Firsthand View of Global Virus World War 9-11 (2.0)

  • What will the New World Order look like for a new society?
  • Has this 'Agenda' been programmed for decades?
  • Did Jesus forewarn of such a new 'normal' and reality?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And the 2nd Beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a Mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the Mark— the Name of the Beast or the Number of its Name. Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the Number of the Beast, for it is the Number of a man, and that Number is 666.’ -Revelation 13:16-18

The purpose of this study is to strongly suggest that the present virus pandemic, either bio-engineered and/or orchestrated has given the USA in particular and the world at large a glimpse of the coming world socialism that was experienced in communist countries of the Soviet era Cold War and what many unfortunately are still experiencing in such places as North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and other nations. And that due to the nature of this catalyst, it is really a 9-11 (2.0) rebut to mark the latest Luciferian designed catharsis that is heralding their much-anticipated New World Oder. Is it no coincidence that the House of the Temple, the Masonic Tomb in Washington, D.C., has Benjamin Franklin’s prophecy for the USA plastered on the entrance of its hall. ‘Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’

When one was in college in the late mid to late 1980s, there was a change to visit the former USSR as a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’. It took about a year to acquire the visa and the trip was highly controlled with escorts and unapparent KGB agents lingering in the wings at all times. As the trip was composed of international youth from several Western Nations, the tour started in Leningrad or what was and is now again Saint Petersburg. In boarding the train to Moscow, the window shades had to be down at all times. They were not to be opened as one learned that the Soviets did not want the foreign guests to see the landscape dotted with the rusted abandoned factories.

In Moscow, 1 U.S. Dollar could have taken one across the whole city in a taxi. Men on corners begged to have one’s Levi jeans and Britannica polo shirts stripped, on the spot for worthless Rubles. The aura over the mighty capital of the Proletariat Party’s Paradise was nothing but a grey ‘Gotham City’ and gloomy zombie-land. The demeanor of the average ‘emancipated’ Soviet was that of a depressed look and downward gaze as one could see through their body as a walking soul-less corpse. This is what Socialism and Communism leads too. As this Humanist Religion denies the immaterial soul of a created human, its neglect manifested then in depression and alcoholism that seemed to be rampant. There was such a disappointment of a failed Workers Paradise that even one who came from an impoverished 3rd world Latin American country had more resources, freedoms and life than those in the mighty USSR.

In one’s comparison, the Soviet Union at that time really only amounted to the equivalent of Mexico having nuclear weapons. There were 2 lines that were often observed; one for bread and the other for vodka. The many beautiful buildings where all crumbling and dilapidated as many inebriated men slept in the parks. Those entrepreneurs that approached the delegation to offer a better money exchange rate than the official government were quickly ushered away by unsuspecting agents shadowing one’s itinerary, etc. One could only think, the Russian people are by far one of the most resilient and brave peoples of the world. They stood up to Hitler and brave the elements to be one of the most fearless races on the planet. What happened? What happened to Americans? The world? The same thing now. The following is the list of what socialism looks like and feels in the ‘Home of the Brave and Land of the Free’.

-Long lines
-Run on goods in stores
-Unemployment website crashes
-Lack of medical equipment
-Military ‘assistance’
-Mandatory lockdowns ‘Self-Quarantine’ Double Speak
-Government checks for limited amounts of money
-Closure of borders
-Travel restrictions
-No cash payments
-Economic market manipulations
-Corporate bailouts
-Who can work
-What businesses can be opened

-New Digital Dollar currency coming and artificial propping-up of existing one

Let us consider the famous Stalin illustration with the chicken as told by the novelist Chingiz Aitmatov. It does convey what has now happened not only to the USA in particular but the whole world in general. As the situation is told, there was a person who asked Stalin how he managed to take a backwards country and forcibly launch it into a modern mechanical machine of the 20th century and in only 1 generation. Stalin is then said to have asked for a chicken. He then took it on its lap and started to slowly pluck its feathers in agony. As the chicken gasped and tried to escape, traumatized. Stalin took some bread crumbs and put it on the floor as the chicken followed and then in the palms of his hand, waited. The chicken eventually came and sat on Stalin’s lap as it ate from the palm of his hands. ‘This is how you rule the people’, Stalin said.

But what was not told for context, is that Stalin decimated the ranks of the ‘chickens’ first. It is estimated that he murdered anywhere from 20-30 million people who stood in his way. He first imprisoned and eliminated any political opposition and closed all the churches. He arrested any Pastors, killing them or banishing them to an eventual death in the Siberian Gulags. So, this is now the formula that will come to American and the world. This is even Biblically as those that will refuse the coming Mark of the Beast grid will be executed. This grid is what is being set-up now in the USA in particular with the coming Digital Dolor, ‘digital’ as in finger. It appears that the cliché ‘frog slowly being boiled in hot water’ is what has not been done to the USA and world; ‘the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ is not true anymore. It is the Fabian Society ‘Tortoise’ has been gradual but sudden with its strike.

The Staging Points
The powers that be have engineered the society to be dependent on a government that only sees them as a ‘battery’ and only for certain purposes and a certain number. As the industrialist of the last century were, to a large degree dependent on human labor to work their machines of industry and businesses, a certain allowance of seemingly granted freedoms had been the order of the day. Yet, now with Artificial Intelligence, AI, the need for such quantities of human labor is now obsolete. Meaning? Now large populations of human labor are obsolete. Meaning? There will be a forcibly directive to drastically reduce human population. The point? Reduce population and control them and eliminate personal freedoms. The Founding Fathers of the U.S., realized that in order to have a democratic republic to succeed and function, it predicated a Judeo-Christian principles and morals, as the population was and had to be as it came from it.

Now that that the Global Cabal has weakened Christianity so much through persecution and prosecution, the masses do not have a pivotal moral compass nor is or will the coming New World Order be based on a Judeo-Christian one. Thus, the need for totalitarian and a surveillance police state. One would have never thought that 30 years later, this same system of a former failed USSR would be descending upon the world in general but in the USA in particular without a shot fired. As it pertains to the once mighty USA, would it be any wonder as nearly 70% of the present younger generation actually would prefer to live under a socialist system? If left to its natural course, most of the younger generation would have voted for Bernie Sanders. As his nomination was stolen prior and Hillary was chosen, it has now occurred again with Biden. At that time, it was the Bilderberg Group that met and told Hillary that it was to be Obama that was to be President instead, etc., that she would get the Presidency next time.

Presidents are not elected but selected, at least seemingly until Donald Trump perhaps for the USA. This has delayed the New World Order rollout until this calculated release of the planned pandemic. It has been an overwhelming success for those salivating ‘saviors’ of the planet that had failed up to this point with their mass shootings to confiscate guns, fake global warming with Greta Thunberg, manipulated oil and gold prices, sex trafficking, pedophilia and the list goes on. If one thing has been accomplished by the Luciferian Cabal is that they now are implemented a degree of National Socialism beyond Bernie Sanders would have accomplished and without even having had Bernie elected. In reality, it is Fabian Society Socialism in part.

And so long as the average working American will be getting their $1,200 USD ‘bailout’, all the while major corporations are getting billions; Disney World, airlines, cruise ship industry, as the masses will beg for mere bread crumb, etc. What if the 2 Trillion USD Bailout ($2,000,000,000,000) was given directly to the people and the $1200 to the corporations instead?
2 Trillion USD Bailout ($2,000,000,000,000) / ~300,000,000 million people in the USA =
$6,666.66 USD per person.

Or if one considers only the official reported statistics of there being about ~150 million workers in the USA, that would be a check of
$13,333.32 USD per worker. Instead the $1200 USD per person is only for those employed or have lost one's job but is not even pegged to the cost of living in one's area. For example, in California, $1200 is the average months rent for a single room apartment. This means that although rent might be paid for a month for those having lost their livelihood, they have no other financial means to then pay utility bills, groceries and fuel. It really it has been a short reprieve, at least for the USA, Britain and some other Eastern European nations, the Philippines with their populist leaders to some degree. Since the agents of the NWO machine are found in all aspects of their bureaucratic structures, it is hard to control such even from a merely Executive order or level. And what is to say of the possible threats to Trump’s family if he does not go alone with the plan. For example, in reviewing the news, videos, channels, articles, etc., a picture of the White House Press Room was rather odd. One does not normally see this vantage point of the room from the podium looking outwards.

The Brave New World
What was and is rather telling about the White House Press Room is that in one of the recent COVID-19 briefings, this picture was taken at this time and published to make a statement perhaps. What time? 3:22 PM. This was the time flashing on the President’s podium display. Their predictive programing is something else. Coincidence? Did the photographer know, was he sent? Was and is it a message to those ‘in the know’ or for Trump, to be put on notice unawares? And did one catch the sarcasm the President made before introducing Pompeo, from the ‘Deep State Department’ in one of the other briefings? Regardless of one’s opinion of Trump, he does know. It is true, the State Department is ground zero of the Swap in D.C. within the Federal Government. Trump called them out. One thing is for sure, there is that tension between he and the media.

To the Luciferian Cabal the run the world behind the scenes, it is a whole different language and way of communicating in plain sight. It is like in a baseball game where everyone is watching but the players signal each other with gestures, etc. These 322’ers mock, like to mock the ‘sheeple’ as for the most part, are oblivious as to their schemes. The coming slaughter will be great. No doubt such a Cabal is salivating now at what they have been allowed to accomplish; with their induced chaos. What is so ‘wrong’ or alarming about such a change? It is understood that the world has gone through many changes and there have been events that have propelled the world into a catharsis that forcibly changes the modes of operations that affect millions. The point is that it is a natural progression that allows for anticipated adjustment.

However, in most cases, especially since the industrial revolution, it has been the scientific theories of Humanism that have championed the calculated and prescribed points of change that have been forcibly interjected into the societies. It is now been done at the global level. This ‘Virus World War 3’ is thus the perfect psychological warfare being rolled-out before the entire world. It is designed to crash the economies of the world to consolidate control and power. As of this study, 3-6 weeks of having 1/3 of the whole planet being ‘sheltered-in-place’ or about~2 billion will reach a tipping point. Most affected will be the service industry to mid-level businesses in the world. Such already exist paycheck to paycheck as it is. This is a control mechanism being imposed to condition the masses for military presence, medical vaccinations forced on them to then track people and nicely packaged to interface with a digitized new currency that inevitably will come per Biblical prophecy, i.e., Bill Gates 201 Event, ID2020.

For example, Denmark passed legislation to force every one of its citizens to be vaccinated without even having a vaccine available. Is it any wonder this planned pandemic started in China that has the totalitarian means of controlling the masses at a macro level with tech to perfect this Orwellian Model for the world? The main concern from a Biblical point of view is for the world and the USA in particular that if Churches, at least in the USA can still apparently congregate. Its citizens have the constitutional right to gather but that right and all other personal liberties will have to be taken away. Realize that all these guidelines to self-quarantine are prescriptions, and they are not legally obligatory. Or are they? It is going to come to a head for all churches as what will be expected and enforced. And what laws are being passed in the meanwhile?

Atlas Shrugged
The forced ‘Social Distancing’ is to help eliminate rioting, meetings, prevent a resistance and intelligent opposition. The only means of a communication will be via the internet that they can shut off or censor at will. One can see why the Church is perfect for such a venue and throughout history, it has had an agent in counter revolutions and thus has to be compromised. At least the brick and mortar structures are where the ‘Church’ meets. One realizes that the true Church is composed of the individuals, etc. Each local congregation can and should decide what is best for them as to congregate as many are clambering that although the pandemic is real, it does not warrant a 2-billion person lock down of the entire planet and destruction of one’s livelihood. Scripturally, it is commanded to ‘not forsake the assembling of each other’.

Yet many prominent supposed leaders of the ‘Church’ in the USA are being called to shame those that are still electing to congregate. Was Jesus caught off guard in not foreseeing such tribulations, plagues and persecution to come? Are such conditions the exemptions? There are those that rightly point out that on a yearly bases during the Flu Season, on average 4000 people a week have died in the USA. And that such viruses are just as contagious. Where was the pandemic or ‘pan-ic’ then? One should be prudent and cautious when it comes to such current pandemics and how for the most part, the present Church Body, at least in the USA is made up of an older generation. It has been the Millennials and X, Z’ers that have abandoned and left the Faith. This has been largely due to the Seeker-Friendly model where sound Biblical doctrine and teaching has been replaced by relative secular and cultural frameworks.

Instead of the Church Body affecting and changing the society and culture, it has been the other way around. But the Body of Christ is sovereign and above ultimately any command or edicts given by man-made governments. So, does not the underground churches still meet in China, Iran, North Korea? Did not the Church Body meet still during the Roman persecutions; in catacombs and caves? During the Black Death, did the Church stop meeting altogether? There are cases already like where a fairly large church in Louisiana has been congregating still and threats from both Christians and non-Christians are demanding the Pastor be arrested. Members of the local police are threatening them that if they do not stop assembling, that the National Guard will remove them. What will Bible-believing Christians do when this will occur eventually?

Will such type of persecution occur before the Rapture perhaps? The reality however, is that entire nations and states are now on basically a ‘Medical Martial Law’. In the USA, realize that as the President has now activated FEMA, the whole nation is basically under FEMA Law really and on the coattails of the extended ‘Patriot’ Act. And especially as the Cabal wants, will have the whole nation ‘quarantined’ perhaps at some point. As it is, many state National Guardsmen have been activated. Other regular Military personnel are being sent to ‘Battlefield USA’ from overseas. Many are sensing something is coming down. Does anyone remember the Jade Helm-like military exercises? It is also interesting how the Rockefeller Plan came out in 2010 prescribing what is happening now, exactly. And like in 9-11, the London Bombing, and the CDC, they had the exact same scenarios in play just before the real event occurred.

Mark of the Beast Prelude
Event 201 was a pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019. It is the same Gates that wants to place tracers in the vaccines to determine if one has been vaccinated. What is the big deal? If one does not have it, much like the Social Score system of China, one cannot then fly, leave one’s home even, travel, but also not purchase goods or hold a job. It is a win-win situation for the Globalists who are loathing at their evil ingenious plan. They are shutting down whole nations, the whole world...collapsing the economy and controlling whole populations that are infected with fear. They will get their bio-metric IDs on everyone and digital-currency type of money eventually.

They will undermine the USA, the last populist/nationalist cause that stands in the way with this latest more-perfected engineered and weaponized virus unleashed. Remember that they need to induce their Chaos so they can then bring about their New Order, it is working. However, in a Biblical comparison, it is very interesting where the current major epicenters of their virus have hit in the USA with? The New York area, California area, San Francisco-LA area, Seattle Area, Louisiana (Mardi Gras), Chicago, and other lesser area. Yes, these are basically the 'gateways'/ doors to the USA as world travel/flights come into those areas from overseas but they are also the strongholds of the Left/liberal Luciferian camps.

These areas are where such people in power have basically prescribed their ideologies and policies on the rest of the nation in the USA: pro-abortion, anti-gun, same sex marriages, open borders, Hollywood, sports, Las Vegas, resorts, globalism, socialism, etc. Are they now being 'judged' just the same? As the typology goes, the 10 Plagues YHVH inflicted on the 'gods' of Egypt is in many ways how now the 'gods' of this modern-day Egypt of America and the world, in one sense are being visited. Realize that every reference of a plague in the Bible is in the context of a pending judgment for sin, disobedience, rebellion, etc. Is it not telling also that while this pandemic is forcing the quarantine and of most businesses to close, here in the USA, Planned Parenthood abortion clinics remain open? Let's see....'let’s save lives but not of the unborn'.

And in the Trillion Dollar Bailout in America, the largest in USA history since 9-11, the bill was held-up by the Democrats that insisted in fully funding of Planned Parenthood, propagated the LGBT Agenda and the Digital Dollar, 1400 pages. Such a framework was already written as was the Patriot Act in anticipation of 9-11. As Followers of Jesus, one can take comfort that the Mighty Red Dragon has been defeated by one lowly ‘Sheep’, Jesus. One day Jesus will fix this orchestrated ‘chaos’ and will establish His New World Order. It will be one that is founded on truth, justice and holiness. It is just a matter of time before Jesus will return as the Lion. Until then, it is like cutting the head of a snake and the body is still spasming-out. The deal is that the 322’ers of the world still think their coming Dark Knight that will rise and take over the world that will be will last forever. They will have their day but only for 7 years, thank the LORD. One can only imagine what it would have been like on Earth if there was no Restrain since Jesus?

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