comet C/2017 U1 (PANSTARRS) based on a strongly hyperbolic trajectory around the Sun. However, many other scientists are ascribing this object as a possible incapacitated spacecraft probe. There are then of course the myriad of cosmic conspiracy theories that ‘Aliens’ from Vega have come to Earth in the past and have been those that have ‘seeded’ Humanity on Earth along with the Pleiadians and other ‘Gods’, etc. Biblically speaking, when the AntiChrist appears, will such entities, Aliens or ‘Gods’ also appear along with him in conjunction to some ‘Disclosure’? Will such beings then say that they have been in contact with Earthlings all along and from such regions of Cygnus and Vega?

A Star is Born
Nonetheless, it is anticipated that such an amount of energy emitted from KIC 9832227 in Cygnus will make the binary Star collision event visible on Earth. It will be as bright as the Bethlehem Star for the 1st Christ. The question can be asked, will such a similar depiction suggest the advent of a similar ‘Christ’ to come forth, the AntiChrist? In terms of some technical background and how the Astronomers at Calvin College came to such a conclusion starts with the following. The evidence began in 2008 with a binary Star, V1309 Scorpii. A binary Star is actually 2 Stars or Suns orbiting each other.

V1309 Scorpii, about 1,900 was the binary Star system the Astronomers studied that caused a Super Red Nova. It is in the Galactic Center as the ‘tip of the spear’ of the Sign Sagittarius. The observations made from it, after the fact showed that the orbital period between the 2 individual Stars dropped faster and faster as the collision approached. The Astronomers from Calvin College spotted the same pattern in KIC 9832227 in Cygnus from 2013 to 2016. Thus, the prediction for 2022 that possibly, a similar collision and Super Red Nova birth of a new Star is to occur. As KIC 9832227 is nearly 1900 Light Years from Earth, due to the dimensions of space and time the collision actually occurred 1900 years ago already. This is the time it has taken the light of the collision to travel to Earth.

KIC 9832227 Binary Sun System in Cygnus right wing

Distance: 1843 ly  Orbital Period (P): 0.45796151 days


Mass:1.395 M☉  Radius: 1.581 R☉  Luminosity: 2.609 L☉


Mass: 0.318 M☉  Radius: 0.830 R☉ Luminosity: 0.789 L☉

The crash or merger of these 2 binary Stars in Cygnus’ right wing will be so violent that people on Earth will not need a telescope to spot the new Star. As a consequence of this kind of collision, the brightness of the system will increase to an order of magnitude of 10,000. Or in other words, the resulting explosion will be a 10,000-fold increase in brightness. KIC 9832227 is shining now around magnitude 12. This kind of merging to ‘birth’ a new Star is called a Luminous Red Nova (LRN). The anticipated Nova outburst will be so bright that will be easy to see by the naked eye, as was the Bethlehem Star from Earth that heralded the birth of the Messiah according to prophecy of the Bible.

The Astronomers monitored the Star's radio, infrared, and X-ray emissions using a variety of instruments. This included the Very Large Array observatory in New Mexico, the Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii, and the XMM-Newton spacecraft in orbit around Earth. Many deemed their predictable and explosive conclusion an inevitable ‘dance of death’. This then meant that the time taken for the Stars to circle each other is indeed shrinking would result in a similar collision and thus, a birth of a ‘new’ Star. If and when this new Star is to be born, it is estimated that it would be the brightest in the night sky for a period of about 6 months before slowly dimming over the next 2-3 years. To those that study esoteric meanings, could the Swan of Cygnus signal the ‘death’ of such a ‘bird’ as a euphemism of the Luciferian Phoenix and its ‘rebirth’ as in their New World Order and AntiChrist leader? It will remain to be seen.

The Sign of the Messiah
To reiterate, in 2017, the KIC 9832227 system was predicted to result in a merger in 2022.2 (± 0.7 years), producing the Luminous Red Nova (LRN) reaching an apparent magnitude of 2. The LRN would result in the birth of a new Star. From Earth, the brightness would remain visible to the naked eye for roughly a month. However, according to research, a re-analysis of the data in September 2018 revealed that the prediction had been based on a wrongly timed observation, negating the predicted merger. ‘In September 2018, it was announced that the original prediction was based on a timing offset of 12 hours in one of the data sets… The cause for the period variation is still unknown, but it is unlikely that the system will end in a merger at the predicted time.’

If the margin of error is off as stated by only approximately 12 hours, that should not be enough to cause a great discrepancy in terms of years. It would still make 2022 the year that this new Star will be seen in the night sky over the northern hemisphere. As to the specific day and hour, that remains to be predicted, calculated and/or disclosed. It would nonetheless still keep in step with the anticipated advent of the Messiah to come for the Religious Jews. Given that the Israeli elections of 2019 had Benjamin Netanyahu continue the longest running Prime Minister in office, a government could not be formed. Thus, new elections in September of 2019 were to be prescribed. This could make way for the 13th ‘Ruler’ or leader of Israel since 1948 to be presented that many believe could be the AntiChrist of the Bible. Then there were many articles written about the Biblical omens of this new Star.

It was reported that 1 Rabbi, Yosef Berger of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion said that the new Star would be a Sign from the Bible of a coming new military leader for Israel. The Sign would be that of the coming of the Messiah. He and others sited the passage in the Old Testament in Numbers 24:17 of how a ‘Star’ would rise out of Jacob to rule the world. Many ascribe this event to have coincided with the coming of the one and only true Messiah, Jesus Christ. The coming of the imposter AntiChrist will indeed be that of not only a military and political leader for Israel but the instigator of the coming Luciferian New World Order and Lucifer himself. Rabbi Yosef Berger also cited the 12th century Rabbi Moses ben Maimon known as Ramban. Based on Talmudic interpretation, such a celestial Sign pertains to the revealing of the Jewish Messiah.

To those who believe the New Testament, both Jews and Gentiles, the verse or omen of Numbers 24 was fulfilled and directly related to the Bethlehem Star. Its appearance  was proof that the Messiah did come in their day, Jesus Christ and will again. However, the present-day religious Jews reject the Isaiah 53 ‘suffering’ and murdered Messiah as not fulfilling their political and military expectation of a liberator much less YHVH becoming incarnate as the Person of GOD the Son. To such, they rely more on extra-Biblical books like the Zohar to validate their interpretation beyond the Torah. Another famous Jewish sage the religious Rabbis cited was Maimonides. He too connected the passage of Numbers 24 to the arrival of the Messiah to be accompanied and confirmed by Stars appearing to herald his advent. It would be 1 of the many Signs used as evidence for the Rabbinical Messiah and that he had to come from the tribe of Judah. The following will be a general nomenclature of the main Stars found in both Cygnus and Vega from the Biblical interpretation given by E.W. Bullinger.


Deneb – α Cygni (Alpha Cygni)
Deneb means ‘The Judge’. The name Deneb comes from the Arabic dhaneb, meaning ‘Tail’. Thus, the phrase Dhanab ad-Dajājah means ‘The Tail of the Hen’. Deneb is a blue-white Super Giant belonging to the spectral class A2. It is the brightest Star in Cygnus and the 19th brightest Star in the night sky. It has an apparent magnitude of 1.25. With an absolute magnitude of -7.0. Deneb is one of the most luminous stars known. It is almost 60,000 times more luminous than the Sun and has about 20 Solar Masses. On Mars, Deneb is the North Pole Star.

Gienah – ε Cygni (Epsilon Cygni)
Epsilon Cygni shares its traditional name, Gienah, with Gamma Corvi in the constellation Corvus. The name comes from the Arabic word janāħ, which means ‘The Wing’.

This Star is called Sadr in Hebrew, meaning ‘He who Returns as in a Circle.’ Gamma Cygni is the star located at the intersection of the Northern Cross. Its traditional name, Sadr, comes from the Arabic word for ‘The Chest’. It is also sometimes known by its Latin name, Pectus Gallinae, which means ‘The Hen’s Chest’.

The Star in the beak is named Al Bireo. It is Arabic to ‘Fly Quickly’. Beta Cygni, is only the 5th brightest star in the constellation Cygnus. It is a binary Star system that appears as a single 3rd magnitude Star to the naked eye. The system is approximately 380 Light Years from Earth. Albireo marks the head of the Swan and is sometimes also known as the ‘Beak Star’.


Lyra is a small constellation, 52nd in size, occupying an area of 286 square degrees next to Cygnus. It is located in the 4th quadrant of the northern hemisphere (NQ4) and can be seen at latitudes between +90° and -40°.In the Zodiac of Denderah, this constellation is figured as a Hawk or an Eagle. It is the enemy of the Serpent in triumph. Its name is Fent-kar, which means ‘The Serpent Ruled’. This constellation is a fusion between the Hebrew ,Nesher, an Eagle, Hawk or Vulture and Gna-sor, ‘The Harp’. Lyra belongs to the Hercules family of constellations. Lyra contains the famous Messier 57 NGC 6720, Ring Nebula.

The brightest star in the constellation is Vega, Alpha Lyrae, which is also the 5th brightest star in the sky, with an apparent magnitude of 0.03. Vega also means or is associated with brightness as ‘Las Vegas’ for example or a low coastal plain. Vega means ‘He shall be exalted’. Vega has 9 Stars with known planets. Vega was the1st Star other than the Sun to be photographed and the 1st one to have its spectrum recorded. The Star belongs to the spectral class A0V, which makes it a White Dwarf.

This Star means ‘An Eagle’ as does the Arabic,’Al Nesr’.

This Star means ‘To Spring Up’, or as in ascending, as praise.

Star Struck
It is evident that the religious Jews are ‘Star Struck’ at the long-awaited and expectation that their version of the Biblical Messiah is about to occur. So too are the followers of Jesus as are the Luciferians. To the Luciferians, their Messiah is no less than their Anointed Cherub Lucifer, the mere created Angelic Being that leads the rebel alliance against the ‘Empire’ of the Father in Heaven. Throughout the dawn of human history, this narrative has been intertwined with the Stars and ancient mythology and prophecy. Many who believe the Bible do not really grasp this nuance that prophecy is interwoven with the Stars as YHVH prescribed in Genesis from the very onset of Creation. The Stars also have the connotation of the personages directly associated with the Heroes of Old and the Might Men of Renown. Thus, such a cosmic ‘Sign’ essentially echoes the Biblical attributes of an announcement, a personage, perhaps even the coming AntiChrist.

The coming AntiChrist will be connotated with; a hybridization with humans, a rebellion and/or challenge of the God of Gods, a combat or war, the God of War, the Sol Invictus complex, etc. Herein is a 2nd level of Biblical overlays attributed to the coming AntiChrist. The Sign as all the rest have a duality about them, good and evil, Christ and the AntiChrist. In this case consider that Lyra and Vega are in Sagittarius. It speaks of the Coming One who is represented as going forth ‘conquering and to conquer’; however, without an arrow. This is in direct reference to Jesus Christ’s conquest over Sin, Satan and Self. However, in these Last Days, it will be the converse as it will be the AntiChrist that will come deceptively ‘conquering and to conquer’. He will initially bring ‘Peace’ without firing a shot as they say. The depiction of the coming AntiChrist coming ‘conquering and to conquer’ is depicted metaphorically as the 1st of the Seal Judgments that corresponds to the coming 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The 1st will be the White Horse with the Rider as a type of Sagittarius being the AntiChrist making ‘peace’ with only a bow but no arrows, etc. Many religions and esoteric sects besides the religious Jews are expecting ‘him’ nonetheless.

To the religious Jews, the ‘Messiah’ is not the Son of GOD or GOD the Son but a political and religious liberator that will establish the Kingdom of Israel to rule over the nations, etc. Technically, this is true but this aspect of Jesus Christs’ mission is to be completed at His 2nd coming as the King, a military and political leader. The Son of GOD first had to come to deal with the real existential problem Humanity has, the sinful human nature and atone for it. As to this potential ‘AntiChrist Star’ that this study denotes it with, it has made the astronomical community, many religious Jews and End of Days Evangelicals look forward to 2022. However, the margin of error is given to be +/- 2 to 3 years by one estimation to +/- 7 months by other citations of when the 2 components of this contact binary system will merge to ‘birth’ the new Star.

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