Prophetic Comparisons of Ark and Coming 3rd Temple

  • What is the Holy of Holies and why is it so special?
  • Does this location really exist as the habitation of the Creator?
  • Is there Sacred Geometry incorporated into the Ark and City?

by Luis B. Vega
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Thus saith YHVH, ‘The Heaven is my Throne, and the Earth is my footstool: where is the House that ye build unto Me? And where is the place of My Rest?’ –Isaiah 66

If the Oslo Accords that was formulated since the 1990s will formalize the relationship between a newly created state of Palestine and the State of Israel, then the mutual recognition of the ‘2-State Solution’ to the Arab-Israeli Conflict might well stipulate that part of the agreement will allow for the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple of YHVH. Based on sacred geometry and ley-lines, the Dome of the Rock does not need to be dismantled or altered in any form to accommodate the 3rd Temple.

Based on the Phi Ratio proportions of the Temple Mount platform presented in this illustration, it is strongly suggested that it would appear that the real location of the Holy of Holies is pinpointed at the place of the Dome of the Tablets or Spirits. The accompanied chart illustrates 3 main points related to the 3rd Temple and the Ark of the Covenant. Mathematically, the Temple Mount platform is in an approximation to the Phi Ratio proportions from the Dome of the Tablets (Spirits), to the Dome of the Rock, to the Al-Aqsa start of the building.

The Temple Mount platform approximates the proportion to the measurement of the Ark of the Covenant itself. The main structures of the platform, the 3 ‘Domes’ mirror the 3 articles contained within the Ark of the Covenant Moses was instructed to build by the LORD GOD YHVH. The 3 articles contained in the Ark were the copy of the 10 Commandments or ‘Tablets’, the Jar of Manna, and the almond Staff of Aaron that budded. If a comparison to each is made, all the 3 items of the Ark correlates to the 3 structures on the Temple Mount as the illustration will show.

If indeed the Holy of Holies corresponds to the Dome of the Tables (Spirits) there will be enough room to accommodate the 3rd Temple that might be part of the final ‘confirming’ of the Covenant between the ‘Many’ and the Israeli State. This event might yet still occur after before the 70th year anniversary in 2018 of Israel’s independence since 1948. Will something very prophetic occur by the end of 2018? And will it be affecting or concerning the preparation for the coming 3rd Temple? That will remain to be seen. However, if the Phi Ratio spiral is overlaid to both the Temple Mount platform and the Ark of the Covenant from a top view perspective, there is almost an exact match. In terms of the Temple Mount platform, the phi ratio spiral directly correlates to the Dome of the Tablets (Spirits).

A Metaphorical Comparison
It is rather interesting that the Dome of the Tablets could very well correlate to the Holy of Holies as this specific place is where the Tablets rested within the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark contained the very Tablets of the Law of YHVH that Moses made. These Tablets of the Law were a copy of the originals made by the literal finger of YHVH that Moses shattered upon the people during the Golden Calf incident at Mt. Sinai. What is most significant about this spot is that it was where the Shekinah Glory appeared above the Mercy Seat.

This Presence of YHVH transcended space and time at this place on Earth, piercing and bridging the dimensions of the heavenly with the earthy. The Ark of the Covenant depicted in the chart illustration is one that was conceptually arranged by Ron Wyatt upon his claim of being a first-hand eyewitness to its configuration during one of his archeological digs in the Old City. The dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant in inches are 52’’×31’’×31’’. Astonishingly, the width and length of the Temple Mount is a fractal of these numbers. The length of the platform is 520 yards and the width is 310 yards by some estimates.

What these comparisons are also stipulating is that the whole Temple Mount platform complex could be seen as one giant ‘Ark’ or throne or perhaps a footstool as is the case that often one puts up one’s feet on top of a chair sort of speak. This is where the verse in Isaiah 66 and others may have a new perspective. To reiterate, the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant אָרוֹן הַבְּרִית approximates the dimensions of the Temple Mount platform with an overlay of the phi ratio spiral. If this typology is consistent, then the 3 main articles contained within the Ark of the Covenant, could be seen as directly relating to the 3 main structures on the platform. This is only a theological and metaphorical comparison.

The Dome of the Tablets or also known as the Dome of the Spirits corresponds to the Tablets of Moses, the 10 Commandments. This is where the moral law of YHVH, the GOD of the Universe was set down to govern the primary affairs between the Creator and Mankind and amongst Mankind.

The Dome of the Rock corresponds to the jar that contained Manna. GOD instructed Moses to take a sample of the ‘heavenly bread’ into the Ark as a witness of YHVH’s miraculous provision during the wilderness journey of the Israelites to the Promised Land. What is also miraculous is that the Manna endured and did not decompose as it did in the Wilderness.

The almond Staff or Aaron can thus also allude to the Orion 3 star alignment. The 3 structures or ‘domes’ can also be corresponding to this heavenly alignment as other charts show entitled The Gates of Orion. The staff would have been part of the staff or a walking staff that could have been 27’’ in length, enough to use as a cane; assuming that the average height of men in that era was around 5 feet.

Messiah - Jesus A type of the Ark
The Dome of the Rock is so named because of the Foundation Stone that protrudes out of Mt. Moriah. It is speculated that this is the place where Abraham attempted to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. Interestingly, the ‘rock’ is round like that of the Manna, presumably and the Dome itself is like that of a ‘jar’. This length would also be able to fit inside the Ark. The Staff of Aaron was that of a shepherd’s type for example, it most likely would have been longer and thus the staff in the Ark would have been a portion of it. It is also interesting that from the Al-Aqsa to the Dome is the longest span of distance between the 3 domes.

It is also interesting that the nave, as the Al-Aqsa was actually a church first and it starts the Orion 3-Star alignment configuration from that edge of the building, not the dome itself. According to the conventional definition, it is a mathematical concept in one respect. Many call this mathematical and geometric relationship ‘the Signature of GOD’. It is seen in all living things, plants, and hurricanes to galaxies or patterns of growth. The perfect human form or body is also in approximation to this ratio that is also called the Golden Mean, the Golden Section etc., used in architecture and art as well.

According to the book of Hebrews, the author’s main emphases is that Jesus Christ is the real and true essence of the types YHVH used to instruct and teach Israel about who and what YHVH was, is and will be. Such parallels of the types included the Passover Lamb, the High Priest, the Temple itself, Moses, etc. What many Bible scholars have also alluded to is that the Ark of the Covenant is such a ‘type and shadow’ of the work and ministry of Jesus Christ. In essence, the Ark of the Covenant is a personification of Christ in the following ways described in Scripture.

1) Tablets = Law (DEATH)
‘Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.’
-Matthew 5:17

2) Manna = Bread (SUSTENANCE)
‘I am the Bread of Life; whoever comes to Me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in Me shall never thirst.’ -John 6:35

3) Staff from an almond tree = Resurrection (LIFE)
‘I am the Resurrection, and the Life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live’ … - John 11:25

Although the exact and correct location of the prior Temples of Solomon and Zechariah (Herods) are in general dispute, those that seek the New World Order and those ‘Masons’ that seek to build a Temple to their coming ‘Prince’, the Luciferians know exactly where the 3rd Temple is to be built. No amount of Muslim protest either will prevent ‘time’ and sacred geometry from fulfilling the prophetic timeclock of the Temple Mount. The 3rd Temple will be built according to how some interpret the books of Daniel and Revelation. With or without Islamic protest, there is a current dilemma over the Temple Mount. Israel has total sovereignty over the entire Temple Mount since the 1967 6-Day War but Moshe Dayan relinquished ‘administration’ over the site back to the Jerusalem Waqf وقف which only has deferred legitimacy given by the Prime Minister.

The Politics of the Temple
The security over the Temple Mount is provided by Israel in consort with the King of Jordan who has the legal authority. Perhaps at a coming historic juncture that might be tied to an astronomical alignment, Blood Moon, total solar eclipse might correspond to the Covenant being confirmed that in essence will be the ratification of the Oslo Accords, which by the way stipulates a 7 year treaty. This Initiative would allow the Prime Minister of Israel to exercise his sovereign right to permit the building of the 3rd Temple. Perhaps this issue of the 3rd Temple will come to the forefront of the treaty as part of the conditions for establishing a Palestinian State or none at as a regional war will be settle amongst the ‘Many’ regional world powers and Israel.

Astonishingly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel however has clearly stated that he is prepared to recognize and accept a Palestinian State so long as the Palestinian State recognizes Israel. This mutual agreement that is a piece in Oslo Accord’s puzzle could thus pave the way for the 3rd Temple to be part of the bargaining chips and a condition for such a mutual political recognition. The cost will very well be the division of the Biblical land of Israel as the ancient ancestral lands of Judea and Samaria would be lost in compensation. If the Dome of the Tablets (Spirits) is the true location of the Holy of Holies, that will remain to be seen but it seems to be soon given the geo-political conditions that might well afford this time and place if an Oslo type of Accords are to be implemented. This theory of the Holy of Holies being at the Dome of the Tablets (Spirits) is just one of many 'alternate' theories of the Temple being somewhere else than where it will be.

Some speculate and argue that it will be in Shiloh or over the Dome of the Rock, etc. Others speculate that it is even south of the Al-Aqsa in the City of David. In 1 Chronicles 22, it was David that bought the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite that is over the Dome of the Spirits/Tablets that was above the City of David on Mt. Moriah where the Temple Mount Platform is now. It was at that place and time that the plague was stayed for David having counted the fighting men of Israel, an explicit command by YHVH not to do. The Bible clearly states that it was Lucifer that enticed King David to number his men. It was there at that threshing floor that the LORD instructed David to build an Altar. This place is thus suggested to be the Dome of the Tablets. It is a befitting picture of David breaking the ‘Law’.

It is interesting that the Tabernacle of Moses is mentioned in that it was at Gibeon. The Temple cannot be anywhere else but the Temple Mount. Houses of worship where the highest facets of a city or nation in the ancient world. From that time, David instructed that the Tent of Moses be brought to Jerusalem and placed directly over this altar, this threshing floor of Araunah that later on he instructed Solomon to build the 1st Temple over it. David’s rationale was that it was a place where YHVH demonstrated His mercy and spared Jerusalem from David’s judgment. It was at that place and at the time where YHVH answered David’s prayer to stop the plague. This was in Mt. Moriah, not the City of David at a much lower elevation that would be susceptible to invasion. Also consider that during Christ’s time, there was a bridge that spanned the Kidron Valley to the Mt. of Olives.

According to the Bible, the Temple was in keeping with this directive and purpose seen and recognized by King David. The Temple to YHVH was to be a ‘House of Prayer for All Nations’ as YHVH specified in Isaiah 56:7 and where YHVH met with His nation, Israel and the world in general. It is also interesting that the threshing floor was used to separate the kernels for the wheat harvest. This could be alluding to a time or season of Pentecost in that prophetically YHV would be building a similar spiritual Temple made up of the New Creation in Christ Jesus, a direct descendent of King David himself. Thus, Jesus Christ could be seen as the prophetic King Solomon, Son of David that is about to finish His Bride, etc.

The Bible does say that spiritually speaking, now the Church is that heavenly Temple, corporately made up of individual stones, or Believers that are being arranged by a risen Christ and building built up as a ‘Spiritual House. The Bible declares that YHWH Himself has been building up the Body, the Bride that in the end of time will majestically be ‘coming down as the New Jerusalem’ even. With such a metaphor to consider, perhaps then if and when the 3rd Temple goes up at this same spot, it is also because the ‘Spiritual House’ is complete and the Church will be taken as prepared sheaves into the real House of YHVH in Heaven as a result of the prophetic ‘threshing’ of the wheat over nearly 2000 years in the making. According to the conventional definition of threshing, it is the following.

‘Threshing is the process of loosening the edible part of cereal grain from the scaly, inedible chaff that surrounds it. It is the step reached in grain preparation after 1) harvesting and before 3) winnowing, which separates the loosened chaff from the grain. 2) Threshing does not remove the bran from the grain. Threshing may be done by beating the grain using a flail on a threshing floor.’

A high place such as Mt. Moriah would have been a perfect place to have the winds ideal for threshing purposes. Many believe that the Rapture of the Church will be that ‘winnowing’ as the wheat is thrown up into the air and the chaff is blown away. The harvesting of souls has been currently under way since Pentecost. Due to persecution and trials over the centuries, the threshing of the Church has also accompanied the sorrowful history of the Church.

Yet one day, the Church’s current state of ‘tribulation’ will end when the corporate winnowing will take place, i.e., the Rapture. It will be a time with the Saints are ‘thrown’ into the air to rendezvous with the Groom, King Jesus as He separates the old corruptible body of sin and clothes the new body with indestructible life and incorruptibility. At that time, the Bride of Christ will be ushered into the ‘barn’ or House of YHV in the Heavenly Jerusalem. The following is a very simplified notion of this prophetic process.

1. Harvesting/redemption - a ‘cutting’ away from the world, a separation
2. Threshing/sanctification - a ‘beating’ to loosen from world, the kernel from the chaff
3. Winnowing/glorification - the ultimate separation done in the air

Many believe that this coming ‘winnowing’ or Rapture will take place during a corresponding Jewish Feast. Many believe the Rapture is to occur on Rosh HaShanah because of the trumpet shout and that ‘no man knows the day or the hour’…but this is not a Rapture verse. It is in the context of Jesus’ 2nd coming. Also, the blasts at Rosh HaShanah are not of the Silver Trumpets but that of the Shofars. The only 'Feast' of the 7 that the Church is directly and only associated with and the Silver Trumpets is Pentecost... a start and finish bracketed interval between the 1st 3 and the last 3 and associated with the Wheat Harvest.

What was interesting to consider though is that the 2 Blood Moons of the Tetrad of 2014-15 on the Passover dates of April 15, 2014 and April 4, 2015 did occur near the Star of Spica in Virgo. Spica means Wheat and is thus associated with a harvest. Regardless, these are exiting times as the world grows darker and evil, may the Bride of Christ within the Church be found ready for the coming prophetic corporate winnowing in the air and transformation.



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