OCTOBER 14, 2023
Is it a ‘Wedding Ring’ Motif in Virgo’s
Left Hand?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to share from a Lively Discussion about the October 14, 2023, 2nd Great American Solar Eclipse. It will leave the Northern Hemisphere in 2 places, Corpus Christi, Texas USA and Natal, Brazil. It will be an Annual Solar Type of Eclipse. And how the Celestial Motif, occurring in the Constellation of Virgo implies a ‘Wedding Ring’ Motif because the Solar Eclipse occurs in Virgo’s Left Hand. The Question is, how Rare is it? The Prophetic Implications are intriguing and the Question was asked, what if this Motif is implying the Rapture? These were the Questions asked by a Brother named Bob from the Revelation 12 Daily Online Blog.


As one may know, based on one’s Research and Stance, one is more Convinced, that the Rapture Event is tied to a Summer New Wine Pentecost Timing. However, one is not Dogmatic about it as studying the Pattern of Eclipses, one has also asked if possibly, the Rapture Event could be correlated with an Eclipse. Is there Evidence or Clues? Well, yes to a degree, but the Question remains, which Eclipse in that case? The October 14, 2023 Annular or ‘Wedding Ring’ one could be 1 possible option. But what is to say that the April 8, 2024 Eclipse, the 3rd Great American one that occurs in Pisces would rather be it, or at another Eclipse Timing?

One is reminded how that Mural on the Walls of the Lobby of the Bank of America in the Headquarters for the USA in Charlotte, North Carolina does in fact depict this very Notion of a Rapture Eclipse though. The Right Side of the 3-Piece Mural depicts a Maiden being lifted-up inside a Tesseract, or a Perfect Cube. This Cube ‘Chamber’ is constructed by 2 interlocking Pyramids. It essentially becomes a ‘Star-Gate’. This Chamber is directly connected to a Stairwell going-up to Heaven as the Maiden in the ‘Box’ is linked to a Solar Eclipse. There are more Occult Signatures, but that is for another Study. See End-Notes for related Articles.

As to the October 14, 2023 2nd Great American Eclipse? One has dubbed that, the Corpus Christi ‘Rapture Eclipse’ for the following Reasons that were discussed in the Online Blog. It was brought-up that all 3 Eclipses over the USA have a 6666 Numerical Connection. In ascertaining where the ‘Wedding Ring’ Eclipse occurs, in using the Stellarium Star Software, the Annular Eclipse occurs on the ‘Left Hand ‘of Virgo. And? The Annular Type of Solar Eclipse forms a Diamond Ring, but it is on the ‘1st Finger’. One was asked to comment on the various YouTube videos that started to pick-up on this Amazing Phenomena.

Time to Get Married
However, one noted that it was back in June of 2023, like in the Summer that one 1st Alerted the Church through the Online Blog of this Amazing Wedding Ring Eclipse. The Revelation 12 Sign Daily Blog was the 1st to have a Prophetic Breakdown of its possible Prophetic Significance, the Great Corpus Christi 'Rapture Eclipse' Sign. The Site was way ahead of the Curve. And that is exactly what happens when the Watchers are Watching for what is coming ahead, etc.

CORPUS CHRISTI RAPTURE - October 14, 2023 Eclipse

This Wedding Ring Annular Eclipse is and will be pretty Amazing. However, one suspected the Eclipse and Date would be 'Next Thing' that was going to go Viral in the End Times Rapture Community. One predicted that, as it picks-up 'Steam', as they say, it will only be a 'Rebound, as in a Relationship for a 'Nothing Burger' Rapture September Fall Feast of YHVH that the Rapture is always pegged to, i.e., Feast of Trumpets, etc. But if the Rapture Event is to take place on a Solar Eclipse, one will not Complain.

It would be a clear Sign to the Jews as they surmise Solar Eclipses are a Bad Omen for the Gentiles. Nonetheless, you all know that one holds to a Boaz-Ruth Type of Summer 'White Wheat Wedding' Rapture Timing. With that 'Gentile New Wine Vibe' at that. But not on a 6.66 Year Sign of Pending Wrath and Judgment, like on a 'Yom Kippur'. However, that is what the Bride will be 'Rescued' from, Pending Wrath and Judgment, so, one keeping an Open Mind. Yet, the World still has a bit more ‘Sin’ to fill up the Cup of Iniquity and the Sins of the ‘Amalekites’. Genesis 15:16

This was evidently the Condition before the Israelites could leave Egypt and enter the Promised Land, etc. Will it be or is it no different with the Church Age and its ‘Jubilee’ Release with the Rapture that closes-out the Church Age? One is just speaking in Prophetic Types here. In the Online Chat about the Wedding Ring Eclipse, it is a Sign, for sure in one’s Estimation. Now if it will be the case that the Rapture Event occurs on that specific Date? That will remain to be proven.

As one has stated in such cases, ‘Time always will Tell the Truth’, about it. However, it seems one can never escape the Argument about which Calendar is the correct one to use? But for more Perspective, if one is using the Stellarium Software Artwork, the Eclipse corresponded to the 1st Finger, not the Wedding Finger. Other Art Renditions will be different but still within the Hand Motif though. Nonetheless, that was a Powerful Imagery, as if the Groom was about to put the 'Ring' in the Hand of the Bride.

As the Conversation continued, Brother Bob asked, just how often or Rare was this type of Solar Eclipse and how many Times does it occur at this precise Place and Time, in the Constellation of Virgo. That is a Good Question but to find out, it will require Time and a lot of Homework. As a starting point, NASA’s Solar Page only goes as far back as -2000 BC and up to 3000 AD. One has to Filter-Out only the Annular Type of Solar Eclipses, and then Cross-Reference them on Stellarium to see what Constellation it occurred at, i.e., if in Virgo and specifically at the Left Hand near Spica.

Laws of Probability
So, it will be tedious. One suspected that this October 14, 2023 Virgo Annular ‘Wedding Ring’ Solar Eclipse will be a ‘Once in a Creation’ Type, Time and Place. But with the help of another Brother that is Extraordinary Good with Mathematics and Numbers named Stephan, it turns out that it is really not that Rare.


Here is the NASA Search Engine where one can just Filter-Out the Annular Type of Solar Eclipses, or any other type, up to -2000 BC. It does help a lot and will save Time.


Here is the Result of the Annular Type of Solar Eclipses since -2000. But consider that from Creation, assuming -3972 BC, you have approximately 2000 Years to go, and then just to look with Stellarium. It is unless any other Search Engine exists to see that, aside from NASA that does not go beyond -2000 BC. One does not think anything else Exists, as most if not all other Eclipse Search Engines pull from the NASA Data Base.


But here is another Take on considering the Probability of there ever being another Annular Type of Solar Eclipse at that precise Place in the Virgo Left Hand. If one just goes by the Law of Probability, Statistically, one surmised that it would be ‘Near Impossible’. So, one that if one just argued on this Mathematical Supposition alone, one can avoid the Laborious Effort to confirm it. This is until Brother Stephan provided and presented the actual Statistics to show and confirm one’s Supposition.

In Probability Theory, the Law (or Formula) of Total Probability is a Fundamental Rule relating Marginal Probabilities to Conditional Probabilities. It expresses the Total Probability of an Outcome which can be realized via several distinct Events, hence the Name.

The Law of Total Probability is a Theorem that states, in its discrete case, if { B n : n = 1 , 2 , 3 , … } is a Finite or Countably Infinite Partition of a Sample Space (in other words, a set of Pairwise Disjoint Events whose UNION is the entire Sample Space) and each Event B n B_{n} is measurable, then for any Event A A of the same sample space:

P ( A ) = ∑ n P ( A ∩ B n )
or, alternatively,
P ( A ) = ∑ n P ( A ∣ B n ) P ( B n )

where, for any n n, if P ( B n ) = 0, then these Terms are simply omitted from the Summation since P ( A ∣ B n ) is Finite. The Summation can be interpreted as a Weighted Average, and consequently the MARGINAL PROBABILITY, P ( A ) P(A), is sometimes called Average Probability; Overall Probability is sometimes used in less formal writings.

In Mathematics, a Proof of Impossibility is a Proof that demonstrates that a Particular Problem cannot be solved as described in the Claim, or that a particular set of Problems cannot be solved in general. Such a case is also known as a Negative Proof, Proof of an Impossibility Theorem, or Negative Result. Proofs of Impossibility often are the Resolutions of Decades or Centuries of work attempting to find a Solution, eventually proving that there is No Solution.

Proving that something is Impossible is usually much harder than the opposite task, as it is often necessary to develop a Proof that works in general, rather than to just show a particular example. Impossibility Theorems are usually expressible as Negative Existential Propositions or Universal Propositions in Logic.

So, this Type of Annual ‘Wedding Ring’ Solar Eclipse could be seen as a 'Once in a Creation Time Event’ Scenario. Now despite the Statistics, if it would mean that this still could have been the Rapture Event? Then that means that the Rapture is not 'Imminent' as it could have occurred before or after the Wedding Ring Eclipse. Again, only Time could and will Prove such Astronomical Rapture related Assertions. The following is Brother Stephan’s Calculation.

‘The Probability is only 2,25 % for an Annular Solar Eclipse in the Hand of Virgo in 6000 Years. It is because the Probability of an Annular Solar Eclipse is the following.’

1/730 × 1/365 = 0.000002739726 in a given Year in 6000 Years
(Probability in 6000 Years) = 2.25 %

‘So it is even confirming that it is very unlikely!!! In other words: An annular Solar Eclipse in the Hand of Virgo occurs every 26,645,350 Years’.

Now this is what Brother Bob then proposed as a possible Prophetic Blueprint. He stated that as Stephan had conclusively determined the ‘Rarity’ of the Annular Solar Eclipse, there needed to move-on to ‘Wedding Vows’. This is understood that in Traditional Wedding Ceremonies, it is after the Clergyman blesses the Ring(s), the Groom places it on her Finger and Vice Versa. Each says: ‘In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, take and wear this Ring as a Sign of my Love and Faithfulness’, etc. So, he surmised that if the 10/14 Annular Solar Eclipse was a Type of Wedding Ceremony or Exchange of Rings, then how much longer could the Rapture be? 

The Bride and Groom wouldn't Exchange Rings and say, ‘Let's wait another Year to get Married + Raptured would they? His Supposition and Rationale is based on how Statistically, it is extremely Rare and likely the Handiwork of our Lord + Savior, the Great Artist in the Sky, as he put it. One would not argue with that last part. All this was some Good Detective Work. But here is one’s Reply. Yes, it could be a ‘Promise Ring’, but one would rather think it is the Wedding Ring, Chronologically because she is not a ‘Wife’ yet. Consider the following. Bob really answered his own Question with that last Reply in my Mind. He stated, ‘Take and wear this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness’.

Time will Tell
See, the Sign is given of what is expected in the Future. But for some or many of us, Love and Faithfulness did not prove to be the case in one’s Marriage. So, that is to say that it took at Least 1 Year to find out, at least. If one recollects, this is what the following had to say about their High Watch Rapture Signs, not being yet another Year off.

1-Dr. Barry Awe – ‘Not 1 more Year! Please GOD, let it not be’ (August 9th of Av Rapture.)

2-Bob @ Rev12Sign Daily – Can’t say, ‘Let’s wait another Year to get Married'!

One realizes that there are others that are thinking and/or have said, how many more ‘Signs’ do we need? Can the Rapture just happen like ‘Now’!? Well, consider that technically 5784 is within the Year, that is if one’s Summer New Wine Rapture High Watch Time is the true Season to be Watching. Then it would have been just a matter of 9 Months from the Eclipse. It is just like a Human Gestation Period. Anyway, Here is one’s Prophetic Correlation of the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses. Consider the following.

EVENT                                                DATE                          CONSTELLATION
1-Great American Eclipse #1:            August 21, 2017          Leo
2-Great American Eclipse #2:            October 14, 2023        Virgo
3-Great American Eclipse #3:            April 8, 2024                Pisces

Here is a Possible Prophetic Interpretation. Based on the Mazzaroth, the Storyline of the Gospel in the Stars begins with Virgo and ends with Leo. The Constellation of Pisces is right in the Middle of the 12 Houses or Signs. Here you have a Beginning-Middle-End Typology but in reverse order. The 1st 2 Signs occurring independently and with the Middle Motif occurring last, Chronologically. So, it is as Leo, who is the Last, becomes the 1st. and Virgo who was the 1st, becomes the Last.

This then sets the Prophetic Stage for the Sequence of Events. Perhaps but interesting to consider. It is about the ‘Last’ of Things or Prophecy, and in this case one then interjects the Church Age. Why? It is because the Last Great Eclipse occurs in Pisces to infer the End of the Church Age, in one’s Mind. And that is how the Church Age is to End. It is about an End Gathering, a Harvest, of White Wheat, or that of the Fish, the 153 Code Caught on the Net are to have, Prophetically.

It is how it will be the Sign of the Pending Final Closure of the Catch to be finalized. That ‘Catch’ will of all those be brought to Jesus at the Shore, as in the Clouds on that Resurrection-Rapture Day. One can see a Rapture Typology in that Scene. Now one is not saying the Rapture Event will occur on the 2nd or 3rd Great American Eclipses. But Chronologically, it makes perfect sense as these Celestial Signs are ‘Right on Time’.

I Have a Wedding to Catch
It may not be one’s Time as one Understands a ‘Sooner rather than Later’ Rapture Desire that should be in order and wanted. But realize that is on the Father’s Timing and we cannot force a Date, no matter how Mathematically Probable or Statistically Exacting. And that goes the same for one’s Summer New Wine Pentecost in the month of July to come, perhaps. Here is what one sees. It was the Lion King back in 2017 initiating the coming Division and Judgment of the World for how it treated His Bride, as the Eclipse occurred in the 'Heart of the Lion', in the Royal Star of Regulus.

He then puts the 'Wedding Ring' on the Bride, Virgo in the Left Hand that depicts the Name of the Messiah, the 'Branch' near the Star Spica. It is because she has proved to be a Loving and Faithful Bride. Then the next occurrence is to bring in the Rest of the Fish, that Summer Wheat, i.e., Boaz and Ruth or the Catch of the 153 Fish that has been the Euphemism and Motif used to describe the Present Church Age.

It is now coming to a Close as they are 'Raptured' up to the Shore to where Jesus is at and will be in the Clouds, our True Lion King! One came across similar Research. Here is what was said from various Marriage/Wedding Sites Online. It was noted that various types of Trades that have People who work with Hands a lot, put the Ring on the 1st Finger so as not to interfere with their Craft.

1-‘No one knows for sure why it changed so much over Time’.

2-‘The Person who is getting Married normally decides which Finger the Ring will go on, regardless of the Tradition’.

3-‘Wedding rings have been around for thousands of years, with the earliest examples dating back to the Bronze Age. They were primarily used as a Symbol of Tribal Affiliation, as well as a way to show Ownership. There are many different ways that rings have been used to represent Marriage throughout History’.

4-‘It’s believed that the Left-Hand Ring Wearing Tradition began in about the 14th Century’ [In the West].

5-‘The most Popular Idea behind the Left Hand Wearing of Rings is that it is Symbolic of the Heart – which is on the Left Side of the Body’.


It was then that, according to George Monger's Marriage Customs of the World, People started to believe that there was ‘A Vein or Nerve [that] went from this Finger to the Heart’ called the Vena Amoris (The Vein of Love).


They also believed that the Vena Amoris ran directly from the 4th Finger of the Left Hand to the Heart. By placing the wedding ring on this finger, they thought it symbolized the Love and Commitment between the Couple.


However, it was noted that People around the World do not wear their Wedding Rings on their Left Ring Finger. According to Wedding Ring Seller, My Trio Rings, Couples opt to wear their Wedding Rings on the Right Hand for the following Reasons. In India, and in Muslim Nations, the Left Hand is considered Unclean. Then the Orthodox Christians also customarily wear their Wedding Bands on their Right Hands, having to do with the ‘Right Hand of GOD’, etc.

But one finds it more interesting in that the Virgo Motif, having the Eclipse occur in the 1st Finger, would signify her as a ‘Worker’. And that is exactly what the Depictions is all about, a Maiden working in the Wheat Fields and then finally gathering-in the Harvest. It harkens back to the Royal Commission of having Jesus commanded His Disciples to go out in the Wheat Field of the World in each Generation until He comes. Of Course, the Motif can only go so far in its Application and Interpretation, but it makes the Virgo Sign very Intriguing, solely based on the Imagery of the Annular Type of Solar Eclipse that is precisely called, in some instances, the ‘Wedding Ring’ Eclipse. 



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