A Study of a Nuclear Fall-Out Aftermath

  • Will there be a Nuclear War with multiple Detonations eventually?
  • Are the Armed Forces testing the readiness of Civilians worldwide?
  • Is there a Hidden Agenda of planning when a Detonation will go off?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘People will live in it, and there will no longer be a Curse, for Jerusalem will dwell in Security. Now this will be the Plague with which YHVH will strike all the Peoples who have gone to War against Jerusalem; their Flesh will rot while they stand on their Feet, and their Eyes will rot in their Sockets, and their Tongue will rot in their Mouth. It will come about in that Day that a Great Panic from YHVH will fall on them; and they will seize one another's Hand, and the Hand of one will be lifted against the Hand of another.’ –Zechariah 14:11-13

The purpose of this study is to consider the effects of Nuclear Detonations. With the current round of world nuclear saber-rattling, the American Military last detonated a new weapon in April of 2017 with a possible Biblical Nuance, ‘MOAB’. Many believe that any new U.S. President must ‘flex’ the Military Might to signal to the World that it ‘Means Business’ and other Nation’s Leaders will try the resolve of the new Commander in Chief. It is sort of a Rite-of-Passage, but a dangerous one as the stakes are Nuclear and a potential Armageddon could be unleashed. All prior U.S. Presidents have done this without the approval of the U.S. Congress that solely has the Authority to Declare War. There is the Wars Powers Act that gives the U.S. President a certain time the Office of the President can execute a Military Operation without Congressional Consent.

However, this is deemed only necessary if and when there is an ‘Immediate Threat’ to the Security of the USA. This has been very loosely interpreted through the years since the Vietnam War. For historical context, since the end of the World War 2, the Balance of World Power shifted to the USA, exclusively. Now it is shifting away. The Pax Americana is Waning. World War 2 war was technically a Nuclear War and America emerged as the unchallenged ‘Broker’ of War-and-Peace. Many in the World feared this Nuclear Hegemony of the Power of the Atom could be used for Evil. It has been written that for example, MI-6 and Communist Elements within the British Intelligence Apparatus, viewed such a new Geo-Political Hegemony as dangerous that potentially could skew the New World Paradigm.

The U.S. Nuclear Bomb plans that were shared with the British Allies were forwarded to the Soviets. To their rationale, a ‘Balance of Power’ was needed to create what was then called Détente or ‘hold back’ from the French word. This Deterrence was forged to avoid Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) in an avoidance to engage in all-out Nuclear Strikes and/or War. This unofficial policy worked so long as the World Leaders of such Nations possessing the Power to destroy Humanity were rational and governed by precept to avoid all-out Thermal Nuclear War, at any cost. This resolve was first tested during the Cuban Missile Crisis of the Kennedy administration.

Apocalypse Soon
Although limits on Armaments, Test Bans and Agreements have been made since by the respective World Powers, many Nations since World War 2 have not abided by such Treaties. Many Nations have been creeping-up, in an attempt to be part of this exclusive Nuclear Club. Currently North Korea and Iran are the most notorious. The issue with some Political Experts is that such regimes are not ‘Rationale’ and on the contrary are seeking Nuclear Capability based on either Apocalyptic and/or Koranic Irrational World Views. As such Nations are bent on acquiring Nuclear Armaments, the likelihood of an eventual Nuclear Exchange dramatically multiplies this probability. According to the Biblical Narrative, it is not of an issue of if but when a Nuclear Exchange will occur.

Even the Luciferians with the supposed 3 World War Scenario of Albert Pike suggest this. The Bible is very clear that there will be a Gog-Magog War, in fact at least 2 of these and the Battle of Armageddon at Jesus’ return. The whole Book of Revelation and Zechariah are correctly descriptive of the effects of Thermonuclear Detonations. It is also seen in the ‘Revelation’ given to the Apostle John by Jesus Himself. Based on the Revelation of what is going to happen, about 2/3 of Earth’s Human Population will die during the 7-Year Tribulation Period, all-inclusive perhaps in part due to such Nuclear Detonations. The Book of Revelation has several layers of Divine Judgment of which, for example during the initial Seal Judgments that start at the beginning, it states that 1/4 of the World’s Population will die as a result of War.

Then during the Trumpet Judgments, the 4 Demons bound at the Euphrates are loosed to kill 1/3 or .33 of the remaining Population of Earth. Based on this Mathematical Supposition, it would leave about 1/2 of the Earth’s Population alive from the mid-point to the end of the 7-year Tribulation Period. It is not sure when such factors are precisely commencing or if they will also be incorporating the 2nd half of the Tribulation known as the Great Tribulation. This is the specific time of Judgment that will correlate to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. This time is concluding the trial Israel will have to go through, much like the wrestling of Jacob with the Angel of YHVH. It will be the Conclusion of Prophecy for Israel as ‘through the fire’ to shed its complex of refusing Jesus as their Messiah, much like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Furnace of Fire in Babylon.

The book of Zechariah foretells of a Dark Time, worse than that of the Holocaust in which in Israel, 2/3rds of the Jews will be struck down and perish. Then the 1/3 who are left, ‘The Remnant’ will be brought through this ‘Fire’. Most End Times Scholars believe that this scenario of People is referring to Israel. The phrase ‘The Fire’ is referencing YHVH’s Refiner’s Fire, a name sometimes given to denote the time of the Great Tribulation. That means, 2/3rds of the Jewish people will die sometime as an effect of Nuclear Detonations within the Great Tribulation most likely. It is rather interesting that Jesus foretold this account and warned the Jews to ‘Flee to the Hills’ or as some interpret, Petra in the land of Edom and Moab. It is rather interesting that the most powerful bomb ever used by the U.S. military is named M.O.A.B. It is a Sign of the Times in how the Biblical Storyline suggests a Time of Moral Perversion in the USA, specifically, has reached a Critical Mass in the Eyes of YHVH?

A Psyops
According to the Biblical Account, Moab and Ammon were born to Lot and Lot's Elder and Younger Daughters out of Incest in the aftermath of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible refers to both the Moabites and Ammonites as Lot's Sons that will play a decisive role for Jacob during its ‘Time of Trouble’. The M.O.A.B. Weapon was first tested in 2003 but had never been used in combat prior to the Spring of 2017. The reported Yield of the MOAB is approximately 11 tons of TNT. The Blast Radius goes-up to a mile. In comparison, the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb was approximately 15 Kilotons. In April of 2017, a military U.S. MC-130 aircraft dropped one on what it claims was a network of ISIS tunnels in western Afghanistan. Many believe it is meant to be a signal to countries like North Korea and Iran.

In comparison to Atomic Weapons, the M.O.A.B. Devise is not delivered through ICBMs Projectiles but through the old conventional way of Aircraft Delivery. Most are convinced that for this very reason, such a Bomb has not been used that readily. There is no evidence so far that the MOAB Bomb was used for any reason, other than that it made sense to use it against this specific ISIS Target. Nothing significant outside of the immediate area where the bomb was dropped was damaged. The mere use of a Large Bomb, in and of itself, is not strategically significant except for Psychological Purposes against an Enemy. This was the same rationale the Soviets detonated the largest known Bomb in History, even though there was no need to. The Cold War was in full force, preventing such a need. Yet the Soviets tested the largest ever Nuclear Device. It was approximately 54 MT Megatons. It was designed for 100 MT or Megatons but it was downscaled with a Non-Fissile Tamper.

This Atomic Devise was detonated by the Soviet and named the ‘Mother of all Bombs’ and in Russian Царь-бомба which means ‘Tsar Bomb’. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev called it Kuzka’s Mother. It is a reference to an old Russian Saying that means ‘You are about to teach someone a harsh, unforgettable lesson’. The official designation was the AN602 Hydrogen Bomb. The reason the tonnage of TNT Destructive Power could be amplified so much from the smaller Atomic Conventional one was that it introduced Hydrogen Fusion. During the Cold War, Khrushchev did say that the Soviet Union possessed a 100-Megaton Bomb that was deployed to East Germany. But the Premier’s claim has divided Historians on whether it was true or it was just a Psyops. However, this was exactly the point and reason for the Detonation of this Bomb.

The largest Nuclear Test in History took place on the Arctic Island of Novaya Zemlya on October 23, 1961. For limited logistical reasons, it was tested at half its Explosive Strength. At that time, there were no ICBMs or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev said, ‘It could have been bigger, but then it might have broken all the windows in Moscow’. The mere 50 MT Detonation was approximately 3000 Times more powerful than the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb. People 100 KM or 60 Miles away experienced some 3rd-Degree Burns. The Bomb’s Shock Waves could be felt as far as Northern Finland, located 1000 KM or 600 Miles away. The 6-Mile wide Fireball reached as high in the Sky as the Bear Bomber flew.

The Shock Wave caused the Bear Bomber to drop more than half a Mile in Altitude before the Decorated Pilot, Durnovtsev regained control of his aircraft. The Mushroom Cloud boiled-up into the Atmosphere until it was 45 Miles above Ground Zero — essentially, on the lower Boundaries of Space. The Top of the Mushroom Cloud spread out until it was 60 Miles wide into the Stratosphere. Interestingly, it was Andrei Sakharov, one of the Physicists who helped design it. He simply called it the ‘Big Bomb.’ If anyone remembers growing up in the 1980s, it was big in the news of how the Soviets did not want Sakharov to leave the Soviet Union with such Secrets. According to Research, Sakharov turned a ‘New Leaf’ as it were as, his experience building and testing Tsar Bomba changed his Life, prompting him to abandon Weapons Research.

He became an Advocate for Civil Rights in the Soviet Union and Outspoken Critic of Soviet efforts to create an Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense System. For his efforts this much-persecuted Political Dissident won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975. Although the Fireball of the 50 MT Tsar Bomb calculations predicted the Fireball would impact the Ground, the Bomb's own Shock Wave reflected back and prevented this from happening. For comparison, the subsequent Mushroom Cloud was about 64 kilometers or 40 miles high which is over 7 times the height of Mount Everest and well inside the Mesosphere when it peaked. The Shock Wave was observed in the air at Dikson Settlement, 700 KM or 430 Miles away; windowpanes were partially broken to distances of 900 KM or 560 Miles.

It was also reported that due to the Atmospheric Focusing, it causes the Blast damage at even greater distances to occur. It broke windows in Norway and Finland. Then a Seismic Shock was created by the Detonation. It created an Energy Yield around 8.1 on the Richter Scale. However, since the Bomb was detonated in the Air, rather than on the Ground, most of the Energy was not converted to Seismic Waves. In comparison, the average Nuclear Weapon in the U.S. Atomic Arsenal is about 20 MT. The average for the Russians is at 40 MT. Russia currently has the most Nuclear Devises out of any Nation on Earth to exceed over 7500. However, according to many Modern Military Strategists, one can do far more damage to Surface Structures and ensure more Casualties with only several 10 MT Nuclear Bombs than with a single 50 MT Nuclear Bomb. The reason is that the Detonation is so over-pressured, it mitigates its effects as seen by the Fireball not actually reaching the Ground.

For Maximum Destructive Power and Carnage, smaller Pressure Zones are desired, which is caused by Smaller Detonations. Since overpressure is volumetric, the Fireball expends most of the Energy of the 50MT Hydrogen Weapon going in directions of no use to the Military. But several 10 MT Weapons spaced will do a lot more damage to Ground Structures. The difference is that with the advent of the Hydrogen Bomb, the Destructive Power and Tonnage of TNT goes-up Exponentially. A typical Atomic Bomb has an Explosive Power of about 15,000 tons of TNT, or 15 KT (Kilotons). Atomic Bombs are less powerful than the Hydrogen Bombs, or Thermonuclear Weapons. These ‘Super-Bombs’ have Explosive Powers 1000x times greater than Atomic Bombs.

Atomic Weapons like those previously Tested and sought after by North Korea, for example rely on Nuclear Fission to release Energy by basically splitting Atoms. Hydrogen Bombs use Nuclear Fusion, in which Atoms fuse together to release even greater amounts of Energy. The 2-stage process is often referred to as a Thermonuclear Reaction. Because of such Veracity and Scale, there is no true measure of how many Hydrogen Bombs countries really have. During the height of the Cold War, even the ‘Father of the Hydrogen Bomb’ proposed a study in which Edward Teller, the inventor of the Hydrogen Bomb, could produce a 10 GT (10,000 MT) Warhead. In today’s vernacular of now an Atomic Bomb can take out a major City, it is no longer of taking-out entire Cities but entire States and even whole Nations at a time.

Teller illustrated the Power of his Doomsday Weapon in that a 10,000 MT Weapon, by his estimations, would be powerful enough to set all of New England on Fire. Or most of California. Or all of the UK and Ireland. Or all of France. Or all of Germany with just 1 Bomb. To possibly verify such Apocalyptic Calculations, since around 2013, there has been a free online Software Program called NukeMap. It was created by Alex Wallerstein that can estimate the number of Human Casualties and Destruction based on the type of Nuclear Device being Detonated. The following illustrated Charts will simulate a Detonation of a 100 MT Atomic Blast, which is the Low Range of any Hydrogen Bomb Blast. No 100 MT Blast has ever occurred yet on Earth, at least that is made known in the Public Record. However, the NUKEMAP Software can simulate an approximate speculation as to the effects.

With this online Software, NUKEMAP (http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap) one can compare and contrast, use the tool to estimate Blast, Fallout for Ground Bursts and estimated Casualties, etc. One can pick a pre-set Target which consists of a List of the major World Capitals. The type of Atomic Bombs already known to exist can be picked from a List as well. What is unique, is that one can adjust and scale-up and down the type of Detonation and can even choose the Location, Tonnage, and where the Bomb bursts and then Detonate it. After the Detonated of the Nuclear Devise, one can assess the Carnage. The Software also allows one to predict the Radiation Fallout based on the current Wind Direction or an Alternative Direction. In the illustrations, several Detonations over major Cities will be calculated based on an Atomic Blast of 100MT.

Given a major Urban City like San Francisco and its surroundings, it would be estimated that nearly 2 million People would instantaneously vaporize. As mentioned before, the Fireball would be about 10 Miles in Diameter. The subsequent Radius of around 30 Miles would leave most Surface Structures flattened. Within a Radius of 60 Miles, People not protected in buildings would suffer 3rd Degree Burns. The Flash from the Blast would blind those that would see it from 30 Miles away and it is estimated that the Detonation would produce a Wind Gust up to 180 Miles an Hour. The Seismic Effect would produce an 8.0 Earthquake. Based on the simulation, the Winds would take the Radiation Clouds with the Prevailing Winds to the Northwest. This Death Wind would contaminate Agricultural Crops and Water Supply. Given the tonnage of the Explosion, windows would shatter for 100s of Miles.

The Mushroom Cloud would be seen by People as far as 300 Miles as it would rise above the Stratosphere. Mind you, this would just be 1 Bomb. In a Real-Life Scenario, and with Arsenals of over 1000s of such Nuclear Devises, multiple Nuclear Detonations would be expected in the major Urban Areas. In the case of the North Bay Area of San Francisco, California, the taking-out of the City Proper would cripple the Western Grid of Financial Markets. The major Tech Companies leading Research and Innovation in the Sciences, Medicine and other Disciples that have a high concentration in the Bay Area would be wiped-out. A further Detonation of Bombs to destroy Silicon Valley, which is approximately 60 Miles from San Francisco would obliterate the Brain-Power of the leading Tech Innovators in the World. Many of the top Companies and Internet Giants are located here. Based on this sole 1 Nuclear Devise of 100 MT, it would be estimated that over 2 Million People would die of Injuries sustained after 3 Days.

Within 2 Weeks, due to Contamination, Radiated Water and Food Supply and the lack thereof, about 16 Million People within 300 Miles of the Center Blast would parish. California has a projected total population of 38 Million. With multiple Detonation in the northern concentration of the Population would take out about 1/3 or 20-25 million people with just 3 Bombs of 100 MT each. With only approximate 10 Russian Tsar Bombs of 100 Megaton Warheads, the majority of California’s Population, up to 35 Million People would be killed and/or injured. As the State is the current Bread-Basket of the Nation and the 6th largest Economy in the World, such an Apocalyptic Scenario would also cripple the American Union. The State has a vast Military Industrial Complex of several Seaports, mainly San Diego with its Marine and Navy Installations that would render a Military Blow to America’s Might. The following is the list of the major U.S. Cities by Population.

#          City;                            State               Population
1          New York City             New York        8,336,697
2          Los Angeles                California         3,857,799
3          Chicago                       Illinois              2,714,856
4          Houston                      Texas              2,160,821
5          Philadelphia                Pennsylvania   1,547,607
6          Phoenix                       Arizona            1,488,750
7          San Antonio                Texas              1,382,951
8          San Diego                   California         1,338,348
9          Dallas                         Texas              1,241,162
10        San Jose                     California         982,765
11        Austin                         Texas              842,592
12        Jacksonville                Florida             836,507
13        Indianapolis                Indiana            834,852
14        San Francisco           California       825,863
15        Columbus                   Ohio                809,798
16        Fort Worth                   Texas              777,992
17        Charlotte                     N. Carolina      775,202
18        Detroit                        Michigan          701,475
19        El Paso                       Texas              672,538
20        Memphis                     Tennessee      655,000

The following are the effects according to the simulated models by NukeMap. It is based on the Radius for a 100 Megaton Airburst, smallest to largest. Estimated total-dose fallout contours for a 100 Megaton Surface Burst (52% Fission) with a 15 MPH Wind Factor.

Radiation Radius (500 REM): 6.99 KM or 4.3 Miles (153 KM²)
500 REM Radiation Dose; without Medical Treatment, there can be expected between 50% and 90% Mortality from Acute Effects alone. Dying takes between several Hours and several Weeks.

Fireball Radius: 7.92 KM or ~4.3 Miles (197 KM²)
Maximum size of the Nuclear Fireball; relevance to live effects depends on height of Detonation. If it touches the Ground, the amount of Radioactive Fallout will be significantly increased.

Air Blast Radius (20 PSI): 10.1 KM or 6.2 Miles (321 KM²)
At 20 PSI Overpressure, heavily built concrete buildings are severely damaged or demolished; Fatalities approach 100%.

Air Blast Radius (5 PSI): 21.2 KM or 13 Miles (1,420 KM²)
At 5 PSI overpressure, most residential buildings collapse, Injuries are universal, Fatalities are widespread.

Radiation radius (3rd degree burns): 64.2 km or 40 miles (12,960 km²)
3rd Degree Burns extend throughout the layers of Skin and are often painless because they destroy the Pain Nerves. They can cause severe Scarring or Disablement and can require Amputations. 100% probability for 3rd Degree burns at this Yield is 13.9 CAL/CM2.

Thus, given these scenarios, it would only take approximately 20-30 Hydrogen Bombs to completely destroy a Nation such as the USA. If the major Urban Centers were targeted alone, 90% of the 300+ Million People of the USA would parish within 3 Weeks. As the scenario portrays, 1 Detonation alone on each Major City from the List would vaporize instantaneously over 40 Million People.

This same scenario would be true for Continental Europe. The same outcome would be in place as the area is similar in size and scope as that of the USA. Consider that with just over 100 single Hydrogen Bombs detonated in the USA and Europe, nearly 1 Billion People would parish eventually within 3 Weeks of a Nuclear Strike. Again, this percentage is but a fraction of the Arsenal, both the USA and Russia currently possesses. The following list is of the major European Urban Center by Population.

#          City                             Country          Population
1          LONDON                     UK                   7,074,000
2          BERLIN                       Germany         3,387,000
3          MADRID                      Spain               2,824,000
4          ROMA                         Italy                 2,649,000
5          PARIS                         France             2,152,000
6          BUCURESTI               Romania          2,016,000
7          BUDAPEST                 Hungary          1,825,000
8          HAMBURG                  Germany         1,705,000
9          WARSZAWA             Poland             1,615,000
10        BEOGRAD                  Serbia              1,594,000
11        WIEN                         Austria             1,540,000
12        BARCELONA              Spain               1,455,000
13        MILANO                      Italy                 1,306,000
14        MÜNCHEN                 Germany         1,195,000
15        PRAHA                       Czechia           1,193,000
16        SOFIA                         Bulgaria           1,139,000
17        NAPOLI                       Italy                 1,047,000
18        BIRMINGHAM             UK                   1,021,000
19        VALENCIA                  Spain               736,000
20        AMSTERDAM             Netherlands     729,000

This is not to mention other Nations that are not in the U.N. Treaty Like Israel. But the ‘Nuclear Club’ that average only around 200-300 Warheads of average TNT Tonnage, around 15-30 MT is getting larger. With such horrific projections, it is not hard to imagine why in the Book of Revelation and Zechariah, such scenarios will unfortunately play-out, as they are part of End Times prophecy. It is for this reason that Jesus is to come back and that unless ‘Those Days be shortened, no Flesh would be left alive’, literally.





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