Shemitah Timeline and Timing of the Rapture

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For 6 Years you are to Sow your Land and Gather its Produce, but in the 7th Year you must let it Rest and lie Fallow, so that the Poor among your People may Eat from the Field and the Wild Animals may consume what they leave. Do the same with your Vineyard and Olive grove’. -Exodus 23:11 [Grain-Wine-Oil implied]

The purpose of this Report is to highly recommend a Video Study by Gary at www.Unsealed.org. The Title of the Video Study is called ‘A Timeline That Just Might Fit’ from August 5, 2022. At the core of the Presentation, Brother Gary lays-out, perhaps 1 of the best Prophecy Timelines one has ever seen or gone over. It will be referred to as the Shemitah Timeline from here-on-out in the Report. This Report will be lengthy but well worth the Read. It is a Deep-Dive, in-dept Study with lots of Links that corroborate Gary’s Points. But one believes it is an Important Piece of Work as to these Last Days. 

RAPTURE 2022: A Timeline That Just Might Fit
Gary at Unsealed.org

The Timeline is predicated on the Shemitahs or the Sabbath Cycles that consists of 7 Years each. The following will be a Synopsis of the Video Study that will highlight several Key Points made by Brother Gary. Throughout the course of the Synopsis, one will interject one’s own Research to either Corroborate the Shemitah Timeline or provide Alternative Proof and/or Evidence to suggest an Alternate Point of View. One is in Agreement that the Shemitah Timeline, if accurate, would thus suggest a Rapture Zone from now until the Fall of 2022 when the next Subsequent Shemitah Cycle commences.

The coming Sabbath Cycle starts precisely on September 26, 2022. It is in actuality the 25th at Sunset, Jerusalem Time. The supposition is that the present Shemitah Cycle is coming to a close and the subsequent one, starting on Yom Teruah, or the Feast of Trumpets in the Fall of 2022 will commence Daniel’s 70th Week of Years or the Tribulation. Why this is possibly Prophetically Noteworthy is that many Bible Students of the End Times suggest this could be the Great Reset or the Last Shemitah before Jesus Comes back, as Promised. The Shemitah Timeline worked-up by Gary at Unsealed.org is in Excel Format. What he did is to ‘Reverse Engineer’ the Years, going all the way back to Day 1 of Creation, based on the Sabbath Cycles of Time.

Prophetic Time
One agrees in how YHVH ‘Clocks’ Time, and Prophetic Time at that. The following are some Links to Research that corroborates the Theories that Prophetic Time is marked-off by Major Prophetic Events that occur in Phi Ratio.

#648: PHI RATIO CODE - Prophetic Time





Although one would agree with the Shemitah Timeline, there are some Points made that one would disagree with, but not by a lot. It is a matter of 1 Year and a 1 Day difference. At this Point in Time, having such a Timeline be so Precise, it is a matter of ‘Splitting Hairs’ as they say. From one’s Research and Study of Timelines, Dates and Decrees, for example, one looks at 3 Major Dates when considering other Researcher’s Timelines.  

1) Which Decree is being used to start the Count of Daniel, to ‘Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem’?
2) When is the Birth of Jesus?
3) And when is Jesus’ Crucifixion, Death, Burial and Resurrection?

All these have to be in-sync for the Timeline to be Valid and True in one’s Assessment. Based on what one has observed and understood from Gary’s Shemitah Timeline, it appears to match. And? This is exciting considering that the Rapture Timing then could occur before the Fall Season of 2022 starts. As to the Calendar Year Triangulation? Gary considers the 2nd Decree from Artaxerxes II in -445 to -444 BC that determines the correct Year Count as to when then Jesus came to Jerusalem as King, to the Day.

Then, Gary surmises that indeed, September 11, -3 BC is when Jesus was born. The only Discrepancy here is that if that is the case with -3 BC, then Jesus would have had to Die in the Year 32 AD, at the Age of 33. In this case, Gary surmises that it was in 27 AD that Jesus started His Ministry and that the Crucifixion was in 31 AD, not 32 AD. In this 3rd Point, one would disagree by 1 Year. The following are Links to the Research and either will corroborate or provide alternative Intel regarding the start of Jesus Ministry.






Given the Shemitah Timeline presented by Gary at Unsealed.org, these 3 Dates or ‘Triangulation’, as one calls them validate the Shemitah Timeline as being Prophetically Significant. Now the Reason, as one understood the Video Study by Gary, along with some other Pieces contributed by Brother Jeff, also of Unsealed.org is to consider the Speculation that from now until the Fall of 2022, the Rapture Event could still occur. Why then?

Gary let it be known that he is surmising a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario of the Extraction of the Bride of Christ needing to happen 1st. And that the literal 7-Year Tribulation to come thereafter, is appearing to be Synchronizing to the Timeline of the Shemitah Counts since Creation. His Original Idea is that as the Shemitah 7-Year Count goes, so does it also correlate to the 7 Days of Creation from the Book of Genesis. And in fact, Gary will point out such Year-to-Day Correspondences throughout the Video Study. This is Amazing to consider.

Before one delves into the General Outline of Brother Gary’s Shemitah Timeline and Points, one will preface one’s Analysis with some Ground-Work of the Terms and Events in question. Ultimately, the Shemitah Timeline points to the Prophetic Notions as to why this Time, leading-up to the Commencement of the Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 Shemitah is Highly Significant. It will be the case of Iron Sharpening Iron in helping show how important this Shemitah Timeline is or will be.

Why one is highly recommending this Shemitah Timeline and Year Count is that it is based on the Shemitah 7-Year Cycles. Back in 2014, the subject of what a Shemitah was 1st popularized by Jonathan Cahn in the ’Mystery of the Shemitah’. This started the Conversation among Prophecy Students as the Blood Moon Tetrad also commenced in 2014 and concluded the Shemitah Cycle in the Fall of 2015.

One is of the Opinion that 2015 initiated the ‘Good 7-Years’ that would then Dove-Tail into the ‘Bad 7-Years’, starting in the Fall of 2022. These last 7 Bad Years, again would correspond to Daniel’s 7th Week or as it is known as the Tribulation Period, etc. The following Links to some Studies will corroborate this Assertion.








One is of the Opinion, based on the study of Biblical Numbers and Time Patterns found in the Bible, is that YHVH ‘Clocks’ Time in Segments of 7-Years, called the Sabbath Cycles. And the 7th Year is called the Year of Release or the Shemitah where Debts and Contracts are made Null and Void. This construct was particularly commanded of Israel. It safe-guarded the Care-Taking of the Poor, Orphans and Widows, etc.

It cancelled any Bonds and ensured that ‘Slavery’ was not perpetual, given the Heart of Man to continue in such a Vile Institution. However, the most important aspect of the Shemitahs where/was/is that it was Patterned, Prophetically after the Creation Week. The following will be Links to Research/Studies corroborating the Shemitah Theory and Year Counts.







Daniel’s 70th Week of Years within the 70th Jubilee?



Knowing the Day and the Hour



The Creation Week, which one argues is a ‘Re-Creation’ follows 6 Days of varying degrees of Life being Formed. And then on the 7th Day, there was a ‘Rest’ or a Cessation of Creation, as it pertained to the ‘Restoration of Paradise’ made habitable for Adam and Eve. And all that YHVH made was deemed ‘Good’, etc. Now here is probably the most Important Aspect of the Shemitah Study and Implications. It deals with Israel and the Church Age. It is also because of the misconception of this ‘Clocking’ of Time that many Christians, assuming a Replacement Theology, ‘swap’ the Church with Israel, its Covenants and Promises. 

The Shemitahs are exclusively pertinent to Israel, not the Church. Where to begin to explain all of this? Consider that Israel, is comprised of a particular Human Race, Genetically and based on Covenants that require Animal Blood Atonement. Foremost, the Shemitah or Sabbath Rest Cycles were to be applied to the Promised Land that YHVH specifically gave to the Descendants of Abraham through the Line of Isaac and then Jacob. This Line is Reiterated numerous times by YHVH in the Old Testament.

Where does that leave the Church? By mere Typologies, it follows the Example of Joseph in Egypt. He married a Gentile Bride just before the 7 Bad Years of Famine hit Egypt and the World. Then there is the Type of Boaz, the Kinsman Redeemer that married a Gentile Bride, Ruth. And this is one of the best Typologies of how one believes the Church Age will End, at the end of the Barley and Wheat Harvest. But here is the Point, the Sabbath Cycle pertains to the Promised Land and Israel, not the Church. This is Key because of all those ‘Shemitahs’, it is Israel that did not let the Land Rest, not the Church.YHVH took note and counted. He required these Years of Israel.

Due to Greed, the Jews ignored the Command of YHVH to allow the Land to Rest. It followed the Creation Week and Israel’s Weekly Sabbath Counts. Thus, for Israel, the Shemitahs became a Curse, not a Blessing; not of a Release but of a Bondage. And off they went to Babylon for the exact amount of Years corresponding to the Shemitahs they did not let the Land keep its Rest. This is why, one contends, the Church Age Believers, that presently constitute the Spiritual Temple of the Holy Spirit, cannot, and will not see 1 Second of the Tribulation Period, once that starts.

The Body of Christ, presently on Earth and encompassing the Restrainer, is not tied to a Land Covenant, nor has it not been Faithful to Keep or Given. It is only affected by it as the Last Shemitah is Required of Israel to Pay-Up. This, one believes will occur once the Rapture Event happens. The Promise to the Gentile ‘Bride’ of Christ is of a Better Covenant, a Better Rest and a Better Land and City. The Gentile Bride gets the Messiah that Israel could have had.

Creation Week Pattern

The Apostle Paul taught that a Follower of Jesus has one’s Citizenship in Heaven. And as one has the same Faith as Abraham, one is looking for a City that is not built by Human Hands, etc. Thus, the Take-Away is that the Church Age Saints cannot be made to ‘Pay’ the Land Debt or ‘Rent’ that Israel still owes YHVH and was 'Evicted'. The Church, the Bride of Christ has been Bought already and as Jesus explained during the Last Supper, as a Jewish Wedding Typology, the Groom and the Bride are Legally as good as Married.

But the Groom then must leave to prepare the Rooms in his Father’s House. The Promise to the Bride of Christ is that Jesus is coming for her one Day. And this has to happen then, based on one’s Interpretation and Understanding, before YHVH then calls-in the Debt, the Note for Israel to ‘Pay Up’ for the Rent Owed to the Land LORD. How so? According to the Number Calculations in Daniel, there is but 1 Prophetic Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle of 7-Years left that Israel owes YHVH.

This will be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years or the Tribulation Period. The other Key Proof that the Tribulation Period has nothing to do with the Church Age Believers is based on the Prophecy given to Daniel. It reveals the ‘What, Who, When, Where and How’. From Daniel 9:27, the Proclamation is of the 70 Years and ‘Periods’ that only have to do with Daniel’s Race, Covenants, and Temple. The Church Age does not have any of these Prophetic Elements on Earth presently. This is why the Bride of Christ will Escape the Wrath of the Lamb to come as the Shemitah will be about a Judgment concluding.

1) Nation of Israel, or in this case just the last remaining Tribe of Judah, thus the Jews.
2) City of Jerusalem, or what is referred to as the Holy City.
3) Temple as it speaks about Anointing the Holy of Holies, etc.  

This is why many who are ‘Watching on the Wall’, looking at the Signs Above and Below are very Expectant and Excited about the Fall 2022 Sabbath Cycle. Of course, this is how one sees it. It is a Prophetic Fog, as one calls it. But with each passing Day, as Brother Gary noted, these past few Years have been incredible in terms of New Revelation or rather Understanding of Scripture. This is especially true of Daniel’s Prophecy of how only at the very End would such Prophetic Insights be made or be given and revealed.

That being said, the Shemitah Timeline, as it is only Speculative, could be off or ‘Wrong’ as Gary mentioned, but not by much, +/- ~2 Years. It could be the case that Jesus may not Rapture the Bride of Christ during this High Rapture Radar Watch leading into the Fall 2022 New Shemitah Cycle. It could be the case that, if one has at least the Shemitah Cycle Counts down, then there would have to be at least another 7-Years before one could get at the same Prophetic Spot as one believes one is in now.

However, with the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars going off the Charts, and the Signs below on Earth reaching Critical Mass, one is at a loss to consider that perhaps the Last Shemitah will be, yet 7 more Years in the Future. As the Shemitah Timeline will demonstrate and Iterated by Brother Gary, the Shemitah Cycles of 50 Years, in particular, are uncanny. It goes all the way to the Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem.

Restoration Resumed

It goes all the way back to the Start of Jesus’ Ministry. It goes all the way back to the Belfour Declaration and General Allenby Liberating Jerusalem from the Muslim Turks in 1917, etc. The Sabbath Pattern, as noted, is a ‘Clocking’ of a 7-Year Cycle. And when it reaches 7 Cycles, or 49 Years, the Shemitah, being the Last Year in the Sequence, was thus to be proclaimed as a Jubilee Year, that being the 50th Year. Thus, every 50 Years would be a ‘Super Shemitah’ of 50, etc.

Now what is pertinent in these Last Days, is that such a Biblical Pattern has been observed. And the current Sabbath Cycle has had another Type of Year Jubilees as Brother Gary noted also. Consider that in 2017 and 2018, each was the 70th Year Anniversary when Israel became a De Facto State, on Paper in 1947 with the U.N. Partition Plan. Then in 1948, the Jewish declared their Sovereign Independence.

Then in 1949, Israel won against an on-slaughter of 7 Muslim Armies attacking it. It was much like the Red Dragon of the Revelation 12 Sign with 7 Heads, seeking to Devour the Man-Child, i.e., Israel. It was delivered and won, miraculously against all the Odds. The following Links are to Charts that show how in those 3 Critical Times of Israel’s Survival, the Planet Mars, signifying the God of War appeared to ‘Attack’ the National Motifs of Israel, those being the Beginning and the End of the Mazzaroth, Virgo and Leo, respectively.




Also in 2017, there was the Revelation 12 Sign that ‘Woke’ many Sleeping Saints to the nearness of the Rapture. One contends that it was and still is a very Significant Sign as it has within its make-up, a Typology of the Rapture Event. Gary will also reveal some amazing insights about it, even before Day 1 of Creation.

The Year 2017 was also the 50th Year Anniversary of the Liberation of Jerusalem in 1967. There was Comet 67p, called the Jubilee Comet that was part of the Revelation 12 Sign Array. The Liberation of Jerusalem occurred during the 6-Day War. Also, this War was right in the middle of the 1967-67 Blood Moon Tetrad. The Phenomenon of the Blood Moons, made known by Mark Biltz, demonstrates YHVH is ‘Clocking’ Time.

Sabbath Cycles

It is based on the Sabbath Cycle Segments of 7-Years. But not only that, one contends that Major Prophetic Events, as noted, occur also in Phi Ratio. The Blood Moon Tetrads are one such example. Here is the Pattern below that is Linked to a Study about it.

Tetrad Year    Israel Event
1949-50           2 Years Before: Israel Restored, although not in Faith as Ezekiel foretold.
1967-68           Jerusalem and the Temple Mount of the Old City reunified under Jewish Control.
2014-15           2 Years After: Jerusalem was recognized by the USA as the Capital of Israel.


This Prophetic Pattern, tied to the Blood Moon Tetrads, in Phi Ratio of Time is argued to be the Sequence of the Restoration Process of Israel that YHVH is undertaking. This will start once the Rapture Evacuation of the Bride is concluded. This is why the End of the Church Age Dispensation of Grace is seen by many People that it is just about to End. When?

By the Fall of 2022, starting the New Shemitah Cycle. And especially if such a Dispensation will cease with the Resurrection-Rapture Event that precedes the start of the Subsequent Sabbath Cycle in the Fall of 2022. The Following will now outline the Video Study by Brother Gary concerning his Shemitah Timeline, based on the Sabbath Cycles.

Brother Gary from Unsealed.org prefaces the Study of the Shemitah Timeline based on the Sabbath Cycles of Time as Speculation. He makes it clear that he is only providing his Interpretation and Opinion as he sees things from his Prophetic Perspective, etc. Gary states that, hopefully, 2022 will still be the Year of the Rapture, etc. The Shemitah Study was a result of Years of being prompted by Gary’s Friend Brian, to ‘Look into the Shemitahs’.

The Underlying Premise is that the Tribulation Period would very well line-up with the beginning of a Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle. Gary went on to note that since Israel returned to the Promised Land and officially became a Sovereign Nation, as a Nation, Israel has not been keeping the Shemitahs. Although, many Individual Jews and their Businesses and/or Farms have been. Since when? Since 1952.

He rightly noted that it was during the 1951-52 Year that Israel ‘Clocked’ its first Shemitah, according to the Calendar Year Count. This by the way is one’s Argument, that from Fall 1952 to Fall of 2022 is the 70-Year Super Shemitah and the Fulfilment of the Psalm 90 Generation of 70 Years. Gary notes, that for example, such Year Patterns do exist as he referenced the 1st Zionist Congress in 1897, which was a Shemitah Year. Then 50 Years later, was 1947, that one is also of the Persuasion that it was the Year that Israel ‘Budded’.

Great Signs

Gary notes that, as one would agree and uses as the type that Israel did not start to observe the Shemitahs until it interred the Promised Land. And this, according to other Studies, suggest that it was a 7-Year duration of Time in which the Natural Inhabitants of the Land were being driven-out still. He then surmises that although there are 50-Year Patterns, and 70-Year Patterns also, they can and do appear to be stagnated at times throughout the Shemitah Timeline. However, what is fundamental to surmise is that the Shemitah Cycles or the Sabbath Cycles are Constant, True and Kept by YHVH since Creation.

Gary also considers the Question many are asking pertinent to the coming 7-Year Sabbath Cycle in the Fall of 2022. If those are to be the 7 ‘Bad Years’, does that mean that from the Fall of 2015 to the Fall of 2022 have been the 7 ‘Good Years’? Yes. Relatively speaking, Gary goes on to speak about how 2015-2022 had been a Period of worldwide Economic Boom. He likened it to how Jacob worked 7 Years to Marry Rachel, but was swindled, as his Uncle Laban gave Jacob Leah 1st. Then, Jacob had to work the subsequent 7-Year Sabbath Cycle or Shemitah to Marry Rachel. Next, the conversation considers that there are many conflicting Calendars.

But that the New Moon is significant in determining the correct start of a Month. This is especially the case in that many Students of the Bible have come to realize that the 1st Month is determined by the New Moon after the Spring Equinox. This is based on the Essenes or the Enochian Calendar. However, Gary noted that even within this Camp, there is a discrepancy as to where the New Moon is ‘nearest’ the Spring Equinox, and not necessarily after it. The following are just some Numerical Correspondences, that as Gary noted, it is impossible to have occurred by Random Chance. He stated that it had markings of YHVH’s Sovereignty, and that His Fingerprints are all over it.

-In 2017, for example, Trump was 70 years, 7 Months and 7 Days old at his Inauguration.
-Trump born 700 Days before Israel and at 777 Days Old, 77 days after Israel's Rebirth.
-The Revelation 12 Sign occurred right after The Feast of Trumpets
-Israel also celebrated its 70th Birthday.

As far as the Calendars are concerned, Gary mentioned that some of these Key Events actually fit with what Elohim did on that Day of Creation. For example, on Day 3 of Creation, was when the Eretz or the Land appeared. He mentioned how when Elohim created the Land, it corresponded to when the Land of Israel came-up for discussion through the Deal of the Century and the Abraham Accords, etc. Then, in the 4th Year was when the Jewish Nation State Law was passed.

The Jewish Nation State Law basically restores Israel's Biblical Legal Identity to the Land. It thus Obligates Israel to Keep the Sabbath of the Land or the Shemitahs. This is huge because it sets the Framework for the Tribulation Period wherein, the Last Shemitah is what it is about; Israel then Owing 1 Prophetic Week. And it must be Paid before it can be Redeemed. And that is what will occur and has to for Israel to come to an end of itself. Only then will she turn its Eyes on Jesus and call upon His Name per Zechariah. Then in Year 5 was the Deal of the Century, specifically.

Last Generation

Then in 2020-21, the Plandemic started. The Great Reset began and there was the Venus-Pleiades Conjunction, etc. What Gary discussed next was rather Eye-Opening regarding the Revelation 12 Sign. In regard to the Shemitah Cycles, he correlated the 1st 5 Verses to the Years in the Cycle to the 1st 5 Verses of Revelation 12. Verse 5 then corresponds to the Year, 2022.

Interestingly enough, he noted that in terms of Sabbatical Cycles from Creation, this would be the 857th Sabbatical Cycle on this Shemitah Timeline. Take note then, that the Final Sabbatical Cycle on this Shemitah Calendar would end in 858. In the Strong's, 857 is the Hebrew Verb, ‘To Come’, which is the same as the next Sabbatical Cycle of 858. Which is the Aramaic form of that Verb, which is also ‘To Come’, ‘To Arrive’. And it is Transliterated into the New Testament as ‘Maranatha’.

As Gary surmises, this means, ‘Come Our Lord’. Then based on the Calculations, the 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom would ensue. According to Gary’s Numbers, the Next Millennium would start in the Year 6001. This means that the Year 2029-30 would see the Return of Jesus in the Fall of 2029, as that would then initiate Year 1 of the Millennial Kingdom. Below is a Study that would corroborate this Timeline.


Return of the King on 9-11?

Gary mentioned why the Luciferian Globalists are feverishly attempting to Capitalize on the current World Destabilization, of their own doing, ‘Order out of Chaos’, to start their ‘Golden Age’ by 2030 as in the U.N. Agenda 2030. Now at this point, is where Gary does interject several Points that one may not necessarily agree with, down to the Year but they are within a 1-2 Year Difference. One such Point is how Gary surmises that the Fig Tree Generation started the Countdown from 1949.

But that after 2029, the Fig Tree Typology pegged to the Psalm 90 Interpretation will have to be dropped. Why? It is because most of that Generation will have Died by 2030. Why the Fall of 2022 will be interesting to watch is that it will be during that Season that the U.N.’s World Health Organization, will be given Power to dictate Medical Mandates to the Nations. Such Power will override any Sovereignty or Constitution of the Nations.

In the Fall of 2022, the Abraham Family House is set to open. Then another unique observation Gary also noted has to do with 1949. The 1949 Bench-Mark Year, that is from Israel Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948 to March 10, 1949, the Month and Date Israel became a Member of the Family of Nations is exactly 300 Days or

9 Months and 23 Days.

Rent is Due

This echoes the Revelation 12 Sign that also occurred on a 9-23, as in September 23, 2017. So, 1 of Gary’s Points is that if the Sabbath Cycles and the Shemitah Timeline are Valid and True, then the Rapture Zone from now until the September’s Yom Teruah of 2022 still has Significance in having the Rapture Event occur still. At this point, Gary also went into discussing another unique Parable, that of the Unfruitful Fig Tree.

This Parable is found in Luke 13 whereby the Fig Tree that does not bear Fruit for 3 Years is given an extra 1 Year Probation to produce Fruit. However, after the 4th Year, it does not bear Fruit and is cut down. Many Bible Scholars that apply this Parable of a 4-Year Probation Period started when Israel reached its 70th Year Anniversary in 2018. Gary makes a compelling Argument in that in 2019, was when, as noted, Israel passed the Nation-State Law.

This Proclamation now binds the Jewish State to the Biblical Foundation and from when Gary starts the ‘Countdown’. To Reiterate, this means that Israel is now, once again bound to fulfill and keep the Law and the Prophets and the Land Sabbaths, i.e., Shemitahs. Thus, Israel has obligated itself to ‘Pay-Up’ for the Shemitahs still owed to YHVH, and that is just 1 Week of Years, that is, Daniel’s 70th Week.

Gary makes the Argument that since 2019, the 4 Years of Probation did not result in the Nation of Modern Israel turning to Jesus. So, from 2019 + 4 Years = 2023. As Gary explained it, here is what he surmised. The Jews, ‘did not keep the Law and they did not believe in the Messiah, who is the Escape from the Law; from being under the Bondage of the Law. It is because the Jews cannot satisfy the conditions of either coming to Faith in Christ or Keeping the Law. They, the Jews, are now ready for ‘Inspection’.  This Nation-State Law was, again passed in July of 2019.

2020 = Year 1
2021 = Year 2
2022 = Year 3 (Rapture Year?)
2023 = Year 4 (No Fruit, Israel is ‘Cut Down’ as the Tribulation Period starts.)

The next Year was 2020 or Year 1 of the ‘Inspection’ of the Unfruitful Fig Tree.  How this Parable could tie-in, into the Timing of the Rapture has to do with Year 3. Gary surmises that the Year 2022, could then be the potential Rapture Year, where Jesus Descends from Heaven, like in the Parable as the Master of the Fig Orchard for the Inspection of Israel. Jesus inspects the Fig Tree. Jesus does not find Fruit. So, as stated by Gary, Jesus takes His Faithful People out as the Corporate Man-Child.

It is the ‘Secret Mystery Body’ that is going to be removed based on Deuteronomy 32. The Church Age Bride of Christ has also been constituted to provoke the Jews to Jealousy. And then Year 4, Fall 2022 to Fall 2023 would correspond to the Judgment of the Fig Tree. At this point in the Video Teaching, Gary goes on to discuss how in his Research, the Notion of the ‘3rd Day’ kept recurring. And he makes for Historical Correlations of Significant Prophetic Events that align with the Shemitah Timeline presented.

Countdown to Eternity

One such example is how in 1517, it was a Shemitah Year wherein Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses and sparked the Reformation. Then Suleiman in 1539 also parallels the 2nd Decree of Artaxerxes in 445 BC to Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem. If one factors in the Numbers from Daniel, the Year comes out to 2022.

Suleiman Decree 1539 + Daniel’s Coefficient of 483 Years = 2022

Brother Gary then goes on to discuss his belief of when was the Year that Jesus was Crucified, Died, Buried and Resurrected. He mentioned that he had previously held to the Year 33 AD but now inclines more so to it being 31 AD. He provides the Evidence how in April, 31 AD, there was a Blood Moon. He also speaks to the Argument of a Wednesday or a Thursday Crucifixion Date. He leans more on the Thursday reckoning of Time. Here is another instance where one would disagree, but only by either 1 Year or 1 Day. Below or the Links to how one can Prove it was 32 AD and on a Wednesday.

-445 BC

Primarily, if the Crucifixion was on a Thursday, the Days would be off by a Day in the Count starting from the 1st New Moon after the Equinox. This means that the Passover did not occur or could not on the 14th Day of the 1st Month of Nisan or Aviv, etc. One does believe that the Time Duration was literal and based on a 72 Hour Timing. If one is Spiritualizing away the Sign of Jonah, being ‘3 Days and 3 Nights’ in the Bowels of the Fish, then one can also Spiritualize-Away the Creation Week Prophetic Pattern and say, they too were not necessarily 24 Hour Cycles of a 24 Hour Day and Night, etc.

Not to belabor the Point but Gary is counting the 3 Days from Thursday to get to the Sunday. This is assuming and having a Western Mindset that the Resurrection occurred on a Sunday Morning. Wrong, in one’s Humble Opinion. As it has been noted by many Bible Scholars, in the Greek, the inference is that Jesus ‘Had already been Risen’. The Women came on Sunday Morning, by the Time the Women went to finish preparing the Body for the Permanent Burial Protocols, etc. Jesus is the LORD of the Sabbath.

He Died just before the High Day Sabbath, being Passover Evening and rose just before the Weekly Sabbath, etc. This is just 1 example of being 1 Day off. No worries. Of course, one does agree and believe that Jesus was born on September 11, -3 BC. Gary does entertain this Date as it was also a Shemitah Year corresponding to his Shemitah Timeline.

And in fact, one has speculated in the Timeline Presented in prior studies that from Fall 2022 to Fall 2022 will have a unique and apparent matching sequence of the Feasts of YHVH for the Tribulation Period of 7 Years. If one starts after the Fall Feasts, with the 8th Day or Shemini Atzeret, 1260 Days out will land on Passover. That Year and Date will be April 1, 2026. Then 1260 Days out from that Date will be September 11, 2029. The 1st Shemitah
This Year and Date on the Torah Calendar is precisely Tom Teruah. And one thus argues that this is when Jesus comes back with the Shout of the Trumpets of War to make War as His Robes will be dipped in the Blood of His Enemies. And that as Jesus pierced Time and Space on September 11 -3 BC, a Shemitah Year, so too will His 2nd Advent pierce Time and Space on September 11, 2029.

And that Year will land on a Shemitah Year and Yom Teruah. Of course, all this, like Gary mentioned, is pure Speculation. But it is based on solid Pieces of Prophetic Evidence and now based and correlated to the Shemitah Timeline. However, Gary does also entertain the Notion that perhaps it was in -4 BC as he factors-in the Gestation Period of 280 Days Average. That perhaps it was in Hanukkah that Jesus was Conceived, etc. This is true based on one’s Research and Timeline of the Birth of Christ. See Links below of the Chart Timelines.

32 AD

32 AD

One other Confirmation given by Gary that his Shemitah Timeline is accurate is how, according to Research, Josephus stated that the Shemitah Count 545 was indeed a Shemitah Year. It corresponded to the Year, -164 to -164 BC, etc. This is the Year believed then to correspond to the 1st Hanukkah or Rededication of the Temple. It was during the Maccabean Wars against Antiochus Epiphanes as a Type of the AntiChrist, etc.

Gary then goes on to discuss the various Year Figures of -445 to -444 BC being the 2nd Decree of Artaxerxes II, etc. On an aside note, realize who Artaxerxes is. He is the Son of Esther and Ahasuerus (Artaxerxes I). And how the 69 Week of Years are factored by a multiple of a 360 Day/Year. There is the Argument of how some Bible Scholars surmise a need to convert the Prophetic Equation into Solar Years to get the correct Year Count, in light of the Gregorian Year Count.

Gary mentioned the Foundational Work of Sir Robert Anderson and how his Calculations come-up with the Year 32 AD as being the Year when Jesus came riding on a Donkey, to the Day. The Essenes also had this Year, based on Ken Johnson’s Work. Here is where one’s Research differs by 1 Day as it was not Palm Sunday, but rather Palm Sabbath that Jesus Rode through the Golden Gate. Jesus is the LORD of the Sabbath, etc. The following is a Study that corroborates a 32 AD Year Theory. And how from -445 BC, the 2nd Decree by Artaxerxes II, Son of Esther Decreed the Edict on the Spring Equinox of March 20. If one uses this Start Date, then the Day Count will concur when Jesus comes Riding on the Donkey, on the Sabbath, to the Day.

Based on Royal Decree from Persia​





This is again, based on the Astronomical pegging of the 1st New Moon after the Spring Equinox of 32 AD. And as in 31 AD, as Brother Gary noted, in 32 AD, there was a Blood Moon that occurred in the Constellation of Libra. In the Ancient Version of the Mazzaroth, it was an Altar. The Blood Moon occurred at Mid-Night just as it occurred during the Exodus and the following Day, the 15th of Nisan, the Exodus commenced. One likes the fact that Gary emphasizes that regardless of all the many Arguments over Years, Months and Dates, that maybe GOD did not want His People looking into that but the Shemitah Cycles.

The Sabbath Cycles are very Concise, Precise and even Scientific, as it has Repeatable and Observable Properties. But again, there is just a Discrepancy by +2 Years in the case of when Jesus started His Public Ministry of 3. 5 Years or 1260 Days. One contends that it started in November, that Month being Yom Kippur and when He proclaimed the Year of Jubilee in the Synagogue of Nazareth, etc. This would put the Year at 4000 in terms of the Anno Mundi in Gary’s Shemitah Timeline. See Links below for the studies related to one’s Conjecture to ascertain the Evidence.

Prophetic Timeline 29 AD - 2029 Return of Jesus?



However in other aspects of Gary’s Shemitah Timeline, one would wholeheartedly agree and it is amazing to concur with. For example, based on one’s Research, one also has concluded that the Exodus occurred in the Shemitah Cycle of the year -1445 to -1444 BC. What Gary does next is brilliant as he Reverse Engineers the Major Biblical Turning Points, such as the Exodus, the 7 Good and Bad Years of Joseph’s Dream, the Reign of Solomon and the 1st Temple, the Death of Abraham that also not only coincided with a Shemitah Year at his Death but at his Birth in -1948 BC or 2024 Years from Adam, etc. Brilliant.

The Shemitah Timeline gets better as Gary works his way Down or Up to Adam and Year 1 or the 1st Shemitah of Time. Based on the Shemitah Count, the Flood occurred in -2316 BC. Gary then also correlated it to Day 3 of Creation where the Waters were Separated. This Shemitah 7 Years-to-Creation-Days of 7 is unique and totally attributed to Brother Gary at Unsealed.org. Lastly, pertaining to the Shemitah Cycle Timeline, Gary noted that the Year -3972 to -3971 was Year 1, Anno Mundi.

And that it is exactly 6000 years from the Fall of 2029, that ends the 70th Week of Daniel or the Last Shemitah before Jesus returns. This is amazing. Thus, the subsequent Shemitah Cycle then commences with the Day 7 Equivalent of Creation Week, which in turn will correspond to the 1000-Year Millennial Rest. What is Mind-Blowing, in one’s Assessment is that Brother Gary implied that YHVH started the 6 Days of Creation + 1 Day of Rest on a Shemitah Cycle. One would concur.

Furthermore, as Proof of the Validity and Accuracy of this Shemitah Timeline is that in the End of 1st Shemitah or the 7th Year after Year 1, that Year being -3916 to -3915 is when the 1st Revelation 12 Sign occurred as it did on September 23, 2017. This would thus put the Fall of Adam and Eve at the End of the 1st Shemitah Cycle. This is profound. In Conclusion, it is very Important to consider and share with others as the Body of Christ needs to have its Spiritual Eyes, Mind and Ears wide open.

A Comparison of the Revelation 12 Signs

Sign of the 1st Prophecy

It is especially the case as it is coming from a Reputable Source as is www.Unsealed.org that has established sound Research for over a Decade now. As Brother Gary ends the Video Teaching, he reiterates that the Main or Major Assumption he is making is that because the Sabbatical Cycle that Israel keeps Today, aligns with the Sabbatical Cycles, that there is also Secular History Correlations and Understandings then from the Time of Christ and before. Now Gary did give a Caveat in that he mentioned that it is possible that his Shemitah Timeline is off by 1 Year.

This is considering his Reading and what the Seder Olam teaches about the Sabbath Cycles. But Gary left the Door wide open for a Summer Rapture still. Summer ends on September 22/23, 2022. It is because the Sabbatical Cycles, as he stated, ‘Just fit like a Glove'. The Assumption is that not only is the 7-Day Week in an Un-Broken Chain but the 7-Year Sabbatical Cycle is also an Un-Broken Chain in Human History and kept by YHVH. And that once that Foundation has been laid, everything just fits very well. Thus, this could be the Year. This could be the Rapture Year.


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