Prophetic Heavenly Signs and War Alignments

  • Is there Cosmic Significance of the Comet ISON with Prophecy?
  • What does this Celestial Synchronization mean for the Church?
  • Does this time mean that it is a Sign dealing with the 3rd Temple?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Blessed are you, LORD, our GOD, Sovereign of the Universe who has kept us alive, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this Season. Amen’ –The Shehecheyanu on the 1st Night of Chanukah.

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the Alignments of Comet ISON as it pertained to the Jewish Festival of Chanukah on November 28, 2013. The Charts will attempt to approximate the depiction of what the Skies looked like against the starry backgrounds from certain vantage points in the Middle East; specifically, from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

Chanukah Festivals have come and gone but the Festival in 2013 was like no other. It was a very unique time because of Comet ISON’s peculiarities associated to certain dates, location and positioning in the Sky, specifically during this Chanukah Festival itself. The more one studies this Comet ISON, the more it becomes apparent that this Comet was very unique, having many calculated Mathematical Peculiarities that linked it to End Time Prophecies.

This study with illustrated Charts will attempt to show but a small portion of such Configurations and Alignments made by ISON as it directly pertains to Chanukah in November 2013. One of the theories of this study postulates that ISON was a Prophetic Harbinger of what Biblically is about to take place in Israel with the dedication of the 3rd Temple and the inevitable war with Syria and its Muslim Neighbors and the coming AntiChrist, as a type and shadow of ‘Antiochus IV’ as it was in the 2nd Century BC that led to the Festival of Chanukah.

This study seeks to show the amazing Alignment of ISON specifically starting on November 27, 2013, just after Sunrise. This Prophetic Imagery occurred in the Constellation Scorpio on the Eve of Chanukah over the Temple Mount. The imagery will depict Comet ISON as the 1st ‘Candle’ lit by the Sun as the Shamash in a Celestial ‘Chanukah Menorah’, as Antares rose above the Horizon.

This Alignment of ISON occurring at this precise place and at this precise time clearly depicts Biblical Symbology against the starry Skies. This study seeks therefore to Prophetically link Comet ISON to Chanukah and thus all that it represents Prophetically. It is a time of re-dedication that comes out of Strife and Defilement. Whether all these Celestial Alignments that occur on Jewish Festival Dates are a coincidence or not, it is very interesting to contemplate its significance, nonetheless.

Historical Context and Repeating Pattern
ISON could be a ‘Heavenly’ Sign/Omen of what is to come for Israel and the World with this Jewish ‘Terminal Generation’ per Psalm 150. Another theory that this study postulates is that the pattern of events that led to Chanukah in ~175-170 BC will repeat themselves again in Israel. This study seeks to show that indeed, such a current Geo-Political landscape echoes or parallels the conditions of the 2nd Century BC conditions that existed amongst Judea, Egypt and Syria; they exactly match today’s News Headlines.

A brief study on the origins of Chanukah will be given for context. This will provide a better understanding of the Astro-Biblical Symbols presented in this study and the Geo-Political situation on the ground that is currently playing out with Syria, Egypt and Israel. This theory suggests that the coming scenario for Israel will parallel the same conditions that led to Chanukah in the 2nd Century BC. The events that occurred in Judea then, historically are about to be played-out and mirrored now in Israel.

Back then, Judea was wedged in-between Egypt and Syria as it is now Geo-Politically. At that time, it was a period of Turmoil, War and Strife coming from both Egypt and Syria against Judea as it is now with Israel. At a certain breaking point, events led to the events of Chanukah. Thus, this study also postulates that the coming Chanukah Scenario will likely take place again at a certain time as it took place in the 2nd Century BC. And? It will lead to the re-Dedication of the 3rd Temple. In the 2nd Century BC, the order of events that led to Chanukah are as follows.

There was a war with Syria, the Greek Seleucids. Then the defilement by Antiochus IV of the Holy Temple occurred. Lastly a Dedication to the Temple occurred thereafter. In these Last Days, such books like Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation present a pattern that will occur again in Israel but in reversed order from the 1st Chanukah. There will be a strike on Syria and/or its Muslim Neighbors that as a result, Israel will Build and Dedicate the 3rd Temple.

This might very well coincide with the coming of the AntiChrist that like Antiochus IV, will thereafter defile the 3rd Temple and cease the Daily Sacrifices after a 3.5 Year time period. The end of this issue will be culminating in the War called the Battle of Armageddon. Because of Comet ISON’s unique timing and Astronomical Positioning to this Festival of Chanukah, it is undoubtedly a ‘Sign’ that perhaps the re-Dedication of the coming Temple in Jerusalem and War with Syria and its Muslim Neighbors and the coming AntiChrist are to occur with this Generation.

The World and Israel are possibly seeing the beginning of such an Omen unravel itself as we will see the repeating of this Ancient Chanukah Pattern that perhaps ISON’s signaled in 2013. During the Chanukah Lighting Ceremony, the Hallel Prayers are recited among others. The Hallel Psalms are comprised of Psalms 113 to 118. There is a possible Prophetic Correlation of a Psalm-to-Year association as in Psalm 113 = 2013 and Psalm 118 = 2018. This is when perhaps in 2018 the 3rd Temple ‘Event’ will be ascended by the Jewish for the 1st time since 70 AD, 1948 years since then. A Prophetic Time Line?

Nonetheless, this coming Prophetic Timespan will correlate to the year 2018 in some Cosmological Way. Did something prophetically significant happen in 2018? Yes, the Altar of Sacrifice was rededicated. No small event. If Psalm 113 would correlate to 2013, perhaps Comet ISON spectacularly will configure a ‘Celestial’ Chanukah Menorah with its trajectory. It will be positioned at that specific time and place to function as the 1st Lighting of the ‘Candle’ of the ‘Celestial’ Chanukah Menorah’ in the Skies over the Temple Mount on the 1st Day of Chanukah.

This occurred in 2013 or ‘Psalm 113’ which speaks that ‘the LORD should be praised from the rising of the Sun to the setting of the Sun’. This very Psalm did occur prophetically on the very Eve of Hanukah, over the Temple Mount as the Sun rises over the Mount of Olives facing east. The odds of all these factors, prophetically occurring at once are astronomical. Would the span of years, from 2013-2018 thus be the Pattern of Time required to initiate the Temple Event or have its worship services just about done in preparation?

Could this possibly mean that a ‘Dedication’ of the 3rd Temple is about to occur within this Generation? Many current Jewish Organizations such as the Temple Institute in particular have all the Furnishings made and Priestly Assignments, all rehearsed now and ready for Temple Service. So, in essence, 2013 is the year that the 3rd Temple has begun circumstantially, if you can look at it in this context. What is also spectacular about the ‘Celestial’ Chanukah Menorah imagery is that the actual Menorah is aligned to the position on the Temple Mount. The Sun, as depicting the Shamash, corresponds to the alignment with the Golden Gate and the Dome of the Spirits to the North of the Dome of the Rock.

According to the scientific observations of Comet ISON, it was projected to be the size of a small mountain with a diameter of about 3 miles. As to the weight or mass, it is anywhere between 7 billion to 7 trillion pounds. According to NASA Scientists, this Comet has never come into the Inner Solar System. Comet ISON was said to be special as it was hyped-up to be the ‘Comet of the Century’ by some experts at least Astronomically and perhaps Prophetically regarding Israel and the Temple Mount.  Projections and calculation were correct by Scientists observing this comet.

The point of its Perihelion or the Closest Approach to the Sun did occur on the 28th of November. Although there is an issue if it really did not disintegrate as it swung around the Sun. By some estimations, this Comet was once-in-a-lifetime spectacle that will be a class unto itself; a ‘Mega-Comet’, if you will. This is because of several factors, 2 of which are the most prominent ones. In comparison to prior recorded Comets, ISON’s Tail was expected to be unprecedented in size and its Magnitude of Brightness to be the same as the Moons. The Tail alone was the longest by far of any other known Comets ever recorded. It was projected to be over 186,000 miles long, almost 3/4th of the distance from the Earth to the Moon. The subject of the Moon’s distance is a unique phenomenon regarding the Moon itself. The advent of ISON occurred in Conjunction to a Super Moon.

Some Particulars about ISON

This occurs when a Full Moon is nearest to the Earth due to the Moon’s Elliptical Orbit and affect called Perigee. They are very rare occurrences and when they do occur, the Moon is 13% larger and 30% brighter. The next Super Moon relative to the Tetrad occurred, according to NASA, on November 14, 2016.

Coincidentally, this happened on June 22, 2013, the same day the Star of David Alignment occurred. In regard to the size of Comet ISON’s Tail, some Comets can leave a residue of Particle, Plasma and/or Gas Clouds of up to 300,000 miles. Most Comet’s Tails are no longer than approximately 100,000 miles. Given the known size comparisons of Comets since they have been recorded, Comet ISON’s Tail was considered ‘Mega’ in length.

For a perspective of how long the Tail could be, the distance from Earth to the Moon is just over 238,000 miles. ISON’s Tail is speculated to have been over 186,000 miles long; about 30 Earth Diameters, side to side. The Earth’s Diameter is 7,918 miles (12,742 km).

1) Comet ISON’s tail:     ~ 186,400 miles
2) Larger Comets:          ~ 100,000 miles: larger Comets
3) Common Comets:      ~   60,000 miles: most Comets

What makes a Tail of Comets occur is that, as they near the Sun, the Solar Winds and heat react with the Comet that is made up of Dust and Ionized Gases. There are actually 2 Tails that come off a Comet, a Dust Tail and other is the Plasma Tail. A 3rd Tail was observed on Comet Hale-Bopp, but they seldom occur.

Dust Tail: The ‘White’ portion is the Dust Tail that is made-up of the Smaller Particles. These are the Elements that reflect the Sun’s Light and give it its Brightness. Comet ISON’s Brightness is said to equal the Moons at it Brightest Point. The Dust Trails can be up to 600,000 - 6 million miles long.

Plasma Tail: This is the part that is ‘Bluish’ in color because it contains Carbon Monoxide Ions or Particles. What makes the color Bluish is when the Comet gets closer to the Sun; the Solar Ultraviolet Light breaks-down the Gas Molecules, causing them to Glow. These Tails can also stretch across the Cosmos but usually do not exceed 100,000 miles.

According to the Academic Definition, an Omen is ‘a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the Advent of Change.’ There are apparently some unique dates associated with Comet ISON that led up to Chanukah that are very interesting to consider. This started with the alignment in Leo with Mars and Regulus. Their positioning on October 14, 2013 was at a phi ratio and some are depicting it as the ‘3 Kings’. This occurred at Sunset at the 0 degree latitude Greenwich line outside London, England.

1) Apogee: JULY 4 New Moon at ~ 252,700 miles from Earth
2) Perigee: JUNE 22 Full Moon at ~ 225,500 miles from Earth

Chanukah Omen?
Many believed that Comet ISON was an Omen of the coming ‘Change’ that may well be Prophetic in nature and will not only affect Israel but the whole World. Then there was the rare Hybrid Eclipse of November 3, 2013, when Comet ISON crosses Earth’s orbital plain. The Comet was visible with the Naked-Eye for the first time. Here is a short timeline of what transpired Astronomically as Comet ISON reaching Perihelion. Comet ISON reached Perihelion, the closest point to Sun that corresponded to the Shammus or Shamash of the Celestial Chanukah Menorah.

The Shamash is referred to as the ‘Attendant’ or ‘Servant’. A 666-day count from ISON’s Perihelion on November 28/29, 2013, coincided with September 25, 2015. This day count occurred in-between the start of Yom Kippur on September 22nd and the start of Tabernacles on the 28th. The 28th was a Super Blood Moon and end of the 2014-15 Tetrad. This is just another example of the many Celestial Signs leading-up to the eventual Great Escape of the Bride of Christ from Earth. When? At the end of this 7-Year Countdown.

Such Signs in the Heavens are part of the orchestrated timepieces that are occurring hand-in-hand with Biblical Prophecy. Thus this count itself produced a 7-day Menorah Pattern in which the 666-Day count depicted the ‘Shamash’ of the Menorah as the ISON’s Point of Perihelion depicted the ‘Shamash’ with the Sun on November 28, 2013. Later on, the trajectory of Comet ISON is as follows sped-away from the Inner Solar System and there were some dates that were very unique. For example, on December 25, 2013, comet ISON reaches closest approach to Earth’s above North Pole.

Many believe that 5776 was the Jewish Jubilee Year which corresponded to Yom Kippur of 2015. It was 5776 that perhaps will be a ‘turning point’ Prophetically for the Church Age and Israel. Perhaps the Comet ISON was pointing to, the Year of Light. Chanukah, as the Festival of Lights thus has this direct relationship to it having 666 days associated to this ‘Year of Light’. And again, 3 days later from the 25th of the 666th Day Count, the last Blood Moon of the Tetrad on September 28, 2015, occurred.

A 777-day count also landed on the eve of the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2015. So, the point is that a Countdown to Daniel’s 70th Week of Years is to perhaps occur starting in the fall of 2022. The Celestial Chanukah Menorah also has possible Prophetic Interpretation purely based on the meaning of the Star involved with ISON’s Alignments. The Stars are Acrab, Dschubba and Antares.

The Stars that made up the points of this Celestial Chanukah Menorah that occurs on the 1st Day of the Festival in addition to the Celestial Menorah itself alluded to 1) a Servant-The Shamash, 2) a Wounding-Acrab and Antares and 3) a Crown-Dschubba. Applying elementary Biblical known themes to this ‘picture’, it could be said that this ‘Sign’ then was referencing to when the Son, Jesus Christ the Messiah came to Israel as a Servant, was wounded (Crucified) but will eventually be Crowned. Perhaps the Crowning of the Messiah of Israel, the Son of David will take place at a future Chanukah Festival season after His return.

Year of Light
As an aside note, many Arab, Muslims and well as others with an agenda refute the fact that King David even existed or had a Kingdom in Jerusalem, much less a Temple. If this is so, then Solomon and Jesus Christ for example, could not have existed either. People gave Jesus of Nazareth the very Title of the ‘Son of David’. In the Gospels, Jesus honored and celebrated the Feast of Dedications with His Disciples as depicted in John 10:22.

Chanukah which has many spelling variations, is called the Feast of Dedication. It is 8-Days long Commemoration of the defeat the Syrian Greeks, Antiochus IV and the re-Dedication of the Temple. It occurs on the 25th of Kislev on the Jewish Calendar. This ‘Festival of Lights’ usually will correlate to either a November or December timeframe in the Western Calendar. The Miracle of Chanukah is attributed to the Menorah or Golden Lampstand. It is traditionally stated that the 1 Day’s Portion of Holy Oil burned for a total of 8 Days as supplies were limited. The revolt was led by the Maccabees against the Greeks.

Thus, a Candle is lit every Night for the duration of the 8 Days commemorating this re-Dedication. During the Chanukah Festival, a 9-Prong Menorah is used for the lighting of the candles. It is called the ‘Candelabrum’. It has 8 branches with a Center Stem called the Shamash. It is referred to as the ‘Attendant’ or Witness basically that is used to light the other Candles. It commemorates the heavenly designed ‘Almond Tree’ Menorah given to Moses by YHVH Himself. The Menorah was one of the 4 Pieces of Furnishings required for the Tabernacle and subsequent Temples.

The Menorah provided illumination but required a Daily Measure of Holy Oil for the burning. The Light would allow the Priests to perform their Service in the Temple, otherwise it would have been totally dark to work in. During Sunrise, over the Temple Mount looking towards the East in Jerusalem on Chanukah, November 28, 2013, there was an Alignment and Date Association that seems to exclaim a Biblical and Prophetic Depiction of a Chanukah Menorah.

The Comet began its approach to its Perihelion on the 28th but not before it conjoined Dschubba on the 27th at the 19th Hour and 48th Minute. This interestingly alludes to 1948, the Year Israel became a Nation, ‘birthed’ miraculously as foretold by Isaiah. Of note, there are 1948 Years from when the 2nd Temple was destroyed in 70 AD to 2018. This would possible then correlate to the last Hallel Psalm of 118 that is read during the Festival. This may prophetically be related to the Psalm-to-Year relationship in that 118 = 2018.

Some believe this could be the year that a significant Prophetic Event is to occur related to the Daily Sacrifices. To reiterate, it was in December of 2018 that the Altar of Sacrifice was rededicated. This is an extension of the Temple. The Constellation of Scorpio rises above the Horizon every year on the Ecliptic at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the Fall/Winter Months. What is different during the Chanukah Season of 2013 was where Comet ISON was at and when this Alignment occurred; this phenomenon cannot be mere coincidences.

Some Astronomical Observations

This spectacular event occurred when Comet ISON was on the very line of the Star Dschubba, the middle Star of Scorpio’s ‘Trident’. This Celestial Chanukah Menorah depiction involved Comet ISON configuring the 1st Candle that is lit. This 1st Candle to the far right in a ‘Heavenly’ Chanukah Menorah is Metaphorically lit by the Celestial Shamash or by the Sun’s Solar Winds. In terms of Alignments, ISON was in direct line with the Dome of the Rock.

The Shamash or Central Stem of the Menorah where the Sun is rising above the Horizon was in direct line to the Golden Gate and the Dome of the Spirits. The accompanying Charts attempts to approximate this depiction of the Morning Skies in Jerusalem on November 28, 2013. This same Typology as it appeared from the perspective of the Giza Pyramids will also be illustrated in a subsequent Chart. The ‘picture’ has a dazzling display of incredible Symmetry and Symbology. November 27 was when Comet ISON started to circumvent the Sun.

Interestingly, it took about 27 Hours due to the acceleration by the Sun’s Gravity upon the Comet. The amounts of Hours, 27 can be divisible by 3 parts as in 9+9+9, or a .33 coefficient. The Sun was at the Ecliptic that configured a ‘lower’ position on the Celestial Chanukah Menorah. It is one of the two positions that the Shamash is allowed to have in the Chanukah Menorah, either a higher or lower stem than the 8 Prongs. To reiterate, on the 1st Day of Chanukah, the Sun was the ‘Attendant’ as the word ‘Shamash’ means, or ‘Witness’ lights the 1st Candle starting on the far right.

This was depicted with Comet ISON being at that very spot in the Sky on November 27th over the Temple Mount on the line of the Star Dschubba. A day later, at the point and time of the Comet’s Perihelion, ISON’s position was directly in line with the Celestial Shamash. Incredibly, each 3rd interval of the 27-Hour Period that comet ISON is circumventing the Sun, corresponded to a ‘candle’ on the Chanukah Menorah.

Upon further evaluation of this Celestial Chanukah Menorah configuration, the 3 Trident Stars of Scorpio, Acrab, Dschubba along with Antares, the Giant Red Star formed an inverted Pyramid or Triangle. This configuration was from Antares to the Ecliptic near the Sun and to the base of the Horizon of the Earth. It depicted an upright Pyramid or Triangle as well. These 2 Triangles or Pyramids when placed side-by-side to each other but when inverted and overlaid to each other, formed a Star of David. This study seeks to illustrate how the heavenly Chanukah Menorah that configures just after Sunrise at Jerusalem at the Temple Mount is a possible ‘Sign’ and/or Omen.

This Chanukah Sign is a possible Prophetic Prelude to something that is coming upon Israel and the World. The root word for Chanukah comes from ‘Dedication’ as it related to the Purification of the Temple from the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ cause by Antiochus the IV in the 2nd Century BC. The rising over the Temple Mount on Chanukah of Antares correlates to the Russian Ascension Convent at the Apex of the Mount of Olives looking towards the East at Sunrise. According to the Russian Orthodox Tradition, it is the site is where Jesus Christ Ascended to Heaven 40 Days after His Resurrection per the Witness of Jesus’ Jewish Disciples.

Prophetic Chanukah Pattern
As it pertains to Prophecy yet unfulfilled, the book of Zechariah 14 tells of a coming time when the Messiah’s Feet will touch the very same spot on the Mount of Olives, across the Temple Mount during the last stages of the Battle of Armageddon as the World and AntiChrist Armies are surrounding Jerusalem.

The events that led to Chanukah in the 2nd Century BC echo down the halls of history to present day Israel and its Temple Mount. Back then, Judea was in the middle of a contentious and dangerous time, as it is now. On one hand there were the Ptolemys of Egypt and the Seleucids of Syria on the other hand. They all were vying for Political, Military and Religious Dominance for the Middle East, specifically control over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

It appears that the same Players and the same core issue will come to a head once again in Israel. Today there is the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt on one hand and the U.S. supported and armed ‘Freedom’ Fighters or ISIS in Syria on the other. Both are Extremist Jihadist bent on the destruction of Israel and absolute control over the Temple Mount.

Chanukah is directly related to the Temple that was and yet is to be built and the War that was and is yet to occur as well. Prophetically, the significance of the Celestial Chanukah Menorah Sign may be that comet ISON was announcing that this Pattern of prior history is about to repeat itself but in reversed order. There were 3 specific events that will be generalized. In the 2nd Century, there was a War with Syria, a defilement of the Temple and a re-Dedication. What is Prophetically coming to Israel may be the following scenario in reverse order.

1) An attack by Syria upon Israel that will allow for the Dedication of the 3rd Temple as the Furnishings and Priestly order is complete.

2) The Antichrist’s coming, that like Antiochus will defile the 3rd Temple, will cease the Daily Offerings at the future 3.5 year time period from the Dedication of the 3rd Temple.

3) Wars with the Enemies of Israel will ensue as it relates to perhaps the final War of Armageddon as the YHVH gathers the Nations of the world around Jerusalem.

As it pertains to the coming False Messiah or AntiChrist, according to the writings of Josephus, the very nature or actions of Antiochus IV echoes what the Prophets Daniel and John declare will once again occur with what the AntiChrist will do with the 3rd Temple; Josephus writes,

‘Antiochus IV once wrestling Power over his Rivals, plundered Jerusalem and the Holy Temple by ‘spoil[ing] the Temple, and put[ing] a stop to the constant practice of Offering a Daily Sacrifice of expiation for 3 years and 6 months.’

Comet ISON’s Tail: Veil of a Bride?
Comet ISON streaked across the Constellation Virgo for the whole month of November 2013. What is intriguing about Virgo in association with Comet ISON is that aside the fact that the Constellation Virgo has the classical phi ratio proportions, Comet ISON conjoined these same specific points along the Ecliptic. In other words, Comet ISON happened to mirror the phi ratio proportion of the Constellation’s points in terms of its speed. This means that the Comet is also traveling at the approximate factor of a phi ratio velocity.

To reiterate, on November 3, 2013, ISON crossed the Earth’s Orbital Plane. On the same day, the very rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse occurred. The next Hybrid will occur on Apr 20, 2023, approximately 9 years or 493 Weeks later. This time span appears to be some sort of possible ‘bookends’ from 2013 to 2023 that could very well see the Antiochus IV retake. ISON then conjoined Spica in Virgo on November 17, 2013. Spica means ‘Ears of Corn’ or ‘Wheat’. Then on November 22, it was at the Feet of Virgo. At this point, the length of ISON’s Tail spanned the entirety of the Constellation Virgo. On the 28th of November, it reached Perihelion after the 1st Full Day of Chanukah had occurred.

The constellation Virgo is often depicted as Israel that ‘birthed’ the Messiah, Jesus Christ as depicted for example in Revelation 12, but it also has connotations to the Rapture event and the Bride of Christ. Using some poetic license, Metaphorically then, the Comet’s Tail could be seen as a flowing White Veil from Virgo’s Head flowing down the length of the Train beyond her Feet. Then due to the Comet ISON’s Trajectory, it swept-up as it traveled through Ophiuchus and on to the Crown of Bootes before leaving the Inner Solar System.

Could this have been a Prophetic Picture as well in Conjunction to the Celestial Chanukah Menorah? Is this a ‘picture’ of a Bride having put on the Wedding Veil that is about to be swept-up for a Coronation? Could this event be signaling then the possible Rapture of the Christian Church will serve as a Heavenly Sign for Israel at the same time at some point in time?

Could this be a forewarning or Omen to Israel and the Nations in this Last Generation? Is ISON then a Heavenly Sign from the LORD foreshadowing a repeat of what took place at the 1st Chanukah in the 2nd Century BC; a War, Defilement, and a Dedication but in reversed order? It does appear that the LORD of Israel, YHVH is affirming this Festival and signaled perhaps that it was associated with the soon fulfillment of the re-Dedication of the 3rd Temple.


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